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Thursday, October 20, 2016

While most citizens were distracted by the holidays, the enlarged Republican majority in Congress was laying golden pavers for its magical kingdom — a fabulous place where taxes are cut, military spending is not, and budgets balance effortlessly. The coat of arms reads, “Tax Cuts Pay for Themselves.”

And to think the rubble has hardly been cleared from the ruins of the most recent magical kingdom, ruled by George W. Bush. Not only did the Bush tax cuts not pay for themselves but tax revenue as a share of the economy today isn’t even close to what it was in 2000.

So how can Republican leaders restore the realm? For starters, they’ve launched a campaign to replace Doug Elmendorf, the economist overseeing the Congressional Budget Office. The CBO is the nonpartisan agency that estimates the cost of legislation.

Let it be noted that prominent conservative economists — among them Gregory Mankiw, chairman of W.’s Council of Economic Advisers — have called for Elmendorf’s reappointment. Elmendorf “is a superb economist and, over the past six years as CBO director, has shown himself to be scrupulously nonpartisan,” Mankiw said.

But nonpartisan may not be partisan enough for tax cut activists. They want the bean counters to make the numbers work for them through the powers of “dynamic scoring.”

The idea that reducing taxes could unleash new economic activity, generating new tax revenues, is not without merit. Dynamic scoring factors in those revenues. Count them, Republicans insist, and the burden of finding painful ways to pay for tax cuts is lightened. That makes tax cutting easier.

Rep. Paul Ryan, the incoming chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, calls dynamic scoring “reality-based scoring.”

The problem is the ease with which politicians can make their own reality. Dynamic scoring is a dark art, producing wildly different estimates, depending on the choice of economic model and other assumptions. For example, some kinds of tax cuts raise more revenues than other kinds.

Another nonpartisan office, the Joint Committee on Taxation, did apply dynamic scoring to the tax reform plan submitted by retiring House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp. The result was eight scenarios, some considerably rosier than others. At the low end, the Camp plan would raise only $50 billion in additional revenue over 10 years. The high-end estimate was $700 billion — 14 times the low one.

Furthermore, the optimistic $700 billion figure included deficit reductions that future Congresses might make. Some of the assumed policy changes weren’t even mentioned in the Camp plan.

Bruce Bartlett, an economist in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, points to another flaw in the Republicans’ approach: the highly selective use of dynamic scoring on some elements of their proposals but not others.

“Republicans want to use dynamic scoring only for tax cuts,” Bartlett wrote me in an email. “They refuse to acknowledge that spending, such as public works spending, also has dynamic effects. They should either do it for spending and taxes or not at all.”

Bartlett added that “spending cuts can have negative dynamic effects that Republicans also never acknowledge.”

The Joint Committee on Taxation’s models are themselves problematic, according to the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. For example, they count the economic benefits of investments in new machinery but not investments in worker training. Human capital doesn’t get much attention.

But even when score makers do their darnedest, they’re working with numbers pulled from the air. So Republicans can use butterfly nets to catch those guesses that produce the conclusions they want. Bear in mind, the last time they performed their tax cut magic trick, things didn’t work out too well.

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  • Dominick Vila

    The part that is disconcerting is not the fact that some politicians continue to promote the same trickle down economic fantasies, and a tax cut mantra that has had terrible consequences on the strength of our currency, our balance of payments, our national debt, and economic growth; but the fact that millions of Americans continue to support the same failed policies.
    When are those who consider themselves “conservatives” going to realize that the irresponsible tax breaks that result in deficit spending, accumulation of debt, and unfunded liabilities is nothing more than a pervasive placebo that passes the buck down to our children and grandchildren?
    One of the most essential elements in sustainable growth and prosperity is to pay for what we need and benefit from, and have enough left to pay for the improvements and modernization that allow us to preserve the global economic hegemony we currently have. Fiscal irresponsibility is the anti-thesis of conservatism. In fact, it is neither conservatism nor liberalism. It is plain irresponsibility being cynically used to buy the votes of people who put material gain ahead of what is best for their country.

