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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Expect 2014 to begin with a huge puff of smoke — at least in Colorado.

Beginning January 1, licensed marijuana dispensaries in the state will be permitted to sell recreational marijuana to customers age 21 or older, even though the drug is technically still banned under federal law.

Colorado is the nation’s first state to legalize and open recreational pot stores after 55 percent of the state’s voters voted in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana in 2012. The state will also serve as an example for Washington, which also voted yes to legalizing recreational marijuana in 2012, but will not open its first marijuana retail outlets until sometime later in 2014.

As of December 30, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division – which is now in charge of regulating marijuana from manufacturing to distribution – mailed out licenses to 136 pot retailers. Of the over 500 medical marijuana dispensaries located in cities throughout the state, only 160 have actually applied to sell recreational pot. Medical marijuana dispensaries are finding it costly to sell recreational pot – doing so requires the dispensaries to ban all underage patients or create entirely different entrances and inventories for patients and recreational users.

Despite the limited retail access, the state is expected to see a boost in revenues from sales of the drug come 2014. All retail marijuana will be accompanied by a 25 percent state tax, along with an additional 2.9 percent state sales tax. According to CNN, the additional revenue “will initially amount to $67 million a year, with $27.5 million of it designated to build schools.”

Those who continue to purchase marijuana with a doctor’s prescription will not be subject to the additional sales tax.

Recreational users will be limited to buying up to an ounce at a time, which will cost about $200.

Customers will be allowed to smoke only on private properties, with the owner’s permission. Smoking in any public area or government establishment governed by the state’s Clean Indoor Air Act – including marijuana retail outlets and medical marijuana dispensaries – remains illegal in Colorado.

The U.S. Justice Department has said that it will not challenge states that choose to legalize recreational marijuana.

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46 Responses to Colorado To Make History In 2014 With Nation’s First Recreational Marijuana Sale

  1. Carelessly using the word “democracy” is dangerous because it implies that democracy’s potential good mandates its continuous expansion.

    • And which blather speaking host of Faux News are you attempting in paraphrase? Tossing around such mangled phrases is nothing more than intellectual vomit! You should hire a “word whisper” to cleanup after you.

    • This has nothing to do with the topic of marijuana, are you just a troll adding stupid comments to every post?

      I’m so tired of your condescending opinions, I’m going to have to call you out whenever you post…

    • Socialism is better than the most evil of any evil right wing fascism any day. The NFL is the best example of socialism, yet this idiot right winger here never thought about that. Right wingers are the result of Nazi-like propaganda.

      • The NFL is only a minor player in socialism.

        If you want to see real socialism go to the freedom-loving state of Alaska, where socialism-hating Sarah Palin was top socialist in chief until she decided to step down. Before and after being top socialist she merely accepted the fruits of socialism.

        Alaska socialism works this way. The state leases out rights to natural resources on or under state lands. Money collected from those leases is distributed to the residents of the state each year under the logic that the citizens own those resources. This has been going on since 1976 and the socialism-hating Alaskans love the program so much they wrote it into their constitution. The lowest yearly figure I have seen has been about $800 to every Alaskan. The highest has been slightly above $2,000.

        This is pure socialism, and those who detest socialism love it.

        • Be realistic. When the state leases land out, for resources purposes, the money should go to the residents of the state, not immediately into the gov coffers, so all gov employees get higher pay, while the resources owned by all as a commonwealth are then denied payment to the free enterprise employees, who are also citizens, albeit obviously second class citizens.. I see you a proponent of Big Brother.

          • I am realistic. Simpleton.

            The money DOES go to the residents of the state, which only acts to collect and distribute it. You missed the whole point. And that is this is classic socialism.

          • You somehow misinterpreted what I said. Here in Pennsylvania, the Big Brother leases the state lands out, sometimes almost free (why would that be????) and the royalties flow into Big Brother Coffers, as the Gov never sends checks to all residents, even though a commonwealth. Big Brother now has the loot to make sure gov people all benefit, since the money goes ., into the general fund, dissipates into general spending, never to be seen again. The residents who are not state-paid, see nothing, except a phony claim from Big Brother that wellllll,,,,,,this saved having to raise your taxes even more. The way Alaska does it is the only fair way and I see nothing socialistic in it, except maybe a rigged benefactor to do the drilling, etc. perhaps a lottery to see who gets the business would be most fair, eliminating favoritism.

          • I did not misinterpret what you said. My statement was about Alaska and only Alaska; it was not about Pennsylvania or any other state. Therefore your response was about Alaska unless you specified otherwise. You did not.

