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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Coming To Mitt’s Party? Bring Checks, Not iPhones

Coming To Mitt’s Party? Bring Checks, Not iPhones

Mitt Romney returned to Florida last week, only this time his handlers cautioned donors not to make video recordings at private fund-raising events.

In other words, take out your checkbook but pocket your iPhone.

It was in Boca Raton on May 17 when Romney stood up in a mansion and dumped on “47 percent” of Americans, whom he characterized as “victims” and “dependents” who paid no income taxes. They, he said, were the core of President Obama’s voter support, adding:

“And so my job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

These words, uttered by a fellow who will show us only two years of his own tax filings, were caught on tape. He was schmoozing with a small crowd of ordinary rich folks who paid $50,000-a-plate, roughly the median annual income for American families.

President Obama courts wealthy campaign contributors, too, but he’s not stupid enough to trash about half the U.S. population during his private pep talks.

Romney didn’t intend for his comments to leak from that elite venue. Now, instead of apologizing, he’s trying to defend and clarify what he said.

It hasn’t been easy, because he insulted such a broad spectrum: retirees, military veterans, college students, people who’ve lost their jobs, and many millions of Americans who work but don’t earn enough to pay taxes.

Also included are the many whose payroll tax withholdings are offset by standard deductions.

These are Romney’s so-called victims and dependents who think they’re “entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.”

He was close only with his statistic — about 46 percent of U.S. households paid no federal income taxes last year. If Romney had visited some non-gated communities in Florida, he would have gotten a chance to meet some of those non-taxpayers.

They worked hard their whole lives, and now rely on Social Security payments bolstered by tax breaks enacted for seniors.

In truth, about half of all Americans benefit from some type of federal program. Everybody who’s reading this column has, or will have, a family member who uses Medicare to see a doctor, or who cashes a monthly Social Security check.

You probably never thought of them as victims or, in the Republican parlance, “takers.” They don’t think of themselves that way, either.

  • As more and more people see Mitt Romney for what he is, an elitist out of touch with mainstream America focused strictly on tax breaks for the 10% that already own 60% of the financial wealth in the USA, his candidacy continues to sink to the point that his defeat may set a new record.
    Instead of proposing populist themes he released a tax plan designed to give more tax breaks to the wealthy, Ryan’s plan proposes dismantling MEDICARE, supports the privatization of Social Security, and gutting MEDICAID, a program used by tens of thousands of poor seniors to pay for nursing home care. The GOP compared Pell grants to stage III cancer, demonized the use of contraceptives, did not bother to acknowledge the contributions of our troops during the RNC in Tampa, and last week they demonstrated their disdain for our military once again by filibustering a Veterans Jobs Bill. During his tour abroad Romney made a fool of himself in the UK, and made promises to Bibi that, if he is elected, may get us involved in a major war. If all this was not enough, Mitt was caught entertaining his wealthy Tea Party donors with arrogant comments including one dismissing the existence of 47% of his fellow Americans! Is this man an idiot or is he in training to become a kamikaze politician?
    By now the GOP angered seniors, students, women, African Americans, Hispanics, the military, some of our allies, and just in case there were still some doubts about who he is and what he stands for he alienated 47% of Americans with his dismissive statement at Boca Raton (Mouse Mouth…how appropriate).
    He claims to be working darned hard, but spends more time fundraising than campaigning. I guess he figures he can buy the election the way he buys everything else. By now, all the battleground states, including Ohio and Florida, are leaning for Obama. If Romney can’t manage his own campaign, why do some people still believe he can turn around the economy or anything else for that matter?

    • old_blu

      You my friend have hit the nail on the head, and pretty much covered anything I can say, but I hate to just agree without something to say, so here goes. He looks funny with that spray on tan too.

      • His appearance at the Hispanic gathering was downrights embarrassing. By adding physical metamorphosis to rhetorical flip flo he raised the pinnacle of deceit to a point only W could surpass.

