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Thursday, October 27, 2016

At this point, you really have to wonder: Is it still news when a Republican says something asinine?

On the off chance it is, let us spend a few moments pondering the strange case of Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, who said last week that the Democratic Party is waging a “War on Whites.”

Yeah, he actually said that. You can look it up if you want.

Brooks was responding to radio talk show host Laura Ingraham, who had asked him to comment on a remark from National Journal columnist Ron Fournier to the effect that the GOP cannot continue to be competitive in national elections if it continues to alienate voters of color. This is a truth so self-evident as to have been adopted by the GOP itself in its “autopsy” report after the 2012 election.

Yet here is what Brooks said in response: “This is a part of the war on whites that is being launched by the Democratic Party. And the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else. It’s a part of the strategy that Barack Obama implemented in 2008, continued in 2012, where he divides us all on race, on sex, greed, envy, class warfare, all those kinds of things.”

“A War on Whites.” Yet it’s President Obama who is guilty of racially inflammatory rhetoric?

Brooks’ words so alarmed Ingraham that she suggested his rhetoric was “a little out there.” This woman belches fire on all things conservative; for her to suggest you’ve gone too far is like Charlie Sheen telling you to cut back on hookers and cigarettes.

But Brooks doubled down, repeating the claim in an interview with a website, “What the Democrats are doing with their dividing America by race is they are waging a war on whites and I find that repugnant.”

OK, so let’s say the obvious first. There’s something surreal and absurd about this lecture, coming as it does from a member of the party that invented the Southern strategy and birtherism and whose voters were last seen standing at the border screaming at terrified Guatemalan kids.

But it’s not the ridiculousness of Brooks’ words that should be of greatest concern. You see, Fournier is right. If something does not arrest its present trajectory, the GOP seems destined to shrink into a regional party with appeal only to older white voters. It will be irrelevant in a nation where white voters will soon cease to be a majority — no group will be a majority — and appeals to racial and cultural resentments have less power to sway elections.

That should concern the GOP brain trust. It should concern us all. As a practical matter, this country has only two political parties; if one ceases to be competitive, we become a de facto single party system. That is not democracy. No ideology has a monopoly on good ideas. So America needs a healthy Republican Party.

Yet for every Rand Paul trying — albeit in a fumbling and deeply flawed manner — to reach constituencies the party has written off and driven off, or to engage on issues it has disregarded, there seem to be five Mo Brookses doubling down on the politics of resentment and fear.

His party needs to realize once and for all that that day is done. It is critical for the GOP to wean itself from the cowardly belief that simply to discuss race and culture, to acknowledge disparity in treatment and outcomes, to put forward ways of addressing those things, constitutes “playing the race card” or “race baiting” or fighting a “war on whites.”

That idea was always wrongheaded and dumb. Very soon it will become electorally untenable as well. So the GOP must learn to speak a language it has shunned to people it has ignored.

Because its biggest threat is not the Democratic Party but demographic reality. And right now, that reality is winning, hands down.

(Leonard Pitts is a columnist for The Miami Herald, 1 Herald Plaza, Miami, FL, 33132. Readers may contact him via email at [email protected])

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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  • Dominick Vila

    Fighting to preserve the “rights” the white people have imposed on others is a no win proposition in the 21st century. Particularly when the overwhelming majority of our highest earners, corporate heads, and the top military echelon, are mostly white.
    Victim-hood resonates among those incapable of rational thinking, those who cannot see what is in front of their noses, and those who are convinced that they were born with the subliminal right to rule over others.
    There is no room for autocratic rule or privileged rights in a country where the essence of its Constitution is equality. The problem is not that there is a war on whites, the problem is that whites refuse to recognize the injustices that afflict a large segment of our population, and the difficulties so many ethnic minorities encounter to get ahead in the wealthiest country in the world.

    • sigrid28

      The GOP’s proclivity to identify itself as the party of whites should have lost its currency one hundred and fifty years ago at the end of the Civil War. It’s not like we will be out of problems to address once white supremacy in the United States is no longer an option. Take two of the most pressing issues issues with which we must now contend as a nation. We have only to look at the social injustices that plague Central and Latin America, driving immigrants to our doors. Look no further than Iraq, where failure to govern in a way that recognizes ethnic and religious differences has reaped a whirlwind in which we, as a nation, are being buffeted along. The worst effect of the GOP’s recourse to race-based ideology is that the longer our lives stall over the refusal to accept equality the less time we have to address situations that cannot be resolved without full participation of all Americans. So not only are they wrong, but they are wasting our time.