  • bobnstuff

    How is it that the party of Physical Conservatives Spend more money and build more debt then the Tax and Spend Liberals. The last republican president to balance the budget was Eisenhower with a 90% top tax rate. President Obama has cut government employment by more the GW increased it. When will the voters figure out the republicans are just agents for their rich donors.

    • Independent1

      That’s a really good question!! I’ve read a couple articles lately where some nimwit Democrats have turned into Republicans claiming they’re for ‘smaller government”. Obviously doing very little in the way of research before making that disastrous move.

      Had they done even a smidgen of research, they should have learned that our government today under Obama has 330,000 fewer workers than it had back in 1989 when Reagan left office.

      That’s partly because Reagan actually added over 265,000 workers to our government!! While obviously creating the lie that Republicans like smaller government. (While Clinton in contrast reduced our government by around 380,000 workers.)

      And that’s not even the worst of it: GWB actually added more than 50,000 FEDERAL workers himself; and if you take into account all governments in America combined – federal, state, city and local – Bush actually increased the size of OUR GOVERNMENTS by over 950,000 people!! And the GOP has the audacty, to claim that Republicans want small government. Wow!! When Republicans lie – they really lie!!

    • Independent1

      In reality, when the GOP says they want ‘smaller government’, they don’t mean in the way of workers – they mean with respect to eliminating agencies that have any control whatsoever on the destruction that companies can have on the planet, the nation and its people (and therefore create regulations companies have to adhere to).

      I’m certainly not versed in all the agencies the GOP would like to eliminate, but the EPA, the Energy Dept and the Fed seem to be at least three of the big ones.

      It’s interesting that they would want to eliminate the EPA which was actually created by a Republican President named Nixon. Kind of strange considering how much good the EPA has done over the years for America.

      Here’s just a brief excerpt on how its dramatically improved America’s air quality and cleaning up toxic waste dumps.

      From Britannica.Com:

      In 1970, in response to the welter of confusing, often ineffective environmental protection laws enacted by states and communities, President Richard Nixon created the EPA to fix national guidelines and to monitor and enforce them. Functions of three federal departments—of the Interior, of Agriculture, and of Health, Education, and Welfare—and of other federal bodies were transferred to the new agency. The EPA was initially charged with the administration of theClean Air Act (1970), enacted to abate air pollution primarily from industries and motor vehicles; the Federal Environmental Pesticide Control Act (1972); and theClean Water Act (1972), regulating municipal and industrial wastewater discharges and offering grants for building sewage-treatment facilities. By the mid-1990s the EPA was enforcing 12 major statutes, including laws designed to control uranium mill tailings; ocean dumping; safe drinking water; insecticides,fungicides, and rodenticides; and asbestos hazards in schools.

      One of the EPA’s early successes was an agreement with automobilemanufacturers to install catalytic converters in cars, thereby reducing emissions of unburned hydrocarbons by 85 percent. The EPA’s enforcement was in large part responsible for a decline of one-third to one-half in most air-pollution emissions in the United States from 1970 to 1990, and during the 1980s the pollution standards index improved by half in major cities; significant improvements in water quality and waste disposal also occurred. The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (also called Superfund), providing billions of dollars for cleaning up abandoned waste dumps, was first established in 1980, but the number of those waste sites and the difficulties of the cleanups remained formidable for years thereafter.

      • TZToronto

        Nixon could not win the Republican nomination today. By TP standards, he’d be considered a far left liberal. The only part of Nixon the far right would be impressed by would be his willingness to “get things done” (e.g., Watergate).

