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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Chris Mooney On ‘The Republican Brain’ And What Gets In President Obama’s Way

Chris Mooney On ‘The Republican Brain’ And What Gets In President Obama’s Way

Many liberals are confounded by the American right wing’s complete willingness to live in their own “bubble” when it comes to issues like evolution or climate science. Are they purposely denying facts in order to justify their worldview, even if leads them to voting against their own interests? Or do right-wingers and liberals just experience reality in fundamentally different ways?

Chris Mooney—author of The Republican Brain—is on a mission to inject psychology and science in general into politics, exposing how the inner workings of the human mind predispose us to certain beliefs. In this Q and A with The National Memo, he exposes how Republicans learned to love Mitt Romney, what got in the president’s way during the last debate, and why liberals inevitably have to piss off their base to be successful.

How does the Republican brain see the world?

In general—there will always be important exceptions—conservatives tend to see the world in more concrete, black-and-white terms than do liberals, and are more certain of their views. They’re also more decisive, more organized… but overall, less nuanced.They’re more supportive of their group or political team, and more deferential to perceived authorities. This is the conclusion of a large body of personality and moral psychology research, showing that some of the chief motivating factors behind the political views that you adopt are your underlying personality traits and style of thinking, and your moral emotions. These are the things that make certain political views “feel right” to us, before we’re even consciously thinking about them.

Your book describes how right-wingers have trouble with “uncertainty.” How do you reconcile that with supporting Mitt Romney—who has flipped on every significant issue during his political career?

Well, the research definitely says that liberals tend to be more tolerant of ambiguity and uncertainty. Sometimes too tolerant, e.g., President Obama’s recent debate flop, where he failed to have a message and show conviction and leadership. But how this plays out in the real world is complex, because it’s a matter of subjective perception. We might think that Mitt Romney’s views are very hard to pin down, making it hard to understand who he is, and leaving him as an ambiguous political stimulus. But do conservatives think that too, or are they finding certainty and conviction that he is their man to beat Obama? Because if they’re sure of the latter, we would expect them to back him firmly—if for no other reason than that they really, really don’t like the president.

Republicans have rushed to Romney  since his debate “win” in a way they’ve previously resisted. What does this say about the Republican brain?

I think a lot of conservatives, for a long time, lacked a sense of closure in accepting Romney as their leader; the man they’d follow to the end—which is how they felt about George W. Bush. Romney wasn’t clearly one of them. He was more of a moderate, not a staunch conservative, at least based on his record. Recently, and especially after the debate—where, notably, Romney showed many traits that appeal to conservatives, like decisiveness and certainty—I think they’ve closed on the idea that he’s their man.

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  • RealityBitesU

    Looking at Romney’s history of behavior I think of him as a young man getting others involved in attacking a weaker person and cutting his hair. Which shows a disdain for the rights of others and a belief that he has a special standing in the world to treat others like that. His denials of this incident shows another trait. His actions with his dog including after the dog was scared Sh–less and pooped all over the car Romney hosed the poor dog down and left it in the cage on top of the car wet subjected to 75 mile an hour winds display a mindset. Then his reactions to that display another set of personality traits. ETC, major things of that order that show his true person would be of great importance in judging how to push his buttons. These items and more point out what kind of a man he is and are good predictors of how he will behave in future events, including debates. President Obama should think about this aspect a little in devising strategy.

    • It was that bullying agressiveness that made him so successful at Bain. Takeover companies cannot sympathize with those they are taking over or they will fail.

  • old_blu

    It seems most of the conservatives I talk to just want President Obama out, they don’t care that Romney is a lying sack of crap.

    Obama/Biden 2012

    • neece00

      I seriously am dumbfounded by the conservatives thinking. With all that we know and all that has been said, how can the two be so close in the polls. I wonder why people are not running the other way as fast as they can.

      • Power, Control And Money They Using Hitler Playbook!! They Are Working On A NEW WORLD ORDER!!! PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE THE HELL UP!!!

      • Ed

        Easy, when you are taking a poll you choose your questions very very carefully and limit the responses as tightly as possible.

    • sigrid28

      It’s hard for us on this comment thread to understand people who don’t read about the election or think about it much, who just let their convictions dominate in a decision we think requires deliberation. Most of us are so tolerant we cannot grasp the thinking of people whose lives are defined by clinging to received ideas and intolerance for all others.

      Yet they live among us. Elie Weisel told a Latina interviewer for PBS that the problem with the term “illegal alien,” as it is used in the U.S., is that those words were applied to Jews who had lived all their lives in Poland in World War II. I know how one Polish Jewish family was divided by the war, when some fled to Russia and others stayed in disbelief, because they did not want to fall behind in making payments on the sewing machine that provided their livelihood. Their confidence in hard work, in a formerly multicultural society, blinded them. Those who fled, survived; those who thought they could withstand the policies of the invading army (mainly women and children), stayed and were annihilated. Many other Jews who stayed in Poland fought to the death, in the Warsaw ghetto, for example.

      Fifty years later, when living in France in the 1990s, I became familiar with the lore of the French Resistance among non-Jewish people who had lived through the war. In our village of about 1,200, the locals still kept track of those who were veterans, those who were with the Resistance, and those who cooperated with the Nazis, whom other Frenchmen called “Collaborators.” Actually, a whole French government fell under the title of Collaborators–along with a majority of the French people. They were not all Fascists, though they tolerated the Nazis and went along with them during the Occupation. Some were anti-Semitic (and still are), though other Collaborators were not prepared to make the sacrifices required of French veterans and the Resistance.

      Those of us who post on this comment thread must now decide whether to trust the impulse to be tolerant and wait out the conceivable dominance of despised ideas we discount as crazy and dangerous; or whether to act on intense feelings that make us not only uncomfortable but filled with dread. From the looks of it, on the Republican side, better sense will not prevail, despite Romney’s apparent 180 during the debate. Misogyny, xenophobia, fear mongering, and religious intolerance are baked into today’s Republican party. Now that the election is as close as it was always predicted it would be, we Democrats, liberals, and progressives have no choice but to fight for what we believe in, and John Wayne-like say, “To hell with the consequences.”

      • old_blu

        Well said, A book you might enjoy, the way you talk you may have read it already. Dear God Have You Ever Gone Hungry———-Joseph Bau

        • sigrid28

          Thanks for the compliment and recommending the book. Now I have to read it. In fact, the brothers who escaped Poland and their siblings who could not were of Joseph Bau’s generation.

        • I read that book. It is so profound. I recommend it to every one.

      • jarheadgene

        Outstanding, so well put. There are so many “whistle blowing” “brown shirts” in the GOP it is almost scary. WE the PEOPLE as a nation have to vote a STRAIGHT
        DEMOCRATIC ticket this cycle to send the message…..”F*** OFF” you scum!”

      • As repulsive as immature behavior is to most of us, the truth is that those on the other side of the political spectrum interpret pragmatism, willigness to compromise and an inclination to solve differences via dialogue as signs of weakness or appeasement in the case of foreign policy. The only language they understand is strength, bullying, greed, entitlement and the use of deceit or hyperbole to achieve their goals. President Obama has no choice but to engage Romney, attack him, and show no mercy. Needless to say, that will not change the minds of those who plan to vote against President Obama (they are really not too excited with Romney), but it may convince those who are truly undecided due to reasons worth debating.

      • Well put sigrid. I was a child during WWII. I saw the horrible newsreels as to what people found when they entered the camps. I cried. I have always wondered why and entire nation could follow a madman. Crazy people, like hitler, are born every day. What was the matter with the populace? I see people, here, now following hate and fear.

