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Monday, October 24, 2016
  • My wording might be incorrect, but this comment from the Godfather movies needs updating anyway.

    “A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more money than 10 bank robbers with guns.”

    It needs to be updated to reflect our times and values.

    “A bank CEO with loan originators, robo-signers, and an army of lawyers can steal more money than ten thousand bank robbers with automatic weapons.”

    • sleepvark

      Well spoken, Sir!

      • Replying to sleepvark –

        Thank you.

  • Give a man a gun, and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he can rob the world.

  • That has to be the best cartoon this year.

  • patuxant

    I am still stunned that with the amount of money I have in my local bank, that they will only pay .00025% on amounts deposited in savings at 10K or more! What a frigging joke! Better to keep it under my mattress!

    • Better yet, move your money to a credit union.

  • patuxant

    These are brothers-in-crime for the Washington Mutual fiasco where I had my my mortgage and woke up one day to find they were out of business and took my money with them! SOBs!
    Try talking to someone on an answering machine that never calls back or recalls any history with a client or f—s a person over and they just “disappear”!

  • If bank has been shown to be processing drug money now or in the past all present and past executives of that bank should be charged with laudering drug money and sent to prison just like drug dealers. Their sentences should be very long without parole.

  • jarheadgene

    And then there’s JEB……what has he got to do with this?, you ask. Well, Prescott Bush’s bank was bankrolling the NAZI’s in the 30’s until J.Edgar Hoover put a stop to it. But did he go to JAIL? No, instead he hand picked the VP of the 50’s -Nixon, then full support to run against Kennedy. What do you know…Kennedy gets tragically gunned down, while in a moving vehicle, by one guy with a P.O.S. bolt action Italian rifle(If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn). So guess who turns out to be President only 5 years later…..OH NIXON. Then we have Prescott’s son, who had questionable ties to the CIA from post WWII until he finally became it’s director in the 70’s. Bamm! next thing you know him as VP GHW Bush. Then President Bush. Let us not forget…..CHENEY is milling around these guys (Dick Cheneny= Dick NIXON’s friend). OOPS….the Dems, slipped SLICK WILLIE, what do you know the economy is roaring, the deficit is being paid down. “Not to worry” the POSGOP will shame him with prosecution of GETTING A BJ. In walks Prescott’s Grandson to save the day and restore GOP order to this country. And who comes with him….DICK CHENEY. They prove to be the dynamic duo that TANK this country. Just when we all thought we were done with the BUSH Crime Family, and that JEB was done with politics. Out he comes to save the POSGOP day. The banks and oil are all in bed with these guys. They are rolling JEB back out because RUBIO can’t hack it, and these guys won’t be satisfied until they have ROBBED “We the people” of our Gold fillings.