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Sunday, October 23, 2016

As the Democratic convention opens today in Charlotte, the question posed by Republican counter-programming sounds simple: “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” It isn’t the right question and it is intended to swindle voters. But there is still a correct answer, which raises the subject Republicans prefer not to discuss in this election.

“Yes, we’re better off — if only because George W. Bush is no longer president.”

Four years ago, the U.S. economy was dropping rapidly with no bottom in sight, owing to the irresponsible and incompetent policies pursued by Bush. Most Americans – indeed, many people around the world – were deeply frightened by the financial crisis. We were losing 750,000 jobs a month and seemed to be sinking into a global depression. By February 2009, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had fallen to around 6500.

Today the economy is returning to growth, slowly but steadily. The stimulus and other Obama policies prevented far worse consequences that we might have faced without them, inadequate as they were to improve employment rapidly. Nevertheless, the U.S. economy has gained about four million jobs since Obama assumed office, while the Dow is around 13,000, or roughly double its three-year low.

America and the world still confront serious economic dangers — principally from the fiscal austerity that conservatives have imposed in Europe and would implement here – but we now have at least begun to emerge from the crisis.

To ask whether we are better off today is a misleading question, however. Given the economic conditions that Obama inherited – including a severe recession, a ruined banking system, and a burst housing bubble – there is no truthful economist who would predict that most households would be “better off” after only three years of recovery.

The more honest question is whether we are better off today than we would be if Bush – or Mitt Romney, who has offered his own critique of Obama’s actions – had been in power during those years.

Again, the answer is plain. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Bush, a rigid, simplistic right-wing ideologue, would have been adequate to deal with the crisis. Having reluctantly gone along with the Troubled Assets Relief Program to bail out the big banks, would he have implemented any stimulus spending as the recession grew worse in 2009? What would he have done about the failing auto industry?

As for Mitt Romney, we know what he would have done – which is nothing —  because he has told us so. No stimulus and no assistance to the auto industry, which would have meant the loss of millions more jobs and a freefall into depression; more tax cuts and more cuts in public services, which would have also have meant more jobs lost by teachers, firefighters, and cops.

So are we better off today than we might have been? The answer should be obvious. But in comparing Obama and Romney there are different and more pressing questions. Which candidate has showed better judgment – and which candidate would handle a renewed crisis more capably? Those are the issues that the coming campaign must explore.

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  • dtgraham

    I never got the point of this question or Democrat’s problems in answering it. Doesn’t anyone remember the state of utter collapse the economy and whole financial system was on January 20th 2009? Only FDR faced worse and, then, not by too much. Things aren’t now what Obama would like we know, but they’re still better than 4 years ago by quite a lot. Of course the bar on that is set pretty low from early 2009. The question is worded so inartfully with no level of nuance at all. It should be easy to answer.

    Watched a little bit of Fixed News on Sunday. The host was interviewing a Brenda Buttner or Buntner of Bulls and Bears. They were running down the 2009 stimulus and he actually said that the unemployment rate is the same now as it was before that 2009 stimulus. It was actually well over 10% by then. You wonder why they get to keep their broadcasting licence.

    • It’s Not That They Have Problems Answering It It The Fact They Are Being Careful Cause The American Taliban Will Take It And Run With It Like Always!!

      • dtgraham

        You have a point Fern. Right now, Fixed News is going off the rails about Obama’s self assessed first term grade of “incomplete”—-which seemed like a reasonable thing to say. They’re bringing in school teachers and explaining how awful a grade of incomplete means on a report card. It’s just the theatre of the absurd.

    • TheSkalawag929

      Obviously his comment was not meant to be a factual statement.

    • carsrus

      Dither and blather, FDR was surrounded by commie punks, and of course Obama is a commie punk surrounded by MORE!

      • alumahead

        Thanks for coming out of your bunker to share that. We are now more enlightened for it.

      • CPANY


        You are an asshole.

        • neece00

          and a bigot

          • sn77339

            He lives in his Mom’s basement, listens to skinhead music all day and works part time at Dairy Queen, so he doesn’t have much of a world view.

          • Not to mention being a fine, upstanding example of the GOP base. As it almost says in the Bible, “By their fruitcakes shall ye know them”.

          • RUKIDENME

            He works?

        • metrognome3830

          Oh, he’s much worse than that! He’s an ignorant asshole.

        • RUKIDENME

          Your wrong, Carsrus is an ignorant a**hole.

        • DukeDacat

          CPANY ………………. Well said……………………

      • ExPAVIC


        Please take your meds according to the instructions on the label. Any changes will result in irrational thought patterns, as we see.

  • Only people suffering from amnesia or masochists will hesitate in answering this question. Four years ago, almost to the day, a pathetic Republican President admitted the U.S. economy was on the verge of collapse, and proposed a plan (TARP) to bailout investment banks, GM and Chrysler were considering filing for bankruptcy and laying off tens of thousands of workers, the stock market was in the dumps, we were losing 600,000 jobs a month and the unemployment rate was 7.8% and climbing rapidly, deficit spending was out of control, we were engaged in two crusades using with borrowed money to pay for them and hiding the expenses to give the illusion our deficits were not as bad as they actully were, Osama bin Laden was enjoying his harem while Pakistan was playing cat and mouse with the U.S., the memory of 9/11 was still fresh on our minds, with terrorists attacks being the order of the day throughout the world and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in total chaos. Most importantly, Americans had lost the ability to dream and hope for a better future.
    Today, our economy is recovering, companies are posting record profits, the stock market is at near record highs, GM is once again the preeminent auto company in the world, unemployment is slowly but surely going downwards in spite of all the obstructionism to keep it as high as possible, 4.5 million jobs have been created the last two years, the war in Iraq is over, the cost of wars has been moved to the annual budget as part of President Obama’s transparency efforts, OBL and most of his cohorts are dead, terrorist attacks are at an all time low, the Middle East is as stable as can be expected, and our credibility has been restored.
    In spite of all the doom and gloom the GOP is spreading, there is hope again in America and it will not be long before we enjoy the ecoonomic stability, prosperity, and the hope for a better future we ALL deserve thanks to the vision, honesty, hardwork and leadership of President Obama.

    • Well, Lyan Ryan was on ABC this morning and brought up the closing of the Janesville plant again, blaming Obama. The Republicans continue to lie and lie and hope that the lies will somehow become truths. What is lacking today in the USA is an educated, informed populace. The Republicans prefer ignorant and gullible people who believe every lie they tell them.

      • Did You See How Matt Gave That Look He Know Ryan Was Lying Matt A Rethug Himself!! The Plant Was Closed Before Obama Took Office!! Paul Ryan Is A Lying Sack Of Shit!!

        • I mean a liar he can really tell some lies.

          • obammyboy is the biggest liar in hiostory. Period!

          • neece00

            Be careful, your bigotry is showing.

          • Edsanjuan

            meeceoo: Let me see if I understand you: If you DemocRats call Mr. Romney all kinds of names (Mutt, RoMoney, etc., etc.) it’s OK; BUT if Walter Williams calls Mr. Obama obammyboy, THEN it is “bigotry” ?
            Is that the way it is with you pathetic hypocrites who will get your fannies kicked on November 6, by a LANDSLIDE ???!!!

          • WhutHeSaid

            You must be one of those old Hippies from the 60’s, because you’re obviously trippin. Must be a flashback.

            Landslide? Far out, man – REALLY far out.

          • When you call a black man ‘boy’, it’s a racist dogwhistle, no matter how you alter the pitch.

          • Edsanjuan

            Siegfried: Don’t be playing “naive” with me.
            When you vote for a black guy because he is black, THAT is as RACIST as when you don’t vote for a black guy because he is black.
            What you want me to believe is that calling Obama “boy” is NOT acceptable but calling Romney a “stupid imbecile” IS ??!!
            You lefties can dish it out but you surely can’t take it …
            In my neck of the woods, that’s called “hypocrisy” .

          • metrognome3830

            Give it up, Ed. Walter is WAY out of line. Calling Romney and imbecile is impolite, not racist.

          • michellecaires

            They try and justify their racist comments with we supposedly only voted for Obama, because he was black… Guess what? I am voting Obama 2012 and his skin color again had no bearing on my decision.

          • metrognome3830

            We know that. Ed knows that. He just has trouble accepting it.

          • oh. I cry BS! ur voting Obama for ur own reasons…be it racial, poliical or whatever. but u can not SERIOUSLY say ur voting for him because he has made this country stronger. ur completely full of it! I think ur voting for him because the Republicans (which u equate with ‘white rich folk–or ‘the man’) is telling u that you shouldn’t.
            Break out for once. Vote for AMERICA. Not because they tell u to but because it’s good for the country and our freedoms!

          • michellecaires

            When Bush was in office… Both mine and my husband business were starting to hurt big time. One that has been around for 15 plus years and one I just was starting. I had health insurance I couldn’t afford and that only helped me if I was put in the hospital… even then would still leave with a lot of debt. I depleted my savings and took on extra odd jobs here and there to make ends meet. Barely did they meet. I had no down time. All, I worried about was food on the table and meeting bills. Every year under Bush terms things were getting worse and worse.

            Now, 4 years later. My old business is strong again and my new one is planting good roots too. I am starting to save again. I am able to have insurance that actually takes care of me now and the rate is even lower with better benifits. I can now even insure my college kid. My life now… is much better than it use to be. I even see people around me getting back on their feet. Yes, my life is a hell of a lot better. I must vote what is best for my family and the friends around me. Romney’s plan would send me right back to the life I was living under Bush’s care. I will pass. Obama 2012!

            Funny, how you talk about Freedoms… I see the Rebublicans saying… Keep government out of our lives yet they produce more bills telling me how I should live my life than any democrat. They invade my personal space.

            BTW… I am white! I get no government assistance. Not even for my college kid. She earned her educations with a full scholorship to Vanderbilt University. “The Man” comment… Let’s just say, that comment doesn’t work for me. LOL. y and justify their racist comments because we supposedly only voted for him because he was black… Guess what? I am voting again for him and his skin color again had no bearing on my decision.

          • His Color Has Nothing To Do With Why I’m Voting For Him Either!!

          • joyscarbo

            So what do YOU call it when YOU DON’T vote for a man because he is black??!!!!!
            If you don’t understand the racial implications that go along with calling a full grown black man a “boy,” perhaps you need to review some history. No one called Romney a disparging name that typifies his race or his attitudes about race. I don’t believe that Mitt’s a racist. Calling him a “stupid imbicile” doesn’t describe his ethnicity.

          • Edsanjuan

            joys: # 1) We’ve talked about this before: You told me that your reasons for voting for Obama did not include the fact that he is black, and I believe you.
            # 2) Now will you believe (not that I care) that I didn’t and will not vote for Obama but NOT because he is black?
            # 3) I would never call Obama or any other black person “boy” (and I DO understand the racial implications of that because I am not an idiot as you seem to think).
            # 4) Having said all that, I ask of you, do you mean to tell me that calling Romney a “stupid imbecile” is OK because that ” … doesn’t describe his ethnicity” (you should have said “race”)?
            # 5) If the previous is OK with you (calling Romney a “stupid imbecile”), would you then agree that it would be OK to call Obama a “stupid IDIOT” (considering that I am not calling him “boy”)?
            # 6) If you answer “NO” to # 4, would you then agree with me that NEITHER of the 2 can be considered other than intelligent men?

          • oldtack

            Siegfried,Agree 100%
            You placed a comment on some forum about 2 hours ago that began “I’m still waiting for some – any – candidate…”
            That was an excellent article and bears repeating on all forums. WE THE PEOPLE need to stop throwing “bombs” at one another and band together for the common cause – our future.
            Thanks for the article.

          • neece00

            Romoney is not a racial slur we are just stressing the fact that Romney does like his money.

          • Edsanjuan

            meeceoo: Oh, I get it NOW !!
            1) You can call Mr. Romney ANY names as long as you don’t call him “whitey”?
            2) You hypocrites think that ANY epithet is OK as long as it is not considered (or misconstrued) as racial?
            Well, tell you what: when anybody calls Obama “obammyboy” (and I am NOT in favor of that), to use your very same words, it is not a racial slur because we are just stressing the fact that Obama was once a TODDLER ….
            How do you like THAT??

          • In your “neck of the woods” there’s a bib hanging off each one….you are childish and moronic…How do YOU like that?

          • Edsanjuan

            Elisabeth: Yep. “Childish and moronic”; you got me there, girl !
            … I guess it takes one to know one … LOL …

          • JLP

            And this is why our country is in the such bad shape.. Is this really what we’re fighting for? Name calling… Grow up America!! Don’t vote for a man because of the color of his skin, vote for him if you believe he can help our country!!!

          • Edsanjuan

            JLP: EXACTLY !! Let me add: Don’t vote for a man JUST because of the color of his skin, and don’t deprive him (or her) of your vote JUST because of the color of his(her) skin.

          • metrognome3830

            Well, Ed, I guess you just don’t or won’t get it, will you.

          • you guys will say anything to hide your racist remarks about our President . I don’t care if he is black or purple he is still our President and deserve our Respect as so. Romney is just a man like me and you are when and if he becomes President then he will deserve the same respect but then and only then .

          • Edsanjuan

            jimbo: I got it now: You claim that until Romney becomes our President (in January/2013, thank God !), you useful idiots can insult him as you wish (the truth notwithstanding, of course).
            Wake up !!

          • Ed; You poor guy. Name calling by anyone does not make it right and moral. On November 6, you will be a very UNHAPPY voter but thanks for voting.

          • “Clever” Bob:
            I think it is going to be you who will be unhappy and won’t even know for some time what caused the “train wreck”…

          • metrognome3830

            Ed, I hope Romney wins by a landslide. Otherwise you are going to be eating a large serving of crow. I just hate to see that happen to you Ed. Walter is miles out of line. Even more so than those who mistakenly refer to Mitt as Mutt or RoMoney, and you know perfectly well why. I know you’re not that obtuse.

          • Ibsyboy

            All of the name calling is a response not to said name caller who initiated the name calling. It is a sense of free expression, that once was unheard of when I was a kid. I knew people had unspeakable view points about others, by hearing them being said via a whisper or quiet aside. This sudden new found right to say whatever we feel like saying is a recent phenomenon. One that seems to coincide with the election of a Negro to the White House. The organized attempt by some of the population to demonize the POTUS, is beyond the pale. The veiled racial, just about to cross the line racism utilized by the Right, is disgusting. They wish to stir the emotions of a deep seated dislike for Negroes within a segment of our society, has unleashed a broad flow of biased language at everyone. The Poor, Women, Immigrants, foreigners in general, particularly those from the Middle East. It has become contagious. Food Stamp President, how dumb do you have to be to miss the insinuation behind that remark. Food Stamps=Poor=Negroes.
            Thank you Newt for injecting that nugget into the public dialogue.

          • metrognome3830

            You have my complete agreement, Ibsyboy. Many on the right have been rude, insulting and downright racist. Unfortunately, so have many on the left. I think it has to do with the anonymity of electronic communication and the feeling that one can say whatever is on one’s mind without any fear of anyone knowing who they really are. Perhaps if we all had to use our real names and post our photos, the discourse might lighten up a bit. But, maybe not.

          • Valtee

            Dream on!

          • RUKIDENME

            Walter is not a bigot, he doesn’t hate blacks he just doesn’t think a black man should be President.

          • Mebbe, in hiostory; but in HISTORY, no-one has ever uttered more lies than radical cleric Shrubbya W, your beloved Bushy, the traitor, the Never Elected One

          • mugwort2

            re: Never elected one. Yes like many others I remember the fiasco that was the pres. election 200o. With FL. being the deciding factor. Truth was I think Jeb Bush was the gov. at that time purged all “felons” from the voting polls. Now I’m unclear what the legality of released felons voting I am aware that people with the same last names were purged too. Many of those last names happened to be Blacks. Draw your own conclusion. Mine is millions of people’s names were eradicated from voting simply because they had the same surname as felons and for no other reason.

