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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Christie Puts His Political Career On The Line As He Apologizes For Bridge Scandal

Christie Puts His Political Career On The Line As He Apologizes For Bridge Scandal

New Jersey governor Chris Christie put his political career on the line on Thursday by claiming that he had no knowledge of any political motivation behind the closure of lanes on the George Washington Bridge.

“I am embarrassed and humiliated,” he said at a press conference at the state Capitol in Trenton. He went on to announce that he had dismissed his deputy chief of staff, Bridget Kelly. In the emails that became public on Wednesday, Kelly wrote, “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

Speculation — largely driven by the reporting of local papers and the staff of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show — has risen for months that the lane closures in August, which lasted for four days, were an attempt to punish Fort Lee’s Democratic mayor Mark Sokolich. Christie insists that he first learned of the involvement of his staff when the emails became public on Wednesday, although he later said he hadn’t slept well “for two nights.”

He promised to individually speak to his staff over the next few days and make any more revelations public. “I don’t know,” he said, when asked if he knew who made the decision to close part of the bridge. The governor seemed to believe a legitimate traffic study — the official reason given for the lane closure — may have been conducted, despite the revelations in the emails.

About four weeks ago, Christie held a press conference in which he jokingly dismissed the scandal.

“Unbeknownst to everybody I was actually the guy out there, I was in overalls and a hat,” he said at the time. The governor claimed in Thursday’s press conference that he had asked all of his staff, including Kelly, to come forward with any evidence of involvement an hour before he made those jokes to the press. He also claimed he would never have been so facetious about the increased traffic, which resulted in delays in emergency services, including an ambulance bringing a 91-year-old woman to a hospital. She later died.

Christie also said that he had “lost confidence” in his former campaign manager Bill Stepien, whom he has asked to withdraw his nomination to lead the state’s Republican Party. Stepien will also not be employed to consult for the Republican Governors Association, of which Christie was recently elected chairman.

The New York Times’ Kate Zernike recently argued that the stories of Christie’s “petty political revenge” all “add up” to reinforce his image as a bully — a charge that the governor denied repeatedly during his press conference.

“I am not a bully,” he said on Thursday, insisting several times that he was “heartbroken” by the revelations.

Christie’s aides dismissed worries about the lane closures affecting kids by saying they were  “children of Buono voters”

“People don’t go to the bathroom without asking his permission,” Christie’s Democratic opponent, State Senator Barbara Buono, told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell on Wednesday. “But I have to tell you, those quotes were startling to me. They were horrifying that somebody would talk about children in that way. It’s an abuse of trust of the public.”

“I have absolutely nothing to hide,” Christie said, when asked if he was willing to speak to law enforcement. Paul Fishman, New Jersey’s U.S. Attorney, announced just before Christie’s press conference that he was reviewing the decision to close the lanes.

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  • daniel bostdorf

    The previous comment here was written at another article, and due to a website glitch was accidentally “fed” here….I am removing it because it is not on topic…

  • charleo1

    Having watched a good deal of the Christie news conference, in my opinion,
    he handled himself about as well as any politician I can remember. Including
    Clinton, and the Monica Lewsinski affair, or Reagan and Iran Contra. Although,
    in the cases of the two Presidents, they were not able to remove themselves
    completely from the scandal, as Governor Christie swore himself to be in this
    particular one this morning. Having said that, the entire episode smelled like
    Republicans. The same petty, small minded, mean spirited, spit ball-ish, and irresponsible politics, exhibited over, and again, by it’s Party’s practitioners in the U.S. Congress. An escapade, if they had gotten away with it, sure to be a laugh filled hit, on the snobbish cocktail, and fundraiser circuits. “Oh, those

    • daniel bostdorf


    • Independent1

      An article in the DailyKos says the NY Daily News says: Christie is a thug and is finished:

    • whoohaa

      Your grammar is atrocious.

      • dtgraham

        Of all of the bulbs on the National Memo string, few burn as brightly as charleo1. He’s a smart dude who’s always an interesting read.

        • whoohaa

          Which says all that needs to be said . . . about the “National Memo stream.”

          • dtgraham

            Hey, grammar ain’t everything.

  • SeekingOut

    Here’s a question:
    This traffic problem lasted for about 4 days. When the problem emerged (the traffic problem), i.e., during or after the 1st day, did the Governor become concerned and understood the safety and security implications? If so, what did he do or attempt to do? If he did not become concerned, why not? Does this not reflect on his leadership skills?

    • rkief

      Nor, does it appear, any of the involved agencies were concerned, or brought it to the governor’s attention – until affected citizens and the media brought it to light.

    • latebloomingrandma

      On day 1 the traffic problems were so bad, why were no phone calls returned from the governor’s office when state reps and the Mayor of Fort Lee were trying to reach them?

