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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The U.S economy added 96,000 new jobs in August, a disappointing number that fell below most economists’ expectations.

In addition to the weak numbers for August, the government also revised June and July’s jobs numbers to show that the economy added 41,000 fewer new jobs than it originally estimated.

Despite the slow jobs growth, the unemployment rate did drop from 8.3 percent to 8.1 percent, largely because of workers who have stopped searching for employment.

It’s unclear what the political impact of the jobs report will be. While Mitt Romney predictably slammed the weak numbers, saying in a statement that “If last night was the party, this morning is the hangover,” the numbers may not be poor enough to truly shake up the presidential race. Democrats are concerned that the report may overshadow the positive coverage from their highly successful convention, but as Jonathan Bernstein wrote in The Plum Line: “especially with the reported unemployment rate falling, it’s unlikely that this report is bad enough to really change the way reporters and pundits see the Charlotte and Tampa meetings,” much less the overall state of the race itself.

It’s also unclear how significant the report truly is. As Chairman for the White House Council of Economic Advisers Alan Krueger wrote in The White House Blog, “it is important not to read too much into any one monthly report” given how volatile the monthly numbers can be. As the revision of the June and July numbers show, what the government reports today may not reflect the true state of the economy

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  • tokoloshi27

    Nice spin-oid here. Bad numbers don’t mean anything (sez Whitehouse’s Krueger) because they are only monthly and subject to later revision?

    The last few months’ numbers weren’t good and then were revised worse; is this the trend we are supposed to take comfort in? We can’t trust our Government’s numbers, but don’t worry about it? What are we paying these people for? Fire the bureaucrats and save the money.

    • Divertissement

      Take comfort that it is not a negative number.
      We must not lose our optimism – that is self defeating.
      There has been a steady increase in jobs over the last 24 months; some periods may be disappointing and the growth may be slower than hoped for, nonetheless the US economy is growing, and will continue to grow, barring some unforseen disaster.

    • Perhaps you all should be looking to Congress and the obstruction going on there – Obama’s Jobs Bill, filibuster in Senate of the Bring Jobs Back Bill, filibuster in the Senate of tax breaks for small businesses – anything the Repugs could to to stop jobs – AND that amounts to throwing the public under the bus in order to defeat Obama!

      DON’T SWALLOW IT – we have been adding jobs, and, once Obama is elected again, the Congressional GOP will lose their reason to stop jobs. The President alone cannot create all the jobs – it takes cooperation and that has not happened!

      There are still 300,000 jobs out there waiting for the people who can work in them to come and get them – another block of the jobs bill that would allow training! I don’t think we should let the likes of Mitt Romney who is in now way interested in the public to use this to propel himself into office! The jobs he creates will go to China – it is even in his budget plan.

      • tokoloshi27

        Maggie, the point is that the President is supposed to be in charge of the Government. The Congress is supposed to litigate and perform oversight functions, they have been doing their jobs and representing the folks that elected them. They can only represent us, the people – and we are quite divided. That is why the legislation is not forthcoming – (k)ACA poisoned the well with backroom deals, arm-twisting and legerdemain.

        The job Barack Obama ran for, and was elected to, was not to make speeches, blame others and so forth; but to run the country with the laws that were legally enacted. His blaming Congress is disingenuous, Congress is not to blame for his errors. Look at the “Fast and Furious” investigation in Congress, the Attorney General is out there stonewalling a legitimate Congressional function. He is representing the President.

        Your comment mentioned Romney’s “budget plan” – why is the challenger the only one prepared to put himself out with a plan? The President hasn’t had one in years.

  • highpckts

    I say again, it is not the Presidents job to create jobs!! The big corp. are sitting on their millions of profits gambling on the outcome of the election!! In the meanwhile the Koch brothers are gloating!

    • You Got That Right!! But I Bet You There’s 96.000 People Are Happier Then They Were In July!!!!!! Plus It Beat Losing 800.000 Jobs A Month When Bush Was President !!! Unemployment When Down From 83% To 81% That A Win No Matter What They Say!!!

      • Fern do you not understand why the rate went down? It was due to the number of people that left the work force (read that as given up)

        • Ed

          Not really, for many it meant that their benefits had rub out. Most people do not know that these numbers are not based on counting people, they are based on claims being paid! If unemployment dropped .02 percent that is a sign that new claims have dropped!