            And what Alaska does to totally socialism. Socialism is a system in which the people of the society own or control the assets of that society in common. When Alaska disperses money from the leases it does so under the principle that the resources that earned the money belong to all the citizens of Alaska. That is pure socialism.

          • If Alaska is a state, it would depend on state law there. Here in Pennsylvania, we are a commonwealth, and as a commonwealth, each citizen is entitled to a share of that commonwealth, which does not occur here. The lying politicians here bull the people that by putting it into the general fund is the same, but as one would recognize from liars, that is an absolute lie. I have no idea why you would complain about how Alaska DOES THIS, TO MY WAY OF THINKING, THIS IS SUPER FAIR, AND IN LINE WITH OUR FEDERAL CONSTTUTION. fOR SOME REASON, MY CAPS LOCK KEEPS COMing oN.

          • I was not talking about Pennsylvania, I was talking about Alaska. And I was not complaining about Alaska, only showing an incident in which those who complain about socialism actually practice and love socialism.

            And you are responsible for the politicians who present you in your state government. Start electing responsible people.

            And you caps-lock key keeps popping on because you have a fat pinkie finger.

  2. I live in Texas. So I am waiting for hell to freeze over and that infamously Liberal Jesus to pull of his second coming, before those wonderful smelling puffs of smoke are legal here.

  3. While government continues to add to their secure underground fortress at Denver airport, more and more people aboveground are to be blithely stoned away from an awareness of what’s happening around them… they contribute to their own demise. Enough ever stronger weed, they will feel no pain, and not be aware of what they have smoked away. It’s the beginning of a public caste system in America. Where inebriation is not just the norm, but rather, inducingly preferred lifestyle. Nothing can matter as much as being buzzed up, letting the little brain feel real good, that sense of pleasure and uncaring of responsibility. The Indians had their peyote……look where they are. Today’s weed advocates can easily see their future, for them today, and their succeeding generations. The cream rises to the top. The smokers are the whey. To perpetually support the cream. Their children will be the same, always supporting the cream. If you have any brains at all, strive to be the cream. Champion sobriety and all it’s lifelong tributes. Reject the concept of pleasure over responsibility. Jesus turned water into wine…..dinner wine, not mad dog 20/20, He didn’t turn it into weed, then accurately considered simply a noxious growth. The preferred weed if there is one, is Crown of Thorns, with it’s outstanding medical qualities. Or maybe frankincense, or mistletoe,?

    • Oy … there is so much wrong with this post … I will give you kudos for consistency because it is nothing but conspiratorial babblings from a paranoid mind. The consistency being the paranoia laced throughout.

      I know many pot smokers, professionals, business owners and layman alike, who are fully aware of the concept of “a time and a place for everything.” All are adults, good people and do not reject their responsibilities to themselves, their families and their communities. And, since you decided to inject religion into this, I will point out that since you are of the God created everything frame of mind, he also created marijuana so who are you to judge one of God’s creations?

      Lastly, Native Americans were wiped out for two reasons: Guns and disease, not peyote.

          • Perhaps we can get all of the Republicans in a circle, hand them guns loaded with blanks, and yell Fire! Then we shall see who will prevail: will it be the NRA or their other God?

        • The only gun I know of that kills, is —I think— the Remington 700 ADL, it seems to me 60 Minutes did a piece on it, If I am recalling correctly. ALL OTHER GUNS NEED THE TRIGGER PULLED TO KILL, WHILE BEING AIMED AND THE SAFETY OFF. how can you possibly think it is the gun alone that does any killing. A dinner knife can kill as well, so can food preservatives, even poor hygiene can kill, and constant candy-eating by causing sugar diabetes which certainly kills. More people are killed every year by diabetes than are by guns in residential settings, why not focus your efforts on sugar consumption if you are all that compassionate? The goal of the gun control advocates must be to deny guns to those who are mentally unstable and likely to unjustifiably kill another human being. However, vegans may also protest guns since they may be used to kill animals to eat. The role of gun control as it is being pursued today is for one person to tell another what they ,may be allowed to do based on the first party’s philosophy in life….distinctly un-American. This is why we have a constitution, and freedom.

  4. Never have I seen such a convoluted skein of logic. Example: “The Indians had their peyote…look where they are now.” Allow me to fill in the obvious gaps in your education. Only a handful of Southwestern tribes used peyote IN RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES, not all the time! Eastern, Midwest and Northern tribes didn’t use it at all.