        • CAThinker

          Hmm… maybe he is the second coming of Reagan…

          • Car, No, he is not the second coming of Reagan. Reagan made some mistakes, but he was a compassionate president and he protected Social Security and collective bargaining.

          • CAThinker

            I was alluding to NitMitt’s use of “theatrical” methods (makeup, or something like it) to try and bolster his appeal (the spray tan). That’s downright deceitful if you ask me (NitMitt, not Reagan). “Look at me, I’m brown too!!!” Just another shameless pander… Fortunately he didn’t have to pander too hard – he had most of the crowd shipped in… On the other hand, as far as collective bargaining – wasn’t Reagan the guy that fired all of the air traffic controllers?

          • Oh, O.K. yes, he did, but when they tried to pass a national right-to-work law he vetoed it.

          • CAThinker

            I didn’t know that… He was a bit of an enigma that way… He fired the air traffic controllers, but vetoed the national right-to-work (I believe you…) I remember at one time he was also president of the screen actors guild – which is the actor’s union. But anyway – I’m glad to see we’re on the same side of this election!

          • ralphkr

            And yet, after he was no longer President and was asked if he was happy about what he had accomplished in eight years he said, “My only regret is that I was unable to dismantle Social Security.” That really does not sound like a defender of SS to me.

      • SaneJane

        This morning when he spoke at the UN General Assembly his hair was jet black with just the right touch of silver at the temples. Unbelievable that he would dye his hair when we see him every day and would certainly notice the change. Just another flip-flop that turned out to be a flop-flop.

        • SaneJane, that is why I was so confused. I thought, at first, it was an old film and then realized it was present. His hair was darker. then I thought it must be the camera.

    • neece00

      My fear Dominick, money does speak volumes. Money may not buy love but it has bought an election in the past.

      • President Obama is now outraising Romney, and he is doing it mostly with contributions from small donors rather than billionaires. Money is no longer a Romney advantage. Support for Romney is rapidly eroding, even within the GOP who realizes, a little too late, that they nominated the wrong guy. Take a look at the electoral college map, while the country looks mostly red, the states that count because of the number of votes they cast are blue. With the exception of Texas, Obama has California and New York solid on his side; Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin and even Virginia are leaning in favor of the President. If that wasn’t bad enough for Romney even North Carolina, a traditional Republican stronghold, remains at play.
        With early voting and absentee ballots starting as early as this week, things look pretty bad for Mitt. The election may be decided before the first debate takes place!

        • RobGinChicago

          Obama may be out-raising Romney in direct campaign contributions, but he can’t (and shouldn’t even try to) match the Super PAC and 501(C)(4) “Social Welfare Organization” funding from huge donors, including the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson, thanks to the delusional Supreme Court ruling in Citzens United. While “Super PACS” must disclose their unlimited donors, they can form 501(c)(4) “Social Welfare Organizations” that are tax exempt non-profits. No disclosure whatsoever is expected of the funds coming into these 501(c)(4) organizations, and they can launder funds for the SuperPACS by transfering non-disclosed donations right back to the SuperPAC. So the SuperPAC name will appear on the advertisement, but when you try to find out who funded the ad, all you see is the name of the 501(c)(4) organization. When the IRS tried to get these organizations to comply with federal tax laws, the Republican Senate and House leaders sent a stern letter of protest, and the IRS backed off. Forget the Federal Elections commission, as there is only one commissioner, as the nominees to replace those whose terms have expired have not been named by the Obama Administration nor confirmed by the Senate. To make this scam even more outrageous, these 501(c)(4) orgs are not required to file returns with the IRS (the returns are informational only, like “here we are, we exist”) until six months after the election, by which time they can be dissolved, and new organizations formed when it is time for another election. How can we keep foreign money and corporate ownership out of our government under these rules?

