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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

AUDIO: Romney Urges Employers To Tell Their Employees How To Vote

Once again, a leaked recording of Mitt Romney is threatening to cause a major headache for his campaign.

In These Times has uncovered an audio recording of a conference call that Romney did with the National Federation of Independent Business on June 6th, in which Romney urges employers to tell their employees how to vote on Election Day.

The controversial comments begin at the 26:00 mark:

“I hope you make it very clear to your employees what you believe is in the best interest of your enterprise and therefore their job and their future in the upcoming elections,” Romney said. “And whether you agree with me or you agree with President Obama, or whatever your political view, I hope, I hope you pass those along to your employees.”

The Republican presidential nominee went on to stress that that there’s “nothing illegal about you talking to your employees about what you believe is best for the business, because I think that will figure into their election decision, their voting decision and of course doing that with your family and your kids as well.”

As Mike Elk of In These Times explains, the tactic’s legality is a recent development — it was illegal for employers to exert political pressure on employees until the Citizens United decision overturned the Federal Election Commission laws barring it.

Even if pressuring one’s employees to vote Republican is technically legal, it plays into Romney’s problematic image as America’s cold-hearted boss. The implicit threat in telling your employee that it is in the best interest of their job to vote for a given candidate is quite clear.

As ThinkProgress points out, several companies appear to have followed Romney’s advice: “A CEO of a Florida resort company threatened to fire his employees if Obama won. The CEO of a timeshare company did the same. And the famous right-wing Koch brothers warned of “consequences” of not voting for Romney.” Additionally, in August the Century Mine in Beallsville, Ohio forced its coal miners to attend a “mandatory” Romney rally (and lose a day’s pay for their trouble.)

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  • bcarreiro

    Do romney/ryan work to live or live to work?……………….neither.

  • I was a division manager at NASA (on the contractor side of the house) before I retired, and things like this have been going on for years. Our corporate PAC donated to both Republicans and Democrats, but they decidedly leaned Republican. Their political leanings, however, never translated to what their employees did when they filled out their ballots. Companies can say all the want, it is up to the people to decide who to vote for. I think it is also important to point out that employees often react negatively to pressure from employers on issues they believe are not germaine to the work they are being compensated for.

    • Ed

      Dominick, you may correct me if I am wrong, as I respect you greatly;however I would wager that the employees of NASA contractors were unionised, thus had a means to resist. The embarassment alone of such a fight would have deterred most companies from doing anything so public. Now, out of the public eye is another story.I am aware of how many things the employer may do to make life miserable for employees.

      • About one third of the people in my division were union members, most of them were electronic and computer technicians, operators, and some clerical personnel. The rest were professionals with college degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and other disciplines.
        Union membership in the government contractor workforce varies dependent on the type of work they do. Contracts that require high skill levels usually have few union members, contracts associated with semi-skilled work have the opposite.
        Bear in mind that being a union member does not necessarily mean a person is a Democrat. The shop steward in my division was a Republican and a rabid Reagan supporter…

  • annm17

    Republicans are willing do no anything to win this election. How sad that obviously they feel they cannot win on their own merits, but have to stoop to threating poor working people on whom they should vote for. If that is not bullying, I don’t know what is. and we are living in a free country???? Republicans accuse Presidernt OBama of socialism…….but in this case Romney is the Nazi. Come on American, these so called “job providors” need you us and cannot make it without you. You can’t sell a product if you don’t have a buyer!

    • ralphkr

      Umm, annm17, I would certainly hesitate calling Romney a Nazi although I must admit that it is extremely difficult to put any label on him that will last more than a few hours. I acknowledge that Romney did show a few socialist tendencies when he was governor but since then he has been all over the political spectrum from Fascist to Centrist. On the other hand, Ryan has been following the clarion call of Fascism and is the sweetheart of the Fascist party (i.e., Republican). If you have been confused by the shaky learning of your conservative teachers let me make it clear: Fascism (Nazi Germany followed Mussolini’s lead) believes that the welfare of business is the only reason for a government to exist just as the conservative Republicans believe today. Nazis even supplied slave labor to factories to increase profits. Socialism believes that the government exist for the well being of the citizens and may even nationalize businesses if considered necessary. If you read the New Testament you will quickly come to the conclusion that Jesus Christ was truly a Socialist.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    What next? Republicans standing guard inside a voting booth or voting cameras that insure you do what Mr. Honcho CEO demands you do? This is democracy? This is what the Founding Fathers had in mind?

