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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Rep. Todd Akin has released two harsh ads attacking Senator Claire McCaskill, as new polling shows that the Missouri senate race remains close despite Akin’s much-derided remarks on “legitimate rape.”

Public Policy Polling released a new poll this afternoon showing that, despite the tidal wave of negative press that had most Republicans calling on Akin to suspend his campaign, the race is still a toss-up. McCaskill leads Akin by a 45 to 44 percent margin, essentially unchanged from Akin’s 44 to 43 percent lead last week.

The poll found that 53 percent of voters accept Akin’s apology for his “legitimate rape” comments, compared to 40 percent who do not. 54 percent of voters — including 57 percent of independents, 53 percent of Democrats, and 52 percent of Republicans — think that Akin should continue to run. Only 37 percent now say that he should withdraw from the race.

While Akin’s favorability numbers are still very weak, with 56 percent viewing him negatively and just 33 percent viewing him favorably, those ratings have already rebounded somewhat from his 24 to 58 percent favorable/unfavorable split in last week’s poll. Furthermore, Missouri voters aren’t very fond of McCaskill either; 55 percent disapprove of the job she’s doing, compared to only 40 percent who approve.

The PPP poll is the second recent survey to find that Akin has not fallen out of the race; yesterday a poll commissioned by the conservative Family Research Council showed had Akin leading McCaskill within the margin of error, 45 to 42 percent.

In his continued attempt to battle back from controversy, Akin released two new ads this week confronting his absurd comments — and ripping his opponent.

In the first ad, titled “Six Seconds,” Akin says directly into the camera “My six-second mistake is well known, but Claire McCaskill’s six-year record is something you should know.”

The second web ad, “The Case Against Claire,” is a classic political attack ad that tries to tie McCaskill to President Barack Obama. Above ominous music, a narrator gravely warns viewers that McCaskill was “the deciding vote in favor of Obamacare,” among many other charges.

Despite the favorable polls and the punchy attack ads, Akin is still fighting an uphill battle to knock off McCaskill. The National Republican Senatorial Committee provided a stark reminder of that fact on Tuesday, when it pulled the remaining $2.8 million worth of airtime it had reserved for the Missouri Senate race. If Akin is going win a seat in the Senate, it appears that he really will have to do it on his own.

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  • desertdustoff

    Only if every one who votes for him is as brain dead as he is…oh, that’s right…we are talking about repugnicans, the American taliban. Being brain dead is a given. they still believe the south will ride again!!

    • lorothecat

      I agree he should be outa there but the alternative appears to be worse. A 6 year record of zero accomplishments! Amazing that Missouri cannot put up better candidates than this.

  • WhutHeSaid

    And this is a guy who spoke his honest opinions. What about the big-government-controlling-your-uterus Republicans who are too slick to be honest but feel exactly the same way? Paul Ryan is Akin’s legislative twin when it comes to female reproductive rights, but he’s too politically savvy to speak his mind in public. Just let him get into the Executive Branch though, and see how hard he’ll work to roll back women’s rights 50 years or more. Caveat emptor.

    • Paul Ryan And Akin Has The Same Agenda You Right Same Old War On Women And Taking Away Our Rights!!

    • Just Saw That The Convention Lost 17 Million Viewers I Say That The RNC Was A FAIL Convention!! I Guess They Got Trying Of Watching Them Try To Out Lie Each Other!!!LOL

      • WhutHeSaid

        I’m not surprised. What really strikes me is that aside from the black CNN camerawoman who was pelted with peanuts by racists who said “this is how we feed animals”, there was hardly a minority face to be found in the arena. Do the Republicans really believe that they can still win elections by appealing to the bigot vote at a time when Caucasians are quickly heading toward minority status? Unbelievable.

        • They Also Made A Laugh Stock Out On Most Of The Web Sites On Clint Eastwood They Say He Was Drunk Or Senile!!LOL Another Dumb Act That Blew Up In Their Faces!!LOL

        • How come that fox didn,t report on this . Do they think that as a black camerawomen at their convention she got what she deserved.

        • TheSkalawag929

          You under estimate the republicans at your own peril.

    • Now That They Stuck Down The Voter Fraud Crap In Ohio And Texas Vote Do What Ever You Need To Be Ready To Vote Cause Your Whole Lifestyle Depends On It!! Every Election Is Important And Every Vote Counts!!!

  • Of Course he could still win. This is Missouri!

