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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Chelsea Clinton Gives Birth To A Blessed Event

Chelsea Clinton Gives Birth To A Blessed Event
  • sleepvark

    I would suggest a slight modification to that picture. The oldster should be ogggggling the scantily clad beauties. If there is any truth to this sort of caricature, this country is definitely in decline.

    • Barrington September

      NO! It just means that although old, he is still an alive red-blooded American male who can admire and appreciate adult female beauty in all its various forms; be it an athletic 20 year old, a more mature and beautiful 39 year old or an older sexy woman in her 50s!

      A 60 year old man can look admire, appreciate and smile with a sly twinkle in his eyes as he remembers his youthful life 30 years ago.

      Admiring a woman does not mean an older man between 45 and 75 is some type of despicable perverted child molester!

      My wife and I joke about that all the time, if we are out and she sees a woman with a spectacular derrière and great toned athletic-looking legs with thick calves and thighs, she will nudge me and say, “Hey hon check that lady out!” … and I do. * smile *

  • Allan Richardson

    The way it looks to me is that, although Mr. Clinton does not LOOK any older than he did before his granddaughter was born, and he does look young and healthy for his age, the fact of BEING a grandfather itself is causing these young women to see him suddenly as “old,” as implied by our society’s stereotypes.

  • Barbara Morgan

    Headlines should have included Chelsea’s married name also and since it doesn’t it is very disrespectful to her and her husband. As for the cartoon. it is disrespectful to older men since they don’t lose their lust and their wanting to look at good looking women no matter their age.