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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Endorsements from mainstream media figures have provided a scrim of credibility for Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash, the Hillary-and-Bill-bashing book just published by Rupert Murdoch’s HarperCollins. Without the explicit support of respectable institutions such as the New York Times and Washington Post, Schweizer’s lengthy record of inaccuracy and extremism – not to mention the dozens of errors in the book itself – would have doomed his project to the same irrelevance as so many others of its all-too-familiar type.

More than once in recent days, for example, Joshua Green of Bloomberg News has spoken out to defend the far-right author. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, during the pre-release publicity push for Clinton Cash last week, Green said of Schweizer: “He tends to kind of get smeared, but it’s worth remembering this is a serious guy who has done serious work that led to a serious article,” said Green, who went on to complain that Schweizer – whose previous works and connections with far-right dark-money sources were scrutinized by Media Matters, among others – is a victim of “character assassination.”

Character assassination is apparently the least of Schweizer’s worries, if the guy was being serious during his May 4 appearance on former Breitbart blogger Dana Loesch’s radio show. Her very first question recalled a loony wingnut legend concerning the tragic 1993 suicide of Vince Foster, deputy counsel in the Clinton White House:

“I know you don’t want to talk too much about it, but there is that, there is always that concern for anyone who goes up against the Clinton machine that they could be Vince Fostered,” she ventured, “and I’m sure that that was something that you took into consideration.”

In reply, Schweizer swiftly abandoned any semblance of seriousness:

“Yeah, I mean look — there are security concerns that arise in these kinds of situations. You know, you don’t like to go into too much detail, there were some things that were going on that we felt needed to be addressed. The decision on security wasn’t actually made by me, it was made by board members of Government Accountability Institute, and you know, it’s I think showing an abundance of caution. The reality is we’ve touched on a major nerve within the Clinton camp. They are very, very upset, and they are pulling out all the stops to attack me in an effort to kill this book off.”

Kill? Oh dear.

Keep this bizarre exchange in mind when journalists like Green insist that everyone must take Schweizer seriously. By contrast, Green tried to undermine me as an “inveterate Clinton defender” when we appeared together briefly on NPR’s On Point. As I pointed out later, he obviously hadn’t read any of my critical columns on Hillary Clinton during the 2008 primary campaign. (Incidentally, Schweizer declined to appear with me on that broadcast, with his Murdoch publicist offering one feeble excuse after another — but I would be happy to debate him about his outlandish charges against the Clintons any time.)

The Vince Foster reference reflects on the mental state of Tea Party cartoon characters like Loesch, who remain obsessed with the most deranged legends about the Clintons. But it is also a timely reminder that the Vince Foster nonsense, like other “Clinton scandals,” was promoted by the late Republican billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, who spent millions on the clandestine  “Arkansas Project” in pursuit of the Clintons’ political destruction.

The true story of those covert activities — or as a famous woman once put it, the “vast right-wing conspiracy” — is told again in our new (and free!) e-book, The Hunting of Hillary, excerpted from The Hunting of the President.

Today, Scaife’s role is played by the secretive financiers of Schweizer’s “institute”  — namely, the Koch brothers and their network of Republican billionaires, whose plotting and financing of this attempted “character assassination” of Hillary Clinton is the best endorsement of her that I can imagine.

You can download the new e-book The Hunting of Hillary for free here.

Photo: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the 2014 Harkin Steak Fry in Indianola, IA. (Gregory Hauenstein/Flickr)

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84 Responses to ‘Clinton Cash’: Will The Clinton ‘Machine’ Try To Kill Its Author?