          • onedonewong

            You must have went to the school of economics that barak did. Both of you are clueless

      • onedonewong

        That’s a win?? 375,000 people stopped looking for work that’s why the rate dropped. There are fewer people working today than at any time during W’s 2nd term its a disaster and not getting any better

        • Here Your Tea Bagging Ass Go Again Stop Talking To Me I Don’t Talk To Racist IDIOTS!!

          • onedonewong

            racist?? I’m colored and just like you I’m on welfare

          • Bitch I’m A Nurse I’m Not On Welfare!!! You Need To Stop Trolling On The Computer And Get Your Lazy Ass Out Here And Find Your Trolling Ass A Job!! I Heard Ann Romney Looking For A New House Boy!! You Are A Racist Thug!! Look Like It Time For You To Go And Watch Your Favorite Show Hillbilly Hand Fishing!!

          • onedonewong

            Look standing on a lawn with a lantern is a great position…keep up the good work, did the jockey outfit fit???

    • You are right, a log of companies – and Governors of “red” states – are deliberately delaying hiring to ensure unemployment remains high until November.
      All we have to do is look around and see all the new cars in our neighbors driveways, cruise ships booked to capacity, long lines at Disney, long lines at restaurants, and long lines at grocery stores and shops and it is not too hard to figure out that the USA is far from broke and that employers are not hiring, in spite of demand, to make sure Mitch McConnell’s strategy is successful.
      In any case, when somebody tells you that job creation is low, remind them that creating 96,000 jobs is a lot better than losing 700,000 jobs a month!
      The President acknowledged that there is still a lot of work left to do, I agree with him 100%, and would add that WE also have unfinished business to settle in November. Not only do we have to re-elect President Obama, we have to increase the Democratic majority in the Senate and, as a minimum, reduce the GOP majority in the House. Booting a few Republican Governors out of office would not be too bad either.

      • OMG, 96,000 jobs isn’t enough to keep up with population growth, especially with Amnesty for Illegal trespassers. The unemployment rate has been above 8% for 43 straight months, the national debt is 16 Trillion, and according to the Dept of Labor, another 340,000 people gave up looking for work, which would put the TRUE unemployment rate at closer to 15%, higher among minorities. Please quit buying into this class-warfare division, when someone is successful has nothing to do with those that are not. Businesses and small business start-ups are what create jobs and the terrible financial mess is holding all this down.

        • Ed

          We once went 141 months with 20 percent unemployment and we survived. Don’t know if we can do it with the spoiled electorate we have today. The repubs want to take us back too the days when a “good wage” was $5.00 a day.

          • onedonewong

            That was under a democrat president as well

      • onedonewong

        Most states are required to balance their budgets via their constitutions. Unlike barak they obey their laws and constitution.

    • Wrong highpckts, the President’s job is to execute the Laws that Congress Legislates, and the Federal Government’s role is to help to have conditions that encourage growth and job creation by the private sector, not to control everything. The President is required to carry out those Laws with a cabinet of tallented individuals, not ideologs.

      • highpckts

        Well Congress isn’t doing much legislating lately are they! Maybe because they want this President to fail! There are over 240 bills including a jobs bill before Congress right now! So what’s the problem if the Repub are so Gung ho for more jobs???? it’s called the party of “no” for a reason!! It is out and out political sabotage!!

    • onedonewong

      Then why did he say he would create 1 million new jobs and instead eliminated 1 million?? He’s over his head and needs to QUIT

  • Americanmom1

    that is still an amazing amount of jobs if you are one of those who were hired..

    • Hell Yeah!!!!!

    • montanabill

      But if you are one of the 23 million still unemployed, it probably doesn’t look so amazing or very good for your future.

      • Americanmom1

        So the people should call their Representatives and tell them to pass the Presidents jobs bill..We the people have a responsibility to keep them workng for us.. The republicans agenda is to prevent Obama from being re-elected..That much is clear and if you believe that then they need to be reminded who they work for.. Tired of hearing how its Obama s fault we are in this ditch when it was obviously the policies of the previous administration..and it will take years to get us out.., Romney will dig us in deeper…

        • montanabill

          Jobs Bill??? Stimulus II, and he still has money in the pot from Stimulus I. Surely you can’t be fooled that easily?

          • Americanmom1

            then call them and ask them to release the funds.

          • montanabill

            Ask who? The President controls the funds he has.

          • Americanmom1

            No the congress controls the funds….

          • montanabill

            Not after they have been allocated to the President.

      • WhutHeSaid

        True, but then neither would adding 750,000 more unemployed per month — what was happening the last time we had Republican policies in force.