    This is what comes of allowing employers to believe they and only they are the saviors of the country. That’s more BS than a herd of Texas longhorns can produce in a decade.

    Take back your rights as an employee. Remind yourself that if your employer isn’t going to play fair and is going to rip off his employees, he won’t have any.

    All that BS about how they and only they built their businesses is more CEO power freakage than is believable. Oh really? You CEOs built it ALL by yourselves? Fine…let’s pull out our support as consumers, employees and taxpayers and see if you can live off your offshore cheap labor of which US CEOs are seeing the costs rise in just the past 2 years. Good…that’s what they get for their stupidity. They jacked the economies of foreign countries, stick it to their own and now they want to slither back home when their profits are not so glorious?

    Unless Americans stop enabling these con artists of corporations, we will always end up paying corporations bill with our taxes and worse…always be at the mercy of some hotcha CEO who thinks CEOship is next to being God. Think again oh Grand Pubbahs of Upper Butt Crack.

    • Ed

      Eleanor; we are long past Repubs standing guard , or even hiring “security guards” at voting boots, and yes I would not be surprised to see camers inside the voting booth, although with todays machines it is easy to track the voting of every voter, and in some instances contaminate the results by computer hacking. As for workers taking back their rights they gave them up long ago. The only tool they ever had was unions and they allowed themselves to be convinced, by both business and government that they didn’t need a union The boss would take care of them. The National Labor Relations Board, a supposedly nuetral party has been republican run for decades. Lockouts today are common. At one time they were illegal.

    • montanabill

      Eleanore, wise up. Employers can’t tell their employees how to vote any more than unions can force their members to toe the line. Once in a voting booth, you make your own decision.

      Many employers are pointing out the possible consequences to their companies if Obama is re-elected. Just a unions are warning their members about possible consequences if Romney is elected. In the end, it is still your decision.

      • grammyjill

        But you are one of those a$$holes that POINTED out to your workers that THEIR jobs would go if Obama was re elected. If you are really a businessman then you have done well under Obama, so you are just a non thinking racist!

        • montanabill

          What I pointed out was the obvious. Gee, you’d think if I’ve done well under Obama that I wouldn’t want to change, seeing as how I’m just a greedy businessman.
          You can throw around that racism charge all you want, but what really counts are the qualifications and experience for the job. Any job. If you think for one minute that I would look at color or sex when trying to fill an employee spot, then I would have to be a pretty stupid businessman. Since I have been pretty successful most of my life that means I’m either just dumb lucky or not too stupid. Good people are good people regardless of color, sex or heritage. That gets us around to the Presidency. Do I want someone who absolutely doesn’t have a clue how American business works, tries to convince the dumb that just increasing taxes on the rich will solve all of our financial problems, and makes claims like, “I called it an act of terror” when he didn’t. Sorry, time to give the next applicant a shot.

    • We’re not a Democracy. We’re a Plutocracy (ruled by the wealthy). And if Romney wins, we’ll be ruled by Corporate America. Like how they run HMO’s? That’s our future for everything.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Face facts. Republicans, corporations who would have failed decades ago if not for constant infusions of tax dollars and the wealthiest 1% have been in cahoots since Reaganomics demanded it.

    If all we get to do as Americans is look up at those pigging out on our tax dollars year after year, that’s not much of an existence. Remind yourselves every hour of every day that the rich, powerful gods of quasi “success” aren’t. They put their pants on just like we all do…one leg at a time.

    Their detestable attitudes in the past decades of supremacy has demolished the US economy. For them, wealth is limitless…oh really? Without help from taxpayers? Without help from employees? Without help from consumers?

    The answer to Too Big To Fail and Too Rich to Change is simple: Let them fail. When you look at it right, their view of success is in $$$$$$$….and when they can no longer sustain that…whose $$$$$ do you think they’ll come after if not yours? To a rich boi and the Republicans with their corporate welfare, the best medicine for their blowhard “success” is failure. We all fail one or more times in our lives. But we are intended to learn from those failure. When you constantly molly coddle the rich and bail them out and provide landfills of tax dollars, they know failure is only a distant possibility. Show them it isn’t. Their failures are not your failures.

