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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blame Eric Cantor And Paul Ryan For The Sequester


John Boehner’s laughably weak leadership as House Majority Leader surely must be seen as being partly to blame for the sequester — the Tea Party caucus in Congress clearly has a tight leash on the Speaker.

But at least Boehner tried for a “Grand Bargain” with President Obama in 2011, only to be reined in by Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan, according to a recent interview Cantor conducted with The New Yorker‘s Washington correspondent, Ryan Lizza. Cantor admitted that there was a final meeting with Boehner, Ryan and himself where Boehner wanted to accept the president’s $1.2 trillion offer, but was talked out of it by Cantor and Ryan.

“The reason why we said no in that meeting, ‘don’t do this deal,’ was because what that deal was, was basically going along with this sense that you had to increase taxes, you had to give on the question of middle-class tax cuts prior to the election,” said Cantor. “And you knew that they had said they weren’t giving in on health care.”

So basically, this was about the 2012 election. Cantor and Ryan wanted to let the voters decide on taxes and health care instead of preempting it with the Obama-Boehner Grand Bargain. Then in November, the American public overwhelmingly voted for President Obama and his balanced approach to deficit reduction and growing the economy through a mix of spending cuts, tax revenues and closing corporate loopholes — a result that has been confirmed in repeated polls. The American people also doubled down on Obamacare by re-electing the president.

Cantor concluded the interview with Lizza with this telling remark: “That’s why we said, ‘Let’s just get what we can now, abide by our commitment of dollar-for-dollar, and we’ll have it out, as the president said, on these two issues in the election.'”

The failure of the Grand Bargain resulted in the Budget Control Act of 2011, which included the automatic budget sequestration.

So it is now clear that Cantor and Ryan killed the Grand Bargain, leading to the sequester and the onset of European-style austerity and possibly another recession, and their basis for that was their supreme confidence that they would win the election. What is unclear is why, after their ideas were thoroughly rejected, they are defying the will of the American people and a popular president by refusing to compromise.

Could it be that they wanted this all along? Here is what Ryan said after the law putting the sequester in place was passed in August, 2011:

“What conservatives like me have been fighting for, for years, are statutory caps on spending, legal caps in law that says government agencies cannot spend over a set amount of money. And if they breach that amount across the board, sequester comes in to cut that spending, and you can’t turn that off without a supermajority vote.  We got that in law. That is here.”

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  • charleo1

    The article asks the question of, why after the election are Ryan, and Cantor not listening to
    the American people? Really, when have Ryan, and Cantor ever acted like the American People
    even exist? Only when they insist the Government is going to have to begin spending a lot less
    of their money on them And handing a lot more of it to the particular group of Americans they
    work for. I’m embarrassed for John Boehner. He came up in a time when politicians used every
    dirty trick in the book. But at the end of the day, they got together at a favorite watering hole, got
    a little blasted, told a few stories maybe, and got to be, if not friends, developed a certain respect.
    Today, they say, most of that is gone. Families don’t move to Washington with their spouses, so
    they are on a plane home every chance they get. They work four days a week, and spend three on
    the phone soliciting campaign money, and meeting lobbyists, that hand them the next bill they
    want passed ASAP, all written out and ready to turn in. Boehner came to Washington with people
    that came to Washington to make a positive difference. I think Boehner wanted to be the Speaker
    of that House, with those people. Not the one’s who come to tear down an institution they no longer
    believe in. If they ever did. Now, I think John still goes to the old watering hole. Hoping someone
    will show up. But I think he mostly drinks alone. Pity.

    • From watching him lick his lips he drinks A LOT and OFTEN.

      • SouthernPatriot55

        At least he does not lie like the current Occupier of the WH! Obama THIRSTS after making Amerika a third world country.

