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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Koch Brothers want inside your pocket.

Koch Industries — the conglomerate owned by the billionaire industrialists who spend millions of dollars each year trying to make the Republican Party sound populist as it fights for the interests of oligarchs and corporations — recently completed its purchase of electronics component manufacturer Molex. The aim of the acquisition is to play a part in the new economy centered around mobile computing.

“As technology becomes more user-friendly and machines become wired to be more proactive — whether that be industrial robotics and automation, or you have automobiles doing more for you and telling you more and keeping you out of accidents — we think Molex is really well positioned to capture that growth,” Koch CFO Steve Feilmeier recently told Fortune magazine.

Molex also has the benefit of creating millions of products that consumers purchase as part of other devices or for ancillary use with other technology. You’ll probably have no idea you’re supporting the Kochs when you purchase something Molex makes.

Even if you never see the name “Koch” on a product, you may already be helping to finance the Kochs’ agenda if you purchase any of these products, according to

– Angel Soft
– Angel Soft Ultra
– Brawny paper towels
– Dixie cups (& napkins & plates)
– Insulair cups
– Perfect Touch cups, paper products
– Quilted Northern
– Sparkle paper towels
– Stainmaster
– Vanity Fair napkins & paper towels
– Mardis Gras napkins
– Zee Napkins
– Georgia Pacific products
Home/Office papers:
– Advantage
– Image Plus
– Spectrum

– American Greetings
(Kochs own minority
– Guardian Glass
(Kochs own 44%) 

– Stainmaster
– Lycra
– Teflon
Building supplies:
– Georgia Pacific

All of these brands have helped Koch Industries become one of the largest privately owned corporations in the world. And if you’re purchasing their products, you’re aiding and abetting the brothers in their goal to kill Social Security and what’s left of the social safety net, whether you like it or not.

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  • 4sanity4all

    Thank you for this helpful list. I knew about a couple of the brands, and I have avoided buying them since I heard, so, thank you. I will vote with my dollars.

    • mandinka

      You mean my tax dollars seeing as your on the dole

      • Dennis Mullins

        mandinka, Twisted mind ass hole!

      • WhutHeSaid

        Who let you redneck goobers out of your trailer park? I don’t mind you waving snake flags and dancing around covered in dog feces — just as long as you confine it to your own toothless neighborhood.

        Now you just march right on back to your bigot-hole and learn to use soap!

        • JohnnyZ77

          Notice that “Mandinka” is just anther Dixieland DA that’s too illiterate to know the difference between “your” and “you’re.” The Koch brothers take full advantage of ignorant jerks like this one.

        • tax payer

          Donald Duck is out again and he wants everyone to take a bath, so they won’t smell like him.

          • WhutHeSaid


            Why are you out here lying about being a taxpayer again? Every time you snort some of your Medicare Viagra you get yourself all wound up. It (the Viagra) must really work because you turn into a real dick.

          • tax payer

            On the day you were conceived someone could have missed the target, but here you are.

  • idamag

    Good list. simplifies my shopping. I just add them on other boycott things.

    • mandinka

      Most of those things on the list you can’t buy with your food stamps

      • tax payer

        Food isn’t bought by these people because it’s given to them and you, and the rest of the tax payers pay for their food. At least they have to pay for the other items with cash and you can bet they have more money than you.

        • mandinka

          The food stamps and disability I receive are a gift from the taxpayers as a reward for my veteran status

          • tax payer

            The disability you may have paid to get such as SSD and the other benefit I won’t comment since you think it’s a gift.

          • mandinka

            It’s a gift to a war hero who served under a very high ranked Air Force General

          • tax payer

            Name that General. If you are a Veteran you should have a Pension.

