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Monday, March 25, 2019

By Kylie MacLellan

LONDON (Reuters) — British lawmakers on Monday debated a petition to ban U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump from Britain over remarks on Muslims, but while describing his comments as “crazy” and “offensive”, most said the ban would go against free speech.

Members of parliament said Trump should be allowed into Britain where his views could be challenged, that a ban would give him more publicity or that it was not for Britain to get involved in U.S. affairs.

Trump caused outrage last month with his comments that Muslims should be banned from entering the United States. He spoke after 14 people died in a shooting spree in California by two Muslims whom the FBI said had been radicalized.

His comments prompted more than half a million Britons to sign a petition calling for him to be barred from entering the country, where he has business interests.

The three-hour debate saw lawmakers from all sides criticize Trump’s comments. While it was not followed by a vote, many more lawmakers spoke against a ban than for it.

“I want to see Donald Trump come to this country… I want him to get a sense of the fury and the frustration with his xenophobic remarks,” said Gavin Robinson, a lawmaker from Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party.

Only interior minister Theresa May can issue an order banning entry into Britain and Prime Minister David Cameron has said while Trump’s comments were “divisive, unhelpful and wrong”, he does not back the idea of barring him.

Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said the government did not comment on who it was considering for exclusion but said “a frank and open exchange of views” was the most effective way to influence Trump.

“The U.S. remains our most important bilateral partner. It is in the UK’s interests that we engage all presidential candidates, Democratic and Republican, even though we may disagree profoundly on important issues,” he said.


“I believe it is for the American people to hold him to account. It is bad politics… to intervene in the electoral processes of other countries,” said Conservative lawmaker Tom Tugendhat.

Some spoke passionately in favor of banning Trump however, saying he should not be treated differently from others who have been banned for similar views.

“Just think what would happen in the current climate if he came… and preached that message of divisive hate,” said Jack Dromey, an opposition Labour Party spokesman on home affairs.

“To have someone come to our shores who demonizes all of the Muslim community would be fundamentally wrong and would undermine the safety and security of our citizens and that is not a risk I am prepared to take… I don’t think Donald Trump should be allowed within a 1,000 miles of our shore.”

Trump has threatened to cancel over 700 million pounds ($1 billion) of planned investments in golf courses in Scotland if he is banned.

Trump International Golf Links in Scotland said in a statement: “It is absurd that valuable parliamentary time is being wasted debating a matter raised as part of the American presidential election.”

(Additional reporting by Stephen Addison, Editing by Michael Holden and Janet Lawrence)

Photo: The British Union flag is seen flying in front of the Big Ben clocktower at the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain January 18, 2016. REUTERS/Toby Melville

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70 responses to “British Lawmakers Debate Banning Trump After Muslim Comments”

  1. I of John says:

    amusing debate.

  2. Bren Frowick says:

    Doubtful he’ll go. He doesn’t handle being laughed at very well…

  3. 2010HDSTGLIDE says:

    So what.

  4. InformedVoter says:

    The only problem is that those who signed the petition are Muslims who are not even citizens of Britain. That’s the real reason the “debate” went no where. But of course the left media would not mention that fact.

      • InformedVoter says:

        Sorry, but the majority of those who signed the petition are not even eligible to vote. The petition gatherers went to the Muslim centers and collected the signatures.

        • bobnstuff says:

          You know this how?

          • InformedVoter says:

            Denmark newspapers destroyed the story when they provided information about the signers. Of course no US media will print the story.

          • bobnstuff says:

            No link? And just how do the Denmark papers know?

          • InformedVoter says:

            Nope, That’s right, no links. Just input from relatives, friends, and colleagues. Denmark broke the story several weeks ago regarding how the Muslims were manipulating the media as part of their global takeover of countries. Muslim is MORE than just a religion. Just ask the cities within the US that are now basically operating under Sharia Laws. Religious displays at Christmas are forbidden, but shutting down “busy” streets in major cities for Muslim prayers, several times a day, are OK. And with Obama as a facilitator for Muslims, it happens way more than the average American knows.
            Do you really think any country would ban the leader of the most powerful nation (despite Obama’s plan to make it otherwise) in the world? This is all political rhetoric in an attempt to get Trump out of the race that he’ll be the favorite to win. Stop watching MSNBC and guess what? You’ll learn the truth!