          • rustacus21

            … but if U (mugwort2) never researched it, U would never know that a ‘trial-run’ was done in 1998, by the very same ‘bush’ brother & was perfected by 2000, to do exactly what it did – disenfranchise nearly 1/2 million voters who were White, Jewish, Hispanic, as well as Black, but all having in common the fact they resided in predominately Democratic districts. The facts invite YOUR scrutiny, if U’r open to such…

          • pi boson

            Yes, me and my family, friends, neighbors, and others are better off now than 4 years ago. The only threat of continued progress is the Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove. Your frustration is directed in the wrong direction.

          • rustacus21

            Thanx pi boson & YES the nation is far better now than 4 years ago – for numbers increasing steadily to include a greater portion of the 100% of Americans. What can we expect from Romney/Ryan, on the other hand? Handouts from the 1%? No thanx. I’ll join w/the sane faction of American voters that see progress as an all-inclusive, comprehensive set of opportunities for 100% of America! Not just 26 billionaires who think Democracy is a commodity to be bought & sold… like Romney/Ryan are in the process of at present…

          • pi boson: “The only threat of continued progress is the Chamber of Commerce …”
            THAT’S an obtuse comment, if there ever was one. So, to you, pi, under a capitalist economy the Chamber of Commerce is a “threat”?? !!
            Oh, brother !

          • oldtack

            Are you only capable of shit- head remarks or can you logically back up your statement with FACTS?

          • SFL_Citizen

            Will you move out of country or kill yourself when Obama wins another four years? I’m hoping for the latter…

          • Data, facts, evidence please, oh I get it, you’re just being glib.

          • Mr. Williams, are you racist?

          • Walter, what planet, in what solar system have you suffered your existence since 2002?

          • rustacus21

            I don’t think U really believe that, but are just being contrary. Of course U KNOW this is the most honest, the most transparent, scandal-free administration in history, but also the most burdened by the IRRESPONSIBILITIES of their predecessors since FDR tackled the 1st Republican Great Depression. But if it makes U feel better, name the lie, research it & confirm it back here, so we can know some conservative ‘truth’ for a ‘CHANGE’ – pun defineately intended…

          • bigg12u2

            Why don’t you tell us what they are? And take off that dunce hat…oh wait…that’s not a dunce hat…why are you wearing that mask and your mom’s table cloth?

          • LVSUNSHINE

            Walter, if you are going to call someone the biggest liar, you need to give some details. Let me give you a couple that Ryan lied about in the last couple days. I have never ran a marathon in over 3 hours. Truth, he ran ONE granny marathon in over 4 hours. Blaming President Obama for the closing of the plant in his own district, when Obama wasn’t even in office. These two have only been in the last couple of days. I won’t even go into all the other lies he has told. He opens his mouth and just like Romney the lies just seem to pour out. Sad! Liar, Liar, pants on fire.

          • Really what was the lie he told?

          • DannyD100

            “obammyboy” were is your white sheet?

          • Elsa

            So that is your excuse for Ryan, Obama lies so he can? Pretty sad.

          • Hap

            Hey little man where did you learn that trash talk from your daddy ? Or are you the daddy and you learned it from your daddy and your kids will come along later with the same trash talk they learned from you Admit it your a racist

          • metrognome3830

            Oh, that was clever, Walter. But, typical of a 12-year-old. Go away and get some experience and an education, then come back and try again.

          • barbarahugh

            Really ? Liar Obama ? I guess you are one of those that thinks that the only truth is Romney ! But that is where you are wrong !!! No one knows what this man is all about , he said he will fix things (R) will he do it in three years ? That is how much time they gave President Obama ! What is Romney going to do ? Sell the USA to Europe ? He does great when it comes to invest in other countries!! Why not sell the whole USA ? If Romney wins
            say bye to the USA you grew up in!!! Someone in another country will have your job in their own country!!!!!!

          • ROchoa1970

            Amen! But in all fairness to the President the TelePrompter has some the blame too.

            To this very day the President is still out being out “performed” by the very best of of the left leaning aisle: ol slick Willie himself! I really cant believe he is back hee-hawing about the perfect economic climate of the 90’s, which by the way was partially inherited from “41” policies, a recovering 4.3 economic growth , and Technology built by the entrepreneurial spirit that makes this nation a leader in the world. He just needs to go away and pray that Historians/informed persons will not reveal his failed policies that still haunt us today

          • darkagesbegin

            why is it when something good happens during a democratic administration, we have to credit the previous republican administration, and when shomething bad happens during a republican administration, it is because of the previous democratic administration, but a democratic administration can’t blame anything bad on a previous republican administration. I mean, I listened to rush for 8 years while W was in office, and every catastrophe was Clinton’s fault, until October of 2008, when he started blaming Obama, even before he was elected?

            Are you guys able to think for yourselves?

          • Christopher Jones

            Give me one. One.

          • holyreality

            Well WW, please list three lies, of the many.


          • Jerry Parkison

            Pull you head out of your ass

          • RUKIDENME

            The view up there is much better for him..

          • byron white

            Dude, you looking like John Boy Walton. I guess you believed everything Bush & Ceney said, right? You are truly an idiot. Where are you, in lower Alabama?

          • oldtack


            Clarksville, Texas? Is that where you live? I had a friend with some land south of there. Go a few miles east then wend your way south to the timber. Bought 45 acres and built a cabin. Had lots of wild boars there and one confirmed sighting of a mountain lion. Great place to go three wheeling. Gets pretty boring in Clarksville but I’ll wager that you and your like buddies could find a lot of excitement down at the cabin among the boars and the cat. But – be brave – don’t take a weapon ’cause the old mountain lion or the wild hogs won’t bother you at all. Just bring along fresh meat to satisfy their appetites. Have a good night out there – I’ll have the boys leave the gate open for you.

          • Ibsyboy

            Walter, let me applaud you for a classic Right Wing riposte. A venerable; “Oh, yeah! So are you.”
            A real crowd pleader. Succinct, childish and silly.
            Obammyboy. Now there a real work of imagination.

            Allow me to tell you a short story. There has been a nearly 4 year campaign to bring down Obama. The “Blame Stream Media (FOX, Rush , Beck and innumerable right wing radios shows) have provided folks like your self with pithy slogans and talking points to enable you to think you know what you’re talking about.

            Evidenced by the Low TV ratings and a lack of a bounce in the polls, the GOP Convention was a flop. The Billionaires are betting almost a Billion Bucks to get one of their own into the WH. And if you think the Billionaires are concerned about the same things as you re: Obama. WRONG! They could care less about Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obama Being a Negro. They are betting on the opportunity to get bigger tax cuts and much more deregulation. What they are after does not include you.

            If you count your money in 20s, 10s, 5s, 1s and change. You are a nobody to the GOP. Romney and the Billionaires. You are part of the under class. You have 2 things of value to them, your vote (which loses value after Nov. 6th) and the willingness to work for low wages, longer hours and no benefits.. You’re essentially cheap labor in their eyes. All you’re getting out this thing is the 2 weeks of joy you will feel when Obama is gone, but when that wears off. You are right where you are,but with a more limited future for you, your family and offspring.

            Listen to what R&R say. Eliminate ObamaCares (and replace it with what?) Eliminate Medicare and turn it into Voucher-care. Tell me please where is an 80 year old going to be able to buy Health Insurance with a voucher. If the 80 year old has pre-exiting conditions and all 80 year old’s do. Who is going to sell that 80 year old insurance. No One! Starve people out of Poverty. What jobs are they going to get? And if they do, Whites will be screaming the Welfare Negroes are stealing our jobs. The same ones the Immigrants are stealing. The ones no White person wants; at a wage no self respecting White person would accept. That’s what they talked about all last week. Where was; Jobs plans? Lower taxes on the Wealthy. How does that help?

          • neece00

            Very well said, Ibsyboy

          • Good thing there’s nobody with that name, ever.

          • And you sir are a delusional fool who is fast asleep while life takes place around him.

          • VRaso

            Think again, Mr. Williams, think again. You are in denial. And you are a kid that has no respect for anyone – that’s why you are a Republican.

          • anyasnote

            Sorry to inform I am in Illinois and I travel to Janesville quite often as to Madison, not too mention other cities here in Wisconsin. RYAN is LYING about the plant in Janesville and I MEAN lying. The plant was closed (not 100%) in 2008 by GM. The bailout did not include (Ryan voted NO on bail out that was including ALL plants) few old plants that GM said they don’t needed now and they need a lot of updates. Instead, they closed it before Obama was elected. My neighbor son worked there and he lives in Janesville and he knows. He lived it. He doesn’t blame Obama, Bush or even GM. Things got tough, plant was old and they still run it with skeleton crew. The last car parts that rolled out of the plant was beginning 2008 and was shut down in Sept.2008- officially in Dec.2008
            Now go and crawl under your rock and stay there until you grow some common sense and see the light.
            As for your Romney he bankrupted 8 corp in 9 yrs
            most of them between 2000-2003, that;s why he is not going to show his income taxes and claims that he wasn’t in charge of Bain (he was -de facto in absencia) since 1999. WHO IS THE BIGGER LIARS. Don’t let me point out few more flip flops and backtracking. NONE of the politicians tell the truth or knows what truth is if it hit them in the face.
            Wisconsinites opted to keep Walker and now they are sorry but at least they flip more Dem so his reign and devastation is curbed for now until Nov.
            Please notice that it’s MONEY that decides elections, your vote is needed if you are white) blacks are suppressed) after the election U R irrelevant.
            By the way Walker did not balance the budget as he claims. He just took money from the Education (yes it had draconian cuts) ans hsifted to another accounts to keep them on a level that can be managed. Ask any laid off state employee and how they are doing.
            They will tell you. Any sane person who had heard him on that conversation supposedly with Koch Bro, should tell you he is a CROOK. He is, Follow the money and you will find the guilty party.
            Remember this is your country and we all in it, and we all equal no matter what is the material or staus quo – you will be judged by the masses not on your money but on substance. So far R/R provide nothing. Considering that Repukes are hell bend, from th e day one to have Obama 1 tern President, he is doing helluva of a job, despite all of racists. It was OK with you for Bush to kill 5K + of you own on stupid war be ready for another as soon as R/R get in the office (hope NOT). Will you join the Party then and be on the front lines??? NO I don’t think so. All you do flap your gums and repeat Faux News truth NOT.,
            By the way- Obama is well respected in Israel while Robmeofmoney made a fool of himself in every country he visited. Talking about foot in the mouth disease – both got it. Soon R/R will say We are not Crooks and liars. So was Nixon.LOl

          • grammyjill

            and your reasoning behind that is?

          • ellen_h

            you are mistaken

          • Goyo_Smith

            Having a problemWally?

          • nickleman

            You obviously don’t know the difference between informed opinion and name calling. Try listening to some one other than Limbaugh or Beck, but then I am sure you would just call that the liberal mainstream media. Of course that does bring into question the definition of “mainstream”.

          • monilla75

            You are a LIAR…you must be a Republicon like Ryan & Romney & Boehner & O’Connell & Rush & Trump….$#!t, all of them and u….

          • well what did he lie to you about?

          • hiostory??? Another brainwashed ignorant red neck

          • you are an asshole!

          • Lydia Gonzalez

            Racist comments do not belong in the political platform. Speak your mind by all means but have truths to back it up as well. We don’t need to succumb to derogatory language just in the hopes that our message will get across. It only accomplishes the opposite. PEACE

          • Yeah. *You* sound legit.

          • Right……………………


          • albertkapustar

            Obama can’t hold a candle to any Republican,just pick a republican,their lifes are based on lying

          • Hap

            Hey little man where did you learn that trash talk from your daddy ? Or are you the daddy and you learned it from your daddy and your kids will come along later with the same old trash talk they learned from you Admit it you are a racist

          • That’s all you have to say. I want to know what lie are you talking about. Stop repeating what you’re hearing from Fox news and use your own brain.

          • At least President Obama can spell…you on the other hand are a shining example of why right is sometimes wrong

          • Valtee

            What drugs do you take? Mr. hiostory!

          • Really, Obammyboy?????

          • PabloKOh

            What did he lie about other than transparency, lobbyists, Guantanamo and change?

        • Yes FERN that plant close August 2008 Obama went in office on 01/2009 plain as day another pie they share in pride in getting away with it real stuff that Republican’s are made of

        • Fern, you need to look at the important crap about this nation.Want to wear those cute little garbs of the muslim women? Want to get beheaded if you irk a muslim? Want your children to marry some old dude or be their plaything?
          The basic tenet of EVERY muslim is death to all infidels,,and if you are not a muslim,that means YOU! I dont care how you democrats got your head up Obamas little brown behind, it time to pull it out, along with our media. George Soros and the Islam community are behind Obama. HE IS their Messiah, and they will be the first ones to tell you. Obummer is the biggest fake, fraud and liar ever to be in OUR white house! He and his wife Moochie are users of this nation.Neither of them salute our flag and have admittedly attended US flag burning ceremonies before. Are you on this damn planet?

          • RUKIDENME

            What planet r u from?

          • byron white

            Regina, you must live in Utah or the Deep South, or some other bastion of backwardness and ignorance.

          • Edsanjuan

            Regina: Whenever pea-brained people like byron white or RUKIDENME do not have an intelligent argument to counter yours, they always fire back the same asinine stuff: “you must be from xxxx”, “What planet are you from?”, etc., etc.
            These 2, and so many like them in this lefties “forum”, will NEVER admit that:
            1) Obama and Moochie have sometimes refused to salute our flag (Michelle: “All this for a stupid flag”);
            2) “This is the very first time I have been proud to be an American” – Michelle Obama during the 2008 campaign;
            3) Obama has said, several times (obviously without a teleprompter), that we “… should spread the wealth around”;
            4) Obama is so OUT of TOUCH with what is happening that he said recently: “The private sector is doing fine !” – Go figure !!
            Now, Regina, can you already hear them asking me: “Ed, what planet are you from?!!”

        • Fern, I didn’t see the show you are referring to however I would like to ask the question. Are you aware of the fact that GM has more plants in China than they do in the United States? Have you read the report, GE moves its 115 year old x-ray units base to China, GE closed its health care unit in Waukesha, Wisconsin and moved it to Beijing China, where they plan to invest about $2 billion across China, including opening six customer innovation and development center’s. Fern, you are aware of the fact that president Obama plans to close our fossil fuel power plants (coal, oil, natural gas ) and replace them with wind/solar power, a are you aware of the fact that the United States is rich in its natural resources ( oil, coal, natural gas ) all of these natural resources can be found on dry land. Does any of this mean anything to you?

        • onedonewong

          That’s because he’s a Barak shill and thinks he is his Messiah. The fact that the plant closed in JUNE in 2009. Easily verifiable by Goggle

        • Hi Fern Once again your reality is not in sync with real reality . The Plant was NOT closed but in a concession to your ruler and DEAR LEADER I will concede the truth . You see , that is what Conservatives deal in fact and logic . Ok so the plant was open but GOVT Motors had planned on closing it . When Obama screwed GM’s shareholders ( also known as people who had skin in the game ) and bailed out the UAW Pension plans so that GM could give the illusion of some solvency it was annouinced that this would mean NO plant closings . Obama and GM lied and they didn’t save that plant so technically both are right .

        • monilla75

          Why aren’t these people that know ryan and Romney is Lying, Correct them… It makes them horrible news commentators …

        • What is good is that you are paying attention to what they are saying.

      • You are so correct.

      • coxel

        You are right Charlsen, if they repeat there lies enough the weak minded will start to believe them, old communist propaganda trick.

        • Mike McLaughlin

          “See in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.”
          George W. Bush 5/26/05

          • Mike: Work? You mean living on government welfare.

        • coxel: You are cvompletely correct. The Republicans, in 2010, used so much information so often, that the lies were believed. Examples: Our president is a Muslim, not an American. Rationed medical care, socialized medicine, death panels, pulling the plug on grandma; were all very successful propaganda stints that the shallow minded started to believe.

