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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Is the shooting at a historically black church in Charleston a hate crime?

Pictures of the apprehended suspect, Dylann Storm Roof, 21, of Lexington, South Carolina, show him in front of a car with Confederate license plates and wearing a jacket with patches of flags from white-supremacist regimes.

Sylvia Johnson, a cousin of one of the victims, Rev. Clementa Pinckney, told reporters what one of the witnesses had told her: The shooter “just said: ‘I have to do it. You rape our women and you are taking over our country. And you have to go.’”

But for Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy, the evidence doesn’t point to race as a factor. A hate crime may have occurred, but it’s Christians who are being targeted.

“Extraordinarily, they called it a hate crime,” Doocy said. “Some look at it as, well it’s because it was a white guy apparently and a black church.” He emphasized that the location of the shooting could not be so easily dismissed: “It was a church.

The show’s guest, E.W. Jackson, concurred, saying that there was a “rising hostility against Christians across the country” and that the congregation was attacked for its “Biblical views.” Furthermore, he urged “pastors and men in these churches” to carry guns to protect themselves from anti-Christian attacks.

“It’s sad but I think we’ve got to arm ourselves,” Jackson said. “Look, I’m a pastor. If someone comes in to hurt my church members, I have an absolute obligation to defend them, to protect them.”

Jackson wasn’t the only conservative who felt compelled to shift the conversation away from race or to express a wish that churchgoers pack heat.

American Family Radio host Bryan Fischer took to Twitter to express his (erroneous) belief that more guns mean less violence, and to repeat NRA executive VP Wayne LaPierre’s infamous maxim about “good guys.”

Two Republican presidential candidates also aligned themselves with the anything-but-race-narrative camp.

South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham echoed Doocy’s opinion that it’s a dangerous time to be a Christian, telling The View to beware of people wanting to kill Christians.

Rick Santorum, while acknowledging that the attack was a hate crime, called it “an assault on our religious liberty.”

Of course there are religiously-motivated crimes in this country, but the vast majority are directed at non-Christians. According to hate crime statistics compiled by the FBI, 60.3 percent of religiously motivated hate crimes in 2013 were anti-Jew and 13.7 percent were anti-Muslim.

Meanwhile, racially motivated crimes accounted for nearly half (48.4 percent) of all hate crimes in 2013. And of those race-related crimes, 66.4 percent were anti-black or anti-African-American.

So who is calling the shooting in Charleston a racially motivated hate crime?

Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen and The Department of Justice.

Not incidentally, South Carolina is one of only five states without a hate-crime law. County Rep. Wendell Gilliard, who represents the district where the AME church is located, has been trying for years to enact one.

Hate groups — South Carolina has 19 of them — are mostly concentrated in the Deep South and Montana/Idaho, when controlled for population, and out of all ethnic groups, blacks experience the most hate crimes, according to a Washington Post piece that contextualizes crimes of this nature.

“This is a reality,” Gilliard told reporters in 2014. “We really have to understand prejudice, racism is definitely on the rise and if we turn our backs away from that, then it grows like a cancer.”

Details about Roof’s views on race are emerging too. In an interview with The Daily Beast, a high-school acquaintance of Roof said that as a teenager the suspected shooter enjoyed telling racist jokes, and that he “had that kind of Southern pride, I guess some would say. Strong conservative beliefs.”

Another acquaintance told The Daily Beast that Roof, a lifelong resident of a state that still flies the Confederate flag, was “big into segregation” and that “he wanted to start a civil war.”

Photo: Dylann Storm Roof, 21, proudly proclaimed his affiliation with groups known for their anti-black views. The two patches on his jacket are for flags for apartheid South Africa and for Rhodesia, an unrecognized African state dating from the ’70s, that was unrecognized by the U.N. because of its overtly racist government. Facebook via The New York Daily News

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180 responses to “Conservatives: Charleston Shooting Is About Anything But Race”

  1. Wayneo says:

    Those who fly or display the Confederate battle flag are sill fighting the Civil War. They will not admit the war is over and they lost. When I see the Confederate battle flag, I see losers and/or terrorist.

    • commentary42 says:

      I see racists. Just as the swattika evolved from a party symbol to symbol of jewish hate, the confederate flag has evolved in a symbol of black racism. Yet South Carolina proudly flies it over their state house. In what universe is that not an endorsement and stand for racial hatred? Not to mention support for anti Americanism.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        That Stars and Bars flag should have been abolished. We have ONE flag in this country. Now, if they fly it half masts it will be in support of the murderer of 9 innocent victims.

        If this country had NO blacks, who do you think these gun nuts would come after if not Jews and Catholics? In fact, if you read the history of the KKK, you see that it was Jews and Catholics that they originally went after. It wasn’t until the southern whites had to work at jobs free slave laborers did for them that they went after blacks whom they have always considered their inferiors.

    • BOC says:

      You also see hate and psychological instability. These are the wacko’s you should place on the federal government watch-lists.

  2. Daniel Jones says:

    This guys was shooting based on race, possibly based on the police body camera issue.

    These repugnant thugs trying to spin this into an excuse and a means for the next idiot in church to be packing heat is not only repulsive, it should be legally actionable.

  3. the kick is good says:

    That’s a doozy from Doocy the dunce.

  4. Insinnergy says:

    Fox… dumber than a sack of hammers.

  5. JzzE1 . says:

    Crazy azz hell! This was about everything and especially race! It was about guns in the wrong hands, it was about mental health issues, it was about a kid who was dissatisfied with his life and himself, It was about the bad judgement to give a gun to a thug with a recent previous history of felony arrest. What it WASN’T about was President Obama or even politics in general.

  6. AgLander says:

    A deranged madman has no political affiliation….he is first and foremost a madman and you can’t legislate away derangement. If liberals want to try to pass a law to feel better, they should start by pulling back on their love affair with legalizing drugs because this guy was an active drug abuser… know, the practice you all like to call the “victimless crime”!

    • FireBaron says:

      Nobody said a damn thing about him having a political affiliation, unless you consider “White Supremacist” to be a political affiliation.

      • AgLander says:

        Do you not consider “right wing” and “conservative” to be a code words for party affiliation? Stop playing games.

        • nedcline says:

          You are just like the all the other right wing zombies. You are mesmerized by the likes of Fox, Limbaugh Beck and the rest of the right wing idiots. Right wing and conservative are no more code words than left wing or liberal. You are off base with all you have said. Legalizing drugs has nothing to do with this. Also, being a gun owner myself, I am in favor of tougher laws before people can acquire a firearm. Many people who own them should never be able to own them because they don’t know the first thing about guns. There also should be a mandatory gun safety class that must be passed before being able to purchase a gun and a person should be licensed to own a gun. Also, get rid of the open carry laws, this is nothing more than a call for violence.

