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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Shedding Some Light On Dark Money Political Donors

Thanks to a good-government group, you can now find out about nearly $763 million in donations to these “dark money” organizations.

September 13, 2018
chicago shelter

In Chicago Shelters, Immigrant Kids Mull Escape — Or Suicide

Internal documents reveal despair and tedium in one of the nation’s largest shelter networks for unaccompanied minors.

September 10, 2018
Two women embrace while looking at a police officer in uptown Charlotte, NC during a protest of the police shooting of Keith Scott, in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. September 21, 2016. REUTERS/Jason Miczek

How Trump Justice Encourages Local Police Abuse

The Obama Justice Department thought Ville Platte, Louisiana — where officers jail witnesses to crimes — could become a model of how to erase policing abuses that plague small towns across the nation. Jeff Sessions decided not to bother.

August 28, 2018

Reports Of Teen Hacking State Election Sites Were False

Hacking conference organizers said kids had hacked “exact clones” of state election reporting websites, but that didn’t happen.

August 27, 2018
Voter Fraud

Funding To Protect Elections — Too Little, Too Late?

The federal government has released data on how states will spend $380 million set aside for election infrastructure. But questions remain about how much it will help secure the 2018 election.

August 23, 2018

When Sarah Sanders Joined With ACLU To Fight For Voting Rights

Although the Trump administration wants to restrict access to the ballot box, its chief spokesperson once sued to overturn a ban on student voting.

August 16, 2018

Judge: Federal Agencies Twisted Rules To Protect Damaging Pipeline

Federal authorities halted work on the massive Mountain Valley Pipeline this month after an appeals court ruled that federal agencies neglected to follow environmental protections.

August 12, 2018

As Unite The Right Looms Again, Are Police Better Prepared?

Inadequate human intelligence, poor communication and unheeded warnings contributed to the deadly debacle a year ago.

August 8, 2018
Kris Kobach, Muslim Ban, Terrorism

Kobach Profited From Anti-Immigrant Litigation But Left Small Towns In Debt

For years, the candidate for Kansas governor has defended towns that passed anti-immigration ordinances. The towns have lost big — but Kobach has fared considerably better.

August 2, 2018

Nobody Noticed These Trump Appointees, But They Deserve A Very Hard Look

Since April, at least 69 people have been appointed or transferred to political jobs within the Trump administration with little or no fanfare.

August 1, 2018
Arrests in IRS scam

Does the IRS ‘Dark Money’ Decision Make Any Difference?

With the tax agency already “toothless” on political cases, how much difference does it make if it’s now “deaf and blind,” too?

July 26, 2018
Brett Kavanaugh

Who Is Brett Kavanaugh? A Reporting Guide

President Trump proposed a replacement for retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. Here, the best reporting to date on the Supreme Court nominee.

July 10, 2018

Federal Employees Spending Taxpayer Millions At Trump Properties

On this week’s podcast, we look at public spending at Trump’s private businesses.

June 29, 2018

FDA Is Now Rushing Risky Drugs To Market

As pharma companies underwrite three-fourths of the FDA’s budget for scientific reviews, the agency is increasingly fast-tracking expensive drugs with significant side effects and unproven health benefits.

June 27, 2018
border wall

Behind The Criminal Immigration Law: Eugenics And White Supremacy

The history of the statute that can make it a felony to illegally enter the country involves some dark corners of U.S. history.

June 25, 2018
gina haspel

Gina Haspel, Rogue Spies, And Torture Videotapes

Jose Rodriguez, the CIA official who ordered CIA officers to destroy a cache of videotapes that had documented the treatment of two terror suspects, says he told Gina Haspel what he intended to do. President Trump’s pick to head the CIA said she had no idea he planned to act without approval from senior officials.

May 10, 2018
The John Amos coal-fired power plant is seen behind a home in Poca, West Virginia May 18, 2014. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith/File Photo

West Virginia Will Again Pay Steep Price For Energy Boom

It was a warm Monday afternoon in late February. Thousands of teachers, public school employees and supporters rallied on the steps of West Virginia’s Capitol building, on the banks of the Kanawha River in Charleston. Schools in all 55 counties were closed again. Teachers, cooks and janitors were in the third day of a strike. They wanted pay raises and a fix to the skyrocketing cost of their health insurance.

April 28, 2018
Press and Donald Trump

A Short History Of Threats Against Trump’s Opponents

When Stormy Daniels spoke to “60 Minutes” last month, the porn actress described a threat she received years ago after speaking to a journalist about her alleged affair with Donald Trump. A stranger approached her in a parking lot in Las Vegas. Daniels was there with her baby daughter. “Leave Trump alone,” Daniels recalled the man warning her. “That’s a beautiful little girl. It’d be a shame if something happened to her mom.”

April 21, 2018
State capitals, republican

In Pennsylvania It’s Open Season On Undocumented Immigrants

From the time they first flirted at a party, Anne and Ludvin Franco were inseparable. It did not matter that Anne, a waitress, was Pennsylvania Dutch going back generations, while Ludvin, a cook, had grown up in the scrublands of eastern Guatemala.

April 14, 2018

White House Curtails Support For Injured Nuke Workers

Obama created an advisory board to be composed of scientists, doctors and worker advocates. Their recommendations have led to significant changes, including the repeal of a rule that made it more difficult for workers who’d been injured in the last two decades to get compensation. President Donald Trump and his administration have taken a different approach: His Labor Department has let nearly all of the board member’s terms expire — and so far hasn’t nominated new ones.

March 10, 2018
Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks as his daughter Ivanka (L) looks on at a campaign event on the day that several states held presidential primary elections, including California, at the Trump National Golf Club Westchester in Briarcliff Manor, New York, U.S., June 7, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Trump’s Company Removes Presidential Seal From Golf Course

In a statement Tuesday morning, a spokesman for the company said, “The plaques were presented to the club by a small group of members, who are incredible fans of the President, in honor of Presidents day [sic] weekend. They were temporary and have since been removed.” As our story noted, an order form for the markers lists them as being bought by “Trump International.”

March 7, 2018
Trump, Islam

Trump Organization May Have Ordered Illegal ‘Presidential’ Tee Markers

President Donald Trump loves putting his name on everything from ties to steaks to water — and, of course, his buildings. But now the Trump Organization appears to be borrowing a brand even more powerful than the gilded Trump moniker: the presidential seal.

March 6, 2018
Voters mark their ballots on Election Day in Las Vegas, NV - home to major Democratic ground force

Election Security A High Priority — Until It Comes To Paying For New Voting Machines

When poll workers arrived at 6 a.m. to open the voting location in Allentown, New Jersey, for last November’s gubernatorial election, they found that none of the borough’s four voting machines were working. Their replacements, which were delivered about four hours later, also failed. Voters had to cast their ballots on paper, which then were counted by hand.

February 21, 2018
Border Wall

The Taking: How Construction Of The First Border Wall Abused Texans

The land agents started working the border between Texas and Mexico in the spring of 2007. Sometimes they were representatives from the Army Corps of Engineers. Other times they were officers from the U.S. Border Patrol, uniformed in green, guns tucked into side holsters.

December 16, 2017

Coal Mining Safety Nominee Did ‘Shoddy Work’

President Donald Trump’s choice to head a federal coal mine regulator, like more than one of his nominees, is a vocal critic of the very agency he’s being asked to lead. Steven Gardner is a longtime coal industry consultant, and he has called the agency’s marquee Obama-era regulation the product of “one of the most disingenuous and dishonest efforts put forward by a government agency.”

December 13, 2017