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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

As the presidential race tightens up in the final stretch, the Obama campaign is bringing out the big guns on the campaign trail to ensure a victory in November. Former president Bill Clinton and legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen joined forces today at a rally in the crucial battleground state of Ohio, where they whipped up support for the president’s re-election.

Appearing in Parma, on the outskirts of Cleveland, the man Obama nicknamed the “Explainer-in-Chief” gave a speech where he simultaneously reaffirmed his faith in the country and bashed Mitt Romney, before ceding the stage to Springsteen.

“I was born in the U.S.A. and unlike one of the candidates, I keep all my money here,” Clinton said, in reference to Romney’s bank accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.

Clinton reminded supporters of Romney’s opposition to the auto bailout, which has been instrumental to Ohio’s economic recovery. “The only person who pretended to know anything about [the auto bailout] who didn’t support it was Gov. Romney,” he said.

“When you were down, when you were out, the president had your back,” Clinton added. “You’ve got to have his back now.”

“This is not complicated for me,” he said. “If somebody saved my economy, I’d be for him.”

Springsteen formally endorsed President Obama today with a statement posted on his website hours before the event.

“Right now, there is a fight going on to help make this a fairer and more equitable nation. For me, President Obama is our best choice to get us and keep us moving in the right direction,” Springsteen wrote. “Right now, we need a President who has a vision that includes all of our citizens, not just some, whether they are our devastated poor, our pressured middle class, and yes, the wealthy too; whether they are male or female, black, white, brown, or yellow, straight or gay, civilian or military.”

Clinton introduced the man known as “The Boss,” calling him one of the most important musicians of the last 50 years, and “one of the coolest dudes on the planet” to boot.

Springsteen has been hailed as a torchbearer of the working class, and a voice of the people.

“I’m here today because I’m concerned about women’s rights. I don’t have to tell you about the dangers to Roe v Wade,” Springsteen said during the performance. Romney has stated he would appoint Supreme Court judges that would overturn the landmark ruling on abortion, and the Romney/Ryan official position is to oppose abortion except in the cases of rape, incest, and danger to the life of the mother.

After today’s performance Springsteen is moving on to Iowa, a swing state where Obama holds a narrow lead. Clinton will continue on to Steubenville, Ohio.

In the latest Real Clear Politics polling average, Obama leads Ohio by a 48.4 to 46 percent margin.

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62 responses to “Clinton, Springsteen Rock Ohio For Obama”

  1. bcarreiro says:

    Tell them like it is…..the real deal.

  2. Salop88 says:

    “I was born in the U.S.A.” Clinton said

    A veiled reference to Obama…Clinton is a birther!!!!!!

    • Are you naive or don’t understant English? I guess you are a recalcitrant Republican. Clinton meant as a patriotic USA Citizen he keeps his money in the USA unlike Romney who keeps his money far from the USA. no birther here Salop88, take your hate message somewhere else…

    • Marcy says:

      And so was Obama. Rest assured as a black/white man, the minute he wanted to run for president, his background was researched with a fine microscope. Yes. He was born in the USA just like you me, the “fake Christians and false prophets,” Romney the Mormon who believes his god id alive on Kolog, the racists especially those conservatives in red states having the highest welfare percentage are getting it from the democrats and republicans. Deep down inside, you are a racist, and can’t except diversity in this land of immigrants, which means your family came from somewhere else before the US, too (ole buddy). So, you accept any LIE that this man has told, and they are numerous. By the way, you probably should start learning Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, Tamal and Bengali – they will be great money makers for Mittens and his Republican cohorts.

      My family was Republican, but three of has have switched-two democrats and 1 independent. Don’t listen to what people say, do your research by checking the facts. That is what intelligent people do not sheep.

      My people perish for lack of knowledge – Hosea.
      Read the Beatitudes to realize “Billy, Franklin, Hannbee, Robertson, Palin, et al. ,are nothing more than rich “Fake Christians. ” Fox News are spewers of hate and anti-Islam, Muslim brother hood and that Obama is not a Christian while Romney is a member of a cult by definition ! Murdoch is the first stockholder and a Saudi Arabian
      the second largest shareholder – Go figure. Do your homework fool!

    • irishgirl1224 says:

      WRONG!!!!! The comment was made for Bruce Springstein who is working for the Obama camp and was about to perform. Don’t you know Bruce? This is how lies get started.

    • karinursula says:

      No, he said in contrast to Romney he is keeping his money in the USA

  3. Please, please let Ohio go for Obama. I believe that in the end a democracy gets the kind of leadership it deserves, but if Romney gets in, I fear this nation will be back-slidding on so many social issues that the wrong people will be suffering more economic consequences, and this will ultimately drag this nation further down.