      • Dominick Vila

        The most fascinating part of what the GOP likes to call a “war on whites” and a “war on Christianity”, have more to do with the emergence of large ethnic and cultural groups in America, and the inexorable progress being made by those minority groups to achieve parity, than actual attacks against the majority that controls most facets of life in America.
        In my opinion, most of the problems in the Middle East and in countries like Iraq, can be traced to the days of the British mandate, when artificial boundaries were established with total disregard of the tribal and religious animosity that existed in that part of the world for many centuries. Our decision to invade Iraq, remove Reagan’s darling from power, and replace Sunnis with Shias aligned spiritually to Iran, aggravated the problems that already existed, and contributed to the replacement of Western style geographic boundaries with medieval Caliphates. Our role in that part of the world should be limited to minimal action to save lives. The worst thing we can do is to invade Iraq again. Perpetual babysitting is not a solution, and imposing our form of government on people that despise it is not the way to go.
        The immigration problem from Central America is influenced by many factors, ranging from poverty, lack of opportunities, to abusive government and a despotic elite. Obviously, we cannot welcome all of those trying to escape the misery and terror that exists in their homelands, but there is no logical reason – or Christian values – to justify denying children the right to be heard before a decision is made as to whether we should grant them asylum or deport them.
        There are many problems that need attention and resolution, unfortunately, we invariably spend more time debating illusions designed to foment hatred, than work on things that are important to us as a nation.

      • Jambi

        Politically speaking. ..The Republicans are STILL living in the Gilded Age!!

      • johninPCFL

        150 years ago at the end of the civil war the GOP was a very different party. The current GOP profile began to build when Johnson got behind federal civil rights laws and the KKK democrats jumped ship to the GOP. Nixon and his strategist Lee Atwater created the “southern strategy” to capitalize on their disaffection, and Johnson himself famously warned that they’d “lost the presidency for a generation” because of it.

        • sigrid28

          You are right. I misspoke. Perhaps I should have said instead, “The tendency of any party in the U.S. to identify itself exclusively with whites . . . ” Thanks for the correction.

    • FT66

      You have written those who can’t see what is in front of their noses. I went and revisited the main picture of this article. That old man has put a sticker on his hat which reads: “I will not forget in November”. He can’t keep that message in his mind or write it in his Diary. Every day he wakes up he has to read that message pinned on his hat, may be that hat is hanged on his bedroom. Can anyone imagine people like this man??? What does go everyday in their mind???

  • teach62

    The goal is to create equality for all. The goal is not to create special privileges for one race over another. The only way to insure equal rights is to stop asking what race you are when sending in a job application, college application, or when taking a civil service exam. A job applicant should be interviewed and hired based on ability not race. It becomes problematic when companies, schools, and civil service jobs are told they must hire a percentage of applicants based on race and sex instead of test scores, experience or ability. What race or sex you are should not make you privileged or entitled if society truly wants to create equality. It should be against the law to ask a persons race or sex on any application. It should be irrelevant to determining the capabilities of any applicant, whether the application is for a job, corporate , civil service or as a potential college applicant. Stop racial quotas it is the only way to create equal opportunity.

    • Eleanore Whitaker

      Obviously, you have not had the pleasure of working for a 2 Fortune 50 corporations as I have in the past.

      One of those corporations used “codes” to determine which candidates were most “eligible.” Example: 1 if white, 2 if black, 3 if Oriental, 4 if Hispanic and 5 all other. These codes were placed on the backs of job applications whenever a job applicant walked in to fill out an application.

      Your post is idealist. Because in the south, midwest and southwest, racism is rampant and the ill bred racist culture in those states find the most covert ways to avoid hiring according to EEO/AAF.

      Without those quotos, do you think a black student would be allowed to attend the same school AIG’s Robert Benmosche kids attend in that glitzy, hugely expensive private school?

      Education was NEVER intended to be anything more than a place of learning. Today, corporations have infiltrated the schools so badly and as a result if Mr. Corporate Infiltrator decides to sway the curriculum with Southern Baptist ideology, his money speaks for him. And you can take it from there.

      • teach62

        How naive you are to think all white students can write a check. I do however agree that schools are no longer a place of learning they are a place to accept those students whose families can write a check for 40K instead of ability,creating education for the rich only, a total elitist enviornment. When civil service tests are designed differently for minority applicants it becomes grossly prejudice toward all others taking those exams. That is exactly what is going on here in the north. It is disgusting to know that if a white applicant gets a 95% on the fireman’s test he will be stepped over by a black applicant who not only got a lower score but was given a different exam. It is disheartening to know that your adult child 23, was stepped over in his job for a promotion by a black co-worker because he is black not because he is more qualified for the position. What kind of a message is that sending to the black community? It is creating a mindset of entitlement based on color not hard work and ability.A no win for all the races . Why bother working hard you are the wrong color? Are you saying the only way for minorities to get ahead is to rig the game in their favor?

        • GT

          Whites Have been rigging the game for over two hundred years. Not until the mandate for equality and the conformance of the minority to the white culture given people of color access to the spoils of our society. Even though the Hispanic population is growing exponentially and listed as white on applications, they still do not receive the respect they deserve. Why even sports casters that are paid to do their job cannot even correctly pronounce the names of many of the Hispanic professional baseball players. The media outlets disregard most of the Hispanic community as only the low-rung of society, Exception to the rule Cuban Politicians such as Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio.