        • Independent1

          Which is unfortunate! that the Republican party has been taken so far to the right starting with Reagan. I actually thought Bush Sr. had the best credentials for being a good president than anyone I’d seen since FDR, given his background; and I remember FDR; and my first presidential vote was for Eisenhower. I actually have a couple commemorative-like coins that Bush Sr’s campaign for president sent me for my support for his initial election effort. Unfortunately, even Bush Sr. really didn’t understand the needs of the average American; and since his time in office, things have really gone down hill for the GOP.

  • itsfun

    Hopefully they are preparing to do what they were elected to do.

    • Independent1

      Oh! you mean like when they held the presidency and both houses of Congress and managed to add 6 trillion to America’s debt just during Bush’s 8 disastrous years in office – while then letting America decline into the Great Recession which resulted in adding another 5 or so trillion to our debt just digging the country out of the hole that Bush and the totally irresponsible GOP Congresses allowed to happen!!

      By passing one piece of unfunded legislation after another: like two unfunded tax cuts; while running two unfunded wars; and then passing an unfunded drug benefit giveaway to Big Pharma called Medicare Part D; and then passing several unfunded federal mandates to the states like the disastrous ‘No Child Left Behind” educational fiasco; and on and on in irresponsibility!!!!
      Some legislation that is continuing to add to our trillions in debt EVEN TODAY!!! THEIR IRRESPONSIBILITY ISN’T OVER YET!!!

      And on top of being responsible for running up America’s debt by over 10 trillion; they MANAGED TO ROB EVERY AMERICAN OF AT LEAST $48,000.

      See this analysis from David Cay Johnston on the Bush tax cut fiascos that have cost Americans 6.6 trillion dollars in income:

      Cross posted from Real Economics.

      According to an analysis by Pulitzer-Prize winning reporter David Cay Johnston, the Bush tax cuts, rather than resulting in great general prosperity – as argued by Bush and the Republican Party – cost working Americans a total of 6.6 trillion dollars in lost income over 12 years. For each American taxpayer that is $48,000 in pre-tax personal income.

      Johnston is author of the 2008 book Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (and Stick You With the Bill), and was formerly a correspondent for the New York Times. He has been a pioneer in tracking down, calculating, and revealing to the public the trillions of dollars the very rich and various corporations have hidden in hot money centers around the world to avoid and evade taxes. In January 2009, he presented in Mother Jones magazine a point-by-point plan for dramatically shifting government policies away from favoring the rich and corporations, to working for the general welfare of all Americans. Among his points was a ruthless crackdown on tax havens such as Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, including the use of military force if that was required to overcome the refusal of the authorities of those locales to cooperate.

      The discussion on Daily Kos of Johnston’s determination that the Bush tax cuts had essentially robbed each working American of $48,000 in pre-tax personal income reflected the confusion and ignorance that still characterizes thinking about political economy among Democrats and the left generally. A number of tenets and assumptions fostered by movement conservatism were much in evidence. For example, one commenter wrote:

      to see more of David’s research results – go to this link:

      • itsfun

        Nope. They were elected to get rid of most of the obamacare tax, obama’s immigration BS. Obama’s policies. Get to the bottom of the IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal, fast and furious, fix race relations instead of making them worse as obama and holder have.

        • Independent1

          And here come more fantasies of your imagination!! Not one of them is real!! There was no IRS, Fast and Furious, Benghazi or any other Scandal!! They were nothing more than the creation of Darrell Issa’s imagination in his efforts to follow through on the plan that 14 treasonous GOPers concocted on the night of Obama’s inauguration in their attempts to make Obama a 1 term president. And they failed miserably!! Obama has accomplished more than the last 5 worthless GOP presidents COMBINED!!!

          You can’t even list more than 3-4 true accomplishments of those worthless presidents that actually has benefited America and I guarantee you I can list more than 30 significant things that are benefiting America under Obama.

          The only thing the GOP is going to work for in the next 2 years is doing all they can to shovel more taxpayeer dollars into the pockets of the already wealthy and make America’s wealth inequality even worse than it already is.

          Isn’t this wealth inequality bad enough??

