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Monday, October 24, 2016

The Colbert Report
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You probably saw the Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial featuring “America the Beautiful” sung in several languages. And you’ve probably heard that some right-wing pundits were enraged by it. The ad was trying to “divide” people, said Glenn Beck — a proven expert in dividing people.

Well, there was no one more enraged than Comedy Central’s favorite conservative, Stephen Colbert… who hadn’t even seen it.

But as the Colbert Report host watched the commercial, he sided with former Republican House member Allen West, who became upset when it began to use “languages I didn’t recognize.”

“This man once represented Florida, and then served in Iraq,” Colbert said. “How is he supposed to recognize Spanish and Arabic?”

The ad also prominently features a gay couple, which West and Colbert no doubt assume would infuriate the song’s writer, Katharine Lee Bates — if she hadn’t been what we might refer to today as “a lesbian.”

Colbert Coca-Cola

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  • Ann-Marie Poli

    Yay! Another place for me to tout my unpopular opinion. Coke was under fire from LFBT community for supporting Sochi Olympics , but not ,supporting the LGBT community in Russia. McDonald’s Corp and several other have denounced Russia’s anti-gay laws, but so far Coca Cola Corp. has not. The timing of the America the Beautiful commercial portraying them as champions of diversity made for a perfect PR move. Let’s face it, a company their size doesn’t sell soda, they their brand. I believe the Super Bowl commercials were attempt to divert attention from their current controversy(the Coke dump scheduled at Times Square later this week by LGBT group was already planned at airing) and to protect their image which was under increasing attack

    • stcroixcarp

      I can’t understand why anyone would drink their toxic products. That goes for Pepsi and Dr. Pepper too! That stuff makes you fat before it kills you.

      • Robert Roberto

        Some people were born obese, so the sodas had nothing to do with their obesity. Drink diet big red and become slimmer.

        • stcroixcarp

          Water, if it isn’t polluted by toxic waste, is even better for you.

    • Dominick Vila

      Most commercials are, by nature, designed to promote products and project an image that is often far from reality. The Coca Cola Corp is not the only one guilty of manipulating people. The problem with this commercial, at least for some, has more to do with their decision to highlight our ethnic diversity by including foreign languages, something that may be acceptable in Western Union, but considered evil in the USA, than the inclusion of a Lesbian.
      I suspect the reason we have not been more critical of Russian Laws on the issue of gay rights, is because our record on that issue is far from being an example of inclusion. It wasn’t too long ago when our gay and lesbian fellow citizens could not acknowledge their sexual preferences when they joined the military. It wasn’t that long when openly gay men were killed or insulted because of their preferences, and it wasn’t too long ago when every single state in the Union banned same sex marriage. Most still do. In order to criticize someone else, we must have credibility and, on this issue, we have none.

    • jointerjohn

      The United States, or at least a substantial portion of it, has just taken a major step forward in the furtherance of LGBT rights. To expect a firm offensive to come directly behind it would be nice, and would please me, but that has not been the way we have historically behaved. Look at the abolition of slavery, which was directly followed by The Reconstruction, which by design did devastating harm to blacks. Women’s suffrage also came, but the years directly after offered little else. While it disappoints me, the U.S. has a nasty pattern of moving forward on human rights issues in lurching movements followed by tragically long pauses of progress.
      The greatest value the Coke commercial has it that it suckered some conservatives into further revealing their xenophobia and intolerance.

      • Ann-Marie Poli

        Other companies doing business in Russia have denounced their anti-gay laws. You are correct about the conservative crazies, but we knew there were there. My point is to make people who are hailing Coke stop and think about other less admirable motives for this PR move.

  • Gary Graves

    The United States is made with many people of different languages and different religions and beliefs, That is why America is great.