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Saturday, October 22, 2016
  • Allan Richardson

    Who can be against education? Politicians who depend on uneducated voters to get elected.

  • All Americans should be against education that is designed to indoctrinate our children into the new world order. Common core is on par with the Nazi youth programs.

    • Sand_Cat

      Since you’re such a scholar on the subject, why don’t you outline the provisions and tell us how each is “Nazi-like” and designed to indoctrinate our children? You can clearly give specific facts and direct, in-context quotes rather than what you read on your favorite wing-nut website?

      • Why don’t you actually start looking at other sources rather than just those that agree with your and the governments viewpoints. You might actually start to see that this regime has been lying about near everything.

        • Sand_Cat

          Since you presumably claim to do so, why don’t you answer my question?

          • BillP

            Because he can’t do it with provable facts, just unfounded conjecture and outright lies. This is a common theme among right wing trolls on this site. You know Obama is like Hitler, education is “Nazi like” etc. When asked to provide some facts they either continue with their Frank Luntz phrases or disappear.

          • Sand_Cat

            That’s what I was getting at in the original post.
            But let’s give him a chance to make a case if he can. Some of the trolls here actually do some research.

  • Sand_Cat

    What an ass!