    • Ed

      Eleanor, unfortunately today that is not an option. The regulations were put in effect originally because so many banks failed and so many people lost their money. Well, the rules are gone, and the banks today have controlover so many peoples money that the country would be ruined.

      • You know Ed I think it is worth mentioning that the banks are only offering conveniance now….my savings account makes a rediculously small return and when I used thousands of my own money to secure a loan…needed to rebuild my cerdit after 2008…they still charged me 10.75% interest…even though they held $500 more in a locked savings account. So they pay you nothing and charge you like a loan shark to use your own money. I really don’t see why any citizen should put money in at all. If we all just stopped putting money into just one bank…take Citi for instance…just take all our money out and put it somewhere else. We could retain our convenient lifestlye and watch them fold up shop and go away. We could also do this to one oil company and one retail chain and one insurance company…etc

        I think if the repubs find a way to steal this election we should start a facebook/twitter/email/whatever it takes campaign to take down all of the corps who steal from us daily…just one at a time until they wake up.

  • Dispicable!! I would be ashamed to be associated with the Republican Party today. Their voter suppression tactics, their shameful attacks, their lies and distortions, whatever it takes to excite their base, and mislead the misinformed. It is blatant, obvious and immoral. They’ve lost all integrity and reasoning.

  • I could not believe, what Romney did, said, that the message to the employees, is not illegal. But for sure is unethical. This is a looser’s talk. This is against the Constitution. I woud not vote under pressure, in any circumstances.

  • Mitt Romney is wrong in what he says his way won’t work in order for us middle class people to prosper we need the wealthy to do there part in paying taxes we the middle class made the wealthy the wealthy and they wan’t to stay wealthy but he wan’ts the middle class to keep paying taxes weather or not we get the taxes cut while the wealth still gets that tax cut also so do you think thats fair were still paying and there not. Romney your not middle a middle class person so you yourself don’t want to pay more taxes to help cause you fell you don’t deserve to help .So I ask you if the middle class people stop buying the products that you large business are selling do you think you can make it in that business or you will you need the gov’s help to keep them from clolapsing. Now is that right not we made you rich and now you want to stay rich ( pay your fair share ) paying what you been paying on taxes is wrong cause you say we will pay the same too now if every one pays the same how can that help( IT CAN”T ROMNEY IT CAN”T) your crasy to even fix your mouth to even say the things you think should be


      let me tell you MR!!!!!!!!!!!

      The wealth does their part!!!!!!!!!!!!

      YOU EARN IT!!!!!!!!!

      Why should the peolple that worked soooo hard to get a head pay more and more



      What do you pay?????????? I feel like I am paying your way

      • Cairndance

        Check out which states pay the least in taxes to the Federal Government.
        The answer – The Red States!
        Guess which states get the most in benefits from the Federal Government?
        Answer – The Red States!

        Talk about redistribution of wealth!

      • CPANY

        Where do you get your sixty percent, Republican Party news releases? The rich should pay an amount of taxes proportional to their share of the national gross domestic product. Your argument is half baked.

        Equate the proportion of taxes paid by the rich to the proportion of income that they receive.

      • If you can read you’ll notice that the only taxes that mitt will talk about are 14% not 60 and so we are left to assume that the years he is hiding show even less or he would release them. so once again wild ass repub pundit math is just so full of shit that it only feels comfortable living in your head with ALLLLL it’s relatives. I bet your breath is atrocious.

      • Justin Napolitano

        You are completely full of shit alll. I am from Pittsburgh and I can tell you about the labor movement. Keep fucing with workers and you will find out how they can and will come after you and your kind. Alll, you never paid 60% in taxes in your whole worthless life. Hell I doubt that you pay any income taxes since you are paid under the table by your Republican handlers.

  • Ed

    A little noticed effect of the Citizens United decision. It made voter imtimidation legal!

  • I agree with annnm7 that he acts like a Nazi…but, believe me it is that narcissistic personality flaring up…whatever is hidden is coming to light…oh, well I want to sit back and see how he continues to put his foot into his mouth..just wait for that last debate..with Obama…Obama will cream him…he and his campaign people are telling other to “kiss my ass”…he hates it when someone opposes him…just wait till Obama gets re-elected..he will really be spouting off at the mouth…

  • This show you what Romney and his rich friend will do to buy this election but i dont put any thing past Romney he would sell his mother if he could get what he want.