          See pie charts and remember the little wedges represent 80% of Americans!!!!!!!!!!

          • You live in a liberal fantasy, and have your head so far the Emperor’s butt you can’t see the truth. All you ever post is regime propaganda that reflects lies and deceit. One day you will wake to the fact that you have aided a tyrant in destroying America, just because YOU wanted a black illegal in OUR White House.

          • Independent1

            If I live in a fantasy, let’s see you produce credible evidence that disputes just the following short list of Obama accomplishments:

            1) Obama has presided over the longest stretch of continuous positive jobs growth in America’s history – more than 57 months and counting.

            2) The stock market has virtually tripled during the Obama administration (from a low around 6,600 to over 18,000) with it reaching levels NEVER SEEN BEFORE which has improved the lives of millions of American retirees such as myself!!

            3) The Obama Administration has managed America’s energy sector such that TODAY, America is the largest distributor of energy on the planet FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY!!

            4) The Obama Administration has rounded up and deported more troublesome illegal aliens that have been costing America billions THAN THE

            5) Obama following through on the auto bailout has resulted in America’s largest manufacturing sector, the Auto Industry, recording profits
            the past couple years that haven’t been seen since Clinton was in office. And in that process arguably saved 1.5 million Americans their jobs and kept America from falling into a full fledged

            6) During Obama’s time in office,deficit spending has come done FURTHER and FASTER than under any previous president IN HISTORY (from a 1.4T deficit in Bush’s last budget to under 500B for 2014 – reducing deficit spending more than 1T/yr in 5 budgets)!!

            7) During Obama’s time in off the unemployment rate has come down further and faster than under any previous PRESIDENT IN HISTORY!! (From
            10.1% when the freefall Bush created turned around, to below 5.8% in less than 6 years.)

            8) Obama’s administration started a war on fraud early in his 1st term, the spring of 2009, focusing on fraud in the defense and healthcare sectors which has resulted in bringing more fraud crooks to justice and recovering more illegally gotten government money than the last 3 presidents

            9) Obama pushed for a stimulus in 2009, that not only helped keep America out of a depression, but also invigorated the alternative energy sector to create alternatives to fossil fuels (solar, wind, hydro, tidal and plasma) that will greatly reduce demand for oil and coal in the near future;
            greatly helping the world’s efforts to combat global warming.

            10) Obama was successful in getting legislation passed that revises the rules health insurers must follow in providing insurance to Americans (ACA/Obamacare); which has not only already saved more than 60,000 people their lives, but is also now saving hospitals and many states millions/billions, even including in the red state of Arizona, billions of dollars in reduced costs because there are millions fewer Americans that are now uninsured.

            11) Obama has presided over the economy during best year of jobs growth (2014) in America since 1999, when another Democrat was in office!!!

            12) Obama used an Executive Order to cut the banks out of the student loan program which has greatly simplified the loan application process which
            has allowed hundreds of thousands, maybe millions more high school graduates to
            afford college than under any previous president.

            I know I’ve challenged you with this before and you keep up with your accusations that as an independent I’m buy into ‘LIBERAL LIES’, so let’s see you convince me that I’m being misguided in what I’ve researched and proven to myself!! Le’ts see your evidence – and no RWNJ websites and outlets like Faux News, Rush Limpbag, Glenn Beek etc. will be accepted.

          • All liberal propaganda BS. There no sense posting any counter points, as they will not come from regime approved sites. All you do is copy and paste propaganda. Truth has no meaning with you communists.

          • bobnstuff

            Here you go again, no facts, no information just mindless rant. You live in the fantasy world, you even talk

          • Irishgrammy

            OH MY GOD, give it a rest, you poor, poor soul…… “Emperor”, “regime”, “black illegal”, “tyrant” your childishly favorite buzz words, you really need to turn off Limbaugh, Hannity and all of the Fox characters and ultra far right haters, clear out the ridiculous conspiracies and so painfully obvious lies from your festering meager mind and get some serious help and therapy for your absurd “ultra-conservative” fantasies, at this point you are showing everyone just how far off the planet you have fallen!!!!!!!!!