      • Republicans lie and Fox News annoints it as the truth.

      • Ibsyboy

        We never had a fully aware, informed electorate. I.e., George Bush, Jr. Twice.
        Politics is a full time commitment. All people wish to be in formed or at least engaged. The “Blame Stream Media” (FOX, Rush, Beck and the hundreds of right wing radio shows) has provided those who wish to be engaged with ideas of Anger, hate, pessimism, negativity, Racism and Contemptuousness.. The Right Wing has created an ersatz Obama for these people to dislike. The GOP and the Right Wing have spent nearly 4 years building a case against Obama, nothing has stuck, other than he is a Negro. As seen by the RNC Convention, they did not get a bump in the polls coming out of the Convention. Romney and Lying Ryan, are a stiff and a fool. All the GOP achieved was solidifying their base.
        The blame Obama routine is a broken record of questionable veracity. I think the routine is wearing thin. More people are discovering that he is not the Devil the GOP has wasted nearly 4 years painting him as. The DNC Convention will reveal more of the lies told about Obama, and his acceptance speech will be a barn burner. There will definitely be a bump coming out of the DEM Convention. I hope when the GOP gets beat, the country will turn away from bitterness and the infectious incivility virus spread by the GOP all over the country.

      • onedonewong

        The Plant CLOSED in JUNE 2009, who was president then???

    • middleclasstaxpayer

      Vision? Honesty? Hard work? Leadership? Obama wasn’t even bright enough to hold the convention in a UNIONIZED STATE…Why is Obama allowing all these convention funds and this MASSIVE convention spending to go into a NON UNION state like N. Carolina??? He is supposed to be FOR unions, NOT supporting NON UNION areas & states? How can UNIONS be better of with this type of sellout?

      • Because as opposed to those who are only loyal to the elite, Barack Obama is the president of ALL Americans.

        • jarheadgene

          Yes…and my understanding is the reason Charlotte was chosen, is because their econmy was slammed hard and this convention is bringing in 10’s of millions of dollars into the area.

        • middleclasstaxpayer

          Then WHY did Obama’s Justice department sue Boeing and attempt to prevent a US firm from relocating to to NON-UNION state recently???? Obama appears to support unions when it’s expedient and helpful to HIM, but ignore unions and union rules when THAT is helpful to him….he’s two-faced and cannot be trusted! And no one will forget Obama’s SELLOUT to the Russians when he whispered into an open mike: “I can be MORE FLEXIBLE AFTER THE ELECTION.” What do you suppose THAT meant????? Yes, he’s really “TRUSTWORTHY” isn’t he???

          • Ummm . . . Boeing broke the law? And made the horrible mistake of admitting in public that they broke the law? Put it in writing?

            What sellout to the Russians – he told them that he was going to be involved in an election campaign and couldn’t devote as much time and effort in the negotiations as was needed, and could not commit to terms which would bind his successor should he lose. Your tin-foil hat needs to be loosened a bit, methinks.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            Boeing’s move to S Carolina has been APPROVED, so what law was broken?
            And Obama’s comment to the Russians was not, “I don’t have time now” BUT instead “I can’t let the people know what my TRUE plans are now, as it will definitely cost me the election” SO, “bear with me and I’ll give you Russians EVERYTHING you want AFTER I’m reelected and no one can stop me.” Obama is a traitor to America & to Israel…he’s probably made similar promises to Iran & Syria also.

          • So, tell what did the Russians get, these last 4 years?

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            It’ s not what they hav gotten so far, but what they are PROMISED.

          • RUKIDENME

            What were they promised? Oh Great One.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            Since he wasn’t man enough (or Presidential enough) to knowingly allow us to even hear his comments (and intentions), my guess is that we the people would NOT like the news. He has been pushing for reductions in our nuclear arms to 300 pieces, much lower than many other smaller countries. His “theory” appears to be that when the US reduces or eliminates its nuclear arms, others will follow suit. IE: If we can’t threaten you, you WON’T threaten us. Of course, he has done NOTHING to dissuade Iran for becoming a nuclear power, and their STATED MISSION is to wipe both Israel AND the US off the globe! But, at least he “can be more flexible after the election.”

          • metrognome3830

            Middleclass, the move was approved due to a Republican-led House Bill blocking the NLRB from enforcing the law. Not because the Obama administration approved it.

          • metrognome3830

            Boeing did break the law, but a Republican house passed a bill blocking the NLRB from enforcing a law that has been enforced in the past. The law that says a company cannot fire employees or move their operation to a non-union location because of union activity. In doing so, they also made it another step easier to move jobs out of the country, according to opponents of the move. Republican rationale is that it stifles job creation. I’ll leave it to you to decide which side you think is right.

          • “I can be MORE FLEXIBLE AFTER THE ELECTION.” What do you suppose THAT meant????

            Just what he said, after an election ANY Politician will have more FLEXIBILITY when negotiating. You have no FLEXIBILITY to negotiate before an election simply because there’s no guarantee you’ll be there afterwards.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            Sorry, but it’s more like…” I can’t let the American people know what my plans are BEFORE the election because then I’ll LOSE the election.” “You Russians just bear with me and AFTER the election I’ll give you EVERYTHING you want because then NO ONE CAN STOP ME.” Obama can’t be trusted by America & he can’t be trusted by Israel….he wants the US to be just like a 3rd world country, so we’ll all be “equal.”

          • RUKIDENME

            Let me guess your a clairvoyant.

          • metrognome3830

            Boeing was prevented from moving because it was an illegal move. It was characterized by a Boeing exec. as an attempt to get away from “strikes “every two or three years.” The law does not allow a company to partially close down a plant under union contract and move it to avoid that union contract. What union rules has Obama ignored? And what do you suppose it means when he says he could be more flexible after the election. It could be interpreted more than one way. Whatever you think it means is meaningful only to you and others who don’t like Obama. How trustworthy are you when you rely on unfounded rumors to make your decisions.

      • You are wrong.

        • CPANY

          Rosemary B:

          “You are wrong.” That’s it? That’s your rejoinder? I agree that middleclasstaxpayer is wrong, but surely, with all their lies and mistakes, the Republicans are vulnerable to more compelling arguments.

          Give it another shot, kid. Let’s see some good old vituperation.

      • SaneJane

        This is a state he needs to win. Having the convention there is not a reward for North Carolina, it is an effort to recruit more votes there.

      • metrognome3830

        You can elect Romney/Ryan, Middleclass, then you will soon be rid of those pesky unions. The solution is so simple. I am a long-time union member and I don’t approve of the Democratic convention being held in a union-busting state. But try to remember that not all Democrats are union members, #1, and #2, I don’t see it as a sellout. The sellouts are those who benefit from union efforts and either refuse to join the unions or who belong to unions but vote for politicians who have vowed to do their best to do away with unions.

    • Well said, and thank you.

    • William Deutschlander

      You certainly put forth a VERY HONEST TRUTHFULL overveiw, we certainly are MUCH BETTER OFF TODAY than we were in the ECONOMIC DISASTER THE REPUBLICAN CARTEL dumped us in the GREAT RECESSION of 2008.

      • …and I neglected to include the draconian healthcare system that was in place four years ago when handicapped or critically ill children were denied coverage because of the pre-existing condition clause, and critically ill patients were denied coverage when the cost of medical care reached a pre-specified cap.
        Today, our children don’t have to depend on charity to get the care they need, when we are sick we are covere, RX copays are lower than they were, women can get free mammograms and pap smears, and after 2012 – if the GOP does not get the White House and the Senate and take us back to 2008, 32 million uninsured Americans will have access to affordable medical care.
        Republicans often talk about the cost of funding ACA and its impact on our business community, ignoring that the cost of healthcare insurance is one of the most expensive burdens incurred by American corporations, and one of the reasons we are not as competitive as we should be.

    • SaneJane

      I like reading your posts but have a problem with your acceptance of the propaganda regarding deficit spending and the national debt. Deficit spending puts more money in the system and, please remember, every liability must have an equal and corresponding asset. When the government deficit rises it is matched by an increase in assets of the populace. When the deficit decreases there is a corresponding decrease in private assets. This is not theory, this is fact. Also, the incorrectly named “national debt” represents investments in treasury instruments by banks, credit unions, pension funds, mutual funds, SS and Medicare, corporations, states and cities, other countries and individuals like you and me. The finances of a monetarily sovereign nation are completely different from those of individuals and businesses. Agree with most all of you comments but think you would have an ever clearer view of things if you researched the economics of our government.

      • CPANY


        Remember John Maynard Keynes? He preached that in a recession, government should inject money into the economy. Then, when the economy has recovered, government should take money out of the economy.

        It would probably work if tried, but it’s never been tried. The reason: politiciens haven’t the self-discipline needed to take money out of the economy during the recovery.

        As to your advice to Mr. Vila to research the economics of our government: hopefully he won’t. Our government has been misrun since the early days of the nation. There’s nothing to be learned there. Thomas Jefferson proposed that the government adopt a mercantilist accounting sysytem to get the economy on a businesslike footing. That didn’t happen then and it never will.

        • Keynes was correct, and that is precisely what President Obama tried to do when he proposed investment in infrastructure to stimulate the economy, lower unemployment, and improve our inneficient power grid, levees, bridges, etc.

          • Keynes and Communism go hand in hand…

          • I don’t suppose you have any empirical evidence to back that up beyond “well, that’s what Rush and Sean said!”.

          • awakenaustin

            Wow, Todd. You must be an ahistorian. Used History and Economics classes to catch up on your sleep, did you?

        • I thought all that deficit spending FDR engaged in during his 4 elected terms as president…trying to pull America out of the Herbert Hoover administration’s Republican Conservative created Great Depression…and then funding a massive, successful 4 year war effort against right-wing fascists in Europe and in the Pacific…was Keynesian policy in practice…Correct me if I am wrong…Please…

      • Bear in mind that I believe our government – and us – should not spend a dime more than we earn or take in. The solution, in my opinion, is to determine whether or not we want to keep the social programs and the defense apparatus we demand, and if the answer is yes, we must all be willing to pay for what we get and need. The current tax rates are ridiculously low and are one of the most important reasons for our budget deficits and accumulation of debt. Regarding SS, MEDICARE and other liabilities, I believe they are accounted for under a category called unfunded liabilities, which if I am not mistaken exceeds $100T and is one of the reasons for the relatively weak dollar and the likelihood of future currency devaluations, out of control inflation, and economic chaos.

        • ChristoD

          The current tax rate is not low enough for Republicans. This is the election that they are convinced can get them to their dream of EXTREME right wing IDEOLOGICAL PURITY. This simply means MUCH smaller government and damned the consequences with as many services as possible going away or being transferred to the private sector. Translation, more money out of our pockets, people in need suffering IMMENSELY, welfare disappearing as we know it, more crime, higher unemployment, etc. A Deficit that will easily go over $20 trill after their first four years and they KNOW it but are willing to take the heat to realize their dream of EXTREME right wing IDEOLOGICAL PURITY. It also means little to NO regulatory oversite, turning back the clock on womens rights, fugedaboud same sex marriage, the enviromental regs. loosened, global warming completely ignored….TRANSLATION: A return to the good old AWFUL, UNCARING, SELFISH days. WAKE UP FOLKS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

    • And If Romney Hood Get In He And His American Taliban Will Push America Right Over The Cliff!! They Will Be Raping America for All She’s Worth With More Wars , More Tax Breaks For The Wealthy, More Trickle Down Polices That Only Helps The Rich, Deregulating Banks And Wall Street, And Drill Baby Drill Along With Fracking Not Only This Will Destroy The American People But Also America Land And Water!!!

      • Fern: And baseball will be replaced as the national sport by war on women. No license needed.

    • DannyD100

      Dominick, very good post.

    • barbarahugh

      Truth be told !!!!!

    • Christopher Jones

      Thank you for saying what I have been thinking and in a fashion that is understandable to the Tea Party obstructionists who continue to deny that they are responsible for our S&P downgrade and blame President Obama for either too much rain or drought.

    • OMG. I read your post and I have one question for you. Are you a constitutional patriot who believes in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights or are you a socialist when a Marxist agenda? PS to all readers who support president Obama, please feel free to respond to the above question.


        What exactly is President Obama’s Marxist agenda?

    • Send this to the DNC and to David Plouffe. This is also the truth which the RNC seem to be allergic to.

    • When You Declare War On Your Own People That Makes You A Traitor And A Terrorists!! All These People They Are Hating On Are People That Live Here And Most Are AMERICANS!!!!!

    • onedonewong

      only a pathological liar would contend that barak and his gang of thieves help this country in any way. There are fewer Americans working in this country than at any time during w’s 2nd term. That’s after generating $10 trillion in new debt.
      GM not produces 7 out of every 10 vehicles some where other than the US. If GM was so valuable why didn’t the other countries pony up?? Why is this country paying japan $7500 for every car they ship here

    • anyasnote

      Amen. U R ONE SMART GUY HERE with class.

    • Wait until Obama starts to dig all the big companies out of debt and lay that debt on our backs and then tell everybody how great he is,he has already made the statement that he was going to do it and if elected,it wont be long we’ll own them all.
      That is the only way he thinks he can employ all the people out there without a job.

    • monilla75

      Your Comment is awesome and full of truth…. Kudos… Thank you for the facts…very good….

    • 1standlastword

      You describe the situation an unworthy, undeserving Romney/Ryan ticket would inherit: like Bush inherited; that is a ship with wind in its sails that they could gradually run agound “again” because, as the record illustrates, that’s what Republican policies do over and over again

    • Thank you for the detail truth, I could not have put it better.

    • PabloKOh

      Deficit spending is still out of control. Not that either party will ever address it. This is how democracy works. You use the taxation of the government to redistribute the labor of the people to buy votes. Plain and simple. $16,000,000,000,000 in national debt. $120,000,000,000,000 in unfunded liabilities. 115,000,000 income taxpayers. You do the math. Neither party can save you from the mess you have made by voting. Don’t hit. Don’t steal. Don’t lie.

  • I Say HELL YEAH!! If You Still Having Problems You Can Thank The GOP/Tea Party For The Blocking Filibustering And Bullshit They Are Doing To Get Our President Out Of The White House !!! There’s Money For People Who Losing Their Homes And If You In A State Where On Of The American Taliban Is In Control You Will Never See It!! These People Are Terrorists And Traitors To Their Country And The American People!!! It’s Time To Vote Them Out Of Office!!!

    • Please forgive me, but what is it with all the caps? It’s not as distracting as THE GUYS WHO USE CAPLOCKS FOR EVERYTHING, but having every word capitalized distracts and diminishes what you’re trying to say. I happen to agree with you, but the caps beginning every word makes me raise my eyebrows concerning your posts.

      • I’d say she feels strongly about her comment. I myself capitalize words I wish to emphasize, and use all caps when I want to yell. If you’re that easily distracted, well that could be a problem. I didn’t even notice it until you pointed it out, I was concentrating on the content of her message.

  • carsrus

    PURE BS! Hell NO we are far worse off BUT, have no fear WE tne PEOPLE are going to SAVE this GREAT CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC by kicking out this fetid, marxist-commie shill, Obama in a landslide! President Romney and Vice President Ryan u libtards had BETTER get used to those words of HOPE and CHANGE.

    • johninPCFL

      Let’s see…unemployment growing by 750k jobs/month in 12/8, now shrinking by 100k jobs/month. Stock market at 6900 on 12/08, now back above 12000. GDP was shrinking by 3% in 12/08 now growing by 1.75%.

      Sorry McDonalds doesn’t pay you better, but most of the rest of us are far better off.

    • jarheadgene

      Sorry Carsus… sound more like Greed Over People than “We the People”. You Poser, the only landslide you’re going to get, is the one in your undershorts when Obama narrowly defeats Romney in spite of the $$$$$ BILLIONS being spent by the Koch Bros. The VOTEs of “We the People” cannot be bought.

