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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

CEOs Need Not Apply: Six Businessmen Who Failed In The White House

Earlier this week, Mitt Romney spoke approvingly of a supporter’s plan to amend the Constitution “to say that the president has to spend at least three years working in business before he could become president of the United States.”

Romney’s requirement would have prevented most of America’s greatest presidents — such as Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Franklin Roosevelt — from taking office. Some of America’s worst presidents would have met the standard, however.

Here are six presidents whose extensive business experience didn’t translate well to the Oval Office:

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  • Teto85

    GHW Bush had experience in Congress, as ambassador to China, and CIA director as well as Reagan’s VP. Carter was a state legislator and governor before running for President. If his father had not died early, forcing him to quit the Navy, he was on a fast track to replace Adm. Rickover. (Carter graduated from Annapolis as close to the bottom as McCain was to the top) There was more to them than business. And Harry Truman’s haberdashery went out of business. It’s not what happens to you, but how you deal with it.

  • this is written on such a grade school level I can’t believe it . The author didn’t count all the successful Businessmen who have held the office . It also doesn’t count all the great Socialist who have tried to be a President ( Carter Obama ) or the great community Organizers weve had ( Obama ) and their train wreck and epic failures

    • informed1959

      An obvious republican reject commentary, not worthy of response other than to note…the bumpkin idiots in America that defend and vote against their own economic interest is alive and well, AND, the fact that they espouse ignorance and do it with passion remains equally astounding! AND, note that I am not a democrat, but an informed citizen and businessman that operates successfully in today’s economy! One that is a disaster because of the BUSHWACKER MENTALITY and I use the term BUSHWACKER to describe accurately the JACK OFF BUSH’S that wrecked the economy not to mention the “train wreck of epic failures” like IRAQ, and I won’t mention any more as I am certain your BUSHWACKED response will equal that of what one would expect from an uninformed truck drivin, bible totin, tobacco chawin MORON!

      • Thanks for keeping your eyes open ! ! !

    • howa4x

      You mean to tell me that Bush 2 was a sucessful presidency! He is ranked just above Nixon(another Republican) very near the bottom. He was an oil man. He as a closet socialist, except he gave away the store to the richest 1%, not the bottom or middle. Their wealth went up 256% compared to a flat rate on the middle class. He started 2 unfunded wars where he borrowed the money from China, and passed a drug mandate also unfunded. His Ayn Rand Style of managing the economy brought us to brink of another great depression. Which reminds me that 2 other republican presidents, Coolige and Hoover predided over that. It was Bush who bailed out the banks, not Obama who was left with a FDR like situation. The Stimulus was way too small, since the republicans in congress wanted him to fail but in reality it was the American people that failed.

      As for the other accusation that the health care law is socialist, please do your homework. It was 1st proposed by that great socialist Robert Dole, dreamed up by that left wing think tank the Heritage foundation as a Republican answer to Hilliary care. The individual mandate which is the corner stone of the law was 1st tried in a Republican run state by none other than Mitt Romney, who constantly says he is severely conservative, and was a Wall streeter

      Thats what I love about you conservatives. Facts to you just get into the way, as you regurgatate what Fox, Rush, Coulter, Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck, tell you is reality. Except they do it for million dollar salaries, while you get the shaft from corporate America

    • Sam1895

      Name one ? You have the chance to right this…

    • Sam1895

      Name one ? You have the chance to right this ….

  • Obama ,the community Organizer hopes to win based on raising a billion dollars , the support of Unions, Illegals , Victim Entitlement Users , the Race vote ,and of course the dead . He hopes to accomplish this with the help of the Liberal Media covering other issues then jobs and the economy ( I don ‘t believe the Liberal Media ) . He will be unsuccessful as Poll after Poll is showing . Watch what happens in Wisconsin . Americans are coming and we are taking our country out of the hands of Marxist Socialists

    • ChristoD

      Michael, nice try but your obvious bias places you in the extreme ‘trash bin of history’ which is clearly where folks like you, on both sides, belong….President EISENHAUER (R) wrote ‘extremism has NO place in a Democracy. Moderation and compromise is the true measure of success’. Stick that in your prejudiced and not so full brain.

    • AaronNashuaNH

      Yet another, backwards looking, anachronistic view of the world. You’ve got to wean yourself from Fox News-type journalism and mentality if you want to take your place in the era of modernity and progressive thinking. This mantra and diatribe on behalf of the privileged few is most wearisome and only brings joy to the hoity toity that pulls your strings.

  • gargray

    The Republican party is moving backward, I don’t think money will win this election.

    • You may be very right… least, I hope you are right. The truest test to date of the “money power” vs “people power” struggle will be held in Wisconsin next Tuesday. It will be extremely close and to the victor will go the momentum that will carry over to the November election.
      I am cautiously optimistic.

    • We are in a situation where both parties are polarized in opposite directions, which defeats the purpose they were elected for. A true leader would find a way to get them to work together, and eliminate or minimize their differences so they come up real solutions to problems.
      Unfortunately I don’t see this happening anytime soon. There are aspects of both parties that I agree with, but because of the extreme divide in congress right now, they simply aren’t getting the job done.

    • We put these people in office…. We need to get them out…Republicans look to cut everything that pertain to working class families… vote them out!

      • gargray

        You are right lets get rid of all of them that is Republicans.

  • Rebecah

    Most business men are all about profits, and care nothing about the people that work for them, and the actual wealth creators. Government can not be run like a business, it must be run for the people and what is best for everyone, not just the very wealthy.

    • The purpose of business is to make profits, so the person running the business ‘must’ be about profits. To say that businessmen don’t care about the people that work for them is very short sighted, and prejudice to say the least.
      What has made this country great is the innovations and creativity of business leaders.
      The problem is that leadership is something developed over years, by doing the job. This is a quality that President Obama sorely lacks, and we are paying and going to pay the price for many many years for his lack of leadership skills. People who don’t know what leadership is, and can’t recognize it see him as a leader. People who know what it is, and do recognize it when they see it know better.
      Now, I do agree that there are people who are greedy, and abuse the system. But t o rule out all business leaders because of the greedy few is also short sighted and prejudice.
      I’m not certain what the real answer is at this point, because both the democrats and republicans have gotten us into a real pickle with the national debt. This has occurred over decades of mis management and poor choices. But we, our children, and grandchildren are going to pay the price of their foolishness.
      I don’t see a true leader running for president at this point, just a bunch of individuals who can make themselves look good on camera and know how to speak in public.