    • Ryan is the biggest of all the Republican hypocrtics. He wants to mess up Social Security and medicare for the seniors, yet he felt it was perfectly ok for his family to draw money from Social Security after his dad died even through they didn’t need the money. He didn’t need the money to survive while growing up, so he saved it and used it to go to college. Money that families get after someone like his dad died is suppose to be to support the family until the children are 18 so if the money Ryan was drawing wasn’t used to help support himself to have food, roof over his head clothing, education and medical care until he was 18, every cent he and his siblings received should have to be repayed with interest since it is clear they didn’t need the money for the basics of life, it was not meant to pay his way through college. I feel nothing but contempt for Boehner, all he ever really fights for is to stay Speaker of the House and lets people like Cantor, Ryan and the rest walk all over him.
      It is past time for the voters to make sure that all members of Congress have term limits. Member of the House of Representatives no more than two terms of 2 year terms instead of 6 years terms for Senators make them the amount of 2years for terms and no more than 2 terms to be served period. If members of Congress know that after 4 years if they are elected for both terms that they will be facing having to go by the laws they have passed, manybe then they will work on things that are good for all and not just special interest like the rich. Also by only being able to hold office for 4 years they are not entitled to a pension,like they are now after 5 years. We also need to have a Constitutional amendent that all pay raises and benefits and perks that Congress receives has to be approved by the voters and do not go into effect until after the next election. Perks to do away with free cars while in office, paying their airfare to go back and forth from home state to DC and back, paying for air fare for them to go from either DC or their home state to campaign for a fellow party candidate in another state, giving them money to make a fact finding trip or something like and not having to turn in receipts to show what they spent that money on and nor return any money that they had left from these trips, are able to take their families on these trips at our expense and many other perks that we the voters do not know about.

      • charleo1

        What you say is all true. I find it particularly egregious when those like Ryan,
        and there are many, who have benefited from those programs, like Social Security,
        they now work to weaken, or end altogether. It’s called pulling the ladder of
        opportunity up behind you. When I have to believe most Americans that live in
        the real world, want to increase opportunities for the young people who were
        not fortunate enough to be born into privilege. I think we all know what the
        problem is. What causes this great disconnect between what regular Americans,
        like you, and me, tell our elected representatives we want. What we support. And
        then, stand furious, as they enact policies for the well to do, and connected,
        that work aganist the interests of the majority, and the Country as well. And,
        it’s all about the money. I keep thinking, one of these days! Because it will be
        the people, that finally gets fed up enough to put a stop to it. Because on their
        own the politicians themselves, are never going to change anything. That’s
        both Parties, I’m sad to say.

    • tlawr30

      they should be fired,they dont care about the american people
      that put them in office.

      • SouthernPatriot55


  • RobertCHastings

    Don’t blame Boehner and Ryan, blame their mothers for not practicing safe sex. The disease they both got is untreatable and incurable.

    • plc97477

      If they couldn’t practice safe sex they could have at least been pro choice

      • Abortion wasn’t legal when Boehner, not sure how old Ryan is, it may not have been legal when Ryan was born either. Their parents shouldn’t have dropped them on their heads trying to knock some common sense into them.

    • I agree with you 100%

      • lana ward

        O must keep forgetting we have videos of things he has said in the past. “Obamas sequester, the grand bargain”, O says sequester is his idea!!!!!!!!

    • lana ward

      The sequester is Omuslims. Type in “Obamas sequester,his grand bargain” Omuslim says he is the father of it!!!! Bob Woodward says this too. That’s why the WH threatened him!!!!. O must keep forgetting we have videos of things he’s said in the past

      • daniel bostdorf

        troll…and her is lan’s photo…

        • Daniel, you need to find a mall troll, Lana Wood is male according to a post of his in I think March of last year. He didn’t like it when he was called a witch with a capital B. told everyone he was a male not a witch with a capital B. That maybe his problem his name caused him to be bullied and he got hit in the head t omany times

          • daniel bostdorf

            A troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages for persoanl engrandizement in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[ or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

          • BDC_57

            We will never know if anal is a He or She because it lies to much to believe. Any way it deserves to be call a lying bitch.

      • Check out the real quote as a WH rep spoke to Woodward. BW spoke on FOX four or five times and we all know how their policy goes when it comes to the President. Woodward was once a man of integrity but that’s gone. Obama olffered the GOP a two to one deal and they said no. Well when the new numbers come out and we’re slowly gettin back into a recession or worse the President should, by their names balme Cantor and Ryan (the punk).

        • lana ward

          Lanny Davis said the WH threatened him too. Is he not a man of integrity anymore either??

