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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Boehner: No Difference Between Raising Revenue From Middle Class Or Wealthy

Boehner: No Difference Between Raising Revenue From Middle Class Or Wealthy

In an appearance on Fox News Sunday, House Speaker John Boehner told host Chris Wallace that it doesn’t make a difference whether new revenue in a deal to avert the fiscal cliff comes from the middle class or from the wealthiest Americans.

Boehner, who said that he was “flabbergasted” by the White House’s opening offer (despite the fact that it’s exactly what President Obama campaigned on), blasted the president as “not serious” for demanding an increase in tax rates on the wealthiest earners.

When Wallace asked if Obama has a mandate on the issue — given that raising taxes on the wealthy was arguably the central issue dividing the president and Mitt Romney in the presidential election — Boehner argued that it doesn’t matter whether new revenue comes from the wealthy or the middle class.

Listen, what is this difference where the money comes from? We put $800 billion worth of revenue, which is what he is asking for, out of eliminating the top two tax rates. But, here’s the problem, Chris, when you go and increase tax rates, you make it more difficult for our economy to grow, after that income, the small business income, it is going to get taxed at a higher rate and as a result we’re gonna see slower economic growth, we can’t cut our way out of this problem, nor can we grow our way out of the problem, we have to have a balanced approach and what the president wants to do will slow or economy at a time when he says he wants the economy to grow and create jobs.

Boehner is wrong on two points. First, there is no reason to believe that restoring Clinton-era tax rates on incomes over $250,000 will prevent the economy from growing; on the contrary, rate increases on the wealthy in 1992 and 1994 were followed by a tremendous economic boom. Second, it clearly matters where the revenue comes from; as Boehner and the Republicans’ own rhetoric acknowledges, the middle class needs fiscal relief — not an increased burden.

The full interview between Boehner and Wallace can be seen here; the exchange on tax rates begins at the 5:33 mark.

Perhaps Boehner doesn’t care where new revenue comes from because he hasn’t yet figured it out. When Wallace pressed Boehner to name specific loopholes and deductions that he’d be willing to eliminate in order to make up the revenue lost by extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, Boehner declined — as Romney and Paul Ryan did repeatedly during the campaign — telling Wallace, “I’m not going to debate this or negotiate this with you.”

Photo credit: AP/Susan Walsh

Hat tip: Igor Volsky, Think Progress

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  • jarheadgene

    TIME to , in his[Boehner’s] own words, “THROW HIM[Boehner] OUT OF THE BAR !”

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      I’d like to throw em in Lake Erie WITH Concrete Boots.

      Emmm, can’t do that. That would Pollute Lake Erie where even Carp couldn’t survive.

  • Michael Kollmorgen

    Well, well, well. Boner don’t care where revenue comes from? He don’t care if it comes from the Middle Class or the Upper Class? Emmmm, I think he’d rather prefer the Middle Class.

    Yep, it makes a big big difference.

    We need to vote this jerk OUT OF OFFICE, as quickly as possible. Maybe a Recall would be a good first start.

    Boehner is from the 8th District from Ohio. It figures, Ohio is backwards in almost every category there is. Ohio – better get this guy out of office before we don’t have a state to call a state.


    • Hopefully the Democratic party recorded Boehner’s interview on FOX. His comment should be the centerpiece for the campaigns of all Democrats running for Congress in 2014. A man who is willing to stick it to 98% of Americans to benefit the top 2%, who don’t need our help to enjoy the best money can buy, does not deserve to be Speaker of the House or an elected official.

    • Roz

      I wouldn’t insult the entire state because of a Boner. Remember place the blame where it belongs. Besides The Great State of Ohio put Obama over the top and can also pull the plug on the Boner man. So be nice.

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        I lived in Ohio most of my life except for year-long stays in Florida, California and Arizona (trying to find a better place to live). The only reason I didn’t stay in these other states was family problems, which kept drawing me back.

        I got to admit, “some” parts of the state is nice. However, most of it stinks big time. Ohio’s politics stink, Ohio’s progressiveness stinks, Ohio’s business inventiveness stinks, Ohio’s plan for the future stinks.

        Ohio’s North Shore stinks. They gave up Lake Erie years ago. The entire Lake Erie Lakefront could have been, at one time, US’s Prime Tourist Attraction. Ohio screwed that up many years ago.

        I’m still surprised Ohio helped Obama get elected. We have roughly around a dozen and growing hate groups, white power groups in the state to boot. We’re still a highly conservative state. And, it shows in job creation. It took years to get Casinos.

        Ohio is probably better to live in than some of these deep red states. But, Ohio has a long way to go to be a great state to live in.

        Far from it.

    • Don’t blame the State for one misguided district.

    • Tia

      Problem is this, Boner runs unopposed in the 18th district of Ohio.

  • rl

    I think he pretty muchstated how much he cares about American citizens and America. Ohio, get him out a quick as you can.

  • stcroixcarp

    I wish some one would explain something to me. If low taxes for wealthy create jobs, why isn’t this country on full employment? Why haven’t the Bush tax cuts created jobs up the wazoo? Why aren’t the wealthy scrambling to invest and create jobs before this tax cut runs out, so they can make more money to pay the new taxes? That’s what I would do!

    • elw

      My questions as well.

    • nobsartist

      As I have stated before, this is a con job. It is like applying for welfare and lying about your financial situation. If you cheat the welfare system, you are financially penalized.

      the bush tax cuts were a welfare plan for millionaires based on the assumption that if they paid less in taxes, they would create more jobs.