        BTW, I have read all of Elie Weisel’s books.

        • karinursula

          I was born in 1944 in Germany and I can’t answer that question Maggie. I feel ashamed when I read or see about those times. And yes the hate is here too.

    • David Duke Is The Leader Tea Party KKK Leader Plus He Blocking Them From Gutting Out America For All The Money They Can Get!! David Can’t Come Out Of Hiding Cause He Has Plenty Of Lawsuits On His Butt Plus I Believe He Hiding Also From The IRS!! It Seems Like A Lot Of People Are Bored With The Elections Till They Get The Bill Then They Want To Go All Out Crazy When They Should Be Paying Attention Always!!! Every Election Is Important And All Votes Counts!!!

      • old_blu

        You are absolutely right Fern, and you know he is hiding from the IRS, he needed the same tax dogdeing lawyers Romney has. BTW good morning my friend, you’re up early.

        • Just Came Home From Work Good Morning To You My Friend !! 🙂

          • old_blu

            I know the teabaggers on here will have a hard time believing that you and I are’nt on the dole but I’m on my way to work, to earn my 28%. LOL

        • David Duke is also on the lam to escape some criminal charges.


          WHY do you people care about other people’s taxes???

          It’s their money, their business

          How bout you check up on obamas radical friends and his transcripts and hiding attacks in Libya.
          How bout you worry about WHY obama is bringing the US down to nothing.

    • William Deutschlander

      But oh my gosh they are not racist pigs.

      Obama and his administration saved the elite republicans financial a-s, they are too damn dumb to recognize or appreciate that undisputed fact.

      People today do not understand how desperately long it took this country to RECOVER from the REPUBLICAN DEPRESSION of 1929. Todays NOW GENERATION wants every thing NOW, G W Bush gave it to them NOW, the REPUBLICAN GREAT RECESSION of 2008.

      • old_blu

        Very well said William, I wish I could add to that, I’m a patient man, and I think good things are coming when Obama/Biden win in November.

      • It actually took Roosevelt 9 years and that was when Republicans and Democrats worked together to do good for the country.

    • karinursula

      And I guess we know why that is.

  • Republicans show similar herd mentality to lemmings. They appear willing to follow whoever leads them off whatever cliff may appear. Or maybe more like sheep. Again with the herd, only this time when they get upset, they trample whatever got them going.

  • A lot of Republicans also appear to follow Josef Goebbles dictum that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.

    • daniel bostdorf

      Fully and fundementally agree!!!!!

      You get it!

      • daniel bostdorf

        Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels said it best:

        “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” (likeFox FAUX News, Limbaugh, Beck and Rove believe)

        or as Adolph Hitler stated:

        “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

    • Hitler Playbook!!

  • Recent economic improvements, including rising house prices, increases in building permits, companies posting high profits and hiring, a booming stock market and low interest rates are contributing to greater consumer confidence, which is the key to sustainable economic growth and job creation in a consumer-oriented economy like ours . The litany of claims about socialism and untold foreign threats are manifestations of infantilism, paranoia, and desperation influenced by the fact that the GOP has nothing new to offer, that what they are proposing is a carbon copy of what contributed to the mess we are finally overcoming, and that they recognize that the capable leadership and vision of President Obama has allowed us to dodge the silver bullet delivered by his predecessor.
    Romney did get a bounce from the first debate, but that is bound to be short lived, not only because his performance would have only been relevant and impressive if the goal was to find a new anchor for FOX News, but because his claims were not supported with specifics on how he is planning to achieve his goals.
    Anyone who believes President Obama will sit back, smile and let the lies and hyperbole articulated by his opponent during the next debate go unchallenged is daydreaming…and Romney’s handlers and the GOP strategists are well aware of that. That is the reason they are not boasting about Romney’s performance and the reason they embraced Obama’s foreign policy while criticizing it for not going far enough in supporting the emergence of democracy in the Islamic world. The latter, after months of ridicule and demonization is the epitome of hypocrisy. The reason for the latter is not because the GOP are suddenly enamored with the socio-political transformation that is taking place in North Africa and the Middle East, but because by embracing Obama’s policies they make it difficult for the president to criticize Romney’s new foreign policy proposals. Fortunately, they went too far, as usual, in naively suggesting a more robust and direct involvement in the Syrian civil war ignoring that Al Qaeda has infiltrated some rebel groups and are, in fact, heavily involved in the fighting in that country.
    Last, but not least, he is desperately trying to frame the attack against the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi as an unprecedented event caused by President Obama’s policies and decisions without the slightest evidence to support his claim. Should we assume 9/11, the terrorist attacks in Madrid, London and all the other acts of violence that took place throughout the world while a Republican President and a Republican controlled Congress were in charge were all a figment of our imagination? His shift to foreign policy is a sign of desperation influenced by the undeniable fact that the economy is improving, unemployment is going down, and telling people that the realities they see are not true is bound to make Romney look like an idiot, or worse, his insistence on economic doom and gloom may remind us of what we left behind, do not want to relive, and who and what contributed to it.

    • chisolm

      Like many liberals you are often wrong but never in doubt!!

      • William Deutschlander

        Ignorance is BLISS!

        • montanabill

          You are the most blissful guy I know.

          • Can’t wait for your elaboration montanabill. You must hang out with sad sacks…and teabaggers.

          • No Bill you are, with your wonderful quotes that have no connection to the issues. Romney/Ryan get awful testy when pushed about how they will pay for their 20% tax cuts

          • Don’t forget the enormous defense budget and their hawkish nature that might take us into another war we cannot afford.

      • awakenaustin

        Maybe you could school us in what we are so often wrong about? I am waiting>

        • old_blu

          Do you hear crickets?

          • awakenaustin

            So far that is all I have heard.

        • elw

          You are aware that whatever he saids will be based on the same lies we heard from Romney during the debate. They live in another reality than we do.

        • chisolm

          For one thing listen to the current congressional hearings on the Libya attack and murders of 4 Americans. More apologies and appeasement.
          26 million Americans unemployed or under employed. Millions more on food stamps. Record number of people living in poverty with the middle class average wage declining. Executive order to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country. Describing abortion as a woman’s right is bad enough, but then insist that young girls don’t even need parental permission, partial birth abortion yet another right and if the baby survives medical personnel must not try to save the baby, etc.

          • The tragedy in Libya is the latest in a long string of acts of violence carried out by Islamic zealots. Waiting until all the facts were available may seem outrageous to you, to me it is the difference between immature presidents that shoot first and ask questions later and a mature and stable president. No apologies have been given and none are forthcoming. Considering the way President Obama has dealt with terrorists, those responsible for the attack against our consulate in Benghazi should hurry up and get a good life insurance policy. This time they are not dealing with a Republican president more interesting in business deals than bringing justice to those that harmed us.
            The number of unemployed Americans is 12.5 million. You can add those who are no longer seeking employment for a variety of reasons, such as getting the training they need to get a job in fields where employment is in demand, if you wish, but that is very different from what happened in 2008 when 700,000 jobs a month were being lost.
            A 2-year amnesty was granted to children of illegal immigrants to finish their education or military service. Most of them came to the USA as small children, only speak English, and are unfamiliar with life in Mexico and Central America. Did you like Bush’s and McCain’s guest worker program better? That one was to be extended to ALL illegal immigrants? How about Gingrich’s amnesty to ALL illegal immigrants? How about the Governor of Texas extending college tuition benefits to children of illegal immigrants?
            Abortion is, indeed, a very difficult issue, especially for the women who have the face that option to save their lives, to minimize the trauma associated with rape and incest, and other matters that should not be trivialized with the cheap rhetoric that comes out of Republicans like Akin and others. Would you care to tell us the name of the legislation that encourages medical personnel not to save babies? The GOP had plenty of opportunities to overturn Roe Vs Wade when they were in control of the White House and Congress, and had a very conservative Supreme Court to support their views on this issue, and they did nothing. Why do you think was that? In any case, I think it is revealing to see Republicans embrace big government to the point that it can infringe on our freedoms. Not unprecedented though, think Patriots Act, the huge increase in the number of civil servants in the Reagan era to name a couple of examples.

