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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Corbett Attorneys Compare Gays To 12-Year-Olds, As Governor’s Poll Numbers Plummet

Corbett Attorneys Compare Gays To 12-Year-Olds, As Governor’s Poll Numbers Plummet

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett (R) is dealing with yet another self-inflicted wound, after his administration’s attorneys compared Pennsylvanians seeking same-sex marriages to 12-year-old children.

The Corbett administration has filed a lawsuit seeking to invalidate over 150 marriage licenses that Montgomery County has issued to gay and lesbian couples since July 24. Montgomery County Register of Wills D. Bruce Hanes, who issued the licenses, argues that the state’s 1996 law defining marriage as between a man and a woman is discriminatory and unconstitutional.

In the state’s court filing, Governor Corbett’s lawyers argued that the same-sex marriage licenses hold no “actual value or legitimacy,” and should therefore not be defended in court. But their choice of words has sparked outrage across the state:

“Had the clerk issued marriage licenses to 12-year-olds in violation of state law, would anyone seriously contend that each 12-year-old… is entitled to a hearing on the validity of his ‘license’?” the state wrote, according to

The Corbett administration’s tone-deaf comparison has predictably drawn criticism from Pennsylvania’s LGBT advocates. In a Thursday morning statement, Equality Pennsylvania executive director Ted Martin acknowledged that Corbett must defend state laws, but slammed the governor’s attorneys’ insulting argument.

“The statements made by the attorneys do not simply defend the laws of the state; they deny loving, committed same-sex couples the dignity they deserve,” Martin said. “We’re talking about couples who have been together for decades, who have built families together, who have given back to communities across Pennsylvania. We’re not talking about children.”

This is just one of many controversies to hamstring Corbett’s administration over the past several months. In March, reports emerged that Corbett and his wife had accepted over $11,000 in gifts from lobbyists and companies doing business with the state, giving the appearance of conflicts of interest. In April, he suggested that Pennsylvania’s high unemployment rate could be explained by rampant drug use among Pennsylvania’s unemployed. And in May, he said that he didn’t have any Latino staff members because no Latinos want to move to the state capital of Harrisburg.

The almost nonstop controversy — along with Corbett’s perceived failures on the economy and education — has clearly taken a toll on the first-term governor’s political standing. According to a new Franklin & Marshall College poll, just 17 percent of registered Pennsylvania voters now believe that Corbett is doing an “excellent” or “good” job as governor, and just 20 percent believe he deserves re-election. Both numbers are down from last month. Dissatisfaction with the governor cuts across party lines, as only 7 percent of Democrats, 22 percent of independents, and 38 percent of Republicans say that Corbett deserves a second term.

Governor Corbett is seeking re-election in 2014; the most recent poll of the race found that U.S. Representative Allyson Schwartz or State Treasurer Rob McCord, both Democrats, would lead Corbett by double-digits.

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  • JustaSlob

    Yet another candidate for “Asshole of the day” on Twitter.

  • Michael Kollmorgen

    Welp, it looks like these guys got more on their minds than just normal sexual inclinations.

    Why the fixation on 12 year olds? Maybe there is more below the belt than they want to admit.

    • dtgraham

      At least 12 year olds marrying is a little bit of a step up for the political right. Beastiality is normally right near the top of their analogy/comparison list, whether it’s gay marriage or other things . Funny, I never look at the Geico pig and say to myself….’oh beastiality , forbidden fruit, how you tempt me’. Nope, not once. They’ve complained about him in that way though.

      • Michael Kollmorgen


        Ta Ta (weak wristed). I’m pretty sure the Geico Pig has a much better personality.

        • dtgraham

          I think it was some ‘Tea Party Patriots for Jesus’ group called “Concerned Moms” who wanted an ad for one of the Geico pig commercials, and also a Skittles ad featuring a young lady smooching a walrus, pulled because they “promoted beastiality”.

          You know, if a cartoon pig and an animated walrus are having this effect on you…do you think you might be fixated just a little bit too much on beastiality?

          When I watched those commercials, I just chuckled at animated animals. Apparently, when they watched them their reaction was…”please Jesus, give me the strength to keep from fucking my cat.”

          • Michael Kollmorgen


            I wonder sometimes if people like these don’t keep a herd of female Sheep and keep a large supply of Boots in stock.