    Not only is your lack of knowledge appalling, I find your condescension toward Native American people equally appalling. Native American people were reduced to mere hundreds of thousands of survivors (WAY down from an estimated initial population of roughly fifty million at time of Columbus’ landing, counting all tribes north of the Rio Grande) by the murderous actions of white men. (Like YOU, older-but-not-very-wise!) WE killed them. WE stole their lands and their resources. WE murdered their women and children and shoved them onto reservations at the point of many, many guns.

    Your snide, disrespectful comments are another example of the fatuous, self-serving attitudes of privileged white folks. You may not believe yourself privileged, but you ARE, compared to Native Americans, black folks, Hispanics, Asians, and women in general. You are in fact a smug, self-centered, uneducated, ill-informed white man who knows NOTHING of history and believes himself to be superior.

    You thumb-fingered clown, you couldn’t organize a church social, much less expound on a topic you know absolutely NOTHING about. Where did you learn history, from the back of a Wheaties box?

    As a descendant of Native Americans and European immigrants, I consider your statements insulting and unworthy of a civilized, intelligent conversation. Go back to polishing your assault rifle and stay out of the adults’ conversation. Make another comment like that and I’ll bloody well report you!

    • And the peace pipe was used for???/by smoking??????. Where did you get 50 million, out of your hat? I see you consider your civilized and intelligent? Well, each has their own opinion. I recall as a child in 6th grade, our history book showed a photo of a german storm trooper holding a jewish baby on his bayonette… that would be politically incorrect to show? And little black sambo is also politically incorrect? History does not sit well with the new contemporary way of “the get along gang” way of thinking. EVERYBODY WANTS TO BLAME THE WHITE MAN FOR ALL THE FAULTS OF THE WORLD. The European whites who settled and pioneered this nation were the hardest working and most dedicated to freedom type of people the world has ever known. Fault not them and their heirs. Fault yourself. And we bought the land from the Indians, when they were peaceful enough to not be scalping ourselves and our children, not raping and killing our women. In the beginning, I believe Indians were gracious hosts, but resentment over-ruled logic, and probably language barriers were no help, and if we were carrying a germ to which they had no defense, it was certainly not intentional on our part. Scalping a child, then wearing that scalp as a merit badge shows their own inhumanity to their fellow man. Buying something from you at a negotiated and agreed-upon price shows humanity. We can argue this till the cows come home, and Phil Robertson is head of the world bank, we will never agree… we will simply agree to disagree. The best to you in your endeavors.

      • … “The European whites who settled and pioneered this nation were the hardest working and most dedicated to freedom type of people this world has ever known. Fault not them or their heirs. Fault yourself.” … For the first hundred or so years the “whites” were just disgruntled right wing Christian fundamentalists migrating here with all of their inherent hatreds and prejudices. I personally do not consider burning witches at the stake “freedom loving”. Nor spreading smallpox through blankets given to Native Americans as advancing the love of freedom. Of course that crowd continues to comprise about a third of our population. My Dad’s side of the family were of that very ilk. What continues to surprise me is that the 1500s and 1600s continues to survive in American religious life. Is that the era you continue to be trapped in? Seems obvious from your comment that your view is probably very much influenced by religion. That is your right. But you should keep your bigotry and racism to yourself.

        Your freedom lovers helped construct a country based upon genocide, enslavement of African-Americans and enslavement of other whites through indentured servitude and downright exploration of labor by the ruthlessness of cut-throat capitalist. That modern extreme Christians continue with this same sort of crap is only testament to their long and dubious tradition. And yes Christianity was used to DEFEND both the war of genocide against Native Americans and the enslavement of African-Americans. Growing up in the formal end of Jim Crow Texas I often heard Christianity used to justify the cruel and inhumane treatment of African-Americans. What I learned as a child was that inhumanity is very often the human attitude!

        By the way, I am white and attended segregated schools, but racist like you disgusted me then and DISGUST ME NOW!

        I definitely need a smoke after reading your posts. But then a butt-head like you is probably a narc!

      • LMAO … Sure the white European’s were hardworking and dedicated to freedom. So much so that they not only enslaved Native Americans but kidnapped African’s and brought them here to do the hard work and limit their freedom.

        Whoopsie … someone fell asleep in history class and missed the lesson concerning the “Trail of Tears.” You also must have skipped the part wherein much of the land the white European’s gained was not bought from the Native American’s but stolen through the wholesale murdering of entire native villages by both conventional weapons of the time and biological warfare through disease.

        May I suggest that you prevent further embarrassment by not gleefully showcasing your blatant ignorance.