          • itsfun

            I understand now, if you say there are no scandals then there are no scandals. Why should any of us even bother to watch the news or read newspapers or listen to world leaders when we have you to tell us what is the truth and what isn’t? Reading your BS is like reading Animal Farm.

          • Independent1

            Even a total moron, which you don’t apparently have the intelligence to qualify for, would come to the same conclusion when a nitwit legislator name Issa had wasted over 5 years of clown show congresional investigations costing almost 100 million dollars when you count the time/costs of those feeding him the nonsensical information he kept requesting AND AFTER ALL THAT TIME AND MONEY HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO COME UP WITH EVEN ONE INDICTMENT OR HONEST ACCUSATION – AND INSTEAD HAS HAD TO EAT HIS WORDS TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

            Yes, even a TOTAL MORON would have learned by now that all those scandals Issa perpetrated were FAKES!!!!

          • itsfun

            Like I said, why should anyone bother with real news people or reporters when we have you? Would you report to us why Lois Werner took the 5th when she was questioned. If she did nothing wrong, why not talk? Or, why Eric Holder refused to has refused to comply with a subpoena from Issa’s committee that lawfully requires the DOJ to provide Congress with Fast and Furious documents, Maybe you can explain the spying and wire tapping of reporters. Would you tell us why Obama has used more presidential memorandums than any other President in the history of our country while braging he has made less executive orders than other Presidents? In case you don’t know a Presidential Memorandum is just an executive order with a different name,It has the same power as an executive order.
            Maybe you can explain why after promising to let people keep their doctors and health plans, they can’t. Maybe you can tell us morons why after saying giving amnesty would make his a emperor and not a president, he gave it anyway, thus making him an emperor in his own words. Maybe after saying the elections were about his policies then they weren’t after the elections. Maybe that is what people want from the new congress, get rid of Obama’s policies.

          • Independent1

            More outright BLATANT LIES!! FDR signed 3,552 Executive Orders. Obama HAS NOT issued anywhere near that number OF ANYTHING!!

            Just like a typical RWNJ YOU ARE LYING THROUGH YOUR TEETH!!!!

            GO stick you’re totally LOW LIFE HEAD into the sand you utter piece of crap!!!!!!

          • itsfun

            He has issued more presidential memorandum than any other President. I guess like in the movies you can’t handle the truth.

          • Independent1

            Okay, you may be right. But your implication was that Obama has used presidential memorandums somehow to be more of a dictator than other presidents, when presidential memorandums are generally used for the more mundane things a president needs to convey to the departments within the Executive Branch- here are some examples:

            Obama, like other presidents, has used memoranda for more routine operations of the executive branch, delegating certain mundane tasks to subordinates. About half of the memoranda published on the White House website are deemed so inconsequential that they’re not counted as memoranda in the Federal Register.

            • In his State of the Union Address in January, Obama proposed a new retirement savings account for low-income workers called a MyRA. The next week, he issued a presidential memorandum to the Treasury Department instructing it to develop a pilot program.

            • In April, Obama directed the Department of Labor to collect salary data from federal contractors and subcontractors to monitor whether they’re paying women and minorities fairly.

            • In June, Obama told the Department of Education to allow certain borrowers to cap their student loan payments at 10% of income.

            And he’s issued only 30% more than Bush Jr. while issuing over 50 less EOs; even though Bush Jr. governed with a rubberstamp congress while Obama has had to face the most obstructionist Congress since FDR.

            So what is your point???

          • itsfun

            I have read from many on this site how Obama hasn’t used as many executive orders as Bush and other presidents to make the point that Obama doesn’t abuse the executive order as much as Bush and others did. However using the presidential memorandum which has the same legal power as a executive order changes things. Bush had something like 291 executive orders. Obama has 195 executive orders and 198 presidential memorandum so far. This is more than the 291 Bush issued.