        • Robert Mr Lana Wood is a hater and a racist, he thinks he is on a hit list that President Obama has according to him. He escapes his keepers every day and post his lies and hate on National Memo. So when seeing the name Lana Wood on a post, skip it. I am calling him Mr. Lana Wood because in March of last year I think it was, he got very upset when he was called a witch with a capital B. He told the poster of that he was a male not female therefore could not be a witch with a capital B

          • The funny part about people like her is that if the sequester does not turn into a catastrophe and ends up helping reduce the Federal government deficit, she will turn around and credit the GOP for doing it in spite of President Obama’s obstructionism. They should not be taken seriously.
            I believe the impact of the sequester is not going to be as severe as some people think, at least not short term. The real problem is that it will deprive the Federal government of the funds they need to invest in this like infrastructure, alternative energies, and education. The risk is likely to be long term rather than short term. That, by the way, is the biggest problem afflicting GOP policy making, they are focused on what will happen next fiscal year, rather than planning for where we should be as nation a decade or two from now.

      • daniel bostdorf


  • RobertCHastings

    Ryan and Cantor are both culpable, much more so than Boehner. Ryan’s own Catholic Church rejected his budget plan because it did not reflect the values of the Church. One thing we all should remember, though, is that VAWA was passed, ONLY with the votes of about 25 Republicans, and that only with the approval of Boehner(or else we would have really heard some screaming about those Republicans who voted for VAWA).

  • nobsartist

    I blame Obama for using this as a reason to extend the bush tax cuts, which he himself benifieted from.

    Obama put his true colors on display when he extended them.

    Just another bush of a different color.’

    • Obama was pushed into extending the Bush tax cuts because the GOP which controlled the House at the time and had enough votes in the Senate to block anything Obama wanted to do insisted that without extending them, that they would allow the law extending unemployment benefits to millions of unemployeds to lapse and they would also not agree to changing Bush’s tax cut act so that taxes would only rise on those earning over 250,000. So to keep the economy from falling back into recession by not putting more financial struggles on millions of unemployed Americans and by raising taxes on the middle class, Obama had no choice.

      • nobsartist

        How well did that work for him? They chumped him again at our expense. The economy is still right where it was when he signed them and when bush started them.

        Now speaking of millions, what about the millions of homeowners that Obama has not helped?

        What about the banks that he has helped?

        What about all of the investigations that have not happened andwhat about the statute of limitations.

        It looks to me like Obama is more interested in covering up the crime than how it happened.

        Thats why he will be on the board of directors of a bunch of banks that he chose not to investigate and we still have NO jobs plan after 5 years.

    • Countrybumpkin

      That is called A COMPROMISE! I am sure you do know that the tax increase on the ” 5% well to do” would not have happened without it, and it certainly has nothing to do with a benefit to our President. As a matter of fact, most of his income is taxed as capital gains, which was raised from 15 to 20%. You are obviously trying to mislead again.

  • docb

    Think the electorate is already there…62% disapprovals of repubs and majority including repubs see them as ‘out of touch’ and ‘too extreme’!

    However, TRUTH PROOF in their own words helps to confirm what we already know to be true from the obstructionists! Lies, obstruction, projection and childish behavior at the expense of the People for the benefit of the ‘DONOR CLASS’ of the repub base.

  • sfbmoore

    This must be remembered in the elections of 2014! Ryan and Cantor need to go!

    • All Republicans in office now that are up for reelection next year need to go along with Ryan, Cantor and Boehner.

  • And now you understand the smirk that is always on Lying Ryan and Evil Cantor’s face. Sort of like I just crapped my pants but you don’t smell it yet smirk. Well guess what boys, we (US) do smell it and it stinks! You may like sitting in your own feces but the rest of us (US) do not. It is time to clean up Congress and get the smell out.

  • I have seen this coming ever since the so called Tea Party wound up in control of the House.
    They have managed to block any, or all, of attempts to put order in our country

  • Laugh it up now asshole but come election time your ass is out dick head!!!!

