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Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Adele M. Stan

Roy Moore Proves The Moral Bankruptcy Of The Religious Right

He is a judge who was suspended from his position as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for failing to uphold the Constitution of the United States. But that wasn’t enough to keep Roy Moore from winning the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

November 17, 2017

Trump Brings Out The Bible For Faith And Freedom

As Washington sat transfixed before the image of former FBI Director James Comey spilling some beans on the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump went to work. An expert in creating crises, Trump is not the kind to let his handiwork go to waste.

June 10, 2017

Trey Gowdy Is The Perfect Trump Stooge In House Russia Probe

Representative Trey Gowdy, Republican of South Carolina, has a very important job: preserving the presidency of a man whose campaign featured individuals who had contacts with likely agents of a foreign adversary that intelligence officials say interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

May 27, 2017
White Trump Supporters, America

White America Proves How Much It Hates Women (And Latinos, Muslims, Blacks And Jews)

No, the Trump victory is not about the economic suffering of his voters; it’s a backlash to a new societal composition that allows non-white people to compete alongside whites; one in which non-Hispanic whites are shrinking in the share of U.S. population they represent. And one in which a woman dared to presume to seek the presidency.

November 9, 2016
Pantsuit feminism Hillary Clinton

Pantsuit Feminism Is Real Feminism

Hillary Clinton is poised to ascend to the presidency, and those men made queasy by the notion of a woman in the nation’s top job may take comfort in the fact that, just like they do, she puts her trousers on one leg at a time.

November 8, 2016

Is Reckless Comey Seeking Revenge On Critics Via FBI Twitter Account?

It seems that he’s either signed off on an election-week records dump, via Twitter, from an old investigation of the Clinton Foundation, or has lost control of the agents who staff the FBI’s Twitter account. Either way, he’s made a choice to let chaos reign in the closing days of a presidential campaign.

November 2, 2016

Is Comey’s FBI Sitting On A Scandal That Could Destroy Trump’s Candidacy?

According to Reid, the FBI director “possess[es] explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisers, and the Russian government—a foreign interest openly hostile to the United States, which Trump praises at every opportunity.”

November 1, 2016
Trump supporters will they show up to vote?

The Great 2016 Campaign Mystery: Who’s In The Electorate?

There’s another factor that could spell a departure in the 2016 race from the presidential contests of 2012 and 2008, which will not be known until after the vote is in — just who will decide to vote? The trick for pollsters will be to find ways of measuring any such changes to the composition of the electorate. The trick for everybody else: understanding what it means for our politics.

October 31, 2016
Putin Answers Media's Questions in Paris

Donald Trump’s Very Weird Russia Thing

Donald Trump, the Republican Party presidential nominee, has a Putin thing. The Trump campaign has a Russia thing. And Trump Tower has a Russian mobster-running-an-illegal-gambling-operation thing.

October 22, 2016
Donald Trump at final presidential debate

Trump’s ‘Nasty Woman’ Comment Becomes Rallying Cry For Female Voters

The more Donald Trump makes this election all about himself, the more women of America will choose to make it about themselves. And in that event, Trump clearly loses.

October 20, 2016
America should have seen Trump coming

In Blustering Speech, Trump Hints At Anti-Semitic Themes — And Future Mayhem

“Our campaign represents a true existential threat, like they haven’t seen before. This is not simply another four-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we, the people, reclaim control over our government,” Trump told a cheering crowd in West Palm Beach, Florida.

October 13, 2016
trump defensive

How To Decode Mike Pence’s Misogyny (And Why It Matters)

No one yet knows the true dimensions of the 2016 electorate (the people who actually cast a ballot on Election Day). But we do know that women historically vote in greater numbers than men.

October 6, 2016
gary johnson

Meet Gary Johnson’s Money Men

Look behind the curtain, and you’ll find that Johnson’s candidacy is fueled by money provided by funders who are driving forces behind things most young voters abhor, like the privatization of public education and the “right” to pollute the environment.

September 29, 2016
clinton debate strategy

Clinton’s Ingenious Debate Strategy Lays Bare Trump’s Racism, Sexism and Venality

In the annals of feminism, Monday’s debate will rank with the epic tennis match between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King.

September 27, 2016
debate prep

Debate Prep: How Sexism Makes Hillary’s Task Infinitely More Difficult Than Trump’s

Clinton’s difficulty lies in the fact that for a woman, especially one facing off against a man, behavioral norms are still evolving, and she must dance around the obvious discomfort broadly experienced in American culture with the notion of female leadership.

September 26, 2016

12 Ways Gary Johnson Is A Hardcore Right-Wing Radical

Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson has emphasized his support for marijuana legalization and touts an anti-war stance in an attempt to lure progressives to his cause. But progressives are likely less aware of his links to the radical right and the Koch brothers.

September 22, 2016
evil american politics

The Normalization Of Evil In American Politics

Time was when a presidential candidate who played footsie with segregationists and white supremacists would have banished to the fringes of the American political scene. But Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump has changed all that.

September 15, 2016
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump arrives for a campaign rally in Tampa, Florida, U.S., August 24, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

No, Trump Is Not Really Changing His Racist Tune

Trump, many say, is trying to have it both ways: appeal to swing voters while not losing his core base of racists and misanthropes. But he’s likely trying to have it more ways than those.

August 25, 2016
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks onstage during a campaign rally in Akron, Ohio, U.S., August 22, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

The Trump Campaign Is Now Fully Aligned With White Supremacists

Time was when one could sum up the connections of Donald J. Trump, Republican Party standard-bearer and King of the Twitterverse, to avowed white supremacists and right-wing white nationalists in a few retweets from the @realDonaldTrump account.

August 24, 2016

Make No Mistake: The Koch Brothers Are Helping Donald Trump

They may not want the GOP standard-bearer’s dirt on their hands, but their minions are cleaning up behind him.

August 21, 2016
Campaign CEO Stephen Bannon listens during Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's round table discussion on security at Trump Tower in the Manhattan borough of New York, U.S., August 17, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

6 Manufactured News Scandals Produced And Promoted By Breitbart News And New Trump Campaign Chief Bannon

Viral lies destroy lives, and Breitbart and Bannon are masters of this disgusting trade.

August 20, 2016
racism goes mainstream

11 Dangerous Right-Wing Kooks, Cranks and Operatives Surrounding Donald Trump

It used to be that people like this only got backstage passes to the GOP’s big doings. Now they’re part of the show.

August 19, 2016

Trump’s Latest Speech Is a Doozy: Proposes Alliance With Putin And Ideology Test For Immigrants

In a speech billed as a major foreign policy address, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump offered little actual foreign policy, other than to claim that in a Trump presidency, “the era of nation-building” will have ended. Instead, he criticized and often misrepresented the policies of President Barack Obama and his Democratic rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

August 16, 2016
Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks to the Detroit Economic Club at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan August 8, 2016. REUTERS/Eric Thayer -

Trump Offers Huge Favors To Billionaires, Calls It A Big Economic Speech

If it came out of the mouth of any other politician, the speech delivered Monday by the Republican presidential candidate at the Detroit Economic Club would have been stunning in its mendacity. But issuing forth from the pie-hole of Donald J. Trump, it was, sadly, to be expected.

August 9, 2016

America’s Top Spies and Analysts Warn of Real Threat of a Trump Presidency – 5 Leaders Who Have Spoken out

As Trump’s foreign policy faux pas continue to pile up, former officials and military leaders are stepping into the light to express their concerns about the temperament and actions of Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, whom they contend to be unfit for the role of commander-in-chief. Here, we examine some recent statements by those who dare to be named.

August 6, 2016