          • mandinka

            You bet I have a good pension with disability, which is a gift to me as a desk clerk for a General. I was just being sarcastic about receiving food stamps and the deadbeats who abuse them

          • tax payer

            As a desk clerk to me it isn’t being a Hero. You call yourself a Hero, so tell us who did you kill at war siting in your desk? Did you trip over your chair and they gave you disability? A Pension is what you receive after so many years in the service and, if you are wounded and not able to work it’s called Disability.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Liar. You started snorting up public benefits right after your Big Chicken Dinner — now isn’t that right? How would you ever possibly threaten an enemy combatant, lard-ass — roll on them? Make them laugh themselves to death?

  • I had been looking around for a list of their “products” to boycott them. Thanks!

  • Bill Thompson

    Of course you realize we can never hurt these people financially but doing our due diligence will make us that has a conscience feel little better.

    • rob par

      hey bill, every little bit helps!

  • Budjob

    Great list.I have been,and will continue to do so.Many of these products have already been on my list for several years.The Cock brothers are undermining what little is left of our democracy!May the hair on their ass turn to fish hooks!!!

    • Mark Forsyth

      I would invite them to screw a bag of fish hooks.It would serve them right.

  • dana becker

    I am certainly trying to do my part. Thanks for the list.

  • docb

    No and here is another industry they are screwing the Nation on..

    The boycott site is Your local retailer should get an earful from you too.. if they carry these products.

    This on the Millions spent against the ACA…

  • 788eddie

    Thanks for the list. For some of these labels, at least, it would be easy to change shopping habits.

  • RobertCHastings

    Unfortunately, I have for years used some of these products. However, as there are acceptable alternatives on the market, my wife and I will end our support of the Koch brothers by no longer purchasing their products.

  • AlfredSonny

    Extra! Extra! The Cock brothers just won the Republican-sponsored international award for the biggest scrooges!

  • mandinka

    Thanks for the list I’ll use it when ever possible to show support. At least this way I’ll have some say where my money goes unlike the Barak jack booted thugs that take my money and fund nonsense. From building mosques to his books

    • Dennis Mullins

      Get a life man, and come back after seeing a shrink. Your kind will be in a minority sooner than you think. People of your kind who appear to carry hate for the middle class and poor should change or leave the country.

      • tax payer

        He must be related to WhuHeSaid.

    • WhutHeSaid

      You’d better behave yourself and be a good little bigot before we are forced to send Eric out to snatch you up out of your hovel and force you to wash with soap. We have SOME standards for cleanliness around here, you know!

    • tax payer

      Didn’t you come out and say you get food stamps and disability, so are you going to boycott the stores that give you the free food? I don’t think so.

    • Independent1

      You’ll have control of where your money goes?? How are you going to to that when the Koch Bros are all about supporting the American Mafia?? That party whose total focus is on robbing American taxpayers blind by passing tax cuts that a favor those who already are insanely wealthy; and by starting wars so by every fraudulent scheme you can imagine they can stuff trillions of taxpayer dollars in their pockets; just so they have enough cash to be able throw away billions in advertising and brainwashing techniques that will keep the American Mafia gangsters passing laws that let them keep on robbing the taxpayers of even more money!! How totally clueless can you get!!! You’re all for: Let’s keep the American Mafia in power so they can just rob us even more!! Wow!! Stupidity begets stupidity!!!

  • rob par

    I have always been against G.P. now I will boycott the rest! thanks for the list. we need to get rid of these 2 bas-tards.

  • Lovefacts

    They are now added to my list of do not buy. I’ll also notify the company that I and others will be boycotting their products because of the Koch brothers.

  • badger

    thanks for the info I already monitor my purchases from these tools!

  • Lisztman

    For the benefit of those who don’t know “Molex” (I do, after a forty-year career in designing electronic products) — they are best known in the electronic industry for producing those white nylon connectors that you are most likely to have seen dangling from your computer’s power supply. Or that you’ve plugged onto the rear of your new DVD drive…

    Nearly every electrical appliance or electronic device bigger than a CD player has at least one of those connectors; the inside of a desktop computer easily has a dozen. Unfortunately the retailer of your new clothes washer isn’t likely to let you remove the control panel (prior to purchase) to find out which brand of connector the manufacturer used…

  • mah101

    Need to go further than a simple boycott of those products. The Kochs won’t even feel it, but perhaps retailers will. How about we boycott businesses that SELL Koch products? How about we boycott companies that own shares in Koch businesses?

