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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

A Noah’s ark-themed museum in Williamstown, Kentucky was supposed to bring in a deluge of tourists to flood local businesses and leave owners awash in profits. Instead, a local news outlet reports business proprietors overwhelming say their bottom lines have remained unchanged. That’s particularly bad news considering that Answers in Genesis, the ministry behind the Ark Encounter, was given huge financial breaks, from state tax incentives to generous reductions in property taxes. Now Ken Ham, the Creationist head of AiG, says the blame for the park’s failures should be laid at feet of atheists and the press.

“Recently, a number of articles in the mainstream media, on blogs, and on well-known secularist group websites have attempted to spread propaganda to brainwash the public into thinking our Ark Encounter attraction is a dismal failure,” Ham wrote on his blog earlier this month. “Sadly, they are influencing business investors and others in such a negative way that they may prevent Grant County, Kentucky, from achieving the economic recovery that its officials and residents have been seeking.”

“Nowadays, it seems very few reporters in the secular media actually want to report facts regarding what they cover as news. When it comes to reporting on theologically conservative Christians like those of us at AiG, whose ideology they strongly oppose, many writers have an agenda to undermine Christianity as they file their stories.”

The “fake news” angle used by Ham doesn’t exactly hold water. As Patheos notes, while one recent article did err on two small points related to the Ark Encounter, local business owners haven’t challenged accounts that their profit margins haven’t been raised by Ham’s project. Estimates for the park’s annual draw were between 1.4 and 2.2 million visitors annually. Now approaching the one-year anniversary of its grand opening, park co-founder Mike Zovath said visitor tallies will hit 1 million as of July. But that figure can’t be confirmed by outside sources.

The Daily Kos points to an article in the publication Church & State that notes Ark Encounter was given “$18 million in state tax incentives to offset the cost of the park’s construction; a 75 percent property tax break over 30 years from the City of Williamstown (a town of about 3,000 near where the park will be located); an $11-million road upgrade in a rural area that would almost exclusively facilitate traffic going to and from the park; a $200,000 gift from the Grant County Industrial Development Authority to make sure the project stays in that county; 100 acres of reduced-price land and, finally $62 million municipal bond issue from Williamstown that Ham claims has kept the project from sinking.”

“It’s a really bad deal for taxpayers,” Steve Wood, a judge-executive from the area told the Lexington Herald Leader. Wood took office after the incentives were granted. “It was a shock for me because I didn’t really know all the details. Maybe I should have.”

The park says it provides jobs for roughly 900 people, all of whom have to “confirm agreement with Ark Encounter’s Statement of Faith,” according to the Ark Encounter employment website. The requirement demands applicants “must profess, interalia, that homosexuality is a sin on par with bestiality and incest, that the earth is only 6,000 years old, and that the bible is literally true in order to be considered for the job.”

Kali Holloway is a senior writer and the associate editor of media and culture at AlterNet.

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360 Responses to Creationists Who Built Failing Noah’s Ark Park Blame Media

  1. Someone should offer to build a replica of Hobbiton and the Shire to replace the ark park. That would draw a lot more visitors. Would the local governments be willing to give the same generous tax breaks and government assistance for such a park? If they refused, they could be sued for religious discrimination. Of course, to be consistent, the new park’s managers might insist that job applicants profess that hobbits are real, and that Middle Earth was a real period in the earth’s history. After all, such belief is as scientific, verifiable, and reasonable as the beliefs of the ark park builders.

    • Considering how much money the States of Florida and California have given to Disney and Universal in their theme park developments, your point is moot. Hogwarts/Hogsmeade/Diagon Alley, “Main Street USA”, and all the castles…

    • They would if they went through all the hoops of getting approved just like any other attraction that brings in many tourists. When I visited the ark it was packed and most of the cars I saw had out of state license plates from all over the country. I don’t see you atheists making such a fuss when amusement parks get these kind of tax incentives why are you soloing out an attraction that is obviously bringing in income from outside the state?

  2. It’s hard for crackpots to realize they’re crackpots.
    That’s why we say they’re delusional.
    Ken Hamm’s bitter aggrievement is a symptom of delusion common to crackpots.
    The economic losses to the city, county, and state are evidence of the harm delusional crackpots will do when we, too, accept their delusions as plausible.

    • our co worker’s step mother gets $61 each hour from home, she has been laid off for two months… last month her check was $12878 working on the laptop 3 hours each day, ➤look➤ at

      • Disneyland and Disney World are publicly traded companies that can demonstrate substantial economic benefits to the regions where they are located. Ken Hamm’s Sunday School theme park? Nope and nope.

        • The Creation Museum has done quite well, and the Ark is also doing well. Millions of Christians have supported these projects both financially and by visiting and spending money. I have never understood why the religious cult of atheists and evolutionists are so fearful of these places. Could it be that you think these PHD’s from major universities who have different views could be swaying people away from your religion?

  3. If taxpayers’ money is used to enable this theme park to operate, there should be no religious test for employment. Then again, if they use only devout Christian labor rather than truly skilled labor, the whole thing might collapse–literally.

    • Shoot, if we can given Planned Parenthood $500 million per year to kill 300,000 babies, then I think we can give tax breaks for a religion themed theme park. At least children aren’t dying by the thousands at this AIG place.