            The Geico Pig would be proud:)

            Ya got to admit though, these types of commercials are cute as hell, taken on their own merits.

          • Russell Byrd

            R.O.T.F.L. – You caught me totally by surprise. I now have a big bruise on my chin where it hit the top of my desk. Of course, the wing-bats would not find your remark funny, but it was hilarious AND on point.

            I was thinking about what JointerJohn said above. About the humor here and the lack of it on right-wing sites. Of course, for the right-wing, the pain of the “untermensch” IS humor.

          • dtgraham

            Good point on the pain of the untermensch Russell. That’s what they seem to get off on. On an episode of Fox New’s “The Five”, Greg Gutfeld said that the minimum wage was not supposed to be comfortable. It was meant to be unliveable so that people would be motivated to do something else. Responding to that comment on the Daily Show John Oliver remarked that, to the right, the minimum wage is like a Thai massage. If it doesn’t hurt, it’s not working.

          • Russell Byrd

            What galls me the most, is that even if you grant that the wingers are right, and a low minimum wage will “drive to strive,” then what will all those new “real” Americans do for a living? Capitalism, quite frankly, does not work when we have 100% employment. We have never had 100% employment. Even in World War 2 we had a 1% unemployment rate. There certainly is no great surplus of jobs right now. So how is this going to work, again?

            The very people that spout this rot are usually some of the most useless employees and meanest, laziest employers. If the system worked fairly and upward mobility, with all its rewards, worked for all that strive, then these SOB’s would all be on assistance or starving.

            What this is really about is a bunch of sick, lazy, sociopaths concerned about their own wallets. We hear this in these blogs all the time. Like the entitlements they want to do away with. They will claim that they only want to stop the lazy and the frauds from collecting. Of course, those few that they claim are actual frauds always add up to be everyone on the program. Their solution is not to eliminate the frauds, but eliminate the program.

            If there is a Heaven, they have no chance to ever see it. They even lie to themselves about the lies they have already told. There can be no forgiveness because they know that is true. They just refuse to look at themselves . . . and that refusal is unforgivable.

            As a by-line, these very same people want rid of the minimum wage altogether. But I have rambled enough. Good to hear from you. Have a good weekend.

      • LotusJoan

        What about the lizard, any lustful
        thoughts?, he is pretty smooth….
        The Frontier buffalo now he is the strong silent type, could he be your
        tall, dark and handsome?

  • Lynda Groom

    What a piece of work. Well maybe governor they can just shut their eyes.

  • jointerjohn

    This man is a lawyer yet he analogized a protected class with a non-protected class? I’ll bet his former law school is really proud of him.

    I find life much more enjoyable not hating anybody. I find life much easier not expecting others do do like, think like or believe like me. I have been reading the blogs on hard right-wing news sites lately and you know what I noticed? No humor whatsoever. Over here at NM there are jokes in nearly every thread. Those poor right-wingers’ souls are so uptight and miserable you could open long-neck beers with their sphincters.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      That’s strange about NW. The state approved gay marriage, yet overall, the state is as far right as one can get.

      I don’t get it. Is everyone down there Schoid?

      • july860


      • Ford Truck


  • Dominick Vila

    The GOP’s worst enemies are themselves. Their statements and policy positions are so out of touch with mainstream America that the only conclusion we can reach is that they are all in self-destruct mode.
    What is happening to the GOP worries me. I believe we benefit from having more than one party (I wish we had 3 or 4 major parties). The best solutions are those the elicit robust debate and consensus.

    • charleo1

      You’re right, of course. No one single person, nor one Party has all the best
      ideas. But, that’s not what’s going on, on with a large segment of the Right
      Wing today. The radical elements are purging the Party of those who see
      debate, and consensus as a path to arriving at solutions that both addresses
      the challenge, and fosters cooperation, a buy in, if you will, from two or more legitimate ways of dealing with a particular problem, or issue. The idea that
      two honest people, with the best of intentions in their hearts for the Country,
      can disagree, and be legitimate, is being strangled to nearly dead, by the
      ideological extremists on the Right. In their world there is only black, and white. You are either for us, or aganist us. And if you’re aganist us, we will destroy you at all cost, by the most expedient means possible. There is no
      time to waste, or value in collaborating. To debate, is to legitimize, in their world. To fund a law, is equivalent to agreeing with the law. And grounds for expulsion. To request the court for clarification, or modification, would be tantamount to validating another illegitimate authority. Nullification is the simplest way to strike down laws which conflict with inflexible, doctrine. Simply stand, and refuse. Lock down the polls. Thereby, we can create our own pure, unadulterated, de facto government. And take back the Country that has rightfully belonged to us all along. The new GOP.