      • Edsanjuan

        jar: Should that happen (it won’t), it would prove that Soros, Buffet, Michael Moo and George Clueless have more money/power than the Koch Bros. LOL …

    • Dmullins84

      CARSRUS, with a name like that i would expect nothing less. You talk like a fool. Where have you been, you know little to nothing about whats going on in this country. The answer t o, ARE WE BETTER OFF NOW THAN FOUR YEARS AGO, IS HELL YES WE ARE.

  • bcarreiro


  • Melford

    Well, I am not better off than I was four years ago. I plan to vote accordingly. If Americans who are *not* better off vote accordingly, I think the Obama Campaign of Smoke and Mirrors is doomed. If they don’t and things *don’t* get better with Obama in the White House for another four years, my opinion is that they will be getting what they deserve! Obama himself made rather expansive promises last time around along these lines, with specific milestones he said he would meet or not *deserve* another term. Guess what? He did not even come close. I am feeling it! Are you?

    The Democrats are the ones with the *old* and *broken* ideas, folks. Socialism Expansion is *not* helping! It *kills* free enterprise and job creation. It has been an idea around for almost a Century in America, and it has Failed in many European nations, most recently Greece! The Democrats have championed this idea since before Jimmy Carter.

    Some of it made sense as temporary fixes, such as under FDR. But these “temporary fixes” have a way of becoming permanent, which is why our debt has been going up at a record pace of well over a Trillion Dollars per year under Zero Man, now reaching 16 Trillion Dollars — needing over $50,000 from every man woman and child in America, even including the illegals and those on Welfare. If the interest rates go up, do you think *they* are even going to be able to pay that much? So how much more of it will be *yours* to pay? At the current low interest rates, servicing the Debt costs a lot. Raise the interest rates to the days of Jimmy Carter, and *all* of our tax revenues will not be enough to pay even the interest! That should alarm you. Obama might take us there in less than another 4 years, and what happened to Greece will happen to us, but no-one will be able to bail US out!

    We don’t need to get rid of Social Security and Medicare, and the Republican’s are *not* proposing that. They are proposing a parallel solution based upon vouchers and market competition. They are planning on gutting Obamacare and replacing it with something less invasive and more likely to allow us unfettered access to our doctors, *without* Federal Boards telling us we can have a tax subsidised abortion but not get treatment for Type II Diabetes, telling us “Diet and Exercise” will do the trick.

    • johninPCFL

      Yes, the teabaggers have continued the same spending that GWB used to add $6T to the national debt. GWB never saw a spending bill he didn’t like.

      The national debt is growing by over $1T per year, with $600B coming from “defense” spending. Another $600B from the Medicare drug bill passed by the GOP legislature and signed by? Oh yeah, GWB.

      • Melford

        Teabaggers, in a pig’s eye! The Democrats controlled that Congress. The Republicans are cowed by the rhetoric from the left, afraid to push back as hard as they should, I will grant you that. But the spending spree can be directly linked to Congress, and most of the spending going on now is under the radar and not even part of the Yearly Appropriations. Trace it back. It goes to Pelosi. It continues under the Watch of Obama, and is given life under the Senate controlled by Reid that will not stop it!

        The Republicans should be more willing to cut defense, I will grant you that, but the Democrats are just as intractable when it comes to cutting any of *their* wasteful spending habits! I say don’t raise the debt limit again! You have to worry about your moderate (and sensible) Democratic Representatives that already agree with that. If Obama gets another term, cutting off his money completely at the tap may be the only answer. And TANF, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Lord only knows what other checks, will stop being printed. Even if that only happens for a week or a couple of months, the impact will be horrible! Of course the Democrats will blame the Republicans, but the truth is, that by continuing to be irresponsible like a drug addict, they forced someone who is responsible, (and may actually care) to step in and cut them off before they destroy us like drug addicts destroy themselves!

        • johninPCFL

          Spending has only grown after the teabaggers were elected to control the House. Look at the national debt. When Obama ws elected it stood nearly $13T, with a $1.2T deficit the first year. This year the deficit is $1.5T. The House originates revenue and spending bills, and the GOP teabaggers control the House.

          Instead of controlling spending they have passed 33 repeals of ACA and 42 abortion bills. American Taliban is an appropriate name for the GOP today.

        • Melford: Please don’t bother SIEGFRIED HEYDRICH and johninpcfl with facts that they are too OBTUSE to understand.
          … and SIEGFRIED HEYDRICH will agree with anything as long as you don’t “distract” (his word) him with CAPITAL LETTERS (his poor mind being so easy to “distract”).

      • That’s ‘Bagro-Americans’, thank you very much . . .

        • johninPCFL

          I like it! I’ll start using it (often).

    • jarheadgene

      u kidding me…they want to change Medicare and SSI drastically…mainly because the rich don’t need it and it gives them a chance to create more impoverished people to be controlled by them. TALK ABOUT COMMIE activity. BE very wary of those guys they mention SSI and Medicare…but never talke about MEdicaid. I believe it is because they will cut that out all together.

      • Melford

        And the Democrats are trying to create “slaves” to the Nanny State. Talk about Uncle Toms — Obama goes far and beyond what any Civil War Era Uncle Tom would even be willing to imagine! By executive order, Obama has made it so people on TANF (Welfare) no longer even have to *try* and get work. Just hold out your hands and we give you a check. And you don’t think they will become slaves? Think again! And there is very little hope for children brought up in that environment. They will think that is “just the way things are done” and will suck us dry until we say “enough” and (out of financial necessity) cut them off cold turkey! That is *really* going to suck for them! They won’t have a chance, and class warfare will take on a whole new meaning when they come knocking on your door with a gun or a knife demanding you give them what they want!

        You want to talk about Drastic change? Worse than Obamacare Gutting Medicare Advantage? Part of what the Republicans want to do is take Medicare Advantage to the Next Level. If anything, the Republicans are being Progressive! And allowing Social Security to become voluntary, so that, (like Union Railroad Workers) anyone who wants to can put that money into their own retirement and are not stuck with Social Security, which the Democrats and Republicans have been stealing from for years!

        Look at the numbers dude! By the CBO’s own estimates, both Social Security and Medicare are going to be insolvent soon. Each time they revise the numbers, they are getting worse! Hell, I’d like to retire someday, but I doubt that the Democrats want me to — they want to enslave every demographic that they can, and are doing a damnably good job of it so far. They are impoverishing and enslaving the elderly already, stabbing the retired folks in the back, dropping the knife in front of the Republicans and saying “They did it — Not US!!!” I think they are going to find that they have not been dumbing down Americans fast enough. I think they are going to get caught — if not this election cycle, then the next one will be a real eyeopener for those drinking too much of their own KoolAid!

        I’d rather be impoverished than enslaved, and I don’t share your outlook that Republicans will be impoverishing me any worse than the last four years of ObamaNomical Nonsense already has! My view is that under Obama, more people will be impoverished *and* enslaved — just what they are HOPING for! Their agenda is to control with fear, hunger, anger, class warfare and outright deception! And, yes, the Republicans are not *much* better, but at least They are being influenced by a grass roots pushback that they cannot ignore, while the Democrat’s Uber Liberal wing is dragging their entire party way to the Left, and Moderates be damned! If youy are a Democrat, it is highly likely that you are a lemming. Go ahead. Jump off that cliff. But I am not planning on going with you!

        • RUKIDENME

          Where do u get your supposed facts? For one; SS is solvent, interest on the trust fund makes up for receipts. It only has to be tweaked a bit. If SS, Medicare, and Medicaid are dismantled u will be jumping off a cliff.

          • RUKI: You shit-for-brains, there is NO “trust fund”, and thus NO “interest on the trust fund”!!!

            “The problem with Democrats is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so many things that just ain’t so.”
            – Ronald Reagan –

          • RUKIDENME

            That’s funny, do your homework. SS has over 1 trillion dollars and the interest easily pays for the shortfall. Do you eat with that mouth or just spout obscenities. The obscenities show your ignorance.

          • Edsanjuan

            RUKI: YOU are the ignorant simpleton here. There is NO “trust fund” !! (and thus NO “interest on the trust fund”) Do your homework, Rookie, and you will come up with the phrase “pay-as-you-go-system”. THAT’S what we have: Present benefits are being paid with PRESENT “income” from FICA taxes, NOT from any kind of “trust fund”, or, even less, from the interest on such a fund.
            Hey, by the way, I have this bridge in Brooklyn I want you to have a look at ?

            “The problem with Democrats is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so many things that just ain’t so.”
            – Ronald Reagan –

          • dtgraham

            That’s Mark Twain.

          • Edsanjuan

            dtgraham: Could be; it is still true ….

          • RUKIDENME


          • RUKIDENME

            Well, the name caller such as u should do some research. 2.6 Trillion dollar trust fund for SS. Not that u will believe anything I or any other sane person states. But go to the AARP website and read the facts. I know your type will write insults when presented with facts, it is your only retort.

          • Edsanjuan

            RUKI: No, no, no ! You got it all wrong ! 1) I have only thrown back insults received from you.
            2) Since I do not administer (of course !) any SS monies, I can only tell you what I have (and YOU must have) read on different sources, all of which pose the “pay-as-you-go” system.
            3) I would never insult you, or anybody else, if and when presented with real facts.

            The problem is that you people from the Left are completely satisfied with “facts” as presented to you by the likes of: AARP (oh, God!), Nancy Pelosi (“Guess we are going to have to wait until we approve it to know what’s in it, won’t we?”) , Harry Reid (“I can not tell you my sources, but I know for a fact that Romney has not paid taxes in 10 years…”), Joe Biden, Bill Maher, Michael Moore, and last but not least, The Chosen Himself (“Let me tell you, the private sector is doing just fine”), SAY WHAAAT ????!!!

            … and if we don’t believe everything “The Chosen” tells us, ….. we are “RACISTS” !!

            RUKI: You Lefties are sooo naive and gullible …

          • RUKIDENME

            I knew it! Facts are above you. People from the left use facts to determine their position. Seems odd.

  • Romney would be far worse than Bush. Sounds unlikely but what can you say of a candidate who has flip flopped on so many major issues. 10 years ago Romney was solidly pro-choice. He invented the pre-cursor to Obamacare. Now he will lose Massachusetts by double digits but plans to pick up the States that might be infected by the crazies as have the GOP. Bush was terrible but Romney is a nightmare looking to happen. Are we a great country? Not if Romney wins. And we will be much worse off by 2016 (or sooner) than we pretty much ever have been. The posts out here pretty much prove that all people who give a damn about this country will make sure that Obama wins. Otherwise, let the new nightmare begin.

    • Romney Is Bush On Crack , Meth And Oxy!! At Lease Bush Didn’t Make His Money Stripping American Companies Loading Them With Debt And Shipping American Jobs Out Of The USA For A Living!!!

      • Edsanjuan

        Fern: Wow ! You seem to know a lot about several drugs ….

  • darkagesbegin

    my bumper sticker:

    Yes, I am better off than I was four years ago.
    The country is better off than it was four years ago.
    And the world is better off than it was four years ago.

  • Out of the frying pan and into the fire. If a person will blast Bush for incompetence on the job, they Obama is open game too. Just because Obama has some swagger and is a narcissist doesn’t automatically mean things are better. He has had 4 years to get his ideas and agenda going in regards to the economy and he has done but-cuss. Now he wants us to believe he has a plan now. Come on… If the logic you used to put Obama into office was based on improvement in the White house and fixing our economic woes, the that same logic should tell you (1-5 on food stamps, 8.3 unemployment rate, middle class incomes down 4000 bucks) that a change is needed again..

    • ObozoMustGo

      todd… nice post! You’ll find that solid rationale is sorely lacking in this leftist sea of insanity called “The Memo”. The leftist freaks and useful idiots around here don’t like logic and facts very much.

      Have a nice day!

      “No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!” – Ronald Reagan

      • CPANY

        Hey, shitforbrains, nice to see that you’re back. I kind of missed your charming stupidity. I guess it took some time for your euphoria over Clint Eastwood’s monologue to wear off to the point where you could communicate.

      • jarheadgene

        HEY NOW…let’s not forget that where Obama has had an absolute Obstructionist congress to deal with, Bush had Pual Ryan happily pushing his spending budget. I say it is time we VOTE OUT all OBSTRUCTIONIST Congressmen….write their names down, starting with Boehner and Cantor , Bachman, Ryan…ALL those that went along with the McConnell “DO NOTHING, We want Obama out plans…need to be “FIRED” and “We the People” can do it. They put party before Americans. They NEED TO GO!!!!

      • Actually, no, that’s religions. The oldest bureaucracy on the face of the planet is the Roman Catholic Church, which took over the reins from the Imperial Roman bureaucracy when the empire collapsed in the 5th century. That would make them well over 2,000 years old in terms of institutional memory.

        • ObozoMustGo

          Siggy… FYI…. Disqus is just now sending your comment to me like you just made it, even though it was 10 months ago. In fact, it’s sent me 3 of yours from this same thread from 10 months ago. One after the other. hehehehehehe 🙂 Technology is very dependable, isn’t it?

          I hope you’re well.

          Have a nice day!

  • old_blu

    Just going by the headline, YES! I’m doing better than I was 4 years ago, but still not as good as when Clinton was in office.

    • That’s Cause Clinton Got Rid Of The Trickle Down Bullshit Polices And The American Taliban GOP/Tea Party Is Blocking Filibustering And Saying No To All Means Of Getting Rid Of Them!!

      • old_blu

        I absolutely agree with you Fern and I usually do.

        • Edsanjuan

          old-blu: WOW !! If you “usually” agree with Fern, that, by itself, proves that “birds of a (dirty) feather flock together.” LOL

          • old_blu

            She’s awesome.

          • Edsanjuan

            old-blu: Say no more.
            NOW I know you well.
            What a pity …

          • neece00

            You don’t have a single individual thought in your pea sized brain.

          • Edsanjuan

            neeceoo: That was cute !!
            But …. says WHO ?? Youuu ????!!!!!
            Now THAT is funny !! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha haaaaa!!

          • neece00

            And your going to tell us that you and your FOX news morons have an open mind and can view all aspects of an opinion before making a decision.

          • Edsanjuan

            neeceoo: Nope, that’s NOT what I am going to tell you; you are wrong yet again.
            What I DID tell old-blu (read it AGAIN, neeceoo !) was that if he “usually” agreed with such a bad mouth as Fern Woodfork (have you read her CRAZY rants, calling people “assholes” and “motherf……”, have you ??!!), he is as bad as she is.
            That fact, neeceoo, is NOT refuted by your post….

          • old_blu

            She has never called me anything but nice things, and I have seen what you say to her also. (shame shame on you being a hypocrite)

          • old-blu: Your slip is showing, old man. So, you mean to tell me that Fern Woodford, that foul-mouthed, er, person, is a nice gal because she has never directed her vitriol and filthy mouth at you? And that, because I like to tease her (and she is so dumb that she doesn’t realize it) and enjoy her crazy rants, I am a hypocrite?
            old, my friend, look at yourself in the mirror.
            P.S. – I couldn’t care less about Fern’s crazy rants. I even enjoy them. They really, really are proof that the Democraps are the party of class hatred and just pure hate.

          • old_blu

            Well just like your party that you love you have put words in my mouth, I didn’t say she was nice I said she has said nothing but nice things to me. You say you
            “like to tease her”Who’s to say she is not teaseing you?

          • metrognome3830

            Now that wasn’t funny Ed! If someone said that about you, now that would be funny!

      • neece00

        Those were the days when we could actually get some work out of Washington DC.

    • joevyusi

      You ‘re right man. What could we imagine, they had 8 years creating these mess.

  • msrita

    If Romney gets in office china will call on our debt which is about 18 trillion dollars. We are screwed.