      • Rebecah

        I did not say all, I said most. I wish there were more that cared more about their employees then they do profits, but unfortunately that does not seem to be model of today’s business CEO’s.

        I have to disagree concerning Obama’s leadership skills. He has been an amazing president and brought this country back from the falling off the proverbial cliff. The rethugs have fought him all the way. Now I do not agree with everything he has done, but he has been by far the best president we have had in decades…with the exception of Clinton. I do believe he will out shine Clinton when he is elected to a 2nd term.

        I do believe if we get as many rethugs and blue dogs out of office, our country will return to greatness.

        • Profits are what run our country. Profits allow business to expand, which means hiring more people, Profits are what businesses pay taxes with, and taxes are what government spends to hire government employees.

          Everything in our society is based on profits.

          And just to note, your view is a bit short sighted. In 4 years Obama has nearly doubled the national debt of our country. With this debt load, and when the interest rates on that debt go up, it will become unsustainable, and this will cause very serious hardship to everyone in the world, and especially our country.

          Now I do realize that the national debt has been a long time coming and no one party caused it, in fact both parties contributed to it. Which is shameful to say the least.

          We are on the brink of the worst economic crisis ever, and Obama has only delayed it, not prevented anything.

          Due to his lack of leadership, ie the ability to get both sides of the aisle working together, we are going to pay the price.

          I like some of the things Obama has done, but his total lack of business experience has really limited the growth of our economy.

          And the craziest thing is bailing out failing businesses and forcing tax payers to pay for business who are unable to stand on their own for whatever reason.

          • Rebecah

            I’m sorry Randy I totally disagree that with you. Profits are not what runs anything. Profits mean a company did not pay their employees properly, and they should pay 90% taxes on any profit, or they charged their customers too much for their products. If a company invests its income back into the company (and they should be investing it into their employees) that is not profit, that is investment.

            Now that is an outright lie. Obama has not doubled the national debt of our country. Bush did with his tax cuts and unpaid wars. Obama’s increased spending has been less than any other president in decades.

            We will be on the brink of the worst economic crisis ever if we do not get the rethugs out of office. Study your history every time we have had a Republican President a Democrat has had to go in and clean up the mess the rethugs made. We have always done better under a democrat as opposed to a republican.

            No one could lead the crazy tea partiers that were elected in 2010. They hate government and are out to destroy our country, you can’t lead people like that.

            Business experience has nothing to do with government, and never should have.

            Bailing out the auto industry was not crazy!

          • Rebecca, why don’t you actually investigate some of your information before you call them a liar.

            The national debt was just over 8 trillion when Obama was elected, it is now well over 15 trillion, and will easily be over 16 trillion before the end of the year.

            I think you need a bit of life experience and learn some reality before you speak of things you have no experience with.

            Everything in our country, and society is paid for with profits from business activities. Your pay comes out of the profits if you work for a company, its paid for with taxes if you are employed by the government.

            I guarantee you, the people who invest their money and risk it in order to ‘sometimes’ earn a profit, will never risk it if they have to pay 90% tax on whatever profit they do eventually make.

            And people will not buy houses, spending hundreds of thousands on their home, if they have to pay 90% of the increased value they make in taxes.

            The concept you are suggesting, and probably believing, would cause the worst depression in history, because investors would simply do other things with their money, or invest in other countries rather than here in the US.

            Note: What a company charges a customer is based on market value. In business you charge as much as the customer is willing to pay, period! Take a look at how much Apple makes, and how much they charge for those popular I-Pods most people have.

            As far as the auto industry goes, why don’t you read about a company called Brannif International Airways, which was reformed in 1984. Prior to that it was the a huge airline, and at the time they were asking the government for bailouts, which were denied. What happened was they reorganized, sold off assets, and new airlines, like PSA, Continental, Alaska, USA, etc.. all were built out of the wreckage. This same thing would have occured if GM, Chrysler etc.. were simply allowed to fail as they should have. Instead ‘we’ the taxpayers have to pay for their poor management decisions, in the form of billions of dollars added to the national debt.

            And the United Auto Workers Union still exists, which increases the costs for manufacturing and assembling cars to the point that its nearly impossible for companies to be competitive here in the US. That is why most cars you buy are made outside the US.

            As far as which party has done better, I’m not going to get into that argument, both have caused the national debt we have, and both parties should be ashamed.

            I’m not a member of either of these flawed political parties.

          • Rebecah

            Obviously you don’t know much about business and accounting….something I do know about and have a degree in.

            Profits are what you have after you pay your employees etc.

            I have no desire to argue with you, I was hoping to educate you. You seem to have learned you incorrect information from faux noise and are blind to the truth.

            Unions have made our country great! Our decline is due to the decline in good unions.

          • Profits are what you use to expand, hire more employees, increase inventory, its called growth.
            Without profits you go out of business.
            The only way unemployment will go down is for businesses to achieve profit, grow and hire more people.

            Btw, I’m a business owner, I live this stuff every day, with every purchasing decision I make, I have to decide how much to spend, how much we can afford etc..

            Profits are the tiny bit of margin left after you pay all the other costs, and employee costs are a part of that.

            I agree with you, Unions have made this country great, and are an important part of our society. I also feel they have exceeded their mandate, and are now harming our economy.

          • Rebecah

            I think you do get it. Net income is your profit. Now a good business person would not show a lot of profit, because they would be smart enough to expand etc, through out the year.

            I also, live this stuff everyday and I know that when people do not have the means to purchase my goods or services, then I do not have the means to hire others, or expand my business. Tax cuts do not help a business, but they do improve demand if given to the working class. The true job creators are your customers. Not the wealthy!

            Yes, that is exactly what profits are, and if a company has huge profits something is wrong…ie. they are not paying their employees enough or they are over charging their customers.

            In all fairness if government was doing the right thing, we would not have a need for unions. I do agree some unions have gotten out of control.

            Taxing the wealthy is not punishment for success, it should be punishment for excessive greed.

          • buggss01

            Keep drinking that kool-aid. Social engineering brought this country too it’s knees. Democratic medealing with banking, And the insuranc agency gave us our curent economy. Bush just happened to be president when the bill came do.
            oBamas has spent more than all the last prsident combined. And for what the lowest emploment levels in recorded history.
            During bushs turm everyone was employed, We had record low unemploment, And some of the highest total employment as a % of the work force.

          • Just an added note:

            The debt per taxpayer is currently $138,565.00 and climbing. If you include the unfunded debt we owe its $1,047,644.00

            So tell me Rebecah, how do you propose paying your portion of that debt?

            And if you had your wish, and were taxed 90% on your income, how much would you have to live on?