      • MerryMarjie

        That’s a beautiful assessment. The face of today’s GOP is that of a stubborn, opinionated, disgruntled, unchanging voter “of a certain age” who will say no to everything with which s/he disagrees. There will be no compromise until the Republicans realize who and what they have become.

  • Suralin

    I live in PA and can safely say that I have every intention of getting Corbett out of office. De-funding state colleges, forcing them to raise tuition even further *while I was in the middle of my degree* was bad enough.

    Refusing to tax Marcellus Shale corporations (because they contributed heavily to his campaign) and then using the resulting shortfall to bludgeon the teachers’ union is outright shameful.

    The above remarks made by his lawyers are just icing on the cake.

    This guy needs to go.

    • latebloomingrandma

      As a lifelong PA resident, I think he is the worst governor we’ve ever had.

    • bjbstarr11

      I agree with you. I live in PA as well as cannot wait to vote Gov. Corbett out of office.

  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    I wonder how yesterday’s announcement by the Treasury Department will change things. They will now recognize tax returns from same sex married couples as a legitimate filing. As State Tax forms must follow the federal guidelines, that means that Pennsylvania and other Red States will now have to accept the Fait Accompli of the IRS, and grant married filing status to same-sex couples married in another state who moved to Pennsylvania.

    • johninPCFL

      The states still control Medicaid application approvals, estate transfers, and may issue rules on other interpersonal events (hospital visitation rights, etc.) A couple visiting Michigan from Vermont, for example, may find that the survivor of a fatal traffic accident may not be able to even arrange for mortuary services and transport of their spouse’s body.

      • latebloomingrandma

        That’s why “rights” in the United States of America should be equal in all 50 states. If DOMA is illegal in some states, (according to the Supremes) why not in all states? Isn’t that what equal protection means, which is a Constitutional right?

  • JohnnyZ77

    Speaking of “twelve year old’s,” when will these bought off Tea Party hayseeds grow up?

  • howa4x

    The Tea party is not made for actually governing since few of them understand the complexity of their office. From DC to state capitals this group constantly shows it’s anti woman, gay, Latino, minority, young people, environment and union busting agenda while lavishing tax breaks for the truly wealthy. This is why each tea party governors numbers are constantly down. They forget that they are not running in safe districts like their House counterparts but statewide where the different groups have very different needs. Each of these TP governors have been tone deaf to any opposition and why few of them will be re elected. The reality is that the Tea Party is scaring more and more groups. Even seniors, once the backbone of the republican party think the tea party leaders are irresponsible. The Koch bros greedy let them eat cake attitude will one day kill the republican party. Maybe not right away but when it happens the GOP will no longer be considered a viable national party, and will only exist regionally.

    • Russell Byrd

      That is something I noticed a while back about Gohmert. He seems to think that government is a cross between Jerry Springer and the X-Files. Government is not meant to govern, but is just a venue for out-of-this-world conspiracies.

      Of course, for Issa it is the same thing, except for him, it is out-of-this-world scandals.

  • blyvl

    He sounds a lot like our Governor, Paul LePage, here in Maine.

    • latebloomingrandma

      I think your governor is just obnoxious, because he likes to be. Our governor in PA is just clueless and shady.

  • Lovefacts

    I don’t know why I’m always surprised when they do something like this. It isn’t as if this is the first time. Almost everyone in American knows someone who’s gay. If they don’t, it’s because that person’s still in the closet.

    As for marriage, it’s time both the religious and political right realized that regardless of where one’s married or by whom, it’s a civil contract and isn’t recognized as valid until registered with either the local government or state–depending upon the laws of the state. It’s for this reason, the court is required to legally dissolve a marriage contract and approve, among other things, grant the final decree, custody of the children, child support, and division of all joint property. Once the judge issues that final decree of divorce, it’s the state vacating a previously valid CIVIL contract.