    • Not to be a pain, but just how do you think that will happen? Our debt is held mostly by American institutions, and they’re in the form of securities which pay at a specified time, not demand deposits. You can’t ‘call in a debt’ on a security – you can only discount and sell it. Which means you lose money on it, and now someone else holds the bond. This would be like holding a stock or bond in a company you’re mad at or have lost faith in. You can’t go to that company with your stock certificate and demand they give you money for it, but you CAN divest yourself of it by selling it to someone else. And they will only buy it if they think they’re going to make money on the deal. Which means you’re not.

      I think China holds 11% of our debt. If they were to dump their holdings, the outcome would actually hurt them more than us, and the Chinese are NOT stupid. Given the precarious state of their own economy and political situation, they are not going to move their reserves out of the safest and most stable currency on the planet into something riskier. Why do you think the Fed can offer a NEGATIVE interest rate and still sell T-bills?. Because we’re still the world’s banker.

      Where else are you going to put your reserves? The Euro? The Yen? The Loonie (which actually wouldn’t be a bad idea . . .) The Pound Sterling? No. The Dollar is the safest currency on the planet. period.

  • ObozoMustGo

    Are we better off now than we were 4 years ago? Don’t ask me… ask the Governor of Maryland. O’Malley, in a rare moment of honesty, admits that we are NOT better off. Not even the chief propagandist Axelrod could answer the question directly because he knows that any answer he gives will screw him into a unsolvable sisyphean burden.

    Have a nice day!

    “Romney will win in a landslide” – ObozoMustGo

    • jarheadgene

      Sorry OMG…you credibility has been shrinking with your continued efforts to TROLL this place for Romney. I was watching FOX news last night and they were talking about this question. Leave it to the Romney campaign to once again try to ressurect Reagan, with this question. In the news the Reporter was using a Poll result 28% unsure, 36% Yes, 36% No.
      He framed his answer with, “That tells you, 64% are saying they are not better off…with some of those saying they’re not sure how much they aren’t better off”. NO SPIN ZONE huh? I can also be said that 64% know they are better off, with some ucertainties.

    • joevyusi

      No man, we don’t want the bush policies to be back again. We are still feeling the heat of those bombs and bullets of all those unpaid wars. We don’t want the more sufferings because of government donations to the wealthy individuals and greedy corporations like Bain Capital at the expense of the middle class, seniors and poor Americans. If you want to put yourself into a suicidal situation just do it yourself and don’t ask people with their right minds to go with you.

    • YepThatTell

      The remainder of the reason you may think we’re not better off now, is rarely spoken by you apologists for the GOP. THE GOP has obstructed every attempt to make progress…all in the name of preventing the re-election of a fine President – because he has some black genes. You’re being used, used, OMG.

  • We got to where we are with the help of both parties! The Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 (passed by Rpublican contoled House and Senate, and signed into law by Bill Clinton) deregulated the banks! Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (Bush tried 17 times to regulate more) was founded by Democrats, and forced to loan money to people who couldn’t pay it back, causing the housing bubble! We are in the mess because of both parties! Are we better off today than 4 years ago? NO! Obama’s administration has failed! Continue to stick your head in the sand if you want, but I will vote for what is best for our country!

    • Dmullins84


  • Jerpell

    Of course we are better off because this is a liberal outlet, If everything in our economy were exactly the same but we had a republican president the last four years, the democrats would all be crying how bad things are and how worst things are than they were 4 years ago!
    All I can state are the facts, Poverty has gone to its highest level in the history of this country in the last 4 years and the middle class is earning less than they did in the past 5 years, and this administration is chasing the job creators out of this country! If that’s better off than we were 4 years ago…”So be it”!…..

  • Johntheoldguy

    In 2008, my 401(k) lost almost half its value. Now it’s back.

    In 2008, our economy was losing 750,000 jobs per month. That number got smaller and smaller until March 2009, when the first positive numbers in job growth happened (despite partisan obstructionism).

    In 2008, our auto industry was on the verge of collapse, with the loss of a million jobs. Our economy was at the edge of a second great depression. That did not happen.

    In 2008, our troops were fighting and dying in an ill-advised war that our then President started based on a neoconservative fiction. President Obama, as promised, brought the troops home.

    In 2008, insurance companies could refuse to cover people with “pre-existing conditions” and charge women more for coverage. Under the Affordable Care Act, they can’t do that anymore, and they have to spend premiums on actual care, not executive bonuses.

    In 2008, preventive and screening medical tests had to be paid for out of my pocket until my $5,000 deductible was met. This year, those expenses are covered.

    Sure, things could be better. But they will not get better if we go back to the same failed policies that led us to 2008.

    Am I better off than I was 4 years ago? You bet I am!

  • This article is totally misleading and filled with lies. Anothr socialist democrat spin on the truth.
    They have nothing else to run on and will do anything to dupe the voters in this election.

  • Bottom line, this is an excellent article. Nothing more need be said. the truth speaks for itself.

    • YepThatTell

      Yes, it’s TRUTH that shall set us free. TRUTH is refreshing and gives me HOPE.

  • neece00

    It takes someone who has been living with their head up their ass to not see that we are better off today than we were 4 years ago. Think of George Bush, 4 years ago today!!!

  • carsrus

    This is my 1st and last time on this commie, fetid web site! U send this bile to me and I respond! All of u r FOOLS, Obama, the community agitator, snake oil salesman, forked tongued LIAR will lose in a landslide! WE, the PEOPLE plan to take back our Great Constitutional Republic on November 6,2012, and insure this marist-commie shill NO longer can Destroy US! Anyone on this so called blog are un-American FOOLS if you believe this inept, non-governing stooge can be re-elected! Not only has he DIVIDED this nation by race, creed and financial status, he’s made US the laughing stock of the world’s tyrants and dictators! Iran, a disaster he’s only helped, LAUGH when he says we will sanction them! The wicked Ayatollas just laugh and shke in their boots, not from fear, but at HIM! He has made enemies out of Allies, screws Israel monthly, and returned Churchill’s bust as his 1st Presidentiail action! This regime of 3+ years of “annus horribilis” will come to a hault on November 6,2012, when HOPE and CHANGE will finally arrive! Mr. Obama will be forever banished to “the ash heap of HISTORY”, a total FAILURE!

    • I find it funny that typo-riddled, incoherent screeds like this are supposedly the intelligent response.

      You cannot spell, have no grasp of actual history, and cannot, in my opinion, think.
      As you manage to lie about the site itself in the midst of your rant, I am flagging this putrescent POS as offensive.
      Have a nice day.

      • Edsanjuan

        Daniel: Tsk, tsk, tsk !
        What’s the matter, did “carsrus” statements offend you? Is your skin so thin that you can not take the heat from intelligent people?
        Do you insist on calling Mr. Romney all kinds of names but can not stand it when Mr. Obama’s bluffs are called?
        “Carsrus” is right on; and you, Dan, were almost correct but you unfortunately mixed up your words: You mistakenly said that ” I am flagging this putrescent POS[T] as offensive.”, when the CORRECT words should have been” I am flagging this putrescent (nice to have a dictionary handy, Dan, huh?) The National Memo Forum as offensive.”
        Go ahead, Dan, flag MY post as offensive too !! Goes to prove that you useful idiots can “dish it out” but you can not “take it”. LOL….

        • YepThatTell

          GOP/Tea Party = lies, lies, and more lies, and false, race-baiting attack ads.

          Yet, when they are confronted with TRUTH they cry foul and claim it’s an ‘attack’.

          TRUTH will prevail.

          OBAMA BY A LANDSLIDE 2012.

          • Edsanjuan

            YepThatTell: Wow !! That was a very intelligent and well thought out answer to my post. You must be a man of great substance …. LOL…
            Let me correct you on one thing, though, if as you say, “TRUTH will prevail”, then it’s really:
            ROMNEY/RYAN BY A LANDSLIDE 2012 ….

          • RUKIDENME

            What exactly is the Romney/Ryan plan, besides undo everything Obama has done? Please be specific.

        • I think he was making reference to the obnoxious nature of Carsrus’s postings, which are long on bile and short on substance. I tend to look at comment threads more carefully than the articles to which they respond, as the articles are written by ‘talking heads’, whereas the comments are written by actual people telling yo what they think.

          Posts from the right are characterized by bad spelling, bad grammar, run on sentences, invective, poor reasoning skill, and a visceral outpouring of hate. Generally I can tell at a distance whether a post is written by a Bagro just by looking at the number of capitalized sentence fragments. If you want to be taken more seriously, post less like an angst-ridden 13 year old and more like an adult.

        • RUKIDENME

          Ed San Juan —————————————

          • RUKI: What now? Finish your sentence ! Say whatever (ignorant statement) you have to say!
            Don’t be afraid; I will correct you and set you on the right (oops!) path …

          • RUKIDENME


          • Edsanjuan

            ROOKIE: ————- , CUTE !!
            (… as much content as exists in your brain .. )
            Ha, ha, ha !!

          • RUKIDENME

            ——————–I thought you conservative’s were opposed to homosexuality? If so stop calling me “CUTE!!”————————————–

          • Edsanjuan

            RUKI: Ha, ha !! Funny again ! Don”t worry RUKI, I didn’t mean “cute” you (by a longshot !! LOL …). I know that YOU know it was your asinine ———————————————————– message that was “cute”.
            But, seriously now, why would you, who are all in favor of gays, feel bad when you believe, erroneously, that YOU are being called “CUTE”? I wonder …

          • RUKIDENME

            I could care less what a person’s sexual preference is. The only thing that is important is whether they are a good person. But I sense some hostility.

          • RUKIDENME

            Yes, we r better off.

        • old_blu

          POS (piece of shit) he said it right.

          • Edsanjuan

            old-blu: I don’t think you are a piece of shit (POS). Don’t be so hard on yourself, man …

          • old_blu

            You really don’t know how important it is to me to have your approval, thank you.


      Obama 2012 is what I got out of rant. What exactly is marist? A marist has to do with a religious order…

  • howa4x

    This cyclical and repeats itself every couple of years. The republicans give the wealth of the nation to the upper class and we have a recession because not enough middle class jobs are created. Interest rates were high so borrowing was high. They de regulate and it causes more problems. The airline industry went bust. The republicans create a deficit like Reagan, and the 2 Bush’s. The democrats come in like Clinton and Obama and right the economy. Clinton with a tax hike and Obama with a stimulus. Now the Republicans know how to play this game better than the democrats because the republicans have no morals and lying comes naturally to them. So instead of owning up to the damage they cause they are usually successful in pining it back on the democrats with the help of the 24 hr new media. Not only fox but also CNN which 2 yrs into the recovery announced it was now Obama’s economy, and no expoloration of how we got here. So unemployment numbers are tracked everyday like sports stats. The people sense doom and here come the republicans again with the solution that got us into trouble presented like a new idea. Lets cut taxes for everyone, even though those at the top would recieve maximum benefit and the ones in the middle recieve a pitance. So if a person making a few million got 350,000 dollar tax break, the middle up to 250k got anywhere from 200-5000 break. Also the republicans blame the woes of the economy in regulations. If we only let the banks loose again, or the rich need tax cuts because they are the job creators, or enviornmental regulation is strangling the petrol industry, or we need to loosen up OSHA, or lets get rid of affirmative action, or head start and everything will be ok. They blame the poor for causing the problem and couch it in racial overtones . It’s never the 1% who exported 2.9 million jobs out of the country during the Bush tax cut. Or the fact that the eastern states are suing the midwest and south’s coal industry because of polution that is affecting the health of the population especially the children. Another favorite target to get the Red states blood to boil is abortion and the womens rights movement. How dare these women terminate the life of the unborn(even though we don’t care about them after birth) or its free sex that is eroding the moral fabric of the country. Just listen to Romney, this is his mantra
    So are we finally going to break this? Will the middle class ever wake up and realize that there interests don’t align wiht the 1%? Will they for once protect their children from enviornmental problems? Will women get angry at the loss of rights they will have?

    November will tell the tale!

  • The sophmoric response that Bush/Cheney has not been in offce since 2008 is no excuse to explaain away that what they did has no bearing on what Republicans and the Tea Party think President Obama is not doing. Despite the resistance from the right, far-right, and those of the left and middle-left of his own party, President Obama has done a great job in preventing the collapse of the American economy, has restore more jobs, reformed health care, and has done more to shore up the middle class even under intense persecution. The American economy is slowly healing from the hit that Bush/Cheney dealt to it from their eight years of treasonous destruction of America, and we are far better off than we would have been had we not elected someone like President Obama to keep America from sinking. A vote for Romney/Ryan would be a contination of the destructive, treasonous, war profiteering policies of the Bush/Cheney administration. Nobody in the world wants to see another war such as the one brewing between Israel/Iran. Diplomacy should be used in preventing that destruction. Another huge conflict such as the ones during Bush?Cheney and the profiteering resulting from them would send the world in a deeper depression than it isd in already, and nothing short of a global revolution would restructure the ecomomies of nations. Who wants that? A vote for President Obama would result in peace, diplomacy, and growth in national, international, and global economies. We should allow “our” President to finish his job. President Obama is our president and the leader of the free world— THE FREE WORLD.

  • beaureguard3

    THE FIRST STEPS OF THE RICH TAKE OVER 1982 (Beau) James Gosney

    President Reagan was bad enough as the governor of California. Now he and his administration has started on a quest to end our democracy and re-establish another fascist controlled government. Politicians, bought and paid for came up with a plan. The year 1887, the aristocratic privileged, the fascist rich, decided it would transform itself into a system of power, they would call democratic, as the need for laborer increased. “We’ll be parental in actions and allow the public to rely on our generosity, curb their free spirit and rule through popular sovereignty”, was their plan. Now they established administrative offices for their parental care while in-fact it was a means of control. Persuade the ignorant public to listen to our wants, on their behalf, and repeat consistently until they believe. We must prepare our party members as the tools of government. A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. We must prepare our party members as the tools of government. So this is the form of government that has prevailed into our Republican Party from 1887, the first depression brought on by ten years of austerity and the greedy rich wanting more. Again in 1920, 1980. We live it again in their attempt to keep us in servitude. As long as we stay docile and acquiescent in political history we will stay in servitude to our masters.

  • G-D help us all if the Romney/Ryan ticket wins the election!!! We have to get out there and spread Obama’s intelligence, wisdom , honesty and a healthier future for all Americans – keeping Medicare in place.! Our President probably dealt with the worst Republican Congress in our history. They are blaming Obama for our economic woes, but haven’t they voted down almost all of his endeavors to improve our economy ? It’s so easy to blame Obama instead of looking at their own sabotaging voting records!

  • Melvin Chatman

    Actually, “W” was the Face, Cheney was the President – that’s why he won’t shut up and go away!

  • ste

    I belive that we are not better off today then 4 years ago, we are worst off! Obama has make
    welfare so easy to get and 24 million unemployed SINCE 2009 and counting If only the
    Goverment give the RIGHT PERCENTIVE of ALL people who has been lay off since 2009
    it would be around 14% unemployed instead of sayind 8.3%. WE NEED A CHANGE IN CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT.

    • Sand_Cat

      Yeah, so let’s vote in Romney and Ryan to give that shakey structure the final push into disaster!

  • One would have to have lived in a cave without any media contact to think that compared with the debacle of the country in 2008, that there hasn’t been vast improvement. This despite the obstruction practiced by the Republicans who would rather harm the nation than to see the president succeed. Have we had enough?

  • ste

    I am not a Dem. or Republic. so let get this stright right now I am Inderpended I have a Comp., TV, and Cable and I listing, read the fact of life of today World! I do not like what I see on TV and paper! We need a change in Congress Both the House and Senate and The President and it well not be control with just ONE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!

  • You guys must be on crack. We have a $16 TRILLION debt, there’s more people on food stamps now, we are STILL losing homes and jobs, we have lost more freedoms than we can count and you guys think we are better off? Time to make that popping sound and pull your heads out of your asses. BO has been caught in so many lies that it is inconceivable to me that you kool-aid drinkers are still mesmerized by him.