  • ScroogledToby

    Cntor and Ryan (and Boehner) are nothing more than shills for the rich.
    C. R. Touby a “Scroogled” victim

  • A Politicus USA article traced the origins of the sequester to a little-known Georgia GOP state legislator, who proposed it as a “reform” in 2010…
    And, for all of the avarice-fueled and corrupt Conservative bastards out there: the reason that we’re in this financial mess are the Reverse Robin Hood fiscal policies of the GOP and NOTHING ELSE! The Bush 43 TCLs (tax cuts/loopholes) were and still are the biggest upward redistribution of wealth in the history of this world…from 2001 to 2012, those Bush 43 TCLs allowed wealthy Americans and big US corporations to shelter $42 trillion in income from being taxed, costing $16.6 trillion in tax revenue…the current national debt is around $16.5 trillion…that’s not a coincidence…in addition, the last 3 GOP presidential administrations are solely responsible for more than 90% of the deficit….let’s dispense with the hypercritical BS, eh, corrupt and greedy Cons? 🙁 ssmdh (yeah, I’m talking to you, Kenneth Head!)

  • Countrybumpkin

    The only way to effect CHANGE in CONGRESS is to make sure that every citizen, who doesn’t agree with the current obstruction in Washington, goes to the voting booth in 2014. There should be no excuses, even if we have to stand in line for 10 hours. Our and our neighbors livelihood depend on it.

    • nobsartist

      Who will they vote for? Both parties are the same.

  • Pam_L

    Could sequestration be what they wanted all along? Seriously? Of course this is what they wanted! Haven’t they been harping about reducing the size of the federal government, ‘starving the beast’, etc.? They essentially want to kill a number of birds with one stone, namely: to shrink the federal government to the point of it being nearly powerless, regardless of what the Constitution says (but not enough to put themselves out of work, of course); to basically turn this country into the Separate, Independent States of America where Governers and local officials have freedom from Federal oversight and authority; to eliminate any Federal agencies that can hold the private sector accountable for any trangressions of the law they choose to commit; and most of all, to put themselves in a position to inflict harm on those sectors of the population they dislike the most (we all know who they are). They are a sly, cunning bunch of interlopers who have managed to twist the arm of the President and the Democrats until they get their way, backed up by their billionaire cronies, rightwing lobbyists, and far-right media shills. Eliminating or weakening voting rights, unions and public employees are just the beginning of their plans. Just stay tuned, because we ‘ain’t seen nothing yet’.

    • Pam. that is why voters need to put together a petition in order to have a constitutional amendent on the 2016 ballot, don’t think we can do it before 2014) that says No member of Congress can serve more than 2 terms in office just like the President does now. No term of office can be longer than 2 years for Represenatives and Senators. There shall be a 4 year limit for the amount time either as a Representative or Senator for ever, can not serve four years as a Representative then four years as a Senator. The total time a person can serve as a member of Congress is 4 years. Also that amendment should also have in it Congress can not vote itself a raise or entitlement (like a pension) or any perk without a vote on it by the people. Someone with better wording skills than I have could put it better so I hope you know what I am getting out. All elected office should have term limits and all Federal Court judges that are appointed for life should be appointed with term limits also.

      • Pam_L

        Good idea. I especially agree with term limits for ALL judges, especially the Supreme Court. Of course, all this depends on getting the tea party traitors out of office on every level of government.

  • daniel bostdorf

    Let’s quit blaming and lets repeal the Sequester and replace it with a new act called The Balancing Act…it has been on the table for many months, and solves the real problem: obstructionism by the GOP.

    This Act equalizes budget cuts and revenue by closing loopholes for America’s wealthiest individuals and corporations, raising $960 billion in revenue. It also creates over 1 million jobs by investing in infrastructure, teachers, and putting money in consumers’ pockets, paid for by cutting wasteful Pentagon spending to achieve balance with non-defense cuts.

    Robert Borosage states the summary of the act this way:

    “The sequester irresponsibly will cost over one million jobs and impede an already faltering recovery. It should be repealed, not postponed. Congress should turn its attention to jobs and growth, not to more austerity….The entire debate is upside down. America has a jobs crisis, not a budget crisis. The deficit is not out of control; it is already down 25 percent in relation to the economy, and falling faster than anytime since the demobilization at the end of World War II. The across the board cuts of the sequester are a ridiculous way to approach a budget. We need to fix the economy, not fix the debt. And you can’t fix the economy by focusing on fixing the debt. It is time to invest in America’s future, not strangle the weak recovery we now have….