    • tax payer

      Those with SNAP won’t boycott, so you are wasting your time trying to initiate a boycott since they have to get their free food.

    • Allan Richardson

      Where are you going to find a retailer that sells NONE of these products? For some products, the manufacturing processes used by ALL large scale competing makers of those products are sold by the Koch brothers. So unless you are willing to do without ANY brand of paper towel, toilet tissue, paper cups, facial tissue, or similar products at all. Dedicated hippies might be able to do it, but most families in American cities would have a hard time.

      So it’s not only “those with SNAP” who cannot boycott Koch products. And people with SNAP benefits would usually STARVE TO DEATH without it, so I would not expect them to stage a family-wide hunger strike until they lie down on their floor and die, maybe after drinking poison as in Jonestown. I suspect that you and people like you who begrudge basic survival to those who have suffered bad luck (which YOU may one day suffer, whether you realize it or not) would love to witness such an end to their lives, to “save you money.”

      Merry Humbug, Ebenezer!

  • tax payer

    If you don’t purchase some of these items you can always use your hands.

    • JohnnyZ77

      What about the pages from the phone book that you use?

      • tax payer

        I saw one story of a woman using rags instead of toilet paper and washing them for further use in Netflix. They had a good income, but were misers or maybe she knows how to budget.

      • tax payer

        Internet is better than phone books in searching for information, so those phone books will be phase out in due time.

  • Bowlerboy

    Koch Industries holdings

    While useful as a spur to stimulate boycotts in the businesses controlled by the Koch Brothers, when you view the matter from a macro perspective, this list of their holdings illustrates the complexity of the interrelationships occurring in our society, bred as the result of free market capitalism gone crazy.

    Forget the Koch Brothers for a moment. Have a care for all those thousands of workers laboring in the various companies which the Koch Brothers apparently control.

    Is it likely that all of them support the political agenda of the Koch Brothers? Probably not.

    Is it likely that new employees are asked, during their job interview, if they will support the political agenda of the Koch Brothers upon being hired? I doubt it.

    Is it even likely that all of the employees working in the subsidiary companies of the vast Koch Brothers empire are fully aware of the parent company’s overall political objectives? Again, probably not. Nor do they even care, because they can’t afford the luxury of caring.

    The dilemma here is that thousands of people may need to cling to their meal ticket so desperately that they are unable to allow themselves to think freely enough to become aware of the overall impact which their parent company has on our society, the achievement of which every one of these workers contributes every day of his life, whether he likes it or not.

    We cannot judge such people. They, like all of the 99% who don’t sit at the top of the oligarchical totem pole of elites who rule America, are mere serfs, indentured servants allowed to earn more than an abject slave in the Confederacy was given, but not allowed–thanks to archaic minimum wage regulations and the basic economic laws of supply and demand–to ever really evolve out of their planned indebtedness through hard work alone. It’s a truly depressing prospect, yet millions of people around the country are trapped within this socio-economic model.

    It must be very hard for them–for all of us–to summon up the courage to level out the playing field in an economic game of real world Monopoly where all of the profit making properties are controlled by very few players. We dread rolling the dice, but we must, because our stomachs compel us to do so. We know that the game is rigged against us so badly that we will sooner or later be rudely ejected from the game, but we cling to the illusion that we, too, can carve out a block of unified properties of the same color, because we see no other choices.

    While it may seem all well and good to encourage economic boycotts of the products created by the subsidiary companies within the vast Koch Brothers empire, such idealism is more than likely to hurt the individual workers who labor in those companies. The Koch Brothers won’t be harmed at all. They will merely cut back on their labor force, thus tossing more people out onto the street, or they will sell the subsidiary outright to cut their losses.