  • johninPCFL

    So, the rats who propagated the closing have all left for better jobs, except the DCoS who gets to sit at home collecting unemployment while she writes her book. I see an eight-year-old tearfully speaking to the camera saying “Gov Christie killed my Gramma!” during the 2016 presidential election.

  • daniel bostdorf

    The first thing that came to mind was “A fish rots from the head down.” sic the head of the fish rots and the body soon follows.

    I also thought about how the environment was created for Bridget Kelly & operatives/staff to even begin to think that this dirty tricks behavior was acceptible. Nixon created this environment and we got The Plumbers Unit, Watergate, break ins at Elsbergs psychiatrists office, secret war in Cambodia by kissenger and many dozens of other political tactics used against enemies…and then the lies and coverup….

    The actions by Bridget Kelly exemplifies what I have been saying (at other posts at NM) about others in positions of power unchecked. Individuals or group mindset engage in immoral and unethical conduct to achieve a perceived success at tackling a problem ie “The ends justifies the means” being utilized….whether it be intentionally creating traffic on a bridge to get other appropriations passed to NSA potentually violating the Constitution and Bill of Rights in the name of “national security.”

    “The ends NEVER justifies the means.” Thousands upon thousands of examples abound throughout recent history.

    More about The ends do not justify the means here :

    • drdroad

      COMPLETELY agree with the first 3 paragraphs.

      • daniel bostdorf

        Thanks–liked your post above too…

  • drdroad

    This is probably good news for Democrats. All polls have been showing Christie does the best against Hillary. Now his popularity will be hurt, even inside his party. He’s already not that popular in VERY conservative GOP circles because of his ‘walks’ with the President. So maybe some other of the crazies could sneak through the nominations process, like (PLEASE, PLEASE) Ted Cruz. Hillary could beat him in record numbers!

    • daniel bostdorf

      The GOP simply does not stand a chance at winning the Presidency…the real battle ground is Senate Races and gerrymandered GOP districts….

      • joe schmo

        …..and if they do win the Senate. Then what? Lame duck comes to mind. Only……Mr. Dictator couldn’t have that could he. With all the mistakes he’s made it will take decades to turn our misfortune around. If it ever does. You should be so proud. Sad to say, your grandchildren will pay for your mistakes…..

        Well…..I was wondering when someone was going to come up with something to blast the Repubs. Honestly, good riddance, Along with Boehner, McCain, McConnell, we on the right couldn’t stand the flake anyway. He leaned too much to the left. I hope whoever runs is a complete last-minute surprise…..:)

        • charleo1

          If you’re wondering when someone at Fox News is
          going to come up with something to blast the GOP,
          you’re going to wind up a very old, very misguided
          individual. And, it sounds as though you’re already
          well on your way. Happy sailing!

          • joe schmo

            …..and you are the very misguided ignorant individuals who’s short sidedness will ruin it for all of us, Comrad. You know not what you are asking for……

        • Independent1

          If the Repubs win the Senate, they won’t win it with enough votes to override a veto, and Obama has already managed to keep the economy humming through the past 4 years with a totally disfunctional Congress. Such that despite the GOP obstructionism, his administration has accomplished more than all the previous 4 GOP administrations combined.

          So actually, the worst thing that might happen to the GOP might be for them to gain control of both Houses and really prove just how disfunctional they are in not being able to govern. The GOP doesn’t have a clue on how to run an economy – it was a shambles during the 12 Bush years. And they won’t be able to hide behind the fact that the Dems are controlling the Senate. Everything they do will be in the spotlight. So bring it on!! The GOP will fall flat on its face for 2 years because Obama will point out every flaw in every piece of legislaltion they try to come up with.

          And if you doubt my comment about how much Obama has accomplished, take 10-15 minutes to go through the list you can acccess via this link:

          • joe schmo

            Ummm….your link takes me no where?

            ….and here are some things he has failed @:

            =His promise not to allow lobbyists to work in his administration. (They have.)

            =His commitment to slash earmarks. (He didn’t.)

            =To be the most transparent presidency in history. (He’s not.)

            =To put an end to “phony accounting.” (It started almost on Day 1 and continues.)

            =And to restore trust in government. (Trust in government is at near-historic lows.)

            =His pledge to seek public financing in the general election. (He didn’t.)

            =To treat super-PACS as a “threat to democracy.” (He embraced them.)

            =His pledge to keep unemployment from rising above 8 percent. (It remained above 8 percent for the longest stretch since the Great Depression.)

            =To create five million new energy jobs alone. (The total number of jobs created in Obama’s first term was roughly one-tenth that figure.)

            =To identify all those “shovel-ready’ jobs. (Mr. Obama later chuckled that his much-hyped “shovel-ready projects” were “not as shovel-ready
            as we expected.”)