    • With Romney leading by 7 points in the respectable Gallup poll, and President Obama not getting a bounce from the second debate performance, we definitely need Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia. I expect Romney to win in Florida where he is leading by a comfortable margin, largely because he convinced seniors that President Obama is destroying MEDICARE!

      • Joyce says:

        I live in Florida and we are on the ball. Dont believe that poll it is a big fluke

      • Regina M says:

        Obama is destroying everything in this country and wants 4 more to keep on truckin” Anyone that votes for ANY candidate simply because of an endorsement by some deluded and traitorous celebrity is a certified moron!

        • Yanosh Cerovcevic says:

          I don’t get it. Are you republicans so far up your bubbles that you CAN’T actually see numbers? I mean, actual statistics, not polls and projections.

          Can you not see the unemployment at the lowest since he took office? Can you not see the economy rising? Can you not see the reports that consumer spending has risen in the last year and is rising? Can you not see the housing market is rising? Can you not see the millions of jobs President Obama has saved, and the millions more his administration has added? Economists, scientists, and all walks of life (YES EVEN REPUBLICANS AND MORMONS!!!) are coming out in support of President Obama and another 4 years of growth, sustainability, energy independence, social progress, and NOT regression on all fronts.

          • Follow the National Memo, and then you will see how Romney is misleading even the employer’s such as the CEO of a Florida Resort Community, the CEO of Timesshore Company, and the FamousRigt-way Koch Brothers Company who either warn their employees to vote for Romney or they will suffer the consequences back in August, and the other company’s who threat to fire their employee;s if the President win. Black-male isn’t accepted in this nation.

        • Democrats are not morons and not voting for Obama because of a celebrity. We vote for Obama because he cares about working class Americans and the poor in this country. He is a man willing to pay more in his own taxes to save this country while your candidate is giving himself and the rest of his wealthy buddies more tax breaks. Seems to me that you must be the certified moron!!!! Poor Romney, 250 million isn’t enough for him. He needs more while while people in this country struggle to feed their families. Anyone who supports Romney is a heartless person, totally lacking in compassion for the less fortunate.

          • You got That Right We Vote For Obama Cause He Cares For ALL The American People Not Just A Few!! That Why Hollywood Love Him Cause They Were Once Poor And Got A Fair Chance To Advance In Life!! GOP/Tea Party Are Trying To Close The Doors On All Programs That Give People A Lift To A Better Life !! When In Fact All Of Them Got Help From Government But Now That They Are Rich Now They Think Too Much Government!! Just More Do As I Say Not As I Do Bullshit The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Love To Do So Well!!! VOTE!! It’s Time To Clean House People!!! Obama/Biden 2012

        • Dredycal says:

          You must not keep up with the news. Everything that Obama has signed and tried to achieved has been blocked by the Republican Congress. They want him to fail so people like you can blame him. It took the republicans 8 years to throw the nation into this hole. What makes you think Obama can fix it in 4? or should I say 2, because Reps took over Congress and refuse to work with Obama. Be an intelligent voter, hear the facts, look beyond the parties, or color of skin. Look at the whole picture, not what you hear in ads and in the media. It is all deceiving.

        • Get your life! you are one of the stupid ones who do not know how to understand or comprehend the truth of life. Romney has went behind the closet doors asking employers to threat their employee’s if they let the President win, that they would be fired if they do. Everybody have the right to vote for whoever they may choose, and I call that black-male. This is not slavery days. Wonder what else Romney is doing to get voted for President. It all will come out because there are spies investigating. If Romney keep doing igorant things, doesn’t it tell you how he will make this country go back into depression while helping the millionaires?

      • Dredycal says:

        You can’t believe the polls, they are all conducted by republicans. Remember 2008, Obama was trailing and republicans were so sure they would win.

        • Yes You Are Totally Right I Don’t Believe In Most Polls The Are Design To Make People Not Want To Vote Cause It Makes Them Think It Useless Cause Their Man Is Losing !! Besides The Only Poll That Counts Is The Voting Booth!!! VOTE!!!!

      • Dominick I Would Believe That Just Yet It Takes Time For The Debates To Sink In The Polls I Believe By This Weekend That Debate Will Make A Big Difference!!

    • Regina M says:

      You are a moron! When you are in a Fema camp, make a sign that says that,maybe in needlepoint, so you wont forget it!