      That was a scam so why are they not forced to pay a financial penalty for abusing welfare?

      • tobewan

        And the “penalty” needs to be retro-active to when the Bush Tax-cuts began, to restore that which has been ‘stole’ from the American Treasury.

    • In the interest of fairness, I believe the Bush tax cuts may have contributed to the willingness of wealthy Americans to invest and create jobs…in China, Indonesia, Bangladesh and other countries. Let’s give credit when credit is due.

      • Dol5

        You are saying it correctly. All of those jobs went overseas, not to companies in America.

    • Still they are putting conditions to give away tax cut. What is the use of conditions if at all tax cuts benefits everyone as they claim.

  • If Boehner is correct that there’s no difference between raising revenue from the Middle Class or from the Top 1%, then why are Republicans so axle-wrapped about helping the Top? Let’s get on with revising rates for the Toppers and hope that Middle-Class shoppers go to the store in droves.

    • tobewan

      Right on, Casey, THEY, as you say, the Toppers, THEY NEED US more than we need them.
      Look at Bi-Mart for example, Employee owned, and there are others. Perhaps the “Toppers” are afraid this idea will ‘catch on’ and THEY will be out of a job – same place Boehner and his crowd should be.
      America’s ARISTO-crats should learn to be DEMO-crats, learn to love their ‘neighbor’ – US, the rest of America – we are NOT an expendable 47%.

  • I think its time for John Boner to get another Job.

  • Okay. Why not cut taxes on income under $50,000 for a married couple with 2 or more children down to 5%. Then add another tax rate for incomes over $1,000,000 to 45%. Above $5,000,000 to 50%.

    Makes more sense than increasing taxes on the people who live paycheck to paycheck. The same people who actually use the money to buy groceries, housing, cars, etc.

    • MJRinPA

      “Makes more sense than increasing taxes on the people who live paycheck to paycheck.” The return to pre- Bush tax cut rates are for individuals making over $200,000 and couples making over $250,000. That’s hardly paycheck to paycheck!

    • DurdyDawg

      But.. But what about all those upper crust condos/

  • nobsartist

    This is indicative as to how clueless boner is of this situation. boner and his fellow felons refuse to accept the fact that decisions that THEY made caused this crisis yet they want the people that did not profit, did not create “credit default swaps”, did not receive bonus’s thru TARP, were not bailed out and have suffered at their hands.

    It is time for republiCONs to accept responsibility for their actions and it is time for those that proffited from the last 12 years, and there are many individuals and corporations that have, pay the piper.

    Austerity? I am all for it if it entails TAKING all profits from corporations and individuals that have done well over the last 12 years due to low, in fact, criminal tax rates.

    As I have stated, if corporations are sitting on 2.5 TRILLION and are not required to pay taxes on profits, it seems like a logical solution to TAKE 99% of that money.

    After all, corporations are NOT people. And if boner thinks it is O.K to make those NOT RESPONSIBLE for this fiasco pay more than they already have then it is time to make those that CAN AFFORD to pay more, a lot more.

    • Ed


      • and they are people either !

  • Charvi3

    I say..let’s do it as Bill Clinton is a proven fact that his way..made the economy boom..I guess looking into the mirror too much…has confused…Boehner just a bit..thinking he is the President of The wrong…all…I can say..we all better be into prayer…that these two parties get along for the sake of all the American people….We were fine till Bush got us into this horrible mess we are in today..that is the republican party for you…they could care less about the poor…at least the Clinton Foundation is going to be helping with the poor…Bill Clinton…is another one..that believes in helping the middle class and the poor…thank God.

  • rpg1408

    You have to give these guys credit. They tell it like it is. ” We only care about the 1% and the rest of you can go to hell.”

    • jarheadgene

      Unfortunately they are still duping (mainly through FOX) many, who still vote against themselves.

  • CooofNJ

    I just wrote to my Congressperson (Republican) asking him to please stop this nonsense. Doubt if it will do any good. The problem is that the right is simply not credible on anything approaching logic lately. I believe the Boehner probably did not mean that it didn’t matter to the people where the money comes from, I believe he was trying to make the point that it doesn’t matter to the budget where the money comes from, and that if you take billions out of the non-governmental economy that the source doesn’t matter – you are simply removing money (I have seen some sites where posters are referring to any tax increases as “destroying” money).

    Two points continually hammered on by the right bother me particularly. First, the comments that the “47%” (of tax filers) who pay no income taxes “have no skin in the game”. That is outrageous on a lot of levels, but I wonder how the retired folks who worked all their lives and paid in, and now who make too little to pay federal income taxes, feel about their not having “skin in the game”? I can tell you how my 78 year old mom, who busted her butt for 50+ years and now lives on SS and a small pension feels! And it is not charitable toward Boehner.

    Second, there is a canard that the Democrats have never agreed to reducing any entitlement benefits so they can’t be trusted to do so in the future, so please reduce high income taxes first and later we can talk about entitlements. That is so patently false it is laughable, but it is endlessly repeated. I don’t know if anyone has looked at their SS retirement date lately, but mine sure has gone up compared to my parent’s generation. And survivor benefits (for children especially) have been significantly curtailed. Medicare has been restructured and I have almost no hopes of holding out for it, yet we are bombarded with messages that we have too many entitlements.

    The wonder is that they can sleep at night.

    • jarheadgene

      Yes, I don’t know how some of that got slipped through. I have a neighbor whose husband died several years ago and she just found out her daughter’s benefits ended at her 18th birthday. I know other survivor children who got checks up to 21, as long as they stayed in college. Don’t know for a fact, but I believe that is what Paul Ryan used to get through University. And I know my retirement age (w/out penalty) has risen.