        I have two observations to offer:

        1) Adding 96,000 jobs in a month beats losing 750,000 ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.
        2) More ‘dancing horsies’ for the wealthy won’t make those without jobs feel much better.

        • montanabill

          ‘dancing horsies’ require trainers, ferriers, vets, grooms, stable hands, and business support people. Maybe you are referring to ‘prancing horsies’ made by an Italian automaker.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Yes, and crap requires sanitation workers, plumbers, fragrance manufacturers, and toiletry businesses — but that doesn’t mean I want that sandwich you just tried to hand me.

          • Prancing Horse It’s That What Ann Romney Took That Tax Credit Of 50.000 Dollars On!!LOL

  • I guess 100k and ave 250 last 29 months is better then -700k a month under Bush2 economy in 07-08 !I guess Dow 13,400 is better then 6200,Sp 500 double and Naq almost triple since March 09 under Obama and 4.5 Million jobs in private sector more then the whole eight years of Bush2.Obama has done outstanding but must close the TRILLIONS of Dollars spending on Bush2 lifetime Wars and cut military spending over 50% over next Ten years !Obama needs to providing the World with TRILLIONS of borrow Dollars of sercuity while OUR STATES and CITIES go Bankrupt and our citizens go without food and our middle classes wages/benefits go down the tube and debt level increase!

  • Jo

    nation memo is like most o f the liberal media, very liberal and distorts facts to make the liberal side of our democracy look better than it really isl…………..

    • bobbreinig

      and yet your here ,, what does that say about you,, your either a troll or a liberal.. i just think its gunny you come here to comment on things you say are slanted ,, so why bother comeing here

  • Did anyone expect that big corporations who are doing everything in their power to sink Obama would go on a hiring binge before the election?

  • Joe Narusiewicz

    We need to pass the jobs act and instead of handing out a unemployment check or a welfare check let people be doing something like FDR did but the phony republicans and fanatical tea party block any really good legislation to prevent President Obama and the democrats from getting any credit. They put party above country and allow millions of people to suffer over their politics. I see through their sick little game and despise them. They want to elect an outsourcer of USA jobs and a tax dodger instead of a real leader because they work for the 1% and are zombie shills and pawns in a power struggle. Don’t fall for their crap! Don’t accept right to work states and cleaning the filthy riches toilets as an alternative to real jobs.

    • montanabill

      What jobs act? I vaguely remember that the President offered up another stimulus bill to be paid for by borrowed money. Say, doesn’t he still have money left from the last one. I think so.

      • WhutHeSaid

        All of the following were blocked by Republicans but could have passed a majority vote:

        October 11, 2011: Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, Senate Bill 1549 (H Doc. 112-53) and (HR-12) – blocked by Republicans who prevented it moving forward to a simple majority vote (50-47).

        November 3, 2011: Rebuild America Jobs Act, Senate Bill 1769 – blocked by Republicans who prevented it moving forward to a simple majority vote (51-47).

        July 19, 2012: Bring Jobs Home Act, Senate Bill 3364 – blocked by Republicans who prevented it moving forward to a simple majority vote (56-42).

        You were lying –, er, that is, ‘saying’?

        • montanabill

          I’ll say the each one of those bills were spending bills but were not bills that would have created private sector jobs. And each one of those bills, if passed, would have required more borrowed money from China.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Hey Bill — I ran your latest post through BabelFish (great software). I set the translation for ‘Moneygrub-To-English’ translation and here’s what came out:

            “I love to oil my body and roll all around in piles of shiny pennies. My sphincter clamps shut so hard when an employee asks me for a living wage that I now wear my pants with the zipper in the back for quick applications of ice-cream to my hemorrhoids. Hungry babies annoy me, and I believe they should work like anyone else. I’m too cheap to buy tickets to a movie, so I kick puppies in my leisure time, which is free.”

            Amazing how accurate software is getting these days, yes?

      • sand12

        There has been a great jobs bill sitting on the presidents desk for months now. The house has said it wont vote to pass it because they refuse to give the president credit for anything. They are a bunch of bullies. Because President Obama had the backbone to stand up to them, when they demanded he do as they said. they said they would ruin him. This is at the cost of millions of people that are trying to survive. They voted 30 times to try to overturn health care. not once brought up a compromise on jobs. They wont even speak of it. Abortion and all the other issues are a way to take our minds off the issues that really are essential to our survival as a nation.
        Is this the kind of government you want taking control? Fact check the jobs bill. The keystone pipeline is a horrible idea for America. The GOP has promised every last drop of oil to China, pocketing mass profits for themselves. Just like Halibertons contract was such a great help to the military. Crooked, wealthy polititions having at it with the lives of our heros wasting money, not even supplyng them with flack jackets they were promised. And money dissapearing without a trace. Thank you vice president Cheney and his friends.
        The army corp. of engineers deturmed. leaks from North to South were inevitable. in the pipeline, distroying the heartlands water supply and mass losses of farmland. There are so many other healthy things we need to do to heal our jobs and economic problems. Infastruture is absolutly essential for one. Construction in alternative energy is another. plus so many other plans going to waste.
        You can thank the GOP for holding up all these jobs and ideas.