          • BOC says:

            Not only just a call for violence. But in a lot of cases, a ‘Napoleonic complex’ at work, which makes this even more dangerous.

          • AgLander says:

            Why don’t you try enforcing the laws that are already in place before you take the typical liberal approach of throwing another new law out there without enforcing the ones in place first? It’s not difficult, but you libs sure make it difficult with your act first, think second approach!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Since the GOP is the Majority in the House and sits on ALL of the money committees…How about red states stop bilking blues states by hogging up all of our federal tax dollars for their relic red state polluter industries?

          • AgLander says:

            Better yet, if you are so angry, why don’t the blue states split off and let the red states flounder by going it alone? See how long that would last before your side collapsed in societal and financial disarray!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Nothing would please blue states more. Every red state gets a return of their $1 in federal taxes of from $1.35 to $1.87. Blue states are lucky to get 50 cents for their dollar.

            Now..why is that? Because red states vote in politicians who flush more than their fair share of tax dollars to their red states, stiffing blue states who then work harder, pay higher taxes and get less of a return.

            So..go ahead…secede…All that will do is put your red states right back where they were after the Civil War…in deep poverty and without any help from the North.

            Wall Street is up north. So is Princeton, MIT, Yale and Harvard…What do you have but SB colleges and the Koch oil boys…You secede and all of your interstate transport of your goods dies.

          • AgLander says:

            Be careful what you wish for, grasshopper.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            I wish you would secede. Who the hell needs to keep paying for oil spill clean ups and fines YOU and your CONS make? Who needs to keep forking over OUR state dollars for border protection that you don’t even abide by and hire illegals in TX for maids and yard workers thanks to Riddles Law?

            Sorry, but a secession would kill off any more FEMA funding the blue states pay for red state wildfires and tornadoes. Hurts the hinney doesn’t it?

          • BOC says:

            I think she’s more careful than you could ever be, bottom-feeder.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            If that’s all you’ve got, you haven’t got enough to keep up with blue states by a long shot especially now that Big Oil is taking a HUGE hit from solar and wind power.

          • BOC says:

            If we did split up the red states will fail because they have the ‘tax loophole’ disease. Who could they use, because they can’t parasite themselves?

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            BOC…the red states hate the federal government. Why? Because without a federal government, these Stars and Bars Confederate states would run riot over the rights of other states and they know it.

            That really was what the Civil War was all about…the right to sell slaves across states lines in states that knew slavery was wrong…So why didn’t the red states know it was wrong?

            Because in red states, their plantation culture is one that is highly hierarchical. Big Daddy at the top and free labor at the bottom…See the resemblance to their red state policies today?

          • BOC says:

            This is their reasoning behind the fanaticism we are witnessing today. Very disheartening.

          • BOC says:

            “….but you libs sure make it difficult with your act first, think second approach!?”

            No! No! No! Everyone knows this is how the conservatives and GOP operates, e.g. Iraq/Afghanistan war(s), deregulation run- amok, Wall Street, the list is long.

            You guys hate rules and regulations. You righties, spend most of your time trying to figure out how to circumvent them. When you are controlling or on top of something at the time and it feels real good to you, you attempt to figure out how to monopolize the opportunity forever. Case in point, Richard ‘Tricky-Dick’ Nixon.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            If you are ever expecting any CON to man up, forget it. They are the epitome of reckless, irresponsible, BS CON artists.

          • nedcline says:

            I acting first. In the first place no one has even talked about taking away uns. However, if restrictions are needed and if it only saves one life then I believe it is worth it. More guns is not the answer. You on the right always point out the “problem” but you never have a valid solution to the problems. I have been listening to the lies the right spreading for a long time, but it has become worse since 2009. Strange, but the increase in lies and false information coincides with us electing America’s first black President. So take your idiotic statements and go away.

          • Canistercook says:

            I thought that was what the stop and search program was intended to do – prevent some of the shooting!

      • BOC says:

        Yes, he does consider “White Supremacist” to be a political affiliation, because he is a member and/or advocate of.

    • Bren Frowick says:

      Why is that white right wing lunatics are always referred to as “mentally ill”, while crimes committed by blacks or Muslims are called “terrorism” committed by “thugs”?

      • AgLander says:

        All those you described are deranged and mentally unstable in order to commit such acts……do you have any more questions?

      • Carolyn1520 says:

        It’s a defense tool used. Put it out there early and then build a case around it. The more horrendous the crime, the more the insanity plea is necessary.
        “Thug” is the new N word.

      • Canistercook says:

        We refer to all lunatics that are mentally ill regardless of race or religion as ‘mentally sick’. There are black ones and white ones.

    • Carolyn1520 says:

      “A deranged madman has no political affiliation”

      First, how do you know that? He has affiliations with hate groups. I read that in one of the many articles and they are nothing if not politically motivated.
      While we squabble over small points, we sometimes miss the big picture.

  7. Manianks says:

    If this is not race crime, against blacks or christians, what else it is? why this hair splitting by concservatives?

    • BOC says:

      It’s not ‘hair splitting,’ it’s ‘masking’. This is what ignorant cowards do.

    • 13observer says:

      This crime has “once again” turned out to be against law-abiding gun owners at the hands of the liberal media and democrats. The NRA will receive huge contributions as a result and more guns and ammo will be sold than ever before!

      • AgLander says:

        That’s why liberals make bad parents……if they see 18 children playing baseball and one is using his bat to swing at other children trying to hurt them, the liberal parent does nothing to address the bad child, but calls off the game and takes all the bats away from everyone and disbands the Little League..

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Really? Well let’s see now…JFK…a liberal and a president…Clinton… a liberal, raised by a single Mom…and a governor, Rhodes Scholar and President.

          Obama? Raised by a single Mom, a former IL Senator, a community organize and President.

          Nixon? CON…forced to resign for masterminding the WaterGate break in. Reagan? 2nd term recession. GHWB? IranContraGate…and 1st term recession…GWB? boozer, jailed in Princeton NJ for DWI while in college, bankrupted his own oil company and TX baseball team, spent 6 months in TX Air National Guard and left to help Daddy with his campaign. For a guy raised in a CON two parent family, this boy and both brothers are bankruptcy kings. Try again.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        No…The NRA won’t. And no he wasn’t a “law abiding” gun owner…he got the gun from his Big Daddy…which in the south is practically the rite of MANhood. What is lawful about using a gift to kill 9 people?

        You are awfully blase about 9 murdered innocent victims. No surprise when gun addicts can’t unhinge themselves from their guns.

        • AgLander says:

          Every time I see a person dead from a heroin overdose, I blame liberals because they are continually pressing for liberalization of drug laws and usage……..see the parallel to your silly argument about legal gun owners, the NRA and the isolated psychos out there?