            Or maybe you think you should pay less than anyone else, and only have to pay 50% tax? or 25%?

            You know reality bites.

            The tea party, ie te = TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY
            is only asking the government to live within its means. Just like you are expected to keep your spending to what you can afford.

            I am not a tea party activist, but I do agree with some of the things they are saying. One of which is, to stop spending money that doesn’t exist.

            These people do not hate their country, as you’ve stated, they feel just as strongly about it as you do, and love it just as much as you do. Just because you have a different view point does not make them evil.

            I would love to talk to you in 10 years, after you’ve seen a bit more, and seen the results of the things that are occurring now develop. Just to see whether you’re viewpoint has changed.

          • Blahgrrr

            The problem that Randy and many others will have with your comment here Rebecah is claiming that Obama has not doubled our national debt, but you are right. The debt has increased substantially under Obama, but that is largely because of policies and expenses begun under previous administrations, mostly Bush, who increased our national debt more than any other in history. Just the interest on that is killing us, but continuing wars in the Middle East isn’t helping either. The way to get out of a recession WOULD be to spend our way out with infrastructure expenditures, but since our country squandered all of the profits during the boom times with tax cuts and the like, we have nothing left to work with except a growing national debt.

            I do not agree with Randy that Obama lacks leadership skills. In fact, I would argue just the opposite. I think that what the right truly thinks Obama lacks is a conservative agenda and, in some of their cases, lighter skin. Its easy for young people to not take seriously, but the 1960’s were not that long ago.

            With this underlying bias with some, it was easy for the right to continue their mantra ‘If you’re not with us, you’re against us’. Obama has striven to compromise from day one, perhaps the biggest mistake of his political career. If he had not been so willing to give ground so easily he may have gotten more done, but the GOP figured out that they could swing things further by taking a harder stance. I just don’t understand why people would want to vote anyone in to office that signs such a vow to a corporate political lobbyist?! Yet nearly every Republican has signed Grover Norquist’s pledge. You can’t blame Obama for not being able to negotiate compromise in the face of Republicans that are upholding a pledge NOT to compromise.

            And the main reason that the right is falling all over themselves now trying to convince everyone that Obama is an “amateur” (the kool-aid that Randy has apparently been drinking) is because he is not. In the very least he sure can’t be considered one anymore. There is rarely a person more qualified to be POTUS than the person that has held the office for the previous 4 years.

          • Rebecah

            I realize the deficit did go up under Obama, but not because of his spending policies. His increase in spending is less than any other president in several decades. You are right the deficit increased due to policies and the wars that were put in place by dumbo Bush. Romney is super dumbo next to Bush!

            I agree it has more to do with his skin color than anything else. When Obama was elected I was amazed and it gave me hope, I’m sure many people felt that same hope. I was proud to be an American that day. After having been ashamed to be an American, under the Bush Regime. Bush brought so much devastation and shame to our country, I was afraid we would never recover.

            Cheney and Bush need to be punished for their crimes. I feel that would be instrumental in healing the world. I am very disappointed that Obama has not encouraged this, and has continued many of their policies. I am also, disappointed that he has not prosecuted the banksters, another of the Bush policies, Obama should not have continued.

            I feel Norquist should be in prison for treason or something close! I agree no one should be elected that would sign a pledge, that goes against the constitution. The only pledge an elected official should be allowed to make is that he will work for the people, according to their wishes. The rethugs certainly do not work for the people!

            I agree 100%! Obama should not have tried to reason with the rethugs, but I think I understand why he tried to do so.

            One reason is he won’t have to spend the next four years campaigning for another term. 🙂 I do agree with your statement. Romney is no more qualified to be president than a grade school child.

          • Rebecah, you are absolutely right! Romney thinks profits are the only reason business has. He admits that, and he will say anything do anything to please anyone that he thinks will help him!I have seen many people on the job that will do that to get ahead. Do we call them leaders? no, we call the kiss asses or suck asses. I remember when companies and Americans (Amercians as Romney’s people call them) believed in god, familly, and country over profits. That is what made the USA diferent and better than every where else. There have always been greedy bastards, and we “congress & the president,and the supreme court” well not so much the supreme circus,passed anti-corruption and anti-trust laws. that stopped some of the things that greed brings.
            Romney believes that he will be a God in the next life (according to Mormon Gospel in the Celiestial Kingdom). I think that he believes that he is on another mission for God in running for pesident, he believes that God is leading him to do what is right for this country of ours. If someone thinks I am wrong please let me know where I am wrong. The repubs think business create jobs, but they only produce what is needed to supply demand. It is the workers who create demand. Only workers that get paid enough to buy the products can create demand and require companies to produce more. When companies do not produce they fire workers. Then government must step in and build and repair infrastructure. Right the repubs do not want wages to go up, because wages come out of profits, so the longer they keep unemployment high the lower the demand and wages go down.

          • I agree with you 100% and to add to it Obama has tried to work in a bipartisan manner but when the repukes want to destroy him and wont work with him this tells me what business men are about they are not leaders as Randy seems to think they are

          • TonyUdekwe

            It’s always exciting reading from people who know what they are talking about rather than those reacting and responding to their adulterated emotions. Yes my dear, it is a fact, Dems come in always to clean up the mess of the rethugs. I don’t’ know why we fall for their lies and ‘moral’ pretense every time. I pray not this time, not anymore.

          • I agree with Rebecah and second that emotion. I worked for companies and as a minority experienced all types of prejudice and injustices of pay and promotions. The hardest workers in any company are the true backbones of the company yet they are paid less, given less time off and get no “perks” as the top CEO’s, COO’s, etc. These folks come in late, leave early and SOME come in and fake work for a few hours. This is not a thought, I have seen this happen in places I have worked. Randy you need to read Jonathan Alter’s article on POTUS vs. Romney. Mr. Alter condenses the entire political race into two main agendas, Romney – Venture Capitalist, Obama – Human Capitalist. Romney is for business, wealthy. Obama is for the people especially the middle class and poor. Have you ever seen the movie “Scrooge.” He’s for self-serving people. He learns his lesson, in particular from ghost #2. Ghost #2 mandates Scrooge to drink from the cup of human kindness. We all must remember to drink from that cup as there is always someone in a less fortunate position than your current one. If you have already, give a little more. If you don’t understand have a measure of compassion. Even The Holy Bible states in the book of James 2:15,16 – “If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food, And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed & filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?” That is the type of mindset a POTUS should have, that should be the requirement, knowledge of the Holy Bible. That is what our forefathers and mothers built this great nation upon. Don’t let our standards erode into self-serving, egotistical persona. Seek the truth always and the truth shall make you free.