  • Again, it is unconstitunal for any employer to tell their employees how to vote. They do have the right to campaign for whomever they choose. This also applies to their employees. Who I vote for is no body’s business. For God’s sake candidates, run on your own merits. If you have to cheat in any way then you do not deserve to be elected.

    • CPANY

      Many employers by their nature are overbearing pricks. That’s how unions were founded and spread.

      What you say is correct, ethically. Unfortunately, ethics and politics are unrelated.

      With the introduction of computers into the voting process, the prespect of a truly secret ballot is less of a reality.


    Hey ObozoMustGo: This must be something that you’d like to weigh in on. You strike me as the kind of boss who would unethically pressure his employees into doing something they don’t want to do. That coal mine in Ohio sounds like it’s right up your alley.


      they could say:

      vote obama and our company is going bankrupt and you will be out of a job!!!!!!!!!!!


      • neece00

        That company would go bankrupt because of poor management not because Obama is re-elected.


          you have never ran a business

          YOU OBVIOUSLY DON’T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • CPANY

            It should read “…never run a business.”

            Your grammar aside: I’ve never seen a company go out of business just because the owners couldn’t pay the company’s correctly calculated income taxes. Companies go out of business for more fundamental reasons, such as undercapitalization at the startup stage, misunderstanding of the market for the business’s products or services, bad customer service, etc.

          • grammyjill

            Also because the boss is such a dickhead that no one wants to work there. Saw that happen.


            hey, what ever makes you feel better about yourself


            You don’t know what your talking about


          • CPANY

            All American:

            That’s your response? That’s all you can think of to say? Pretty pathetic.

          • Justin Napolitano

            In order for a company to pay taxes it must be profitable. No profit, no taxes so your argument is as hollow as your head alll.

      • CPANY

        No, because it’s a lot of baloney.

      • grammyjill


      • Sure we understand you are a delusional shit-for-brains that can ignore 31 straight months of growth. That cannot get past the fact that we ARE FAR BETTER off than 4 years ago and still getting better despite the tea baggers blocking all effective legislation.


          Glad YOU think so
          and GLAD you are doing soooo much better these last four years—-
          You MUST be ready to start your own company by now and hire a bunch of employees of your own and pay a ton of taxes and payroll and permits etc…..
          WOW that is GREAT!!!!

          Everyone else I know is either already bankrupt or going bankrupt or going out of business or just barley hanging on

          Unemployment is the highest EVER
          The number of Americans using food stamps
          just hit a record high 47 million

          I REALLY don’t see it BUT we sure to FILL IT!!!!!!

          • Justin Napolitano

            My company is doing great so go screw yourself. We all know that you are a paid Republican hack so why don’t admit it allll?

      • Justin Napolitano

        Go out of business and good riddance. People need companies that respect their rights. I do believe that you would support slavery alll.

  • I wonder how long we’re still going to have the secret ballot in this country?

    • CPANY

      I doubt that it’s really secret. Once computerrs are used to tally results of any kind, hacking becomes a real danger.

  • William Deutschlander


    Just like the voting supresion, intimidation and collusion of the Republican Cartel!

  • quasm

    Mr. Decker;

    I am shocked, absolutely shocked, that Gov. Romney would ask employers to do what unions do with their members regularly. Not only do unions do that, they also organize their members to actively campaign for their preferred candidates. What a scandal!

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

    • IThinkthereforeIVoteMHO

      Mr. Thurston,
      I am shocked as well. I must be mistaken. I understood that Union Members, pay their Unions, to be “asked” whom to campaign on behalf of.
      Mr Romney et all, is “asking” for Employers to “organize” those they pay, on behalf of whom “they” are campaigning for.
      I humbly suggest, there is a bit of a difference.

      • Sand_Cat

        Sorry, but humbly asking is unlikely to get through Quasm’s rather thick skull to his micro-brain.

        • CPANY

          Employers may suggest, but they cannot require employees to vote as the employer would like them to vote.

      • quasm

        Whomever you are;

        Most union members pay their dues because they have to to keep their jobs.


        • CPANY

          Where do you get the “most” from? Do you have a survey to back up your assertions?