  1. The question for me is not whether the Clinton “machine” will kill the author of this book, but whether the Republican disinformation machine will manage to damage Hillary Clinton’s candidacy to the point that not even Democrats will vote for her.
    From White Water to marital infidelity, to alleged wrongdoing associated with the Clinton Foundation, to foreign governments donations being bribes, to the e-mail “scandal”, to Benghazi, and now a book that in the mythical world of Republicanism is as credible as the Bible, what we are seeing is a well organized and executed strategy to destroy an opponent, without ever offering solutions to the problems that are important to the average American, or a vision of the future.
    This is what happens to members of a political party who have nothing to offer, other than a dismal record and lack of vision. For them, the only option is to destroy the opposition using whatever means are necessary. What matters to them is the end result, and what winning elections means to the advancement of their agenda, not facts or the truth.
    Make no mistake, if Democrats change their minds, and endorse an Elizabeth Warren-Bernie Sanders ticket, their big guns will shift to Native American heritage, the vicious attacks on our beloved Wall Street, fighting white collar corruption, and the pernicious effects of regulatory practices.

    • Is that kinda like the left saying the right wants to kill off seniors, throwing them over the cliff, or how all on the right hate black people, or illegal immigrants. It is like saying all on the right hate poor people and love to keep them down. It is like saying how the right has a war on women. Both sides have their crazy beliefs. Is it like saying cities like Baltimore and Detroit have their problems because of 50 years or so of Democratic rule, which proves the policies of the left don’t work. Is it like throwing the police under the bus when these policies don’t work. Both sides have their own “solutions” to problems, which are not working.

      • If the right could run a government as well as they sling mud the could create a great nation, Both sides do it, it’s just that the right has gotten really good at it and rely on it instead of fixing problems. If you make people dumb enough you can do anything and the republicans are working hard to do just that.

          • I don’t know but you have to give credit where credit is do. The republicans started with the Swift Boat Vets and have stuck with the game plan ever since. They built the own TV network to support their claims and use outside people to push their misinformation. They are good at it. The Democrats are the
            please don’t hurt me party. A republican candidate has to say or do something for their machine to start working. No the republicans have it down to an art and the democrats are bush league.

          • There is only one truly right wing TV station, the one who in a court of law said they lie and that they were an entertainment channel., the one and only Fox News.

          • But there are many more liberal stations and they have all admitted fabricating, so they lie more. Is this the way news is to be judged. Fox cable is certainly not news it is only opinion. Shepard Smith is the only news program, an it also just reports events.

          • Name the other networks who have gone to court because of lying. I can’t find any others. All news media make mistakes and have an editorial biases but Fox is in a class by themselves.

          • There is the Court of Punlic opinion, which is more important evidently since advertising and journalistic public relations media , political ads. are counting on its effectiveness. Al Sharpton says courts do not present accurate verdicts of what the public knows? actually happened….he is the oracle of wisdom, Obama says. I am not familiar with any court cases to which you refer , was it a case libel, was it Harry Ried ?

          • I can’t find any other case of a network being sued for false news, can you. As I have said Fox is one of a kind. I have tried every search I can think of.

          • I did say that I am not familiar with any court cases, what was the case you were referring?

          • All forms of digital news casting are eye candy type entertainment. They are all formatted to sell silly people something they don’t need.

          • They are business’s and sell advertising by having viewers. I stopped watching most.

  2. To put all of this “political assassination” garbage into context, all one has to do is remember the quote by former President Richard Nixon when he was running for a local office many years ago. He had falsely accused his opponent of something and a reporter told Nixon that what he was saying wasn’t true. Nixon replied, “It doesn’t matter, it’s how many people I can get to believe it.”

    • Once again the sheep will follow the goat and believe anything that they are told. None of the right will read the book anyway, they will believe what they are told about what it says by Fox and go from there.

      • They are talking only to their base. Democrats don’t want to hear any of this crap. Every poll which comes out show Democrats remain united behind Hillary. This was not the aim of Fox News with their propaganda. Am sorry to deliver bad news to them: IT HASN’T WORKED. Try another different crap.

        • It’s their base that they have to get all worked up. If the can get their base to the polls they win, Look at Bush in 2004, he won because the republicans got out the vote like they have never done before. They were bringing them in by bus loads in my district, all holding cards with who to vote for. All legal voters.