          • I will not comment on bailouts but you are so right about unnecessary wars as a Brit living in the USA the man lied not only to his own nation but got his Poodle Tony Blair to lie to the British nation and got our troops involved as well.The man lied!!! CEO of what Lies Inc.
            I keep hearing about heroes getting killed in Afghanistan and Iraq in defense of a nation starts at home!! If you feel that Iraqi/Afghan national are responsible for attacks in the USA then stop tham entering the country

          • I’m with you Rebecah

          • jamie121

            Good job of refuting the obvious errors in fact that Randy proposed above. It’s absolutely amazing that the decrease in revenue from losing 900,000 jobs a month at the end of the Bush administration and increased government outlays that it made necessary can be conflated by some people with deficit spending during non-crisis periods. That Bush allowed 4 trillion in debt to be accrued by slashing revenues from the rich without paying for it is criminal, and how Republicans can still claim that Democrats are the party of deficit spending is beyond me. It takes a truly self-deluding nature to spout those inanities.

          • The more profits a corporation makes, more is given to the CEO , but there’s only so many cars, TV’s, clothes, etc, that one CEO by himself can purchase. The extra millions these guys make, they really don’t need, but if they shared some of the profits on to the employees, who actually do the work or make the product that a CEO does not, that gives them more to spend on cars, TVs, clothing etc they would otherwise not, because they barely make ends meet. For every extra $10,000,000 a year that is given to just one single CEO, that is already making millions in salary, that would work out to $10,000 a year extra to EACH employee of a company employing 1,000. Now imagine how much those 1,000 people could put back into the economy buying way more than what one CEO could by himself/herself. Now that the greedy corporations have tasted what it’s like to outsource labor to other countries so they could make a bigger profit, there’s now way, no matter how many incentives they are given, that they will ever hire back Americans because they want to pocket even more of it for themselves. The Bush tax cuts didn’t do what it was intended to do, it just made the Corporations greedier. Any one with any common sense can see that you need employees to have jobs and with a DECENT salary that they can pay for more that just enough to live on, so they can contribute to the economy. Laying off people to make your profits look good to investors, does not help the company last – eventually all companies doing that has a trickle down effect to where no can can buy anything because they don’t have a job or enough money to live on let alone put back into the economy. A greedy CEO can never contribute to the economy by himself as a 1,000 employees could.

          • jamie121

            Obviously, Randy, Bush Bailed out the banks, and I’d say the GM bailout turned out pretty well, from a business angle, wouldn’t you?

            And no, the debt has not been doubled under Obama, that is factually false. You should retract that statement.

          • Ed

            Business pay taxes? They must not be paying off the right people. Many business today get subsidies from the taxpayer, starting with BIG OIL> Why, because we have the best congress big money can buy.

          • Ed

            In regard to bailout’s R. Reagan “lent”money to Chrysler (sound familiar?) and the government got repaid in full. Chrysler is now owned by foreigners. (Don’t raise that old Canard about the stockholders own the company) GM was the economic lifeline for thousands thoughout the heartland. It could not be allowed to fail. The “bailout”may have ben handled wrong(they didn’t have George Shultz to advise them) but it was necessary.

      • Wow! Seems as though some people have a really hard time crediting President Obama with anything. I wonder why? Frankly, leaders are birth from different spectrums – to assume that that it should only be attributed to business roles is a rather narrow view of “leadership.” You sound so typical of those who think that the only valid opinions are those they hold. Thank God for “free will.”

      • Ed

        Well Randy, we the American people are also to blame as we have allowed politicians and the media to manipulate us over “wedge issues”(remember them?) Things like abortion, contraception, immigration personal scandals. Now many of these issues are important, but by voting on single issues without looking at the whole candidate we have wound up with some pretty sad elected officials. General William Westmoreland, the general whio I believe lost us the war in Vietnam, stated in his Autobiography that Managers are leaders. As an “inactive” Marine and a fairly succesful manager I can tell you that that is BS. A leader MAY, with caution, be a manger but a manager is rarely a leader. As for businessmen being creative and inovative, in at least 75 % of those instances which could meet that criteria they were built on federally funded and subsidised reasearch or or with the helpof state and local governments, INCLUDING the Land Grant College system instituted by President Lincoln. Lastly I would make the observation that too many managers, in their own minds are NOT managers, they call themselves BOSS!

        • I have to agree with you Ed, I wasn’t going into the other issues that plague our political environment, just talking about profits, and debt.

          Its my feeling that a true leader will find a way to get people with differing views to work together on a common goal. And in most cases that leader doesn’t get acknowledged for his accomplishment, they typically allow others to get the lime light.

          Yes government helps businesses with grants etc.. but all of that money comes from taxes. Government doesn’t create money, they only spend it.

          Except recently that is, now that we have economic easing in the form of billions of dollars being ‘created’ out of thin air by the Federal reserve. Which doesn’t actually create anything, just waters down the value of the dollar.

          It seems like our current elected officials believe they can use inflation to get us out of the massive debt we are in, the problem is that its more likely going to put us in a situation like Greece, Ireland, Italy, and Spain. Only worse, because when our economy fails we take the entire world with us.

          As far as the creativity goes, these businessmen come up with the ideas, and get funding however they can. If grants are the method, more power to them. Many also get investors to risk their hard earned money in the possible chance of making a profit.

          Look at Facebook, I don’t believe he used grants for his funding, in building the company. But he isn’t really an honorable example by any means.

      • I can tell you wouldnt make it as President then because you know nothing about leadership and people Obama has led this country out of an depression that was looming when he took office, he also is the only president that has accomplished 85% of what he campaigned on and he did it for all people not just a select few . Mitt would destroy our country if he run it like he ran his business think you need to learn more about prejudice as we can definitely tell you are

        • The problem is that Obama has set us up for far worse than depression. Thats why I have been trying to say. And I’m not sure there is a way to avoid it at this point.

          Look at what is happening to other countries with excessive debt around the world.

          I voted for Obama in the last election, because I felt he was the best candidate. But I don’t believe he’s achieved what he could have, and he’s led us down a path that is most likely irrecoverable.

      • I think President Obama is a better choice than Mitt Romney! Leadership is doing something that is right, even if unpopular. Mitt may have business experience and I applaud him for being good at that. But business and governance are two different things. How about not having a war that is not paid for? How about making everyone pay their fair share of taxes, how about fixing a broken Congress… I think the problem is many congressmen think like sole proprietors… They forget that the “shareholders” are the American people, not themselves!