    The simplicity of this act makes a heck of alot more sense than the madness the GOP is putting our country through….for the 2nd time…do you remember the GOP government shut down of 1996?o

    The bottom line dollar and tax wise is this:

    $2 trillion has been cut over the past two years from teachers, firefighters, police officers, loans for college students, and infrastructure investments….and….WE THE PEOPLE shouldn’t continue to pay the price for massive tax breaks for millionaires and billions of dollars in subsidies to oil companies….and multination conglmerates who sned jobs overseas and has destryoed the midddle class.

    Contrary to view points posted, Obama had nothing to do with the GOP pushing us over the cliff and will do nothing March 27th.

  • jstsyn

    Lets get rid of the republicans that are destroying America by any means. Run them out of D.C. before they do more harm. They are traitors and need to be dealt with as such. They seem to hate this country, lets help them leave.

  • What the USA needs is solutions not finger pointing or blaming one another. Enough of this immature game and the crisis of the month! The sad truth is that instead of regrouping and moving to the center right, Ryan and Cantor are not only more determined than ever to push their agenda, they have actually taken control of the agenda. Look carefully at what happened during the last debt ceiling exercise, the fiscal cliff, the sequester, and the next debt ceiling fiasco coming up in a couple of weeks. These two guys set up the administration, forced our hand, and got concessions that they then used to blame us for potential harm caused by the very policies they proposed.
    President Obama has to take control of the national discourse as soon as possible, and must stop compromising with those determined to destroy his presidency and push their ideological objectives on the majority of Americans that reject their proposals. During the next debt ceiling exercise, let them threaten default. Let them be the ones that call for cuts in entitlements. Stop being Mr. Nice guy. The only thing these guys respect is ruthlessness that match theirs.

    • daniel bostdorf

      Yes as you state: “President Obama has to take control of the national discourse …”

      Obama needs to urge the repeal of The Sequestion Act” and replace it with “The Balancing Act.”

      • The biggest problem for the GOP is that a plurality of Americans understand that President Obama has managed to reduce the deficit to its lowest point sinch his first Inauguration, and the national debt with respect to GDP, in spite of all the obstructionism he has encountered. He is, clearly, a paragmatist determined to do what is right for our country and for the middle class.
        Unfortunately, he is too nice a guy and remains committed to govern by consensus with people more interested in scoring political points and discrediting his presidency, than doing what they were elected to do. Instead of extending an olive branch to people like Ryan and Cantor he should kick them where it hursts, and the easiest way to do that is to call their bluff. During the upcoming crisis of the month – the 2nd debt ceiling exercise since President Obama was first inaugurated – the President should limit his involvement to informing the nation of the consequences of defaulting on the debt and the reasons the debt is not lower than it currently is: irresponsible tax cuts, two unfunded wars, and the financial debacle that began in 2007. After that, smile and let Ryan and Cantor go down in history as the architects of the Second Great Depression. Needless to say, this is wishful thinking. President Obama will not allow that to happen, and he will stick his political neck out once again, and share the blame, to save the country from its own fallacies.

        • charleo1

          As you say, the biggest knock on Obama from his own Party, is he’s
          too nice! I’m pretty sure, if Obama walked onto the House floor, and
          smashed Eric Cantor right in the mouth, he would receive a standing,
          round of approval from 99% of us, that keep looking for that guy that
          must be in there somewhere. But, first I think we have to conclude at
          this point, that’s simply not who he is. And he may reason too, that to
          add to what is already a din of roaring political noise, he could drown
          out his own message, and add to perception that the whole of government,
          from the President on down, functions more like a mob, bar fight, than a governing body. Which would tend to bolster the T-Party’s contention that the government is never part of the solution. And so, the T-Party does
          present Obama, the President, his most daunting challenge. He realizes
          that as long as he’s dealing with a crisis every couple of months, he will
          not be able to deal with other issues, like immigration, climate change,
          changing a tax code, and trade policy, that incentivizes the outsourcing
          of investment, and jobs. His opponents know, if they can keep the
          Country off balance, and Obama busy putting out fires, and dealing with
          simply keeping the government’s lights on, they may yet cause a failure
          of his Presidency. Which, come to think about it, is one hell of a ridiculous
          reason to get up in the morning! But, they are what they are.