          • Justin Napolitano

            Cpany, do you have a survey that says otherwise?

          • CPANY

            I don’t need one. You made the “most” assertion, so the burden of proof is on you. All too often, people use phony statistics to shore up otherwise weak arguments and assertions.

    • Justin Napolitano

      you are damn right unions support the working man. Romney supports special interests and slave owners. Thank God for unions or you would be working for $2.00 an hour like Chinese workers.

  • This is beyond contempt. Its a sign of desparation. He’s all hot air and lies continually. Obama has supported small business. He lies.

  • nobsartist

    republiCON corporate owners throughout the U.S. have held off on hiring as part of the treasonous republiCON strategy to hurt America to get their point across.

    Once re-elected, we must demand that President Obama make the wealthy pay for this treason by taxing them to make them pay.


      We already pay 60% YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!
      Why should the wealthy get punished for being successful???

      you would NOT feel that way if YOU were paying!!!!

      YOU ARE A NO GOOD LIB!!!!!!!!!

      • Justin Napolitano

        You don’t pay shit alll, so shut up you Republican paid hack.


    I would say sooooo!!!!!!!!

    If they don’t vote Republican they are going to go bankrupt and have to close down.

    You people that have NEVER had your own business or ran anything
    and only worked a 9-5 job
    and then went home and never worried about anything
    HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT when it comes to trying to keep your business going!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sand_Cat

      So what mega-corporation have you created and run? Clearly your post is mostly talking about your own ignorance and cluelessness projected on the Democrats.


        We tell ALLLLLLLLLLLL our employees—They had better vote for Romney or their jobs will be gone!!!!!!!!!!!

        We will be out of Business if obama gets in another 4-years

        • GOOD for you…and your employees. Maybe they can find a boss who doesn’t have his head stuck up his ass.


            Hopefully, because 99.9 of them are a bunch of
            Lazy no good
            no accounts
            and we only keep them on because we feel sorry for them.

          • Justin Napolitano

            God help you alll, because no one else will.

        • Justin Napolitano

          You and your company are already morally bankrupt so please go out of business and do your employees a favor. I am sure they can get a job where the employer respects their privacy and integrity.

    • Justin Napolitano

      How about someone in your company coming to you and telling you to vote for Obama or else you will lose your job? Do you like that alll?

  • It was not right for Romney to tell small employers to talked to their employee about voting. It should be kept out of the work place period. Republicans will do anything to win the White House. They are trying to rigged the election by trying to suppress the voters in this country. Pennsylvania tried it, Ohio tried it and many other states had tried to do it but fail in doing so. That is a plus for the voters, but they will find a way to block them from voting. They know they won’t win the white house unless they do that. Pennsylvania came out and said that they will give Romney the votes. Shame the elections has to come down to this.

  • This is an UNAMERICAN as it gets!

    • ExPAVIC


      You have just described the Old, Old, Old GOP. After November 6th, just stick around for the GOP funeral. They spent $1 Billion and accomplished diddly squat.

  • The corporations literally hold off on hiring to wreck Obama’s jobs record.

    They essentially buy the Republican leadership.

    And they try every trick in the book to intimidate voters or only allow “Legitimate” votes, i.e. votes for the deregulators!

    Then they write new chapters.

    Your choice is simple–put Obama and the centrists back into a position of effectiveness across the board, or shutter your minds and pay blind, destitute homage to Tammany Hill.

    “You load sixteen tons, and what do you get? Another day older, and deeper in debt. Saint Peter’s calling, but I can’t go; because I owe my soul to the company store.”

  • Have they lost what little bit of sense they have in their empty heads?! I would only tell my boss kindly and politely it’s none of their business how I will vote!! They can’t fire me! They will have a lawsuit on their hands! Iwas going to ask what were they thinking! The real question is do they know how to think?! PLEASE! Tell me how to vote. The state of Massachusetts in which he govern are not even supporting hin in this election! What nerve!

    • CPANY

      My advice: Don’t tell the bastards anything, but vote as you please.

    • Don’t you think it’s funny when he calls MA “HIS” state. I mean they are leaning to OBAMA by 15 points……and they know mittens….and his style of ??goverment??

      Heads up people call someone in MASS and ask them what they think of him.

  • Really Mitt? There’s nothing illegal about extortion?