          • Hopefully one or two conservative Justices will retire during President Obama’s second term, and a Supreme Court focused on the Constitution instead of special interests will overturn one of the most egregious interpretation of the law I have ever seen.

          • CAThinker

            Therein lies the real battle – not that the POTUS race isn’t as important, but the Supreme Court selections will outlive whoever is elected. Those selections in the wrong hands could set the country farther back than a Romney administration by itself.

          • gahoof

            I recently heard an allegation from a friend that contributions to some of the new “political donation receivers” include money from overseas organizations. He alleged that mid-east wealthy individuals who are upset with the devastation that the Obama administration has caused to the Al-Qaeda leadership are the source of these anonymous donations.

          • 1bythebrooks2

            The Supreme(really?) Court’s decision on Citizen’s United was about the most bone-headed ruling they have ever made! Amend in 2012! Because only people are people!

          • I dont think we can. I also think the laws have been manipulated to make it this way to do exactly what you state. An other way for government “representivies” to hide under handed tatics to have their way. Basically votes for sale, no receipts.

        • neece00

          Love it, thanks for sharing. Obama has my little contribution, it isn’t much but it makes me feel like I am helping.

      • Dominick is correct, the way to counter cash is with VOTES! Think of how frustrating it will be for all the fat cat GOP elite when the vote is tallied and no matter how much they spend it still can’t buy the election.

        • toby speeks

          More emphasis needs to be on how to vote. The rules have changed quite a bit across the lands and the clock is ticking. But as you said, the frustration, will be immense after all their money has been spent on the “lamestream” media to no avail.

    • There’s A Lot Of People Out Here That Can’t Be Bought With Money!! Truth Is What We Seek And Romney Is A LIAR And We Are Just Not Buy His LIES!!! Obama Up In All Swing States, Something Telling Me They Are Wasting Their Money Cause Romney Is Screwing Up His Own Campaign With His Big Ass Mouth!!! To That I Say Let Him Keep On Talking He’s A One Man Wrecking Crew On His Own Campaign!!! Lying, Cheating, Magic Underwears And Money Don’t Always Work Not On The Smart People Of America Cause We Really Don’t Need No Light To See Thru Romney Scam Cause He’s Just Another Low Life Con Artist!!! Romney Needs To Built A Space Ship And Go Be President On Kolob The Planet He’s GOD Lives On!!!

    • whats scary is that he is allowing the public to see the real attitudes and thoughts of the Republician party! He was selected as their canidate because he represented their thoughts, values and look to the wealthest’s future. The best they have. But they didnt know at the time he cant keep that “insider” information inside. when he speaks he thinks he is the CEO with a “My way or the highway” attitude. He speaks the true Republician platform. We should be congratulate him for have the courage ( even if by accident) of spilling the Republican plan of us. Then add Ryan, put the two together and see their ( and Party) true intentions and direction. Thank you Mittens for making up my voting mind! Dont start planning the curtians for the While House yet!

    • I don’t know you, but you make more sense than anybody I’ve seen expressing their views. Keep it up.

  • sisterH

    God Bless Mitt! He hit the nail on the head!
    All of those who are able to work should be able to find a job in this country. We need non-government jobs. We need to drill, frac, and mine coal.—–Obama is not a leader his only goal is to make the United States a third world country. It’s time to fire our dictator president and put in a real leader. Mitt Romney will lift us all up. Obama is a divider and diveded we fall.

    • neece00

      Are you serious?

      • That kool aid works fast and the effects are long lasting so please do not even taste it.

        • neece00

          Thanks for the warning

    • Of course people who are unemployed should be able to find jobs, and towards that end President Obama’s policies contributed to the creation of 4.5 million new jobs in private industry during the past 3 years, while reducing the number of government jobs to its lowest level since the Reagan era. We are drilling at record pace in North Dakota, in fact, production at the Bakken and Three Forks oil fields has reached record levels and is a contributing factor, along with more energy efficient vehicles and more environmentally aware drivers, for the decline in foreign oil imports. Blaming President Obama of being divisive when we consider his efforts to lessen the impact of the economic abyss that separates the top 10% of Americans from the other 90%, and calls for civil unrest and civil war if Obama is re-elected, is something that only a zealot or a challenged person can entertain. The rest of your rant is a cacophony of the diatribes we hear from Rush and others and does not merit a response.

