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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Tommy Christopher

Trump Cronies Name FBI Informant, Crippling Law Enforcement

The reckless move by former Trump aide Sam Nunberg, as well as Trump’s supporters at Fox News, to out a potential FBI informant was no accident.

May 21, 2018

New NRA Chief Oliver North Struggles In Santa Fe Aftermath

The NRA spin is even getting hard for Fox to swallow.

May 21, 2018

Texas Pol Says Santa Fe Massacre Caused By Abortion Rights

Republicans will blame gun violence on anything other than guns. Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick took that to new levels of absurdity.

May 21, 2018
McCain demands Trump justify wiretapping charge

CPAC Chair Defends White House’s ‘Perfectly Logical’ Slur On McCain

The White House aide who made the comment is ‘a bit of a victim here,’ of course.

May 15, 2018
donald trump caricature

A Year Ago, Trump Confessed On Network TV — Now He Sticks To Fox News

It’s been over a year since Trump sat down for a TV interview. That last one was a doozy, though.

May 14, 2018

Even ‘Fox & Friends’ Repulsed By White House Attack On McCain

Further confirmation from the White House that this administration simply doesn’t care about a snide attack on a senator and war hero.

May 14, 2018
John Bolton

Bolton Blasted 2009 North Korea Rescue As Pyongyang’s ‘Propaganda’

Trump’s national security adviser once actually derided the release of hostages from North Korea.

May 14, 2018

Giuliani Feels ‘Pretty Good’ After His Very Bad Week

After a week of media gaffes, Rudy Giuliani says ‘everybody’s reacting to us now.’ Mission accomplished?

May 8, 2018
Rudy Giuliani's flimsy foreign policy experience

Giuliani: Trump And Cohen Had ‘Long History’ Of Hush Money Payments

Things are going from worse to even worse for Trump, thanks again to Rudy Giuliani.

May 7, 2018
Netanyahu, Trump

White House Hired Israeli Spooks To Smear Obama Aides

Nothing is off-limits for Trump and his administration — not even the personal lives of officials in past administrations.

May 7, 2018

New Torture Charges Trouble Trump’s CIA Choice

New information about her role in the Bush-era CIA torture programs had Trump’s nominee Gina Haspel ready to back out.

May 7, 2018

Still Talking, Giuliani Says Trump Paid Stormy For Political Protection

After several disastrous admissions during Sean Hannity’s program Wednesday night, Rudy Giuliani kept the downward momentum going on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning. On Wednesday, Giuliani told Hannity that Trump knew about Michael Cohen’s payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, and that Cohen was personally reimbursed by Trump. Both Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders have denied that Trump knew about the payment […]

May 3, 2018

Trump May ‘Get Involved’ To Stop Mueller Probe, He Warns

Reprinted with permission from After the latest bombshell in the Russia investigation, Trump is loudly threatening to use his “powers” to interfere with the Justice Department. Trump’s spin about the revelation of Robert Mueller’s questions has been failing for days, so Trump has now issued an explicit threat via Twitter. “A Rigged System – They don’t […]

May 2, 2018
fake news

Trump Hires Impeachment Counsel Only Weeks After Calling Idea ‘Fake News’

Reprinted with permission from Trump called it “fake news” when The New York Times reported he was in talks to hire Emmet Flood, a lawyer who represented President Bill Clinton during his impeachment proceedings. But on Wednesday, Trump did just what the Times said he would. White House lawyer Ty Cobb’s retirement was announced that morning in a […]

May 2, 2018

Washington Journalists Defend Sanders Against Sexist Insult That Nobody Uttered

Reprinted with permission from Reporters who cover the Trump administration were instead defending it — and specifically press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders — Saturday night. But their efforts resulted in justified backlash. At the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, comedian Michelle Wolf delivered a wide-ranging roast that included 90 seconds of material on Sanders. The bit […]