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Every time I see a person dead from a gun shot wound I blame YOU and your CONS….big time wusses who have to own arsenal and then shoot innocent victims…Proud of yourself?

          • AgLander says:

            As a lib, are you proud of yourself for the heroin O.D. last night that sits in your local morgue right now?

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Are you proud of the massacre that nearly killed that AZ Congresswoman? Charles Whitman who picked off citizens with a rifle on a Dallas street in 1972? The assassination of JFK in a red state? The VA Tech shooter? The Colorado and Oklahoma massacres? The meth they make in the backs of cars in midwest states?

    • Carolyn1520 says:

      It’s a racially motivated hate crime.
      It’s to their benefit to change the narrative to a crime against Christians as it fits into their agenda “The War on Christians”

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        You know how you prove it was a hate crime? What if as all the gun nuts of NRA are spouting, the scene was that every black person in that church WAS armed and the minute that nut started shooting turned their guns on him? You know as well as the rest of us, those good ole good ole boys in SC would be arresting all of them ….not calling it self defense like the white bigot males in SC like to pretend.

        • AgLander says:

          If you kill someone with a gun, it’s a hate crime. If you burn down a city and pillage it because you resent the law, it’s a hate crime. Only liberals try to compartmentalize the definition of “hate crime” by color because they are obsessed with race and ethnicity. Everyone has to be placed in separate boxes by them and when you separate everyone, you create social tension and societal disunity. It’s called Democrat election politics.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            If you kill 9 black people in a church and your are a white male…what else would you call it? What was he doing in that church if not planning to take out all of those in church?

            You CON men are so screwed up in the head. It’s no wonder we laugh about how backward you are.

            In case you missed it, liberals are not the only ones fed up with your Death Mentalities in the south and midwest. Progessives are just as tired of having to worker harder to pay for the BS you CONs assume we will always clean up for you.

            Grow the hell up already. There is nothing about your white skin that makes you superior to anyone else.

            Democratic election politics? You mean like when 3 GOP Speakers of the House have now been forced to resign for redistricting (DeLay, who also was involved in the Abramoff scandal) Gingrich chief in charge of womanizing with 3 wives and a history of Georgia bigotry and now Hastert paying off a $25,000 blackmailer to hide his sexual antics?

          • Canistercook says:

            A terrible act by a NUT! Probably on drugs!

    • Canistercook says:

      It is a terrible action by a drug crazed nut. Just as the school shootings and most of these shootings are!

  8. Ray Fisher says:

    The shooter said he wanted to create a ‘race war’. Are Christians raping our women and taking over this country and have to go? Seems race crime to me, but my glasses only have clear lenses.

    • AgLander says:

      Is our society on such an edge that the actions of a solitary and deranged psycho sufficient to start a “race war”?
      Are the incendiary words of Al Sharpton that encouraged rioting and pillaging in places like Ferguson and Baltimore also the actions meant to start a race war?

      • nedcline says:

        Rev. Sharpton did not encourage rioting and pillaging. He did, however, encourage peaceful protest, which is legal in this country. It seems to me with those words you are part of the problem not the solution.

        • BOC says:

          Indeed. Maybe he has sat with the likes of Roof?

        • AgLander says:

          Do you live in a bubble? Al Sharpton has had a long history of slandering law enforcement going all the way back to Tawana Brawley. In the days leading up to the Ferguson riots, Sharpton was on scene stoking the unruly crowds with words like “gentle giant” to describe the most ungentle, Michael Brown……and then as tensions were at the boiling point he raised them even higher……”we have had enough”……”they killin teens, they killin dreams, it’s murder”……”this ain’t over!” …….and we all know what happened afterwards!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            What did David Koresh, Jim Jones, Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart have….a short history as snake oil salesmen Bible Thumpers who think passing the plate is a meal.

          • Canistercook says:

            And a bunch of idiots that followed them!

        • Carolyn1520 says:

          Sharpton is part of the problem. But it’s because he’s an opportunist. His main concern is himself and what’s in it for him.

          • nedcline says:

            I use to think the same thing until I started listening to him and hearing his views. I do believe people can change and usually do when they grow up and look around and see what is happening. And, aglander, all of those words were words of truth. Open your eyes and look around police use of force is out of hand. I usually back the police, but, many of these cases the police are wrong and should be held accountable just as any other citizen. Again your hatred is showing and you are part of the problem.

          • Carolyn1520 says:

            You certainly read a lot of assumptions into what I said without a clue as to what I think about police, their use of undue force, etc.
            Since it’s your false assumptions and your opinions, you can think whatever you choose. But it comes off as no more than a mouth dump.
            My hatred for what pray tell?
            Go ahead, I’d like to see just what you can come up.

      • Canistercook says:

        Unfortunately it may unless cooler more sensible people step in. Obama has become our ‘great divider’. It may not be all his fault but it is a fact.

      • JPHALL says:

        You right wingers only see or hear what you want to hear. The man stated his purpose. You try to change it to fit your own agenda.

  9. FireBaron says:

    “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty
    said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean –
    neither more nor less.” This piece of scum came right out and said he wanted to start a race war, and he was shooting them because they were black. Try to explain that, Fox Talking Heads.

  10. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    If you want to lay blame for this empowered little punk, look at “who” the ingredients in this rash of bigotry are…March 2009, 3rd month of a new presidency, Mitch McConnell, (rallying all the good ole good ole boys under the Stars and Bars) “We will GET RID of Obama.”

    Fast forward to Issa and the safari hunt to GET HILLARY with Benghazi. All this dipshit kid had to do was take a leaf out of Issa’s page and interrogate, bully and be the obnoxious jerk the GOP men today have become.

    Never let it be said GOP men EVER miss a chance to pulverize anything or anyone in their path..after all, that is what they did in IRAQ and to our economy.

    Now, you have Big Mouth Bolton acting like a spitting, hissing dog in a dog fight, Gowdy and Cotton sitting on government committees interrogating like attack dogs or McCarthy’s Roy Cohn and the worst display of the week? Jeb Hensarlng (R-TX). A nasty mouthed, rude, discourteous, obnoxious little creep who belligerently just like Cotton and Gowdy, ask questions and before any answers are allowed, they interrupt and answer their own questions.

    How is Hensarling and Garret (R-NJ) not abusing their power? Then you wonder why the Stars and Bars Confederate feel that every master of the universe in key government positions with mouths like these guys are not more empowered?

    The GOP men have NEVER been able to lead by example. All they know is to shove their ideology, religion and BS down everyone’s throat.

    • AgLander says:

      Yep…you got it nailed. A low IQ high school dropout, drug user, loner who couldn’t tell you where Washington DC is on a map and is only worried about his next drug hit is the pure product of the politics you just described……such an irrational screed makes one think you need to be watched closely as the next nut job ready to blow.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        It doesn’t help that the “instigators” empower these guys with constant displays of bullying. As you so succinctly states, the weakest minds among us are always the least educated and can become loaded cannons with nothing more than a little goading from instigators. These weak minds eat up that kind of jolt of power and go off the deep end.