    • Romney Will Take This Country In A Free Fall!! America Will Be Just Another Third World Country!!

  4. Clinton should have added that Romney keeps his money out of the USA and ships jobs out of the USA. Ask employees of the Sensata Plan in Freeport Illinois where Romney-Bain Capital own about 8million shares and is scheduled to close down on 11/5/12 and ship its jobs to China despite the fact that Sensata had record profits last year. You can see is Romney-Bain Capital is about greed.

    • You Are So Right My Friend That Would Have Been Great To Let People Know Just What Kind Of Man Romney Really Is!! Show The Real Romney Not The One He Pretending To Be The Real Romney And He Not A Good Man At All!! Romney Is Just Conning The American People!! People Really Needs To Know Just Who This Con Man Is Romney Is All About Romney!!!

    • you are spot on onofre – and there are so many stories like that of those employees of sensata, the list is almost endless – he’s even left people hanging for him while in foreign countries theirselves promoting his agendas!

  5. suddencall says:

    Where are the Americans of yesteryear , who held liars accountable and either hung crooks or put the criminals in jail . No grey areas and no plea bargains. War criminals got the firing squad . What a bunch of wimps Americans have become.

  6. Carolyn Hanks says:

    What !! I missed Bruce… you have got to be kidding… The love of my life… I love you Bruce !!! I sure wish I knew you were here in our state. I would have done anything to get there… You tell me how to Vote.. I’ll do it.. You should be right up there with Obama… Send that Romney packing…
    Keep it coming Baby !!!!!

  7. Hope you remember the song, Tighten Up. It is time to tighten up and move forward.

  8. With Florida and its 29 electoral votes likely to go for Romney, we need Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Virginia to win.

    • 101strac says:

      Why is this, do you suppose? Is there no intelligent life in Florida?

      • In my opinion, the problems stems from President Obama’s tendency to overestimated the ability of many Americans to rationalize thought and reach logical conclusions. He allowed the opposition to control the agenda and demonize his policies and record, and he is paying a heavy price for it. To make matters worse, he failed to produce a concise and clear plan to support his vision of the future…and Romney did. It does not matter that with the exception of the Canadian pipeline and more tax cuts Romney’s plan is a rehash of what every president has proposed and done, including Obama, for many Americans the fact that he articulated a plan is enough. Needless to say, that doesn’t mean President Obama does not have a vision of the future, he does, it means that he has failed to articulate that vision in a clear, concise and convincing way to people more inclined to form an opinion based on simplistic rhetoric than analysis of facts.

      • actually there is, but it exists only in plants and animals, kidding (sort of) – ckb

    • florida……check’d out their governor’s activities lately – he’s smitten on the mitten

  9. fred march says:

    i wonder how many skeleton’s clinton has in his closet beside the one he had in the white house, mmm i wonder, how about that land grab clinton an hillary fraud in arkansas, should i stop there this man has no room to talk im sure the people in ohio see through him

  10. Joyce says:

    We are bringing home all the swing states , Obama/Biden is amust for the WH. Romney is all ego , has nothing to bring to the nation apart from Bush’s old tired plans and policies. All the old tired gray head big belly men from Bush’s era are Romneys buddies and advisors. They are hoping for a job from Romney ,then they all look for the next war

  11. Regina M says:

    Obama is a liar and a traitor to our nation, and it is not going to change if Romney ships out half of this nation..dont decieve yourselves. he lied at the debate and Ms. Crowley jumped in to “fact find
    to save his ass!
    he lied about Behghazi, pure and simple, and if you want to make excuses for him, do it on your own damn time, dont betray this nation. Obama is for abortion, gay marriage and anything else that will get him elected again, anyway he says he is, but we know he is a liar.
    Fast and Furious..lies, cover up and treasonous behavior.
    The democrats have a lot of propaganda about Mitt Romney, but not too many facts about Obama they want to disclose through the biased liberal media. Attack, Attack, and blame instead of laying out a real plan or agenda on Obama’s part.He just says what he wants to do, but I have seen no real plan laid out.Only Obamacare that will destruct our already failing healthcare system. IT IS A TAX! DONT YOU GET IT? REMEMBER YOUR IDIOT THAT SAID ‘WE HAVE TO PASS IT BEFORE YOU CAN SEE WHAT IS IN IT?”
    That sums up Obama perfectly! You have to elect him before you can see what is truly inside.
    The man does not even freaking salute our flag because “he doesnt want to be perceived as taking sides! ARE YOU ALL OUT OF YOUR MINDS OR ARE YOU IN LINE FOR THE WELFARE AND FREE PHONES WE ARE PAYING FOR AS TAXPAYERS?
    Your all going to end up as his “bumps in the road” and his grin will turn into a grimace as he takes control of our government and hands it over to the UN as oversight manager and his muslim pals who aare in the majority there!
    He may have all his sheeple fooled, but true patriots can see through his BS! Right in your face he does treasonous, unconstitutional things and yet you support him! he should be freaking jailed, not running for potus!
    You will not be thinking Romney has no connection with the common man then, because the only thing that will matter is taking our country back from the muslims and obamas henchmen!