      • Funny how little Paul Ryan think about SS after it did so much to get him where he is today, oh I forgot how he thinks, I got mine, to hell with the rest of you!!!

    • The Rep Party wants to get rid of so called entitlements so they don’t have to pay back the money they have taken from it over the years. To call SS a entitlement is like calling the Rep Party conservative.

    • tobewan

      …or even say their prayers. How does one confess to God that they only care about money and not about their neighbor (we the American people) ?

  • Tis the season for fairy tales, the old story about lower taxes for the upper class creats jobs, while everyone knows that the majority of jobs are created by SMALL BUSINESSES i.e. those who earn under $250,000. When the Righties talk about hurting small busineses they mean small lawyers offices & small doctors offices who specialize. Of course they earn over $250,000. America wake up, this is an old myth.

  • What doesn’t this guy understand…how can he not get the message sent by the election and/or understand the all too many polls from voters regarding SS, Medicare and raising taxes…

  • trodriguez

    Unbecoming of Republicans to not care about the middle class carrying the upper class in this economy. That is among the reasons I am pro democrat.

  • mtooey

    The rich have had reduced taxes for 12 years – they have not created jobs or new business. Instead our economy has been devastated. Bush decreased revenue and increased expenses. This is a recipe for disaster. This isn’t rocket science – a child could tell this the current plan doesn’t work.
    More taxes for the middle class will force them to choose between food and medicine or medicine and shelter – great sacrifices. Restoring taxes for the rich will have little affect – maybe they will buy a less expensive bottle of wine for dinner or but one less extra car or boat. They will not suffer as the middle class will. If taxes are based on a percent of income, then the rich should pay their fare share. Like I said – it isn’t rocket science.

    • m8lsem

      Agree. The poor should pay a poor share, the middle class should pay a middle share, and the rich should pay a rich share. One dollar a week of new tax means something material to someone earning minimum wage, while it is meaningless to someone making a million dollars a year. Ten dollars to that minimum wage earner is a disaster, while ten thousand to that millionaire is modest blink. That’s why graduated tax rates make sense. When I was ten years old, the top bracket was 91% and we were enjoying one of the most booming economy times in our history, and virtually full employment. The idea that low taxes for the very rich is necessary to prosperity is simply BS.

    • tobewan

      Hmmm…seems that America as human sacrifices were put on the altar of Tax-cuts for the wealthy by Bush II, and Boehner wants to continue that sacrificing.

  • msrita

    What world do these people live. Why should asked them to take a 30% pay cut and pay for their gas for the Private we the People pay for the next 10 years. So they can fell the pain of most of us regular people. Contact your Party of Congress. Dem’s and Punk’s need to suffer also.

  • stcroixcarp, the reason we don’t have full employment with the Bush tax cuts is because the wealthy created the jobs and invested their windfalls overseas. That’s why Pres. Obama is correct – tax breaks for moving businesses overseas have to end.

    • m8lsem

      American business taxes should be on domestic income, plus on all overseas earnings, less a deduction for taxes actually paid other governments.

  • William Deutschlander

    Boehner’s central problem is that he does not know what the hell he is babbling about!

    His tired false rhetoric about small business, 97% of them, and the false statement about 2% job creators, has been PROVEN WRONG time and time again, the Republicans are just to ignorant to accept the facts, the truth.

    • The Rep Party tells their lies in hope that if they say it enough times people will think it’s true, surprising how well it works.

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        Goes to show just how dumbed-down america has become – at least half of it.

        • jarheadgene

          The Half that watch FOX (so-called)news….dumbed down to the core.

  • Ed

    Facts never bother repubs. Like the facts that the historical data shows that the economy grows more under democratic admins than repubs; or the fact the taxes are at an all time low and sgtill the uber rich are not creating jobs.

  • elw

    And there you have it in a nutshell. The Republicans do not understand the difference between raising a family on an income of 50 thousand vs. 250 thousand; As with many (not all) very rich people he does not have the empathy to understand what middle-class means. What he was really saying is it doesn’t matter to him if the Middle Class pays, it matters if he does. He is truly a “Boehner.”

  • jr_06498

    Oh yes of course, there is no difference for you, because, you only thinking of yourself, pretending that you are protecting the interest of the 99%.

  • nobsartist

    republiCONs answer to higher taxes on millionaires and billionaires is entitlement reform.

    simple solution to entitlement reform. a mandatory 6% tax on ALL income, earned and investment.

    This should be the platform of President Obama’s deficit fix.

  • m8lsem

    I hope someone someday dares to ask Boehner to define ‘small business.’ Small business to me is ma and pa with a little grocery, our local camera/TV store where everyone on the payroll seems to be related by blood or marriage to ma and pa owners … and they are not in the top two brackets. Boehner’s vision of small business must be Exxon and Chase.

  • CPANewYork

    This guy Boehner will say anything. Boy, he is so dumb.

  • boehner the bonehead!!!

  • notafoxfan

    lets face it..the republicans ,even with the mandate election,do not care about the middle class..they love to talk about the “fiscal cliff” and how its all obamas fault, without going back to the bush years and a few wars we should not have been in..those in the senate and in congress are all pretty well off in their own right,and as elected officicials have benefits,government pensions and their own form of social security and medicare, which they voted for themselves..they do not have to worry about a month to month paycheck or benefits as do most of the american population..these guys have repeatedly proved how selfish they are,and how misinformed with regard to the rest of america who do not happen to be “in the money”..boehner is a “puppet” and does not represent the spirit of compromise and obviously is not listening when he says the democrats have not offered a proposal…

  • Jack Wormer

    The “good” Speaker Boehner, himself a “poor” middle class member before he got hooked on the public trough via politics, is clearly getting SUCKED in deeper and deeper in an untenable economic “argument” of the crooked rich, by the crooked rich, and FOR the crooked rich.

