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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) has said that he would support Hillary Clinton if she runs for president in 2016.

“I won’t make an endorsement, but I will say this: If she makes a decision to run, I would be with her,” Lewis told The New York Times.

“I think today she is the most qualified person in America to be president. No one has worked so hard or done a more effective job in representing this country as Secretary of State in modern times.”

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe Wesley Clark, and longtime Clinton associate James Carville have already expressed their support for the former secretary and senator’s candidacy through the Ready for Hillary PAC, which has raised more than a million dollars to encourage Clinton to run.

The congressman made headlines in 2008 when he switched his early endorsement from Clinton to Barack Obama during that contentious primary.

Lewis was the youngest speaker at 1963’s momentous March On Washington.

Less than two years later, he and the group he led, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), joined an impromptu march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

“As they crossed the Alabama River on Selma’s Edmund Pettus Bridge, Alabama state troopers descended on the marchers with batons and bullwhips; some demonstrators were trampled by policemen on horseback, and the air was choked with tear gas,” The Nation‘s Ari Berman wrote. “Lewis, who suffered a fractured skull from a clubbing, thought he was going to die.”

Only eight days later, President Lyndon Johnson introduced the Voting Rights Act, which has been a cornerstone of the civil rights movement for four decades. In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court threw out Section 4 of the law earlier this year, making it impossible to enforce the “pre-clearance” aspect of the law that requires states and counties that have historically discriminated against minority voters to have all changes to their election laws approved by the Department of Justice.

This week, Hillary Clinton laid out a strategy to restore the heart of the Voting Rights Act in a speech before the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates.

The former First Lady has not announced if she will run. Her immediate plan is to join her husband and daughter at the Clinton Foundation while making a series of speeches about restoring trust in government.

Clinton leads all possible 2016 candidates in recent polls and is even competitive against some GOP candidates in red states like Texas and Georgia.




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  • tax payer

    Maybe former President Clinton can be her running mate.

    • Jim Myers

      Not possible. He served as POTUS for 8 years. If Hillary died early in her first or second term, (Lord, I hope not) ,he would only be able to serve 2 more years.

      • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

        Double check that. There no lifetime limit on Presidential terms, only on consecutive years in office. In theory, Lyndon Johnson could have run for reelection in ’68, and Bubba could have run again in 2004! The scary thing is Bubba probably could have beaten Dubya that year.

  • Lucien

    Clinton Obama 2016

  • Germansmith

    And this is important because??
    There is any doubt the Democratic party will crown Hillary as the “chosen one”?
    Blacks may be deserting in troves to the Republican Party?

    • Dominick Vila

      German, you obviously don’t know much about Democrats. If Hillary runs in 2016, and that is still a big if, she will have the full support of ALL Democrats, especially African Americans, most Latinos, and women. There is a better chance of someone like me flying to a remote galaxy and coming back in one piece than ethnic minorities and women deserting the Democratic party and becoming Republicans.

      • B.September

        Tell the Republicans to nominate someone experienced, sane, thoughtful, intelligent, experienced, bi-partisan and knowledgeable like former Utah Governor Jon Meade Huntsman Jr. and even a strong Obama supporter like me (I am a black man with a Bachelors of Science degree in Political Science and Masters study in Public Administration) will give him my strong support if he picks the right running mate and endorses a “thoughtful” & “rational” platform.

        Many people are fascinated with the idea of – “The Time Has Come for A Woman to be President of the USA” … I do not care about gender or racial/ethnic background. I care about who will be
        best for the nation. Ms. Clinton did not “shine” & “sparkle” as some think she did when she was a US Senator or Sec. of State. She also has not been a strong supporter of President Obama in my opinion.

        BUT … if the Republicans run more “crazy” irrational, bigoted, racist & sexist “wack-jobs” who do not give a damn about the poor, the disenfranchised, ethnic/racial minorities, the struggling middle class, working-class people, the elderly, veterans and struggling students BUT still push the agenda of give all to the wealthy, big business, large multinational corporations and screw the “little guy” and shut down the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) rather than improve upon it …forget it! I am an independent who shall vote straight Democratic ticket in 2016.

        • Robert Haugh

          I am a Democrat who has on occasion, in the past voted for a Republican (never for national office) Now, seeing that party of anti-American extremists in congress doing its best to bring this country to its knees, I can promise this. I will never again vote for a Republican in my lifetime, at any level of government.

          • Reddiaperbaby

            Welcome to the club…glad to have you. God bless!!

        • DurdyDawg

          But that’s the point ‘B’.. Just like in 2012 when the Republicants dropped Huntsman before he could even get off the platform, they will not accept ANOTHER Gerald Ford.. Too honest.. Difficult to manipulate and FOR the people.. If Jon Huntsman runs in 2016 it will be because the people insisted he be their candidate.. See anything like that happening in GOPOPOLIS?

          Their middle name is “crazy irrational bigoted, racist & sexist wack-jobs” and their drawing in otherwise sane citizens into their vortex of pseudo belief insanities with the idiocy of convincing them that it’s everybody else that’s wrong.

      • Germansmith

        That was my point.
        I agree with you and that is why I am and asking why is Lewis’s support of any importance when we all know blacks will vote Democrat anyway.
        2016 is very far away anyway and it is absurd to be talking about the next election when we are still 3 years away

        • InsideEye

          True, 99.9% of Black Americans vote Democratic, all you have to do is count them and mail in a number…they do not have to show up, really. So why all of the uproar of voter ID……Blacks were either brought here or were born here., blacks certainly can not ever be suppressed. Only ID required for them is is a simple address verification to prevent accidental voting in multiple districts by Alzheimer’s inflicted voters? All other citizens have to prove that they are US CItizens by some nationally acceptable ID.

          • DurdyDawg

            If what you blather is true then you must wonder why they do this? For the few bucks they can ‘mooch’ off the g’ment in welfare? or the canned beans they can buy on food stamps? When all they have to do is sell their soul to the devil and act like a capitalist money monger.. Stomping on those below them to get what they want (just like the wealthy neocon) is certainly far better than getting free money to EXIST on from the g’ment.. So why do they vote Democratic? There’s gotta be a reason.. Their not dummies (right?) Maybe it’s because the GOP has nothing to offer them that they would actually receive.. you know, like ‘trickle’ down? Maybe it’s because the Dems see them on the same level or maybe just like you (we hope) they vote for WHOMEVER THEY WANT!!

          • InsideEye

            Capitalists Democrats and Republicans offer jobs, menial, or hamburger flipping as a stepping stone to advance your future through ones own incentive. We all work in a trickle down system in one way or another. The government provides a few trickle crumbs to get one over hard times, but. May not be enough to live on , but that is why we have starter jobs to be recognized for a better level. There certainly are a few amongst that are not able to work, those we can support. No one sells out there soul to employers…that work where their talents can be used. Some people may be content on pleasant clerical jobs government or private , or want to aspire, get educated and go on to what ever ideal they want. Personally I scraped bakery pans , became a baker while working towards medical,school. , still love to bake at home. Learned something useful at every level, met great people along the way, and helped others as well. I am an issues person, more libertarian, hate party names that vote blindly like lemmings.