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Thursday, October 27, 2016
  • TXMaverick

    You people will just never understand, will you. Our dislike for Obama has not one damn thing to do with his race. It has to do with his ultra-liberal views on governing, his propensity to want to take away our god given rights and freedoms, including those that are protected in the Constitution. Like our 2nd Amendment rights. His socialistic ideas on government run health care, increasing our national debt by giving more and more lazy people money from MY taxes so they are dependent on the government, which of course is a great way to get them to vote for you over and over again. He has usurped the confines of the constitution and has exceeded his constitutional authority on far too many occasions.

    Seriously…with all of those things and more to make us despise him…who needs race to be a factor? Liberals are the only ones who have made a huge deal out of his race….and then tried to blame it on good Americans who couldn’t give a damn if Obama was pink with purple polka-dots. It is the measure of the man that we despise, not the color of his skin.

    • FT66

      I do not think you understand what elections are for. Pres. Obama was elected and re-elected by those you call them liberals. In your mind, do you think he was supposed to act according to conservatives views? Really! Those who didn’t dare to cast a single vote for him!!!

      • TXMaverick

        No, i don’t think he was supposed to act according to conservative views. I expected that he would be liberal. I think it’s also fair to say that we the people also expected him to uphold the rule of law, do what is best for this country, not be part and parcel of the increasing divide between the races.

        My comments were being made on the cartoon that showed a couple of someone’s idea of what all conservatives must be like, talking to Kim Jong asshat from North Korea who called Obama a monkey. The overwhelmingly vast majority of us conservatives have absolutely no problem with his race. We have a problem with what he is doing to our country.

        So yes…I understand exactly what elections are for. He was elected and re-elected again. Obviously by people like you who think living under a socialist regime is a good thing!

        And you’re right. We didn’t cast a single vote for him because we knew this was exactly the kind of crap he was going to do.

        Let me ask you this. Regardless of which party you are a part of, or what political beliefs you have…are you really okay with a President who blatantly ignores the constitution? Who makes up his own rules as he goes along? I’m guessing the answer is yes, since you are still supporting Obama.

        • FT66

          Right the answer is the BIG YES. He is the President neither Senator nor Congressman. On top of that he is a Professor in Law. He knows exactly the limit of his power which allows him to act on certain issues. I have realised your problem like any other of fellow conservatives have. You are holding the Constitution as a Bible and forget there are Laws as well which allow him to take actions on some issues within his Power he has as a President.

        • JPHALL

          So you agree that you lost twice to Obama? You know that means the more Americans voted for him than your candidates twice! Please show me this Socialist state you say he has made us live under. Give me some examples of this rampant Socialism.

          How has Obama ignored the US Constitution? The US Supreme Court disagrees with you! Give some real examples of Obama violating the Constitution instead of Faux News BS..

      • idamag

        They don’t understand Democracy. I do not belong to a party. Like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and George Washington, I find party ideology counter to Democracy. These rabid “for the party” people would denounce Jesus if he came and told them to get out of the party. I am not a Democrat, but I voted for Obama twice.

    • Grannysmovin

      What god given rights has he taken away from you? What freedoms has he taken away from you? The Constitution is still there and people like members of the Tea Party and GOP have basterzied the Constitution to fit their own ideologies. Under this Administration the National debt has been cut, They are not just your taxes and most of the people who are getting assistances probably work harder than you do, They are also veterans, elderly, children, and the disabled. He has not usurped the consititution or his authority. Your comments seem like the talking points from Faux News.

      So it was liberal who hung an a black doll from a tree in effigy or made jokes about his mother and a monkey, or called him uppity or used the term tar baby, or sent photos of him and his wife as monkeys, or set an outhouse ridden with bullets outside a Gop Convention and hung a sign on it Obama’s library – should I go on? If it was the measure of a man, than you would dislke his policies but not despise the man. It is people from the GOP and Tea Party who spew the hate, fear and intollerance that have divided this country.

      • Irishgrammy

        Truer words have never been spoken Grannysmovin! I know too many Tea Partiers personally, and have known many for decades, they have one and all been racist to one degree or other and having our first black President just sent them over the edge…… the vile comments they make with such hateful enthusiasm, has been something to behold….makes one feel hopeless at times. So much of this vitriol is simply ALL about race! These horrible people can keep pretending to deny their racist beliefs “publicly” all they want, but privately the contemptible racist garbage they spew is beyond sickening! The comment TXMaverick made about Pres. Obama having “ultra-liberal” views made me burst out in laughter! I have always made comments that at times, the President reminds me of a Republican “light” sensibility…….hardly an ultra-liberal. Having just been in Texas, and having many Texan family members, his comment that Texas negative view of the President has “not one damn thing to do with his race” is such a outright falsehood, again I burst out in laughter!!!

        • idamag

          There are a lot of t party people, out here, and they are the most hateful people I have ever met that try to pass as good Americans.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    TXMaverick…WE KNOW what you Texan blowhard are. First of all, TX is No. 2 in the amount of federal taxes your state receives behind only Alaska..another blood red state.

    Your Big Oil gets $14 billion of our tax dollars this year alone. Your 2nd Amendment rights? YOu mean the one Charles Whitman had to blow the heads off Texans from a tower in Dallas? The one that assassinated a US president you Texans also hated? Enough with the phony blowhard swaggering and drawling. It’s time “Big Rich Texas, That Whole Other Country” stopped living off tax dollars from other states. I’m thrilled your Big Oil industry is in free fall. That’s what your Big Oil bois get for swaggering like peacocks. OPEC isn’t going to cut production. Oil prices will bottom out because the stupids of Big Oil thought they could command the planet.. Didn’t happen did it Blowhard?

    • Paladin

      After carefully reviewing all of your posts, I would suggest that you consider professional assistance. Reasonable anger is acceptable……..obsessive anger can be cured. Please, take some care for yourself.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        Are you a professional? No? Then, you don’t get to tell any other adult what to do. Who died and named you God? So, as a clinical psychologist friend of mine would advise you, anger is quite a human emotion that should NEVER be repressed. Depression, as he would tell you, is ANGER turned inside out. Sorry if you don’t like that I take umbrage with “Big Rich Texas, That Whole Other Country” of blowhards, braggarts and trough feeders. If you were expecting me to defend you obtuse, inane post…I don’t dignify lunatic fringe comments. Truth hurts. It’s why some Texans can’t handle it. They love that swagger, swagger, boom boom, guns and bully BS. All anyone needs for proof is to get a gander of Ted Cruz, half Big Alberta Oil, half some Texan. Then, there’s pretty boy Rick Perry.

        The only sane Texan is Wendy Davis. And the swaggering blowhards hate one of their own.

  • madmaxx
  • Rose Glassez

    Obama is like the ebola of presidents.