        My thought is that perhaps it is long past time for all inciters and instigators to beheld accountable for their actions.

        The First Amendment can be abused. In fact, is abused. Just as the Second Amendment is deliberately abused.

        In states’ rights only states, you get mentalities that believe the Federal government is their enemy. This is precisely what their politicians want them to believe.

        Yet, ironically, a quick scan of the Federal committees, panels and government big mouths all show most are from red states.

        So..which is it? They hate the federal government or they are just a bunch of sociopathic control freaks who want to country the rest of us?

        • AgLander says:

          Sounds to me like you take issue with only the “big mouths” that are “red” and aren’t concerned with the equally or greater loudness coming from the shrill big mouths that are “blue”!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Sounds to me like you defend red state big mouths who play Rambo. There are big mouths in blue states. But, they don’t go around inciting others to walk into minority communities and shoot to kill. That’s the Wild West and backwoods mentalities.

            Big mouths from blue states don’t need arsenals. Why do red state mouths? Is it because their greatest fear is the black man with a gun?

            I have lived 68 years (my entire life) in NJ and never once felt the need for a gun even though I live 45 minutes from NY City.

            I have 2 black neighbors some white males might envy for their high levels of intelligence and excellence as family men.

          • AgLander says:

            I’m not defending anyone…just pointing out your “deep blue” screed…..and you accuse FOX of being biased?!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Yes…You are defending instigators like Cotton, Gowdy, Issa, Inhofe, McConnell and Ryan…all witch hunters of the opposition who every day speak to their Congressional colleagues with that air of superiority….What the hell is so superior about Trey Gowdy?

          • AgLander says:

            That is a very patronizing description of your two black neighbors….almost like you are describing second class citizens and your amazement that they could possess traits at or above the level that white males possess….it’s called “soft bigotry”.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            No…I am describing how we in NJ do not focus on skin color and you in the CON states ALWAYS do.

          • AgLander says:

            You just did!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Just because you say it, doesn’t make it fact. That bully BS doesn’t work with educated people. Sorry.

          • AgLander says:

            If you have to tell others you are educated, you are selling, not convincing.

  11. BOC says:

    This type of punditry contributes to the problem we witnessed in Charleston, N.C.
    Fox, Doocey, Graham, and the other right wing extremists should be ashamed of themselves. The thought of one of these people (Lindsey Graham) running for President is scary, indeed.

  12. KDJ54 says:

    Dear Christians: Take it from a past believer, turned atheist, that you are not doing yourselves any favors by following this ridiculous meme. I’ve traveled the length and breadth of this country and many foreign countries and Christianity is alive and well. There are churches in every town and I’ve yet to see any Christians hanging from crosses lining the roads. In fact, all of the presidential candidates have to mouth some meaningless platitudes to you in order to get your votes, even though they may less than conventional in their religious beliefs. And if you’re worried about the LGBT coimmunity, they just want you to leave them alone and maybe bake them a cake without grumbling too much. This was a racially motivated hate crime, pure and simple. How do I know? Because the only Christians dying in the country are the one’s who have more melanin in their skin than Doocy, Ditto, and the airheads on Fox News.

  13. Grannysmovin says:

    So when this sick individual said: ‘I have to do it. You rape our women and you are taking over our country. And you have to go.’” Steve Doocy, Lindsay Graham E.W. Jackson, and Rick Santorum are saying this was a hate crime targeted against Christians because they rape women and are taking over the country? That was what it is reported the shooter claimed, so…… Poor Faux Christians always the victim.

    To the Conservatives mentioned in this article and to those who have a similar opinion: “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile.” Billy Sunday

    • Carolyn1520 says:

      The agenda is to turn anything they can into “a war on Christians”
      This tragedy was nothing more than an opportunity to further that agenda only this little racist shooter made the spin impossible. Yet… you hear their Christian foot soldiers here trying to sell the message.

  14. 13observer says:

    Hillary has now defined her true campaign goal; “gun control”……… and she will pay dearly for it.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Dream on….Hillary will be president for one reason: The GOP clown car is so overloaded with white males…how stupid is that? All you have is one dead in the water female, Fiorina, dumped by Hewlitt Packard as the token female? And one black, Ben Carson, as the token black?

      • Ken Javor says:

        Eleanor…… would have nothing if it weren’t for white males. Who do you think created the technology for everything you take for granted from computers to jet liners………….. do you think black males did?

      • 13observer says:

        But……………. because of our love for guns and candidates supporting them; we prevail. Sorry, I have no tokens for you.

      • paulyz says:

        Again you fail to state the reality of the GOP’s diversity. They have 2 Hispanics, 1 Black, 1 Woman, & 1 Indian. The Democrat field has 2 Washington Lifers that are both old & White. Calling Dr. Ben Carson a “token” Black shows your biases since he has very much support among Conservatives, which is very difficult for you to accept.

  15. jesse says:

    These right-wing nutcases on FOX “News” are sitting down too much on their couch that it is crushing their brains! IT WAS A HATE CRIME! A white man killing black people! And that black Uncle Tom pastor needs to stop drinking their tea mixed with STUPID!

    • Canistercook says:

      So just about every killing is a hate crime. You would not kill someone unless for some reason you disliked them!

      • jesse says:

        Ahh the IDIOTS on FOX “News” are saying it’s was because they were Christians and not black! They are once again out of touch with reality!

        • Canistercook says:

          No they are not. You don’t watch Fox I guess.

          • jesse says:

            Hahahaha! And neither do you because these right-wing nutcases on FOX “News” are calling it an attack on Christians, not on blacks! And I rather eat my dung then watch that GARBAGE!

  16. Carolyn1520 says:

    I was home yesterday and happened to have the TV on as “The View” came on.

    I watched the segment with Lindsey Graham. At the very end of his blah, blah he mentioned Christians being killed all over when referencing this hate crime. My radar went up and I backed it up so I could listen again. I had to laugh as I thought, ah they have found a way to change the narrative into “the war on Christians”. The freaks are such opportunists. You have to hand it to them, they never miss an opportunity to use anything to further their agenda even a horrific tragedy. While we are fighting over petty stuff, they are marching onward. Like Christian soldiers?

    A friend sent me an article and I read it and didn’t give it an undue amount of credence but something about it resonated so I revisited it.

    Read it and tell me what you think if you want.

    Another interesting fact. When the tea party folks were protesting immigration in different places in the southwest a couple years ago, they were drawing support from white supremacists and other hate groups at their rallies. It was quite a contrast to see the two worlds together. Of course some feigned surprise and horror that these groups of haters would be joining them. I think that might have been legit because they are of course just the pawns. I doubt the puppet masters were as surprised though. Why did they unite? Because they all share the same agenda.