          • I beg to disagree with you. It is not only their base which can deliver them victory. It is all about blocs of different voters. “W” was so clever in 2004 he got a real good portion of all blocs he needed to win. Here I mean: Latinos, Blacks, Women, Young Votes of which republican lost all of them in 2008 and again in 2012.

          • The problem is the blocs didn’t show up in 2014 and I don’t know if they will in 2016. If they don’t show we are in deep Do Do.

          • Don’t worry, it will be The General Election and not Mid-term. Everything is well organised and under control.

  3. You are quite right Joe Conason all these attacks is all about character assassination. No more, no less. Hillary was a candidate in 2008, why this so-called, “intelligent, good writer Schweizer” didn’t come out with his book then? The foundation was already operating that time. For god’s sake, the Foundation has done more than what the entire US donations to poor countries has done to the world. I would humbly ask the Foundation to prepare the video of what they have done, show it to people and let folk make their judgement.

    • You are right. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation have done more to help poor people worldwide than the U.S. government does. They have been fighting malnutrition, disease, promoting education, giving people who had to walk several kilometers to fill a can with potable water access to water in their little villages, educating people about the value of vaccinations, hygiene, and the need to control the spread of disease, than any other U.S. institution, past or present. Their efforts have been recognized worldwide, and help project an image that, incredibly, some among us consider counter productive. The Clinton Foundation is not being attacked because it has done anything illegal, it is being attacked because of political imperatives, and because of its measurable successes.
      We have to go no further than comparing former President Ford’ post presidential golfing marathons, Nixon’s life in seclusion in New York City, GHWB’s parachuting experiences, and W’s oil painting renditions, with Jimmy Carter’s Habitat for Humanity and the work that Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation is doing to understand why the GOP is determined to attack and destroy the latter.

      • After reading a couple of recently published books – Altered Genes, Twisted Truth by Steven Druker which is about how GMO’s got in to the American food/pharmaceutical supply and were never ever shown to be safe and Dissolving Illusions – Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History co- authored by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, I totally disagree that the “philanthropic” ventures supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates and Clinton Foundation will really do any sustainable works anywhere. I hear that in Africa, small farmers have been systematically pushed off their lands – so that big agricultural entities can boast that Africa is the next “Breadbasket” where they can put their unsustainable system into place (last year Nat. Geographic ran a series of monthly articles about GMO’s and how “misunderstood” they are and that the genetically engineered “Golden Rice” is the solution to any malnutrition in Asia.) Phooey. The soil in this country at least has become so depleted by the notion that chemicals are the solution to all our problems.
        Our political system is a two headed snake and has been Bought – little by little over the past 60 or more years.
        The lack of media coverage over Bill Clinton’s involvement in Mena, Arkansas, the trafficking of cocaine back when he was governor and the procurement of females for Bill’s sex interests was whitewashed and those who came forward to speak were either attacked by the media and the “system” or they eventually disappeared or turned up dead. Bill and Hillary are not what they want to appear to be. Hillary’s work at the Rose Law Firm and the Whitewater land development, and the purchase of the terminator seed technology by Monsanto. That Hillary had a personal email account and that stuff got erased sounds much like the shredding that went on in the Rose Law office when they were being investigated over the Whitewater scandal.
        With the “blending” of these two psychopathic couples in Washington doing their globalization and “philanthropic” ventures is not good. Much more good would be done if people had access to clean water, good soil, no wars, clean air and fewer people trying to steal from them.
        A couple of months ago, our former state Representative told me that fascism is good. – My thought is that when you combine the wealth of the Gates and the Clintons especially if you put Hillary and Bill back in at the White House, I believe that absolutely no good (except for the profits made by those wealthy supporters) can come of any of it – though I am sure the media will whoop it all up as being “good – for the common good”. People in my parents generation died to fight fascism. So now it is good?