          • Dominick, have you noticed that everything becomes political. When we were attacked on 9-11, the country banded together as one country, not parties. It is not like that anymore.

            Romney even used the death of a Navy Seal as something political and Glen Doherty’s mother said, “I don’t trust Romney. It was wrong to use my son’s death to further his career.”

          • chisolm

            Google Obama infantcide. During the 08 campaign he claimed people were lying about his position while a state senator. You can also add to the list of those not seeking employment, those that have figured out that government will provide for them, including providing a cell phone. Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Chris Mooney On ‘ The Republican Brain’ And What Gets In President Obama’ s Way

          • You know what, Chis, I watched the hearings brought about by Darrell Issa, who said he would be the legislator who broght about more hearing on this president than any other. I saw and and heard Jason Chaffety claim that the embassy was left without proper security. I also remember watching (on c-span) Jason Chafferty vote no on additonal funding for security last year. Secretary of State, Hiliary Clinton was asking for more money and the republicans cut the security budget. It was cut 128 million in 2011 and 320 million this year. The key argument for cutting the budget was put forth by Jason Chafferty.

            The other thing you do not know and there is lots you don’t: Embassies never have lots of guards, from their country. Reason: This was established years ago because an embassy located on foreign soil could be threatened by a strong military guard. The agreement always has been an agreement between the host and the ambassadors; that the host country provide security.

          • awakenaustin

            You spent all day on this. My first guess is that you are not a woman. I suspect that you believe that women cannot be trusted to make decisions about their lives and their health. So you believe that you should be able to sit with them as they discuss with their families, their loved ones and their physicians very personal, intimate and sometimes heart rending decisions about their own health, physical and mental, and about their futures. You believe they need your guidance under the guise of laws made by State legislatures, Congress, and the Courts. You believe your own personal beliefs should control and dictate their personal decisions. You believe you are right enough and smart enough to make these decisions about what is best for everyone in all possible circumstances. You know that entire part you wrote about abortion is a fairy tale told by anti-choice folks to frighten young children. It is a fairytale you will repeat again and again without ever examining it by looking anywhere but at the literature put out by anti-choice groups.
            Who is chairing the Congressional Hearings? Who decided who could come to testify and who couldn’t? Who left the Democrats out of the loop when organizing , setting up and structuring these hearings? I suspect when all the histrionics are over you will learn that a tragedy occurred and if everyone were perfect we might have avoided it. Of course if everyone were perfect we might have avoided 9/11. Back then Democrats in office were some of the very first to rally around the President. Today Republicans view foreign policy tragedies as an opportunity make cheap political points and to take cheap shots at the President rather than support him. Therein lies the rub, when it comes to supporting the nation in time of need, you can count on Democrats but not on Republicans.
            The old immigrants always complain about the new ones. The only reason you weren’t here “illegally” is because there weren’t any laws when your ancestors showed up and the country needed the cheap labor. I suppose the native Americans (immigrants themselves, but of a much older migration) weren’t all that thrilled when your ancestors showed up. If you wanted a humane and rational policy to try and deal with immigration you would vote Democratic. Republicans talk a game on the immigration front, they aren’t actually interested in doing anything about it. They need the maids and gardeners for their homes and hotels and the inexpensive labor in the construction industry and in the poultry industry and in the agriculture industry, etc. Besides “illegal” immigration is on the decline and has been for several years. Don’t let that keep you from thinking otherwise.
            So after you guys screwed everything up seven ways from sundown and put the country in the ditch economically, your complaint is that the President, in spite of your unceasing opposition, hasn’t fixed it fast enough. If you had gotten out of the way or helped out it very likely would be further along. However, Republicans put their own interests and their party interests above the nation’s interest and opposed every single effort to make the economy grow and it grew despite their efforts.
            Are there absolutely no thoughtful or rational people in your party?

      • Did you read the article? I think not, but you just proved the writer’s point. Liberals and Progressives like Mr. Vila are capable of nuanced and complex thinking process. “Truthiness” is not a concept they embrace. It is conservatives who are ofton wrong but sure in their convictions.

        Romney has spent months lying to the American people and the response is “We are not going to let fact checkers influence our campaign”. He panders into any mircophone and then his campign whispers that what Mr. Romney said is not what he meant.

        Your response to Mr. Vila is insulting to him and to the readers of this blog. Might as well have typed NaNaNa….

        When did the GOP become such bubble borne Luddites?

        • JSquercia

          Nothing MORE defines Romney and the other 1% than his remarks behind closed doors when he thought no one was listening . He thinks 47% of Americans are unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives . He has the audacity to complain against these people who are merely following HIS advice and NOT paying a dime more than what the owed . They unlike Mitt don’t hide their money in offshore accounts .
          These people have NOTHING but contempt for those below them on the economic ladder and for Mittens that includes the middle class which thinks has an income of $250,000 .


            He is RIGHT!!!!
            The American people have become LAZY and wanting the Government to take care of them.

            EVERYBODY get in the bread lines —it has to be equal.

          • Speak for yourself! Some of us worked all our lives, paid taxes, were never unemployed or on welfare.

          • joyscarbo

            So my parents who worked more than 45 years of their adult lives are lazy and are at fault that they collect social security and rely on medicare? Are they to blame for their retirement investment stocks tanking?
            Is my adult disabled son a moocher to you because he is unable to work and lives off of supplemental security income and medicaid?
            What about the parent who lost their job when Bush ran our country into the ground and lost their home?! I was out of work for more than 9 months and unemployment benefits don’t go far. I was sending out 5-8 resume’s per week in the profession I was trained for and have been employed in for more than 16 years.
            My adult niece in a rural Alabama town works two jobs: one at a gas station and one at a fast food restaurant to support her two boys. (Deadbeat dad is no help.) Even working 2 jobs, she still can only afford “project” housing and a couple hundred dollars worth of food stamps.

            But all these people are the “LAZY” Americans you’re talking about?

      • joyscarbo

        And like many conservatives, you’re just never wrong and everyone else is wrong.

    • bella7777

      I find it so interesting that the ones who do not agree with this argument, do not have an argument, only to offer their criticism. I am happy you wrote this, it gives me hope that we do have thinking people…..

      • Bella, case in point, chisholm’s answer to Dominick below.

    • Sweeeny

      I think, perhaps hope, that the President is doing a bit of rope-a-dope. The key is to win the third debate as people tend to retain the most information from the last act. Best to collect the very worst of the Romney positions and misinformation and blow them out of the water at the end. That said, I think he needs a good draw at the very least in the next one plus a good performance from Joe.