        • Revisionist history is your strong point in your argument, perhaps you have white European settlers confused with Spanish Conquistadors? And less than 1% of Americans participated in slavery as owners, yet you blame everybody with white skin. Again, you are participating in revisionist history, again blaming all whites for every societal fault. next you may claim Lincoln was a fable? And of course, no whites were killed in the civil war to eliminate slavery. Your argument is pointless when unbiased facts are presented.

          • Now, now Angry Cracker, I’m not blaming everyone with white skin, just bigots like you who believe whites are superior to all others. You appear to have an inferiority complex which would be a personal problem for you, thus, your need to stand on your wee soap box thumping your sunken chest while screaming how “victimized” the poor white man is and how superior you are to all others without white skin. Newsflash bohunk – It’s 2014 and you and your kind are an ever shrinking, yet highly annoying, minority.

            Now, as to facts, I don’t see where you’ve disputed anything I’ve said with your “facts. All you’ve presented are the opinions of an angry old white man. Do tell how I’ve revised history in terms of the Trail of Tears and other atrocities Native American’s suffered at the hands of the white Europeans. And, please provide facts to prove that the U.S. Army in the 1800’s was taken over by the Spanish Conquistador’s who, apparently, were responsible for eradicating Native American populations during the expansion to the West. Also, please point out factually correct information that it was Spanish Conquistadors that were responsible for all crimes against Native Americans. I await with bated breath for your empirical evidence …

          • Your racial hatred is displayed by your taking a very few isolated incidents, and presenting them as the norm for the age. Revisionist history. Your racial resentment is shown by your eagerness to have whites be a minority. Yes, two of my ancestors died fighting for the north. I can’t help but wonder if they were living today, if they would be willing to sacrifice their lives, based on your “educated” racial attitude.

          • Okay, you’re right. You’ve figured me out – I’m a self-loathing white woman who hates white people and revises history in order to show others how much I hate not only myself, but all white people as well. Now, go make sure your sheet is crispy white and your hood nice and pointy so you look pretty at the next Clan rally. Toodles …

      • When white men make laws to benefit themselves, and only themselves, that is not what our constitution was intended to do.

        White man put gun to landowner’s head made him sign deed over, this was a very common in 20’s, 30’s, not just the Indians were inflicted by this greed so were the Blacks, Japanese and the Mexicans and more.

        • Although I have never heard this before, I have no doubt there is some truth there, there are always isolated robbery incidents. Now, look at AFRICA FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS AND SEE HOW MANY WHITE PEOPLE WERE KILLED AND THEIR HOLDINGS OUTRIGHT STOLEN BY BLACKS SEEKING “SOCIAL JUSTICE”” while mandela was chanting “kill the whites, kill the whites”, tell me this is sane? REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR, SHOWING THE KINDNESS OF THE Japanese? while in Washington negotiating in deceptive manner, the planes were in the air, and they knew it !!!! AND YES, THE GERMANS AND JAPANESE WERE ONLY A COUPLE WEEKS BEHIND US IN DEVELOPING THE BOMB. ..What seems fair always works on paper, reality is a different story. There is great truth in the song, ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE…..IT’S HUMAN NATURE. You may disagree after deliberate consideration of that statement, but even if you do, thanks for the narrative. The concept of the UN is great, the delivery of justice there is too subject to overt discrimination.

            And I was giving you an example as to why one would. Hard to swallow I know.

            With this statement: ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE…..IT’S HUMAN NATURE
            Is that why immigration reform worries you? Give a rich man and a poor man nothing to work with and see who survives! And no fair tying the poor mans hands behind their back, as was done to the poor when the white man was stealing their land.

            And lets stay focused on USA not Africa. You are just trying to figure a way to degrade Mandela.

            All human life is equal no matter where, when and how they were born, there is bad in good in every culture, shouldn’t we move forward and hone in on the good.

            Let’s get back to marijuana, this herb is not as bad as alcohol, or any man made drug, whether prescription are not. You will have the abusers and you will have the ones that smoke to relax, but if you don’t like it, don’t use it.

            My opinion is that it should be taxed, just like I think religious organization should be taxed on funds not actually used to help the poor an needy.

      • I didn’t have to reply, Older-But-Not-Particularly-Wiser. Educated, clear-thinking Americans did that for me. But as a pro forma gesture, I’ll add my two cents to the consensus.

        Understanding history means you have to study ALL of it, not just the parts that make you feel good or empower an ideological principle. This requires a certain amount of objective courage to face the glaring, hideous fact that a shrinking minority of white people have been (and continue to be) a rousing pain in the ass to the rest of the world. Many of the reasons they were, are, and will continue to behave this way are contained in your excuses, justifications, and blatant inaccuracies. But as a white person (probably not a good idea to post an actual picture of your ignoble self online), you are no different from those who preceded you, including the same sort of twisted logic used to justify genocide, torture, slavery, and rape.

