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Thursday, August 16, 2018
Kurt Boyer

#EndorseThis: A Full Frontal Expose Of Fascism In The GOP

Which Republicans are most directly tied to white-supremacist fascism in 2018? Of course, many Democrats would go right to Donald J. Trump. But whatever your opinion of Trump on race and civil rights, he would likely be in the Reform Party or another fringe organization were it not for his devious strategy of taking over […]

August 16, 2018

#EndorseThis: Trevor Noah Blasts President Trump’s Alien Sex Rockets

Trevor Noah has been relatively quiet lately (at least through the #EndorseThis lens) which is healthy for the Daily Show comedian. The minor controversy over his World Cup comments (which wound-up getting France’s government involved) needed time and space in order to be forgotten. Space. Hmm, that’s a word we’ve been hearing a lot from […]

August 15, 2018

#EndorseThis: Lewandowski’s Ham Routine Fried By Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen – appearing on Who is America in yet another one of his right-wing disguises – sits down across from Corey Lewandowski, noteworthy hot-head and former Trump campaign manager. Cohen launches volleys of his usual tactics, trying to get Lewandowski to agree to pro-fascist statements concerning the Nazi demonstrations in Charlottesville, and of course […]

August 14, 2018

#EndorseThis: Omarosa Says Trump Shows Signs Of Mental Deficiency

Try not to stare too long at today’s #EndorseThis screenshot. It appears as though the ghost boy from Three Men and a Baby has chosen to show up behind interview-guest Omarosa’s left shoulder. The reverse-negative NBC peacock on hand doesn’t make it any less eerie. Finally, there’s the lady on the left rocking one hell […]

August 13, 2018

#EndorseThis: Fallon Says Mike Pence Is Most Likely An Alien

Maybe there’s a need for a Space Force after all. Jimmy Fallon thinks something is amiss after studying 51 Areas of Vice President Mike Pence’s overly-sculpted mug. The late-night comic plays footage of Pence relaying “greetings” to a crew of Earthlings preparing to enact 45’s Space Force initiative. Come to think of it, Pence’s too-perfect-from-the-chest-up […]

August 10, 2018

#EndorseThis: Jim Acosta Reveals Secret Of His Incendiary Trump Coverage

Hypocrisy is an over-used charge in politics. But sometimes, the shoe fits. In his Late Night With Stephen Colbert interview, CNN reporter Jim Acosta subtly levies that accusation at the American right wing. Pro-Trump conservatives accuse CNN and other news outlets of selective truth-telling, of having made up their minds about the Trump presidency before […]

August 9, 2018

#EndorseThis: Kimmel Makes Final Appeal To Trump On Climate Change

Jimmy Kimmel is hot, coming up with one funny political monologue after another. We wanted to feature Jimmy yesterday, but his videos were strangely absent from social media. It worked out, given the news of the explosive statement from a Fox icon. But we can’t wait to get to today’s Kimmel clip, which is working […]

August 8, 2018

#EndorseThis: Colin Cowherd Rips Trump On LeBron In Rare Political Remarks

President Trump’s method of dealing with famous detractors is crude and obvious. He attacks loudly, controversially, telling the dissenter in effect, “this is how a fight with me will go.” Liberals find it obscene and dangerous, conservatives think it’s devilishly clever. But one thing all sane people should agree on is that it is not […]

August 7, 2018

#EndorseThis: Maher Calls Trump Speeches A Pedophile Talking To Nazis

Sometimes in our “teaser” email for #EndorseThis, we keep things a little bit mysterious. It’s not merely for “bait” to draw the reader in, though we love when you visit us! Instead, think of it like a director not wanting to give away the whole movie with a title card. When a headline tells you […]

August 6, 2018

#EndorseThis: Samantha Bee Unloads On 3-D Printable Gun Zealots

Samantha Bee’s monologues are too restless to focus on one topic alone. This week, the comedienne begins with a funny riff on the “Q-Anon” devotees at a Trump rally who can’t tell a meaningless random-words generator when they see one, and wraps up with a shot across the bow at sleazy CBS executive Les Moonves. […]

August 3, 2018

#EndorseThis: Jimmy Fallon Imitates Trump Imitating A President

It is possible to get a Trump rally crowd to cheer for many strange things. Cheers for a border wall! Cheers for the death of CNN! Cheers for tax cuts, even when others are getting way bigger cuts than they are! But can you get them to cheer for a bona-fide Hollywood liberal? No way, […]

August 2, 2018

#EndorseThis: Colbert Takes On Bigfoot Porn in Virginia Midterm Race

At least a percentage of the National Memo readership must be familiar with the story by now. Democratic Virginia congressional candidate Leslie Cockburn was in midst of calling out GOP rival Denver Riggleman for carousing with a noted white supremacist when she added an extra nugget on Twitter…censored “Bigfoot Erotica” images from Riggleman’s Instagram account. […]

August 1, 2018

#EndorseThis: Kardashian-West On Trump Catching Her With Her Pants Down

Kim Kardashian-West and her husband Kanye West have taken plenty of heat for befriending, praising, and even cooperating with President Donald Trump. But there’s no question Kardashian-West struck a blow for liberal goodness when she secured the release of non-violent drug offender Alice Marie-Johnson from prison. In today’s clip, Kim tells Jimmy Kimmel about her […]