    How come the MEDIA is NOT dragging before the floodlights of public radio and TV, the Dr. Faustus of Republican Economic “Theory” – one Dr. Arthur Laffer (Ph.D. Economics), alchemist in-chief of Trickle Down Economics, currently ensconched in the splendor of Rancho Santa Fe, CA – a picturesque ghetto of the super-rich?

  • adriancrutch

    I commented on boehner’s facebook page that he was a disgrace to his office! He carries the battle flag of the rich!

  • It’s really very simple. Someone please ask Boehner, when he’s on the air, “Who are you working for?” If he says, “Working people,” it will so obviously be a lie. If he openly admits, “The banks and multinational corporations,” are who he’s working for, then the obvious will be out front. (Of course he’d never admit that.) As always, follow the money. All the other bs about tax hikes on the top 1% “hurting investments and job growth” will be exposed for what they are—simple lies from bought-off losers.

  • It appears the Republicians are not really interested in anything except protecting the wealthy and their interests. The results of the election should prove the people are in favor of the President’s proposals to increase taxes to Clinton era numbers! It appears that Boehner is not looking out for the adverage-working class American–which is what Ohio is made up of!! So Ohio–maybe its time to send people to Washington that want to represent us–working class!!

  • If it doesn’t matter whether new revenue comes from the wealthy or the middle-class then why not tax those who can most affordably sustain such an increase, the wealthiest.

  • RussVet

    47% pay no taxes; ~half the nation, might start with them…. Obozo won the election by only 325,000 in four swing states, not a mandate. During this fake crisis, at least Boehner isn’t on a three week $4 million dollar tax payer paid vacation to Hawaii , Obozo doesn’t represent the middle class, just the lower %

    • President Obama has a mandate he won the election both the popular vote and the electoral college vote. There is no one in this Country that doesn’t pay taxes in one form or other. The 47% you are accusing of not paying taxes include seniors who paid taxes on their income for 50 or more years and some are still paying taxes on their SS which they get back each year because they don’t draw enough money to pay taxes, Veterans who gave their all so people like you can complain about them not paying income taxes on their VA checks, people who are handicapped physically and mentally. Everyone of these people pay sales tax when they buy anything, they pay gas taxes when they buy gas for the car and home, when they pay their electric bill, their phone bill, they pay property taxes and if they live in states that have a state income tax they pay those also and all the other taxes on goods and products that we have to buy to live. Boehner and the rest of the Republicans are always on vacation unless there is a bill coming up for vote the will lower the Rich’s taxes, a group of people that includes 3/4 % more of the Republican members of Congress. They don’t want to raise taxes on themselves is why they keep on fighting to keep the Bush tax cuts for the rich. Show where the President is on a $4 million taxpayers vacation in Hawaii? When did the vacation start, since he was in the lower 48 states as of yesterday.

    • jstsyn

      Refer to my post above.

    • I guess Bush never went on vacation, after he was elected the first time he spent more time on vacation than he did being President.

      • RussVet

        Appears dropped most of reply but bet U never read it anyway … Have a nice day …

  • The problem that I see with Boeners points are two fold. 1. the majority of these Millionairs and Billionaires only pay about 15-20 % in income taxes. I make less than $ 100,000 and pay 35%. Their analysis does not wash. 2. They call these opulent aristocrats as the Job Creators. A summary of this section of the popualtion By Blumberg lists the occupations of most of these Job Creators. They Include: Hedge Fund Managers, Investment Bankers, Attorneys, Physicians, Dentists, Real Estate Brokers, Media Celebrities, and Developers. WHERE IS THE JOB CREATION? John Developers maybe on a temporary basis. Give me a break.

    • Nigel Hendriks

      I think you better get a better accountant. At 100K income you would be in the 24% tax bracket and pay approx 17% tax due to graduated tax system. Still more than ‘some’ people pay that earn 20+million but no where near 34%.

  • emadis41

    Yes if the Middle Class got the same 250% increase in income that the wealthy 2% got. Please get serious mr. Boehner.

  • jstsyn

    The republicans are stand up stupid. I can’t figure out why any rational person would even give them the time of day let alone have them in a position to govern. It makes those that even argue with them as stupid as they are. Run them out of Congress and the sooner the better.

  • Boehner and the rest of the Republican rich in Congress don’t want their taxes raised that is why we are having this fight about the Bush tax cuts for rich being stopped. They want the rest of us to live in poverty so they can buy their yachts, imported sport cars, $75,000.00 horses, their mansions and send their spoiled brats to private schools, and own 3 or more homes in exclusive neighborhoods. As far as the Rich Republicans in Congress and their rich friends and donors are concerned the rest of us don’t exist except at election time. Boehner and the rest of the Rich Republicans in Congress are fighting to keep the Bush tax cuts for themselves while people like Warren Buffet and many other rich people are telling them to let the tax cuts for the rich expire. Republican actions in regards to the expiration the tax cuts for the rich show how little they care for this country and how selfish they are.

  • Yes that is true if you change IRS deductions, you will hurt the small bussiness. If you tax the rich you hurt no one, but Bohner’s feelings maybe he will cry.