    Have any of you done your research? Hate to bust your bama bubble, but we are headed over the fiscal cliff because of his socialist policies that DON’T work. Oh, wait…I get it. You all must be getting government checks!

    And by the way, because of your messiah’s obamacare mandate, healthcare has already begun to be rationed. I personally know of several people who have gotten letters from their healthcare providers that doctor visits can only happen twice per month now. Oh how wonderful that will be when you need to see a doctor, but you’ve already used up your monthly allotment of visits. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks.

    • Sand_Cat

      Healthcare was rationed before. And you’re the one who’s the irrational religious cultist, not those who recognize that Obama – though very far from perfect – is inconceiveably superior to any of the idiots you repugnants even thought about.

      You’re the bubble-brain, Betta; go build a nest and stop trolling where rational people post.

  • I have seen no greater traitors to what America stands for than the right-wing extremist RethugLIARcons. They continually propagandize their lies and there are many gullible, igonorant and brained-washed individuals who will believe these lies. Despite the ultra secretiveness of Robot Romney revealing anything to American people about himself and his economic plans for America, you have hardened racists who have sold their souls to the devil to vote that blackie Obama out of office because they hate him so. They may get exactly what they’re asking for and I will laugh at them, in a year or two, after this country sinks into the worst Depression ever. They think crime is bad now. So many people will become so desperate to feed themselves and their families that robberies, thefts and murders will reach levels never seen before in the history of this gun-crazy country. No one will feel safe stepping outside their homes. When you push poor people in a corner where they are not left with an ounce of hope then hopelessness and desperation sets in. They start doing things that they otherwise would never do. RethugLIARcons prefer spending millions upon millions to house criminals instead of maintaining those economic safety nets that would prevent so many from being homeless and destitute in the first place. I wish the RethugLIARcons would stop lying and saying that Social Security and Medicare are “entitlements.” I’ve worked over thirty years and contributed to the system. It’s not a freebie to me. It’s what I’ve worked for all my life.

  • worldrevise

    We must continue the straight path of correcting the long time building of a crisis that is now showing great improvement on the sholders of a good President, “who went in to the white house with rolled up sleeves and began to challenge the brutal housing conditison, job losses:, leaving many without pay such as myself. President Obama made way for me to continue receiving unemployment to continue on in my life needs. Many of the unemployed
    do not remember this. I do” and at this time I am trying to build my own business one dime at
    a time and I am succeeding. People we need to help! not just complain about our President did
    and did not dos. Seniors like myself need to awaken from your sleep. It is your loss of medicare and medication. in the year 2008 and 2009 I can remember when I could not afford medication, so I rationed it. now my medication is affordable for me. People you must think, and thing again where we are going. if the president does not continue his mission and we are turned around facing this crisis. Is their any view of surity or will we just be in the greatest
    crisis even known; bound to the war of our country for food, shelter and sickness. I know the President has done a good job in the little time he has had to do it.

  • 4 years ago we were neck-deep in two wars. Obama brought all our troops home from one and sent SEALs to kill our worst enemy in the other. 180,000 soldiers were in harm’s way…that number is now less than half and continuing to drop.

    As an added cherry, we toppled Muammar Gaddafi…after Bin Laden the worst terrorist enemy America has known…without losing a single American servicemember in the process.

    Terrorism is statistically on the decline worldwide thanks to Obama’s policies of targeting terrorist leaders where they reside (Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Philippines)…not hoping they are ‘lured’ to fight us in Iraq and deferring to local dictators as was the policy during the Bush administration.

    The scourge of piracy has as well declined as aggressive Coalition policies on both land and sea has reduced their capabilities. To include several daring rescues of hostages by US forces.

    Israeli-US security cooperation has never been on better footing. To include Obama-approved support for ‘Iron Dome’ which is successfully protecting Israeli communities from terrorist bombardment.

    Iran and North Korea face biting sanctions and increased isolation as they watch their old allies either crumble (Syria) or turn away (Myanmar.)

  • CooofNJ

    All I know is that 4 years ago I was terrified. Absolutely, abjectly terrified. My husband and I were approaching retirement, having done everything right, worked hard, saved our money, paid our bills, etc., and we were looking at losing it all, with no time to make it up, due to the incredible incompetance of our government. Two unfunded wars, a huge new unfunded entitlement program (Medicare part D), and a massive tax break had literally broken the bank. My guts were clenched 24 hours a day.

    Four years later we are stable, our investments mostly came back (not entirely but enough), we have been able to continue to work, the healthcare bill will allow me to get insurance, we are getting out of two wars, have not managed to get into another one, and appear to have a grown up in charge. I don’t agree with everything Mr. Obama has done or has proposed to do, but jeez! This question is simply a no-brainer to answer. The answer is YES!

  • Bob Williams

    You’re damned right we are better off now. We have 99 weeks of unemployment insurance, and then we can jump right into Disability Insurance payments. We have WIC, food stamps, housing assistance, and much more to keep our lives comfortable while we ride the Gravy Train.

    Jobs? We don’t need no steenkin’ jobs! All aboard!!!


      O Yeah “the Gravy Train”? R u serious? Where is outrage over corporate welfare; GE being subsidized by taxpayers in the Billions of dollars.

      • Bob Williams

        Lets see – GE is being subsidized by the taxpayers. But who is running GE?

        Why, it’s none other than Obama’s BFF Jeffrey Immelt, who Obama brought in to his administration on the Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

        Imagine that! And how is that Economic Recovery going? You’re right – it totally sucks. But not to BFF Jeff. He’s riding high – thanks to Obama.

        • Bob: Oooops! An inconvenient fact for RUKIDENME !
          These guys are sooo used to accepting the lies that Owebama/Biden/Pelosi/Reid tell them ….
          Their brains can only assimilate: “Romney, BAD”, “Owebama GOOD” !!
          Poor airheads !!

    • YepThatTell

      You need to get our of your air-conditioned room and ask a REAL person on welfare how much they’re enjoying living off that “Gravy Train”.



    When Obama took office the DJ Average was near 7,000. Today the DJ Average bounces around 13,000, so what are the old, rich, white American Taliban Republicans bitching about?

  • We are sure Better off than we were during fall 2008. Republicans in general and those in the congress in particular did everything they can to obstruct the route to an improved economy. We are still better off despite of their complete obstruction. They did not hide it, their Minority leader Mitch M in the Senate said it loud : “Our goal is to deny President Obama a 2nd term”. Their other talk show leader (Rush Limbaugh) also said it “I wish Obama fail). They object any measure proposed by President Obama knowing that if the economy improved drastically, they can “kiss good bye” the white house in 2012. I got news for them, the american people understood their game: They will not win the presidential election in november, and worst, they will loose their majority in the House of Representative. These Republicans do not think Country, they only think Power and More money for the 1%.



    Wondering if Mittens knows the difference between the times when prayer is the answer compared with the times to smack someone across the head with a two by four?

    If he doesn’t, the White House is not a good place for him.

  • Yes. We are recovering. But it’s a slow recovery from the third degree burn inflicted by the
    Bush league. A burn takes a long time to heal – this was not a paper cut, and it may be another decade or more before employment and property values are back to where they were before GWB started his destructive rampage.

    During that time the rich, like Mitt Romney, were getting richer, profiting from firing US workers and hiring cheap Asian labor, then stashing their loot in offshore bank accounts, where it could not be touched by the IRS. Of course, Romney doesn’t want to reveal his income taxes. The thought of having this traitor as president makes me want to throw up.

  • Don

    Yes, I think we are better off than four years ago, and now many want Romneyhood to come in and continue the old Bushness policies and now adding lies and more lies for the American people to deal with. I just don’t want the Republican Elephants to get in with their largeese and taking money from the poor to give to the rich. They also want us to contribute to the REPUB party with our cash. Why does Willard Mitt put up some his own cash to pay for the party?

  • We are sure Better off than we were during fall 2008. Republicans in general and those in the congress in particular did everything they can to obstruct the route to an improved economy. We are still better off despite of their complete obstruction. They did not hide it, their Minority leader Mitch M in the Senate said it loud : “Our goal is to deny President Obama a 2nd term”. Their other talk show leader (Rush Limbaugh) also said it “I wish Obama fail). They object any measure proposed by President Obama knowing that if the economy improved drastically, they can “kiss good bye” the white house in 2012. I got news for them, the american people understood their game: They will not win the presidential election in november, and worst, they will loose their majority in the House of Representative. These Republicans do not think Country, they only think Power and More money for the 1%.

    • JLP

      Tell my shrinking paycheck we’re better off….
      Tell me while I’m standing at the gas pump paying $4.00 a gallon I’m better off.
      I haven’t had a raise in 4 years, yet the cost of living has risen, am I better off????
      You’re delusional

  • You are all forgetting that Obama is a muslim! He too, is a liar with a socialist agenda! if we are going to be in any kind of trouble, economically or socially, I want to do it with Americans, NOT Sharia law, not corruption of our constitution, and certainly not with a man who wont even salute our flag! You can go on all you want about how much Obama has done in spite of George Bushs failures and flaws, but it is the support of the muslim brotherhood and his socialist agenda that is foremost in my mind!
    Obama is a politician, just like the rest of them,,he lies, he manipulates, and he thinks he is the king of this nation with his covert bills, his unauthorized bailouts and amnesty programs. Go ahead , keep your Obama just because he is a democrat, but you will see one day that you do not like living under his totally government controlled, we built this, here is your welfare check, now shaddup,and death panels! Are you all dumb or what?

  • May I suggest to Pres. Obama – Please choose Hillary Clinton as your vice-president. I believe that with Hillary as vice-president there could be a great change for the better in our country in the next four years. I truly believe that with the Obamas and the Clintons leading our country could bring our country back from this abyss we find ourselves in today. Biden is a good man, however, he does not have the experience to compare with Hillary . Surely, he would agree to accepting another political position in which he is capable of making a difference to the well-being of citizens of America also.

    This suggestion comes from a retired school teacher and, who, is just one of the millions of middle-class citizens of this country that has great concerns about the State of our Union.

  • nomaster

    Four years ago I was looking at a drastically depreciating retirement and a destablized market and now I am able to look toward retirement and a little light at the end of the tunnel.

  • If you can’t remember what was going on 4 years ago you must be on drugs or a republican t-party idiot!

  • May I suggest to Pres. Obama -Please choose Hillary Clinton as your vice-president, I believe that with Hillary as vice-president there could be a great change for the better in our country in the next four years. I truly believe that with the Obamas and the Clintons leading our country it could bring our country back from this abyss we find ourselves in today. Biden is a good man, however, he does not have the experience to compare with Hillary. Surely,he would agree to accepting another political position in which he too is capable of making a difference to the well-being of the citizens of America also.

    This suggestion comes from a retired school teacher, who, is just one the millions of middle-class citizens of this country that has great concerns about the State of our Union.

    • JLP

      Hillary won’t do it.

  • “Romney understands the middle class” The man paid $3 MILLION in taxes in 2010. I want to try what ever it is your smoking, or your job.


    Regina M What is wrong with you. You had better stop drinking the GOP kool aid and watching FOX news. Why all this hate and misinformation. You need to read more, so you can have a better understanding of who the enemy really is. And that’s the people who can buy and have what ever they want, but they want to make sure that you can”t and if you can they will take it from you. (pension, home, 401k, outsource your job, Medical coverage, Medicare,Medicaid, social security, your savings, affordable education for your child, the list goes on)

    • Edsanjuan

      IAMSICKOFIT: Good ol’ class hatred, class warfare, “hate the rich” and “whine-instead-of-bettering-your-marketability” philosophy, HUH ??

  • JLP

    Obama didn’t do his job, when you hire someone to do a job, you except them to do it, if they can’t handle the job, you fire them…
    He had 4 years to get it done. Stop blaming everyone else.
    He didn’t do what he promised.
    We owe it to our country to look at both of these candidates, listen to both.
    Please do not vote for Obama because he’s half black or half white. If you believe he is on the right track, vote him back in, if you don’t then vote Romney.

    • neece00

      I will be voting for Barack Obama because I do think he is on the right track. The color of his skin has nothing to do with it.

      • JLP

        And you have the right to vote for whomever you wish, as long as you believe he’s doing his job, you should vote for him.
        I do not believe he has done his job, do I think Mitt can do it any better?!? Fact is, I don’t know, all I know is Obama hasn’t.

        • Sand_Cat

          So you’ll vote in someone who sees “his job” as assuring that he and his cronies pay even less of their share and skyrocket the debt he’s supposedly so concerned about to do it. Better a do-nothing than a lunatic.

  • Are we better off now than we were 4 years ago? Condisering the fact that Cheny and bush are both gone how can one not believe they are better off from even further destruction of our nation that these two thugs subjected it to for 8 years (excluding the very wealthy who benfited from their years on office)

  • ObozoMustGo


    National Debt Hits $16 TRILLION on Opening Night of DemoncRATic Convention

    Congratulations Mr. Obozo!!!! You are succeeding at fundamentally transforming America……………….. into the world’s next bankrupt nation and laughing stock of the world!!!! Way to go!!! Nice accomplishment to speak about at the convention….. NOT!!!

    What timing????? Obozo the messiah must have coordinated this intentionally. After all, he did stop the seas from rising and healed the planet, didn’t he?

    [click images to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “We have elected some very intelligent people to administer our government… ..WHY do they (all elected government officials at all levels; National, State, & Local) not understand that we cannot continue to SPEND more than we take in indefinitely without end … … .????? Have we all gone nuts????… ..Eventually, income MUST equal or exceed spending; it’s just plain common sense, not rocket science… … !!!” – Anonymous

    • Sand_Cat

      The stupidity (yours and your Mitt-wit friends) is just too overwhelming to cope with.

      • Edsanjuan

        Sand_Cat: No, Sand, it’s YOUR stupidity, son, that is showing by, instead of addressing (hey, and even attacking !) ObozoMustGo arguments you only come up with: ” The stupidity is just too overwhelming to cope with.”
        Is THAT all you can come up with, Sand Kitten?
        Did you really meant to say that Obozo’s logic and “smarts” are OBVIOUS and THAT’S why, to you, a simple-minded guy, ” … too overwhelming to cope with..” ??

  • byron white

    You far right wingnut republicans are such freakin’ liars and you are self delusional. You don’t even like Romney. You ony lukewarmly acceptd him because he was the best out of the bunch of sorry losers vying for the nomination. For those of you who think he will win in landslide, please, please put your crack pipe down for a minuet. The poles still show it close. Romney did not even get a convention bounce. And if you think any 4 year period with Bush & Cheney are better than the last 4, I beg you, put your crack pipe down!!!

  • Don’t forget he would bail out Wallstreet while leaving mainstreet to fend for themselves

    And instead of trying to assist homeowners his plan was for “foreclosures to happen en masse and to let investors buy these homes and then rent them to the previous owner”. Sounds like a plan for his buddies to profit off the backs of hurting homeowners to me. Sounds like the plan of a businessman looking for profits over people.

  • Yes, as a Nation…we are better off. Despite what Republicans say to this question!
    Let’s re-elect President Obama and with his (4) years of experience as President, the next (4) years will bring this Great Country back again to it Greatness for all.
    Obama is looking at the whole picture….unlike the GOP….whom are just figuring things for the the Millionaires and Billionaires……….and for the rest of the Country that thinks they are Republican!

  • I remember when this was used by Reagan, who, IMHO, is responsible for starting the trickle down and the disintegration experienced by our nation. Well, Ronnie is dead…..and George and his cronies own all of this. The fact that Ryan continues to lie is because no one has caused him to lose his temper by calling him a liar to his face. Let’s not forget that this bonehead had two people kicked our of a town hall meeting in his district because he did not like the questions they asked. As for the article itself…spot on…this is Bush’s legacy in history, like it or not….he was the puppet by which the wealthy regained control of their unlimited largess that had been lost under Clinton who, by the way, left us with a budget surplus. No one wants to talk about that because they are either blind or just plain stupid like Mr. Williams below. They just bash without supporting information, and the bashing is really a disguise for their racism. I hope with all of my heart that the President is re-elected and that his successor is a woman…because we are long overdue for some quality female leadership here.