  17. 13observer says:

    This killer should have his gun rights taken away for life but what about this “mass incarceration” thing and liberals promoting drug use, no death penalty, Obama releasing illegal alien murderers and how about posting a picture of the killer from 5th grade like they did with the so-called victims Trayvon and Michael Brown. I thought everyone was a victim in the eyes of liberals??? The hypocrisy of liberals is killing me!

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      How you stop blaming Obama because he is bi-racial? No one is fooled by your veiled attempts to assuage this gun nut kid’s guilt. Is that because CON men fear black males with guns so that they can’t admit they are bigots in the blood?

      • 13observer says:

        I didn’t like Bill Clinton (white) either because he cheated on his wife and pushed gun control. The NRA is the oldest civil rights organization in America and all blacks should become members because of it. Some blacks try to make guns a “race issue” but its a “political issue” where guns win most all of the time!

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Oh puhlease…The NRA has so bastardized the intent of the 2nd Amendment solely to ignore Article I, Sec. 8 which clearly defines who a militia is and who pays for it.

          When men in this country wuss out by needing a gun strapped to their sides, all they prove is what a bunch of fearful lunatics they are.

          Blacks are sold guns up north by red state gun runners. Don’t try to deny what we see more and more often and are getting fed up with. What’s the matter? Your red states can’t get enough gun buyers in your own states and now you move north?

          • 13observer says:

            Gangbangers get guns were they get their drugs, prostitutes and liberal newspapers; from other criminals.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Gangbangers get their guns from those red state illegal gun dealers…Prostitution exists in Nevada legally…a red state. As for liberal newspapers…wow…try try try again…Rupert Murdoch, Charles and David Koch, Ted Turner, Zuckerberg and Adelson ALL are ultra conservative billionaire media moguls who own the top US media outlets.

          • 13observer says:

            You left out “drugs” ………. where did he get the drugs he was using? “Drug dealers” legitimized by liberals and their problem putting dealers in jail (mass incarceration) or making them legal in some states. No guns, laws or punishment but plenty of dope… more liberal hypocrisy.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            First of all, he lived in SC. How many liberal drug dealers can you count in SC much less strictly the number of liberals?

            Drugs are coming into SC from the same place they come into all other parts of the US…through Florida. My nephew works for ATF (or did until the cuts) and his wife works for the FBI. Both say the same thing…Most drugs come into the US from either Mexico or the Central and South American states. So, this means, for your further edification, that either the red states know these drugs are entering illegally and hiding it or they are unwilling to do a better job of policing the drug trade.

            In blue states the points of entry for drugs would be along the East Coast. You can’t get into any port or airport up north without taking your shoes off or having your ship load of goods red flagged for suspicious materials.

            Drugs do come in from Canada. But, again, it is far less than the drugs we know coming in from Mexico through TX and CA and Central and South America through Rick Scott’s and formerly Jeb Bush’s Florida ports of entry.

          • 13observer says:

            Obama has given a green light to criminals.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            You can stop lying now. First of all, the President has not given any green light to criminals. That’s just your racist way of accusing him of something he hasn’t done. Gee…how very KKK do you need to get?

            Second…give us all proof you can prove in a court of law how he has given the green light to criminals. Can’t can you? So, basically, your post is a lie.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry Eleanore, but Turner/Fonda are not conservatives. The majority of the MSM is liberal leaning by almost a 3-1 ratio. A MSM that prints one anti-liberal item and prints 3 anti-conservative items is not to be regarded as a conservative leaning news source!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Sorry ..but Ted Turner is…Fonda is not. She and Turner divorced ove 2 decades ago. If you heard Ted Turner at the 2000 campaign, you’d have heard him say he was an “ultra conservative” and supporter of the GOP.

            You guys will just dig up any tripe you can’t prove in a court of law to support an unbalanced ideology.

            Here is a link supporting what I posted about Turner:…/ted-turner-the-surprising-conservativ

          • InformedVoter says:

            Once again Ellie, but no prize. Just because Turner says he’s “conservative independent” does not make him an “ultra”. He goes on to say he’s for all these items – items that the left is for, etc., thus proving he’s a lefty in disguise. Thanks for helping proving my point! What gets me is that the accused is on heavy mind altering drugs, just as many prior nut cases, yet you blame race instead of going after the real cause. The drug point is what the conservatives were saying was the cause. Any other point is merely race-baiting, but seeing that Obama et al have been playing the race card for 6+ years, what can one expect from the low information audience they pander to.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            You are splitting hairs and you know it. Turner is a conservative. Period. end of statement. You have NO point. You only post to argue pointless points you know you can’t prove.

            If he is on drugs in SC, what does that tell you? That SC is a blue liberal state loaded with drug dealers?

            Obama has not had to play the race. YOu and your boy geniuses of bigotry do that well enough for him. He doesn’t play the hate card you bigots do. He’s lived with bigotry his entire life…all he had to do was walk past one of you bigots and immediately you grab your wallets. You fool no one. YOU ARE A BIGOT…proud of yourself?

          • InformedVoter says:

            Hey Ellie, can you answer this question? Why is it when liberals start losing an argument (which is most of the time) that they resort to name calling and BULLYING? You liberals think you are on the high ground by claiming we’re bigots. Well, we refuse to let you BULLY us. Since you brought up blue states, why is it that the counties and states that have the toughest gun control laws have highest rate of shootings and murders? So Obama hasn’t played a race card? He convicted Zimmerman before the facts were in as claimed when he sent his lap dog Holder to do a “civil rights” investigation. If Holder had been able to charge Zimmerman with spiting on the sidewalk, they would have, but since the DOJ couldn’t find any charge to make, they went silent. Obama claiming that his son would look like … that’s not entering race into the mix? Obama did the same with the Ferguson events. Again, after building up false hopes in the black communities that the “bigoted whites” would get charged, the DOJ left town with their tales between their legs. And why must you show that you have male envy? You always slam males. Face reality, you don’t have outdoor plumbing. Get over it!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Hey INformed (NOT) Voter…I only answer questions from sane people. Most of us with full mental faculties have trouble making sense of prattle, drivel and gibberish from people with serious mental problems. I said you are a bully and I meant it.

            I don’t bully because it matters not to me whether you like what I post or your don’t. Since you take the time and trouble to respond to MY posts, I do believe you are faking it again and trying to avoid accountability. Get over yourself egotist…I’m am not interested in Paleothic males with Neanderthal tendencies.

          • InformedVoter says:

            You didn’t answer because you have no answer. You lost this argument big time! As Jack Nicholson said “the truth, you can’t handle the truth”. Your lame points were completely and utterly destroyed. You post so often, but you have no valid content. You just post bullying comments.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Sorry, you lack mental balance. I never try to reason with the insane. That’s a futility I know has no future goal.