  • Well let my think. Perhaps John is forgetting that the money is in the hands of the wealthy. I guess it does not matter where the money comes from as long as it does not come from those who have it. What a putz!

  • RussVet

    “We are worried about ‘the cow’ when it is all about the ‘Free Ice Cream.’ Making simple for ya like this recent eye-opening civics lesson for the 3rd grade.

    The last Presidential election was heating up and some of the children showed an interest. The school decided we would have an election for a class president. They would choose our nominees. They would make a campaign speech and the class would vote. To simplify the process, candidates were nominated by other class members.

    We got many nominations and from those, Jamie and Olivia were picked to run for the top spot. The class had done a great job in their selections. Both candidates were good kids.

    The day arrived when they were to make their speeches. Jamie went first. He had specific ideas about how to make our class a better place. He ended by promising to do his very best. Everyone applauded and he sat down. Now is was Olivia’s turn to speak.

    Her speech was concise. She said, “If you will vote for me, I will give you free ice cream.” She sat down. The class went wild. “Yes! Yes! We want free ice cream.”

    She surely would say more. She did not have to. A discussion followed. How did she plan to pay for the ice cream? She wasn’t sure. But no one pursued that question. They took her at her word. The class really didn’t care. All they were thinking about was ice cream…

    Jamie was forgotten. Olivia won.

    Every time Obozo opened his mouth he offered free ice cream and 51.4 % of the people reacted like nine year olds. They wanted free ice cream.

    And the other 48.6% percent know they’re going to have to feed the cow and clean up the mess.” This is the ice cream Obama promised you !

    • Just how stupid are you??????????????????

      • RussVet

        Appears you voted for Obozo so not as stupid as you, the something for nothing crowd

        • Justin Napolitano

          I voted for a man of sustenance not a man of determination to make himself even richer. You sir, should be glad I did because the Republicans would surely have screwed you to death.

    • Justin Napolitano

      Well, that is about as lame a comparison as it gets.
      The middle class don’t want ice cream, they want jobs that pay more than the minimum wage. I don’t call that ice cream I call it basic food.

    • Replying to RussVet –

      When George the Second promised to cut taxes by at least THREE AND A HALF TRILLION DOLLARS, nobody wanted to know how it was going to be paid for.

      Well, the fact is that there was never any intention of paying it back. In fact, the tax cuts were set to expire after he was out of office, because in the out years the debt would become so ENORMOUS that the public would never accept it.

      Now that there is a Democrat in the White House, the so called “Conservatives” want a balanced budget and a pay down of the National Debt. The same as they wanted when President Clinton was in office.


  • Boehner is in a time warp if he truly believes the lies he’s speaking. The man obviously is very concerned over losing his job, and will say anything to make sure that he’s well regarded by his caucus. He needs to remember the citizens of this country first and foremost. That would show character and morality.

  • Let me get this straight–middle class people who are struggling should pay more taxes than the wealthy who can afford to pay more taxes? Give me a break you *&^%&* GOP suck-ups.

  • It’s hard to believe some people think the Rep Party cares about them. When they tell them over and over again that they only care about the rich.

  • I want to try whatever it is he’s smoking.

  • Boehner get out of President Obama’s way & quit being an obstructionist

  • Every time I read about the republican ideas on how to solve this problem,I hear a line from an old Steely Dan song, ” See The Glory Of The Royal Scam”. It never fails! You have to be rich enough to not give a damn in order to support those guys.

  • elizh

    So – there are certain luxury businesses that are known not to be affected by the business cycle. Diamonds, furs, yachts. Yeah there was a little problem in the yacht industry a couple of years ago. But, if these types of sales are not affected by the business cycle, why would they be affected by (predictable) modest tax rises?

    This is not true for the middle class, who sometimes buy bigger houses and send their kids to private schools, and sometimes don’t. Sometimes get new SUV’s and sometimes don’t.

  • F-n double speak by the tan one! He needs to get his head screwed on right. Being on FOX is a tell-tale sign of his BS….

  • RussVet

    You voted for a man determined to get rich and did increased his wealth to $10M while in office … He is the rich

  • mrbristle

    I think that we all should chip in and buy Boehner a tow truck for Christmas so that he can pull his head out of his ass. I don’t know what election Boehner is referring but I believe that the American people sent a loud message to the unrealistic Republican party with the results of this election. Hey John, get a back bone and tell Grover Norquist to go #%&* himself and to stick his no tax pledge where the sun never shines. If you don’t have the stones to do it, then provide me with his phone number and I will be more than happy to do it for you and to tell that slimeball what I think of him. Wake up you spineless, arrogant wimp. You disgust me!

  • pak

    If you raise taxes on the wealthy it does not mean more jobs, if the wealthy are given more money it is more to bank. Jobs are created when the middle class has more money to spend [and if given more money they will spend]. With more spending more jobs will be created. The rich and powerful do not make jobs unless they can make money doing it. It has been proven trickle down does not work but trickle up does.

    • Your logic is too LOGICAL.

  • fatdog2012

    I think a lot of senators & congressmen should be impeached from office as they have no clue as to what the american people need or want. They make a huge salary & great benifits while the american people struggle to keep from being put out on the street. Boehner should be one of the 1st to go Wants to cut our social security when we worked years for this . If you are like my wife & I that is the only income we have The factories we worked for went overseas taking our retirement with them. Republicans have never liked social security anyhow/

  • RussVet

    “Obama Has Now Increased Debt More than All Presidents from George Washington Through George H.W. Bush Combined” Look it up….Obozo spend baby spend.. the 53% willl pay it .. NOT

    • Replying to RussVet –

      You really are an idiot, aren’t you? President Obama inherited a systemic debt load from George the Second. On his last day in office, George the Second handed President Obama a budget with the FIRST EVER Trillion dollar plus deficit.