    • Edsanjuan

      John: Your slip is showing ! At the end of your very frail post, after having claimed that Reagan and his conservative policies (and, of course, NOT Obama and his socialistic policies and class hatred based theories) are to blame for ” … the disintegration [sic] experienced by our nation.”, you follow up and close with this empty and asinine statement:
      “… and that his successor is a woman…because we are long overdue for some quality female leadership here.”
      You see John, you liberals are so shallow and your brains are so used to “cute” slogans, platitudes and symbolic gestures with no real meaning or worth like this one. Merit notwithstanding, you were ecstatic because we had “our first black president”; and now, after the train wreck that an Obama 2nd term would leave in its wake (even worse than the one at the end of his first, and ONLY, term), you inanely state that “we are long overdue” to have a woman president.
      Well, John, following your liberal care-free and “sloganized” mind, I think that “it is TIME” and “we are long overdue” for the election of our very first Native American president, our very first Oriental president, and our very first gay president !!
      Wouldn’t you say?

  • I find it amusing that the political right (?) is only concerned with deficits when there is a Democrat in office. Do not any of you remember the statement by Cheney, who said that it was Reagan who “taught us that deficits don’t matter”? Considering that Reagan TRIPLED the National Debt, and that “W” more than doubled it, Obama has quite a long way to go in order to catch up to them.

  • VRaso

    Mr. Bush….. the reason our economy is what it is today is your fault. We kept asking if our country was in a recession and you kept denying that it was, until the last minute, at the end of your term, you admitted that WE WERE IN A RECESSION. You passed all this to President Obama and now you or your party cannot face it and take responsibility. I will vote for my President obama and hope that this country faces what the republicans are about and who has put our country in this mess. IT HAS NOT BEEN PRESIDENT OBAMA. Republicans, be honest enough to face it and quit making excuses and passing the blame to others.

  • montanabill

    Only people suffering from amnesia or masochists will hesitate in answering this question. Four years ago, an insufferable braggart stood before the American people and proclaimed that he could fix the housing and economic crisis that Barney Frank and the Democrat controlled Congress of 2006-2008 had created. If only we would give him a trillion dollars of borrowed money, he would lower unemployment and get the economy moving again. He would bail out the UAW because if GM went bankrupt, union contracts would have to be renegotiated to give GM a chance. He also made Chrysler an even better buy for Cerberus, Fiat and/or Daimler. A $4 billion sweetener. He would close Gitmo and try terrorists (sorry, man causing disaster specialists) in downtown NYC. He would end a war that was already ending in Iraq and he would put his fabulous, Nobel Prize winning peace talents to work on Afghanistan.
    As it did work out, after the 4th request, he over rode Valerie Jarrett and decided to let the Seals get Obsama bin Laden. Oh joy, he’s a hero!
    He brought back the dream of a better future, because every day the future is getting bleaker and it forces people to only dream.
    Today our economy is inching toward recovery, because business has high hopes this amateur will be defeated and they will again be able to grow and create jobs without fear of some bureaucrat creating an ever new regulation or facing more new taxes for being successful.
    This marvelous man and his friends also created the dream of Democrats since Hillary Clinton, a really screwed up health care system. Rejoice, it makes previous government intrusions look like amateur hours. Now, government can really tax the middle class without looking like they are doing it. They can drive up the costs for everyone so that a chosen few can afford to get insurance instead of free care. For those that really wanted to take care of themselves, a hearty, “You can’t do that!”
    In spite of all the hope for a better future the Republicans are spreading, there is hope on the left, that all this destruction of American values and economy will continue for another four years, thanks to the vision, golfing days, dishonesty and leadership of President Obama.

    • Sand_Cat

      Miss your meds for a few weeks? You obviously missed reality a long, long time ago.

  • chisolm

    In 2008, Obama told GM workers that if he was elected the Janesville, WI would be re-tooled and be around for a century. The plant quit making SUV and laid off all but 57 manufacturing workers in Dec. 08. The remaining 57 workers manufactured vehicles for ISUZU until spring of 09 after President Obama was in office. Ryan is correct!!


      Did u read your post.

  • onedonewong

    Only the fringe left wing nuts cold try and spin this question. Unemployment when W left office 5.6% now 15%, deficit was 4200B for the 2008 fiscal year under barak $10 trillion in new debt so that every new born now faces a debt load of $150,000.
    Record causalities in Afghanistan and Iraq every year he’s been president thanks to his rules of endgame that places more value on moooslim lives then our troops.
    his taxpayer bail out of GM has them producing 7 out of every 10vehicles in countries other than the US and netting NO new jobs in this country.
    every so called “green job” that was created cost $350,000 and the list goes on and on

  • onedonewong

    Ohh I forgot barak is the messiah and no one is allowed to tell the truth. I’m sure Holder watches this blog and will soon arrest all dissenters

    • Sand_Cat

      Obviously you are the anti-rational cultist here, with a generous helping of racism and your native stupidity showing through. Barak Obama’s education obviously left yours in the dust ages ago, and you’re too ignorant to realize he’s trying to help people like you actually get one.

      • onedonewong

        Sorry Barak has a quota degree which translates to a GED for those who go to school on thier merit. i don’t want an amature GED that he revels over

  • onedonewong

    an incompetent quota educated black

  • onedonewong

    Its a term of endearment, lovingly used to show that they are still learning to be Americans

  • chisolm

    Liberal hacks were all over the Sunday shows trying to answer the simple question; “are you better off than you were four years ago?” $16 trillion in debt, record deficits, no budgets during this adiminstration’s 4 years, 8.3% unemployment, 15% if you count everybody not working, millions going on disability but not included in unemployment numbers, millions still underwater on their home mortgages, seniors savings decimated, $4 per gallon for gas, drastic increase in food prices, crony green energy capitalism, etc…… If you are better off today than you were 4 years ago, it could only be because you are in the taker rather than the giver category. OOPs!!! Not to worry, by this morning all the liberal hacks had the answer; It was Bush’s fault.

  • Former President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense
    Donald Rumsfeld never learned the difference between a “A War Of Necessity and a War
    Of Choice”

    Thousands of people died due to their shortsightedness.

  • LIES LIES LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sand_Cat

      You’re right: those Repugs really have a talent for it, don’t they?

  • ellen_h

    CNN gave us this is a quote from Paul Ryan over the weekend.

    “You see the president has no record to run on. In fact, every president since the Great Depression who asked Americans to send them into a second term could say that you are better off today than you were four years ago, except for Jimmy Carter and for President Barack Obama,” said Ryan.

    Nothing could be further from the truth, but this man is a blatant, outright liar so that’s his excuse. What possible excuse is there for the American people to stand for these liars, let alone vote for them? George Bush and his pals didn’t leave us better off, the only people better off after him were “the haves”, the ones he calls “his base”. The other 99% of us have been dealing with the fallout and devastation ever since and there is no quick way to fix what he broke. Given the fantastic job Bill Clinton did with the economy and what he handed over, Bush had no excuse, it was calculated and deliberate. Ryan wants us to ignore what Bush did and maybe 1% of the population can, but what excuse do the other 99% of us have?

    Are we that ignorant or gullible, that we would go back to handing over everything we have to the wealthy on a plate. Why would the rest of us be fooled?

  • That’s the short answer. Yes, we are. Four years ago we were staring two indefinate occupations of foreign countries in the face, and watching politicians strut like peacocks about how they were going to start a third war. Now that’s off the table unless something disastrous happens, and one of the two occupations has largely wound down.

  • excavatoreddie

    Stop avoiding the question. We’re worse off than we were four years ago. Obama is the worst president in the history of the U.S.

    • Sand_Cat

      Yeah, go ahead and keep reciting that crap. Any original ideas? I thought not!

  • I agree with you Dominick and it is so true that Americans have forgotten what had happen I believe that are President is headed down the right path. But there is still alot to get done. I do not believe that Mitt Romney is that one. I strongly believe that Romney is not for all American he is only for the selected few. He has proven that when he will not release his past tax records or any of monies that he has away in the Caymens Islands. That is not a leader. Also, we are now being respected through all foreign countries. Our economy was bed before Obama became President and it was Bush who put us there and we are starting to recover.

  • Bullcrap…….thnx to Obama gas prices are up…employment is down…investing in two green enviromental companies flopped bad…. we now owe China alot of money and more important the country debt has inceased more…So are we better off now then 4 years ago ….HELL NO.. But just like the butt headed Dems to be playing the fiddle while america burns…if this keeps happening we risk becoming like the countries of Europe going into bankrupt

    • Sand_Cat

      Wow, the Bush decision to exempt the wealthy from taxation of course has nothing to do with owing China money, now does it? What a moron you and your fellow repugnants are!


      SS exactly what does President Obama or any President have to do with the price of Gas? And before you give a dim witted answer, the US is producing more oil now than anytime in history. The greedy oil companies are exporting more US oil than ever. Why, they make more money selling it to China.

  • The Republicans drove the bus off a cliff. When Obama took the wheel, it was tumbling down a mountain. It took him a while to find the parts, reassemble the bus, and get it back on the road. No; we’re not where we’d like to be. But it certainly isn’t Obama’s fault.

  • You have got to be kidding me right ? Massive Unemploynent and that is using the U3 method to caklculate thiose numbers . 23 million unemployed , 1 in 3 Americans recieving entitlements over 2 million fewer Americans working , gas prices in Chicago $5 / gal ..Yeah try to sell how we are better off . Better yet lets see Obama run on that epic record of failure .You know he cant so he will try to run on dividing this Nation . The demise of America and the dividing of a Nation are his signature accomplishments

  • Thanks for the article. Yes, we are better off than we were four years ago. Obama cooperated with other leaders in the critical 2009 – 2010 period to stave off a financial collapse. There were massive stimulous program like the “cash for clunkers” programs which kept the automotive industry alive and contributing in that critical period.
    The worst is over. There is a “bad paper” overhang left over from deficit financing of two disastrous wars that is still being eaten. Americans should not forget that much of the Mediterranean nation crisis is due to their government parallel public banks, and private banks having succumbed to buying too many “credit derivate swap”, and “collateral rent” papers issued by Wall Street and London. The PIIIGS – Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Greece and Spain.

    Europe has a good solid, sustainability sector in solar voltaic, solar heat, concentrated solar, wind, urban waste p.g., a startingagrarain waste p.g., heat recapture, long distance in building CHP, and excellent rail, public transport systems, and a broad synergy of other technologies which are systematically cutting consumption of fossil fuels while increasing performance.
    Iceland, for example, is again attracting industry and jobs with a build out in both wind and readilly availablegeo-thermal power generation. Ireland is building out wind and agrarian bio-waste p.g..
    The greater the build out of these syneregetic sustainability technologies, the faster the shift away from fossil fuels, and the lower the cost of purchasing fossil fuels. 80% of clean tech costs are up front costs- with 20% in maintenance costs over the 20 year amortization period. (still cheaper than burning coal, oil, or nat gas over the long run.)

    Germany is in fairly good shape today, because since reunification in 1992, it has managed to slash fossil fuel consumption by 50% in only 20 years. Its average per capita fossil fuel consumption rate is already 50% less than the U.S., and in some areas, like Munich, it is only 30% of the U.S. rate – and there is a correlation of Munich´s low unemployment rate of less than 3% for 2012 with its growth in the area of “sustainability technologies” and lowered f.f. consumption rates. Sustainability is a “self financing runner” after a certain point. That is because money saved on fossil fuel purchases partically flows back into purchasing more fossil fuel saving technologies.
    in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

    (And it is great export item.)

    Now, there is another program currently being discussed in Contiental Europe to stimulate the further build out of sustainability and to create a lasting, sustainable recovery based on that.
    The program is called “E- TALLY” Eco – Tax As Liquid Leveraged Equity.

    E-TALLY works like this. Countries like Germany already have a 5% eco tax on fossil fuel based energy. E-TLALLY would have participating countries all institute a 6% eco-tax (with Germany raising its eco-tax by percent.) Then, a full 25% of the eco-tax incomes. (10.000 billion Euroes in Germany´s case) would be split three ways, and distributed to the federal, regional, and city level parallel public banks. Then, the banks would take that tax, and use it as equity, for leveraging on a 1 to 10 basis. (In Germany´s case- leveraged 10 billion means 100.000 billion, p.a.) Then, the banks make less than1% interest targeted “sustainability loans” to foward finance.

    1. The production set up.
    2. The production
    3. the installation
    4. the maintainance

    of a broad synergy of sustainability measures that boost the cuts in fossil fuel consumption, i.e. self amortizing- to at least 5% cuts per annum.

    This is not only non-deficit, the E-Tally program in Germany will return 4 Eures in other taxes to the three levels of government for every Euro put into the program. i.e. – in terms of 19% V.A.T. on the net price of the installation, income taxes, and corporate taxes- about 40% of the leveraged eco tax going into the massive build out. (For a 100.000 billion Euro p.a. program, stimulated by a 10 billion ‘euro leveraged eco tax- it will pay back 40 billion back in other taxes.) (And knocks unemployment across the country to less than 2.5% cutting social costs.)

    And what will Germany get for it the program over the 13 year period between 2013 and 2025?
    1. increased build out of efficient urban transportation- more subway lines being projected and completed, more light rail, brake energy recycling streetcar systems, 3. more energy efficient common rail bus lines taking more commuter traffic out of cars and into public transport.
    2. further build out of high speed rail lines which take traffic off the autobahns and away from domestic air travel. (The ICE cracks at 180 m.p.h.)
    3: further build out of Solar voltaic- to 55.000 GWh maximumfeed in tariff. Then continued build out with lowered costs at grid parity – to 60.000 GWh by 2025.
    4. Completed build out of sewage sludge methane recapture driving urban waste incineration for long distance heat hot water, power – (completed-15.000 GWh by 20259
    5. Conversion of coal fired power plants to L.E.W.D. Low Energy Water Disassociation- A:C.E. aqueous combustion enhanced- natural gas “GaS gas and steam” p.g. (those that are hooked up to expaning long idstance heat hot water systems.
    &. Replacing oil heat furnaces with L:E:W:D: ; A.C.E, /nat gas driven ICE hybrid-internal combustion engine -driving generators- Stirling motors driving generators – with heat recapture- SMART grid coordinated. (In all public buildings- universities, schools, hospitals, office buildings, etc) and tax break subdsided installaiton in prviate buildings with low forward financing.
    (5 million units by 2025 – 250.000. Gigawatt hours.
    6. Build out of agrarian methane recapture- ´septic tánk-manure methane recapture- on fuel cells – stirling driving generatos- for power-heat-hot water -to all 200.000 remaining operative farms. Power output average per farm 150 KWh- 30.000 gigawatt hour p.g.
    7. lower forward financing of the Desertec build out in North Africa ( i.e. concentrated solar power, 15.000 – big 5 GWH wind turbines on constant wind Atlatic coastline- and HVDC lines through spain and france… (joint German French undertaking headed by Munich Re-Insurance) 80.000 GWH to Germany.

    plus the shift in road transportation to aqueous aided hybrid drive systems.

    A European wide TALLY program will also apply to the PIIGS and they will recover. Greece happens to be sitting on at least 7.5 billion barrels of conventional and tight oil shale resrves which will also be opened to help pull it out of its debt situation-while installing wind, solar, and deep geothermal- letting the small country export 30.000 GWh of power every day to the rest of Europe via HVDC grids- keeping its economy in shape.

    E-TALLY means beyond shock doctrine, voodoo economics.