    • karinursula says:

      Now I wonder what your real reason is about not liking the President. Are you a closet racist? I don’t now who you are, but unless you are rich you better pray long and hard that Romney does not become the President.

    • Regina, I think you’re ‘so hookup’ to your Republican ideas that even when you see ‘red light flashing’ you still want to go through. Don’t forget it was Republicans idea lead by George W. Bush Sr. who started DESSERT STORM (started messing with Moselem Nation). Then (THANK GOD !), President Bill Clinton, came to power and ‘THE WORLD WAS AT PEACE ! – Clinton cleaned all the mess (debt from the war) and left The White House with surplus. NO NO NO as soon as ANOTHER GEORGE BUSH got to The White House behind President Bill Clinton, his first agenda was to ‘FINISH HIS DADY”S JOB – took us to another war- IRAQ’ He sworned “Heaven and Earth’ that he had seen Saddat Hussen and his nation ‘has bombs pointed to America and Isreal and that Saddam Hussen has his fingers at the trigger’, but guess what it turned out to be THE BIGGEST LIE OF THE 21st Century.
      Bush left The White House with TWO WARS ON CREDIT (Big National Debt – trillions, plus whole lot of NEW ENEMIES AROUND THE WORLD. Once again ‘THE GOOD LORD’ has given us President Obama to ‘ CLEAN UP THE MESS of another George W. Bush as President Clinton did, and he is no the ‘RIGHT PATH’. But all we hear from ‘people like Regina, is ‘OBAMA IS MOSELEM, HE DON’T HAVE AMERICAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE …….etc. Regina, You and Republicans remainds of a story which goes like this ‘ One Sunny Day two famlies Democrat and Repulican Parties) thought of going on vacation, They had their wives and children going with them. It was a happy ride ( because Mr. Bill Clinton left us sulplus). The two men (parties) were taken turns driven. When the car was given to the second man in the car, (Mr. Bush – Republican), he started driving fast’ TRYING TO PROVE TO THE OTHER DRIVERS ON THE INTERNATIONAL HIGHWAYS – THE REST OF THE WORLD , that he has the most POWERFUL VEHICLE ( powerful Army), on the road. By driving dangeriously around the World, Bush almost round us (Americans) OVER THE CLIFF ! Now another Democrat (Obama) is behind the wheel , all I we hear from Repulicans like Ms. Regina is ‘ Obama, is not the right person, The Economy is recorvering too slow. Guess what Regina, I WOULD RATHER RIDE IN A SLOW SAFE VEHICLE (Obama”s Polices) and get to where were going than let MITT ROMNEY TO TAKE AMERICA TO ANOTHER WAR!. He hasn’t get to the White House and he is already calling Russia and Iran names. He was on record telling Great Britain “they’re not rich enough to host the 2012 Olympics Games. Reginal, tell Mitt Romney ‘ The White House Is Not For Sale’.
      Fool Me Once, Shame On You, BUT FOOL ME TWICE SHAME ON ME!
      How many of our daughters do we have to see return home in a caskets? My son had been in Iraq, Pakistan more than four times, and I am one of the lucky ones to have their love ones come home safely many were not lucky. I hope God Open Your Eyes To See Between Obama and Mitt.
      Be Blessed.

      • Dickson Amoah Sr., enough said. You put her in her place, but we have to just ignore fools who like enemies to attack our troops. Maybe after she get a night’s rest, she would vote the right choice. I enjoyed your statement. Well said!

    • Regina, just pray that God can help you accomplish a life, because there’s 99% of these people winning over you complaining about such a lie you accomplished. You need some sleep because you are tired of being tired for no reason. Have a nice day!

    • my grandparents thirteen generations ago came on the mayflower to escape religious persecution, they were puritans and so to me, it appears, that from the earliest immigrations; religious freedom was the impetus for these perilous journeys, i am sorry to say this regina, but you sound like a hater pure and simple, and by the way, it was obama that took out bin laden, which might have registered to you, if you hate muslims so much, as a plus – ckb

  12. Dredycal says:

    We must pray that the people will make an intelligent choice in November and not throw the nation back into well.