  • daniel bostdorf

    Yes, Dominick, I agree that we need solutions. The Balancing Act is the solution. We must repeal the sequestion act.

    Do a web search and read the PDF of The Balancing Act for yourself. I urge others here as well to take some time to research this as well. Washington Post has an interesting article as well.

    • Daniel, what states to these two gentlemen represent. I want to email and send a letter to my representative to make sure he is helping these representatives get the act passed and also tell the two Republican senators from my state to get off their rear ends and help get the act passed in the House by pushing the Republican representatives form here to pass it for the good of the Country and the people. The two senators do have the ability to get our state Representatives to be more reasonable than we voters seem to have.

      • daniel bostdorf

        Rep. Keith Ellison Minnesota’s 5th congressional district

        Raul M. Grijalva (D) for Arizona’s 7th Congressional District

        hope that helps 🙂

  • lana ward

    It’s his fault, it’s her fault, it’s their fault. Blah, blah, blah. O is just a coward little bitch!!

    • daniel bostdorf

      revised photo of lana the troll.

  • daniel bostdorf

    You state something I really don’t believe is true:

    “Unfortunately, he is too nice a guy and remains committed to govern by consensus with people more interested in scoring political points and discrediting his presidency”

    Given the past two year history of the President’s tough stances against the GOP, I don’t see where he’s been “too nice a guy …”

  • Sick of everything

    I agree with Swinney up above. He’s right on the money and all the talking points about the Pres have been debunked.

  • Sick of everything

    Having two separate area’s for comment is really a lousy idea.

  • madbowler6

    wow, I can see some real far left moonbats read this site. kinda makes sense though, considering an lightweight sophist like josh marks writes for this turd.

    //Cantor and Ryan wanted to let the voters decide on taxes and health care instead of preempting it with the Obama-Boehner Grand Bargain. //

    uhhhh…WHAT, exactly, is so wrong with that??

    //Then in November, the American public overwhelmingly voted for President Obama//

    uhhhh…do words even have meaning anymore? “overwhelmingly”??? if by that you mean “slightly more votes to win the electoral college than was necessary”, then yes, it was an “overwhelming” victory for president Obama. however, when you consider Obama won reelection by something like 430,000 votes over 4 key states, I would HARDLY call that “overwhelming”. in other words, if Romney had gotten merely 430,000 more votes in the right states, HE would have won. understand? GW Bush won Florida ALONE by that almost same amount in 2004, and I wouldn’t call the 2004 election “overwhelming”.

    //and his balanced approach to deficit reduction and growing the economy through a mix of spending cuts, tax revenues and closing corporate loopholes//

    you just can’t quite argue in good faith, can you? that’s alright, neither can Obama. “balanced approach” my ass, as evidenced by Obama’s arrogant statement of “I get [tax increases] for free”, meaning that he didn’t even consider that concession part of the bargain, despite the fact the Republicans had conceded several hundred billion in new taxes.

    also, the Democrats’ beloved tax increases were to take immediate effect, whereas the spending cuts were all put off into the future. gee, what could go wrong there? and surely there was no history of similar deals being cut before, only to see the tax hikes take place without the promised spending cuts.

    //The American people also doubled down on Obamacare by re-electing the president.//
    not really. Obamacare was a tiny issue throughout the entire campaign. everything else was about the economy and “fair shares”. I was stunned how little Obamacare was actually mentioned. regardless, polls showed (and still show) Obamacare to be popular with less than 50% of the country. not that really means a lot. the vast majority of both Obamacare’s critics and supporters don’t know enough about the law to warrant their opinion one way or the other.

    //…leading to the sequester and the onset of European-style austerity//

    this is true, but not in the sense that you mean. “European-style austerity”…that’s the “austerity” where the governments CONTINUE to spend more and more every year, just not at quite the rate they would like. so again I ask: do words have meaning anymore, or are we just throwing them around? because most people who understand the English language tend to think of “austerity” as taking a meat-ax to spending, not actually continuing to watch spending go UP. yes, look it up. European govts are still increasing their spending.