          • Independent1

            Sorry, but you’re conveniently forgetting to add Bush’s presidential memorandums which were only 30% less than what Obama wrote. So if Obama issued 198 memorandums AS YOU CLAIM, then Bush must have written around 150. So adding 150 to Bush’s 291 EOs, gives hime a total of 441 against Obama’s 393 – still less than Bush- and again, Bush governed with a rubberstamp Congress while Obama has been trying to govern with the most obstructionist Congress since FDR.

          • itsfun

            Where did you find where Bush issued any presidential memorandums? I have done 3 separate searches and have found none.
            I knew you would find someone to blame for the number Obama has issued. You are a copy of Obama, nothing is his fault, everyone else is to blame for his failures. First it was Bush, then congress, and now he is blaming voters for not endorsing his policies in the last election.

          • Independent1

            For the most part, they don’t make a point of listing or keeping that good a track of presidential memoranda because they’re generally nothing more than nonconsequential memos that a president sends to his cabinet and or other executive departments.

            So now, in just one more effort to come up with some ‘SUPPOSED NEGATIVE’ on Obama, some RWNJ has come out and tried to imply that because Obama HAS BEEN BY FAR THE MOST ENGAGED PRESIDENT IN OFFICE SINCE FDR, his writing more memorandums is SOME KIND OF EVIDENCE THAT HE’S EXCEEDING HIS PRESIDENTIAL AUTHORITY!! WHAT UTTER NONSENSE AND DIABOLICAL IDIOCY HAVE YOU RWNJ IDIOTS DEVOLVED TO ANYWAY!!

            And you actually believed Bush wrote no presidential memorandums??? Come on!! You can’t be that clueless!!

            Obama clearly feels his memorandums are so inconsequential that when comparing his EOs to Bush’s he disregarded the memoranda he’s written.

            From a USA Today article of 12/17:

            “The truth is, even with all the actions I’ve taken this year, I’m issuing executive orders at the lowest rate in more than 100 years,” Obama said in a speech in Austin last July. “So it’s not clear how it is that Republicans didn’t seem to mind when President Bush took more executive actions than I did.”

            Obama has issued 195 executive orders as of Tuesday. Published alongside them in the Federal Register are 198 presidential memoranda. He’s already signed 33% more presidential memoranda in less than six years than Bush did in eight. He’s also issued 45% more than the last Democratic president, Bill Clinton, who assertively used memoranda to signal what kinds of regulations he wanted federal agencies to adopt.

          • itsfun

            There you go again. The Presidential Memorandum has the same power as a executive order. They are almost exactly the same as a executive order. You made a statement that Bush had issued something like 30% less presidential memorandum than Obama. I asked you where you got that number and you come back with this nonsense. Obama is using the Presidential Memorandum to get his way around congress. You can call all the names you want, but your posting of percentages that you make up is nothing less than lying. You and Obama have a lot in common.

          • Independent1

            “I asked you where you got that number and you come back with this nonsense. Obama is using the Presidential Memorandum to get his way around congress. ”

            WOW!! You really are a lying little weasel aren’t you!! I never said anything about Obama using presidential memoranda to “get his way around congress”. I said just the opposite: that despite what presidential memoranda may technically be able to be used for, Obama like most presidents uses them for INCONSEQUENTIAL memos between him and the various departments within the Executive Branch – just like any manager would do TO MANAGE a company or government. Which given how clueless Republicans are about running a government is something totally over the head of the worthless GOP presidents we’ve had the past 60 years.

            And you know full well that I didn’t ‘make up” any precentages of how how many Obama issued over Bush – those percents can be easily found in the USA Today article written by some right-wing nut case!!

            You really are nothing more than a pathological lying RWNJ from start to finish!!!!!!!!!!