      President Obama is stuck paying HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR on the debt load that he inherited. In addition to that, the tax cuts, which were really WELFARE FOR THE WEALTHY, are still dragging the economy down.

      The housing market CRASHED on George the Seconds watch, after the EXTREME build up of debt caused by the exotic mortgage products THAT WERE CREATED DURING THE REIN OF GEORGE THE SECOND.




      Our Country would NEVER have been in this mess if it wasn’t for GEORGE THE SECOND and his band of thieves.


      Let me repeat. You really are an idiot, aren’t you?

      • RussVet

        NATIONAL DEBT: Like most Liberals you are just very misinformed and hence an idiot …. Thanks only to Obozo ‘s lack of leadership America is 16 Trillion in debt and in no way did that not come from Bush and there is no way to pay it back … The Bush tax cuts fake Cliff wouldn’t fund the Federal Gov for 8 days under Obozo…. The economy is headed for a total collapse and the dollars which the treasury is printing at 40 billion a month will soon be worthless…. Under Obozo America loans have gone from AAA to one notch above trash

        FEDERAL BUDGET: Obozo has yet to pass a single federal budget in 4 years and in fact the ones he submitted got zero votes even from the Dems in the Senate. yes idiot; that should define the man as worthless .. He is a pResident without a plan asking for more money, for what ? He offers no reduction in entitlements … Budget people call that a death spiral to a crash

        WARS: Obozo said he would stop the wars but he didn’t (Bush established the Iraq pullout) and in fact the Afgan war has escalating under Obozo with more soldiers killed in the last two years than the total 10 years…. Obozo started illegal wars in Egypt, and Libya, he turned their gov over the terrorist mooselum brotherhood .. He committed Treason in Benghazi by ordering the stand down hence the killing of the Amb and 3 others in a CIA base cell there (sending weapons to Syrian Rebel terrorist) … Hint these sovereign nations were no threat to America and they did not fall under Obozo pResidents war powers act… even after 90 days, he never got approval from Congress like Bush did … surprise surprise, an Obozo impeachable offense…

        HOUSING MARKET: The housing market crashed because the Dems led by Barney Frank / Todd when they passed the housing Community (Communist) Reform Act under Klintoon … It said loaners had to give loans to even those that could not afford them … It took a few years but they managed to crash the whole thing under Bush… Bush warned congress about the pending crash at least 8 times before it happened and they did nothing (Dems control both houses of congress under Bush’s second term)

        It has been four years since Bush and Obozo owns this mess he inherited from himself …

        Enjoyed the exchange but don’t have any more time for dealing with someone so ill informed … Remember to save ammo, water, food, guns and seeds … Under Obozo your going to need them

        • Hey if you don’t like it then leave, you must be Russian Vet.It is Obama not Obozo. Learn how to spell or I forgot you are not an American Vet, so if that the case, butt out it is none of your business.

          • RussVet

            When Liberals have no answers they always resort to silly personal attacks, so typical and from your insults I doubt you are a lady … It is Obozo because he is such a clown; seems even a moron like you knew who I was talking about …. I was AF F4 Phantom jet fighter pilot /Vet during Nam/after and I have payed the price dearly to say what I please, unlike you … From your warped logic it is obvious a moron like you would not be smart enough to fly a jet fighter plane and like most liberals would wee wee on yourself first time shot at for real …your freedom to be stupid is not free, many vets paid the price …. doubt you have ever served your country in the military …. certainly not a pansy liberal like you ….

        • “America is 16 Trillion in debt and in no way did that not come from Bush”

          A double negative FTW!

        • ralphkr

          Well, RussVet (are you actually a Russian Veteran?), it always interesting to read something from an unreasoning bumbler who has swallowed the conservative hogwash whole. A few of your more egregious errors:
          NATIONAL DEBT: You completely ignored the fact that Bush/Cheney wars were off budget until Obama was president so much of Obama’s deficient was completely due to actions taken during the Republican administration. This kind of accounting when practiced by a business is considered criminal and subject to legal action.
          HOUSING: Sorry to burst your bubble of ignorance but the the Frank/Todd act did NOT require anyone to give loans to unqualified buyers. That act DID make the practice of red-lining entire neighborhoods/zip codes (usually inhabited by persons of “color”) by banks illegal and DID require lenders to make loans based upon credit qualification. Very soon unscrupulous brokers and bankers quickly realized that they could rake in serious money by making loans to absolutely anyone, faking paperwork, and immediately selling the loans to someone else such as Fannie Mae or bundling them and selling them as “insured” investments (AIG). This practice of faking paperwork went far higher in banking hierarchy than just the loan officers as proven in court but they merely had to pay civil fines and none were imprisoned for their criminal activity.
          I can’t blame those who got loans who were not qualified as I understand how easy it is to be sucked in by a glib mortgage broker who tells them that he can get them into a house of their own with little or no down payment and with mortgage payments lower than what they are currently paying in rent on their apartment.

  • DurdyDawg

    Well it could have worked but it didn’t because the butt heads were too greedy and because their too greedy it will never work. You try something new but forget you’re dealing with old dogs who have profited from the old. So the old becomes the new while the new becomes a middle class burden.

  • amarquez647

    I sent this letter to John Boehner.