            =To lift two million Americans from poverty. (A record 46 million Americans are living in poverty during the Obama era.)

            =His promise to bring down health care premiums by $2,500 for the typical family (they went up) … allow Americans to keep the health care coverage they currently have (many can’t) … refuse to fund abortion via the Affordable Care Act (it did) … to respect religious liberties (he has violated them) … and the insistent that a mandate to buy insurance, enforced by financial penalties, was not a tax (it is).

            =Obama’s pledge to stop the rise of oceans. (It hasn’t.)

            =To “remake the world” and to “heal the planet.” (Hardly.)

            =To usher in a “new beginning” based on “mutual respect” with the Arab and Islamic world and “help answer the call for a new dawn in the Middle East.” (Come again?)

            =To punish Syria if it crossed the “red line” of using chemical weapons. (The “red line” was crossed earlier this year – and nothing of consequence happened.)

            =That as president “I don’t bluff.” (See the previous sentence on Syria.)

            =And of course the much-ballyhooed Russian reset. (Tensions between Russia and the United States are increasing and examples of Russia undermining U.S. interests are multiplying.)

            =And let’s not forget Mr. Obama’s promise to bring us together. (He is the most polarizing president in the history of the Gallup polling.)

            =Or his assurance to us that he would put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division and conflict and cynicism.” (All three have increased during the Obama presidency.)

            =And his counsel to us to “resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long.” (Remind me again whose campaign allies accused
            Mitt Romney of being responsible for the cancer death of a steelworker’s wife.)

            Dysfunctional…..ahh wouldn’t be that your President won’t even reach over the aisle? If there have been issues to resolve….well I would say he has done that on his own. I think the GOP outta let him hang himself which he basically is. Every time they even get a chance to step in, the Republican’s are overridden. We like to call them ‘cowards’ and hope to change that by voting some of them out.

            Face it, there is no team in ‘I.’ All the so called ‘disfunction’ that you are inferring has been created by your Savior.

          • Independent1

            Wow!! You can really make things up can’t YOU?? You should be writing stuff for the RNC!! Or do you??

            Obama never promised to do even 1/2 of what you quoted and it’s interesting that a group did a study of what Obama promised and found that he had in fact made about 500 promises – they also found t hat he had FULLY KEPT, over 250 of is promises and partially kept over another 140; only not being able to keep part of those 140 and the remaining 110 plus BECAUSE OF GOP OBSTRUCTISM!!

            Any idiot with 1/2 a brain would realize that Obama doesn’t have the authority to complete a great number of things you listed without help from Congress which has obviously not been forthcoming BECAUSE THE GOP ARE TRAITORS AND HAVE WORKED FOR 5 YEARS TO TRY AND MAKE OBAMA FAIL!!!



    Now what was that noise? Oh, that was just Christie’s political aspirations being flushed down the hopper.

    Nice work Chris, just think of all that weight loss BS gone for nothing.

    Looks like the GOP operation could use a few brain transplants. First we get a druggie quickly followed by a dummy. Why do they keep pressing the self-destruct button?

  • docb
    • Independent1

      doc, here’s an interesting one from the DailyKos: GOP Newspaper says Christie is a thug and is finished:

      • docb

        I am not sure who is the most afraid of Christie, inde! The right wing nuts who see that he gets things done against their ideological crazy obstruction or the left who sees him as a threat to the clinton dynasty!

        Either way, he is typical of the Jersey politics..not as bad as Buddy in Providence, RI but in the bombastic vein of ruff and tumble. He is more conservative than most think but he will not kowtow to the tbaggers against his people!.

    • whoohaa

      Another Obamabot swallowed the media’s predigested message. Thinkin’ must hurt you somethin’ fierce, huh bud?

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    At least Gov Christie had the courage & good sense to FIRE those responsible. Has anyone EVER been fired by Obama when malfeasance or worse happened? Like Benghazi, or Fast & Furious, where MANY lives were lost??.. Of course not. Firing someone means something was VERY wrong, but Obama never admits ANYTHING is wrong…..and IF it was wrong, it’s ALWAYS someone ELSES fault. It’s the democrat way….take credit for successes, even if not yours, but blame others when something goes very wrong. Great example for the young folks. It will also be interesting to see what Obama says about his pal, Dennis Rodman, supporting a madman in North Korea, while they imprison a US missionary on phony charges.

    • HGB

      How many lives were lost on 9/11? Who was fired?

      • middleclasstaxpayer

        9/11 was a SNEAK ATTACK (Similar to Pearl Harbor) that could NOT be anticipated at the time, nor defended against, because of the 15 million square miles the US occupies. If you compare Benghazi, however, the battle raged for EIGHT LONG HOURS, but nothing was done to help or support our brave Americans. Not one finger was lifted in their defense, and Obama had the unmitigated nerve to go on a campaign trip the very next morning, not even knowing if anyone lived or died??? Also, there WAS never another successful terrorist attack under President Bush, while Obama has hosted many. Take Major Hassan, the MUSLIM who KIILLED our soldiers in Texas, only to have his murderous rampage labeled as “workplace violence” by the Obama administration. Real bright deduction by Obama to avoid ANY responsibility for the act.