          • bobnstuff says:

            Name one city that operates under Sharia law in the US. You do know just how big the Muslim population is in our country?You do understand that under Obama they developed a new Tank, a new replacement for the Hummer, a truly new battleship, a new fighter jet as well as the growth of the use of drones. We saw countries come to the table for talks which has never happened before. You also know that Trump pissed off just about every world leader as well as over a quarter of the worlds population. Even Israel doesn’t like him. No one will ban him but no one will respect him. Since I don’t watch TV news and read a wide range of web sights as well as listen to news from around the world I’m pretty sure he isn’t a world leader.. Look at the people Trump has done business with, do you see those people coming out to support him. If you think any media outlet wants Trump to go a way you really know nothing about the medias. This election is the most profitable thing to come along ever and everyone wants Trumps money. Those billions of dollars go to the media. Trump is the golden goose.

          • InformedVoter says:

            All the military improvements came about without the help of Obama. Technology updates that had to be made. Obama would have preferred to block them. Countries coming to table? What have you been smoking? Iran and North Korea will use nuclear weapons very soon because of Obama’s and Hitelry’s crappy foreign policy. The US is the laughing stock of the world!
            Dearborn, Michigan is close to complete Sharia Law. Schools have Muslim holidays off. Detroit police are not to enter Dearborn; there are “no go” zones in Dearborn. A few weeks back, Dearborn police followed a Detroit man into Detroit and shot and killed him. There is significant unrest and distrust in the area. Dearborn residents were filmed cheering when the 9-11 attacks occurred (Trump made reference to them). Hamtracmck just elected a Muslim city council and Mayor. They ran on the promise to not implement Sharia Law to get the non-Muslim vote. Now that they’ve been elected, they’re being pressured by their citizens to begin the phase in to join Dearborn. That is how the Muslim “religion” works.
            In a prior post you claimed that Trump didn’t have the money to spend (it was all locked up in real estate) and now you’re saying he’s does have the billions to spend? You’re as bad as Eleanore when it comes to facts.

  5. itsfun says:

    If the Donald gets elected, they will be begging him for help when the Muslim terrorists attack their country.

    • jmprint says:

      That applies to Donald Duck as well, it doesn’t matter who holds the presidency, they will seek America’s help, because we are still the greatest country in the world.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        Anarchists in any country always look for those tiny cracks in continuity to grab their opportunities for dictatorship. Robespierre did and so did Hitler.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      No one begs “One Time Donald” for anything. Donald is the one who usually does all the begging in his boisterous, bossy, overbearing posture.

      You might not want to admit that riling up UK Muslims just might end up like Paris did a few months ago. There’s a time to open mouth and stick foot in and a time to put on a muzzle for motor mouths of the right.

      • David says:

        Eleanor!!! Do you seriously suggest that we don’t criticize the Muslims because it might “rile them up”? F them! We country boys here in Texas know how to handle ragheads. Check Garland, Texas a couple of months ago.

        • InformedVoter says:

          You’re right on! Eleanore has shown an extreme lack of knowledge on just about anything she posts on. Stick to facts and she quickly will start to call you a racists, then a sexists, etc. Typical liberal debate style; when they start to lose, then rant and rave.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            You aren’t an “informed voter.” That’s because I am an informed voter. Anything you want to know about Sanders, the Great Orator of Socialism I can provide. But let’s start with how informed YOU are not…Try explaining how your Saint Bernard dog plans on putting ALL of his plans into action without a single tax dollar…come on…Inform us…Can’t can you?

          • InformedVoter says:

            Just like you were WRONG when you claimed that Trump wanted to deport ALL Muslims, you are low information indeed. Trump wants to eliminate some taxes that will pump 1.6B back into the economy and to start taxing businesses for out sourcing outside the USA as well as other financial plans. He has presented his funding plans more times than Hitlery has presented her plans … other than the usual crap of taxing the rich and giving the money away for programs that have failed miserably for the Dems for years.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Just like a moron like you who hears Donald Trump tell the New Hampshire GOP audience HE wants to deport ALL Muslims…How do you dipshits miss this stuff? It was on every possible media including Rachel want to call her a liar and tell her what she and the rest of us saw and hear Trump say was our imagination? Trump owes $22 million to the US Treasury for repeatedly ignoring the 2009 Banking regulations regarding providing information on how the money his Taj Mahal laundered ended up going to Arab patrons of the Taj who then siphoned it to terrorist organizations. Just in case you can’t mentally process truth as I know your post is the facts about the FinCen lawsuit Trump has yet to pay…and makes his ineligible to be president until that lawsuit is settled..You are pretty stupid if you think the GOP back room doesn’t know this is how to get rid of Trump once and for all.

