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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters for America.

In a Politico article detailing how President-elect Donald Trump’s “horde of enforcers” — listed prominently among them — are scaring Republican lawmakers away from criticizing him, a Breitbart editor said Republicans are right to fear the right-wing website, which was previously run by Trump senior counselor Stephen Bannon. This admission from Breitbart that the outlet plans to support Trump, rather than objectively cover his incoming administration, further demonstrates that the website is not editorially independent enough to warrant permanent Capitol Hill press credentials.

Breitbart applied for permanent Capitol Hill press credentials in November. Media Matters has objected to the request, urging members of the Standing Committee of the Senate Press Gallery in an open letter to reject the request based on Breitbart’s disqualifying inability to demonstrate editorial independence from the Trump team as required by the committee’s rules. Breitbart fails this standard in several ways, as several former members of the committee have acknowledged. In a December 21 Politico report headlined “Trump posse browbeats Hill Republicans,” Breitbart further demonstrates why the site must be disqualified from obtaining a permanent press pass by admitting that it will go after Trump’s Republican critics.

From the Politico article (emphasis added):

In early December, Rep. Bill Flores made what seemed like an obvious observation to a roomful of conservatives at a conference in Washington. Some of Donald Trump’s proposals, the Texas Republican cautioned, “are not going to line up very well with our conservative policies,” though he quickly added that there was plenty the incoming president and GOP Congress could accomplish together. Little did Flores realize the hell that would soon rain down from Trump’s throng of enforcers.

Breitbart seized on Flores’ remarks a few days later, calling them proof that House Republicans planned to “isolate and block President Donald Trump’s populist campaign promises.”


It’s little wonder that Capitol Hill Republicans have papered over their not-insignificant policy differences with Trump, shying away from any statement about the president-elect that might possibly be construed as critical. They’re terrified of arousing the ire of their tempestuous new leader — or being labeled a turncoat by his army of followers.

It’s a novel form of party message discipline that stems from Trump but doesn’t necessarily require the president-elect to speak or tweet himself. Plenty of others are willing to do it for him. Since the election, numerous congressional Republicans have refused to publicly weigh in on any Trump proposal at odds with Republican orthodoxy, from his border wall to his massive infrastructure package. The most common reason, stated repeatedly but always privately: They’re afraid of being attacked by Breitbart or other big-name Trump supporters. “Nobody wants to go first,” said Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.), who received nasty phone calls, letters, and tweets after he penned an August op-ed in The New York Times, calling on Trump to release his tax returns. “People are naturally reticent to be the first out of the block for fear of Sean Hannity, for fear of Breitbart, for fear of local folks.”

An editor at Breitbart said that fear is well-founded.

“If any politician in either party veers from what the voters clearly voted for in a landslide election … we stand at the ready to call them out on it and hold them accountable,” the person said.

IMAGE: Stephen Bannon CEO of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign is pictured during a round table with the Republican Leadership Initiative at Trump Tower in the Manhattan borough of New York, U.S., August 25, 2016.   REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

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26 responses to “Breitbart Openly Admits Role As Bullies For Trump”

  1. Godzilla says:

    More Media Matters LIES. No wonder this site is dying, no credibility. But being it’s Christmas time and a time of giving, here’s a great way to help some people in need:

    • A_Real_Einstein says:

      Welcome to fascism. You voted for it so now you will get what you deserve. Say goodbye to your healthcare and SS. Congratulations.

      • jmprint says:

        Yep that applies to all that didn’t vote for Hillary.

        • A_Real_Einstein says:

          Unfortunately she ran a horrible campaign without a message and no reason for the poorly educated to vote for her. NOw we all pay the price. TIme for our revolution.

          • Godzilla says:

            Oh PLEASE! Let’s have a revolution, you bring your forks and we’ll bring our arsenals. Idiot.

          • jmprint says:

            What you think you are the only one that has arsenals? Think again.

          • A_Real_Einstein says:

            No worries. Comrade Trump will have turned your weapons over to the Ruskies. Feel the Bern.

          • jmprint says:

            She had a message, people wanted to listen to the crap that Stone, Jones and Bannon had to say. Look at the FBI fiasco, in Oct. nobody listened, now that’s all you hear in the news. Yes she could have done better, but people elected to gamble with our country for change, so they traded the SWAMP for CESS POOL. In the end only the rich win AGAIN. And now we won’t be able to progress, our voices are being muzzled , our rights are being trampled, and only the oil industry will have application for hire. So the coal miners will be in the same boat they were before, only this time they won’t have less government assistance then before.