        • Independent1

          9/11 WAS NO SNEAK ATTACK!! Bush got 7 warnings over 3 months that it was coming and 7 TIMES, he refused to let the CIA focus on trying to stop it. Bush and Cheney deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen that ended up killing almost 3,000 Americans. A far greater tradgedy than anything that’s happened since.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            Are you claiming we actually knew the TIME & PLACE 9/11 was to occur???

          • Independent1

            Not claiming any such thing. The 7th CIA warning was on 8/6 that an attack was imminent. Bush left for Texas the next day and spent 30 days there tying Nixon for the longest continuous vacation of any modern president. Bush knew an attack was comming and was determined not to be around Washington. He even changed the CIA briefings to Deputies Only so he didn’t have to be there for the Sept briefing. He got back on 9/7 or 8 and almost immediately left Washington again being in Florida reading to school kids when 9/11 happened. You can be sure if the attack didn’t happen on 9/11, Bush would have scheduled some more school events to keep him out of Washington. Why else would he leave Washington so quickly after being away for 30 straight days if he wasn’t hiding from something??

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            Well, if no one knew WHEN & WHERE a 9/11 type attack would come, HOW could you prepare to defend against it, and WHERE would you send personnel? To EVERY major US city in our vast land??? Your accusations make no sense, unless of course you are an Obama supporter, in which care it is ALWAYS someone else’s fault.

          • Independent1

            What I said STUPID is that the CIA informed Bush of the imminent al Qaeda attacks saying they had credible information about the coming attack but needed their approval to be able to focus their efforts in trying TO STOPE THE ATTACK!! AND BUSH AND CHENEY REFUSED TO ALLOW THE AGENCIES TO SET THEIR FOCUS ON STOPPING THE ATTACK!!!

            Bush and Cheney had sent the CIA and FBI off on wild goose chases insisting these agencies had to find evidence that Iraq had WMDs – which it didn’t!! They insisted that the CIA and FBI couldn’t take personnel off the objective to find an excuse for attacking Iraq, so they could try and stop an imminent al Qaeda attack on the homeland!! Wake up!!!

            And if I sound annoyed, it’s because I am. You are nothing but a troll!!!!

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            You have conveniently forgotten that BOTH Bill & Hillary Clinton AGREED with the possible WMDs, AND Hillary Clinton VOTED TO ATTACK Iraq regarding WMDs. As for any possible 9/11 attack, you STILL have NOT explained HOW anyone could defend against it without knowing WHEN & WHERE it might occur….the US has over 15 Million Square Miles of land….where do you start looking for the attack???

          • Independent1

            I haven’t forgotten a thing. Bush and Cheney hoodwinked virtually the whole Congress with their lies and distortions about Iraq because they got General Powell to front for them who almost everyone believed. It was a lot more folks than the Clintons who got hoodwinked by those two snakeoil salesmen!!!

            And I don’t need to explain diddly squat. You know damn well what I’m talking about. The CIA and FBI didn’t pick up on the terrorst attack before it happend BECAUSE BUSH AND CHENEY WOULND’T LET THEM FOCUS ON TRYING TO STOP IT!!

            Stop acting so dumb you outright troll!!!

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            So your belief is that an American president actually allowed an attack on our homeland, knowing in advance when & where it would occur. No wonder you are an Obama supporter, as you’ll believe ANYTHING, no matter how absurd!

          • Independent1

            By the way, why are you carping about Benghazi when during Bush’s 8 years there were 13 attacks on our overseas offices with at least 8 of them being far worse than Benghazi. In all, more than 70 people died in attacks on our consolutes and embassies during Bush’s 8 years including 18 in one consulate that was attacked 3 times in 4 years (Karachi Pakistan) and one of the 18 who died was an America diplomat.
            So explain to me just how someone such as yourself can be so hypocritical as to carp about one attack that was unfortunate enough to see 4 people killed in a 5 year period when the party you obviously are loving is the party that allowed 13 attacks in 8 years with more than 70 people being killed???

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            So it appears you subscribe to Hillary Clinton’s view, as she so eloquently expressed it in the weeks after the tragic loss of life in Benghazi…quoting Hillary: “WHO CARES how it happened.” Well, the wives & families of the dead care. You are a great example of a proud Obama supporter, STILL blaming Bush instead of looking inward at yourselves. If you were institutionalized, you’d be in a padded room!