July 31, 2018

#EndorseThis: Roy Moore Nailed By Sexual Predator Detector Wand

Remember the pitiful attempts by failed Senate candidate Roy Moore’s few remaining friends to prove he wasn’t a sicko? A lying sexual predator who took advantage of adolescent girls when in his late 20s and early 30s? Colonel Erran Morad (actually Sacha Baron Cohen of Borat fame) gives Moore a chance to prove his innocence. […]

July 30, 2018

#EndorseThis: Jimmy Fallon Debuts Biden 2020 Slogan

On Thursday #EndorseThis covered the laser-beam focused satire of Samantha Bee. But good comedy comes in many flavors. Jimmy Fallon’s late-night monologues are less edgy but usually include something for everyone. Jimmy doesn’t disappoint in today’s clip, leading off with a sharp bit about Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Mueller’s current daily task is combing through […]

July 27, 2018

#EndorseThis: Samantha Bee Shoots Down NRA With Vicious Mock Ad

The saying, “the pen is mightier than the sword” is as moth-eaten as an old wardrobe in a haunted house. So TBS talk-show host Samantha Bee has updated it for the 21st century. As of July 2018, the glare is mightier than the gun. Bee stares down National Rifle Association henchwoman Dana Loesch in a […]

July 26, 2018

#EndorseThis: President Trump’s New Opponent Is Planet Earth

Let’s face it, Donald Trump knows how to make hay against some political opponents. His take-down of Jeb Bush was darkly funny for those of us who fought the Bush dynasty for decades. A weaker-than-usual GOP cast was no match for The Donald in the primaries, and woe to cabinet members who defy the official […]

July 25, 2018

#EndorseThis: Sacha Baron Cohen Exposes Georgia GOP…Pun Intended

Sacha Baron Cohen’s brave satirical comedy is doing more than just opening doors. It’s dropping drawers. The star of Borat has released a hilarious new segment from his Showtime series Who is America in which Georgia Republican lawmaker Jason Spencer is driven into a naked Islamophobic fury during a crash-course on terrorist attacks. And we mean literally naked […]

July 24, 2018

#EndorseThis: Hillary Issues Dire Warning On Russia’s Hacking Of America

First things first, ET readers. You’ll be happy to know that Hillary Clinton looks relaxed and even rejuvenated in this clip from The Guardian. The political dynamo who nearly became the first female POTUS has recovered from the disappointment of losing in November 2016. In fact, compared to shock journos on TV and in tabloids, […]

July 23, 2018

#EndorseThis: Daily Show Row With France Not Over Says Trevor Noah

After the France National Team won gold at the World Cup in Russia, Trevor Noah joked that 80% of Les Bleus 23-man roster was of African descent, smirking that “Africa won the World Cup.” The line got laughs, like just about everything the brilliant Daily Show anchor says to his audience. But the joke hasn’t […]

July 20, 2018

#EndorseThis: Lewis Black Calls Trump A Thief Of Time Itself

Considering the circumstances and the subject matter, comedian Lewis Black might seem just a little too chipper in today’s clip. Black is upbeat, cracking wise, delivering one laugh-line after another. But then again, the “miserable Jew” thrives on human misfortune. Black tells Stephen Colbert that he favors a new amendment to the U.S. Constitution aimed […]

July 19, 2018

#EndorseThis: Putin Erases Chris Wallace In Kimmel’s Beatdown Of Fox News

Don’t let today’s headline leave the wrong impression. Though Vladimir Putin and Chris Wallace undoubtedly star in our #EndorseThis clip, late-night comic Jimmy Kimmel isn’t exactly playing third banana. In fact, Kimmel’s short monologue is memorable for its take-down of modern media hypocrisy. Not only does Jimmy expose Fox for having a double standard in […]

July 18, 2018

#EndorseThis: Stephen Colbert Takes American Exception To Trump-Putin Summit

If Democrats have been disappointed at the ballot box lately, the party has also succeeded in clearing up a time-honored conservative myth – that liberal Americans are not patriotic and do not think of America as exceptional. Comedians who are called “un-American” by Fox News have actually become the most stringent defenders of the Stars […]

July 17, 2018

#EndorseThis: Sacha Baron Cohen Makes GOP Leaders Admit Unspeakable Goal

There’s already a lot to like about Sacha Baron Cohen’s new cinéma vérité show Who Is America, beginning with Cohen’s new look, a Fox News talking head with the volume turned up to 11. The satirist creates an image so ghastly, so oozing with toxic machismo, that it looks like a CGI image superimposed onto […]

July 16, 2018

#EndorseThis: Moronic GOP Candidate Builds Trump’s Wall…In Tennessee

What are we gonna do, folks? “Build a wall!” Who’s gonna pay for it? “The voters of Tennessee!” Jason Emert, a GOP candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, stars in a ridiculous campaign ad in which he “builds a wall” and promises to help President Trump do the same. Except Emert lives pretty far […]

July 13, 2018