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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Mega-Corporations Increasingly Transparent About Political Donations — But What About Their Executives, And 2012?

As Occupy Wall Street activists camp out across America in protest of a corrupt political system and Republican Party operatives rake in hundreds of millions of dollars from anonymous donors to fund next fall’s effort to end Barack Obama’s presidency, at least one metric in the depressing world of money and politics is trending in the right direction: Giant corporations are being increasingly open about their use of shareholder money for political campaigns.

More than half of America’s 100 largest companies now publicly disclose — or even prohibit — the direct use of corporate cash to fund political activity, according to a recently released study by the Center for Political Accountability, a pro-disclosure advocacy organization. This percentage may not seem especially impressive, but it marks a striking turnaround from 2003, when the Center first started tracking corporate polices. “Voluntary disclosure of political spending is becoming a mainstream corporate practice, and a growing number of companies are putting restrictions on the political use of their money,” the study concluded.

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5 responses to “Mega-Corporations Increasingly Transparent About Political Donations — But What About Their Executives, And 2012?”

  1. RayCohn says:

    The John Birch Society revivalists and Financial Godfathers of the Republican Party — Charles and David Koch — use all kind tactics to hide their involvement. Mostly they use different groups with patriotic sounding names to channel money to causes they back.

    Lately they have come up with a scheme that I consider downright journalistic ethics fraud. They have this organization called the Franklin Center. Of course, it is named after Ben Franklin.

    Newspapers today are laying off journalists right and left. So “free news” is always appreciated by editors. But the people working for the Franklin Center are carefully chosen right wing wordsmiths. What they send off as news, is nothing more than right wing propaganda.

    It’s not a coincidence this is happening in Wisconsin. Their Koch brothers lackey governor, Scott Walker, is in deep political problem. He pushed through the Republican controlled Wisconsin Legislature an anti collective bargaining bill for public employees. Now the Democrats are launching a Scott Walker recall drive on Nov. 15. If — as I fully expect — they get the required 500,000 plus signatures, a recall election will be held early next year.

    The sad part of this journalistic fraud is that newspaper editors have actually used the propaganda pieces and passed them off as real news. The articles have not disclosed the funders of these phony journalists.

    I encourage anybody who lives in Wisconsin to call, e-mail or use any legitimate and peaceful process to let these sleazy editors know that using propaganda as news is unacceptable. I call on the local occupiers movement to hold “occupation campaigns” around newspapers and broadcast outlets. Protest these sleazy tactics. A brave reporter has published a great piece on that I hope to post it later today.

    Ray A. Cohn, retired political reporter.

  2. kgot says:

    The American public should be made aware on a daily basis that the Koch Brothers are self-serving fraud. That their agenda is only to continue to influence the political landscape for their greed. The public has to be made to understand that these people do not care one iota about the average person’s welfare only their only self-centered welfare.

  3. kurt.lorentzen says:

    Here’s a real see-no-evil article. “Republican operatives rake in hundreds of millions of dollars….”. So where do Democratic operatives get their money? There’s just as much tit-for-tat on the other side of the aisle. Democrats are no more in favor of campaign finance reform than Republicans. The political gravy train isn’t in the salaries, it’s in the lucrative back-room deals, speaking engagements, “consulting” contracts, etc. sponsored by corporations who enrichen like-minded lawmakers and influential former lawmakers. To suggest that this is a Republican exclusive is either deliberately disingenuous or just plain blindness.

  4. Jules Philip Guidry Sr says:

    The key to learning the truth, in the news, is to get your daily news from independent stations like P.B.S. Here you can get the true picture of world News. These are public founded news casting stations that are not own or founded by large Corporations.

  5. LindaFerland says:

    Obama has already received more in re-election donations from Wall St., than ALL 9 repubs put together–Michael Moore.

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