      • Dominick, sister H belongs to the hoard who does not want to be confused with facts, their minds are made up.

      • anyasnote

        Dominick she had her nose up Mittsy butt so far she can’t smell the shit… and it thinks that it smells like Drakkar, after shave, LOL. His shit doesn’t stink and he is a hot shit on a stick. The way he walks look like he is squeezing a penny to get more out of it, even if a penny is screaming, I am only worth a penny and not a penny more. LOL. I hope she is beyond the breeding age, we don’t need anymore lemmings like her. God help us. LOL
        U R Right. Jobs are out there and with implementation of ACA, more Ins. co will be hiring, more clinics will be open, more clerical/nursing jobs, more med. equip. will be manufactured (hopefully here not in China) etc. If the Repukes did not filibuster anything Obama wanted to do and compromise on many, we would have excellent economy, and no more MOOCHERS. Everything grows from bottom up. For Republicans it is the opposite. For them the earth is still flat, otherwise we would fall off the earth. I wish they did and take sisterH with them. LOL Moon Colony????
        Rush, Beck etc make millions on idiots who listen to their crap. What is in their water that they drink and think so stupid???

    • It should make no difference who the originator is of a job. Be it government or non-government a job is a job. You pay me money I work for you, if someone else wants to pay me more then I work for them. The only dictator is/will be little mittey and Lyin Ryan when they try to achieve the GOP dream of killing SS and Medicare, Medicaid. A GOP trifecta.

    • WhutHeSaid

      Question: Do you ever wake up in the morning and just marvel at how full of hot gas you’ve become?

      Obama’s “only goal is to make the United States a third world country”? Do you realize how truly stupid this statement sounds? Honestly, go stand in front of the mirror and repeat it out loud, then let me know if you can resist the urge to slap the stupid out of yourself.

      “Fire our dictator president”? If he really was a dictator, how would you fire him?

      So what is your real problem — I mean aside from the irresistible urge to lie in public? Is it the black thing? Are you angry because a black man has risen to the highest office in the country, reminding you that you will NEVER achieve anything even remotely close to his success?

      Well, perhaps this will make you feel better:

      Obama is your leader.
      He’ll be your leader for 4 more years.
      He’ll be black the WHOLE TIME!!


      Have a nice day!

    • Sister, you need to get out of your little bubble, stop watching faux news and do some studying. Evidentally, you can use a computer and there are reliable sources out there. If you watched ABC, CBC, CNN, etc. you would have seen the show where a man living where there was fracking, turned on his water tap and put a match to it. It started on fire. There is no such thing, and never has been any such thing as clean coal. You have joined the people who can say nothing good about President Obama. He is not a dictator. He is not trying to make the United States a third world country, but he is Black.

      We have had the Bush tax cuts of 2001 in place since 2001. So, it theywork, where are the jobs.

      Fact: During the Bush Administration, 750,000 jobs a week were being lost. Even with the fight President Obama has had with his tea party House, he has managed to plug the leak and we had have private sector job growth for 30 months. It is not enough. Where are the jobs Bush’s “job creators” were supposed to create with their tax breaks?

      • Correction: That should have said 750,000 jobs a month. Also Unemployment was 9.3 percent in 2008. Reliable source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.

        Think of what President Obama could do if he had a congress who would help. Find out exactly how many bills the House of Representatives actually presented. What kind of action did they take to make jobs? Remember, Mitch McConnell said, “The Republicans goal is to make Obama a one-term president.” They made sure to throw stumbling blocks in everything he tried.