    Dear Mr. Boehner
    I am one who people that were pulled out of his house to vote. I was pulled out by the Republican Party’s dismissive attitude toward Hispanics I am Puerto Rican. My people has earned it is citizenship by h among the highest percentage of volunteers in military service when compared to other states. We fought in every military action this country has taken since the First World War.
    I was pulled out of his house to vote by the disrespect your party showed my mother, sister, daughter, granddaughters, nieces, and my wife.
    I am appalled by your parties obstructive conduct for the sole purpose of making President Obama a one term president. Instead of working toward the benefit of the nation your party has behaved dastardly and dishonorably. My father was a proud Republican committeemen in Philadelphia. Your party sir has lost its way. It no longer is Lincoln’s party; it has betrayed Theodor Roosevelt and Eisenhower. The last pragmatic presidents you had were Regan and Bush 41. Now you dance to the puppeteers Rush Limbaugh and Grover Norquist. I will be very busy working toward liberating the house of puppets. For your own political survival reconsider to which tunes you, dance to. Rush Limbaugh and Grover Norquis will bury the Republican Party.

  • Tax cuts and weapons of mass destruction were two con things put together by the republiCONS and both are based on lies: there were no weapons of mass destruction (and Bush knew it) and tax breaks to the rich do not create jobs in this Country.

  • they want to do away with most of the tax deductions and credits that help the middle class. such as mortgage deduction, enerygy credits and things like this very few of these changes will affect the people over 250,000. THe republicans cannot justify this as helping the economy as people will slow down on buying houses. maybe buying some products entirely. My stove oven has gone out and because i am waiting to see what will happen am using a toaster oven. Will get this stove fixed instead of buying new one. oops some job just dropped off the earth, probably in china!

  • Did your mom give you permission to talk with adults?

  • Democrats/Republicans What a pathetic waste of energy why not a Flat Tax equal for all and a low rate for all this would kill corporate Welfare once and for All make the Beaurocrats and poloticians accountable to the citizens equally not just those that line their pockets; Boost the economy stimulate growth and shortfalls in revenue not reconciled by cuts in spending and fraud could be made up by Tariffs on the foreign products flooding our land; Then a Buy American attitude from those whom are crying about our economic woes might be in order too. If any of want to see the problems and the cause of such that face our country; Just look in a mirror next time your in Wal-Mart.

  • seethroughurlies

    John Boehner makes me want to puke. The wealthy have taken their money and our jobs out of this country. Their greed will never be sated. I think we should freeze their bank accounts. The middle class built this country. It is time this country did something for the middle class.

  • tobewan

    What Boehner says, sounds like Bull-jivin to me!

  • tobewan

    If we give Boehner any credit for being smart, to get where he is today, THEN one has to ask, WHAT is the ‘axe’ over his head to compel him to stick to vain ideas that don’t work and American public don’t want. and/or WHO holds it?
    Jarheadgene gave a good explanation over in the ‘cartoon’ section adjacent to this.

  • the republicans message is the same as their plan for Americas’ fututrer. They have none and articulate it quite well.


  • jarheadgene

    I love your letter, If you don’t mind I am going to assume I have your permission to use quite a bit of it, as it does apply to my background as well, and send to my congressman with a cc to the Speaker of the House. Only main difference, I would be considered Mexican – American, Ironically even though much of my family was born, raised and died in Tejas….when it was still Tejas long before we helped Sam Houston turn it into TEXAS….before carpetbaggers like the BUSHes came along to claim it as THEIR land.

  • jarheadgene

    WOW Russ. Thank you for your service to this country. I mean that sincerely, as I was an AVIONICS person on Marine Corps A/C …anything with a PROP, due to USMC budgets and manpower we didn’t have the luxury to segregrate by A/C. To fly F4’s you would have had to have been an Officer(and a gentleman) so please refrain from your disrespect of the Current POTUS’s name. I don’t care what you call Romney….HE LOST! BIG TIME! Do yourself a favor and turn off FOX news try Chris Mathews or Rachel Maddow, and maybe NPR and BBC America. FOX is extreme Yellow Journalism owned by Rupert Murdoch, you may know him as the guy that illegally taps Cell Phones of celebrities. He really tries to make lots of “good intending” Americans look really silly. And if you want to talk about pansies that never paid the price, what about Mitt and his Dad/Grandfather/Sons, and what about Dick Cheney, and let’s not forget Paul Ryan ? —ALL CHICKEN HAWKS that want everyone else to stand up for the USA while they just count their money.

  • kdisg

    So Mr. Boehner: when Bill Clinton put the Tax rates for those weathiest americans at 39.6% and we then created 23 million jobs and had the MOST robust economy in decades that left BUSH with a surplus which he then gave to your weathy buddies who still NEVER created a job EVER, how can you say the economy doesn’t grow when you do that. What fox make all the lies up newscaster reported that to you. The FACT and the TRUTH are in the numbers, so when you lie like that we all know now because we can fact check all of the BULL that your spewing by easily looking on the internet.

  • kdisg

    steroixcarp: answering your question is simple, trickle down economics never worked, cant ever work but the gop wont admit that even though showing the FACTS to them, they still wont admit it because it was a REAGAN idea. it failed then and the Bush tax cuts prove once again no jobs get created because those BIG OIL and companies like them poket the extra money and create ZERO (0) jobs. BUT they give big donations to the republican party so they always want them to pay no taxes or as little as possible like they are right now. I worked a lifetime and never paid only 14% tax like Romney and I never made 20mil like him in 2010. were one of those 47%. Romey asked me NOT to vote for him by calling me a moocher after working my entire life. They call social security checks an entitlement, I doiont remember them ever hesitating to take anyting out from our paychecks, Do you my friend? lol thats why they will never understand us hard working, family raising, tax paying REAL AMERICANS!! and they have lost my vote forever knowing how they feel about us regular americans. wish I could take back any vote I gave them

  • noelle99

    This guy is as fake and two faced as the rest of them. Its all smoke and mirrors. They just want to protect their own at everyone else’s expense.