April 29, 2018
VA Ronny_L._Jackson

At Rally, Trump Threatens Senator Who Criticized Withdrawn VA Nominee

Reprinted with permission from Last Saturday night, Trump lashed out at Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) over the failure of Trump’s nominee for Veterans Affairs secretary by threatening to spill unspecified secrets about Tester. At a rally in Washington, Michigan, Trump went on a tirade about the nomination of his personal physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, to head the Veterans Administration. The […]

April 29, 2018

Rep. Gowdy: Intelligence Committee Report Did Not Vindicate Trump

Reprinted with permission from Trump seized on the Republican House Intelligence Committee’s sham report last week to once again push his “no collusion” talking point. But South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, a prominent member of that committee, shot the argument down Sunday morning. On CBS News’ Face the Nation, host Margaret Brennan pointed out that Gowdy’s committee did […]

April 29, 2018
Mitch McConnell

Four GOP Senators Vote To Protect Mueller, Defying McConnell

McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), and other Republicans have refused to support any measure to protect Mueller, despite reports that Trump has been looking for a way to fire the special counsel. Those Republicans have insisted no such action is “necessary” because they don’t believe Trump would follow through with those threats.

April 27, 2018
Trump on the attack against news media

Now Trump Calls North Korean Dictator ‘Very Honorable’

Trump has spent more than a year provoking North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un with childish taunts, but on Tuesday he declared the brutal dictator “very honorable.” At an expanded bilateral meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, Trump spoke before cameras on a variety of subjects, including his upcoming summit with Kim.

April 25, 2018

Sen. Hatch Encourages Trump Attacks On Justice Department

Republicans have consistently allowed Trump to threaten the officials investigating him with impunity, but one GOP senator has now gone so far as to say that Trump has the right to do so. On Monday morning, the Undercurrent published video of producer Lauren Windsor questioning Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) in the halls of Congress last week.

April 24, 2018
Hillary Clinton at debate

Desperate And Empty GOP Still Beating Up Hillary

“I promise you that you’ll continue to see it — Hillary Clinton starring in our paid media,” a spokesman for one GOP super PAC told the AP. And Republican National Committee spokesman Rick Gorka said, “We’re going to make them own her.” But former Clinton campaign spokesperson Jesse Ferguson pointed out the pathetic truth behind the scheme. It’s a desperate reminder that the GOP has no accomplishments to tout.

April 24, 2018
Trump, Kellyanne Conway

Asked About Trump Tweets, Kellyanne Conway Lashes Out

Kellyanne Conway threw a tantrum of her own when asked to explain Trump’s latest Twitter tirades. And she wound up making a devastating point against her boss. Trump posted a series of panicky tweets Saturday morning, fretting about the prospect of his personal attorney “flipping” on him. On CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday morning, host Dana Bash asked Conway to explain the tweets.

April 23, 2018
Trump, Press, White House

Trump’s Dangerous Ignorance About North Korea Negotiations

It was bad enough that Trump falsely claimed that North Korea had promised to “denuclearize” ahead of the upcoming summit. But when asked about it later, White House legislative affairs director Marc Short didn’t even know what the word meant.

April 23, 2018
White House anti-Semitism

White House Downplays Trump Ties With Cohen

While Trump attorney Michael Cohen fights to block evidence seized during an FBI raid of his office, Trump’s chief spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is trying, absurdly, to downplay the attorney-client relationship. During a press gaggle aboard Air Force One en route to Florida on Monday, the White House press secretary was asked if Cohen is still Trump’s personal lawyer.

April 18, 2018
donald trump's 2016 presidential campaign

Trump’s Mar-A-Lago ‘Informercial’ Mars Japanese Leader’s Visit

The estate was not built as a “southern White House,” but as a private mansion. It was bequeathed to the U.S. government by Marjorie Post 50 years after it was constructed. It became a private club after President Jimmy Carter returned the property to the Post Foundation.

April 18, 2018