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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Jennie Neufeld
A motor officer writes a traffic ticket for a motorist caught speeding

Across The Country, Bills Immunize Drivers Who Injure Protesters

With all eyes on the tragedies of Charlottesville, many say this is not the America they recognize. However, legalized violence is nothing new, chiefly in the form of police brutality and the immunity offered to those who retaliate against protesters.

August 16, 2017

Why Does Trump Want To Make Appalachians’ Lives Worse?

First came deindustrialization and mass unemployment, then the opioid crisis. Now a new report from HealthAffairs reveals that infant mortality rates in Appalachia dwarf those in the rest of the country. Life expectancies are considerably shorter as well. Looking at an array of data, the study finds that infant mortality was as much 16 percent higher in Appalachia…

August 12, 2017
Donald Trump sues Nevada over early voting

More Than Half Of Republicans Would Support Postponing The 2020 Election: Poll

Despite the president’s record-low approval ratings, a majority of Republicans say they would be willing to postpone the 2020 election if Trump were to propose such a plan. According to the poll conducted by two academic authors and published in the Washington Post, 52 percent support the idea.

August 11, 2017