          • CPANY says:

            She did better than I thought she would. I really didn’t think that anyone with her lousy history could mount a credible campaign.

            If it were not for Trump’s equally lousy history and his common-as-dirt mouth, she would have gone down in flames in trying to get the nomination.

          • CPANY says:

            A middle class revolution? You must be joking.

          • bobnstuff says:

            It was the middle class that mounted the revolution that created this country and if things get bad enough they will do it again. Don’t under estimate the middle class, if pushed to the wall they will rise up. As far as Hillary’s history must are made up lies and unproven allegations. You might notice that wiit all the so called crimes nothing was ever proven and unlike our President Elect they have spent very little time in court.

          • A_Real_Einstein says:

            What middle class?

      • Godzilla says:

        My healthcare is for life and the program that is tasked to handle it is going to get fixed, since the idiot currently in the White House didn’t care enough to deal with it. The VA is just another one of Obama’s long list of complete failures. I’m going to enjoy winning, alot. You will also be winning, even if you still are on the losing side

        • A_Real_Einstein says:

          Like I said say goodbye to your healthcare. The Orange Turd will destroy your social safety net. You also should learn Chinese as that is who you will be ruled by. COngratulations.

        • bobnstuff says:

          Trump will throw the VA under the bus. It will be privatized just like Medicare. Good luck finding a doctor who knows anything about you problems. Trump couldn’t fix a flat tire so don’t get your hopes up for him taking care of vets.

        • The lucky one says:

          Trump won, you haven’t won anything yet and since you’re not likely one of his inner circle you never will.

    • FireBaron says:

      Gee, Godzilla, I guess when even Steve Bannon admits that was their role you are in denial mode. Maybe one day you will find a doctor willing to perform the rectocraniotomy you so desperately need, and your vision will no longer be impaired by having to look through your lower colon.

      • Godzilla says:

        The article was written by a Clinton pimp site, as if they have any room to talk. F-ing hypocrits, just like the losers here. Apparently your too f-ing ignorant to see this. Your just another great example of Liberalism being a mental illness.

    • jmprint says:


      • Godzilla says:

        No, Trump actually won the election. The Liars are those who consistently lied about everything during the campaign, like all those who bellowed that Clinton will win in a landslide. Your identity politics and ignorant name calling is OVER. That failure will go down in history.

        • Thoughtopsy says:

          How’s that draining the Swamp thing going, Tinkerbell?

          Especially in light of the fact that Pres-Elect Conman Supreme has just completely publicly walked away from it…

          Do you consider his open admission that he just said it before the election because people liked it to be… a lie?

          What about “Lock her up”?

          You know. That other election promise?
          How’s that going?
          Especially in light of him saying … you guessed it… “It played well before the election. But we don’t believe that now…”

          Who’s the liar again?
          I’ll hold my breath while you think up a nice diversion…

    • Thoughtopsy says:

      Ahhh the giant tool speaks.
      Alas… he is not creative enough to write his own argument…

  2. FireBaron says:

    Any “Republican Lawmaker” who is afraid of Brietbart does not deserve to hold office!

  3. stsintl says:

    Having been repeatedly raped by the Mafia, Democracy died in childbirth in 2016, leaving behind the newborn “Oligarchy” for the nation to bring up. With Putin’s experience with raising Oligarchy, Trump-Putin political marriage is just right for parenting of the newborn. God bless America and all those who bought the Snake Oil from the Real-Esate Mafia leader.

  4. Thoughtopsy says:

    This is precisely how tyranny begins.
    No, I’m not being hyperbolic or paranoid.

    Many tyrants throughout history started off by using the media to encourage their followers to stalk, punish, hurt or kill those who spoke up against them while ignoring or disavowing their actions… but knowing full well what they were doing.

    This instills fear in anyone else who might speak up… because they don’t want to suffer the same fate.

    What happened to the 1st Amendment?
    Remember: “I don’t like what you say, but I’ll defend with my life your right to say it”???

    How does victimizing, stalking, abusing and threatening to rape and murder people that disagree with Cheeto Jesus become something widespread and acceptable in America?

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