      • FredAppell

        So what your saying is that this campaign is a marathon and not a sprint. I sure hope you’re right. When I was growing up I was in a lot of fights and always made sure to hit them first, hit them hard and hit them often. The rope-a-dope technique may work in a controlled environment but we are in a street right now. The high road only gets us so far and we have been letting the GOP dictate the narrative. I wasn’t always a liberal so I have a unique perspective on both parties. One of the problems of the left is that it doesn’t focus enough on one or two issues. The liberals come off as being to flighty with no substance. We are accused of having ADD because we go after to many issues at once. The GOP is laughing at us while we chase our tales. The liberals all need to become more organised with one message. If we win with that message than everything else will fall into place.

        • Sweeeny

          Can’t really disagree with anything you say but to over-tax the fight analogy, Romney should have been knocked out in the 4th, 5th and 6th rounds but is still standing and arguably winning on points at the moment – how does that work? It seems to me the ‘judges’ will score the fight at the end of the last round and pretty much score the whole fight on the last round. I watched the Daily Show (Oct 9th) when they took the mick out of Mitt on his tax strategy. No social cuts, big navy, 20% tax reduction = $5 tr savings. I cannot believe that the Dems couldn’t come up with something similar for the debate – they could have lifted it verbatim! The think the problem is ADDish – I would rather call it breadth but your point is well taken. Just have to hope that enough liberals skip their yoga classes and get out and vote.

    • elw

      Dominick, great post. I would like to add, that the bounce Romney got was based on his style not the content of his words, which contained 28 facts in the 38 minutes he spoke that were not true. The bounce is disappearing as the words he spoke are being discussed, questioned and changed by him. I agree with you he will not get away with his lies – the second time around.

    • lana ward

      Romney’s bounce will not be short lived– we want Obama OUT!

      • “we”? Speak for yourself. When the American people elected Obama as president, the losing side has just refused to accept the winner and has been kicking and screaming for almost 4 years now as if it’s their only job to *save us* from the very person we voted to lead this country out of the mess the previous administration left it in.

        It is insulting to Americans that the losing party refused to accept their loss and our choice in 2009 and fought dirty to block any and all ‘changes’ that Americans voted for when they chose to elect Obama. As if we didn’t elect him on the policies he campaigned on. The losing party has all the class, sportsmanship, and maturity of 3rd grade school yard bullies…. oh wait, that explains why they’re running Mitt.

        • lana ward

          Had Obama and the media been honest with the American people, that America-hater would NEVER have been elected. Valarie Jarritt is the president,not Obama

    • recent election returns show Obama ahead in the early voting 61% to 39 %

  • Har har, you democrat left wingers give it up! No one loses a debate deliberately! Come on guys. Face it, you lost, Obama lost, and he’ll lose again. And, most importantly, he wont win another term.

    • jarheadgene

      YOU sir may want to check which one of these guys, below are you.

    • What the “hell” is a har,har? Is the best you have? It’s not exactly time for the “finger wagging”, Ann Romney, to be picking out the new draperies for the White House..

      We have fours weeks to go,idiota….

    • Care to say…”Mission Accomplished” …Dave?…….Hmmmmmm.

  • adler56

    I have always believed- as stated in the article- that Republicans are psychologically defective .
    They are lacking in empathy, tend to be selfish and greedy and grossly overestimate their importance. In this race what was totally left out of the article was the racists – not the normal Republican racists but the poor white ones- who will be voting on that single issue. Totally disregarding that a vote for williard is a vote against their own interests and their voiced reasons for voting against President Obama are lies- just like williard’s and lyin Ryan’s . How do you get to be that stupid?

    • Ed

      Americans have voted against their own self interest for yers. That is why “wedge issues” were invented. From Nixob’s southern strategy, through Reagans “welfare queens” through today Abortion and Immigration debates. People take sides on one issue and suffer the consequences that come with the package.

    • JSquercia

      Generations of inbreeding


      Hey—-While your out and about
      Look around you
      You can always pick out a Lib
      When you are out ask the ugliest, stupidest, Gay, Lesbian. Poorest, tattooed up, pierced up, loud mouth people, what party they are—-
      They are alllll Dems
      Go to the Abortion place

      Take a poll, you will see for yourself

      • adler56

        So you agree with me that republicans are lying scum?


          Seeeee, that’s the problem with you LIBS!!!!

          People can tell you alllll these facts and you just turn it allll
          around to what you want.

          How Weird that you thought I agree with you—WEIRD

          • You are awfully young to be trying to play with the big kids. You haven’t presented one fact and if you were more mature you would know what a fact is.

        • I will agree that the examples we have on this board are not nice and not too awfully truthful. They just have it poured in their ears to come out their mouths. What kind of homes does such hateful people come out of?

      • karinursula

        Well see, I’, straight, not stupid, not the poorest, not tattooed 68 year old woman. I do not have a loud mouth and I’m a proud democrat. Oh by the way I’m not ugly either, well plenty of people tell me and they not necessarily democrats.

  • ChristoD

    A question I would like answered is why so much hate/dislike for the President. My sense is that they are over the top in their hate for him. Is it simply because he is a Democrat/liberal or Obamacare or race or ???? In my lifetime I have witnessed the right become possessed by their hate for Democrats/liberals. Why so much hate ? It seems it all started after Nixon crapped the bed. Any thoughts folks ?

    • Ed

      I want my country back. A country run by people that look like me. THAT IS THE UNDERLYING MANTRA!

      • You need to wake and get a clue…What are you? White,fat and grey haired?
        The makeup of people in this country is changing..Accept it or get the “hell” out of the way…Our country is diverse..By the way, unless your ass is Native American,then your ancestry came from elsewhere..You are an ignorant bigot…

        • JSquercia

          I don’t think that Ed was advocating for that position but merely explaining WHAT these people mean when they say they want their Country back .

          They see the fact that soon they will be a MINORITY as catastrophic

          • JSquercia

            Sorry folks but for some reason all my posts are being double posted

        • I don’t think you understood Ed. He was saying that is the underlying force behind the blind rage of the new Republicans.

      • you said it.

    • old_blu

      I’m not sure but you are right, not any of the right wingers are saying how Romney/Ryan are going to fix anything they only say how bad they have it now.

      Iguess I don’t have it that bad.

      Obama/Biden 2012

    • darkagesbegin

      to me, it is the hate of the younger, ugly unpopular sister for the older, beautiful and socially popular older sister. Younger sis is so jealous of something that even if she worked all her life at, would never have naturally. The republicans know that their views are not rational or popular to the majority, so they will do anything to damage their rival because they will never win on their own. I think you are right, it started in many ways with Nixon, and a lot of that is still carried on, like hating the unions.

      The right only hates the unions and PBS because they seem to support the dems. If the unions voted republican, the GOP would be hailing them as part of the Great America.

      In general, their hates and their paranoia drive their thinking.

      I just hope the American democracy that I used to know will survive this mish-mashed GOP: the combination of wealthy takers and the religious nuts who want to keep us safe from freedom.

    • Cristo, this ugly divisiveness is something new that happened in this generation. I suppose race plays a big part.


      If you look on the internet and do your homework—-
      You would find alllll the devastating, damaging, deceitful actions obama has done.


      It’s obvious—Look around you
      You can always pick out a Lib
      When you are out ask the ugliest, stupidest, Gay, Lesbian. Poorest, tattooed up, pierced up, loud mouth people, what party they are—-
      They are alllll Dems
      Go to the Abortion place and take a poll

      • Reply to ALLLLAMERICAN- I am probably not the prettiest, am not gay, not lesbian, not rich, not tattooed, not pierced, not loud mouthed , but I am proud to say I am a Yellow dog Democrat, go to a conservative church where it is about half and half liberal/conservative. I might add I am female, almost 94 years old and as for intelligence I will put my brain power up against yours any day of the week and come out way ahead.