    Thus, it won’t be enough to instigate such an attitude shift among consumers toward Koch Brothers products. Such a revolution must also enlist the cooperation–not the ire–of those thousands of employees at the Koch Brothers’ subsidiaries. Unless these workers can rise up en masse and shout out to their corporate owners that they refuse to work for greedy bastards whose ultimate business plans involve de-spoiling the earth and all who live upon her, calling for boycotts on Koch Brothers products will end up being whispers in the forest on a cold, snowy day.

    Those of us who engage in such product boycotting may feel good about ourselves, but if our actions only serve to undermine the status of our fellow workers, who are probably apolitical and just want to live a decent, honest life in peace, what real good will we have done? As I said, we live in a very complex socio-economic system. There is no easy answer?

    • Dennis Mullins

      conservative creed wants to preserve their wealth and to achieve this
      by manipulating those that are gullible and prone to messages of
      fear and uncertainties, otherwise uninformed people, as aired by the
      conservative creed. They are sponsored and funded by the most wealthy
      people in the land, the Koch brothers, Donald Trump, Adelson, John
      Sununu, Walmart family, and many others. These are people who appear
      in the list of the richest people in the land. They are able to sway
      vulnerable folks with threats of impending losses in their retirement
      savings, their pension funds, their Medicare and the like. The 47%
      of them who see themselves as victims not withstanding. We can only
      hope that there will be enough voters in at least 5 or 6 states with
      big electoral votes such as Florida, Iowa, Michigan. California, New
      York, Ohio and Massachusetts who will give the Democrats enough votes
      to see them successfully through this campaign that is full of lies
      from Republicans and Co. The South generally is carried by the
      Conservatives and why I will never understand. I guess it is because
      they are less informed and wind up voting against their own best
      interest. Republicans have shown that they will stop at nothing to
      win the Majority in the House and Senate along with the President,
      they have lied and lied, and lied again and again but surprising some
      people don’t seem to see that as a moral issue. They are also
      suppressing the vote and making it much harder for the Democrats to
      win at all cost. That puts the Republicans candidacy to question.
      What people don’t seem to realize is that if Republicans were to win
      this elections, (hopefully not, God forbid) we will have a
      credibility issue with other world leaders, because they have watched
      them tell lie after lie after lie. It will be difficult for
      Republicans to be respected and to be taken serious by other leaders.
      Their lies have been written about in almost all the Newspapers that
      are read internationally. They have been watched on television
      telling lies worldwide. They have been seen by countries like Russia,
      China, North Korea, Iran, and even Pakistan- a Muslim nuclear armed
      country, declaring them as enemies of the USA. How can anybody trust
      that they will not create international outrage and catastrophe if
      they gain access to the most destructive WMD? Some of them doesn’t
      know where Iran is on the World map. They think Iran borders Syria
      and is land locked, and therefore needs Syria in order to have access
      to the sea. That is how naive some of these people really is. If they
      should win all Branches of Government we would be in another war
      ASAP. To my Republican friends who make up a part of the working
      class and the poor take heed and insure against this happening. One
      person’s opinion!

  • brucegarner

    These two come across as just plain mean. Neither needs anymore money and will not need anymore their entire lives. They have crossed the line between abundance and greed…..they are greedy. Of course they have the right to contribute to whomever or whatever they want. But I have the right not to help them make money to fund anything that discriminates against people.

  • Defend The Constitution

    The “invisible hand” conception of trade and markets helps explain how civilization’s economic forces function beyond anyone’s control.

    • Bowlerboy

      @Defend The Constitution:

      Hey diddle diddle,
      The Cat and the fiddle,
      The Cow jumped over the moon.
      The little Dog laughed,
      To see such sport,
      And the Dish ran away with the Spoon.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    While liberty is not democracy, democratic methods can support liberty where they offer us input into the decisions that affect our liberty.