          • teach62

            Poor response.I guess whites should start identifying themselves as the Irish population or Italian population. People should not be treated SPECIAL because they are of a particular race or nationality, equal yes, special NO! You think it is appropriate to demand certain standards of achievement from one race or nationality and not the other?I have news for you, being listed as white on an application puts potential applicants at the bottom. Listing yourself as black or hispanic puts you at the top of placement into colleges and corporations.Colleges and corporations have to provide the statistics for how many of a particular minority they are hiring and students they are accepting based on race instead of academic achievement and qualifications for a job. That is Unconstitutional. A heck of a lot more unconstitutional than mispronouncing some overpaid athletes name. People should not be placed into jobs or schools based on race. Maybe we should start with a standard for sports casters and news reporters to speak correct English. I would think in an English speaking nation that should be more important than what race they are.

          • sleepvark

            Call the whaaahmbulance!

        • sleepvark

          Would you like some cheese to go with your whine? Get over yourself.

        • GinnyAlbert

          I suppose it is very difficult for you to believe or accept that a person can be both black and “qualified.” Without affirmative action, which is clearly still needed, blacks would not be considered for anything except nanny, custodian, dishwasher and cook. This being the case it was necessary to level the playing field to the extent possible. Whites can get a job here or there, while blacks are coded whenever they walk through the door and may or may not get the job — not due to lack of education, experience or know-how, but because of the color of his/her skin. It was why corporations were forced to play fair. Now, many corporations appreciate how diversity has improved their companies, and are not apt to change their mindsets in a backward trajectory, On the other hand, some companies — while still racist — did not want the hassle of fighting the Feds so they gave in. But now, it is looking like they can discriminate again and get away with it — if they are located in an “at-will” state. Nobody asks why more blacks have been pink slipped; a company can hire or fire whomever they want. In some instances we are back at square one. Just like Roe v. Wade — a landed law, which the courts have allowed the GOP to chip away and chip away until it is little more than a shell. Fair hiring and firing practices are headed in the same direction. Yes, the game is still rigged. If anybody must be fired — black before white — every time!

          • teach62

            Whites can get a job here and there? If you did your homework you would know that an obscene amount of white college grads are delivering pizzas to pay for student loans. As for blacks being coded you are in a world by your self. We are ALL BEING CODED !!! Not just the black population. I do not call it fair to force companies to hire skin color instead of qualifications. Black or white qualifications and hard work should win every time.Oh by the way , Corporate America has not been forced to play fair, they have been forced to engage in reverse discrimination tactics and the first to get fired in corporate America are white women. The corporates are too afraid to fire you if you are black. Its much easier to fire white, less politics. Whats next a tax break based on hiring practices. I wouldn’t be surprised. Just nauseated.

          • GinnyAlbert

            Anyone can tell you that blacks were disproportionately laid off when GWB’s economy tanked. There’s a reason for that. I too believe a person should be hired based on qualifications, however, if one group is more likely to be hired, and the other (just as qualified) is unlikely to be hired, why not give the least likely a chance! Right now everybody (including whites) are suffering, however, it can be said that some suffer more than others.

        • Eleanore Whitaker

          teach62…How naive is any teacher who shows in his/her post how biased she is?

          Sorry, but my sons are nearly your age. So much for who’s naive. The reason why there are quotas started when whites segregated schools. You do remember segregated schools, don’t you teach?

          The reason quotas started had to do with white male supremacist employers who gamed the system so their entire employee base was white.

          Don’t bother to pull your “I’m a teacher and I know more than the rest of the world” routine. I worked in personnel recruiting. I know why EEO/AAF is necessary.

          You are a bigot who hides behind that high and mighty educatorati superiority. Step outside a classroom once in a while and work in the real world. Not that tiny microcosm of liked minded overeducated whiners whose sense of entitlement to having it all handed to you on silver platters costs taxpayers in my state the highest school taxes in the country.

          In NJ, schools were never segregated..can you say the same for your bigot state?

          • teach62

            I”m bias? Take a good look at yourself. Not that its any of your business. I do not teach in a classroom. I am a therapist for disabled babies birth to 5 all races, religions the rich and the poor. I work for a living 12 months a year, pay my own health insurance and paid for my education myself no freebies or a check from Mom and Dad or the state without that sense of entitlement for a free education. I think its you who lives in a tiny delusional microcosm of entitlement. I live in a county that has the highest property taxes in the U.S. and I pay it no freebies.
            I have a right to my opinion and last time I looked we are all entitled to freedom of speech. It is you who is the bigot. The races are to be treated equal not one to be treated special. Thanks for confirming that sense of entitlement , Its obviously alive, well and growing next door in New Jersey.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            You ARE biased and sorry…bias is MY business. Who pays YOUR salary? Taxpayers..Who ARE taxpayers? People like me. Everyone works for a living “12 months of the year.” Too damn bad if you feel that’s TOOOOOOO much for you. WE all pay for our own healthcare insurance and YOURs too when we pay taxes that pay for YOUR healthcare and YOUR salary. Does your income pay for ours? You bet it doesn’t.