          • Independent1

            And with respect to why Lois Lerner took the fifth! I’ts probably because she didn’t want to come out and admit that she was aware that Issa’s IRS scandal is nothing more than a fabrication created by Issa and Treasury Inspector General Russell George – and that George Lied when he said that his taking a narrow focus on investigating ‘the pretend IRS scandal’ wasn’t just to follow through on the Fake Scandal that George and Issa had cooked up!! She didn’t want to bring that out in a nationally televised clown show called a congressional investigation.

            See this from the Washington Post:

            Cummings and Connolly said George met with GOP committee staff on Jan. 27 to discuss an audit relating to data-security for the IRS and the Affordable Care Act. The letter stated: “Chairman Issa’s staff forbade you from including any Democratic committee members or staff in that meeting, and your staff accepted these terms without even informing my office.”

            Cummings and Connolly said also George held one-party discussions with Republicans during an audit that revealed the IRS had targeted certain advocacy groups for extra scrutiny based on their policy positions.

            Democrats have questioned whether George focused only on conservative groups while ignoring treatment of progressive entities. The letter cited areport from The Hill in which the inspector general’s communications director said Issa had asked investigators to “narrowly focus on tea party organizations” during the review.

            George testified in July that his spokesperson made an incorrect statement without his authorization. He also denied that Issa limited the scope of the audit to conservative groups.

          • itsfun

            Yep; she is as innocent as can be. That is why she took the fifth. Are you crazy or just plain ignorant? I wonder what the percentage of innocent people taking the fifth is compared to guilty people.

          • Independent1



          • Independent1

            And when you say “Why should we even bother to watch the news?” Exactly. The news today is so RIGHT-WING biased that it’s a crime!! With Faux News broadcasting fabricated scandals and censoring the news. Refusing to actually focus on news items that make Obama and the Dems look good. Time and time again it has been shown that Faux News, downplays anything that may appear to make Obama’s actions look positive – focusing instead on anything THAT IS NEGATIVE!! And even creating fake information – like when Faux News was caught having modified the emails THEY SUPPOSEDLY, intercepted from the White House!!

            Anyone who trusts anything they hear in today’s news published by the TOTALLY CORRUPT news media is a clueless idiot like you!!!!!!!

          • itsfun

            And MSNBC is also completely right wing. Why listen to news when we can have you to make up statistics and tell even bigger lies than Obama.

          • itsfun

            Fox news is rated number 1.

          • Irishgrammy

            SpongeBob beats Fox News in ratings consistently!!!!!!……..Fox News viewers are rated time after time as the most MIS-INFORMED viewers in study after study. Show where one of the House Committee on Overstight and Reform “witch hunts” headed by the now leaving, kicked to the curb, Darrell Issa, where charges were issued, just one………PER the final report from this notorious committee, headed by Issa and a Republican majority, there was nothing done wrong during Bengahzi, no one lied, no one with particular mention of the President, or the Sec. of State did anything unethical, illegal or flat out wrong!!! READ IT YOURSELF instead of promoting Fox news propaganda and outright lies in anticipation of the 2016 election…….or is that too taxing for your limited intellect, do you still prefer the comfort of your nasty ridiculous conspiracies and lies to warm the cockles of your teenie, tiny little heart…..NOW let us move on…………………I am sure we will have all kinds of new lies, misinformation and fantasy conspiracies that will attempt to discredit the President AGAIN, since that HAS BEEN the GOPTP’s only reason for existence since his first inauguration in 2009!!!!! Along with an enormous amount of BS and hyperbole that I anticipate from this incoming GOPTP controlled congress, that will continue to waste millions of more tax payer monies, and stir up the crazy base populated by cretins like you itsfun, I am certain you will have more that many opportunities to salivate and cry for impeachment that will as ever be proved over and over, ALL false, fabricated and a pathetic and a complete and utter waste of time and energy and money………and so it goes, jeeze…………

          • itsfun

            Sorry granny, but FOX is the most watched news show. What studies are you talking about? Were they taken the White House? If everyone is so innocent why take the 5th. Why didn’t the crooked Attorney General comply with sending fast and furious documents to the Senate committee? That is unethical. How many lies do you need from Obama before you will say they are unethical? The only thing your pea brain is good for is calling names. I hope you are not suffering from dementia.