          Sorry Mildred—-
          If you are 94 years old you are not the same as the Dems today.

          They are different today. They are radical and full of hate.

          That remark did not include you—Sorry!!!!

          • I might add that the Republicans today are not the same as they used to be. e.g. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, tea partiers, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, etc, etc,etc.

          • old_blu

            Well said Mildred, there is alot of hate there too.


            You sure know them allll!!!!!!!

            I know they are not.

            They are great aren’t they!

          • grammyjill

            EXCUSE ME!

        • Mildred, you are absolutely right.

      • ChristoD

        Do my homework ? Is there a site that talks about the likes of Gingrich, Armey, Nordquist, Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Santorum, Bachmann, etc. etc. etc. that promote the hate and outrage ? If you are implying that it is Obama that is doing his OWN hate/demonization, you are a EXTREME hard core Republican, allright. If you are implying that HE is causing it by his actions, your head is so far up your rectum that it is coming out your throat. There is NOTHING that justifies HATE on either side but, if there is a clear picture based on cause and effect, I would be willing to bet my house that the right started this nonsense the day that Tricky Dick Nixon bailed and the right was determined to get even. THAT to me is what started this tit for tat stuff BUT, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR THE HATE THAT IS OUT THERE FOR OBAMA. NONE, ZERO, ZIP. You may not like his politics but that does in no way justify the hate.

        Hey alllllamerican are you a post, as in you are as dumb as a post ? You write absurd, mindless drivel so I assume you are the same. Go get a life.


          It’s obvious you are full of hate!

          obama is a terrorist
          obama is bringing the US down
          obama is setting us up for disaster

          and of course you think anything I write is absured YOUR A CLOSE MINDED LIB!!!!!!

          You must fall under the list:

          You can always pick out a Lib
          When you are out ask the ugliest, stupidest, Gay, Lesbian. Poorest, tattooed up, pierced up, loud mouth people, what party they are—-

          Take your own poll and see for yourself

          • grammyjill

            Ok A**ho*e. Obama is not a terrorist. He is not bringing this country down or did you not read the article yesterday. WE the US is doing better than any other developed nation. We are the brightest spot in the economic recovery.

  • jarheadgene

    I was so ANGRY at Willard using that as a comparison to Obama and equating him to one of his son’s at the same time, in the same sentence, I almost threw something at my TV. WILLARD mitt ROMNEY is a complete narcissistic, elitist. He needs to be put on a car, wet, in a cage, driven down the road at 75 miles an hour, just for starters.

  • jarheadgene

    YOU sir may want to check which one of these guys, below are you.

  • I was speaking to one of the those defective Repukes just yesterday–small business owner –and she could not give me one reason for voting for Romney,other than President Obama has never had a real job…I don’t what it is in” the” thinking part of her/their brain with such a lame reason to vote Romney..It must be,I’ll take anyone except Obama to their own detriment, at any cost…

    These people will risk Medicare being a voucher program to hit the street and find their own damn insurance for $6,000+ on the cheap(right..), privatize Social Security and cuts in Medicaid..Yet, millions of these warped thinkers have parents & relatives depending Medicaid,so just kick the older folks in nursing homes to the street and say “to hell with you”..That lying,lying Romney? Yes, and he is counting on the votes of these people steeped in ignorance…They are everywhere…

    • JSquercia

      Without Medicaid those old folks won’t get near a Nursing home .They will be out on the street unless the kids take them in and don’t bet on THAT happening .

      • oldtack

        Reference your last sentence “…don’t bet on that happening”.

        I do a lot of work that takes me to the local Nursing Homes quite frequently and I have noticed something here that makes me wonder about Cultures.

        About 98% of the residents in these Nursing Homes are White with about 1% Black and 1% mixed Culture. This doesn’t reflect the mixture of the Community – just the Nursing Homes.

        I seldom encounter elderly people living with families in the White culture but it is quite common to find the elderly in homes of Blacks and Orientals and Latinos. These Cultures seem to take care of their aged while those of the White Culture tend to cast their elderly into a home at government expense on Medicaid.

        Does anyone on the forum have an explanation?

        • BDD1951

          I don’t know the answer. I know that I had to put my late husband in a nursing home and it was the worst day of my life. My children don’t live near and I couldn’t handle him alone. Thankfully, he only lived 6 more weeks. Otherwise, I would have brought him home no matter what. It’s not easy putting a loved one in a home.

          • oldtack

            I apologize if I offended you or anyone else on this forum with my post. My brother-in-law died in a Home last year for the same reason – he became too much for my sister to handle and there was no family near her to assist in personal care.

            I was just speculating on the numbers.

            I’m sorry that you had to experience this trauma with your husband. I lost my wife in Hospice and that was bad enough.

        • grammyjill

          I really don’t know. When my parents started needing help, my husband and I moved in with them. They didn’t want to leave their house(my mom was born in this house). So, we live with them to take care of them. I want to run away at least once a day. But I don’t.

        • Remember the caves that some Native tribes sent their elderly to when they could not keep up with the tribe?

          • oldtack

            Yes – somewhat like the Native Americans did to the elderly. It still points to a “quirk” in different Cultures. It would be a good subject for Psychological research on cultural values pertaining to care of the elderly.

    • And nursing homes cost $8,000/month. When their assets are all exhausted, and they can get no more Medicare, they give the state their homes.


        OH Maggie—I hope you don’t get sick to much or the Obamacare-Austerity Care will submit you to counseling for END –OF–LIFE—

        NO MORE CARE FOR YOU!!!!

  • SaneJane

    If Romney keeps “evolving” he will be agreeing with Democrats on every issue and then our choice will be between a black Obama and a white Obama.

    • old_blu

      Hahaha that’s funny Jane, and I agree with you on this, that might be just what they are going for. (i like how you used the word “evolving”)


      The color of the skin is NOT the problem—It’s what you stand for.
      You Libs are the ones that start up the racism—-

      The question would be:
      Do you want a President that is a terrorist and supports the terrorist?


      Do you want a president that works hard and loves his country and knows
      how to run a business and make money and get us out of this deficit.

      • grammyjill

        A test. How do you feel about a fourteen year old girl in Pakistan being shot in the head on her school bus just because she wants to go to school? Then the taliban said if she survives they will try to kill her again. Your thoughts?

    • Unfortunately, what he will say to get votes and what he will do in office may be different.

  • ayayaboy

    Never mind, we, the ordinary Americans will surely defeat Romney and his 1% on November 6.

  • bwmconst

    What brain, they don’t know what that is…They don’t feel or think, that has been supplanted by manipulate and speculate…To conserve, means to honor and protect with integrity, and intent to do that for the common good…Kind of like Christ, live it and not flap your gums with deceit…The brain is the hard drive, they have one, but when it comes to Windows whatever, their program is on Neanderthal $$$$…It is the perfect example of the Machiavellian principle, sliver tongue, silk suit, and lie with a straight face so you can stuff yout pockets to the gills, with ill gotten booty…Boy, real Christian values, something about a rich man and Heaven, and faith without works is “DEAD”…THEY DO NOTHING FOR THE PEOPLE , THE EARTH, OR ANYTHING ELSE VALUING LIFE, but they will be forgiven and coddled by God , WHO HAS AN IQ OF ABOUT ONE MILLION…Yeah that aught to go over well, ever play 3 D chess,……What brain, ….oh the one they are missusing to the hilt…,AND SITTING ON……………..

  • The republicans are afraid of everything, they run for shelter and hide in their little hide away and sulk. They have trouble facing reality and can not think outside their cocoon. They are always right and hide behind the bible scrips that they like, and are not adept to the the teachings of Jesus.