            You have a right to an opinion so long as that opinion doesn’t hand you a level of superiority that’s more fantasy than reality.

            As for entitlement….Teachers get a full GUARANTEED pension courtesy of MY tax dollars. Do your tax dollars put money into MY 401K or pension?

            You live in la la land where most educatorati always like to cocoon themselves so they don’t have to face reality.

            Work half a century, pay into your OWN pension without taxpayer help and then bitch.

            I retired from a job I held for a quarter century. No pension thanks to a greedheaded employer. Any pension I have now is what came out of MY pockets entirely..not from your tax dollars.

            So you bet your double wide lazy “A” I’m entitled to what I paid for half a century.

            Poor little teacher…white skin is the only claim to fame and you think people in NJ are entitled? Think again honey. It’s not people in NJ who are hot to push white skin as the “elite” society.

            Get over yourself..You are so full of yourself and that’s entitlement to white skin supremacy ..Grow up …you’ve already grown old.

    • sleepvark

      The problem addressed by the questions you question is over 400 years of privilege the white folks had up until just recently. In order to get a truly level playing field, we need to tilt in favor of the minorities for a long time to come.

      • teach62

        There was no level playing field when I went to college or got a job. What privileges? My brothers and I put ourselves through school no freebies. What level playing field? You are talking about sacrificing a majority to create an easier playing field for a minority. Speak about equality. People are equal not SPECIAL because of color.

      • whodatbob

        B@#l s#$t! You are asking us to pay for the sins of our ancestors. We worked hard to get an equal playing field for all, agreed to allowing some preferential treatment for minorities in the beginning. Fifty years have past and minorities think it is their right to get preferential treatment. Equal means equal no preferential treatment.

    • highpckts

      My since retired GYN used to write “codes” on his charts indicating who was white and who was black!! Why? He still saw everyone so why the code? Did he charge more? I can’t figure that one out!!

      • teach62

        National health statistics are obtained this way.They can track cancer, Pregnancy, abortion et.. I do not think your GYN used the codes to charge more depending on the race but maybe sold the info to insurance companies to use this information to base health insurance rates on risk and pre-existing conditions of a particular race or individuals, everything is tracked.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    The only rule of law in the US that matters is that if you are a taxpayer, you get to “have on.” The GOP loses for more reasons than just their bigotry. No American who pays taxes is going to stand by and watch those taxes pay the bills for GOP crony billionaires. It’s just that simple.

    It’s the reason the GOP today are nothing more than an overeducated bunch of corporate wannabees.

    They’ve lost the ability to admit government is not now nor ever will be a corporation. If government is a business, are taxpayers employees of that business? And who then become the CEOs?

    • Why should our tax dollars go to support illegals? Why should our tax dollars go toward funding lavish vacations for the Emperor and the royal family?

      • jmprint

        Because we voted for it. Cruz has the highest expense of any government office, why do I have to pay for that it’s bullshit.

        • Yeah, liberals voted for it. Fortunately, that is not a majority in this country. Of course, majorities and legalities mean nothing to this regime.

          • GinnyAlbert

            Why are we suddenly now “funding lavish vacations for the Emperor and the royal family” just because the First Family happens to be black? I’ve never before heard such a complaint. Don’t we do the same when we pay the majority of taxes so that businesses and billionaires can have the best of everything?

          • sleepvark

            kenndeb is one of those girls who object to the 3/5 persons ever getting into a position of authority anywhere. Her every word reeks of a wealth of ignorance.

          • jmprint

            Yes by an overwhelming majority, so why are you lying? It’s called the President of the United States and not a regime nor emperor.

          • fortunately, the “majority” voted for Obama, not corporate raider Romney who never met a view he wouldn’t adopt if it meant one more vote.

            bet you’re fine with 1% corporations buying off Democracy to enforce ‘legalities’ that subsidize and favor them over all others.

      • stcroixcarp

        I would rather have my tax dollars help “illegal” immigrants that who milk cows, pick vegetables, clean hotel rooms, do our dirty work than subsidize tax evading Wall Street hedge fund managers, banksters , oil corporations, and Mitt Romney. And you, keedeb.

      • sleepvark

        kenndeb, get a job and pay some taxes before you complain about where the tax money goes. And stop using words with more than 4 letters until you know what they actually mean.

      • FT66

        I do not understand why should anyone allow you to make any comment on this thread. It is really wastage of time to read comments you have displayedyed. Since when have you heard there is an Emperor in this country?

        • Suralin

          I suppose there was one, if you count Norton the First. 😀

      • highpckts

        What stcoixcarp said and doubled!!

      • dpaano

        Gee, maybe you can explain to me how both Reagan AND Bush II took 4X more vacation time than the current president, and no one bitched about that one iota!!! As for our president taking a vacation….we are ALL entitled to a vacation! As a note, the president is NEVER really on vacation as he is briefed on a daily basis and is president 24/7, unless most of us who work 40 hours a week and no more! Get a life, okay? AND, by the way, do your research about presidents and their vacations, okay? You are grossly uninformed!