            Here is the link stupid… Read and weep.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Talk about being WRONG! Is “wrong” your middle name? “IT” was NEVER on every media. Rachel MADCOW edited Trump’s speech … just as they have done in the past. No reputable media has ever claimed that Trump wants to deport ALL Muslims and you know it!
            Re: Fincen , it’s ironic in that several of your fellow posters claimed that Trump paid the fine and in doing so, admitted his guilt. This of course is false. The ONLY thing Trump Taj Mahal business admitted to was inadequate accounting practices, and since the “fine” was not leveled until AFTER Trump Taj Mahal business entered a court approved bankruptcy, no payment will actually be made. As to the issue about it making Trump ineligible, not an issue as the business agreed to alter their accounting method and that was accepted. No fine, no guilt, no ineligible issues. “Read and weep”, I think not! It’s just more low information and downright lies by folks like you.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Hey Mental case..I watched the Rachel Maddow video she provided that showed Trump making these statements..and liar liar liar liar …..Trump still owes that FinCen fine along with 22 others.

            How pathetic do you plan to get? You can’t stand being wrong…you are one sick pup. You will post ANY possible distortion of truth you can because sicko you can’t stand to be proven wrong. That FinCen fine is not settled nor will it be because Trump has other fines outstanding. Try again moron…Your posts do prove what exactly is wrong with the least educated in this country…all of you stick like glue to unproven and unfactual distortions YOU YOU YOU make up. What you really hate most? You can’t stop others from proving you wrong and using facts to do it.

            Isn’t that just too damn bad for you reckless, irresponsible clowns.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Typical liberal tact, when you start losing debates, you resort to name calling (like you do). So you, and the other 3 people that watch Madcow’s show, “saw it”. As I said before, the reason it wasn’t shown all over the place is that the events were edited. Responsible media showed the unedited version that proved Trump NEVER said to deport all Muslims. He was talking about illegal aliens – even you can’t be that uninformed.
            Trump Taj Mahal filed for bankruptcy in November 2014 and on March 4, 2015, the courts approved the bankruptcy. FinCen levied their fine AFTER that date, making payment almost guaranteed to not be made. Trump Taj Mahal agreed to alter their accounting practices and so nothing more will be done.
            Your claim that this will make Trump ineligible is false. It is lots more probable that Hitlery will be indited for crimes about her private server. Now over 1340 classified emails and about a dozen classified higher than top secret. Still, being indited will not make her ineligible, but if she’s found guilty, she would have to withdraw. If she would happen to win the presidency, she would be forced to resign.
            Just ask yourself this question: if the FinCen deal really could make Trump ineligible, why has no liberal media pointed this out? They have been trying to get Trump out since he announced his intention to run. And don’t you think that Trump, will all his legal team, would be aware. You earlier claimed the back room GOP would use this, but they are so far behind, they would have used the fact, if it could have removed Trump (that way they could get money Trump donors are making). Hence, what you’ve been posting is more wish than fact.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Typical CONman liar…From the Huffington Post regarding Trump’s big stupid mouth…”Trump’s call to bar Muslim immigration into the U.S. is just the latest in a series of anti-Islamic statements. He previously suggested shuttering certain mosques in the U.S. and claimed he saw footage of American Muslims cheering after the 9/11 attacks — footage that no television network has been able to dig up.”

            And just in case you want to keep up your moron lies, here is the link:

            He lied about the Muslims cheering on 9/11. I live in NJ stupid…as close to Ground Zero as it gets. Try again with your lies and distortions.

