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Friday, June 22, 2018
Don Lee

Study: US Middle-Class Families Are No Longer In The Majority

The nation’s middle class, long a pillar of the U.S. economy and foundation of the American dream, has shrunk to the point where it no longer constitutes the majority of the adult population, according to a new major study.

December 10, 2015

Jobless Rate Down; Wages Flat

Although employers added 223,000 jobs in June, workers’ average wages flattened, and the unemployment rate fell due to a shrinking labor force.

July 3, 2015
TPP Rally

Analysis: Why Everyone Is Fighting So Hard Over The Pacific Rim Trade Deal

The long, acrimonious legislative battle that gave President Barack Obama the power needed to complete trade agreements reflects both the steady march of globalization and also the nation’s deep ambivalence about the consequences of America’s widening economic engagement with the world.

June 24, 2015
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U.S. Economy Creates A Strong 280,000 Jobs In May

Jobs, employment, and wages rose last month, nearly seven years after the Great Recession.

June 5, 2015

Bipartisan Agreement Gives Trade Pact A Boost

Obama has staked his legacy as the self-proclaimed “first Pacific president” on completing the deal, even at the expense of alienating many Democrats who remain deeply suspicious of claims that free-trade deals are good for American workers.

April 17, 2015

IMF Sees Modest, Uneven Growth In Global Economy

Global economic growth is likely to remain modest and highly uneven, and the longer-term prospects are even more sobering, according to the International Monetary Fund.

April 14, 2015

China Is Obama’s Trump Card In Push For Pacific Rim Trade Agreement

The White House is using China to pressure Congress on the TPP.

March 9, 2015

Consumers Have Enjoyed Lower Gas Prices, But Will They Last? A Question And Answer

Everything you need to know about falling oil prices.

February 2, 2015

Wealth Gap In America Widens To Record Level, Report Says

Inequality in America is worse than ever.

December 17, 2014
AFP Photo/Mladen Antonov

Obama Calls For Patience In Fight Against Racism

Find out what else President Obama says about the protests sweeping the nation.

December 8, 2014

Economy Adds Robust 321,000 Jobs In November, Most In Nearly Three Years

The latest jobs report is huge.

December 5, 2014

U.S. Moves To Cash In On African Economic Promise

By Don Lee, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — When Kevin Smith and his partners started a solar energy firm in Santa Monica, California, in 2008, they expected to sell their technology to advanced economies in Europe and the United States. But much of the action has been in a part of the world Smith initially […]

August 6, 2014

Job Growth Is Robust In June; Unemployment Rate Falls To 6.1 Percent

By Don Lee, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — U.S. employers added a robust 288,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate fell to a six-year low of 6.1 percent, the government reported Thursday. The net job growth in June exceeded analysts’ expectations and signaled a strengthening labor market as the economy moves past a weak […]

July 3, 2014

Fischer Is Confirmed To Fed Board

By Don Lee, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — Stanley Fischer, the former Bank of Israel head picked by President Barack Obama for the No. 2 job at the Federal Reserve, won Senate confirmation Wednesday to become a member of the Fed’s board of governors. The 68-27 vote in favor of Fischer means he will have little […]

May 22, 2014

IMF Urges Congress To Back Reforms Giving Fund More Clout

By Don Lee, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — The U.S. made clear this past week that it wants the International Monetary Fund to be the emergency lender for countries like Ukraine, but American lawmakers have persistently refused to give the IMF the additional financial firepower that it has sought. That tension was evident in meetings concluding […]

April 14, 2014

Economy Adds 192,000 Jobs; Unemployment Rate Holds Steady At 6.7 Percent

By Don Lee, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — The U.S. economy added a fairly solid number of new jobs in March as employers reverted to their average pace of hiring after the unusually harsh winter weather. The Labor Department said Friday that the economy created a net 192,000 new jobs last month, just about as many […]

April 4, 2014

Malaysia Jet: New Objects Sighted, Raising Hope Of Finding Wreckage

By Don Lee, Los Angeles Times KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — The hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight intensified Monday as search crews reported more sightings of possible debris in the south Indian Ocean, including two objects that could be retrieved soon by an Australian vessel. Malaysia’s prime minister, Najib Razak, also announced an unscheduled […]

March 24, 2014

Indian Ocean Search For Missing Malaysia Airliner Comes Up Empty Again

By Don Lee, Tribune Washington Bureau KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Despite better weather conditions Friday and the use of some of the world’s most advanced surveillance aircraft, an Australian-led search operation came up empty on its second day of scouring the south Indian Ocean for possible debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Several military aircraft, […]

March 21, 2014

Some Data Deleted From Missing Malaysian Pilot’s Flight Simulator

By Don Lee, Tribune Washington Bureau KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia—Investigators have found that some data were deleted from the flight simulator taken from the home of the pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, adding to the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Boeing 777. Malaysian officials said Wednesday that experts were working to recover the deleted […]

March 19, 2014

Job Growth Remains Weak In January; Unemployment Rate Falls To 6.6 Percent

By Don Lee, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — Job growth was sluggish in January for the second straight month, the government said Friday in a report likely to heighten concerns that the economy and labor market recovery may be faltering again. The report could also give the Federal Reserve second thoughts about continuing to pull back […]

February 7, 2014