    • montanabill

      Sorry you have had a bad experience or maybe simply believe what you have heard. Successful business people (not just men) are keenly aware of the people who work for them. It takes good people to create a successful business that generates profit. On the other hand, most government jobs are filled without regard to actual qualifications.

      • Rebecah

        It isn’t just one bad experience, it is several. You may have had a good experience so you maybe oblivious of how large corporations run. You obviously never applied for a government job. Try applying for a job at the post office.

        • montanabill

          I know a little something about how corporations of all sizes are run. I also know a little something about government hiring. I stand by my post.

  • Despite liking both Bill Clinton and Barak Obama, I would prefer a constitutional amendment that requires anyone wishing to run for President to have served in the Military and receive an honorable discharge from the same.

    • Baron Cormac, I couldn’t agree with you more. My late father said the exact same thing years ago. Yes, that should be a requirement…period, case closed!

  • Andrew Johnson was a much better President than the article implied. The problem he has was Secretary of War Stanton, who appeared to try to stage a Coup upon the death of Lincoln and failed, even though he managed to get everyone directly associated with the assasination executed before they could be seen by anyone outside of the select Court Martial committee he named.

    As for Harding, don’t forget that he was also a Senator from Ohio. What is ironic is when you look at the list, even though Johnson was technically a registered Democrat, he served as Vice-President under the first Republican President, and outside of Carter, everyone else on the list is Republican!

  • PingMan0843

    I take issue with the men cited as among America’s greatest presidents. Lincoln violated the constitution by preventing the states from leaving the union (in spite of the fact that the states created the Federal government). FDR’s failed monetary policies significantly contributed to the depression. The Federal government is incapable of causing prosperity; the best it can do is set up the rules by which the private sector plays and then get out of the way. While the profit motive can cause bad things to happen, those pale in comparison to the bad things governments cause — just take a look around the world and look at the economic data. Where there is prosperity, there is the least interference in the free market (Hong Kong, New Zealand). Where there is abject poverty, government tries to control everything (Cuba, North Korea). There is no evidence proving that government does anything better than the private sector. The presidents that served during periods of prosperity did so because they restrained government, not grew it. Our constitution calls for the Congress to meet AT LEAST two weeks each year. It should have said it should meet NO MORE THAN TWO WEEKS EACH YEAR. There is no way they could screw up as much in two weeks as they do in 52.

  • Sam1895

    How do you figure he was going to replace ADM Rickover ? He was not a Navy Capt when he left the Navy ! Hmmmm.
    Now that is reaching….

  • DrRenShen

    Wow, almost delayed Karma, not John’s Lennons’ Instant Karma, …. President Andrew Johansten looks a little, no looks a lot like Vice President Joe Biden.
    MicroHistorian Dr. Neil Garland

  • At the White House the other day, Bush — ever classy and humble — suggested that Obama should always ask himself, “what would George do?”

    This is good advice. Always think of what W would do — then do the opposite. Obama’s major failures are all continuations of Bush policies. Had he truly lived up to his promise to change things, he would be both more successful, and more popular. As it stands, the only reason left to vote for him is, he’s not a Republican.

    • Bush has Huzpah. What should be added to the line is “and do the opposite.”

    • melodyintune

      Do you think he could have meant George “Washington?” Bush is humble, much more so than Obama who has his nose in the air most of the time. But, you are right, Obama has not made a difference, same old, same old. Stupid to vote in someone just because they aren’t the party of your choice though.

      • paddles57

        Bush humble? LOL. Perhaps you mistake stupidity and ignorsnce for humble.

    • dtgraham

      Sadly, that’s absolutely bang on David. It might take someone thousands of words to say what you just said in 82, and I’m no right winger.

  • Mitt Romney exercised his business prowess when he was governor of Mass. The net result was literally no job creation, (47th out of 50 states negative), large deficits, unemployment off the charts. Let’s not forget Romney care, which is the template of Obamas healthcare plan, which BTW, he said he would repeal it in his first day in office. Do you need more reasons why a business man will not make a good President. I wont even bring up Bain Capital. He was very successful in making a boat load of money for his investors and scrapping thousands of jobs for the middle class.

  • He is a Mormon. That means, just like a Muslim that the religion come First. Then reproducing more of the same like you is next. Work & all else & all others come last. The Mormon’s have 12 chuch leaders & they are all MEN. In less than 300 years, they have more money than the Catholics?????? He wears Bloomers because he is a married Mormon!

    • Some of what you say is true. The sacred underwear are not just for married men. You to wear them after you go to the Temple and take the sacred vowes and do the Temple work. Both men and women get to wear them, and you do not have to be married! Mormonism is a lifestyle, not just a religon. Yes the Chruch comes first and Romney was raised in the strick upbringing that true Mormons live. He went on his mission to FRance instead of serving his country in the military, like GWBush did. If he truly gave his tithe of 10% he only made 30 million $ in the year of the tax return he released. Also in Mormonism there are 3 kingdoms in Heaven, and if you want to reach the highest level, you must follow the rules very careful and have faith in the Mormon Religon. Besides Faith you must also Have Works, because Faith Without Works will not get you into The Celestial Kingdom. To get “works” you go on missions converting others to Mormonism and preaching the word of God in the bible and the Book of Mormon, doing temple work, Baptising the Dead and doing the Temple work for the Dead, who did not get to hear the true word of God in the Book of Mormon before they died. I believe that Mit Romney truly believes that he is the chosen one, on a mission from God, and that God will show him the way to lead this country of ours out of the Wilderness and Dark Times we are in. He must do this in order to enter the Celiestial Kingdom of Heaven and Become A God of His Own Kingdom. If I am not correct about any of this, someone please correct where I am wrong.

  • You can never judge a book by its cover and the same goes for business men; they are not all created equal. I am sure some business men could make a good President. Not so with Romney. To want to change the Constitution to require that all future Presidents have the same qualification as you think you do, is a good indication of Romney’s self serving ways, lack of empathy and general narrow vision. Personally, I want a President that values people of all backgrounds and who understands that each and every hard working American is contributing to the Country’s greater good, not just the wealthy. I respect a President who listens to the ideas of everyone around him/her even if they believe differently, are from another background and/or do not have as much money as he/she.

  • The only reason Romney wants to amend the Constitution that way is to make it harder for REAL politicians like Barack Obama to get into the White House again.

    Romney, like all the crooks and frauds listed in this article, is all about the money. These idiots don’t care that they left office with the entire nation hating them. They had our money — that was all that mattered to them.