  • ObozoMustGo


    All of this nonsense is nothing more than a distraction away from what a loser and failure Obozo has been.


    abcnews dot go dot com/International/attack-benghazi-consulate-unprecedented-state-department-official/story?id=17438780#.UHWBtRXLSSo

    [Replace the dot with a period. they dont allow links on here]




    You people that are supporters of Obozo had better wake up. He has been lying to you and playing you for a fool. This scandle is disgusting. Obozo has blood on his hands and he is lying to you.

    Have a nice day!

    [click image to enlarge and read the quote from Thomas Sowell]

    • Dave_dido

      Do you need to be reminded that under Pres. Ronald Reagan more than 200 U.S. marines were killed in a terrorist attack in Beirut, Lebanon? Reports came out that the U.S. had been warned that the attack was coming.When asked about details of the Iran-Contra affair, Pres. Reagan just said, ” I forget”. Do you remember that?
      Do you need to be reminded of the many terrorist attacks that occurred under Pres. George W. Bush, including 9/11. There were warnings for every attack that occurred. The fact is, Obozo, that the President, no matter which President you’re talking about, gets “warnings” all the time. Most of them are bogus. Remember the CIA warning about “weapons of mass destruction” under your then-hero, Pres. George W. Bush? But, oh how you right-wing nut jobs loved and defended Pres.GWB all throughout his presidency. It’s only recently that you’ve come to disavow him.
      It’s easy for haters like yourself to be critical after the fact. Armchair quarterbacks every one of you.
      Or are you suggesting that Pres. Obama knew that our Libyan ambassador was going to be killed and chose to just let that happen? What do you suppose would be the advantage in doing that? Do you take your accusations to their logical conclusions?
      I think Pres. Obama has done a commendable job in spite of the obstructionism and blatant racism that he has encountered that must leave him feeling terribly disappointed. Terrorist attacks have been fewer than under the previous administration, he has never raised taxes (but he did lower the payroll tax; Pres. Reagan raised taxes twice), and the U.S. is the only western economy that is keeping its head above water in this current world-wide recession.
      In spite of his successes, you haters want to replace him with a man who will increase the national deficit by lowering revenues, add to the global warming problem by advocating the use of coal rather than investing in sustainable energy sources, start a war with Iran,and intentionally further the divide between rich and poor in the U.S. If you think he is the answer to our problems, just look back at Pres. GWB. Mitt Romney will be no different. If he does get elected you will probably not want to invite him to the 2016 GOP convention just as you did to your former hero, Pres. GWB.


        The difference is the other presidents didn’t lie and try to hide the attacks.
        When Clinton was in office, he was warned over and over they were going to attach the US, he chose to ignore it. Everything was already planned and in place so as soon as Bush gets in here they come.
        It’s a FACT—Clinton knew of it!!!—-Just like Obama knew about Libya.

        We have several companies and we had the best years while GWB was in office!!!!
        But, we don’t rely on the Government for everything!

        • Dave_dido

          Are you saying that Pres.Richard Nixon didn’t lie about Watergate, that Pres. Reagan didn’t lie about Iran-Contra, that Pres. GWB didn’t lie about weapons of mass destruction?
          And please explain to me why Pres. Clinton would allow 9/11 if he knew about it coming. Was he keeping it a secret from Pres. GWB? To what end?Why would Pres. Obama allow the deaths of our officials in Libya? Why would he want that?
          As I said above, every President gets hundreds of “warnings”. It would be impossible to take actions on all of them.
          You haters are always trying to pin something on Pres. Obama whether it be the birther business, the Fast and Furious unfounded accusations, or, now, the Libyan embassy attack.
          I guess you figure that if you throw enough doodoo on the wall some of it will stick. But all you accomplish is to make yourselves look just like Chicken Little and you lose credibility with every toss.


            Did I mention Nixon—-Obama allowed this to happen in Libya because he is a terrorist

          • You are not too swift. You merely lie and call names like some child whose mother didn’t teach him to be respectful. If you were my child I would be so ashamed.

        • Functionally illiterate is someone who learns to read and write, but cannot process a lot of what he reads.

      • There was also a rumor that President Bush was behind the attacks on 9-11 and that, too, is just nasty unfounded stuff.

    • Off the MEDS today? Take your convoluted rant somewhere else..It’s obvious that you are challenged in the sentence structure department…Would that be for the lack of any formal education? BUZZZZZZZZ OFF….


        If he’s on meds I guarantee he paid for them himself and didn’t beg the Government to pay them for him

        • Who gives a rat’s ass whether he paid for them or not…Bastante ya, idiota…


            EXACTLY!!!!! The libs don’t care where the money comes from just give it to me FEEEEEEEEEE

      • Hey, Alice, he probably went to school until he was 16.

    • old_blu

      Hey Bozo haven’t seen you in awhile, I hope you are well. I think I heard this same thing when the trade center was attacked.

      • ObozoMustGo

        It’s my boy Blu! How are you Blu? I am well, but have been extremely busy. Can only pop in for a few quick shots across the bow of the SS Leftist Freak Show (aka The Memo).

        Blu, are you a Truther? hehehehehehehe

        Your messiah has be bold faced lying to the American people for a month now, and the whole scandle is coming unravled now, Blu. Sorry, but Obozo is going to lose in a landslide.

        Have a nice day!

        “Blaming a 2-bit film for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo


      ObozoMustGo—- KEEP IT UP!!!!!

      YOU ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!!

      GIVE EM MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ronlar

    This is a good read – not crazy about lumping all Republicans or Democrats (mostly the questioner) in the same groups – but if you’re patient enough to read through the article, I do believe the author makes some decent points about our personality traits and our political leanings. It’s probably more obvious when we compare the thinking and leaning of conservatives versus liberals, rather than Republicans vs Democrats in general. There are after all some Dems who are more conservative, in some ways, than their other democratic friends – and some Republicans who are more liberal than their Republican friends. Middle left – Middle right re issues of social or military import – more moderate, perhaps, overall than tea partiers or far lefty liberals.

  • For some reason…direct replies to chisolm are not being posted anymore…so I’m posting this reply to chisolm HERE:…….Chisolm…apparently you did NOT read the article…but skipped straight to the comment section. That is a tempting thing to do whenever Dominick has something to say, I know. I am a major fan of his thinking, analysis and eloquence TOO. If you actually HAD read the article, you would know that it’s point was that most liberals can and do deal with doubt, uncertainty, ambiguity very well…and always have them, about many issues…until time and more factual information begin to clear them up a bit. One thing many of us liberals have NO doubt about…is that ignorant conservatives like you chisolm(I am not sure whether you are a Teabagger or not…Your spelling is impeccable!…I would not have used two apostrophes though, myself!!!) need to see things in black and white. Your willful ignorance…and admiration for bold certitude, no matter how wrong it is…makes you suckers for every ‘con’ (double entendre intended) that comes down the ‘pike. The solution for your willful ignorance ( = bliss?) & your fear of uncertainty, chisolm…is not to learn the fascist salute and the goose step. It is to become more curious…and keep learning to satisfy that curiosity. Good history books are an excellent place to start. Quit being a Fauxbot and dittohead. You are only hurting yourself…and the rest of us who are not rich.


      I HATE and despise the people on a blog (mind you) that try to avoid the facts that are being said but turns the table and tries to act like an English teacher and correct your spelling!!!!!!
      The people are here to make a point —-FREAK!!!!!!!!
      Correct your papers somewhere else!!!!
      This is the kind of thing Libs do when they are losing; they try to turn on something else.
      Try to stay on track

      Maybe you could get a better job and work more and you to can become rich!!!