            Don’t worry..Women taking over government doesn’t mean mass castration. It just mean and end to women being pushed around and living under male double standards for the past 235+ years.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Talk about being low information … THANK YOU for PROVING my statement that Trump NEVER said he wanted to deport Muslims. He said to TEMPORARILY halt Muslim immigration, which is what the Huff ‘n Puff post story claims (my point not yours)
            Regarding the footage, in Dearborn, Michigan, there was cheering on 9-11. Local TV stations SHOWED the footage on their noon reports. By the evening new time, when it became apparent that groups in the Detroit area were talking about “invading” Dearborn as retaliation, the local stations “changed” their story to claimed the footage was canned footage from an earlier time (when Muslims in Dearborn were cheering at a US disaster!). I happened to be in Michigan on 9-11 and I PERSONALLY saw the broadcast, as did thousands of others. That is the reason the TV station concocted story of canned footage. During the noon broadcast they claimed it was “live” – hint, the show was “live news at noon”.
            So you lied about Trump claiming he said he would deport ALL Muslims, and Trump did not lie about news casts showing Muslims cheering for 9-11.
            What was that you said? “Read & weep”!
            Re: shuttering mosques, France has shut down several mosques after discovering they were training posts for terrorists. If there is a Muslim attack in the US and the government finds that they used a mosque as their training ground, how many mosques will be searched and shuttered? And if the government doesn’t search & shutter, then us citizens should be angry and demand those actions. Or would you still say it would not be good and right to do so to save US lives?

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Hey CONfederate…You can’t be so stupid can you? If Trump specifically stated he wants to close ALL Muslim mosques he violates the 1st Amendment rights of All US citizens who are muslims.

            As for your BS …Dearborn MI? Really? Isn’t that where the lead in your drinking water is killing kids? Try again dipwad…I’d trust what I lived through on 9/11 than your pathetic BS Michigan lies…Do all you people in MI all think your state is the center of the universe? If if wasn’t for my tax dollars funding your auto industry, you’d be on a welfare line right now…YOu best thank President Obama who last week visited Detroit and announced how he saved 400,000 MI jobs.

            As for your pathetic lies…I know all about 9/11…things YOU never will because Dearborn MI is a rat hole that only serves up BS media to suit idiots like you.

            Where the hell do stupid hicks like you get off telling those of us who were there on 9/11 what did or didn’t happen? Do you phonies of the right who live off our NJ/NY tax dollars think we will just allow you all to make more BS lies?

            Trump will NEVER be president. He owes millions to 22 lawsuits and the taxpayers in the state of NJ. Once Governor Fat Mouth leaves office, you can be sure NJ will go after all of the taxes Trump NEVER paid for his Taj want to tell a New Jersey resident what a Hick from Dearborn knows ALL about that too? Wow…and here I thought MI was just a frozen tundra in winter and a rat hole in summer.

          • InformedVoter says:

            To quote President Trump “you must be bleeding through your eyes”. Trump never said he would close ALL mosques, not even the huff ‘n puff folks claimed he said that. France has closed several mosques and so should the US if they find terrorists getting trained there.
            To show how low information you REALLY are, it’s FLINT, MI not Dearborn that has the Democratic run city poisoning its citizens.
            I never claimed or said I lived in MI, I said I happened to be in Michigan when 9-11 occurred. See how you lie and distort the facts. As to the folks in MI thinking they’re the center of the universe, who claimed that? Not me! My city of residence is NOT MI. I have friends and relatives that live there, so they thank you for your bigoted insults. Especially since the state voted for Obama twice.
            Personally, I was against the bail out to the auto industry. Obama did it for the Dems votes, not out of kindness!
            Calling Dearborn a rat hole, remember it’s now a majority Muslim population, means you are bigoted and against Muslims! OMG! So a Muslim, Democratic city “serves up BS media to suit idiots”?
            As I pointed out earlier, when lefties like you start to lose your arguments, which is most of the time, you start name calling. You lost the argument about Trump deporting Muslims and so you resort to screaming on the Muslims in Dearborn and the innocent citizens of Flint. How dumb and biased can one get?
            So why am I not surprised you didn’t see the video showing Muslims cheering 9-11 and then claim it never occurred. It’s because you are so blinded by your hate and bigotry! READ & WEEP INDEED! Please seek help before you try to respond to any post. You are certainly BLEEDING THROUGH YOUR EYES!
            And as far as 9-11, babysitting in a group home in NJ because you are on a public assistance program, does not mean “you were there”. If you were a contributing member of the working force instead of getting knocked up to get more government aid, perhaps you’d be better prepared to post about something. Oops, time to change another diaper. Time for you to stop blaming men for your self-inflicted low life.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            To shove your never will be President Trump up your lying butt…I saw and heard Trump say this while standing on the stage during his Iowa campaign…You can insist, insist, insist till cows dump dung on your stupid MIchigan brain…you won’t change what half of the people who watched Trump in Iowa and New Hampshire heard him say…You are a stupid moron from a hick state that has never really mattered. People in Michigan live off federal tax dollars the rest of the states pay for. Get off the computer you lazy slug and get your ass to work in a real job…not the one the narrow minded Koch boys pay you to do.