  • William Deutschlander

    Romney is not a BUSINESSMAN, ROMNEY is a PREDATOR, Romney removes CAPITAL from the ECONOMY and places that CAPITAL in PERSONAL ACCOUNTS, OFFSHORE, Romney reduces (diminishes) GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT (GDP)!
    Romney & Bain Capital REMOVED, BILLIONS of DOLLARS from the U S A ECONOMY!

  • David Hebert

    I find it funny that people expect the government to create jobs. Business people create jobs the only jobs the government can create are government jobs.

    Lower taxes on those who actually pay them, and make those that pay ZERO start paying them would be a great place to start getting this country back on track. Stop giving hand outs to lay about’s or people who are not even U.S. citizens . There is lots that can be done , the problem is it would piss off many of the people who like to feel all warm and fuzzy.

    our government over the years created a bunch of people with the hand out mentality in stead of taking responsibility for their actions.

    • paddles57

      Slashing military funding would be a great start-instead of making people with the least that need government help sacrifice the most.

    • Rob

      One example of government creating jobs would be the enacting of the Transportation Bill. Please write your Congressmen and ask them to vote for the bill. Passage would create both direct and indirect jobs and profits.

    • Lowing taxes for those who need it and Raising the taxes for those who need it. BUT Republicans have it ass backwards. President Obama has repeatedly said ALL those at $250,000.00 a year AND LOWER do not need to pay taxes. Hell we pay enough taxes Just in SALES tax alone.. It’s the wealthiest in this country that are getting away with MURDER! Those wealthiest Haven’t Created one dam JOB Now or ever.

      Oliver Wendell Holmes said it very nicely.

      Why do I have to pay taxes?
      Oliver Wendell Holmes, former Justice of the United States Supreme Court, said,

      “Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society.” In some respects, a “civilized society” is the rationale for government in the first place. The signers of the Declaration of Independence set out to establish a new form of government for the “protection of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. To this end, the framers of our constitution enumerated the proper fiscal functions of government as “to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States”. Taxes are simply the preferred method for paying for these governmental functions, the other methods being the issuance of public debt and the issuance of money.”

  • Modern governing is not about being efficient or profitable, government is neither.
    Modern governing in a democracy is about distribution of limited resources among those people and institutions that are most relevant to your re-election OR to those that makes the most noise.
    A CEO has to change some of the skills he/she has learn in business in order to govern successfully. A CEO is like a King and usually rules like one. A President must rule by concensus with Congress
    Some of our most successful Presidents had none or a poor business experience.

    I believe the best background for a President is State Legislature or city mayor, Congress, Cabinet position in the Executive branch and then White House, grow understanding how government really works, people’s motivations and ambitions and learning to manipulate those.

    • And if given the chance Obama would have done this very successfully except for the Obstructions by the Repulsive Republicans!

  • Ed

    One of the great cries we have heard over the last 40 years is that “government should be managed like a business” and the government is too big, we need managers”. Peter Drucker, considered one of the great management gurus of the age put it succinctly when he state in his book MANAGEMENT, government should NOT be ,managed. Management has two goals,: To grow the Business and to make a profit, because the government cannot make a profit the only recourse for businessmn is to grow the government. And THAT”S WHAT HAS HAPPENED!

  • Personally I’d prefer a president who has the guts to stand up and say, ‘you know, I respect your individuality as far as culture etc.. goes, but we should not base national policy on the needs of an individual’.

  • The President of the United States has to be concerned about ALL people, not just the privilged few (1 %). He’s the President of ALL of us. I don’t know, but it seems to me at times, that this country is going to need an even bigger shaking up than what’s happened to us over the last 30 years, to realize that the individual voter counts for less and less , and that the large coporate entitites are counting for more and more. Why people insist on NOT voting for their common self-interest (RADICAL REPUBLICAN) is beyond me.

  • jackiejan

    How naive, running a business could be helpful. BUT being the President of the United States takes sooooooo much MORE. How about a degree in law, some understanding of international law. Understand each and every branch of the governement and their tasks.
    And then there are qualities that can not be full taught, good judgemnet, how to get information that is needed, how to delegate assignments. I could go on, but I hope most Americans understand what I am talking about.
    Also go to- The National Memo June 2, 2012 – CEO’s need not Apply

  • karinursula

    Why are people still saying this. Obama has not spend more than any other President.
    Obama has bailed the Auto Industry and I don’t I need to say anything further. Bush
    bailed out the banks. He also got us into 2 unnecessary wars, which cost this country
    trillions of Dollars.

  • fordneri

    Romney created nothing but havoc for many many American citizens.

  • Although Obama bailed out the banks and the auto industry, I believe it was in the best interest of the country . If I remember correctly Keaton 5 failed the savings and loan company and alot of money was lost by common folk. So if John Mc Cain would have won the election I guess we could put him in this catagorey. I believe he was also envolved in the savings and loan scandal and I believe one of the Bush brothers was envolved also or should I say one of the Bush croonies.
    Common people that lost there savings should remember how devasting and hurt full that fellow Americans could be to each other in the name of greed or unlawfull profit.I believe Willard Romney will fall into this category, as the old saying hoorah for me and —- —. The middle class people and lower income people who are called to defend this country in the name of freedom and democracy have the right to a descent and noble life style . The bottom line no matter how much we profit or gain in this life, it all stays behind when we take our final breath. The common folk are the engine behind this great country and no one should ever forget this. Don,t let Willard B.S. you come this november.

    • So well said ! ! ! Thank You ! ! ! I pray this Nation can still be saved , and these people in our Government will finally realize they are working for all of us ! ! ! Maybe honesty and caring about others will prevail ! ! !

      • DurdyDawg

        Well it’s better than cutting off medicare, welfare for needy and poor and food stamps for the starving that’s for sure and once the main Pub kills these projects with his trusty pen what do you think he’ll do with the profits? First, give everybody who backed him a substantial raise then second, use the excess to further the war effort.. He’ll then let the deficit take care of itself. I know how these mitten heads operate.. “No downgrading pet projects on my watch!”..

  • The bottom line in a discussion about Obama v.s. Romney :we already saw the President consequences of changes in all areas -these were very bad, Romney needs to have a chance to proove and it can not be worse( as President Regan had his chance and did a great job.)

    • Have you not noticed something very crucial when trying to help this country move forward ? ? ? It’s called Bipartisanship ! ! ! Sometimes the Republicans have to meet half way ! ! !