        I don’t expect to be able to change your mind. Neither do any of those here who responded to your incoherent rants. However, I might point out that one of the few ways white folks can restore a semblance of honor to our very existence is to continually call out racists, demagogues, predators, and damn fools such as yourself. (That, and resolving to not repeat those mistakes with the hope of setting a reasonably good example for others to follow)

        So, to make a long response shorter: expect to have your figurative rear end kicked repeatedly every time you open your mouth or set your fingers to the keyboard. That’s OUR responsibility: to shut down lies and stupidity with logic, reason, and cold, emotionless facts.

        You’re outgunned, Older-But-Not-Particularly-Wiser; outmatched by better minds, better ethics, bombproof logic, and the Truth. They say the Truth will set you free, but we need not worry about you. You have already imprisoned yourself within a cage labeled Obsolete Ideology. You will rot there as the world passes you by and few, if any, will mourn your inability to evolve. Mazel Tov!

        BTW: it was tobacco in those peace pipes, not marijuana. That may be the only revenge Native Americans will ever have: millions of oppressors killed by various types of cancers. Perhaps we should simply say: “What goes ’round, comes ’round, inevitably.”

  5. You probably work with a smoker now and have no clue. You people sound like the fools during proabition. As for the lady worried about her taxes paying for health care for pot smokers.all I can say is misinformed fool. Cigeretts for example
    The combined taxes on Cigeretts plus lower social security payout due to shorter life expectcy. The social security administration and the insurance company make money on stupidity. Do your research.

  6. Well, the good folks in CO. have exercised their State Rights, and I would think every
    Red Blooded, Right Wing, State’s Rights supporting American in the Country would
    be celebrating. I’ll tell you what. The people of the great State of Colorado just became
    the freest people in the Nation. Nothing has been more injurious to our Civil Rights, as
    this, never ending war on drugs. So law enforcement will now need have the time
    to go after the real cretins, selling their meth, heroin, and extremely dangerous, and
    addictive pain killers. And, know this. No longer will the guy with the pot, be the guy
    with all that other stuff. The gangs, the mexican cartels, are no longer supported by
    the good citizens of CO. And they will not need as many prisons, or guards, judges,
    lawyers, prosecutors, and probation officers as they have now either. Or, like the police, they will now have the time to keep track of that guy that keeps hanging across from the elementary school, or catch that guy in the neighborhood that’s breaking in
    houses, and upsetting everyone’s peace of mind. So, good for them. Hell, we’re a
    free people. We ought to be able to knock down a few bad laws once in a while!

    • Ask yourself this…..why is there such a need for an altered mood in today’s society?. What is wrong with sobriety? If sobriety is depressing, work to change whatever that reality is into one that is not depressing. That’s the adult AMERICAN WAY.

      • Pot didn’t happen overnight. Just like being gay didn’t happen overnight. People are just not hiding anymore. Now a days you go to the doctor and if you even mention you are depressed about anything her comes the prescription drugs that’s the adult AMERICAN WAY.

        • Sorrowful situation, and I agree with you, what happens has become a very much contemporary American way. But my question remains, why is being happy happy all the time so damned important to people. Laugh tracks abound, just like studio audience APPLAUD signs. Sobriety and occasional depression are a normal part of life and result in emotional maturity, whereas glossing over difficult situations need resolved with chemical mood altering serves no solution, except that of acceptance of a less than optimum, resolution of issues causing a need for mood altering. Optimum resolution of difficulties one may face is paramount for true happiness,; mood altering substances are only a temporarily, and failing, attempt at resolution. I do think, though, that severe depression should be dealt with in as expedient a manner as possible, which in such severe cases, can justify chemical use.

          • You can thank the money hungry pharmaceutical companies, and doctors that get kick backs for unnecessary medicine dispense.

      • Today’s society? What about since society began? What if adults
        in a free society, were to have the Rights to make their own choices?
        That’s what this is really about. It’s not whether sobriety is depressing
        It’s about pot, and whether the government’s stance on pot is serving
        some greater good. Or is the enforcement of the laws aganist pot,
        doing more harm to society, than the drug itself? And, I think more,
        and more Americans are looking at our prison populations. The fact
        that a full 50% of those incarcerated, and given felony records, are
        there because of the pot laws. And what that situation is costing society, observing other places where pot has been regulated, and
        legal for decades, with no apparent side effects. And find, perhaps
        we should do some serious rethinking about pot.

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