          • Irishgrammy

            You STILL resist and/or refuse to answer the obvious, how do you explain the Final Report from the Committee on Oversight and Reform headed by Darrell Issa and the GOPTP majority, on Bengahzi, laying no blame and/or culpability at the White House, the Sec. of State and/or the intelligence agencies…..or the obvious fact that absolutely NO findings of illegality have been brought on any of the other made up “scandals” by Issa and his Committee have been established, which surely was not for lack of trying and spending tax payer monies recklessly and in a fools errand!!!!! Your constant and dogged insistence to NOT deal in reality and obvious refusal to face facts is astounding in it’s depth and breath. However when it comes to name calling, you have that down to a science, which clearly only gives slight cover to your purposeful ignorance, along with your pitiful ability twisting the facts and tearing apart the truth!!! But buck up Itsun, as I stated you will have 2 years of your right wing “heros” ad nauseam and relentless attacks to revel in that will STILL PROVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and sicken most of us….. and again nothing for 2 more long, long years will get done to solve the problems this country still has to address with a FUNCTIONING and SANE congress, which at this point does NOT look too promising……

          • itsfun

            We have a crooked justice dept. Nothing ever gets investigated that involves the Obama administration. Holder refused to release documents to the committees, thus making complete investigations impossible. All the “innocent” people taking the 5th also makes it impossible to make complete investigations. The do nothing congress was led by the obstructionist Harry Reid. He would not let the House bills see the light of day in the Senate. If the Republicans are the party of “no”, then Harry Reid is the King of “no”.

          • Wayneo

            The fact that so many watch “Fox News” makes me fear for the future of the USA as a republic.

          • itsfun

            Have you ever watched FOX? They present both sides of a issue with people from both sides. They ask a question and a one side gives his/her answer and a other side replies to that answer.
            To me, that gives a better way to make decisions than just hearing one side.

      • Theodora30

        Even worse is the confusion and ignorance that still characterizes thinking about political economy among journalists and pundits in the MSM. See my post above.

  • barbaralee12

    The voters and non-voters asked for this.Now we all pay the price.

  • 2ThinkN_Do2

    What is the real issue in the USA? Might be . . . that it is Fear.

  • tranz2deep

    If they insist on dynamic scoring, I hope Presidents Clinton or Obama vrto every goddamned bill until they stop.

  • Theodora30

    As I keep repeating, this would not be happening if we had a responsible mainstream media because people would have heard the evidence that tax cuts never come close to making up lost revenue. Reagan started the fairy tal of magical cost-free tax cuts yet the media has rarely bothered to debunk this costly but seductive Republican mantra.
    One rare exception was the WaPo’s 2007 article “Mr. Giuiliani and the Tax Fairy” which lists top Republican economists who refute the claim. Even Bush’s Treasury stated that even under favorable circumstances tax cuts might generate enoug new revenue to make up for only 10% of what was lost by the cuts. Greg Mankiew and Edward Lazear who both were chairs of Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers also said tax cuts never come close to paying for themselves. Democrats should quote this article every chance they get and the media should also do their job and start treating guys like Paul Ryan as the charlatans and fools that they are instead of treating them like serious thinkers.

  • Lynda Groom

    This is a perfect case of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Magical thinking in place of sound policy or a basic understanding of economic realities. Considering the source certainly no surprise.

  • docb

    Another scam from the gop bags….Trickle down NEVER DID and this does not raise revenue or create jobs….It screws the people…
    Call them out:

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