  13. Mui Huynh says:

    I would like President’s plan because American economy is recovered. I think that if Mitt Romney gets in wealthy policy, Our nation will be back wrong social issues and American people will be suffering economic consequences. Mitt Romney is only businessman, he isn’t right policy from our country. He notices wealthy people, that didn’t have human feeling truth. He isn’t kind of moral person. Please let Ohio going for Obama who gets the many kind of leadership. It’s true.

  14. Mui Huynh says:

    I would like President’s plan because American economy is recovered. I think that if Mitt Romney gets in wealthy policy, our nation will be back wrong social issues and American people will be suffering economic consequences. Mitt Romney is only business, he isn’t right policy from our country. He notices wealthy people, that didn’t have human feeling truth. He isn’t kind of moral person. Please, let Ohio going for Obama who gets the many kind of leadership. It’s true.

  15. I first saw Bruce in1973 at a half filled auditorium. He did the Wild,Innocent etc album and a 3 hr plus show. 40 yrs later he’s still rockin’.His dedication to the working class is legendary.Bill Clinton’s legacy is equally strong to open hearted thinkers everywhere.They are a duo who represent all that is best about our nation.Why? Because they have achieved fame,fortune,respect while remaining true to their core values of atruism. The value challenged GOPers want voters to think that only self-centered ego maniacs who are out for themselves are worthy of our support.
    This country has a liberal tradition of supporting the less fortunate. Bill and the Boss bring fresh energy to a campaign that supports goals to help the economicaly under-privileged, poor,aged,infirm,handicapped,women,veterans. Romney’s intimate revelation of how he feels about the 47% is disgusting and revolting in and of itself. That gop mindset dehumanizes women,minorities,veterans,the same old cast of characters who appear in the Ayn Rand novels of Mr Tough Budget Ryan, or the imperial stares of Queen Anne Romney.
    The duo of Romney Ryan are the epitome of stick-up- the-ass, uptight dudes who would be totally out of place at a Springsteen concert(let alone trying to play sax with Bill). The values of the two rivals couldn’t be more graphic.Bill, Bruce and Barak would all be totally at ease 30 years ago smoking a joint with Marvin Gaye or Paul McCartney. Ryan or Romney are simply so truly square,lame,uptight and lame that they would never fit in at a rock concert of any kind.
    Freedom of choice, helping the underdog,giving everyone a fair chance, loving your neighbor,sharing a joint or a hit of wine from a jug, getting up and shaking your ass,these are all feelings that are unfathomable to Romney-Ryan and their followers.

  16. Rose says:

    Right now, there is a fight going on to help make this a fairer and more equitable nation. For me, President Obama is our best choice to get us and keep us moving in the right direction,” Springsteen wrote. “Right now, we need a President who has a vision that includes all of our citizens, not just some, whether they are our devastated poor, our pressured middle class, and yes, the wealthy too; whether they are male or female, black, white, brown, or yellow, straight or gay, civilian or military.”

    “I was born in the U.S.A. and unlike one of the candidates, I keep all my money here,” Clinton said, in reference to Romney’s bank accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.
    This is all anyone has to say………………………………….Love you Bruce

  17. i hope you are all right about the polls being “off” ! personally, i would like to see president obama win this election as he is endorsed by the sierra club – i know – sounds crazy – but check out the sierra club’s website and see for yourself, that is, if you are concerned about global warming ……..

  18. love you bruce, you were awesome at the superbowl halftime when you had the whole stadium rockin’ out – who else could cause everyone watching to believe that we are all one ?

  19. Landsende says:

    If my employer told me who to vote for, when I got in the voters booth I would do just the opposite and vote for the other candidate. We no longer live in the days when the “big boss” controlled our lives. Hopefully Mitt’s suggestion to his crony billionaire buddies will backfire on them and their employees will realize war’s have been fought so they could have the freedom to vote as they wish. And if the employer said I have proof you didn’t vote for the candidate I told you to, they would have to explain how they obtained that confidential information and could be charged with voter fraud and the voting results could be overturned.

  20. This concert must have been huge I have not seen one shot of the crowd !!!

  21. John says:

    all those people in florida need to wake up Mitt is not gonna do anything for you seniors, except take away your health care, medicare, and any other benefits he can get rid of. remember you are the 47 per cent that he does not care about

  22. Ann says:

    If we want a country that will lead in the twenty first centry and not take us back to the nintheen then we have to go out and vote for President Obama.

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