    • DurdyDawg

      I could not find a job in the six years of the eight years your hero was in office and when I finally did, I couldn’t find anything much over minimum wage. His successes equated toward the well off and the 5%. The poor were starving because of his limitations on food stamps and welfare. Pubs were his pet project and dems were subjected to the ‘trickle down’ fiasco that never quite caught on. Don’t give me that crap about him doing a great job, that’s reserved for his ilk. The only good thing he did was survive an assassination (thus saved us from having to acknowledge him as a martyr along side Lincoln, MLK jr., JFK and RFK).

    • Postman27

      Sorry New York – Reagan did a great job? Not even close. The only thing he did well was talk; albeit the words of staff writers. He was an original Dr. Feelgood; “that bright shining hill” and other such nonsense. All it did was throw us off the scent, of the real damage he was doing to our economy. Trickle down; what a joke. H.W. Bush tried his best to continue that legacy, but it didn’t take him all that long to see it was taking us into the tank. “Read my lips, no new taxes” was his mantra, until he realized you can’t run a country that way. Folks, get it out of your head that our country can be run like a business and using the Romney model would lead to definite bankruptcy and economic chaos. He is prime, if elected, to displace several on this list as the worst Presidents. What we need, is a Congress that will work with President Obama.

  • Kocolate

    Why are so many Republicans judged as the worst Presidents ever?? I have my reasons, and History seems to agree with most of them!

  • As I remember Carter, I made more had steady employment and a higher standard of living than under Reagon and his recession. Clinton did a better job in my opinion than reagon ever did. They both raised taxes. When I wanted more than I had money for I worked another job, or borrowed money and made payments. I do not believe lowering taxes on the “rich” or “the job creators” has ever helped anyone but those that don’t pay taxes! These “rich and job creators” only help if they spend it, and most don’t spend all of their money. They put it hidden trust funds for their heirs and then again don’t pay inheritence tax. Or they buy bigger houses on the beach or more cars and bigger boats, that helpes the people who build those things but no permanent jobs are created. Why is it good for the majority to pay a larger tax rate than someone who has taken more money out of the economy. I would like to have a 15% pay increase, by not paying 28 or 30% income tax.Jr Bush started 2 wars of agression, What happened to the rule of law? the genieva convention? Obama has tried to do a lot to get the USA out of this Bush depression, but with the repubs doing every thing they can to make Obama a one term president,they have tanked the recovery. The racist congress would rather destroy this country than accept a black man succeeding as president. I am hopeing that people will realize how impartant it is to stop Romney and the path he and the repubs have planned for this country.

    • You are right about life during Carter’s era. 1980 got hinky with the Iran mess, then the Iran hostage situation and the botched rescue. That is what really cost Carter the election.

    • Postman27

      Amen Clyde. Your analysis is, to me, spot on. However, as the saying goes: “You can’t fix stupid!” We are not only dealing with racism (not just Congress, but across the country), but the far right, extremists, holier than thou, evangelical Christian tea party. They just can’t stand that a black man is in charge and smarter than they are. They are using those state legislatures, with Republican majorities, to codify into law their bible taught beliefs and tenets; without realizing how dangerous that path really is.

  • BenUriel

    Carter and Hoover were unpopular presidents but not necessarily bad presidents by historical standards. In fact about Hoover – he “tried to combat the ensuing Great Depression with volunteer efforts, public works projects such as the Hoover Dam, tariffs such as the Smoot-Hawley Tariff, an increase in the top tax bracket from 25% to 63%, and increases in corporate taxes. These initiatives did not produce economic recovery during his term, but served as the groundwork for various policies laid out in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal.” (Wikipedia) No less a Democratic icon than Harry Truman brought Hoover back years later for a major govt role. He was one of two presidents to donate his salary to charity. Sounds like a Republican the National Memo could actually like if you got your heads back out of the sand and were a little less hypocritical. Carter’s good works and the care he gave his decisions while in office are not in dispute. It is ironic you would call one of the most ethical presidents and a democrat one of the worst. Same with Bush senior. They both suffered from serving in an economic downturn and being opposed for reelection by more personable opponents. If that qualifies one as a bad president in your book then I am less inclined to believe what you say than ever. Harding, sadly, you have about right. To suggest that his tendency to corruption was due in any way to his business experience is mendacious. He was corrupt. Period. His popular network of corruption crossed both parties and all manner of professions. He would not have been so successful without all the good help. Bush Jr did not have his people keep their eye on the financial industry adequately and started at least one ill executed if not completely ill advised war. The financial negligence we know the result of. How the war will ultimately pay off in spite of the short term ruinous costs to Iraq and the US time will tell. His policies beyond that (dealing with the crises and managing the wars) however could not have all been that bad as Barry has continued them essentially. And as for Johnson, fine but just imagine how our current president or any Democrat in the past 100 years except FDR or Truman would have done in that situation (taking away for purposes of comparison the inherent racial bias of those times) with half your party in chains for treason, the other half unjustly suspect and the ruling party bent on your destruction. This is one of the sillier and more insulting things said in any election year I have ever witnessed. Go Nantional Memo!

  • THERE IS JUST WAY TO MUCH FOOLING AROUND WITH THE CONSTITUTION!!!! and the problem is any and/or all of them trying to change it are doing so in a way that it doesnt benefit the majority of the country!!! 1 GOOD EXAMPLE IS THE REPUBS PUSHING FOR AND GETTING WHAT USE TO TAKE 50 VOTES TO 6O VOTES !!! there are many good things that have lost because of this!!! BUT the biggest factor with our failing country has been, is, and will continue is CORRUPT LINK BETWEEN GOVERNMENT+WALL STREET+HUGE LIMITLESS CONTRIBUTORS which are the likes of corp. america,big oil,banks,unions,special interests,ins,etc,etc!!!! UNTIL THIS LINK IS BROKEN WE WILL CONTINUE DOWN THE SAME ROAD!!! THE ELITE CONTINUE TO GET RICH AND THE REST OF THE COUNTRY FEEL EVEN MORE HARDSHIP!!! we will always be LAST on the list of people to take care of and protect as long as whats suppose to be the peoples gov. and representers [reps,sen,congr] are bought by those big contributors, and we continue to allow lifer politicians!!!! WE NEED PRIVATE ONLY CONTIBUTIONS AND TERM LIMITS!!!!! and only with this will come change. we have already seen for way to long what we get by the way their doing it now. and NO WAY IN HE$$ SHOULD IT BE A REQUIREMENT TO BE A BUSINESS MAJOR TO BE PRESIDENT!!!
    WHAT DOES NEED TO BE A REQUIREMENT IS COMMON SENSE,MORALS AND HONESTY!!!! their are plenty and actually to many aids and gov. workers to work the numbers etc. and gauranteed if romney wins we will see one of his FIRST BUSINESS DECISIONS IS TO TAKE CARE OF HIS BIG CONTRIBUTORS through bills,laws,policies that benefit them more then anyone else!!!!

