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Friday, October 28, 2016

Biden Rips Romney’s Bain Record In Ohio Speech [Video]

Vice President Joe Biden escalated the Obama campaign’s attack on Mitt Romney’s business record during a campaign speech today, slamming Romney for ignoring the plight of workers.

“I resent when they talk about families like mine that I grew up in. I resent the fact that they think we’re talking about envy, that’s it’s job envy, it’s wealth envy. That we don’t dream,” Biden said at a Youngstown, Ohio factory.
“My mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams! They don’t get us! They don’t get who we are!”

Biden also followed up on the Obama campaign’s recent ad which ripped Romney’s work at Bain Capital, by reminding the audience of the human cost involved with Romney’s rise to wealth.

“Romney made sure the guys on top got to play by a separate set of rules, he ran massive debts, and the middle class lost,” Biden said. “And folks, he thinks this experience will help our economy?”

Romney has focused all week on the “prairie fire” of debt spreading across the country, but Biden attempted to counter his narrative by pointing out that GS Steel — the Kansas City plant featured in the Obama campaign’s ad — added a massive amount of debt while Bain owned it. The company was $533 million in debt when it filed for bankruptcy, compared to just $13 million when Bain bought it.

“What that means is, when you’ve got that kind of debt and things turn bad, you’re dead,” Biden said.

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  • William Deutschlander

    The GENERATIONAL REPUBLICAN VOTER should take heed of Biden’s message!

    • 1guy2

      William, you can’t tell them anything. They don’t want to be knowledgeable,it doesn’t matter to them whether it’s right,or wrong,all they know is they are suppose to vote republican,because momma,and poppa told them it was prestigious to vote republican…..lemmings

    • They should but they will NOT GOP Hate for Obama is strong

  • Nice pipes Joe … I made my 1st contribution to Obama-Biden, yesterday, well actually my 2nd. I have no respect for Mittney, there’s nothing decent about him. Mittney, McConnell and Jaggin Johnny, the hate trip: Mittney is a full blown Nazi whore, the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Mitch McConnell might as well be the Grand Wizard of the KKK and for all I know he is, he certainly acts like he is and Jaggin Johnny? He jerks off too much. The symbiotic relationship between business and government, If Mittney gets elected, will be right out in the open just like fmr covert ops. The phone companies already demonstrated their ability to turn off your phones, the cable companies do it with television all the time. My Space has deprived me of my 7 years of content without a subpoena served on them by a licensed attorney. Business took over the USA when JP Morgan bailed out the US Treasury under Grover Cleveland but they are now taking over all forms of communication, assembly and organizing. No respect is due to them. They are the Bourgeoisie and we are the proletariat. The sooner the Democratics realize and concede that the sooner the Fascisti becomes irrelevant because everyone will see them for what they are. Giving them respect grants them legitimacy and they are due none.

    • CPANY

      Blazin: Two questions:

      If there is a revolution in America, when do you think it will happen?

      Will the poor and middle classes be smart enough to realize that their numbers give them the ultimate advantage over the crap that constitutes the one percent?

      • Thank you for asking. Two factors – economic and social. The economic factor divides the Bourgeoisie and proletariat by the latter having no access to land for subsistence (barracks style neighborhoods with imported wage labor for manufacturing is the antithesis of economy). This is the 1st key – it is no longer wage labor. Under the present arrangement there is no pursuit of happiness only the pursuit of subsistence. We the proletariat have no choice because we have no land and even if everyone was provided enough land this would not serve as an economical division of labor. But if government supplies subsistence then Bourgeois society can continue on for some time because then the proletariat would be free to pursue happiness. If not then society will become more like Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy because they know revolt against injustice is imminent. If subsistence is provided then Human Exploitation Capitalism, dies and then the remainder flourishes. This could occur in stages – e.g., government ‘nationalizes’ energy by requiring a quota for domestic needs in lieu of taxation. Another example is fresh water which is already public. The similarities are self evident. These sorts of actions would constitute one step in a revolution. The sooner people realize this reality in re access to earth and resources – especially that the exportation of energy results in greater domestic demand at higher world prices, the sooner these sorts of actions will occur. Presently this reality is being obfuscated by both sides – viz., American Chauvinism. Growth, business rah rah for America. So the dissemination of that knowledge and those facts are essential. The social side is sex, like Brennan reported in the various 1st Amendment cases – it’s something human beings are always going to do and are always going to be interested in. At the present conjunction it’s Free Love vs prostitution whether the latter is by marriage or simply sex for money. This is the second key, FDR’s 4 freedoms – freedom from want – is the bridge. The D-rs still attempt to use this Anthony Comstock paradigm in conjunction with exploitation capitalism as the chief force of demand – e,g, ok hun go get the bacon I’ll do the dirty undies. It clearly hasn’t worked for at least 50 years. If people want to do that, groovy, but the other side of that is ‘you cannot impose your traditional family value trip on us’ and thus end all governmental policies based thereon, which finally segues into the electoral – viz, the legal relationship between limited government and the sort of government the Xtian Right wants which the Democratics unfortunately still go along with – the “thou shalt not” or ‘you shall be made into our image’ society, which they can only do with the full coercive force of the government. So Free Love, free drugs, no censorship and keeping religious tenets private, would do it for the social side. Providing subsistence would do it for the economic side. For the pragmatist, how does that work – you want more? go get it, otherwise, you shall be guaranteed subsistence and be treated with the same dignity as anyone working married Xtian whatever. Both of these would eventually result in the end of all distinction between the classes. You could do this as a reactionary exercise, I have nothing against progressive taxation and the reinstitution of Glass Stegal, but having done these other things, the Power Icons of wealth lose the present significance they have – there will simply be people satisfied with subsistence and/or some frugal or moderate degree beyond it and there in nothing wrong with that except the D-rs convince everyone or try to convince everyone that you must ‘want’ more. It’s just more imposition whether by government policy or advertising (end all tax deduction for advertising) As for your 2nd question – if all of the foregoing occurred, then the power of the many over the few or the power of the few over the many (See John Jay his final decision in Chisholm v Georgia) becomes irrelevant; so in actuality I don’t necessarily agree with your presumption because out of this greater number there shall be those that have the competence to bring these things into manifestation. A mob or transient majority whether it be under the guise of Holy Xtian Soldiers or the ballot box, has no greater power than to overwhelm.