          • Independent1

            Hillary did not say: Who cares how it happend!! Rep Johson was harping about the GOP nonsense about just who perpetated the attack, when the only thing that is really important, was the unfortunate situation that 4 Americans were killed – whether they were killed because of some terrorists or because of some upset Muslim’s because of the inflaming video (which is not most likely the reason), is really not important – and that is what Hillary said: What difference does it make who did it??

            See her actual words:

            “With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans,” Clinton responded, raising her voice at Johnson, who continued to interrupt her. “Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk last night who decided to kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, Senator.”
            And the only reason all of this is even being aired (Hillary had pointed out that there have been more than 88 attacks on consulates and embassies since 1977 and ONLY TWICE HAVE THE INVESTIGATIONS INTO WHAT WENT WRONG BEEN MADE PUBLIC!! AND WHY?? BECAUSE GOP CREEPS HAVE TO CREATE A SCANDAL TO DIVERT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FROM ALL THE SCAMS THEY’RE PLAYING IN CONGRESS!!

        • ThomasBonsell

          If you are going to blame Obama for the Ft. Hood rampage in Texas by a Muslim major, you will have to accept blame for the Virginia Tech massacre that happened under George W. Bush.

          So it seems your statement that, “there WAS never another successful terrorist attack under President Bush” is an outright lie. And there have been numerous terrorist attacks in the nations Bush invaded, and they are directly tied to his invasions.

          Get Real.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            Virginia Tech was committed by a madman, NOT a muslim terrorist.

          • ThomasBonsell

            So was the Ft. Hood rampage committed by a madman; no difference. Virginia Tech happened on George W. Buah’s watch, and he failed to prevent it.

            The Ft. Hood rampage was committed by a United States citizen, therefore it’s hard to label him a Muslim terrorist, while the Virginia Tech massacre was committed by a foreign national, which might make it easier to label him a foreign terrorist. Terrorists don’t have to be only Muslim.

            If you can hand it out; learn to take it.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            We’re NOT talking about who could have prevented a massacre, but what was done AFTER the fact. Ft Hood Major Hassan was a known Muslim, communicated openly with Muslim terrorists world-wide, and slaughtered over a dozen soldiers in the name of Allah.
            What does Obama do…he allows the rampage to be categorized as “workplace violence” deflecting ANY blame for Muslims, terrorists, or his administration.

          • daniel bostdorf

            off topic

        • daniel bostdorf

          Getting off topic…

    • Dennis Mullins

      You are grasping at straws. Nothing has been proven wrong with none of your subjects outlined above, even though I do agree Rodney should take a hard look at himself and and stop his trips to North Korea. If he likes it over there then by all means go there and live. He’s nothing but a dam idiot anyway.

      • middleclasstaxpayer

        Think about the Dennis Rodman situation for a minute…when he first went to North Korea in March 2013, upon his return he was invited to the White House by Obama. So not only did Rodman snub his nose at the US by his visit to N. Korea, he was then REWARDED by a White House invitation. Really smart of Obama, and this is the thanks we all get in return.

        • charleo1

          Obama did no such thing. You are a horribly, horribly
          misinformed person. How, are you accessing the general information you’re working with? You need to at least check one source aganist another. Because, you’re right, IF, Obama had done such a thing, it might confirm some of the Right Wing contentions that the President is naive, and so on. But it never happened. So, now what? You look foolish, because the sources You depend on to form your opinions, have not been honest with you. What else are they not being honest with you about? Benghazi? Because the the final debrief has been done, and most of the Country has moved on. There is no there, there. You do realize we are at war with certain factions? That our embassies, and assets have been attacked with regularity, for at least the last 30 years? Do you see the continuation of this different somehow with Obama? If so how?

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            It appears the Rodman news article was bogus…sorry for the misinformation.
            Regarding your further point, Obama’s response to terrorist attacks is to MINIMIZE & attempt to DOWNPLAY all Muslim terrorist attacks as something else. In Benghazi, he offhandedly blamed a video instead of Al Qaida, whom he had just previously announced was “on the run in the Middle East.” In Syria, he had earlier drawn the “RED LINE” only to retreat in apparent weakness. At Ft Hood, a known Muslim sympathizer, Major Hassan, who openly communicated with active Muslim terrorists by email & telephone, massacres 13 of our soldiers while screaming Allah Akbar (the cry of Muslim radicals, meaning God is Great), and yet Obama allows his administration to label this horrendous attack as simply “workplace violence.” Obama is making excuses for what most of the world sees as Muslim Terrorism, making Obama appear either WEAK, UNINFORMED, NAIVE or collaborating with the enemy. How do YOU explain the above events???

      • charleo1

        Rodman has always had a blind spot when it came to
        embarrassing himself. Maybe he just doesn’t go around

      • daniel bostdorf

        you are both getting way off topic…can we yank in this stuff?