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    The real question should be: “Why is it that race matters only in certain areas of the country?” Until these “oppressed whites” are seen and viewed for who and what they are, they’ll continue to believe that Civil Rights are unfair.

    You can trace these bigots back to the real reason they believe so strongly in their own superiority: plantation mentalities.

    Once plantation owners could no longer rely on free slave labor to keep them wealthy, slave labor shifted to the poorest white sharecroppers who resented having to do work formerly done by slaves.

    In their view, this placed them on the same level as the slaves. So, not only did plantation owners lose free labor but sharecroppers lost their elevated status according to their cultural standards.

    • Allan Richardson

      Ironically, the PRESENCE of slavery brought down wages for less educated white men, who would otherwise have been PAID for doing the labor slaves were doing. The aristocracy (actually, plutocracy, but they thought of themselves as the nobility of the Middle Ages) invented racism as a means of keeping the lower income white people on their side, rather than joining with the slaves in revolt. After “official” slavery was abolished, keeping poor whites believing that they were “at least better than blacks” became even more important to the “new” business plutocracy (actually many of the same people and families).

      • GinnyAlbert

        You are correct. The “at least I’m better than the blacks” mentality has only served to keep “lower class” whites poor. As a strategy, it has worked as well as the Lynch laws worked on the enslaved. It is why poor whites are willing to vote against their own best interests if they believe doing so limits the liberties of minorities.

    • Dominick Vila

      The real question for me is why does ethnicity matter in any region, in any country, in the 21st century? When are we going to learn to treat each other as fellow human beings? I have the feeling it will be a very long time before that happens. We have not learned to coexist for millennia, why should we expect a sudden miracle in the USA or anywhere else in the world?

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        I tend to believe ethnicity matters when it is part of culture. In reality, coexistence is more prevalent among the most intelligent societies. It’s generally the hallmark of the least educated socially that cause division. Internally, that division represents psychological control to some.

      • dpaano

        Dominick….it’s probably why most Republicans don’t believe in evolution…..they would have to admit that the first humanoid came from Africa, and that would just NOT be acceptable to them! Let’s face it, we’re ALL evolved from one humanoid who lived in Africa (and Jesus was NOT a white man with a beard)!! As soon as they get this through their thick skulls (which won’t happen in MY lifetime), they might change their tunes!

    • jointerjohn

      Slavery and it’s presumed white supremacy marked the early development of the southern U.S. agronomy while conquest of the entire west was based upon the concept of “Manifest Destiny”. The two together encouraged European immigrants to view the African American as a draft animal and the Native American as a wild animal. Meanwhile, females of all colors, including white, were property. I think we have progressed nicely in two hundred years from a starting point at which one could harness blacks, shoot Indians for sport, and treat women as chattel property. Today’s GOP just can’t seem to look ahead and leave those old bad habits behind.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        I wish I was as positive about the issue of bigotry as your post indicates. Sadly, I’m not. Wealth isn’t just money. It’s also power. When you study US history and its wealthiest Robber Barons, you see not just greed and enslavement to enrich oneself, you see a bizarre contest between wealthy men to be “the richest” and an investiture in money power vs. government power.

        Government is a structure so detested by the richest Americans. When you peel back their skins, you see why…government maintains order…You can’t get rich when there is such order in society that pointedly spotlights equality.

        Thus, today’s corporations and rich men want a type of tax free anarchy where the masses grow so poor, they are willing to either off themselves or cannibalize each other in the throes of instigated, imposed destitution.

        Democracy works only when equality is the thread that binds it and the people of any nation together in equality.

        The joke is? There are no “elite” or “superior” Americans. It’s self-promotion for a self-serving purpose: To be the most powerful.

        This may seem arrogant, but…Whenever I encounter one of those overeducated superiority addicts, I chew them up and spit them out. They put their pants on the way we ALL do…one leg at a time. Therefore, I am absolutely unwilling to accord them baseless esteem or superiority. Each of us has talents, skills and experiences that are unique. Pooled together, it’s what makes a country great. Divided, it becomes a crass attempt to baptize oneself as superior.

  • FT66

    Unbelievable, it is war every corner and everywhere. Who could imagine that there is war in everything in the US? Any republican leader who can think right, have to rush very quickly and stop fellow republicans white people to even whisper: “the words: war on white”. I can assure them if this kind of talk goes on, there will never ever be any republican President in the White House. It is quite simple and easy Maths anyone can do.

  • jmprint

    It’s just like the republicans, they pick wars on women, hispanics, blacks and gays, and then they run home crying … they’re picking on me! Boo Hoo. COWARDS, I haven’t met a republican that is not a coward yet.

  • “That should concern the GOP brain trust.”

    WHAT GOP brain trust?