  4. Would the NY Times , Wahington Post , WSJ jeopardize their Integrity ??? By wanting answers for serious perceptions of Typical political , financial shell games . It is not Fox or the author .

        • Why not? You men have been fooling people for 235+ years now. Did you think any sane, educated, financially independent woman in the US fell for that front man Bush ’43 who was the icon of the Back Room Cheney Presidency? Or the 79 year old Reagan running when the GOP Back Room male lunatics knew his medical history of Alzheimers? Or that they had GHWB wrapped so tightly around their pinky fingers, all they had to do was get him to announce his “kinder, gentler” and all of the smart voters wouldn’t notice he was a GOP pimp?

          • Wow that is a lot of rage and hate spewing. Misandrists are certainly known to be quite unhinged.

          • Why is it you CONs always call truth “hateful” or “rage?” Is it because you are such a bunch of swaggering manipulative phonies?

            Anything I post, I can prove in a court of law with full documentation. GOP Presidents are all about business and have been since Harding. Every one of the GOP Presidents have had 2nd term recessions except One Term Bush ’41. And He had his one term recession..Is that hate? You bet I rage when CONs eat up my federal tax dollars for the pork in their red states.

          • Ha, Ha If you showed up in a court of law you would be served with a warrant for impersonating a woman. You would immediately be fined and neutered.

          • Back in 2004 I was Ward Chairman in my local Republican comity and there was this woman who was very much a
            Bush supporter to the point that she kept giving more and more money to his campaign. She was educated, well spoken and not poor. She was convinced that Kerry was the Anti Christ. Education is no protection from stupidity. Even Hillary was once a republican.

          • So was I for 33 years. I left in 2004. I couldn’t stand that women in that party were considered “secondary.” No matter how many good ideas women in the GOP had, the men ruled with an iron hand. Sorry..not when I pay equal taxes to any man.

          • You certainly don’t pay equal taxes to me. Speaking of iron hands I certainly don’t want you to get near the family assets.

          • You should be thankful for Alzheimer’s, its the only way you could get a second date.

    • Did you check out WHO Peter Schweizer, “the author” is associated with in Tallahassee Florida? An ultra right wing group known as the Government Accountability Institute, the CEO of which reads like some bizarre Pre-Nazi party core formation. The same middle aged lunatics who can’t wipe their butts without McMommy and McDaddy’s help all are massing like cockroaches to attack Hillary. You bet Hillary has a machine…American Women who are fed up with bossy, overbearing men drunk on power and control. Sorry boys…but your days of power freakage are about to end…Get over it.

      • Did you check out the credibility of News Media, they can ill afford to have much more integrity issues, great icons have fallen NY Times, Jayson Blair, Tom Brokaw and protege’ ? Brian Williams , Dan Rather…..can not challenge these puff balls.

        Investigative journalism has failed proper vetting of key figures . A typical case is the utter fear of approaching Obama or Hillary, interviews are soft, contrived , staged press meetings that have limited scope. These people , as all , are just humans as all of us, most came from the same general backgrounds and should not be feared, they work for us.
        Journalist used to be fearless in getting to the truth ; today they are feared less for any semblance of presenting facts. There is much restrictions placed on them by their editors for slanting the news. We need other reliable sources and decide on the facts if possible.

        • I had one and only one very wise female employer who, like Hillary Clinton, refused to stand down to the bastion of bullies. As a mentor, she told me the one thing I have never forgotten: They put their pants on like we all leg at a time. That’s what equality is all about.

          • I had many , many , many wise female employers and none asked me ever to put my pants on. Are they wise because they know when to take ones pants off , I prefer dresses, not for myself of course…. My manhood may be shown.

          • Here’s a test of how each species “thinks.” When you make a decision, ask yourself it was a typical “male” decision or a “person” decision. Perhaps, I espouse the ideas of John Lennon…”Imagine there’s no heaven.” To which I add, imagine there’s no gender…what would our choices be like then?