            Here is a truth you won’t admit…You are a hateful, white individual who stoops at nothing to prove your superiority.

            You prove only you support bigotry, gender bias and want the right to be viewed as the almighty god authority on everything. Can’t oblige your little boy tantrums.

            President Obama is ALL TOO truthful for hateful people like you. It strikes at the very heart of the hate you were taught by your Daddies and Mommies.

            No matter what else you post…you already prove WHO and WHAT you are. I don’t stoop that low to bother with sand fleas.

          • itsfun says:

            The saying “when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns” is right. Criminals will find guns and do what they want. They will break into your house, shoot you, rob you, because they know you can’t defend your self against a gun.

        • Timmi says:

          It’s like a mantra for you guys. Clinton cheated on his old lady. So what. Why is that your business?
          You know, I remember after November of 08 there was this huge run on ammo. The ammo shelves at all the stores had only obscure crap that nobody uses. For months I had to drive 41 miles R/T to get a box of wadcutters & some .22 plinkers. It was ridiculous. Now here we are near the end of President Obama’s 2nd term and not one gun has been taken from a law abiding citizen. Not one.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            They only use Clinton’s MonicaGate to hide the generations of womanizers in the GOP. Would they EVER admit that Warren Harding (GOP president) had 5 mistresses, one of whom blackmailed him for $25,000? His wife knew about his affairs but keep her mouth shut. So while they were on the presidential train and she was alone with him…he died. She hurried him back to Washington DC, refused to allow an autopsy and then burned all of the letters blackmailing him. It was always suspected she poisoned him..ergo the refusal of an autopsy. She died one year later.

            There’s more. Gingrich, the GA womanizing king. Leaves his 1st wife while she was in chemo. Leaves his 2nd wife after she was diagnosed with MS and now with wife No. 3, he becomes a Catholic for her (not unlike JEB) to absolve him of his “sins.”

            There was the VA senator who had an illegitimate child with his Venezuelan Tootsie. For Pete’s sake, Even Eisenhower had a fling right under Mamie’s nose while in the White House.

            They have nothing on Clinton they don’t already have in the corral of GOP womanizers.

            US History…ain’t it grand?

          • 2ThinkN_Do2 says:

            That’s is actually not true, there are many states that have enacted new gun regs and that have turned legal gun owners into criminals because they refuse to to follow these newly enacted unconstitutional rules. They’ve made people felons by creating laws that cannot be complied with. Maybe read more than what you want to hear, that may help.

          • itsfun says:

            Everything a President does is the business of every American. The President gives everyone that right when they take office or run for the office of President.

          • joe schmo says:

            Thank God for that one because there is no greater time than now that we need them. He has indirectly tried his best by trying to eliminate the ammo you can get for guns.

      • joe schmo says:

        Here we go again about men. Get over it. Any opportunity to bash the white male for living. Get over yourself. Go back to the back woods from where you came. We don’t need to hear your clap trap during a sad time such as this Eleanore. We don’t need to hear your callous opinion. Do you have no shame.

    • Marv Nochowitz says:

      The solution is simple. Go and die. That would make the world a better place

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        Sadly, my experience with my own family bigots in NC and TX show me how no matter where you are born, (these relatives were all originally from NJ), bigotry is an acquired behavior based on gross emotional insecurity and self loathing.

        • joe schmo says:

          No, sorry…. It has a lot to do with life experience that changes peoples minds….. This was a sad sad thing. You should be praying not complaining……

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Oh puhlease…You heard what SC’s Graham said yesteday, “That flag is US.” No it is NOT. If a bogus Confederate flag is SC, maybe it’s time to demand blue states without funding to SC and see how hot their economy will be then. I have a right to refuse to pay taxes to Confederates who lap up federal taxes in one breath and hate the federal laws in the next. You do some praying for the 9 dead. Not some pathetic little Daddy’s boy whom Daddy taught to use a gun.

            You chicken livered men don’t like it when you assinine ego trips back fire on you through your miscreant kids.

        • Canistercook says:

          And from some of your writings Eleanore I think you inherited your bigotry.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            From some of my postings, you feel enormous guilt for trying to hide your bigotry. You bet I am a white, female bigot who loathes Confederates, the Stars and Bars don’t…More’s the pity that you pretend away your own personal brand of bigotry by accepting some men in the south and midwest who are proud white supremacist. This kid Roof and his Big Daddy are murderers. No way a bigot like you can absolve that or YOUR sins of racism.

  18. Kenny Soles says:

    It had nothing to do with hate on Christians, it has a lot to do with White Supremacist take a look at his jacket!

    Shameful on Fox News lying again!!!

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Actually, Fox News is owned by one, Rupert Murdoch, the most evil SOB among the right wing billionaire media moguls. He has publicly stated that his media will publish and broadcast ONLY what HE wants.

      That kind of abuse of the First Amendment flies in the face of the intent of FREE press that is unbiased.

    • joe schmo says:

      Shame, in this time of sadness you have the audacity to blame. They were a soft target. These looney tunes tend to prey on schools and churches. Prescription drugs are the reason for most of the mass crimes committed by these kids. Things like this NEVER occurred when I was growing up because there was no such thing… Shame on you for making this an op.

      • Kenny Soles says:

        Joe, He a evil White Supremacist!!!! You think prescription is the reason for what he did now that just stupid. Stop blame on something else for the reason what he did it. He the blame because he is a racist killer!

    • Canistercook says:

      No. They are not as biased as you are. This shooter was a nut! He was possibly raised by a bigoted father and drugs poisoned his mind.

      • Kenny Soles says:

        You got be a idiot not believed he a white supremacist when he he said he trying to start race war. He a racist!!!!

    • Carolyn1520 says:

      It’s the false”war on Christians” narrative they are trying to promote.

  19. itsfun says:

    I think the problem is more with mind altering drugs than guns. Seems like almost every one of these mass murders are done by someone on some kind of mind altering drug. I don’t know how many years we have had a war on drugs, but its not working. More gun control will not stop any of these terrible things. We got to get control of these drugs.

    • joe schmo says:

      Bingo! All these drugs given to kids nowadays weren’t even around when we were growing up. We never ever had these types of crimes. I cannot understand how parents are not better informed.

      • Bren Frowick says:

        You must be either incredibly ignorant or amazingly oblivious to believe that “these drugs given to kids nowadays weren’t even around when we were growing up. We never ever had these types of crimes”.

      • dpaano says:

        And we never had so many people running around carrying guns….nowadays, they are readily available to anyone with a clean record…doesn’t matter that some of them are batshit crazy! We have the media to thank for that in some cases!