  • gargray

    The Republicans won’t have a party after this election, they keep shooting themselves in the foot.

  • what drugs are you on buggsbunny Bush has out spent Obama 6 to 1 and Obama has spent the least and hasnt added anything into the debt . He did expose all the hidden debt that Bush kept secret though which does look bad on him . Maybe you need another 8ball so you can think

  • Id like to see you in ten years look at the mess Clinton had to clean up after Reagon and he did so and even handed Bush a surplus which Bush immediately turned it into a debt ,the worst one ever in US history , then gave this to Obama . If Bush hadnt of bought his election this country would be in great shape to this day . Obama has done a lot for this country and will the next four years come November the repukes and teabaggers need to be voted out of office and this country will again go somewhere PROSPERITY whether you agree or not

  • cant help you out other then I know it will be a cold day in hell before I vote for a moron whoops mormon they are nothing more then a cult

    • Postman27

      Darwin – you hit it the first time with “moron”. Being a Mormon is immaterial here; as is being a Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Jew, Buddha or anything else in the religious area. We vote for Presidents, not Popes; Senators, not Priests; Representatives, not Pastors.

  • this would be one bad requirement as there were a lot of people I know that were in the military didnt know their but from a hole in the ground . personally I think they should all have to have an IQ above 90 to even think of becoming any elected official and worked in the workforce for at least 25 years and not at some cushy job either but one where you use you back and get your hands dirty so they know what life is about

  • rmarqua2921

    Romney may not think so, but there is a big difference between “business” and “government”! The primary goal of business is PROFIT! That is not even on the list for goals of a government. The primary purpose of the government is the welfare and needs of its citizens! That is why Romney would make an awful President just like he made an awful governor of Massachusetts. He couldn’t fire the taxpayers! He couldn’t fire the Democrats! He couldn’t fire the elderly! He couldn’t fire the poor or the sick! In business you must be able to fire in order to get the best people for the job and therefore make profit! The White House is no place for a businessman! Obama might be criticized for his community work, but he knew how to get the work done without firing people! For the President of the USA working with the community as a whole, including the poor, the elderly, the less fortunate…prepared him very well to be president and you can see it in how he deals with people. I sense he really cares about the less fortunate in our! At lest now the poor have health care! The Republicans had eight years to accomplish equity in this area and did nothing, because they were so busy protecting the pocket books of the rich! they gave tax breaks to the corporations and the rich, saying the corporations would create more jobs! WHERE ARE THE JOBS FROM THE CORPORATE TAX BREAKS AND THE DEMOLITION OF REGULATIONS? Romney wants to give them even more tax breaks! Does he think we are stupid enough to swallow that baloney a second time around?

  • weggman

    Dident we had plety of busines people in government!!!!.Lets do somthing different and put the middle calass in the Whit hous.The supper ritge are not realy inteligent people they are just smarter ,and never take in count all the worker they needet to acomplish there goal.NO they Pay as little as they can get away with and most of cheet on taxes.
    AND LISTEN TO THIS WHAT POSIBLY CAN MAKE A CEO WORTH MILLIONS OF DOLLAR , when hundereth of people under him made his fortun possibly and dont get any bonuses tro0 speak of.

  • weggman

    I agree totaly with rebeca ,Obama is a very inteligent man an an exestional president unfortunaly he has a moran congress tu deal with.We THe People should vot every congress member out that has served more than 2 terms.and no pention should be payd.Simply go back to to do what he or she did befor they where elected.And no special treetmen.Because this an oner to be able tu seve youre Fatherland AMERICA.

  • sleeprn01

    Rebecah is correct, President Obama has increased the deficit by about 1.7 dollars. However, when compared to GDP it is the lowest percentage of GDP since President Eisenhower stopped the war in Korea. The deficit as a percentage of GDP increased to most under Presidents Reagan and W. Bush. In fact the budget tripled under President Reagan. I only have one question, where these deficit hawks when President W. Bush was spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. Not a peep from a single GOP member, not one!!!!!

  • And there you have it. Rich, morally dead men want their puppets to set up the reign of rich, morally dead men forever, and they don’t god-damned CARE how many of us go bankrupt as long as they control Tammany Hill.

    (Yes, I did just compare Capitol Hill with Tammany Hall. Deal with it!)

  • GhanaJack

    With his pointless war in Iraq, he will remain in History, like a coffee stain on a white table cloth!

  • I would like to see an amendment that says that a presidential candidate has to spend at least three years living on a median middle class salary (no cheating on this one with bundles of cash from Mom and Dad) before he could become Prez of the United States.

  • those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it

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  • Ed

    Yes, Hoover discovered that begging employers to hire someone isn’t a good way to improve the economy. And having Gens. MacArthur, Patton and Eisenhower attack american citisens with bayonets and burning thir property wasn’t a good idea either. But that was primarily because he trusted Macarthur. A mistake too many made.

  • Ed

    Ah yes. Jimmy Carter. A man who had no idea how to manipulate the media. A Nuclear engineer by training whose education taught him not to make a decision until you had every last scrap of information. The result was that by the time Jimmy had all the facts events had moved on without his particippation, often to the detriment of his prediliction for lecturing to the public like a baptist minister didn’t help either.

  • Ed

    Of course he had no idea how the average american lived. I recall how amazed he was at seeing scanners in acheckout line for the first time.

  • Ed

    Whoa! The part about the failed oil companies is accurate. But he was a minor shareholder in the Rangers organization, a gift to dad by dad’s freinds. As for holding an MBA he was a “Heritage” baby in college, not a serious student.

  • trusgold

    Why does this not suprise me me. This is total unexplicable proof Romney will be a pure diaster. How much more do you need? a scion that makes an additional $250 million plus another $10 million in his kids trust fund. Oh whoa is me. Obama numbers are looking the best they have the whole campaign season, yet still too early. I think a part has to do with the “Clinton Factor” NEVER underestimate Bill Clinton’s power with the people…it has no limits.

  • trusgold

    in Government the rule the must apply is “The Common Good” that is the bottom line for government. That is what profit is in government. Your viewpoint is both partisan and uneducated. Perhaps you should just read. Rebecah has made very valid points. I am quite impressed with understanding og government. Oh and by the way if you don’t think I understand business I have an MBA from Carnegie Mellon #14 in the world. So think again cowboy