  • Given the appalling damage the GOP did under Bush/Cheney and the undeniable fact that the right rigidly imposes white male 1% corporate dominance at the expense of all others, this party has sown its own demise. Our country — and citizens — can’t afford on any level to live with decades of continually destructive Republican fundamentalist policies.

    Let a new party emerge.

  • fredawright3

    white people need to teach racism in their churches like blacks do

    • what??

    • JPHALL

      They always have done that. The prime example is the white Jesus on the church walls, windows and Bibles. Read the Bible and that image of Jesus must change.

      • sleepvark

        Right on. What are the chances that a poor Palestinian young man would be so fair skinned with such light brown colored hair? Not bloody likely.

    • StillWaterG

      I seriously doubt that you’ve ever attended a service at an historically Black house of worship. However, I get the impression that you’re projecting your own issues and actions in this case.

  • whodatbob

    The picture accompanying this article is very misleading. The old white man in Revolution War costume has political poster on his tricorn hat that reads

    This old white man is protesting against all intrenched incumbents of both parties. Not a bad idea!

    Lenard Pitts always writes from the prospective of a liberal African American, as he should, but it is only one prospective.

    The fight for equal rights is a never ending battle. Inequality has existed through out human history as it does today. We may never eliminate bigotry but keep fighting.

    • charleo1

      I’ll bet he’s voted for the same old boy from his district for 30 years.
      And, he’s probably got a pension, from back when he worked in a
      union shop. And his Medicare, and Social Security. And I’ll bet he’s
      bitchin about all the big gov. spending too! So, what is he actually?
      A stingy old coot in a tri-cornered hat.

      • whodatbob

        He looks old enough to have been with Washington at Bunker Hill. Picture still has nothing to do with story.

  • ExRadioGuy15

    I’ve been correctly saying/writing for months that the GOP’s Fascist and psychopathic Cons began a Fascist “gaslighting” propaganda campaign in 1920 to the then newly-minted voters, women, to vote for them.
    For about nine years, until the Wall Street crash of 1929, the campaign worked perfectly and the GOP ruled politics in the “Roaring Twenties”…
    However, starting with the 1930 midterms, GOP Progressives and Moderates, including women, turned on the party and voted Democrat. I call that the first “Republican Progressive and Moderate Revolution”. It ran from 1930-1966 and launched the “Roosevelt Republic”. The Roosevelt Republic was even in force during the eight years Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower, a Moderate Republican, was in the White House.
    In 1928, the GOP won the White House and both Houses of Congress. Because of that first revolution, they wouldn’t do it again for forty years, in 1968. How did they do that?
    It was mostly the fault of the “Dixiecrats”, Southern Democrats who considered Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) a “Traitor” for signing the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts into law. They were angered so much that Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” allowed the GOP to take the power back. And, the aforementioned propaganda campaign has poisoned at least two generations of Southerners to the point that the Deep South is full of hateful and racist bigots that vote Republican, even though doing so is against their own best interests.
    So, if you think it’s any kind of a surprise that a Fascist and psychopathic Con like Mo Brooks would say something like he did, you must be a Southerner and a Republican…those of us who possess intelligence and sanity know very well that Brooks’ comments were simply Fascist “gaslighting” propaganda and “dog whistle” politics.
    GOP Progressives and Moderates, who make up the VOTING majority of the party (66%) but nearly NONE of the politicians, need to launch a second Republican Progressive and Moderate Revolution….

    • midway54

      Yes, the Klan mentality is alive and well and will continue unabated. Some of the typical and pervasive yahoo rednecks might disingenuously assert that those days are over but it is not: It exists just below the red clay surface of the South. There will be ice skating in Hell before there appears another moderate Republican, because our Gilded Age II robber barons in our plutocracy will not permit it. There are too many ambitious scoundrels who will gladly do or say whatever is necessary to gain political office and serve as hard working stooges for the plutocrats and corporations who fund their campaigns. This is not to overlook the Teabagger morons everywhere who are as clueless and mentally vulnerable as the rednecks.

  • plc97477

    First off I want to tell all trolls that I will not post to you, give you a vote or read your crap so leave me alone. Second, I may be an incurable optimist but I believe that some party will rise up to take the place of the repugs so our democracy will be safe. I can’t say I would bet the farm on it but I have faith.

  • Jack_in_Ann_Arbor

    Ha! He won’t remember past this afternoon!

  • howa4x

    The problem with being the GOP white people’s party is that you can get confused with older more established elements with the same brand. Talk to anyone on the street about a war on white people and immediately what will come to mind is the statements of the KKK, or Aryan nation or the neo Nazi movement. So if the GOP starts to go down that road they will get vocal endorsements from these same groups. Once that happens then everyone will say that they thought the GOP was racist anyway so it’s no surprise that the KKK are endorsing them. This of course will not help in broadening the base beyond white people and might even send Michael Steel running away followed by any non white republican. So while this strategy may work well in a gerrymandered district of older white folks it will create a calamity on a national level. It will chase people away from the brand rather than draw them there. So it is no surprise that even Laura Ingram was a little startled. Maybe they can couple this with the war on Christmas and try to capture all the evangelical white people too. But wait!! they already have them so now what?