        Now, if the so-called “job creators” are creating jobs overseas, there is only one thing for the compassionate government to do, creat jobs, themselves.

  • CaptainWes

    “… he makes lame jokes about wishing he was a Mexican. ” Actually, not a lame joke. I am sure a lot of us wish he were a Mexican. Then he would not have a snowball’s chance in Hell of becoming POTUS.

    • Some Of Us Wish He Would Ply Open A Plane Window In Flight Also!!

    • Maybe that is why he died his hair black to try and convince Hispanice that he was one of the. Next, he might be wearing falsies and try to convince women he is one of them.

  • sisterH

    What a wonderful deep meaningful speech Romney just gave. It is clear that Romney has great integrity, love and compassion for all people. The National Memo can continue to write horrible things about Romney but he will prevail. Obama’s narcissism will be exposed and the misguided will begin to understand.

    • frivolous01

      I usually try not to stoop to insults during a debate but I think you are full of it. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt by saying that I suspect you are a paid shill and not merely an idiot simply because I don’t think anyone could possibly be stupid enough to believe that Romney has ‘great integrity, love, and compassion for all people’ *puke*.

    • Sister, evidentally, you are so worshipful on the man, that when he belches, it thrills you. Define the parts of his speech that were: a. showed integrity. b. showed love and compassion for all people. If you are so avid because Romney is of the same faith as you – he does not have the values that make a true Mormon.

      • neece00

        I didn’t realize but you are correct, SisterH she is of the mormon faith and that explains her devotion to Romney (or should I say blindness).

    • anyasnote

      You just described Obama, U forgot to add, Intelligent,kind……

      O – Open minded
      B – Broadminded
      A – Affable
      M- Main street
      A -Advocate

      R – Ridiculous, rich
      O – One sided
      M – Money hungry
      N – Nitwit
      E – Exploiting
      Y – Yuppy (Yokel)

      R – Radical
      Y – Yuppy
      A – Arrogant
      N – Nobody

  • Ed

    I personally believe that bthe tape was probably taken by someone on the waiter staff. They are invisible to people like Romney and those who pay $50,000 for a meal. I hope the food was good.

  • howa4x

    The top 1%’s wealth shot up 256% during the Bush tax cuts that are still in force today. They control 90% of all wealth in America. Wages for middle income people and families was flat keeping pace with inflation. Romeny wants to cut the tax rate of this top group from 28% to 20%, saying they need it to create jobs. Well they’ve had it all this time and where are the jobs? A lot of the 4 million jobs created were by the stimulus. So what are the 1% doing with their money. Well the Koch Bros worth around 50 B are running around the country trying to bust unions, and were the prime mover of that in Wisconson, Indiana, and a failed attempt in Ohio. There is an estimate by the IRS that the rich have stashed 1 trillion dollars overseas in off shore accounts to avoid paying taxes.
    Romney still has the Cayman account and he’s sees nothing wrong with that. Republican senator Lindsey Graham said openly that paying taxes is a game and people try to hide money, and the senate designed it that way. All this and Romney can only talk about the 47% that dosen’t pay taxes? The other issue he dosen’t talk about is that the deficit was caused by starting 2 unfunded wars , a drug program for seniors, and a tax cut for the rich all on a credit card. The entire stimulus is only <10% of the deficit, and the war in Afganistan, the drug program and the tax cuts make up the rest, and account for the growing debt. the Republicans have blocked any program that Obama wanted including a veterns jobs bill so that couldn't be what the deficit is about, and ACA is revenue neutral. So Mr Romney do you think we are all fools, and you can blame all our problems on the lower middle class and the poor, and we won;t know what is really going on? Want to help your campagin? Tell the truth for a change!