            In a sci-fi world, there is no gender…just highly advanced minds unaffected by inbred gender bias.

          • I consider each issue on its own merit, exclusive of politics. I do not like the cold Sci Fi asexual , gender less carbon units. Saw something like that in a magazine once. I like spontaneity, serendipitous ness , in humans , women also.

          • Your post proves what I posted. You are unable to consider issues on their own merit without gender influence. This is the biggest difference between men and women since the dawn of time. Women are forced to be unbiased raising children. Daddies start from birth…”manizing” their children, be they sons or daughters. Therein, lies the explanation for why girls in elementary school are treated to manized educations that tell them they can’t possibly hope to be smarter or more intelligent than any man in math or the sciences. Colleges and educators have a rotten habit of assuming girls can’t be engineers. Don’t tell me this is not true. In 24+ years of working in an all male engineering environment, the few women who applied were shown the door by the big 6 footers who thought engineering was “no place for a woman.” are wrong.

            If you can’t consider issues without gender bias, what good are your final decisions?

          • When the little head starts talking to the big head the main topic of the conversation are gender issues. The only women engineers allowed should ones trained in male maintenance and satisfaction.

          • If there was no gender what would I scratch and have such complete satisfaction? The worst part of no gender is you would have nothing to complain about. Where would your life go if you had nothing to drool over?

          • Again, you prove what I posted. When we make decisions, you men only make them based on your male gender. When women make decisions, they base them on what’s best for the greater good. See the lack of gender in that?

            Not every issue has to be viewed through the prism of masculinity. If women did that, you guys would be up the creek. Women learn never to treat male children differently than female children in this day and age. To do so, is a deliberate intent to insure that the female child goes no where, is financially dependent on a man for life and is never going to be given full credit for her intelligent without it always be compared to the might and glory of the male mind.

          • You tell me what decisions could possibly more important than the placement of a male gender? If you ever get a grip on the answer the real meaning of life will overwhelm you.

          • Leftout, Leftout, are you still attacking this lady???? That is not what gentlemen do. Can you please behave as one.

          • She wells up my passion, this overcomes my decorum , gentlemanliness ! Eleanor’s keeps lunging, I have to parry, perhaps she needs a gooood lunge…..or even a bad one. Men have uncontrollable hormones too. It’s not only a woman that can get irascible, moody and …..may I say bitchy. I have treated her with the dignity that every woman deserves. She is well read, perhaps she should go onto other languages…..yes a multi linguist , male or female may quell her into submission , oops wrong word……domination. Thanks FT66 for resetting my compass , if you will.

          • I was a ballerina and an acrobat…You lose pallie. When you can do a double back summy or twist your body into a pretzel shape, let me know. As for who and what I am, I am the breed of women who will never EVER stand down to any MAN, just because he is a MAN. Get over it. Women come home from Iraq and Afghanistan as chewed up as the men. Time for you sluggos to face facts. Your ideas of the gentle Donna Reed with the apron and stockings all dolled up waiting for Father Knows Best to come home to dinner in his suit and tie are over. Today’s women know far better how to wade through the male created slime out there and to fight back as hard as we can to stop you guys from your stupid ideas of gender supremacy.

          • I love ballerinas that can do a pretzel contortion , I figured that may be the right to to take advantage of them , is that why you do it.? Do you have any Pix of that position. I May seen this posture in kama sutra engravings that my friend , Mohammed , had.. How can you ever stand up to a man in that you are a difficult niche to to fill. You are too much for any one man.

          • Get your mind out of the gutter. Ballerinas don’t do pretzel contortions…acrobats do. I was photographed many times in my former dance career.

            First let me say, I am not interested in any more relationships with men. I have quite a few at present and they are mostly a result of business or my association with the arts and writing.

            I never back down from an argument or discussion with any man, bully or otherwise. I know all I have to do is call a man’s bluff and make him prove what he says. Most men are fools who can’t. The smart ones know to back off.