  20. Steve H says:

    I can understand and respect the sentiment to ‘arm yourself to protect your congregation’. I just think that is giving in to fear. The sanctuary of a church is just that, a sanctuary. We are supposed to set aside our fears and take comfort in the love God has for us. How can we, if we are armed to the teeth while praying?

    • joe schmo says:

      Well, I hate to tell you this but most people nowadays do not feel safe, and it’s mainly because we have a sick society created by a very lenient liberal government. Until things get better, churches, schools and any other soft target needs protection……

      • Steve H says:


        gimme a break, I am as anglo as they come, I went to high school in East Los Angeles, and dated a girl who lived in Watts. For the better part of 20 years I worked with and trained socially, educationally and economically disadvantaged young adults who were primarily from minority populations.

        I also worked with inmate fire fighters on fires as well. As a reserve peace officer I made felony vehicle stops and arrests of armed felons.

        You don’t need a fire arm to be brave, just wisdom, an analytical mind and be decisive at the one moment that matters.

        The house of the Lord Jesus Christ, is a place of peace, always. Never should a life be taken to protect another, especially not inside a church. That would be the antithesis of how Jesus wants us to live and what he taught all of us about Love.

        • Canistercook says:

          A nutty person chooses a place that he perceives his enemy is at i.e.. Church or school etc.

          • Steve H says:

            Yup, that they do, every time. I refuse to cower in fear behind a fire arm strapped to my hip at all times. Been there, did that for 5 years. Violence just begets more violence, this constant swirling to the bottom of the cesspool must be stopped. My most effective days as a Reserve Police Officer, where those days that I successfully defused violent situations without resorting to the use of force.

            I advise everyone to grow a pair and confront evil on our terms, not theirs. Pastor Pinkney did in Charleston, as did Gandhi, MLK, Bobbie Kennedy and many others through time.

            Those 9 people who died at the hands of this one evil man, showed us all the way. Their families have continued to show compassion and mercy in the face of evil incarnate on this earth, we can all learn from their example. It is time to return violence with love, charity, grace and kindness, not with more violence.

            I still target shoot, and I can still hit the center of mass at 25 yards
            14/14 shots with my 9mm pistol, in fact I had a very nice grouping just a few weeks ago the last time I went out, just to
            keep my skills up.

  21. Darlene Johnson says:

    Didn’t any of these fools not hear the shooter said this because black men are raping our women and blacks are taking over this sounds racist to me, he said nothing about religion and if was against Christian why didn’t he go to white church, these people just want to deny that race is a problem in America

  22. geraldhoey says:

    Yeah I’m sure that the fact that this guy was a white supremacist and there were a lot of Black folks in that church was just a co-incidence. Those people at that all white church just across town were just lucky I guess.

    • Adebisi Ojo says:

      Who make up the white supremacists? What an illusion!

      • Bren Frowick says:

        “Make up”??? The guy BRAGGED that he is a white supremacist!

        • Canistercook says:

          And he was also a sick young Nut! White and Black bigots exist but they are the exception not the rule.

          • Bren Frowick says:

            Glad to see you acknowledge that far right wing ideas constitute mental illness. Hardly an exception, though, and while there are crazies on the far left, too, they don’t wield anywhere near the influence that the right’s crazies do.

        • Adebisi Ojo says:

          ‘make up’ here means who are the people that ‘constitute’, ‘consist’ of … this is just simple english….

  23. Canistercook says:

    Because perhaps like me they see this as a very sick individual. Somehow we have invented the new Hate Crime scenes and it seems mostly only strait white people can commit them.
    It is very sad that this individual pick 9 innocent good citizens to kill but much anger is being fomented right now between the races and it only takes a mental breakdown which seems to affect many young males to cause them to commit such a stupid and horrible act such as this young person did. There is little point in stressing ‘hatred’ since the majority of people, including white people, do not harbor hatred..

  24. Sterling Harris says:

    believe me when I say that telling a conservative that I’m a progressive is
    probably less popular than if I had just told them I was a drug kingpin who
    primarily focuses on selling crystal meth. So, needless to say, I try to avoid
    discussing politics much of the time. However, there are times where I get
    baited into doing it, which is what happened last night. A buddy of mine had
    invited me and a couple of other friends into a group chat to discuss a few
    things. Well, after a little back and forth amongst the group one of his friends
    started chatting with me directly, eventually asking me the dreaded question,
    “What do you do?” Well, I proceeded to give my usual answers, prompting her to
    simply ask, “So, are you for or against Obama?” At that time I informed her that
    I try to avoid political discussions because often people are filled with
    misinformation and if I try to correct anything that they want to believe, they
    usually just get very upset. But I did ask her if she was for or against the
    president. She saw my question as a bit hypocritical since I didn’t answer hers,
    to which I responded by telling her that it’s just my morbid curiosity to know
    what “side” some people are on and what information they’ve used to come to that
    conclusion. “I hate President Obama. Completely against him,” she said. This
    prompted me to simply ask, “Why?” Upon reading her answer, I instantly regretted
    my decision to venture into this discussion. Here was her answer: I think Obama
    is a lazy horrible excuse for a president. He’s playing golf while our citizens
    are being killed..he holds a press conference for some thug who got shot Bc he
    assaulted a police officer, yet I don’t see any press conference about
    Christians being slaughtered, or Jews being killed for anti-Semitic reasons.
    He’s a schmuck and the ONLY reason that he was elected the first time was bc
    he’s black, and either black people voted for him or white people didn’t wanna
    seem racist. And the reason he’s still president is bc of voter fraud. I’d LOVE
    to see them require id’s for votes, bc I guarantee he wouldn’t still be around.
    Sadly, this is what I deal with practically on a daily basis. It’s no wonder
    these people hate President Obama; look at the utter and total bullsh*t (excuse
    my language) that they believe. Here this person was, basing her entire opinion
    on the president completely off of nothing but pure right-wing propaganda. And
    the thing is, outside of him being a golfer and making comments about the Mike
    Brown shooting (mostly in response to the protests that had broken out following
    the incident), nothing she said was true. Did she just make all of this up? No.
    This is the kind of crap that the right-wing media pushes every single day.
    “Information” that’s literally just pulled out of thin air. Take her comments
    about voter fraud, which are completely baseless. Between 2000 and 2010, out of
    649 million votes, there were thirteen cases of legitimate voter fraud found.
    That’s barely one per year. Yet this individual would swear right to your face
    that the only reason President Obama was re-elected was because of rampant voter
    fraud. Then there’s the issue with him not holding a press conference about the
    killing of Christians and Jews by ISIS. Then, tell me, what are all these press
    conferences he’s held concerning ISIS for the past year? And she’s clearly not
    aware that ISIS isn’t just targeting non-Muslims, they’re slaughtering other
    Muslims every single day as well. Then again, you rarely see Fox News talk about
    that so it’s not surprising that she knows nothing about it. Needless to say, I
    proceeded to embarrass her by pointing out several facts that debunked her
    nonsense – which prompted her to tell me I was an idiot and instantly block me.
    I really shouldn’t have even bothered. With someone who is that far gone, I
    would probably have had more luck trying to reason with a brick wall. But it
    does go to show you just how blatantly inaccurate the information is that the
    right-wing media pushes all the time. Because while her answer was slightly more
    ridiculous than most of the ones I get, it still wasn’t that far off from the
    average response I get from the typical conservative when the president’s name
    is brought up. And the truth is, I’m fine with people not agreeing with
    President Obama. All I ask is that their opposition to him be based on facts
    rather than fiction – which, sadly, is usually not the case. That fact was
    perfectly demonstrated by this woman’s absolutely ridiculous reasoning why she
    dislikes our president.