    • charleo1

      Who was fired for Iraq? “Slam Dunk,” CIA Director, George Tenent? “The war will be over in six weeks, and paid for by the Iraqis.” Deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz? “Don’t let a smoking gun be a mushroom cloud.” National Security Advisor to the President, Condi Rice? Or, “They will greet us as Liberators.” Vice President, Dick Cheney? “For the sake of the world, the United States will lead a mighty collation to disarm Saddam Hussein.” George W. Bush, President of the United States. Which of these government officials were fired or otherwise dismissed, for leading the Country into the biggest military blunder, since Hitler set out for Stalingrad?
      Okay, firing is a little to much to expect. Of the above public officials, which of them has admitted, in hindsight they were wrong? misguided? a bit hasty? overly optimistic then? Wrong about the cost of the war? Wrong, or didn’t foresee the Civil War, that would follow the fall of Bagdad? Had no idea that 200,000 Iraqi civilians would die in that Civil War? Or that 4 million Iraqis would be forced from their Country? Or, publicly apologized then, to the nearly 5,000 families that will always be one Son, or Daughter, or one Father, or one Mother short? Or the 30,000 that were wounded? Or the 20,000 that will need our support for the rest of their lives? Which one of these fine upstanding public servants were ever made responsible? Rebuked in any official way? Salary cut? Anything?

      • Independent1

        Charle, and what’s a crying shame about no one getting officially punished is that the Bush Administration thugs did it all on purpose.
        I’m sorry: it wasn’t being too hasty. It wasn’t mistaking what our intelligence said. It wasn’t being misguided. It was planned even before they won the 2000 election and was just plain intentially defrauding the American people for one purpose – to syphon as much money as possible from the American taxpayers via defense industry contractors who were given no-bid contracts to supposedly support our troops and rebuild Iraq.
        The only punishment that has possibly been administered is that Bush and Cheney are most likely restricted to where they can now travel in the world because so many countries would like to get their hands on them so as to prosecute them for crimes against humanity.

        • charleo1

          Well, sure. It was one of these cases, where a few
          radical neocons, which almost no one agreed with,
          by the way. Seizing an opportunity a National crisis
          afforded them, to put into action a scheme to take
          Iraq by military force, and build the infrastructure
          there, to prosecute a wider war aganist Syria, and
          Iran. They of course, were not honest about those
          goals. And may never publicly admit to such. But,
          operation “Drain the Swamp,” was a plan Dick
          Cheney, and others had held at least since the first
          gulf war. It is, I think a very concerning thing, when
          the Country is allowed to be bum rushed into a war,
          on information that simply was not so. And none the
          institutions, Congress, our two Party political system,
          the press, the UN, none prevented the Country from
          being led into a disastrous war, on information that
          was simply not true. It’s such a serious thing. I don’t believe we’ve yet spent enough time coming to terms as to how that happened. Not, so much to assign blame for political purpose. But to make it at least much harder, for the next small cabal of individuals to manipulate us into another such war.

      • middleclasstaxpayer

        OK, let’s assume you are correct on all points… can that possibly justify Obama ABANDONING FOUR American lives in Benghazi for no better reason that to safeguard his re-election bid? Two wrongs have NEVER made a right! Obama, as commander in chief, was the only one who could order a “stand-down” yet he will NEVER admit responsibility, and four brave Americans are dead because of Obama’s selfish ambitions. And anyone who might be implicated along with Obama is never fired, only “reassigned” to a better job!!!

        • charleo1

          See, that’s the point. You don’t need to assume I am correct on all points, you can check it yourself. Were
          mistakes made in Benghazi? Yes, read the report.
          Will you get the political scandal you’re hoping for?
          No. But, what would rather have? The truth, or that
          fabrication you got Lord knows where, and are repeating here. Look, you don’t like it if someone tells
          an ugly lie about you? Or repeats one, Right? That
          applies to everyone, So, think about that. Think about
          the Ambassador’s family. His Father has been very
          public, with several articles in major news outlets.
          What do you think? Think he’s not heard your version
          of events? He’s not blaming the President. Why? Wild
          horses couldn’t keep me from screaming that story
          from the rooftops. if my Son was left to die in such a
          callous selfish way! So, ask yourself, why is that not

          • daniel bostdorf

            Christie will be resigning, don’t worry. The Justice Department is on him like a bad case of athletes foot.

      • daniel bostdorf

        interesting points of history…thanks…

    • daniel bostdorf

      Christie is rotted from the head to his mouth.

      “A fish rots from the head down.” sic the head of the fish rots and the body soon follows.

      A fish rots from the head down meaning:
      When an organization or state fails, it is the leadership that is the root cause.