            Let me live in some hick part of MI, get very little in the way of regular media and the only media you MI Republicans are allowed to see or hear is the BS the right wing militia men in your state ram down your throats.

            The link I provided is just ONE of many that published Trump’s plan to close Mosques…But do keep lying you lying sack of cowshit.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Because I don’t live in Michigan, I didn’t know if your statement about Michigan living off tax dollars from other states was accurate. So I checked. EVERY site that had information on how much states paid to Washington and how much they got back showed that for every dollar Michigan paid in Federal taxes, they received .89! Which means that Michigan pays for other states so there is no way that NY/NJ pay for MI. So it turns out that you have been caught once again in a lie! Let’s count them up.
            You lied about Trump saying he would deport ALL Muslims; you lied about FinCen making Trump ineligible to be president; you lied about Trump saying he would permanently halt Muslim immigration; you lied about Dearborn being a right wing strong hold (which would have been news to the majority Muslim population); you lied about Dearborn getting poisoned (it was Flint) and you lied about Trump saying he would shutter ALL mosques (not just those harboring terrorists – like what’s being done in France).
            You jumped into this forum after I advised David to “stick to the facts and Eleanore would get destroyed”. With ALL your facts having been proven to be lies, I can’t understand why you even bother to join these forums. You posts statements with made up “facts” to try to fool folks into thinking you actually know what you’re taking about. Since EVERY “fact” you stated has been shown to be a lie, don’t bother to respond that “you saw this or that”. No one else “saw this or that” and it’s obvious you just made up your “facts” (because you wished the facts to be that way). Even the links you provided showed you were lying and proved my points – not yours! How dumb can you get? Or is it you just can’t read something and grasp correct information?
            Your statements are about as credible as Hitlery’s. Perhaps you should adopt her philosophy “if you stop asking me questions, then I can stop lying”.
            I look forward to seeing your lying comments in a future forum, this forum is finished!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            You checked? “Every site?” And I should believe that you are correct because “every site you checked” isn’t listed for me to verify? Here’s one you can check…the Government Office of…That is as certifiable as it gets. MI does not get 89 cents for the $1 they pay. They get $1.35…as Republican state. NJ gets 52 cents and NY gets 55 cents. This comes from the GAO website…try again.

            You really need a mental health professional for your obsession with insisting you are right when you are wrong wrong wrong wrong..Let me guess…Mommy and McWife don’t dare oppose a word you say and you’ve gotten all too used to beingt Mr. Supreme High Grand Pubbah of Upper Butt Crack?

            Unlike you, I only cite links and sources I know are verified as facts. The fact that you didn’t bother to post those “sites” smells like your stinky fish lunch from yesterday. I don’t know who men like you think you are fooling with your belligerence, tantrums and BS distortions..but the days of autocrats bullying are over. Get a life loser..I know what I saw and heard Trump say in New Hampshire and in Iowa. You don’t ..that’s because you are a certifiable nut.

          • InformedVoter says:

