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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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2 responses to “Cartoon: The Debate”

  1. FireBaron says:

    Unfortunately, that’s par for the course for Trump supporters. They can only politely be called “low information voters”. More like “no information voters” as they do not seek out knowledge, but believe whatever Teflon Donnie and his surrogates tell them – even when they contradict themselves and each other!

  2. 'Tis Moi says:

    “Divided, we fall…”. The true “leaders” of the USA (note: the banks & the wealthy) are the string-pullers for the politician-marionettes. All of what’s put out now is a lie. We’re being duped & divided, slowly & with different smokescreens-(blacks, gays, Catholics, Jews, you name it). The true overlords are in fast-motion to pit us against each other & rob us all blind until there’s nothing but them (on the thrones) & the rest of us under the lash. That, is what Reagan’s “trickle-down” was about, then “free trade”, then NAFTA (Clintons), now TPP (trans-pacific-partnership)– a way to shift/steal power & money in ways only dreamt of by their predecessors. Assange calls it, “lawfare”: theft of rights & property without firing a single shot. Corporations are “people”, people are slaves. Get ready for it. If the strongest’ country/people supposedly in the world do nothing to stop this run-away train, we’re all eventually doomed. I’m coming to this realization slowly. I never would have thought this true until the events of the past couple of decades. Very scary stuff. 🙁

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