      • let the congress & senit go fight with isreal if they get into war with iran we have lost
        way to many of our gi’s ,familys suffer So let them go fight ….

    • Gammaanya

      Agree with you 100%. Well said. Just too bad that we have too many, simply put it stupid people, the wanna be millionaires who believe that trickle down economy will fall upon them some day and will sell their vote a few bucks or h/c sandwich. Their pathetic lives and blindness lead them to fall of the cliff and take the rest of us with them. Besides most of them do not understand economics, how Gov. works. They think that Gov. is a business and can be run as such. Oh, the power of press, TV spin offs and power of money and a little bit of cash and most of them think they will be like Romoney. Stupid as stupid is. On June 16, 1858 A. Lincoln said ” A house divided against itself cannot stand”- How true. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating, eventually they will come to believe it” J.Goebbels – he was Nazi propaganda Minister – Germany got Hitler.
      We gave up our liberties for so called security to greedy politicians and those who owns them and we do not hold them accountable for anything. Some vote them in still against themselves. Be careful what you wish for people. You might get it and regret it. “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE” – Gandhi.

  • Gammaanya

    Mittney can’t even use his Grandfather because of his polygamy and many wifes. Even Sanktrectorum could use his grampa. Sad days for America coming soon with a grand Opening sign – USA for Sale in Bankruptcy court. We all will be on auction block and we will be sold like slaves. Back to 15 Century. Hurray

    • Qwame Wells

      NOT, That aint gonna happen like last time. Let them go tell some of these youth to go the back of the bus! Or to use segregated facilities. I bet with this generation of youth, they wont even try that, they aint having none of that business!

  • Only the ideological zealotry of the right prevents those people from seeing the truth of Biden’s statements. Pity the fools and admit there is no cure for stupid.

  • joyscarbo

    Reminds me of the fire and passion that Ted Kennedy had. I’m so glad that Joe Biden is raising his voice and fighting for our side!!! I’d LOVE to hear Obama do the same…take off the gloves and start coming back hard. They need to channel the passion that Ted Kennedy had for his country and his ideology. Listen to some of Ted’s speeches….they’re on youtube…and you’ll see what I’m talking about. His speeches get you motivated and inspired to want to do more to bring about a positive change that reflects our country’s true values.

    • flamzz22

      YEAH….You Are Right….I I I…me me me……….His country….His Ideology…..That’s Whats Wrong with The AssHoles……Last Time I Checked !!! This Was Our Country….And Belonged To All…….Not just A Select Few !!!!

  • Michael HulksHeroes

    It’s comical, because the repugs think this guy is putting his foot in his mouth….when in fact, he is stating the blunt obvious.

  • The elite Republicans only care for their own greed and sadly the working class that hold on to the party`s old ideas, which are no longer same agenda,keep giving their loylty to and hard won rights to the rich who will spit them out once got what they want.

  • howa4x

    Republican victory depends on whether they can get the middle class to vote against themselves, their interests and their family, in favor of extremely rich people


  • Uh Oh Big Dog has been unleashed..Watch out Mitt……

  • Please, God, keep Obama safe so we don’t have to deal with this idiot in the White House!

  • montanabill

    Joe Biden, the man who achieved fame, but not fortune, using other people’s money. And he’s trying to tell me about the American dream? Hey Joe, I started in far worse circumstances than you did, I didn’t use other people’s money and I won’t even consider trading places with you.