            GAO = Certifiable? LOL. Have you every thought of writing for SNL? First off, it’s GAO not GOA as you wrote. Second, this agency alters their accounting practices when the wind blows. And third, Michigan is a blue state and voted for Obama the last two elections).
            We got onto this subject because you misidentified Dearborn as a right city, when in fact, they have been Muslim for years, with both city council and mayor being Muslim for years. Dearborn has zones that operate under Sharia law and Detroit police have been instructed that these are NO GO zones. You also said Dearborn was were the water was full of lead. The city is Flint. Both Detroit and Flint have been run by democrats for many years. Detroit just exited bankruptcy and in doing so, they took 5-10% of their retired workers’ penions! Flint is struggling with bankruptcy – seeing the pattern? Your goddess, Rachel Madcow is broadcasting from Flint to claim the Rep governor is to blame, but the city fathers are the ones who came up with the plan that poisoned their own residents. Madcow is claiming that the governor’s appointed Emergency Manager (EM) approved the plan. What would the response have been if the EM didn’t approve it? He would have been called racists!
            Unlike Hitlery, the MI governor released ALL his e-mails about the Flint water problems. But even being able to read that the local leaders made the decisions is not good enough for the information altering Madcow.
            Here is a link that many of you lefties commonly refer to when talking about which states get the most money from the Feds. This site is left-leaning, so if you claim the site has garbage information, then the next time one of your left posters uses it, they’ll be told you have shown the site is wrong.
            So you say you saw edited footage on Madcow’s show and you were naive enough to accept the altered film as proof? Shame on you. No reputable news show showed the edited film! How many more things can you get wrong?
            Spoiler Alert – Michigan is less dependent than New York and is a giver, not taker of Federal funds. Like I said before, I could care less about Michigan getting or taking funds. You brought up the wrong facts that Michigan is a red state and funds taker. Why you keep shooting yourself in the foot is beyond me.
            I have shown that you’ve been wrong (or lied) on every “fact” that you presented. Time for you to give up and move on!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            First of all, I type 150 wpm..GOA was a typo and I did provide the words Government Accountability Office. Something you wouldn’t know about with your lies, your BS and your right wing distortions. Why don’t you wingers just post what you really think? You want to BE the government for the rest of us. Not going to happen jerkbird. Men like you need to be castrated and turned into eunochs just because your think with your balls, not your brains. If you can’t believe the GAO, I’m guessing you believe liars like Chaffetz who rought an edited video to a federal investigation he KNEW was bogus to nail Planned Parenhood. Your testicles must have shrunk about 10 sizes when theat lie came out. Then, there was Gowdy and Cotton…Gowdy of Benghazi lies and bogus investiation fame…who after 8 investigations still can’t find a shred of proof and was outed by Voinovich a Repoublican who publicly admitted that this Benghazi investigation was a GOP tactic to destroy Hillary Clinton’s chances to run for president.

            So, I’m guessing loser you have NO life other than trying to prove negatives? How very Republican of you?

            Snyder like you and the rest of your lying BS artists knew ALL about the lead….he did nothing because it would have jeopardized his funding for his campaign for re-election.

            Now fukboy…here are the facts from someone who worked with environmental engineers for nearly 25 years:
            1. Every tent, hut, wikiup, igloo, village, town, city and county in every state is required by EPA compliance regulations to file a quarterly report on water Quality as per the Clean Water Act of 1974 and the upgraded version of the Clean Water Act of 1993.
            2. Every water treament plant and outfall in every state has to be tested and monitored by a certified environmental testing lab. Businesses with any pollution or potential pollution are also required to comply. These are known as discharge to community water sources reports.
            3. From these water treatment plants and outfall tests, reports are submitted to the state for review and then to the EPA.
            4. EVERY water treatment facility in every state is required to provide customers with a CCR (Customer Confidence Report) that provides the results of certified lab tests on the quality of their water.

            So fukboy…Do you want to claim none of this is true? None of it can be believed? None of it has to do with the liar Snyder? None of it is anything your feeble pissbrain can process?

            All you do with every post is show what a jerk you really are. You have NO education. Nothing of value to offer anyone in society and therefore could do us all a favor and shut your big, stupid ignorant mouth. You know nothing, are nothign and are worth nothing.

          • InformedVoter says:

            You really have a foul mouth don’t you! So you type 150 wpm (I highly doubt it) and make 125 wpm mistakes too! You typed “Government office of”. You can’t lie your way out of that, it’s out there for all to see.
            I just love the way you change subjects when you are proven wrong! I have shredded EVERYONE of your so called facts, and each time I do, you change the subject. No I don’t believe the GAO, as even the GAO doesn’t support your claims. You have trouble with reading as well as typing.
            Your latest attempt to hide your ignorance was in providing a wasted quote of EPA rules. The City Of Flint has their own water authority that is responsible for monitoring their water quality. In January 2015, that board issued an “all clear” to the state. This was found in the e-mails released. Snyder is in the clear and the blame will fall on the female mayor of Flint who lied more than once claiming that they had the situation under control , because she wanted the EM out and wanted to resume controlling the city.
            Michael Bay’s acclaimed movie “13 Hours” is the top box office movie even in blue states. Hitlery will have trouble containing the damage the movie is causing her.
            Planned Parenthood will get defunded when the details of the biased grand jury are released. The charges will be dropped long before any trial takes place. By then the House will have shut planned parenthood down.
            Now we’ll focus on your penis envy. I asked a colleague for their opinion on your fixation for having no penis. The diagnosis is that you, having gotten pregnant at an early age and not being able to identify the father or that the father refused to marry you, you developed a hatred of the men that found you so unattractive. To combat your sorrow because you could not get a man to notice you, you began a cycle of getting pregnant by one-night-stands, hoping you could trap any male into staying with you. In the end, with your pea brain, and foul mouth, joined by your lack of having any trait that a man would find desirable, you hid your hatred of rejection by telling yourself and the outside world that you didn’t want a man to begin with.
            Have a nice day.