          • Call my bluff and show me a Pix of Kama Sutra – 137, hide your face with a burka if your shy. , Of course ballerinas do contortions, you just said so. Not so in a performance I would imagine. If you were in a pretzel mode I would back off, it happened to me one night in a small town , nameless, I must admit when I saw it I did not where to start, took my beer and left.
            With all of your men relationships I know now that you are happy? My life is now whole. You have lifted a great burden from my….., thank you

          • Grow up. How old are you? 15? I said “I” could do contortions as an acrobat..Yeesh…Thanks for proving what dunderheads you righties and CONS are. Reading comprehension not your strong suit?

            Here’s one not in Kama Sutra…Tie your penis into a sailor’s know and hang your balls under an open window sill…then, slam the window shut. That ought to give you are real thrill.

          • Yow, Shariah Law. I see you are a bit vexed, I live in the desert area, Adobe. No windows. ” under a window sill” it s obvious you are a dunderhead and do not know carpentry nor use of tools typical woman, will never be an engineer, much too feminine. Dont change ever.

          • Boy you are an idiot. Okay..Let’s see how much more “engineering” I know and you don’t…What types of media go into the 3 top types of biofilters? What’s the difference between a counter-current scrubber and a cylonic oil water separator?

            Tell me the real difference between and induced draft fan and a forced draft fan. What is the reason that velocity is so important to the size of an industrial fan? Come genius boy…let’s hear it.

          • Oh ,oh, …I know of only similar devices that I use in bio research lab.
            Our bio filters have carbon, absorbing resins, and inert absorbing sands.
            On the farm we have carbon waste ash, sand, stone,
            In the lab we have centrifuges that separate solids from water and lipids( oil) .the solids are heavier they fly out first, then water then fats-‘oil…..forming in this case 3 layers. There could be more layers depending on the density, specific gravity of the liquids or particles.
            Induced draft fan would use the Venturi principle ,,where rapid a flow of air is generated through a n opening and surround air is sucked…if I may use that term with out upsetting you.,into the flow .
            We use a counter current scrubber, liquid to extract material from one media liquid let’s say , which has a higher affinity for the material we are trying to trap…let’s say.

            Material management science and biochemistry 301,
            I have some plumbing and engineering, biochemistry in my repertoire, there are many specialized areas in each.
            I have to get back to my dialysis machine …not mine.

          • In plain English it describes 5 different types of douche bags and an anal zipper.

          • If he had enough penis to tie into a sailors knot you would be sitting on his door step screaming for forgiveness .

          • Photoed my times during your dance career. Were these picture taken during police bookings after being arrested for lap dancing or when the stripper pole broke at the leather bar. The smart ones know when to back off. You mean turn and run like a scalded cat.

          • If you want to make her truly happy buy her an eighteen wheeler and a thousand gallons of diesel and a map to the nearest interstate. She would really like a big set of air horns, she really likes to toot.

          • She may get finally at the truckers ball Beckley West Virginia . I am sure the truckers would go on strike. I think she really loves men, but is afraid to ask. Most women eventually ask me. They figure a guy so ugly can not be getting much , so out of some inherent nurturing gene they find pity at looking at me. But I do have large boots, maybe that is the draw, dang! I thought it was my personality .

          • LADY? It would take a small army of maids to iron the wrinkles out of that bat guano The hardest part would be super gluing her lips together.

          • Your manhood may show? I don’t think they make mini skirts that short. If they did you would be arrested for giving people eye strain and frightening small animals.

          • Can you believe that FT66 thinks EW is a lady? Maybe he is Muslim and likes two humped camels.

          • Your wise female employer must have only worn dresses. Most of the time I put my pants on both legs at the same time. This comment just proves how inefficient women are when it comes to the serious things in life. The delicate placement of the family jewels is foremost in the life of real men. When was the last time you were invited to the jewelry store?