      “The top leader’s job is to create the right internal climate for the
      organization. Organizational climate embodies the intangible feelings
      your people have about your organization. Research going back more than 30 years shows that you can measure a wide variety of attitudes of your workers, from job overload, to job satisfaction, to teamwork
      orientation. This area could be more accurately thought of as
      psychological climate since it really refers to the attitudes and
      psychology of the people in your company….You can’t directly control the attitudes of everyone under you. But if you accept the fact that you
      are responsible, regardless, then you can focus on creating a desirable
      organizational climate.”

      Christie, the bully and narcissist, created the climate that allowed for this to happen. Period. He should resign.

  • ThomasBonsell

    This statement that “I didn’t know about it” from a Republican strikes me as a bit hypocritical.

    Hasn’t the GOP been screaming at us for months that President Obama had to know what was going on in an IRS office in Cincinnati that was trying to verify the accuracy of statements made by groups seeking tax-exempt status. But a GOP governor doesn’t know what is going on in his own statehouse.

    In past years, the GOP screamed about Bill Clinton’s lack of control when a campaign-fund raiser accepted some illegal contributions then skimmed some nickels and dimes off the top for himself. The fund raiser was in Sacramento, California. But when a subversive Lt. Colonel in the Marines stole billions of dollars worth of US military equipment, sold it to the hostile nation of Iran and swiped the proceeds to send to murderous death squads in Latin America, Ronald Reagan couldn’t possibly know about that, the GOP said. Reagan even went on TV to claim he didn’t know. That Marine Lt. Colonel worked in the White House.

    • latebloomingrandma

      Good points all!

      • ThomasBonsell

        Forgot to mention the Watergate escapade conducted by Richard Nixon’s men who worked in the White House with him and served on his re-election committee. But Nixon couldn’t possibly know about that, Republicans said; besides that, it was only a third-rate burglary.

    • daniel bostdorf

      The ends never justifies the means. Lesson of history Christie and his operatives failed to learn. Apologies do nothing. He needs to resign.

    • daniel bostdorf
  • old_blu

    @ middleclasstaxper.. I love how you phonies all show your fake concern for the people and the attack on Benghazi, you’re so outraged. The new format won’t let me reply to you directly.

    Under Bush:

    Jan 22nd, 2002: US Consulate at Kolkata, 5 killed.

    June 14, 2002: US Consulate at Karachi, 12 killed.

    February 28, 2003 US Embassy at Islamabad: 2 killed.

    June 30, 2004 US Embassy at Tashkent, 2 killed.

    December 6, 2004 US Compound at Saudi Arabia, 9 killed.

    March 2, 2006 US Consulate at Karachi (2nd time), 2 killed.

    September 12, 2006: US Embassy at Syria, 4 killed.

    March 18, 2008 US Embassy at Yemen, 2 killed.

    July 9, 2008 US Consulate at Istanbul, 6 killed.

    September 17th, 2008 US Embassy at Yemen, 16 killed.

    Outraged Republicans: Zero.

    • Independent1

      Old_Blu, there was also an attack on the Karachi consulate in 2003 with 2 more being killed with a total of 18 being killed at that consulate with the Bush Administration having done nothing to prevent any of them. And as you pointed out, despite the fact that one of the 4 killed in the 2006 attack, there were no public hearings of these atrocities. And as Hillary pointed out during her testimony, there had been 88 attacks on our overseas consulates from 1977 until Benghazi, and only two of those 88 attacks had hearings that were open to the public. Making it even more clear that the hypocritical GOP was making a public spectical of Benghazi for purely political purposes.

      • old_blu

        Thank you Independent, I always appreciate your input, your response’s are always well thought out and you can put it into words better than anyone I know.

    • Independent1

      I meant to point out that one of the 4 killed in the 2006 Karachi attack was a diplomat. I’m suprised the new format doesn’t have an edit option.

    • middleclasstaxpayer

      So what you are inferring is that, since others before Obama have suffered casualties in the war on Terror, it was perfectly OK for Obama to ignore an ONGOING eight hour battle in Bnghazi where four brave Americans fought for their lives. The attacks you referenced were all sneak attacks that were over in minutes, while Benghazi raged for 8 LONG HOURS, while 3 of the 4 Americans held off multiple assaults from all sides. Fact is, no one but our commander in chief (Obama) could have issued a stand-down order when an attack was ongoing on US soil. Two wrongs do NOT make a right…..Obama abandoned our brave men when they needed him most, and for apparently SELFISH reasons, as Obama knew his re-election was on the line. So he thought ONLY of himself and ignored the pleas for help from Benghazi, allowing our brave men to be slaughtered.

      • old_blu

        You’re just lying there was no stand down orders given that’s something even Fox News stopped spouting, still showing your fake phony concern for the people in Benghazi I see.
        You don’t give two craps about those people you’re just spouting off at the mouth something someone told you to say and I’ve heard it all already.