          • David says:

            Wow!!! Well said!!! Poor Eleanore is so fixated that I attributed it to penis envy. I think your analysis is more accurate. Then again, her vibrator may not work anymore and she is lashing out at men everywhere.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            YOu really have a mental problem with truth, facts and reality don’t you? Not only do I type 150 wpm, unlike you, I don’t need a dictionary to spell words I learned in kindergarten.

            Men like you are pimps of your own gender. You bet I have a foul mouth..that comes from years of working with PhD engineers and dozens of salesmen with foul mouths..Is this the one where you try to put on your halo and it falls off that pointed head and lands on your beak nose?

            As for the EPA rules…I know more of them then you EVER will. But then, most hicks can’t stand rules and regulations. Time for you to haul out your KKK membership card and do your swaggering and drawling Mutton Chops act for McWifey. Who I am sure has to kiss your butt before a nickle ever leaves your hand…you know? CONservative and all that BS?

            You have been outclassed and proven wrong and you just don’t have the balls to admit it. Grow up. Men and women who act like 6 year old spoiled brats only show lack of intelligence.

            Hillary will be president. What will you do then? Twist your balls into little knots?

          • InformedVoter says:

            Your little associates degree is worth almost as much as your GED. Again, quoting EPA rules has nothing to do with this case. The Flint City Coun. consisting of 4 black women, 3 black men and 2 white men, along with the black female mayor (all Democrats) are the ones who voted to make the changes. The EM merely had to approve the plan and, outside of financial balancing, had no other responsibility.
            Unlike you, who can only wish you had an education instead of spending time raising welfare bastards, I actually have a PhD.
            Based upon the feedback from others on this forum, you have not come close to even winning one of your points. You are delusional and a liar to boot.
            As stated earlier, you claim you type 150 wpm, but you make 130 MISTAKES/m in the process. With your typing skills, even if you performed sexual favors for your boss, you would still be considered too unattractive to keep your job. You might have been more correct if you said you worked UNDER those with real educations.
            Hitlery is going to be indicted over the email scandal and will be asked by the DNC to withdraw.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            A loser like you always tries to prove how superior you are. Sorry if I am not a naive hick like you. I’m a published author and freelance writer and ghost writer of over 4500 online articles…and you? Some little twit who can’t post anything you can EVER substantiate in a court of law much less online. I can quote EPA rule because I used them in the tech reports I wrote for 24 years+ while you were busy using MY tax dollars to sit in your trailer and collect welfare or that phony SSDI the Corn Pones and Mutton Chops like you pretend you are eligible for.

            BAsed on the feedback from others on this forum, your posts are useless bowel movements you forgot to flush.

            As for my claims, I CAN prove them all..and you? You can’t prove you have ANY skills, talents or for that matter a brain…Go waste someone else’s time like your MommyWife who replaced the Grand Old Dame who turned you into a useless pustule.

            Shouldn’t you be joining your phony militia boys who thought they could just steal federal land our taxes have paid to maintain for generations? Looks like those wiseasses got that their piece of federal land in the prison yard. Go join your bully, big mouth hater boys in prison..You have nothing else to offer. Why waste our time and what remains of your pathetic life?

            You are really going to hate hate hate having a woman president…All those Grand Ole Dames in your family who spoiled you rotten should have taken you out to the wood shed and wailed away on your butt and then stuffed a sock in that stupid moron mouth.

