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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cartoon: Boehner And Bibi Talk Foreign Policy

Cartoon: Boehner And Bibi Talk Foreign Policy

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  1. Has something like this ever happened before? I’ve heard of former Pres. Jimmy Carter going out on his own and causing a headache to whoever was in office, but at least he’s a former PRESIDENT. Someone needs to remind Boehner that he should concentrate on his own job, which he does rather poorly. Just another sign of astonishing disrespect for our twice-duly elected president and mischief effecting the security of the country because of sour grapes, or something more sinister. Who knows.?

  2. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) traveled to Jerusalem for a
    joint appearance with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, where he said : “I’m here to tell you, Mr. Prime Minister, that the Congress will follow your lead,” did he violate the “The Logan Act” passed in 1799?

    The Emergency Committee for Israel released a statement and it said “It’s unfortunate that President Obama and Secretary Kerry are choosing
    not to meet with the Prime Minister. But we trust Israeli people are aware that in snubbing their Prime Minister, President Obama does not represent the views of the great majority of Americans….” Excuse me but was it not Israel’s Prime Minister and John Boehner who disregarded Diplomatic Protocol and snubbed President Obama? Prime Minister Netanyahu has made it very clear that he has only contempt and disdain for our President, but that does not give him license to insert himself in our politics which he has made several attempts to do. He can hate the President as an individual, hell some of our citizens do, but he cannot
    disrespect the Office of the President. Who sets foreign policy in Israel? In the United States the President who was elected by a democratic process sets our foreign policy. When we had Republican Presidents I have disagreed with their policies and ideology, but I respected the Office of the President and the democratic process that put them in office. If any foreign leader did to them what Netanyahu is doing to this administration I would be just as angry because it disrespects the Office of the President.

    No U.S. Congressman should pledge allegiance to a Foreign leader on American soil.

    “According to the senior (Israeli) official, Dermer approached Boehner, McConnell and other senior Republican Party figures at Netanyahu’s behest and suggested the idea of the speech. “Dermer and Boehner cooked up this whole invitation to Congress. The official said.” Politico
    states the plan originated on January 8, 2015. What would Netanyahu say if a leader from another country did this in Israel? “Scholar Douglas
    Brinkley called it “unprecedented, weird and strange” and the “low-end mark in US Israeli relations.
    Even the leaders of mainstream Jewish groups who normally and reflexively support Netanyahu were dumbfounded: no one informed them and no one had asked their opinion. “I was literally sick to my stomach when I heard about it,” one of them told me. J-Street criticized the move, of course, but even the Anti-Defamation League’s Abe Foxman called on Netanyahu and Boehner to come down from the high tree they had climbed. I support new sanctions, Foxman told Ron Kampeas at JTA, but this is “ill-advised.” Netanyahu certainly seems to have to figure out how to survive for the next two years in the barren landscape and scorched
    earth that he left behind him this week.”

    U.S. officials aren’t the only ones taken aback. Former Israeli President Shimon Peres, while refusing to directly criticize Netanyahu, conceded “there are rules and norms (about) how two countries have to behave.” “In that case, I think the rules created differences, and all of us have to look – including our prime minister – to go back to the basic rules and respect,” Peres said in an interview in Davos, Switzerland, on Saturday.

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