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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Meet Virgil Goode. Never heard of him? Don’t be surprised. He has fewer than a thousand Twitter followers and is virtually unknown outside his home state of Virginia. But he’s the presidential nominee of the third largest political party in America.

You’re thinking: Wait, isn’t that former Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico, the Libertarian Party nominee?

Johnson may be more well known, but according to, the Constitution Party has 88,554 more members than the Libertarians, making it the largest third party in America. Founded in in 1991 by Howard J. Phillips as the Taxpayers Party, the Constitution Party was the Tea Party before Fox News took it over.

The Constitution Party’s beliefs pretty much resemble the extremes of the Republican Party, which is why some Republicans fear Goode may take crucial votes away from Mitt Romney in Virginia. For instance, Republicans who don’t appreciate that Mitt Romney believes that abortion should be allowed in cases of rape, incest and to save the life of the mother may support the Constitution Party, which believes in no exceptions.

How serious of a threat is Goode’s candidacy to Romney in Virginia?

The state Republican Party filed a challenge to keep Goode off the ballot, which failed.

The good news for the GOP is that Virgil Goode, in his long and somewhat picaresque career as a state legislator and member of Congress, has never won a statewide election.

Goode was first elected as a Democrat, but was always known for his outlandish stands, including the belief that his elderly mother should be able to enjoy a last cigarette in her hospital bed. He often voted with Republicans and almost helped the GOP take over the State Senate in 1995. After two failed U.S. Senate campaigns, election to the House of Representatives and voting for three out of four articles of Bill Clinton’s impeachment, he left the Democratic Party. In 2000, he became an independent, and in 2002 won the Republican primary in a newly formed district, and was re-elected.

When Goode was barely defeated by  Democrat Tom Perriello in 2008, he sought a rematch but quickly came to realize that Republicans had targeted his district and were determined to elect Robert Hurt to his former seat. Goode soon joined the Constitution Party.

Goode is often left out of polls in the state after only garnering 1 percent of the vote in surveys in September, half of what Gov. Gary Johnson won. But even 1 percent of the vote could tip the scales in a state that President Obama is only winning by less than 1 percent.

Virgil Goode has always relished his chances to complicate the fates of both major political parties. And this November 6, he may have the opportunity of a lifetime.

20 Responses to Could This Man Cost Mitt Romney Virginia?

    • Lend all your persuasive talents to them that they should never compromise their ideals and vote for a NE milquetoast like Rmoney! Vote Goode or Die!

  1. “Goode …was always known for his outlandish stands, including the belief that his elderly mother should be able to enjoy a last cigarette in her hospital bed.” This is the least outlandish stands that he has taken. Children should not smoke. Adults should quit smoking. People who are sick from smoking and are seeking a cure should not smoke. But a woman who is about to die and wants to have a last smoke should be allowed that. People in that situation should be allowed anything that is reasonably possible. That being said, everything else that Goode stands for is, in fact, outlandish.

    • No one, under any conditions, should be allowed to smoke in a Hospital. A few examples why include: it is dangerous near Oxygen sources, to other patients with respiratory issues and unhealthy for the hundreds of medical personnel trying to help the many other sick and dying people sharing the hospital. It may not be an outlandish belief, but it is definitely a self-centered, ill considered one.

      • You are absolutely right. I am wrong. But he is much more understanding of his mother’s wishes than he is of the needs of rape victims.

    • I would agree up to a point and that point is that she was in the hospital. Hospitals have rules against smoking not merely for the patient, but for the workers and the existing conditions.. There are oxygen tanks all over the place, not to mention other patients with breathing issues… Take her home if you want her to smoke in bed otherwise it’s not reasonable.

  2. Third parties always take the fringe voters out of the election, and just as well since they can’t work with the majority to improve life for all of us. That is why, for the last two years, congress has not done anything. The Republican party was hijacked by a third party (teaparty).

  3. In 1993 Romney ran for public office and supported abortion and gay marriages. As Governor of Massachusetts he supported abortion until he changed his views in 2004. His blasphemy of God includes his belief that God is a man and has spirit children with his eternal wives in Heaven. He defends the heresy that no one can get into heaven without the consent of Joseph Smith(convicted felon,deviant,plagiarist) who reigns in heaven as God. He believes that no non mormon will ever get into celestial heaven because they are part of the false church. His satanic power has brainwashed one of the biggest christian statesman (Billy Graham) to endorse his occultic background (proxy baptism for the dead every week) and his continual vodooistic beliefs( weariing magical underwear that empowers and directs him). The tragedy is that the evangelical right that supports him are damned by his cult as unbelievers..yet they blindly follow his satanic pied piper white supremacist cult to be their leader.. ICHABOD

    • One imaginary friend vs another, the evangelicals in many cases more viscious than the Mormans. We’re better off with neither, and a plague on both their houses.

  4. I think a last smoke in a hospital bed is a lot less outlandish then the rape stances from the current crop of teapublicans. Rape is Gods wish. Rape is Legitimate. Rape is…..I cannot even tolerate the thought of what they might come up with next. They don’t like big goverment…but they want to legislate morality…Trickle up theories where the wealth stays at the top and the taxes trickle down. What I think is amazing is how close the race is.

  5. “He almost helped the GOP take over the state senate in 1995.”

    Editing note: “Almost” is a misplaced modifier that changes your meaning. Should have been “He helped the GOP almost take over…” You’re wanting to emphasize that the move almost worked, not that he was almost a part of it.

  6. I don’t really care about Virgil Goode, but I do care about this: “The state Republican Party filed a challenge to keep Goode off the ballot, which failed.” No party should be allowed to exclude another like that. There’s really some things wrong in the US election system.

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