          • InformedVoter says:

            You are truly pathetic. Having 2 years experience 12 times over makes for a poor work resume. Posting in forums does not make you published. Fetching coffee, going to the Post Office and running other errands for your male bosses, does not make you their colleague. It makes you the loser that you are.
            You were WRONG when you claimed:
            Michigan is a red state,
            Dearborn was a Republican city,
            Dearborn poisoned their water,
            Michigan was getting more money than they paid in,
            that Trump said to deport ALL Muslims,
            You have been proven to be a liar in just about all of your posts.
            And your continual male bashing must come from the fact that you had babies fathered by your father and your mother is really your older sister who also had multiple babies from your father! Tell me, does your daddy let you wear shoes in the winter? I ask because you fit the profile of barefoot in the winter and pregnant in the summer.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          You phony swaggering, drawling cowboys don’t read your history do you? Garland Texas is a bunch of Dodge City lawless BS artists who without their guns couldn’t win a fair fist fight without running home to their Daddies screaming for help. Try again blowhard.

          • David says:

            Eleanore!!!! The two muslimes that came to Garland to murder those cartoonists weren’t looking for a “fair fist fight”. They had weapons and were wearing body armor. Guess what? Garland SWAT erased their raghead assess from the planet! Don’t expect the muslimes to want to ‘Mess with Texas’ anymore!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            And I am fairly certain the cowboy adrenalin was pumping and the testosterone was overflowing. So if SWAT handled it..fine and dandy. One does wonder why this ONLY happens in a bigot state like yours and not New York City. Not saying there hasn’t been mass murders in NYC but I must say that NYC cops and security do a much better job than Texas keeping the millions who are on NY City streets from being mowed down.

        • Ragheads? Sounds like another blue-ribbon racist. Were your parents that way???

          • David says:

            Islam isn’t a race — it is a perverted way of life masquerading as a “religion”. My parents were Americans. You remember them, don’t you? They kicked you out of here beginning in 1776.

          • bobnstuff says:

            You could say the same about must religions. I personally belong to a religion that eats flesh and drinks blood.

          • David says:

            Taste good?

  6. “Our Donald lies over the ocean, our Donald lies over the sea….Bring back, bring back, oh bring back our Donald to us, to us…”

  7. jmprint says:

    Donald’s big foot in mouth, is very entertaining. He gets what he deserves, no matter where the $hit comes from.

  8. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Of course the UK is wary of allowing The Donald to march into their country and spout his Trump Epistles. He can’t get away with buying off audiences full of down in the mouth supporters in the UK to rile up their Muslim communities like his gets away with here in the US.

    At some point, can we hope that the mindless right wing will realize their 1st Amendment Rights include repsonsiblity?

  9. Alex says:

    The last time a loud mouth racist leader did what Trump is doing now he turned out to be Adolf Hitler and he bombed Great Britain among other perverted atrocities he committed. If Trump gets elected President he will be another Hitler and Britain will regret they did not ban him.

  10. Otto Greif says:

    They should focus on banning the Muslims who rape their children.

  11. 1Zoe55 says:

    I would love to see Trump get a dose of the British Press, not just standing in front of hand-picked crowds. In England Trump cannot throw out the protestors as he and his Brown Coats do in this country. Yesterday at Liberty University, where students are fined $10.00 if they do not appear at these speeches, Trump could not accurately quote which bible verse he was mentioning.

    • InformedVoter says:

      The comment about “accurately quoting” has been debunked. Try reading sources other than MSNBC. And your statement about students getting fined is a lie and you know it.

  12. Otto Greif says:

    The UK doesn’t have free speech anymore, it’s tragic.

    • Alex says:

      That’s a lie… it is more free speech there is more freedom of speech in England and it’s Parliament than there is in the Republican controlled Congress in America. Tragic for you only.

  13. Sterling Harris says:

    MR. TRUMP WE BELIEVE THAT ELECTED OFFICIALS ARE ELECTED TO SERVE THE PUBLIC GOOD. HOWEVER IT APPEARS YOU REGARD POLITICS HAS A MEANS TO PROMOTE YOUR SELF OR MONSTROUS EGO.YOU HAVE A overwhelming need for admiration, and usually a complete lack of empathy toward others. EVEN THOUGH YOU believe YOU are of primary importance in everybody’s life or to anyone YOU meet.. this pattern of behavior may be appropriate for a king in 16th Century England, it is generally considered inappropriate for most ordinary people today.

    YOU often display snobbish, disdainful, or patronizing attitudes.TOWARD OTHER INDIVIDUALS..

  14. Ruth Thompson says:

    I really don’t think Mr. Trump cares about this nonsense!

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