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Saturday, February 17, 2018
Eli Clifton

Gorka Joins Outlet That Published “Ten Things I Hate About Jews”

Gorka, who previously worked at Breitbart alongside Steve Bannon and Yiannopoulos, clearly knows the terrain of the alt-right and the white nationalist editorial line promoted by Breitbart. But while Breitbart often falls back on dog-whistle smears of Jews and Muslims, The Rebel has an established history of tolerating, and possibly encouraging, explicit bigotry.

February 7, 2018

On Twitter, Flynn Follows Racists, Conspiracists, And Islamophobes

Flynn, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, follows Twitter accounts with profiles promoting white supremacy, anti-Muslim conspiracies, unsubstantiated claims about President Obama’s birthplace, and conspiracies involving Comet Ping Pong, a fake news story about a child sex ring operating from a Washington, D.C. pizzeria.

December 12, 2016