  • C K Johnson

    The biggest problem the Republicans have ! We must have more compassion for all people who are down. There are very few good paying jobs in the United States. People had to turn to Government for assistance. Every time anyone speaks of raising the minimum wage. The Republicans start talking like $10.00 per hour is a huge amount of money. Not 1 of them that complains would work that cheap. The fast food places where I live have mostly adults working. I know a woman with 3 kids who has worked at McDonalds for 5 years. She is a shift manager and gets $8.00 dollars per hour. I started a business in 1970. I started my people out at $3.00 more than my competition paid. Me personal would do 75% more work. I did not have to train my staff every month or two. We put out a better product. And had very happy clients. Just between Reagan and W Bush the deficit increased 11 Trillion dollars. I can not stand Obama. I hate his policies of giving Billions of dollars to the terrorist groups. The Republican Congress should put a minimum wage bill on the floor. That would increase the minimum wage to $12.00 per hour in 2 years. Start at $ $9.50 with a $.50 cent raise every 6 months . Quit supporting Illegal imigrants, And sending money to the Muslim Terrorist. That would put a Republican in the White House. Start back up the Clinton Food Stamp regulations. Make them work picking up trash. Taking care of janitorial work at State and Federal offices. Keep the parks and play grounds cleaned up. God Bless America

    • charleo1

      Who told you, or why do you believe Obama is, “giving billions to terrorists groups?” If he can give billions, why wouldn’t he then, just simply fund his own jobs, and infrastructure bill? Improve the economy, and take all the credit for himself? Instead of begging the T-Party led House for it? What regulations did your sources tell you Obama change as to the SNAP program? Since work requirements have not been lifted. And once again, the President may not make regulatory changes to these programs. Just as he may not increase, or extend unemployment insurance, increase govt. pensions, wages, the minimum wage for all Americans, stipends, or benefits to the military, in any way. All theses programs are governed by statute, written, passed, funded, or defunded by Congress. Remember that surfer dude, they like to promote on Fox? He may only collect 3 months of SNAP benefits in any 36 month period, Plus he may not have more than $2000 in countable assets. And must make himself available for work, the entire collection period, for the maximum monthly allotment of $200. I don’t believe I could survive for 3 months on only $50 bucks a week, and keep the parks, and play grounds clean. And take some other hard working family man’s janitorial job in the process. Now, he needs food stamps too! However, I do truly appreciate your philosophy on paying your employees a decent wage. If all employers, especially the largest one WalMart felt the same way, except in cases of very rough times such as we as a Country have struggled through. There would not be near the need for such programs as SNAP. Which, by the way a very big slice of that program, (about 78%) goes to single Mother households, with children. But, even then, the payout is almost as meager as that surfer dude supposedly got. And I believe God does bless America. I believe He blesses it ten times over, for every one less child that has to go to bed hungry, or worry about the next meal, in the most financially blessed Country in the World.

      • C K Johnson

        There are some laws that need to be changed. I believe if you pay a fair wage. Those people will have a better work ethic. They will pay more taxes social security and more sales tax. And Obama giving huge amounts of money to Moderate Muslim terrorist ( I do not believe their is such a Muslim ) We give them F 16 fighter jets, We give them weapons and artillery.We are a bankrupt country. Obama has consistently abused his executive power. There is not Tea Party run house. Boehner has provided Obama with more than he should have. I know we have a corrupt government from the top down.God Bless America

  • goyakhla ghandhi

    The majority fails to show up at midterm elections & half the nation has been brainwashed by right wing corporate media to vote and this is how the gop survives. As with democratic voters many gop supporters vote simply for one issue. Many of these voters embrace one issue and are willing to forget all else to see that issue turn out the way they want.

  • Faraday_Cat

    Does it really matter HOW they say what they have to say, when WHAT they say (describing policies that they stand behind) is what will ultimately turn off any voter they try to reach? Let’s face it, the only votes this party will get in the future will be single-issue voters, uber-rich, and the uninformed (the voters in that last bloc are the ones they have lied to, who haven’t bothered to discover the truth).

  • paulyz

    Looks like the National Memo is again dividing by race. The Democrat Party is ALL ABOUT race & division. They cater to special interests, special groups, not the WHOLE Country. Their attitude is that if they become the majority, they will be better off. Many believe that by flooding the U.S. with Illegals, they can become the majority, ignoring the fact that the nations Illegals enter here ILLEGALLY from, are loaded with poverty & crime.
    The GOP on the other hand, is for a healthy economy, wanting everyone to do well, thereby creating even more opportunities for upward mobility.
    Reminds me of Juan Williams making the racist comment, “The Republican Party is ALL White, ALL old.”