    //and possibly another recession//

    LOL, there it is! you knew the left would do its level best to blame the Obama non-recovery and looming double-dip recession on those evil Republicans! lol, how any thinking person can buy this claptrap is beyond me. you do realize that before our thrifty govt can SPEND (think: “stimulate”) anything, it must first take that money from the private sector or borrow it from willing lenders, right? clearly taking money out of the private sector will only exacerbate recession conditions, which means lenders are our only hope. and since we’re already 16T in the hole, dontcha think it MIGHT be time to realize spending is the problem? everything we borrow we have to pay back WITH INTEREST. if borrowing was the solution to our economic woes, how the hell did we end up here? because we didn’t borrow enough?? if you believe that I’ve got some lovely waterfront property on the moon to sell you.

    //What is unclear is why, after their ideas were thoroughly rejected, //

    430,000 votes

    //they are defying the will of the American people//

    pfffff perhaps you’d have some credibility if you stopped pretending like a tiny electoral college victory meant that the “overwhelming” will of the american people was behind you.

    //and a popular president//

    pretty sure Barry had the lowest ever approval rating for an incumbent who won reelection.

    //by refusing to compromise.//

    again, words and those pesky meanings! Repubs had already conceded close to a trillion in new revenue, and Obama’s response was “I get that for free.” so who, really, is refusing to compromise here?? in your world, “refusing to compromise” means giving you everything you want.

  • madbowler6

    leftists are just mad that the sequester–tiny as it is–is doing what it was DESIGNED TO DO: cut spending automatically if Washington was unable to agree on anything.

    but you leftist nimrods would be wise to consider this: the Federal budget can be broken down into two parts: discretionary spending, and mandatory spending. mandatory spending consists of entitlements plus interest on the debt. that money is automatically spent no matter what. discretionary spending consists of everything else the govt does, INCLUDING DEFENSE.

    now here’s the bombshell realization: we, as a nation, could cut the ENTIRE–100%–MANDATORY spending side of the Federal budget…and we would STILL have a deficit.

    in other words, if we cut 100% of our military/defense budget, ALONG WITH EVERY OTHER GOVT DEPARTMENT AND AGENCY, we would STILL not have enough money to pay our bills.

    again, in other words, there ARE NO SPECIFIC CUTS that will solve this problem, because cuts can only be made from discretionary spending. and which party is it again that refuses to cut entitlements (i.e. mandatory spending) every time push comes to shove with them? the DEMOCRATS.

    the American people are taxed enough. the govt just wastes whatever money it collects. you can never feed the beast enough. starving it and shrinking govt is the only solution.

    but notice that this requires cutting entitlements, and cutting them significantly. the thought of this is more than statist Democrat politicians can bear. but it is what must be done.

    and if we’re going to significantly cut entitlements, we must ask the question and have serious answers: WHAT IS THE PROPER ROLE OF GOVT?? our Constitution spelled this out, but Washington doesn’t give too much of a crap about the Constitution anymore. and that’s why we’re in the mess we’re in.

  • JohnGano

    The White House advisor Gene Sperling said on Sunday: We put forth the design of how to do that (speaking of sequester)

    It was the White House’s idea, period.

  • AmericanMom

    This article is nothing more than a partisan hit piece! What a load of garbage. If Obama presented a “balanced” approach, sequester would never have come up for discussion. Keep spending…keep funding programs that are proven failures, programs that duplicate each others functions. Why not…it’s only our kids’ futures…no worries!!

  • Fools do what fools do.

  • They should get rid of all those smart alecks in Washington, especially Ryan and Cantor and the whole tea party. All they do is looking out for their own millions and the heck with the hard working middle class. I hope the devil will get that whole wrotten bunch! By now every decent person in our country must be as disgusted as I am.

  • sickofploitics

    Come on people..the sequestration was Obama’s plan all along so he could get the debt ceiling raised.

  • JDavidS

    Ryan is about the stupidest son-of-a-bitch walking the planet today. I’m surprised they let him out without a leash and a personal support worker.

  • SouthernPatriot55

    Funny how Obama said there was lack of leadership and un patriotism when the deficit was MUCH lower! Same as gas prices. What do you say Obama NOW? Of course you said you do not want to play the blame game and two days later you do exactly THAT. Of course your lapdog media mutts give you a pass every time. How DO they sleep at night after selling their integrity and ethics to the dev il?