    • anyasnote

      HONESTY AND TRUTH IS NOT A VIRTUE OF ANY POLITICIAN. No matter what Party, but Democrats are more savvy with money and compassionate then Repukes ever be. That’s why Dem States are better and in a way support the moochers down the red states. Republican’s are always for business and money FOR THEM, at any cost. For them trees grow from the top down not from the roots up. Republican’s are more corrupted but Money and empty promises corrupts any person who is lazy, gullible and indifferent, have no ambitions to do better themselves.

      • howa4x

        True neither party is completely truthful. I for one am a registered independent but will vote for Obama. I think Mitt is sleazy for putting his money offshore and avoiding taxes. One thing about Moochers. The red states contribute less to the feds in taxes than the blue states and recieve more money back. So it’s really the red states that mooch off the blue ones. If we want fairness then they should pay their equal share. I tired as a Blue state resident to support such dumb, lazy and fat red state republicans.They should get off their big asses and get to work.

        • anyasnote

          Got you note. Something we agree on. Yes I am also voting for Obama. As a bean counter I know something about check and balances and economy. In my humble opinion we should get bail out not banks. I did wrote a letter to Obama with a suggestion, also to Bonehead. Got letter back from Obama and squat from Boner not Thank you or F U. I suggested to give ONE time to every WORKING American with income below 150K (Family)a grant of 200K and even tax it at 5% Fed and 5% state, with a stipulation that they pay off their imminent debts – mortgages – RE problem solved – people will pay it off and have more money to spend. Pay off car loan, CC loans and some students loans etc. It would get a lot of people off welfare, poor houses or apt’s and more people would buy houses, condo’s, twnhses etc. In reality this stimulus would benefits the Country as a whole. Some people would start businesses and employ those who don’t have the business acumen or simply just don’t care to better themselves. Some people just like to live paycheck to paycheck and that’s why the Repukes know, some just don’t care as long as you don’t rain on their parade or don’t kick them out of their trailers, they will vote for the Devil himself. Gov. would get 5% back, states would get 5% boost for their coffers. A simple math and willingness to help the middle class and boosted up the economy. Instead Banks got bail out, Wall Str got bail out and they wrote themselves nice fat bonuses. Everything grows from the bottom up not trickle down – only pissing.

          • howa4x

            I agree completely. I always thought instead of giving the bank money they should have given it to us to pay off everything. that way the economy would be sound and the banks repaid

    • daniel bostdorf

      howa4x …. you rock…keep the truth coming!

    • highpckts

      And how many wealthy that have access to tax deductions and loopholes that us ordinary folks can’t even dream of and because of this they also pay little to no taxes!!!

  • Let’s see now…I’m a stupid person and willing to pay $50,000 for a plate of rubber chicken, yet I’m not supposed to video the guy just in case he says something embarrassing to his campaign?

    I already feel stupid for having an iPhone, yet I presume that prohibition would apply to my LG, my Samsung, my Nokia and the MyPhone I also use. They all have cameras and video functions.

    By the way, I am one of the 46% (not 47%) who survives on SS after working all my life so I do not pay any taxes. It would take me 4 years to pay for just 1 plate of his chicken so I’ll just keep my money thank you just the same.

  • the anti-christ romney dosent want to be PRES. cant you see this ? when he picked the lil eddie monster look-a-like for VP that shows he dosent want to be PRES. theres no money in that job . he runs to make money off the campain money . what should be done is the IRS should check his campain money from 2008 and after 2012 have them check that too he,s a smart guy give him that but being an anti-christ and a greedy bastard is the root to his brains . im sure when ands if ( and thy should ) the IRS should go over every thing and all his campain money by the time there done im sure the anti-christ can get al copome,s old cell . he,s running to get a % of the campain money thats all even one % would be a $ 10 million bucks . and the why that money would be clean . he missed his calling he should be a bookie for the mob or something thats where im sure the greedy snake would even thy to steal money from then and then he would be put where he should be riught beside jimmy hoffa

    • Ivory, if you can photoshop, take ryan’s picture and put a cape with a stand-up collar on it. Cape is black lined in red. Then make his ears a little pointy. What do you have?