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Monday, March 25, 2019

We’re being told by today’s High Priests of Conventional Wisdom that everyone and everything in our economic cosmos necessarily revolves around one dazzling star: the corporation.

This heavenly institution, the HPCW explain, has such financial and political mass that it is the optimal force for organizing and directing our society’s economic affairs, including the terms of employment and production. While other forces are in play (workers, consumers, the environment, communities and so forth), they are subordinate to the superior gravitational pull of the corporate order. Profits, executive equanimity and a healthy Wall Street pulse rate are naturally the economy’s foremost concerns.

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4 responses to “Cooperatives Over Corporations”

  1. concernedusa7 says:

    This is a highly thoughtful article as well as inciteful. Most of the Credit Unions follow a Cooperative model with broad depositor ownership and a strong local presence. As the Corporations and Lawyers, including the “so called” Supreme Court, attempt to convert our Democracy to an Autocracy it would be very prudent for the “99%” to establish Cooperatives and restore the virtues of our Democracy. Our Political process has been grossly captured by Greed, Special Interest Groups and Corporations, abandoning these singular interests of the “1%”, through Cooperatives would be a tremendous benefit to the “99%”. Thank you for this important and timely message Jim!

  2. jimackermann says:

    Marx thought this was a good idea too. How did that work out???

  3. Howz 1 says:

    Anyone who thinks that corporations have no control over politics in this country are living in a magic bubble. It is a place where right wing Republicans go when presented with factual information that dosen’t fit into the world view that Fox and Friends created for them. Just look at all the subsides that the wealthy corporations get like paying Exxon to drill, or ADM to create ethanol. I blame both parties for allowing the corporatins in. Clinton repealing the law that seperated investment banks from comerical banks at the behest of Robert Rubin from Citi bank as the treasury secratary, or Bush’s drug plan for seniors that brought millions to the Pharma industry. The Tax policies are crearted for them. Now they are are allowed to create super pacs that can fill the airwaves with lies and distortions on a 24/7 basis. Every policy that the Republicans in congress want or those running for president talk about, benefit the corporations. Is that enough influence for you? The best though is the fact that the corporations through their mouthpiece Fox, has convinced the average Joe the plumber to vote directly against their own self interest and that of their families and children, in favor of enriching the corporation. Now that is power!

  4. Bill326 says:

    Automatically associating the term ‘coop’ with the term ‘Communism’ reflects a very short sighted understanding of the word ‘cooperative’ as well as the long history of Coops in the United States.

    Actually, it could be argued that the success of cooperatives in the United States (and in England before that) points to the conclusion that cooperatives are most ideally suited to a capitalistic philosophy and not a purely socialistic one.

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