      • I will tell you how bad Hillary would be for our country. She would be so bad that I would vote for you instead. Now that is bad, bad, bad.

      • You would think that they would want to get a great story correct no matter the final outcome. Journalism majors are rather disenchanted , thinking they can just go out and report the truth. Now they have to scour the streets for news, am d even that is edited. Look at the MSNBC, CNN, FOX coverage of Ferguson. Many reporters actually try and inflame the crowds by their questioning , instigating more trouble.

        • Just as I said. They are so busy selling a story that they take no time to check it. Got to keep the bosses happy. Subject: Re: Comment on ‘Clinton Cash’: Will The Clinton ‘Machine’ Try To Kill Its Author?

  5. Much of our problem with dissemblers in politics is the result of the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine, kind of like the Citizens United and Hobby Lobby court decisions.

    If you were to read the Republican attacks on the Fairness Doctrine, then you would find them claiming the Fairness Doctrine violated the free speech clause of the U.S. Constitution. As a reminder, the Fairness Doctrine required radio and television stations to provide a person the opportunity to rebut a statement or claim purported by an opponent or critic.

    Now you may ask, “How can a rebuttal be a violation of the free speech clause?”; and, you would be correct in asking such a question. To date, no serious answer to that question has been proffered, and yet we no longer have the Fairness Doctrine to help check the claims/statements of politicians and critics — the . Now that seems like a violation of the free speech clause of the U.S. Constitution!

    For more on the Fairness Doctrine — the references accompanying the article are worth your reading time– go here: .

  6. Please wake up Clinton Machine. This Author of: “Clinton Cash”, has been left alone to eat your brains and ours as well. If he is left alone to continue, he will eat our bones and we all end up dying. If he thinks he is cleverer than anyone else, please show him he is not, he is there just only to fill his own pocket on the expense of Clintons and we supporters.

  7. Conservatives don’t have to attack Hillary. Her actions speak for themselves. Progressives won’t take a serious look at their queen and see her for what she is.

  8. Sorry, I prefer Sen. Sanders, but the Clintons have been under fire for so long, that I feel they have a right to be somewhat defensive (as in that expression about the best defense. . )

  9. If the author had any balls, he would not have hidden the fact that he belongs to one of Tallahassee Florida’s most extreme right wing organization. Seems like when you advertise or market yourself, you need to put it all out on the table…unless…you have something to hide you know breaks down all credibility in your writing.

  10. She would be doing the public a service, as the guy has published unfounded allegations and distortions before.

  11. I think it’s hysterical that Conason brings up her “vast, right wing conspiracy” comment as some sort of example of her being right. Let’s take a trip down Memory Lane, shall we? The day she said that, she had just been made aware of allegations that her husband was stuffing cigars up Intern’s vaginas in the Oval office (To Conason and his ilk, that was nobody’s business). Now, to anybody else that day, there was a rightful amount of doubt that a President would have done such a thing. (“With an Intern?” went the first reaction.) Nobody knew enough about him to say with assurance one way or the other whether that an allegation like that could be true.
    Except….for one person, and one person only. The person who had just spent decades dealing with his countless sordid sexual escapades. The wife. She alone knew instantly upon hearing it, that it was, without a doubt, very true.
    But what did she do on such an embarrassing occasion as that? Did she even hint that she had a husband capable of that kind of behavior? And that she was sorry for it?
    Hell no. Why, she took the opportunity to try and blame it all on her political enemies. Even though she alone knew it was nobody other than her Caligula-like husband who was to blame.
    That’s the mind of a sociopath at work. A sick, demented, twisted mind is the only kind of mind that would go in that direction, at that particular moment. And Joe here thinks it was one of her shining moments.
    Conason has his head so far up her butt that when she brushes her teeth, she’s simultaneously combing his hair. But the days of sycophant supporters like him cleaning up the Clinton poop with lies is wearing thin. The general consensus now is that the two of them are skeevy beyond words.

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