        • montanabill

          There has been another stimulus bill, but it is hardly a jobs bill. You simply cannot borrow more money from China, turn it loose on political patronage, call it a jobs bill and even begin to expect that it will somehow create long term jobs or empower businesses to risk their own capital to expand. Obama still has money left from his original stimulus. Why doesn’t he spend that?

    • foxyk9

      You are absolutely rght! It as was the republicans who blocked the jobs act, at a loss of 100,000 jobs just to make Obama look bad. I think anyone who votes republican is crazy, and against the USA. I would like to see every republican in congress replaced with a democrat in order to save this country.

  • Melford

    The Obama Camp has the idea that they can put a *positive* spin on these numbers. His own statements, prior to taking office, make it clear that by HIS OWN STANDARDS, he has failed and failed miserably! I think everyone should take Obama up on his proposal:

    If you are better off than you were four years ago, vote for more of the same. If not, well, don’t — vote for ANYONE BUT OBAMA! That is what I am going to do. Not that I think that Mitt is that much better, I think he may have things screwed on wrong as well, but I am certain he is the lesser of two evils. He is possibly bad. Obama is *known* bad!

    • jcbsdriver

      My Dear, Dear Melford,

      Be Careful. Sometimes you may get what you wish for and then realize it isn’t exactly what you thought it was. I know. I have many friends and family in Massachusetts and if they could take back their 4 years with Govenor Romney, they would do it in a second. He sweet talked Mass voters and said his business experience would bring new jobs and make Massachusetts the leading state in the country. It didn’t happen. He claims now he balanced the budget in Mass. but neglects to tell you that he had to by law. Mass passed a balanced budget law. The state still had a defecit so Govenor Romney increased all state fees and licenses to make up the difference. Some fees increased over 100%. If he now gives the tax breaks he’s promising to the rich and cut the defecit, he has to get money somewhere to do that. He knows what he plans on doing. He’s just not telling the voters.
      Don’t be surprised and outraged like the voters in Massachusetts. He will come after the rest of us for those monies.

      The voters in Massachusetts are not eager to pick Mr. Romney this time. Go to a Mass. blog and read what people say on there. Some of it is very informative

  • if that were the only factor.

    Or do as Bush and Reagan did.. massive government spending to create job, as well as massive debt.

    SO If Romney gets elected, maybe we will see less unemployment.. because a declared war against Iran for the benefit of Greater Israel will again embroil ourselves into another prolonged conflict costing trillions of dollars and thousand of American lives. And oil prices,and all consumer goods directly/indirectly will be affected as well. What fuel does agriculture or trucking use to produce and transport to market?

    Who will get rich? Question should be is who owns the oil companies? Just ask yourselves how much of it is American owned and how much is foreign owned. Oh, the privacy laws in Cayman and Zurich won;t let us know that. Maybe we should compel them to tell us. Sanctions could work.

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    The Presidents policies through the government sets the tone for job creation. Obama needed to listen to Clinton’s message and didn’t.

    These are an amazingly small number of jobs being created. Most were in low paying areas. At this rate it will take over four years to reach the high level of 2006. With population growth we will still need between 7-12 million more jobs. The worst number is the 368,000 who gave up looking.

    Obama, get off the Keynesian economics they have never worked.

    • the last significant action by Clinton (unadvertised) was to grant China free trade status and sell American industry down the river with out a paddle.

      Clinton will be heralded in history as the greatest negative influence to send America in economic decline. His buddies the Bushes are as responsible. There isn’t a scintilla of difference with mainstream parties, they are both owned by the same people that operate the marionette strings. .

      • 1TexasHoney27

        O’ Leary , What kinda of crap in a bucket are you trying to peddle. Damn you act like you were in a coma during the Clinton good times….. Did you know it’s better to be thought stupid that to open one’s moth n remove all doubt…. Did you just fall off the turnip truck last nite? or Are you new to America?