        “The (AP) reported that congressional testimony from CIA officers and contractors who were in Libya the night of the September 11 Benghazi attacks once again revealed that no “stand down” orders were ever given, and that a faster response still could not have saved American lives.”

      • Lilacgypsy

        No…what is being said is None were OK and you know know that! There weren’t cries of public outrage , whether it lasted minutes, hours or days is Irrevelant , whether sneak attack or not ( which is the dumbest rationalization I have heard yet…) you can’t have it both ways..Bush had many more Benghazis , why weren’t you Screaming “Foul”?
        What you and your comrades should be screaming about, however, is that Monies for additional security at Embassies was requested by the President and Sec Clinton, was rejected, and then the current budgeted amount was cut by $128 million. Rep Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) was asked if he voted to cut federal funding for security at U.S. Embassies..”Absolutely! Look we have to make priorities and choices in this country…….You have to prioritize things” . The Repubs have no one to blame but themselves, the Benghazi blood is on the GOP’s hands.
        I only blame the President for allowing your party to reject and not over riding it by Executive privledge! Of course instead of calling for the impeachment for the deaths at Benghazi, you people would think you hit paydirt and would be talking impeachment because the President was a dictator because he over rode Congress, right? Your Party has made every action requested a no win situation.
        Americans understand the motives the Haters and Bashers like yourself have continually placed on the President. You have No One to blame except yourselves!
        Benghazi was a casualty of the OBSTRUCTION policy your cohorts have strictly adhered to since the President was elected. Point the finger at yourselves ..stop the bull crap and get rid of your heroes….that’s what a true concerned American should do.

        • old_blu

          @ Lilacgypsy
          I hate this new format it makes it almost impossible to respond to you and I can’t go back and read any of your other comments, but I appreciate your truths on this matter.
          I don’t think I’ve seen you before welcome to you.

    • idamag

      Old Blu, you are so right. Their concern for four people is as phony as phony gets.

  • charleo1

    test, what is this?

    • Independent1

      My sentiments exactly! My guess is that this new format is going to cut down on commenting. It’s not only difficult to use, there is no edit feature and the whole new format is extremely cumbersome – including even entering comments.

      • idamag

        I* understood when the paper stopped using so much ink. It saved them money, but almost unreadable on a website? I predick people won’t be posting as much on National Memo.

  • charleo1

    I gotta say, I do not like this comment board.
    No edit option, etc. Mother Jones has a disqus,
    as well as think progressive. Probably will be
    posting there more often now. Sorry to say.

    • Independent1

      Ditto! In addition to no editting, there’s also no ability to upload anything to amplify your comments.

      • old_blu

        You’re right I have a hard time doing anything on here now, I suspect we are going to loose a few, but maybe they are not done with the site yet and it will get better.

      • old_blu

        Well I hope we can all run into each other on Mother Jones then.

    • idamag

      Thank you. I will probably be meeting you there.

  • daniel bostdorf

    This article is about Christie puts his political career on the line as he apologizes for bridge scandal.

    And nothing else

    Reminding us from the opening premise of the artcle —-that I hope gets this commentary back on track away from from 911 conspiracy theories, dennis rodman and other off topic rant.

    From the article:

    New Jersey governor Chris Christie put his political career on the
    line on Thursday by claiming that he had no knowledge of any political
    motivation behind the closure of lanes on the George Washington Bridge.

    “I am embarrassed and humiliated,” he said at a press conference at
    the state Capitol in Trenton. He went on to announce that he had
    dismissed his deputy chief of staff, Bridget Kelly. In the emails that
    became public on Wednesday, Kelly wrote, “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

    Speculation — largely driven by the reporting of local papers and the staff of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show – has risen for months that the lane closures in August, which lasted for four days, were an attempt to punish Fort Lee’s Democratic mayor Mark Sokolich. Christie insists that he first learned
    of the involvement of his staff when the emails became public on
    Wednesday, although he later said he hadn’t slept well “for two nights.”

  • daniel bostdorf

    Lets commend Joe Conason and the web gurus here for the new design and fixing glitches so quickly.

    This has allowed for a healthy free exchange of ideas about Christie bullying and abuses of power…

  • daniel bostdorf

    The assembly has got to get to the bottom of this and take corrective measures.

    New Jersey Assembly to Hold Special Session on Bridge Scandal
    More here:

    Here at CNN

  • daniel bostdorf

    Of course it is an impeachable offense. Christie new what was going on, and those he threw under the bus have nothing to loose by telling the truth once and for all…

    Chris Christie Scandal Is An ‘Impeachable Offense’ If He Knew, Dem Lawmaker Leading Probe Says

  • daniel bostdorf

    Even Christie’s mentor gets it…

    Chris Christie Mentor Says Bridge Scandal Poses Question: ‘Do You Really Want That In Your President?’