    • DAVE in VA

      My friend facts and logical thinking don’t go with the lefts agenda. The only way they can get something done is by dividing the people. The southern border is letting in more than just illegal aliens from mexico. The terrorist group ISIS are using it as well and they are here in America. The group posted a picture of their flag on the fence around the White House but you won’t hear about that from any left wing news outlets it doesn’t fit the agenda. One more thing Osama bin laden is dead and GM is alive and doing well you can go back to sleep the government will take care of you.

    • Michael Turner-sfs

      Ever hear of the “Southern Strategy “?

      • paulyz

        Duh, quite a HUGE difference in LEGAL political strategy of LEGAL American Citizens than the Democrats purposely changing the demographics of a nation by ILLEGAL “immigration” and division to gain a political majority!

        • herchato

          Yeah it’s been the democrats that have been inviting immigrants legal and illegal for the last two hundred years. It was democratic business owners that hired all the illegal immigrants. Try a little research and truth and maybe you can find what your looking for.

  • marriea

    But if this is all they know, and is trying to hold on to what has worked in the past so they keep going back to the well they know. Although in the future, white will probably no longer be the majority race in this country, for right now, they are. These guys aren’t looking at or for the America of the future, but the America of now. They want to hold on to the power they have now, for they know that in ten, twenty years from now, they will be dead. The history books will slam them royally, but unlike words of the past that were written down, and folks were left to ponder what the speaker meant, they will have their mugs forever on video.

  • Helen

    I wonder if a can opener would open some closed minds…. If you try to open a can with your teeth you will lose your teeth. Start by finding out houw to open the Can to your brain,,,,,if you have one…A brain that is!!!

  • Sand_Cat

    The GOP has a “brain trust”?
    The only brains they seem to trust are those that aren’t functioning too well.

  • THESE are the same people who have never read the Declaration, the Bill of Rights or the Federalist Papers, yet, ‘read’ history from the ‘confederacy’ perspective… Missing, is a whole 149 years of history, leaving a gaping CHASM of ignorance from which these ‘American’s’ try to play themselves up as victims in a ‘crimeless’ series of events. There’s a word for people w/this sort of reality-detachment…… U can fill in the blank there…

  • Paul Dorsey

    I enjoyed Mr. Pitt’s analysis but take issue that we need a vibrant and competitive 2-party system. I am a Socialist and I strongly feel the GOP will never try to appeal to minorities or the broad middle of the electorate anytime soon. I put my faith in the Democratic Party to do the right thing on most issues to keep the country moving in an overall Progressive trajectory.
    I definately disagree with Democrats on some issues but disagree entirely with the Republican agenda!!! We need for as long as possible, Democratic Presidents supported with Democratic majorities in both Houses. We have huge problems that desperately need to be addressed especially Climate Change and Income Inequality-both issues the GOP refuses to address with any seriousness! The Republican House has proved itself unable and unwilling to govern and pass legislation to benefit the American people. They have shown to be a constant roadblock to getting anything done. Its time to get rid of these bastards once and for all this November. The problems we face going forward are far to serious and complicated for the morons in the GOP to have any voice in solving these grave problems. The Democrats represent the best hope for America not the Tea Party lunatics that control the GOP!

  • David L. Allison

    Pitts is correct, again. We do “need” a strong two party system. The question would seem to be if the two parties are the neo-liberal Democratic DLC and the neo-conservative Republican tea party/wall street combine. Two themes seem to be reflected in the demographic shifts. One is a growing populism on both the right and left and a second is retrenchment by the status-quo protecting elite.

    On the left the populism is reflected in a lack of bias based on race, nationality, gender and age and an opposition to war, the military/ industrial/ intelligence complex, corporate & wall street greed and overt bias. On the right the populism is reflected in a questioning of bias on a personal, community or neighborhood level, opposition to war, the MIIC, and control of society by international corporations and domestic government agencies.

    I see these as trends rather than realities. On the left, among other themes, there continues to be what appears to be an acceptance of extreme bureaucracy and “independence” from traditional politics. Engagement seems to be far more with social media for outreach and close personal interactions more than interacting personally with the larger society.

    On the right there continues to be a heavy reliance on religion as guiding principles but frequently with increasing tolerance for those who do not share their beliefs or, especially the beliefs of their parents. Social conservative values dominate even while volunteerism increases in the young on the right.

    While those changes are occurring, The “neo’s” in both parties are, among other things, promoting international trade, never-ending war and support for the MIC, a shift from the US as a democratic republic to an oligarchy, continued war on drugs and privatization of prisons, and militarization of US, state and local government agencies across the US. All of those policy directions are anathema to most of the populists of the right and left.

    I believe that it will be increasingly difficult for the “neo’s” who are currently in control of all parts of government and business in the USA and in many places around the world to co-opt these new populists who are calling out for Sanders on the left and Paul on the right.

    While pure “progressive” or pure “libertarian” populist candidates may not be electable by either of the parties today, both parties would be, IMNVHO, well advised to abandon some of those “neo”, status quo positions if they do not want to fade to increasing irrelevance and disappointment in the next two or three elections.

  • dpaano

    Let’s hope it bites them in the rear!!!