    All the best this year in keeping Obama-Biden in. I voted absenttee already.
    5. (addtional carbon capture – breakdown systems on gas fired-GAS systems and

  • smittyray

    One has to be totally stupid to not realize that we now have the worst president ever. One who only knows how to blame others, lie about others, spend our money like he gives a shit, take multiple vacations on our money, oh yeh-and play golf on our money more than spend time in meetings to end the ridiculous unemployment. And on top of that, he has the dumbest vice president ever, and he also has palosi and reid to be his puppets to all of us. They need to be voted out.

  • wow…who drank the koolaid?…

  • Hell yes, despite a recalcitrant Republican attempt to deny President ANY support for anything, even to the point of taking down the whole country.

  • If you Liberals insist on “still” blaming George Bush, after 4 long years, and 2 of his last years with FULL Democrat control in Congress and the subprime loan fiasco, plus Obama’s first 2 years with “complete” control of ALL of Government, you will never solve the serious mess we are all in. If you insist on playing politics, Party over suffering Americans, disasterous failed policies under Obama and full Democrat control, this will never end. Admit that Obama’s policies and direction are wrong for us all and we need new leadership.

  • 13observer

    I was prompted to answer a question when opening this page that ask if I wanted the President and Mitt Romney to do something about gun violence……however, I saw no question asking if the president should enforce our immigration laws! I guess we shouldn’t even consider modifying gun laws (a Second Amendment RIGHT) if we are not going to enforce our immigration laws!!!!!! Otherwise this administration would be acting on a “double standard” pricipal….but what’s new?


      Only the facts, President Obama has; 1-deported more illegals than any other President; 2-he has increased the size of the Border Patrol more than any other President; 3-deporting more felons.

  • 13observer

    In response to the question asked…are we better off today than four years ago? If you are an illegal alien or someone living on welfare and don’t want to work….then the answer has to be yes as the “Food Stamp” President has seen to it!

    • Sand_Cat

      Any other slogans created by others you’d like to recite, or do you have trouble remembering them? Not too observant of you, really?

      • 13observer

        More comments from the “literbox” sand cat is stinkin it up around here!

  • Yes, I’m better off than I was 4 years ago. My current financial situation has nothing to do with Kasich. He made my situation worse as soon as he came into office, by trying to get rid of all Unions. I was able to get more hours via my consumer, as I am a Home Health Provider. My point is that I drive 30 miles each way for my job. I see many cars with 30 day tags, which means someone is doing better. I have recently purchased a new car (which I have never had) a few weeks ago, as I am now in a better financial situation. Obama’s auto bail-out saved many jobs and the auto industry as well. Obama would have been able to do more if the Republicans would get out of his way. I voted for Obama in 2008 and I will vote for him in 2012. I am one of the 99%. If Romney gets in we will all suffer.

  • 1standlastword

    Presidential campaigning is like a chess match with a little bit of magic!

    First, chess is based on math logic, truth and fact where magic is based on perceptual distortions.

    In chess, the laws of nature apply in four distinct characteristics: time, space, force and structure.

    Let’s take time. The advantage goes to the first move which means the counter move has to hold the time advantage to zero gain, or equalisation to balance the intiative.

    Controlling the center, ranks and files is crucial to space thus making your opponent take the long way round which can cost deficits in time.

    Force is what Bobby Fischer meant when he said “in the end he who has the most toys wins.” One important thing to consider here is one can squander an advantage in force by making ill-advised moves: the classic example sounds like…oops…I don’t see that! The loss the of valuable Queen that prematurely ends up in the opponents graveyard of your spent pieces!!

    Structure goes to a solid defense that supports a fluid offense. You just have to stay out of your own way and slow the opponent’s movement while eliminating his opportunities.


    In this current political chess match, truth, fact and logic is in Obama’ hand. He simply has to tell the story that has already unfolded in the light of reality in a way that voters can see and understand. The magic is in seams of what is and what can be. People have to perceive that his policies can get them to where they want to go in all aspects of what it means to them to be American.

    Its critical that he preserve the initiative and manage time with the greatest efficiency of every move.

    His opponents have lost time “many times” over with blunderous declarations for example resorting to psuedo science about womens’ bodies, withhold tax returns and so forth and so on. These many mis-steps have cost time, disrupted structure and wasted force (resources).

    Obama’ demographic appeal lends a slight advantage to him in the element of space. It’s slight but significant if he can consolidate and hold. Republicans have ceded space by alienating large segments of the community; women, minorities, the elderly and immigrants.

    Force is equated with money and here is where republicans have a better than marginal advantage but can easily lose it because they frequently make bad moves that waste resources.

    Being the sitting POTUS lends Obama a structural advantage that the republicans promise to dismantle ASAP. The SCOTUS and ACA is an example of Obama using his structural advantage to the good. Most all of Obama’ demographic likes Obamacare.

    Now with Obama holding an advantage in 3 elements of 4, and the republicans mismanaging their significant advantage in force—which, on its own, is not enough to win, they need a potent magic act to deceive voters to pull off a win.

    If they win it will be because of a Svengali manipulation whereby voters buy into the abracadabra of questions like “Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago”

  • Richie

    Dominick – right on!! Walter – you are sadly confused.

  • 13observer

    I just want obama to ENFORCE immigration laws before he sends Hilary to the U.N. in secret to let foreigners tellus if we can have guns or not. This is what people need to know about “backdoor” Obama. Eric Holder got caught with his pants down with “fast & furious” which Obama will be implicated…just like Osama Bin Laden lies the seals will tell all. Sorry Pres, we are not all as stupid as your lefty liberals.

  • No doubt about it, wheather republicans want to admit it or not the facts are before eyes unless blindness in one & cantnot see out of the other now (chew on that).

  • joyscarbo

    I am so irritated with those who visit this website and comment that voting FOR Barrack Obama is somehow construed as “racist.” People are NOT voting for Obama because he’s a black man. The idea that anyone is voting based on race is just insulting and ludicrous. Its more illogical rhetoric from the republicans.
    I am caucasain and am voting for Barrack Obama because I believe in the facts and I agree with policies and his platform. I am a nurse and I support healthcare reform. I am college educated and damnit, I vote for the candidate that I want! I am staunchly Pro-Choice, Pro Gay Marriage and I want to see my daughter and grandaughters not have to pay out of pocket for their birth control, and I never want them to be forced to carry a baby that was the product- God forbed- of rape, incest or that threatens their very life. These are issues that IS NOT supported by the current republican party, therefore I do not support nor will I vote for them.
    I am realistic about our country’s recovery. You can’t turn a ship as massive at the US economy around in a short 4 years. I simply believe that we should stay the course based on what the what Barrack Obama has done and what more could be done with another term. This is MY belief and I’m entitled to it. I am not deluded and my vote is precious to me, and it’s informed.
    I don’t hate republicans, I just hate what they’ve become. They’ve vitually EATEN any republican who dared stray outside the extreme right politics. As I’ve said many times, the republican party is no longer the party of really great presidents like Lincoln and Eisenhower. They have become narrow minded and shockingly divisive. While both democrats and republicans as politicians lie, republicans have taken lying to a whole new, disgusting level. When Fox News exclaims that Ryan set a new record for the most lying in a campaign speech, shouldn’t even republicans take a moment to pause and think?!!!
    So quit making this about racism. Herman Cain and Michael Steele are black too, but I wouldn’t vote for them if they were running on the current republican platform.
    But ask yourself this: if you’re not voting for Obama because he is black, what does that make you?


  • shonore

    I agree that “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago” is the wrong question, although I would answer it as you have. Instead we should ask will you be better off in 4 years if we do not allow President Obama to continue the improving economy that we have now. My answer is that we won’t be better off under Romney and that we should leave Obama at the helm.

  • So far this President has not shown leadership. He stated if unemployment was not below 8% he does not deserve to be reelected. Why should I not hold him to his word? Oh! I forgot his word means shit. He is the most divisive of presidents in my lifetime. He was going to unite us. Look at the blunder of his party’s platform on Wednesday; he cannot even unite his own party. How can anyone with an ounce of faith and any Jewish person with their eyes and ears open vote for this most unqualified person to ever reside in the White House. His policies are so anti capitalistic it’s scary. Just over 50% of the nation was not in favor of Obama care, so he bulled his way with partisan politics to get it passed anyway. If he would have put that same energy into job creation this country would be in better shape. We have a deficit in the BBBBBillions and how could any sane person say we are better off today. This guy is a disaster in the making and it will only get worse with him. He is clueless.

  • rustacus21

    In case no 1’s noticed, there’s an ADULT conversation going on here about the very adult issue of survival of America’s Democracy. Bickering is what keeps peoples minds on more simple things, like ‘selfishness’, when the entire community of America is in the midst of crisis. Republicans don’t want to help correct or reverse the crisis. What is it American’s need to do, correspondingly? Not what’s going on here, where those lacking the sophistication to engage the subject at hand, in an adult, serious manner…

  • We need a world leader that is sound and able to resolve issues rather then talk big, no actions. I believed Obama would continue to resolve US and the World financial crisis, if he is given another 4 years. Trust not in those who talk, but those who already having proven records.

  • crionics

    What I am dumbfounded about is that many who claim they are Christians are willing to accept a candidate who is for gay marriages. Kinda a cynical how they are willing to to abandon their religion for the sake of empty speeches. Perhaps many are interpreting Adam and Eve as Adam and Steve? Or did they not read the bible?
    This is a country of freedom of religion, and I get that, but do many practice their religion is my concern.

  • day004

    The real question that has only 1 correct answer is “Is AMERICA better of today than 4 years ago”.
    Personally I’m way off worse than 4 years ago. And that is no falut of POTUS.
    The CEO of my company sold off the control of the company to a private equity firm after he drilled it into a hole. The PE firm only milked it dry after the milk had spoiled.

  • superbeebs

    All of the bail outs didn’t do anything but keep failed businesses working on government support and the American people paid for it in 4-5 trillion in more debt. Yes, it saved jobs, but why should the American people be paying the paycheck of the auto industry workers, shouldn’t they be paid by their own employers. Why don’t we just give all of our money to the governemtn and let the government pay us all our wages? We can all work for the government and then we would all have jobs right? We must get back to individuals being responsible for themselves and secondarily for others from their heart.


  • Yes we are out of Iraq, the repubs voted no on everything the demos wanted to do. We are at a standstill, thanks to the repubs. Lets move ahead.

  • We all which candidate would be better, the man that is the office now. The mess he inherited should not went on as long as it did. But, remember he did deal with a couple of crisis, for the oil explorion and the natural disaster that just happened. Let be fair, the president is doing the best he can and I think he is doing great for the mess that was left for him when he went in the office.

  • Truly, from a foreigner point of view, Obama has done a good job. For any country which encounter such a big lapse hardly able to maintain a stability economy. American you should give Obama a second chance.

    Charles from Singapore

  • Ibsyboy

    Biggest liar in history. I am impressed with your historical knowledge. The biggest liar in history. In history! In the hundreds of decades of recorded history, it has been certified by Walt Williams, that Obama is the biggest liar in history.

    Now that is a mighty big proclamation. Bigger than the following: the serpent who tempted Eve, Benedict Arnold, Pinocchio, Charles Ponzi (Ponzi Scheme Mastermind), Bernie Madoff, Richard Nixon and then there is John “Johnny Liar” Graham; He has won the World’s Biggest Liar contest in Cumbria, England, seven times, making him the most successful contestant in the competition’s 100-plus-years history.

    But Obama is the biggest liar in history. I am assuming you mean world history.

    GOD. God warns Adam & Eve that if they eat the fruit they will drop dead on the spot. Well, they do – and they don’t. God was being disingenuous, to say the least.

    TITUS OATES: In 1679 England was seized by anti-Catholic fervor in response to allegations of a French-backed plot to murder Charles II. The House of Commons condemned this “damnable and hellish plot”. Crowds took to the streets to burn effigies of the Pope. Many Catholics were arrested, and some were executed. It later turned out that the whole plot was the invention of a virtuoso liar called Titus Oates. Oates was convicted of perjury and put in the stocks.

  • Under Bill Clinton, the world feels very safe and secure, countries coorperated, terrorist controlled and hiding. Passed on to Bush, the world seems to be in a fall out. Muslim against Christians….. as created by the incompetent, surplus saved up by Clinton were wasted, spent on unnecessary personal wars that lead to unnecessary sacrifices of sons and fathers that leads to nowhere. Hatred towards Americans increases. Passed on to Obama with a whole load of shit, economy recovers slowly by steadily, world regains confident, terrorists killed or captured, countries starts cooperations again….. So…. do you want to pass to Mitt who has exactly the same idea as Bush?

    • What are you smoking, Youlahthan? You talk about Bush’s debt and completely ignore obama’s debt which is more than Bush and every other president combined? Unnecessary wars? You expect America to do nothing after Afghanistan attacked us on 911???? What kind of a moron a$$hole are you????
      And if these wars were unnecessary, why does Obama still keep us in them? “Countries start cooperating again?” Youlahthan, which countries are now cooperating with the US that weren’t under Bush? “Mitt who has exactly the same idea as Bush”???? WTF, could you be more wrong? LMAO,
      ..and as far as “Hatred towards America increases”, we don’t give a shit if you people hate us or not, thats on you.

      Go back to sleep, you are wrong about everything you said.

  • “Hell Yes We’re Better Off “…. As a Country, If we “Vote” for and Support our President, we will see the “Fruits of Our Labor”!
    If you continue to think like Romney….all you will see, is the “Empty Basket”……..Your empty basket!

  • Well lets see, he finally pulled out of Iraq, we’re still in Afghanistan. Unemployment is WAY up and of course now we’ve got that huge debt thing that we didn’t have before. Taxes will soon be going up, but our fearless community organizer made sure that wouldn’t happen until after the ’12 elections. My healthcare went up about 33% this year and small businesses are saying they will probably just drop coverage and let their employees go on the public dole and fight it out with the govt. exchanges
    We have a president who gets tongue-tied and stares at his shoes when he debates just as he did when he spoke to Putin and unwittingly got caught on tape promising the Russian president that he would have “more flexibility” to dismantle our missile defense system in Europe after the election, when he thought the microphone was off. Not too cool!!!
    Of the 39 out of 50 Democrat senators who voted with Bush FOR the Iraq war, Hillary Clinton was one of the staunchest supporters. This president made her our Secretary of State, so obviously not a lot of confidence on that front.
    No, I think its safe to say we’re a whole lot worse than we were 4 years ago. Obama is asking us to give him another chance to fix some of the problems he didn’t get to on his first go-around but I think I will have to give Mitt a try this time.

  • For those who are listening to the liberals propagating the fallacy that everything is “Bush’s Fault”, think about this:
    January 3rd, 2007 was the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the Congress. At the time:

    The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77
    The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%
    The Unemployment rate was 4.6%
    George Bush’s Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB GROWTH
    Remember the day…

    January 3rd, 2007 was the day that Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee.

    The economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was in what part of the economy?

    Unemployment… To this CRISIS by (among MANY other things) dumping 5-6 TRILLION Dollars of toxic loans on the economy from YOUR Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac FIASCOES!

    Bush asked Congress 17 TIMES to stop Fannie & Freddie – starting in 2001 because it was financially risky for the US economy.

  • The day the democrats took over was not January 22nd 2009, it was actually January 3, 2007… The day the Democrats took over the House of Representatives and the Senate, at the very start of the 110th Congress.

    The Democrat Party controlled a majority in both chambers for the first time since the end of the 103rd Congress in 1995.

    For those who are listening to the liberals propagating the fallacy that everything is “Bush’s Fault”, think about this:
    January 3rd, 2007 was the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the Congress. At the time:

    The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77
    The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%
    The Unemployment rate was 4.6%
    George Bush’s Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB GROWTH
    Remember the day…

    January 3rd, 2007 was the day that Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee.

    The economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was in what part of the economy?

    Unemployment… To this CRISIS by (among MANY other things) dumping 5-6 TRILLION Dollars of toxic loans on the economy from YOUR Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac FIASCOES!

    Bush asked Congress 17 TIMES to stop Fannie & Freddie – starting in 2001 because it was financially risky for the US economy.