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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
  • Allan Richardson

    Time to start breeding your own supply of leeches?

    (Yes, I know that for certain SPECIFIC purposes, doctors are starting to come back to leeches; I was referring to the medieval belief that ANY illness can be cured by bleeding. The economic policy of the right wing is quite similar by analogy: keep bleeding the public sector, and average working people, to feed the vampire capitalist establishment.)

    • sleepvark

      Exact same thing is going on in China right now.

  • highpckts

    Of course we all know the old way was much more efficient and cost effective! LOL The Dems need to put the figures in front of the people and explain the difference! I know the ACA still has some problems but so did Medicare when it started! If the people are upset because their rates are going to raise, it’s nothing compared to what it was before the ACA! Our rates through Anthem went up 25% every 6 months! For one person we were paying $1800 a month with a lifetime cap and pre existing conditions!!!! That is highway robbery!! The GOP thinks this is ok??