  • We all know what America should do. SImple question with a simple answer.

    What does America need to prosper?

    Old Economics: Land, Labor, Entrepreneurship, Capital.

    Let’s get it right. Transportation Infrastructure.. WE all hear of it needing upgrading. FDR did that and heralded a new age and recovery from the Great Depression

    SO build a better transportation system: provide nation wide employment.
    Build Vac trains capable of 1 hour transport of goods and people from coast to cost, use existing land (mediums of interstate highways. Environmentally safe, clean electric, and cost efficient. Oh, the Oil industry and investors won’t have it.

    So what?

  • ptca

    yah-its worse than you thought. all your purported concern for the middle class is worthless unless there are jobs generate dby entrepreneurs who do make it on their own. this country needs a president who knows that compromise is the art of government-we don’t have that man in office now.

    • Americanmom1

      Are you serious? Don’t you know the reason Obama’s base was pissed at him was because he compromised with republicans ? We want him to kick a** and take names and tell those old white men who would pee their pants if Obama said boo to go around them.. He will be re elected because there are Thank God more of us than there are of people who would block progress just because..

  • 1TexasHoney27

    While this report’s not the most terrific news to hear I’m positive it’s a hellava lot better than it would’ve been under Republi-prick rule… In every pole there’s room for error n even if this is right on target there’s progress in the out come. As long as each of us reach out a hand to the person behind us then one by one we will all get pulled from the cess pool to once again stand on solid ground. Just like President Obama said last night that progress is slow but sure… There’s hope for the future under his command n nothing to look forward to under the Robbing Romney/ Lyan Ryan plan…. Under Obama/Biden we will at least have a better chance of getting back to the days of Bill Clinton …. I’d much rather move forward slow yet steady than to continue to try to keep from drowning in the cess pool from which we just came. The Koch brothers n the rest of those dumb-asses can out source there dumb ideas elsewhere cause Americans Damn sure Don’t need them. Obama /Biden 2012…. God Bless America


  • Read the one about the worst states. All in the South–many red states. What is the correlation? Just wondering.

  • What are the 10 BEST states to retire in? Curious about that too.

  • And supposedly if Romney was the Commander in Chief, he would have created more jobs ? I know it would be less than it is today !!!

  • I agree wholeheartedly w you Dominick ! You defined it all quite well !

  • Has anyone answered the question of what the net gain in jobs has been for the top 2% who have been enjoying Bush tax cuts now for quite a while – far longer than President Obama’s 4 year term. In other words, what has been the cost of these lost revenues, and what has been the gain in trickle down economics? Also, why not take these lost revenues and give it to businesses that can show a business plan that will truly stimulate the economy and hire more people, instead of giving them to the top 2% in hopes that they may invest in their businesses and create more jobs. Or does trickle down just mean that these folks can buy more jets, and other toys, and help the economy that way?

  • Wow finally some realism . The funniest thing about the horridly bad jobs report is that it also resulted in a drop in the unemplotment rate ???? Really ???? Well I guess when people are giving up HOPE of EVER finding a job and the Labor Dept decides to then drop the Labor participation rate , well you can make that number say anything DEAR LEADER wants that way …Hooray get out the crayons and lets do Math Obama style . Look economists believe that we need to create 180 ,000 to 190,000 new jobs a month just to tread water. That number takes into account the mortality rate ( that means the number of people who are dying for you progressives ) the retirement rate ( that means the number of people who are retiring for you progressives ) and the new people entering the job force ( that means ..oh you get the point ). Ok , 96,000 then should result in a higher unemployment number . The way the Dems do crayon Math they just say that more and more have given up HOPE for CHANGE and ever finding a JOB then stop counting them . Brilliant . Look there were 365,000 new Unemployment claims and 96,000 new jobs and you think because the Dems do Math in crayon that Unemployment rate is going down ??? Are you people really that dumb ? Look I’m really not trying to degrade you I’m trying to educate through satire and sarcasm OK . So dont hate > So in summation 96,000 new jobs when you need to creat 190,000 means the unemployment rate went up . 96,000 jobs minus 365,000 new unemployment claims means we lost 270,000 net jobs . That means the unemployment rate went up . Ok get it . In this point in Reagans 1st term we were creating 276,000 new Jobs a month . Obama said that way didn’t work and I fully expect the Public Union teachers to start teaching that lie as fact . They will teach this to your children to indoctrinate them to be future DEM voters . Why ? Because Public Unions have a vested interest in your kids supporting the Party that gives them everything they want .Obama said we have a plan and it worked . Really ?? Lets do real Math.. Reagan 276,000 jobs a month and econmic growth . Obama 120,000 ( when 190,000 is needed ) and no economic growth . Ok , and he is trying to sell to you that Reagans way didn’t work . My friends that is called LYING.

