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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Assange Granted Asylum In Ecuador, Can’t Leave Embassy In U.K.

Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño announced on Thursday that his country will grant political asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has sought refuge at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for the past two months. That doesn’t mean that the coast is clear for Assange to leave, however.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague responded in a statement that the U.K. is “determined to carry out our legal obligation to see Julian Assange extradited to Sweden,” where he faces charges of rape and sexual assault.

British authorities are not legally bound to to abide by Ecuador’s decision, meaning there is no assurance that Assange would not be arrested while attempting to reach an airport or train. In fact, Hague has given the clearest indication that Britain has no intention of letting Assange through.

“We will not allow Mr Assange safe passage out of the United Kingdom, nor is there any legal basis for us to do so,” Hague said. “The United Kingdom does not recognize the principle of diplomatic asylum.”

Hague was careful to emphasize that Britain’s determination to carry out its “obligations as a nation under the Extradition Act,” were in no way connected to Assange’s controversial role in the leaking of confidential government files related to the Iraq and Afghanistan war, or the United States’ desire to see him brought to justice, but due to his pending arrest for allegations of sexual assault in Sweden.

Patiño insisted at a news conference in Quito that Assange would not receive a fair trial if transferred to the United States.

Assuming Assange avoids arrest while leaving the embassy, he could enter a diplomatic vehicle, which is protected under international law and cannot be seized or detained. Policemen could stop the car, but would not be able to physically remove Assange from it. Unfortunately for Assange, the Ecuadorean Embassy lacks a parking lot, meaning that he would be exposed as he’s transferred to the vehicle.

A long-shot proposal involves channeling Assange out via a “diplomatic bag”, a legally protected container allowing countries to send and receive documents.

Most likely, however, Assange will remain at the embassy indefinitely, safe from British authorities, but with his future up in the air.

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36 Responses to Assange Granted Asylum In Ecuador, Can’t Leave Embassy In U.K.

  1. Interesting case. Compromises will be made. Maybe he will be tried in Sweden in absentia, and if acquitted the Brits could let him walk. This whole matter reeks of CIA involvement.

  2. Why don’t they CHARGE POPE BENEDICT XVIII with 10,000 counts of CONSPIRACY TO SODOMIZE BOYS ? Now, we can have a perspective on the magnitude, relevance and political opportunism of the alleged ‘rapes’ propagated by Assange.

    • you believe in relative morality?
      what others do or have done has nothing to do with the Assange case. And just because he may be brilliant (or whatever) at what he does, does not excuse him of this alleged crime
      I do not understand how rape and assault can be justified under any circumstances.
      If he is guilty he should be punished, if innocent, he can sue for damages. Obviously does not have much backbone.

      • If he challenges the US g’ment he’ll have to do it in person (as they know) once apprehended you will hear nothing about his case as they quietly place him in the deepest hole at gitmo.. He blew their cover by showing those photos.. The US g’ment don’t like to be found out in front of the nation and the world. You’re all hating on the wrong person. The little things companies do to whistle blowers (like firing, taking away pensions, etc.) is chicken feed compared to what the feds do to them. I’m not convinced he’s the bad guy in this political scenario.

    • Nancy… how can you admire a “self serving” traitor like Assange????? The man’s a “true A%%hole” without [ any regard ] to other’s lives and safety!!!! …. and apparently…. you R2!!!

      • Rik, Rik, Rik, how shallow minded your are. These charges are all trumped up. The woman who hollered rape is a was paid by the CIA or is a CIA operative. The US wants him bad, they will do anything to get him. They are mad because he (Assange) has exposed them for what they really are.

    • how can a woman possibly find a man a hero who is POSSIBLY guilty of rape? You have some problems, stand up for your fellow women, see him stand for justice if he is innocent then he can be your hero!

      • The facts of the alleged rape are available and boil down to this: One woman was ticked because she claimed the condom broke and he wouldn’t stop. The other claimed he said he would use a condom and she said he didn’t. Before Assange got in trouble for The Wikeleaks leaks, the case was dismissed. It was revived after. The US has tied up as much of his financial records as they could.
        The leaks included a video of US helicopter blasting a dozen or so civilians including several children. A US vehicle then ran over one of the wounded. The pilots attacked because two of the victims were journalists carrying cameras which they thought were weapons. It goes against the myth that US troops are heros saving freedom, so it ticked off our secretive government.

    • how can a computer document thief and possibly a rapist be a hero?

      Sweden is known to be a fair and just country, is he afraid because
      he is guilty or is he just another monk looking for some publicity?

  3. UK is a cradle of democracy and should rexpect asylum process w no doubt.
    What kind’a embassy attack? Are they Natzis or Communists? Prince made appearance before in Natzi uniform.

  4. Once arrived at Equador, CIA crosshair will do the rest without backleash by blaming on Equadorian terrorists because according to the CIA UK and USA don’t house terrorists.

  5. I thought we had freedom of speech ! how would we know anything about our gov’ts secret activities if it werent for whistleblowers–in fact I thought we had some protection for them?
    Why is US so scared? i think its proven that no one is endangered by the facts in Wikileaks
    by Manning and Asange.

  6. If your innocent face the charges, be a man stand up for yourself! Obviously you can only hide behind your computer and accuse people from there! Your a cowering little chicken!

  7. First, close the British Embassy in Ecuador. They are an enemy. Then, expel Ecuador’s embassy and staff while conducting a raid to apprehend this lowlife.

  8. The issue with this guy is that he is afraid of something. Why else would he seek asylum? If the court system is fair and he did not do anything then he will be acquitted. What he is doing now makes me thing that he has a serious problem and wants to do whatever he can not to pay for what he did.

    As to leaking all of the stuff he has leaked, he made that choice and is running scared. I am sure he knows that if caught by the United States, he would be tried and probably sent to jail for a very long time.

  9. He was so rightous when he released the secrets of a country and the release of those documents cost many people their lives and now he is snivling. Go face your accusers Mr Assange…

  10. the guy is not a rapist thats just a charge they added so he can get arrested basically sentence him to life or to kill him… “HE LEAKED CONFIDENTIAL GOVERNMENT FILES” thats all i have to say… dont believe everything the government feeds u especially the media

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