      • Dave_dido

        You forgot the period after the word track.

        • He also doesn’t know the correct use of to, too, and two.

      • Child, you have not presented any facts, just words.



      • You accuse people of another party of hate and yet you said emphatically and yelling, I hate and despise the people o a blog…Now in answer to what you said, you have not ever presented any facts just ugly hateful rhetoric.

        Of course your use of the English language stands out. You have made comments to people, who are obviously better educated than you, that they should get educated. That would be like me telling Einstein to get smart.

        As for working. I have worked hard ever since I was a teenager. I come from a family that was proud of work.

        A staunch Republican woman, I knew, raised six kids on welfare, until welfare reforms were put in place.

        Did you graduate from college summa cum laude? Were you your high school’s valedictorium or did you even graduate high school. What was your GPA? How do I get the right to ask you these questions? You have put yourself up there as a fountain of knowledge and anyone who doesn’t agree with you is stupid or something.

  • bwmconst

    What brain, they only think with the one they are sitting on, always having their head up their ass…Self-serving to the max… Silver tongue, silk suit,.. Machiavellian to the max…Nothing conservative, except their use of intelligence, “wisdom” is beyond hope…If it’s not good for their pocket book, it doesn’t exist…I guess Rep’s are our cosmic joke…Something about how the reptilian brain ever got this far…They can’t even spell “the greater good”, but they are all “Christians”, just talk that talk, but don’t walk that walk…Something about ” a rich man and Heaven”, I believe, and “faith without works is DEAD”…Can the whole party even get to a triple digit IQ…To think you have to feel some empathy, feeling uuhh, whats that…SOS, stuck on stupid….

  • Canistercook

    Find articles like this very laughable. ” a leftists view of a rightists brain” would be a more apt title.

  • To Chisolm- What is amazing to me how the republicans convince their sheeple on how their economic policies of tax cuts for the wealthy, deregulation and sending our jobs overseas will create 12,000,000 jobs and a booming economy when these same policies have failed every time since implemented in the 80’s. The economic mess of George W. Bush is nothing compared to the economic disaster Mitt Romney will create! Only this time there will be no democrat coming in to clean it up! But these republican policies are designed to crash the economy so they can implement the virtual money system part of their new world order agenda. Looks like the billion plus dollars carl roves super pac spent on brainwashing their sheeple worked.

    • 12 million jobs in which country? The military budget is higher than it was in any war. To pay for all this, they are going to take away the 450 million to PBS?

      • old_blu

        I don’t think they are taking that money to pay for anything, “they” think Seasame Street is brain washing our children to be librals, because they teach to share and care for one another. (it don’t have anything to do with the money)


          Again, the libs turning everything into what they hear with their stuffed up ears and turn it alll around to what they want it ot be.

          The people give and support PBS—Romney said he is not going to pay out money for big bird if you don’t have the money and have to barrow from China!!!

          He said: “ I’m not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for.”

          That is called business since!!! The Libs don’t get it.
          Federal spending for PBS would have little to no effect on Sesame Street’s budget.

          The majority of the show’s funding comes from corporate sponsorship, product sales and donations from the viewers.

          You don’t go shopping if you don’t have the money.

          You don’t buy a new house if you don’t have the money.

          Keep digging maybe Romney did something really bad in his mother’s womb.

  • ccarsman

    This is a specious argument, similar to “left brain-right brain” discussion. It totally ignores the political-economic reality. It ignores the impact of media and anti-intellectual environment that is a result of a purposefully uneducated populace. With a generation of people whose “education” is predicated on Standardized Test Scores and phonics masquerading as reading, science masquerading as the Bible, it’s not rocket science that people don’t go beneath the surface to decide which side they’re on. Throw Fox lies and manipulations, weak “liberal” (including even MSNBC) news, it’s no surprise. The top 1% has all the money, the next 1% is on the way to getting all the money, and the bottom (98%) believes that maybe they get all of the money if the vote for the right peerson. It ain’t brain science, it’s that people don’t really even know how they system they live under works. Our schools don’t teach real history, civics, or economics.

    These studies are superficial and do not meet real scientific rigor. They’re just expanded sound bites with no basis in reality.

  • I am wondering if the Republicans realy have a brain by what comes out of there mouth

  • dljones

    Let us examine Obama’s brain. Blame the prior administration. The job is bigger than I thought. These familiar narritives? The Eastwood portrayel of an empty chair takes on more siginifance by the week. While Obama pacifies the followers by saving big Bird, Rome burns. It is these Socialist/Marixs initivies that detorioate the Nation, plundering the economy, and targeted vote buying via agregious stimilus plans. Now that is a “real” plan for a decimated country. Do not forget the US dollars to explore energy and buy oil from another Socialist, the newly elected Cuba hugger and Obama friend Hugo Chavaz.
    Air Force one is about to get a new four year leader.

    Don’t forget to watch the Joseph Biden Ficitional Hour Thursday. Youall ought to be proud!

    • What kind of degrees do you have that qualify you to examine anyone’s brain?

      • ObozoMustGo

        Maggie…. DLJones clearly has a degree in common sense. Nothing else is needed to be able to recognize a fool and his/her ramblings. Consider yourself recognized.

        Have a nice day!

        “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

        • Bozo dljones is one of the smartest people you ever met, he agrees with you.

      • dljones

        M Croft:: Article’s thesis was relative to brains’ Appears this one was over your head. I would not encourage tasks beyond your coloring book.
        Degrees-98.6 -normal

      • dljones

        M Croft:: Theis was on brains. This go over your head? Stick to your coloring book. Degrees-98.6-normal.

      • dljones


    • ObozoMustGo

      DL… I cannot improve upon your post. Good job, my friend!

      Have a great day!

      “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

      • dljones

        Thanks. This leaderless Socialist is an easy target.

        • ObozoMustGo

          DL…. target? Whyyyyyyyy oh whyyyyyyyyyyy the hate speech? Now someone is going to go shoot someone else because you used the word “target.” In leftist freak world, conservative speech causes others to behave badly, dontcha know!


          Have a great day!

          “Blaming a 2-bit film for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

          • dljones

            Thats good


    In Reality

    What you are seeing from the American Taliban Republicans is a growing fear that if they do not do well in this election the “good old GOP” is going to go belly up. After an expenditure of $$$ millions, they have yet to produce a significant change in the collective minds of the electorate.

    In other words, if they do not succeed in any observable degree, the party will go the way of the dodo bird and disappear from the picture. This explains why the big GOP money still sits on the sidelines while most funding for this election has come from the more radical factions of the party.

    To wit, the reality looms that rich, old, bigoted white guys no longer run the GOP, or the country, and they are dying off faster that the other side is growing and growing stronger all the time just due to the numbers. Couple this with the fact that the current GOP is not the GOP of your fathers. Even George wouldn’t accept the inaccurate, venomous crap coming forth from his son.