    Good Old, Old, Old GOP

    In olden times, this stuff was called intimidation at the workplace. How do you think the GOP got in power in the first place. Honestly? Yeah sure, they intimidated our fathers, but they won’t intimidate us.

  • Telling them is legal. Firing for voting differently is not. But since when did the Koch’s care about legalities? And now, so many other’s are fine with this too. It’s called Blackmail. Illegal for people, and now corporations are people. Hope the Koch’s like spending tons of money on legal fees. Wrongful termination suits are going to be in this winter if Romney wins.


    No, because it’s a lot of baloney.

  • VictorCraig

    Lies and distortions again

    Why is it that he cannot win this election without Lying his A– off?

    For example: He wants to repeal a health care law that was modeled after the law that he created when he was Gov. of Mass. and said at the time, that it was a “model for the nation”.

    Many of the regulations that he proposes to repeal are designed to protect the health of the american public. like the Environmental Protection Agency and the food safety agencies.

    This man is an incredible liar

  • T’omm J’Onzz

    “We’re gonna win this thing and take America back” … to the 19th century.

  • I can listen to their bs and go to a booth and vote for whom ever I want, they can’t stand behind me or hold my pen in hand. Why are people so scared??? Screw the Koch Bro and others, they would be (nd will nothing with out the middle class anyway. I can’t believe that people can be that STUPID and GULLIBLE.

  • I don’t see where Romney urges the employers to get their employees to vote for him. He seems condescending in asking employers to pass their political views along to those “beneath” them, however.

  • conservette

    bfd….unions have ALWAYS spewed their “thoughts” on how workers should vote … so what????

  • archibald22

    Romney, if I need any help on how to vote I will ask . Maybe you could write down some suggestions and then stick them! Thanks

  • I would like Governor Mitt Romney to tell the American Public the truth about how much money Mr and Mrs Romney are worth, how many off shore accounts and tax shelters they hold and how many investments in China and from other countries. Besides the money made from the auto industry what other stimulus and bail out money has he benefited. It is time that Mr Romney tells the real truth and not what he believes is the truth. I would appreciate the truth “Who Are Mr and Mrs Mitt Romney?”

  • Miss does not act like an American just a businessman. We all know about cheese heads with all those holes who voted to bring a destructive person back to power. I hear these Wisconsin people who did that ,blame Illinois residents for that vote. No accountability on their part.
    We all need more regulation for business. We de-regulated in the late 80’s and look what has happened to the banks and other banking institutions. The large corporation helped to bring out this “recession” do not want regulation and to run over people’s rights.

  • You are the master of outsourcing Rommey , go to freeport Illinois and go an talk to the employyes of Sensata , that they will clear your mind , that you are the master of outsourcing. dont lie so much .

  • they want to cut so much , that they want to cut regulations , just to go directly to bush era

  • Derfallbright

    This is a tricky area and it will depend on the relationship the boss has with his or her employees.

    Done as a threat, it will likely result in a vote for the other guy. Done as part of a partner relationship will be treated no differently than the hints you get from your Preacher on Sunday. If you hate the owner of your company and your company, then maybe it’s time to find a different place to work.

    In this day an age employees want their employer to be successful and to stay in business, they will want to do anything in their power to improve the odds their company will stay in business.

    This information is only of value to employees who frankly are not politically committed to the other candidate. If you are for the same person the boss recommends, then no problem. If you don’t usually vote, or could care less who wins, then no problem, you might accidentally help to save your job.

    If in this example you are for Obama and your company supports Romney ….then you owe it to yourself and your family to try to understand why your opinion is different from your company, (after all, you could be wrong ….or your boss could be wrong …but in this economy you need to think about it).

    If at the end of the day after you have thought about it…seriously thought about it and you are convinced your reasons to vote for Obama are more important to you than your company…then in this example vote for Obama, or some third party person. But vote for someone, it’s your duty as part of being an American.

  • Lgrable

    Some people can be so ignorant of the issues and how impacting and far damaging that ObamaCare is going to cripple businesses. The thousands of pages now being exposing the hard ship that could cause you to loose your job. Get informed make your decision that suits you, but be informed before you do or don’t vote being ignorant.

  • D_evil

    This is despicable. Mitt Romney and the GOP must be condemned. In fact, Mitt Romney must be charged for election fraud.