  • John Boehner doesn’t seem to understand that it was the wealthy that had whirlwind last couple decades Over the last 10 years, those Bush tax cuts have delivered $1 million in tax breaks to the average millionaire. Income for the wealthiest 1% of Americans had exploded since 1979, by a whopping 275%. In the last year 93% of income went to the top 1%. The income of the 400 wealthiest Americans rose by a tidy $200 billion last year, according to data released this month by Forbes magazine. Corporations made a record $824 billion in profits last year while the The S&P 500 are sitting on an amassed $2 trillion refusing to invest and hire. That’s enough money to create a living-wage job, for a year, for every single American who is unemployed, underemployed or has stopped looking for work.
    Meanwhile, wages for the middle class worker has stagnated since the 1980’s. U.S. median household income fell $4,520 between 2000 and 2010. Today, because of stagnating wages and higher costs for basic necessities, the average two-wage-earner family has less disposable income than a one-wage-earner family did a generation ago. A record number of Americans — nearly 1 in 2 —(46M people) have fallen into poverty or are scraping by on earnings that classify them as low income. It used to be that the rich made their profit from a growing amount of middle class consumers buying their products/services. Now the rich are making their profits by hiring cheap labor. A JPMorgan economist calculated that the majority of increased corporate profits between 2000 and 2007 were the result of
    “reductions in wages and benefits. At a time when we already have a $16 trillion debt, enormous unmet needs and the highest level of wealth inequality in the industrialized world, it is simply obscene to provide more tax breaks to multi-millionaires and billionaires. The idea that you cut taxes to stimulate the economy has been the center of the Republican plank for 30 years starting with Reagan, says The Daily Ticker’s Henry Blodget. “A Congressional Research Service report, which is non-partison, says there’s no evidence that thatrue.” “This raising taxes on the wealthy will decimate the economy and destroy job creation (and thus hurt the poor) is simply not supported by empirical evidence. We had 10 years of Bush tax cuts intended for businesss growth and job creation. Instead we lost 60,000 factories and 6 million manufacturing jobs and Bush had the lowest job growth of any president since Herbert Hoover with only 3 million jobs in 8 years. The nation’s best GDP growth and job creation rate in the last 60 years actually occurred when the top marginal income tax rate was between 75 and 80 percent. The worst period for both measurements occurred when the top rate was 35 percent, as it stands today. In fact, job growth and gross domestic product has little, if any, correlation to the tax rate on wealthy Americans.” Scott Keyes / Think Progress Economy Nov. 28, 2012

  • So boner says taxing (to get more revenue) , the wealthy is bad but won’t say where he would get revenue from…..this tells me that he wouldn’t get it from the wealthy………he already said that’s not good..HMM…… who does that leave to get it from………HMM………..the middle class…………….

  • disqus_XWcvW5PqNH

    is the a better word for stupid

  • It does matter if the tax cuts come from the middle class rather than the most wealthy. The wealthy can afford to pay more taxes, the middle class was rich. Now the wealthy is more wealthy and the rich is now the middle class, the middle class is now on the bottom as almost last class or poor and the poor has gotten poorer. When is this going to stop or change, when all the Republicans are to old to think anymore? The people should have everything to do with how congress, senators, and the House runs. It’s our money that is being taken, we are now poor and the wealthy is more wealthy. Something is wrong with that picture.

  • Boenhner is as out of touch with the American people as Mitt Romney was.

  • seethroughurlies

    Maybe someone should tell Boehner that the majority of the middle class is living from paycheck to paycheck. When your budget is tight and you get hit with more taxes you choose between eating and spending money or paying bills. Gas prices have the same effect. You have to have gas to get to work, so you skip on your mortgage to buy gas. If wealthy corporations received tax cuts or subsidies and created jobs in foreign sweat shops they need to be charged with tax fraud, embezzlement or something. People have to start holding these corporations responsible. A good start would be to stop buying their products. Boehner and the rest of the Republicans must think the American people are all ignorant. They risk the stability of this nation just to try and discredit and undermine the President. Vote them out in 2014!

  • bstockinger

    Boehner is wrong if he thinks there is no difference between taxing the wealthy and taxing the middle class. Most of the middle class doesn’t have any discretionary money and they haven’t seen any real income increase in 10 or 15 years. The wealthy on the other hand, have lots of discretionary money and most have seen significant real income increases over the past 10 to 15 years. I think the impact of increased gas prices and the repeal of the payroll tax holiday prove this. I haven’t seen any reduction in the spending on luxury gas hogs but I sure have noticed a lot more people riding the bus.
    Taxing someone’s discretionary money has a lot less impact on their live styles than taxing their non discretionary income. The very rich simply have no idea what the average family in this country has to do to make ends meet.

  • judgeglenda

    i have news for boehner theres hardly any middleclass left to pay more taxes. the GOP has about broke them so he better raise taxes on the rich. the country does not need a last minute fix on anything. business does not know where to invest their money, people are scared of going to the poor house so their not spending any money. the rich is making money on the stock market and some people have found jobs, i hope their not mimimum wage so now is the time for the reps. to screw every thing up so let them go at it. there is in the future voting.