    • Carolyn1520 says:

      Uninformed people rely on fear and feelings. It’s the majority of the right’s base.
      It’s why the likes of Limbaugh, Beck and the various other high paid shills have an audience. The conservative “news” sources don’t have to rely on facts because they know what to feed their following.
      If the opposition to Obama had to rely on facts to justify their fears and feelings, they would be hard pressed to find a reason to dislike him.

    • Canistercook says:

      You are beginning to sound like a left wing NUT!

    • dpaano says:

      The funny part is that GWB was the laziest president ever! In his first year of being president, he took over 200+ days of vacation…..and they complain because our president, God bless him, takes off to play golf occasionally or has the audacity to take a vacation. Seriously? Where do they get this BS?

  25. Sterling Harris says:


    To put the matter in a single phrase, the greatest deception of
    Satan is to prompt you, me and everyone in the world to believe that he is not
    Satan. He manipulates us to accept something quite opposite. Satan wants people
    to believe that he is a righteous spirit being who has nothing but your interest
    (and the interest of all human beings on earth) as his chief desire and that his
    ultimate goal is to promote your welfare and prosperity. Truly, he wants you to
    succeed and be prosperous if you will only do things his way. Using the
    vernacular of the present day, though Satan is truly a bad guy (the worst of the
    worst), he projects himself to the world and to you and me as a good guy (the
    best of the best) and Satan has accomplished his task quite effectively.
    Truthfully, however, Christ Jesus accurately called Satan a murderer from the
    beginning. He goes about as a roaring lion to devour whom he might, but the
    impression that Satan wishes to give of himself is utterly different. He wants
    to express to the world (and to you and me) the very opposite characteristics.
    And believe me, Satan has managed to pull off the grandest subterfuge ever
    conceived in the history of the world.

    is not just a theory of paradox, but an actual entity that exists only for
    itself. From its ether of manifestation that is garlanded in perpetual darkness,
    it not only influences and seeks the ruination and destruction of everything
    that resides in our universe, but rushes to embrace its own oblivion as
    accomplish this, REPUBLICANS, must hide within the shroud of lies and deceit it
    spins to manipulate the weak-minded as well as those who choose to ally
    themselves with it for their own personal gain. For evil must rely on the
    self-serving interests of the arrogant, the lustful, the power-hungry, the
    hateful, and the greedy to feed and proliferate. This then becomes the condition
    of evil’s existence: the baneful ideologies of those who wantonly chose to
    ignore the needs and rights of others, inducing oppression, fear, pain, and even
    death throughout the cosmos. And by these means, evil seeks to supplant the
    balance of the universe with its perverse nature.
    once all that was good has been extinguished by corruption or annihilation, evil
    will then turn upon and consume what remains: particularly its immoral servants
    who have assisted its purpose so well … along with itself. And within that
    terrible instant of unimaginable exploding quantum fury, it will burn brighter
    than a trillion galaxies to herald its moment of ultimate triumph. But a moment
    is all that it shall be. And a micro-second later when the last amber burns and
    flickers out to the demise of dissolving ash, evil will leave its legacy of a
    totally devoid universe as its everlasting monument to eternal death

  26. Adebisi Ojo says:

    Dylann roof, aged 21. ‘I have to do it. You rape our women and you are taking over our country. And you have to go.’ Who brainwashed him that America is his country? Every came and comes here…US is no one’s land, he should have been educated! I wonder what education, enlightenment, truth, facts we give to our children and young ones. What an ignorance and evil deeds at work! Absolute racist…waiting on same measure to be applied…His parents didn’t tell him where their forefathers came from! Please, tell your children about your ROOTS when you are telling folktales.

    • Canistercook says:

      No point in telling children about a racial nut. Just educate them not to be a bigot and respect all GOOD men and women.

    • dpaano says:

      And since when did we become “his” women….that cracks me up! He’d also be surprised to learn that we ALL originated in Africa!

  27. Canistercook says:

    Reading these comments tells one just how far apart the left is from the right. Hopefully we can come together and find a middle road but it is not looking good. No President recently has divided the country in the past as much as it is divided today. Rich vs Poor,.Black vs. White, Women vs. Men, Union vs. Corporation.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Wrong…Men from the red states are dividing this country. Let’s not pretend their worst nightmare would be to allow as many minorities to be armed as white males are. Posts that neutralize the Great Authorities in this country prove they accept white supremacy as preached by those with the least education in the south and midwest.

      This President was chosen by a 62% majority of the country. So..why do posters like you insist HE and only HE is dividing the country?

      Most of us recall how the Bush Administration with President Cheney in the back room sabotaged blue states by sucking more and more of our tax dollars they flushed into their red states. That’s not division by invoking supremacy?

      No president has EVER divided this country as much as the swaggering, drawling Confederate from Texas who preached “Axis of Evil” and “Mission Impossible” like the Texas blowhard he is and always will be.

      Try again. Blue states are not going to stand by while red states demolish OUR rights and superinvent the Constitution to suit their Confederate BS. If you lie, we force the truth out of you. If you deceive or play games, you get what you asked for.

    • dpaano says:

      And your blaming this on our president? Where have you been for the last 50+ year? I was in Anniston, Alabama in the mid-1960’s going to basic training, and it was pretty evident that racism was a BIG thing in Alabama way back then….I don’t think President Obama had much to do with that! As a California girl pretty much raised in Compton, I was astounded! I had never seen that much racism in my young life!

  28. 13observer says:

    This was clearly a hate crime against “Christians”! We need to arm ourselves or else be killed by Muslims like him! He was one of those swayed by ISIS through social media to kill “Christians”. He probably had an ISIS Flag under his bed. We must rise up against this aggression by arming ourselves to mitigate the threat of more carnage.

  29. Mark N Starla Traina says:


    “LIBERALISM is based on the PRIMISE of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, which we all know is a LIE!” (TRAINAISM)


  30. dpaano says:

    And this is what the South teaches its children……racism! Pretty pitiful!

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