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Monday, March 19, 2018
Mary McNamara
Kimmel, Oscars

From Harvey Weinstein To ‘Black Panther,’ Some Of Jimmy Kimmel’s Best Zingers From His Oscars’ Monologue

About the “thing” that happened: “Last year, about a week before the show, the producers asked me if I wanted to do comedy with the accountants, and I said ‘No, I don’t want to do comedy with the accountants.’ And so the accountants went ahead and did some comedy on their own.”

March 5, 2018

Column: Golden Globes: Surprising Nominations Reflect The Impossibility Of Shortlisting Great TV

As if determined to avoid the “do any of you even watch TV?” reaction that inevitably accompanies the Round Up of Usual Suspects known as the Emmy nominations, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association produced a jaw-dropping list of Golden Globe nominees on Thursday.

December 11, 2015
Vester Flanagan/Bryce Williams Twitter Virginia shooting journalists social media Twitter

Critic’s Notebook: Virginia TV Shooting Sparks A Debate Over Viewing Of Footage

The problem when a journalist goes on a killing rampage — he’s going to go all out on social.

August 27, 2015
President, Madame President, Television, Entertainment, Hillary Clinton, Politics, Women's Rights

Priming The Audience For A Ms. President

“If Clinton loses this election, it will not be television’s fault.”

April 22, 2015

Academy Awards Telecast Is All Too Predictable

What this Oscars needed: A little more weird, a little more different, and a lot less defensiveness.

February 23, 2015

Ronan Farrow Might Just Make His Mark As The Anti-Piers Morgan

By Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times Piers Morgan out, Ronan Farrow in. On Sunday, CNN confirmed that “Piers Morgan Live” will be ending next month, proving that a large Twitter following and pedigree of minor non-journalistic celebrity (though a former editor, Morgan, 48, was mostly known as a judge on “Britain’s” and then “America’s Got Talent”) […]

February 26, 2014