  • mstlgx1957

    If he pulls off a win, Missouri is even more medieval than I thought. I am from Missouri, but haven’t lived there since 1976. Sorry to say it hasn’t evolved in almost 4o years!

  • mstlgx1957

    So, if he wins, will the Republican party take him back into the fold? Fickle fools. They dropped him like a bad habit when he exposed his (and their) views on what they really feel about a woman’s value. He was a man without a party. No use to them. With a win, he’ll be their golden child. No honor among thieves, I guess.

    • He Only Said What His Party Really Thinks They Dump Him For Show Ryan And Most Of The American Taliban Thinks The Same Damn Way!!! Don’t Let Them Fool You!! You Know That’s All They Do Is LIE!!

  • Why Yes, American Have Been Dumb Down For Years Now, If The Will To Vote For A Man That Made A Living On Stripping American Companies And Shipping American Jobs Overseas The n Have The Nerve To Ask Where The Jobs?? Yes I say He Got A Chance To Win Cause Half Of The American People Are Just Brain Dead From Drinking The Venom Being Sold To Them By The GOP/ Tea Party American Taliban Snake Oil Sales Men!! They Are Will To Give Their Votes To A Man That Brings Nothing To The Table But More Lies More Wars More Tax Breaks For The Wealthy And Totally Chaos To Their Own Country Then I Say Yes!!! The Man Who’s Campaign Is Just Bringing Back The Problems That Cause This Mess We Are In Along With The Do Nothing Congressman That Help Block Any Recovery From What Their Former Country Destroying President Has Done Yes!!

  • Although I don’t care for Akin — anything is better than that wishy washy Cow Mc Caskill

    • WhutHeSaid

      I take it you are fond of trans-vaginal ultrasound probes. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

  • hilandar1000

    Do women have the vote there? Do their husbands/fathers/boyfriends “supervise” them in the voting booth, and beat them if they don’t vote the way they are supposed to vote by decree of their male “superior”? This poll could not be correct, could it? SCARY!!!

  • IF Akin wins It proves how un informed – ignorant- – dumb some voters are
    ANYONE who thinks like Akins is a Misogynist ( woman hater )

  • Roe v Wade has some questions.The 1972 decision should not swing as far as this Senate candidate goes.It was an 972 page opinon with maybe three questions.One in particular.

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    McCaskill is so weak and Obama so disliked in Missouri that this guy stands a big chance of getting elected.

  • Americkan

    Come on folks we`re talking about Missouri here. Clearly there is no love for wives,sisters or mothers. Should rename the state ” Misery “

  • Never underestimate the ability of Missouri voters to overlook the idiocy of a Republican candidate in order to support him. Please recall, the Show-Me-State is also home to the Great Bloviator himself – Rush (the drug addict) Limbaugh.

  • ridemybroom

    only the innane, the stupid, and the ignorant will vote Reptard…the reason for this is this…they are simple people who are trying to fit in that enigma and when they get in they are brainwashed for eternity….what stupidity lies in the wasteland of their heads…i dont even wanna know…with now an atheist, second in command , and a tax evader at the helm, i guess the country can now become agnostic and no one would care….will the seven plagues be next ?

  • bigsurmac

    All it takes is a state with THOUSANDS, even TENS of THOUSANDS of small churches headed by semi-literate, self-ordained “ministers” who get their daily gospel reading from Rush by radio.
    A huge portion of this nation is mind-controlled by medeival minds who develop endless religous concepts from the same Bible others find less empowering.
    It isn’t legal or very intelligent for carl rove to joke about shooting Akin — but starting at the Mississippi and working west to St., Joe, Kansas City and Joplin shooting all those high school dropout preachers could do a great deal of good.

  • htophet

    It goes without saying if this guy wins the women in that state will surely get treated as furniture or cattle. But as a veteran who lives in California all I can say is this guy must hate his mother, and any women who votes for him will loose the right to vote in that state. Remember the only real difference between this jerk and McCaskill is she has a pair and believe in the US Constitution, their is not a single gop that has either!
    You get what you vote for women, if you elect this clown over McCaskill your a lot stupider then even the men in your state, and a lot cruder and anti-democratic. But be sure all will suffer quickly if this guy and the corporate raider wins, at least two more wars, veterans loosing medical, schools dumbed down more, religion ending science! Joe6pK

  • look who did the poll have you ever heard of these people before.