  • The only thing wrong with this jobs report is there are no count of the people that work under
    the table,and on one talk about them. Every one that need a job and like to work have a job ,just
    look around you

  • gamanami

    Truth be told that the jobs at least were added in USA…not overseas

  • bcarreiro

    see if u know so much about business romney, u know to leave your 2 cents out. thats what u have done. your arrogance will lead u to that road home not to the oval office. u and boehner need to get a real job cleaning the floors in congress. by the way is congress looking for a house keeper/spkr?

  • Economy terrible and 43 straight months of unemployment above 8% and instead of being upset that the economy is “still” so rotten, you basically ignore what is happening to fellow Americans & accept what Obama is doing is good? (Even) if the last recession was “completely” Bush’s fault, that recession OFFICIALLY ENDED in June 2009, and Obama’s “recovery” is worse that the last recession, not to mention that BO likes to blame Congress as well, well, then is it Bush’s fault his last 2 years, or the Complete Democrat Congress that put forth the legislation and the sub-prime loan fiasco that started the “crisis”??? Come on, our country is in sad, sad shape under Obama’s policies the last 4 years.

    • bcarreiro

      u must be one the 2%

  • lancesharpe

    To Montanabill:
    Each one of those bill would create private sector jobs doing badly needed improvements to a crumbling infrastructure by private contractors doing goverment work also thousands of jobs from mom and pop shops and business with people doing those jobs.
    Yes a percentage of that money would come from china at a very low interest rate a small price to pay to help feed our people much cheaper than welfare or unemployment.
    The problem is not going to go away and the deficit is not going away without someone spending money and I don’t see the so called job createtors stepping up to the plate.
    Pure dirty politics is the only reason that these bills are blocked barming the American people this is called treason

  • Don

    Why is it up to the President to find jobs for all the citizens not employed. Much of it comes from many companies having to download on employees or face default. If Romney is sending business to China and other countries, how can we get back unless we surcharge these companies who send good to us that we cannot produce cheaply. I see Walmart getting many products from China and Vietnamn. I even bought a package of dried veggies and when I got them home found they were from Vietnamn. Big and Tall orders clothes from Babgladesh as well as India and Pakistan. Their Chinese pockets have very small pockets. So what are we going to do?

  • I think that, if you ask the 96,000 people who got jobs last month, whether that’s good or bad news, they’ll tell you that it’s good news.

    Enough people have already figured out that the GOP rooted for and did everything they could to obstruct financial recovery in their effort to make President Obama a “one-term President”…the jig is up, GOP…as Rev. Al Sharpton says on his MSNBC show, Politics Nation, “nice try, but we gotcha!”. Also remember that one of the 8 cornerstones of the GOP is hypocrisy.

    Fans of the 90’s sci-fi series “Star Trek: The Next Generation” remember a group of nasty characters called “The Borg”…The Borg were half-machine, half-humanoid creatures who “assimilated” species and societies. Their warning before they assimilated was, “you will be assimilated…resistance is futile”. Today, the political version of The Borg have assimilated the Republican Party….we call them the extremist and ignorant idiots, aka, the Conservative Wrong-Wing Nut Jobs and the Tea Party Militia.

    An overwhelming majority of voters in this country are running away from political parties that practice extremism, idiocy and ignorance…this is the reason why at least several million (possibly as many as 25 million!) GOP moderates have left the Republican Party. In fact, the defection numbers are so bad that the GOP will likely suffer its political death on 6 November, 2012…and, that’s seriously ironic considering that the Republican Party began in 1854 as an alternative to the Conservative Southern Democratic Party and near-dead Whig Party .

    If there’s to be a replacement for the GOP among the current “fringe” parties, only one has the chance to actually replace the GOP: the Progressive Party. Why? Because all of the other “fringe” parties are extremist, idiotic and ignorant. Paultards (Ron Paul fans) think that the Libertarian Party will replace the GOP….not gonna happen, kids…the Libertarian Party’s extreme fiscal conservatism and radical social liberalism isn’t going to fly with reasonable people.

  • Don’t forget to vote for the candidate we can trust to do what he says and what is right for the county–President Barack Obama.

  • onedonewong

    A failed presidency and its time barak does the right thing and just RESIGN