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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Joe Strupp
FBI Director James Comey

Top Legal Scholar: Trump Twitter Attack On Comey Could Be “Witness Intimidation”

A top constitutional law scholar says President Donald Trump’s Twitter attack against former FBI director James Comey for sharing a memo recounting his meetings with Trump could be seen as “witness intimidation,” while also noting that there is no legal rationale for the president’s claims.

June 10, 2017

Unions Worry Sinclair Will Slant Tribune Media To Far Right

Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s recent purchase of Tribune Media is drawing serious concern from Tribune employees and their union leadership, as well as broadcasting experts who fear the company will continue its long history of aggressively slanting local news coverage to the right.

May 23, 2017
Trump, Conservative, Press

Press Advocates Appalled By Trump’s Reported Call To Jail Journalists

Media law experts and journalism advocates are sounding the alarm about President Donald Trump’s reported call to jail journalists for publishing classified information, saying the move amounts to “threatening to take away the right of free speech.”

May 20, 2017

How Trump’s New Federal Commission Could Be Used To Suppress Legal Voters

President Donald Trump’s new commission on “election integrity” is drawing complaints from experts who continue to point out that no evidence exists for Trump’s ongoing claims of widespread voter fraud.

May 14, 2017

Police Reporters And Experts: Sessions’ Consent Decree Criticism Has “No Basis In Fact”

The Obama administration reached consent decrees with the law enforcement agencies of roughly two dozen cities including Baltimore, MD, Ferguson, MO, and Seattle, WA. The consent decrees were the products “of aggressive efforts by the Obama administration to improve relations between the police and the communities they serve,” as The New York Times noted.

May 1, 2017
Sheriff David Clarke

Milwaukee Sheriff ‘Missing In Action’ As He Seeks Trump Limelight

Clarke, a Democrat and African-American, is among Fox News’ favorite guests. A search of Fox News transcripts on Nexis since 2015 finds he has made prime time appearances more than 100 times, in most cases to discuss national issues, not his home county. (Nexis does not capture Fox News appearances on morning and daytime programming.)

March 27, 2017
Executive Orders, Trump, Immigrant

Criminologists Rip Misleading Trump Immigrant Crime Office

Crime reporters and criminologists say President Donald Trump’s new federal office devoted to crimes committed by immigrants is unnecessary and that creating such an entity is misleading since foreign-born residents actually commit fewer crimes than most native citizens.

March 3, 2017

President Trump’s Chaotic And Bizarre First Month Is Unprecedented

Presidential historians and veteran Washington correspondents say President Donald Trump’s first month in office — which has been marred by numerous scandals and vicious attacks on the press — is more “chaotic” and “bizarre” than any administration’s first month in history.

February 23, 2017
Donald Trump, Press

Journalists Speak Out On How The Press Should Cover Trump

Facing the reality of President-elect Donald Trump’s impending inauguration, traditional media outlets can either band together in the face of Trump’s bullying anti-press tactics or risk being steamrolled by the incoming administration. Reporters need to be ready to recommit to solid, rigorous reporting to hold Trump accountable.

January 20, 2017
Donald Trump's children to take on his business empire

Will Trump Actually Sever Ties With His Business?

Legal experts say that Trump’s vague Twitter announcement does little to address the potential conflicts, and any plan short of Trump completely selling his interests will leave the window open for an ethical mess.

December 2, 2016

FBI Veterans, Historians See Leaks As ‘Dangerous’ And ‘Unprecedented’

Several historians and former agents said the unusual leaking of information and subsequent media reports can do damage not only to the current presidential election but also to the FBI’s effectiveness and the nation’s democracy.

November 5, 2016
comey email speculation

Former Prosecutors Criticize Media’s ‘Uninformed Speculation’ On FBI Email Letter

In interviews with Media Matters, several signatories of the letter were critical of the “firestorm of misinformation” and baseless speculation that has dominated media coverage of Comey’s actions since Friday.

November 1, 2016
Roger Stone

Election Experts: Roger Stone’s Exit Polling Plan Smacks Of ‘Intimidation’

Election experts say that the plan by Roger Stone to unleash hundreds of untrained “exit poll” watchers in search of vote theft on Election Day risks intimidating voters in the targeted communities. They also explain that unprofessional exit polling is a nonsensical way to discover alleged voter fraud and vote rigging, which is “extremely rare” in the first place.

October 28, 2016
Trump falsehoods

Experts: Trump’s Legal Threat Against New York Times ‘A Pure Loser’

Donald Trump’s threats to The New York Times for reporting allegations that he committed sexual assault are legally far-fetched and provide a troubling portrait of how a Trump administration would handle the press.

October 14, 2016
Trump tweets about his business

Legal Experts: “Fiduciary Responsibility” No Excuse For Tax Avoidance

“[Trump] owes no fiduciary duty to anyone else not to pay personal income tax. It is an almost incomprehensibly incoherent argument,” said USC law professor Edward Kleinbard.

October 4, 2016
conservative newspapers

Conservative Newspapers Explain Why They Refused To Endorse ‘Frightening’ Trump

Opinion editors at three major newspapers that have routinely endorsed Republicans for president — dating back more than a century in some cases — tell Media Matters they endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton because Republican nominee Donald Trump is “frightening” and potentially “dangerous.”

September 30, 2016
Richard Painter

Former George W. Bush Ethics Lawyer: Trump And His Family Need To Cut Ties With The Trump Organization If Trump Wins

Richard Painter, the former chief ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush, says if Republican nominee Donald Trump becomes president, the only way to avoid serious conflicts of interest would be for Trump and his family to sell all of their holdings in the Trump Organization.

September 15, 2016
NRA national cemetery ad

Veterans’ Groups Call Out The NRA: ‘Don’t Use Our Dead To Score Political Points’

Veterans’ groups are criticizing the National Rifle Association for releasing a pro-Donald Trump ad that was apparently filmed at a national cemetery in violation of government policy, calling for the ad to be taken down and accusing the gun group of “using our dead to score political points.”

July 4, 2016
File photo of a Flint River sign seen along the Flint river in Flint, Michigan

How National Media Failed Flint

“Journalists have become lazy. We wait for the obvious and jump on trends.”

February 12, 2016