  • When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces (#Republicans) are all in confederacy against him. When a person continually makes life critical decisions based on emotion and not fact and logic, that’s a major defect in reasoning. That’s the best example of insanity I can find. Ever notice how Republicans have the same defect in reasoning as alcoholics, drug addicts, and religious fanatics? Republicanism is a mental disorder… Granted this is never more true than when this affliction is found in a Republican woman. A Republican Woman? A Gay Republican? A Black Republican? Good God, that’s like a pro KKK African American or a pro Nazi Jew, especially by today’s GOP misogynistic, homophobic and racist standards. But there are way too many studies recently that prove the Right Wing mind is clinically irrational. We have all been told by our mothers, “Never ague with stupidity.” A Republican has to want to help themselves first in order to ‘break through’, otherwise you’re talking to a wall, just like an alcoholic. They have to hit rock bottom before they become open to help. I have found that it usually takes six to eight years of constant effort to get a Republican to think rationally, but that’s taking into account there is an iota of commonsense in their head. Another problem with Republicanism it’s patriarchal. It’s seared in during early childhood… The Jesuits said, ‘Give me the child till they’re seven and you can have the man.’ Tragically… they’re broken… Just saying…

  • turtlewoman1039

    ‘republican brain’ – doesn’t that qualify as an oxymoron?

  • Right on the nose Domo’.

  • I think the killing of Osama Bin Laden by the current President Obama or at least within a Dems’ Government and GOP’s total lack of support of this event by the GOP speaks volumes too. And of course the GOP would have loved to have taken the credit for it.


      I’m sorry, you need to read up!!!
      obama had nothing to do with getting Osama Bin Laden—NOTHING

      • Are you that stupid? Do you blame the killing of thousands in the illegal immoral wars are just the soldiers giving themselves the order?That it comes only from the military superiors..Where does the ultimate buck stops? In the Oval Office,idiot..

        Who was that SOB standing on the flight deck of that carrier,smiling like the cat that swallowed the canary with a flight suit on stretched to his “balls”, with the mission accomplished banner over his stupid head? THAT ONE? What was he taking credit for? Was that war over? Nah, went on for 9+ plus freakin years, until Prez Obama ended combat operation..Wasn’t that the moron,GW Bush, the commander in chief at that time…All presidents are credited with the good and they are blamed for the bad…

        You are as delusional as these other nut jobs here…

  • Simple explanation is that conservatives don’t believe in reality. Instead, they believe in two conflicting streams of B.S. So when you come at them with hard facts or statistics, they automatically regard it as B.S. from the left and their first impulse is to try to out-B.S. it in turn.

  • oldtack

    You and your husband are to be commended for your care of your parents. There may come a time when you have to seek the aid of a Nursing Facility and don’t feel guilt at that time but rest in knowing that you did all you could.

    I use the word Culture rather than Race because I consider all on this Earth one race – the Human Race. But I do think the answer to my observation lies in the Cultures. It would probably necessitate a thorough survey and Psychological research to find the reason for the disparity in the Nursing Homes.

  • ridemybroom

    Brain what brain…!…i do believe they all live in garbage cans….think they can all use some brain salad surgery …what you ppl say ?

  • ALLLLIGNORANT is more accurate.

  • My guess is they have larger closer knit families than us whites do, and we tend to spread out and live farther away from our relatives. It takes a village….

  • Naa,nah,nah,nahnah nah nah nah Obama GOODBYE

  • Goodness. Four decades ago, I attended to a two semester interdisciplinary colloquium at Munich´s Ludwig Maximiliens Universität – Geschwister Scholl Institute- studying Adorno´s massive two volume research tome: “The Authoritarian Personality”. Other “critical rationalist” analyses include Herbert Marcuse`s “One Dimensional Man”, or Christopher Lash`s “Culture of Narcissism” all of which point to the same conclusions arrived at by this study.

  • Oops, the old vet -ex-pat in Germany hit the wrong button. I also took a few courses under Juergen Habermas, who specialized in communications sociology from a critical rationalist point of view. Other qualifications- party book carrying, dues paying member of the German Social Democratic Party since 1982. (Old School “Helmut Schmidt”- variety)
    Replications of that original Adorno study with the American Jewish Society in postwar U.S.A. reveal a general tendency in industrialisd countries to have between 30 to 35% of the population with strongly authoritarian-narcissistic leanings- which go either fringe left- or fringe right…

    However, the center is where the majority is. The question is, center right, or center left?

    This is where messages must be kept as clear, simple and uncomplicated as possible when up against the “authoritarian” noise machines such as Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the rest populistically pandring to the authoritarian narcissists. The idea is to package the progressive program in easy to understand – bits and bytes that will appeal to the center:
    And never forget the KISS formula – Keep It Simple, Stupid. That´s how Clinton did it.

    1. It is the economy stupid. (clinton formula)
    anti-shock doctrine, neo-Keynesian economics as now espoused by Prof. Krugmann.
    Raise taxes back up to where they were under Ronald Reagan, but allow deductions for investment in U.S. industry in country – creating productive jobs, not allowing deductions for outsourcing to China. (a clear jab at Bain Capital.)
    1.1. create programs to attract foreign companies such as Siemens, Toyota, VW, Airbus, etcetera to do more in U.S. production and/or final assembly.
    1.2. rebuilding run-down and neglected U.S. infrastructure.

    2. It is the equality stupid.
    Rather than get inot all kinds of distracting issues about L.G.B.T. rights, etc, simply focus on equal rights for all. i.e.
    2.1. equal pay for equal work (end sex discrimination against women at the job place. (and have companies with single parents help out with nursuries and kindergartens so the parents can be good parent while doing a good job.
    2.2. equal recognition for all. irregardless of race, ethnic background or sexual orientation. (but not making too big a deal about LGBT. Stressing that can be a put off to the middle of the road undecided voters.

    3. It is the eucumenicism-stupid. Too many “left” are militantly “atheist” or “anti-religious” in reaction to the “reactionary religionists”. Go back to Jefferson on that. One-God- many approaches. Don´t let the right “smear” with claims of “anti-religious”, or “do away with religion”
    or “denounce your priest or pastor to his higher ups if you think he is a “social justic Christian” (like apoastate Catholic, converted to Mormonism Glenn Beck advocated. Stand up against that kind of Bigotry in support of a “freedom to believe “-
    That appeals to the moderate Christians, Jews, Agnostics… stay in the center on that hot button issue.

    4. It is the energy consumption, stupid. A lot of the U.S. economic problems were and still are related to its outdated, and worn out, building, energy, transportation infrastructure which is the most inefficient in the world. i.e. America has the highest fossil fuel consumption per capita in the world. America literally burns too much money which reflects in massive balance of trade deficits,

    Building up a “sustainable” energy and transportation infrastucture on par with Europe to slash consumption could create millions of new, self amortizing jobs .
    While new drilling opens up oil and gas, to cut imports, if energy efficiency measures were introduced, they radically slash consumption.

    5.d Its the ecology stupid. 65% of Americans realize that the flooding, draught and fire weather patterns are related to carbon emissions and global warming- despite all the “climate change dnial sponsored by people like the Koch brothers. “Green Dog” Democrats – militantantly stressing tht, and promoting economic, energy efficiency programs have a good chance of getting elected.
    (The “conservative Christian Democratic Party” ruled in the state of Baden Wuerteenburg since the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1949. The city council and the Mayor of Stuttgart was always – “conservative” CDU. However, the “green movement” has been active and growing since 1975. After Fukushima- the Greens got most of the votes and formed a coalition with jr. Prtner S.P.D,. in Baden Wuerttenburg (which prompted the German nuclear exit.) Now, recent elections- just put a Green Lord Mayor in Stuttgart.

    I could go on. Lay out the plans- like Biden does.

  • Romney is the most liberal person I know, allowing his son to have a birth by a surrogate woman while permitting abortion to exist and telling a Mormon single mom that she should give her baby up for adoption. Mormon wonmen are really coming out against Romney. He also send tobacco to Russia, an him a non-smoker [in public].