      • No federal funds may be used for abortion unless in cases of rape, incest, or jeopardy to the life of the pregnant woman, The name of this law is the Hyde Amendment. Look it up.
        Planned Parenthood provides routine gynecological exams and related medical treatment, STD testing, mammography, and birth control. The federal funds pay for those services, as they do for every other health clinic offering similar treatments.
        Finally, natural, spontaneous abortions (miscarriage) occur about three times more often than controlled, induced abortions. So, as far as “god” is concerned, the unborn are not that precious at all. How do you know that looking at Ken Hamm’s theme park signs won’t smite every “child” from every womb of every woman who sees it?

        • please… if that is the case why has PP said they would have to close their doors if they lost their federal funds. The difference between PP and Answers in Genesis is that people built the ark and the museum you hate…. federal dollars built PP

          • Boy are you ever an idiot…sorry, but that’s the truth. As Drop said above, Planned Parenthood does MUCH MORE than abortion services….and, much of their money comes from the private sector. So, if you ever have an STD or suspect you may have cancer….even you can go to Planned Parenthood for help!

          • Please look at their annual report and not the propaganda released by their marketing department every time their federal funds are in jeopardy. Planned Parenthood is in the baby killing business and they do a couple of women’s services on the side that they claim the federal funding pays for.

          • I have many times, and I’ve even visited a couple of their facilities. They do NOT advocate abortions unless it’s due to rape, incest, or it is medically necessary. Less than 1% of their money goes for this; the rest goes for cancer screening, curing STD’s, birth control and contraception, family planning, and I could go on, but you wouldn’t care.

      • Fetuses, not babies. Religion already gets too many tax breaks. Why should non-adherents to the religious beliefs espoused by others be made to subsidize the others’ practice of religion by removing church property from tax rolls.

      • And, why is it that the RW espouse being against abortion, but when it comes to supporting the mother and that child after it’s born, they severely drop the ball. So far, they’re in line to take away free school lunches, cut welfare and WIC, etc. As for the government giving Planned Parenthood $500M a year to kill babies, you DO realize that this is a very SMALL part of what Planned Parenthood does, don’t you? Less than 1% of what they do has to do with abortions, and these are only if it’s medically necessary to save the mother. They do not just willy nilly provide abortions to anyone who walks into their facilities! You need to go by a Planned Parenthood facility and actually SEE what they do besides what you seem to THINK that they do! This is government’s money well spent!

        • Mennonites are a breakaway sect from Mormons. They drive cars, and use electricity, but their piety and church structure are pretty much the same.

  4. Failing? You’re regurgitating old myths, including the discredited piece in the Lexington newspaper about the Ark. It was packed today. Over 7,000 people. And another myth to debunk: taxpayer money built the Ark. No. It was privately funded. The tax incentive kicks in later from the state as a performance-based reward for building in Kentucky and not another state, while bringing in millions of dollars into the state and county treasuries.

    • Please cite your sources for “millions of dollars into the state and county treasuries.”
      Supporting information in public records from the Kentucky Department of Revenue and Grant County Assessor will do.
      I’ll wait here while you look.

          • Now we’re getting to your point in posting here. You just want to play victim and insult your “persecutors” so you can brown nose your way to salvation.

          • Nope, I am not a catholic. I love it how all you liberals call everyone names and insult away and one good comeback makes me lose my salvation 🙂

          • And you’ve done nothing on this site except to call people names, etc. Just because we don’t agree with you has nothing to do with being liberal or conservative. You’re talking apples and oranges here, Nate. You really need to get a life and keep up with the topic at hand.

          • I have never called anyone names, unless being a liberal is name calling now. I guess in some circles that would be harsh words but not here. The name calling has been done by the righteous Atheists frustrated that some people disagree with their beliefs.

          • I didn’t say you were a Catholic but your victim personality comes through clearly. The thing about small minds such as yours as you can’t see the uniqueness in people. You have your stereotypes that you fit everyone into as in “all you liberals” when those you label Liberals come in a wide range, some are even Christians though probably in your hierarchy they’re inferior to TRUE believers such as yourself.

            Don’t worry about your salvation. It’s all in your mind anyway.

          • I am not worried, and the catholic comment went right over your head. Look up what they believe about how to get to heaven. I labeled you as a liberal because you are one… and you have made real clear that you are as misguided in politics as you are with your faith in the so-called “scientific” theories of origin.

    • Hmmm. Must have had Kellyanne Conway write his stuff for him. Nice exaggeration, especially as its visitor center can barely handle 1000 people in a day!

    • The regurgitating is being done by science luddites who insist on perpetuating a mythical interpretation of a Biblical account, with the intent on making money for the proponents of this infantile project. Being based on an utterly ridiculous interpretation of Noah’s efforts to warn the community he was assigned by God to warn the people of being “flooded” by sentiments compelling them to drift back into idolatry, Kentuckians supporting this hare-brained scheme are simply demonstrating the dangers of mixing literal interpretations of every word in the Bible with a hostile attitude towards science, logic, and common sense. Which is why the likes of Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul get reelected over and over.

      The mind, God’s gift to humanity, is a terrible thing to waste, and Kentucky is showing a collective wasting of the mind, and its disdain for God’s gift with such an effrontery as this fool-hardy “Ark” endeavor.

      “Flooding” can mean a variety of things besides the flow of water. Did you ever finish high school, or have you ever studied any branch of the sciences, such as biology, geology, anthropology, molecular biology, animal behavior, etc.?

        • Hey Nathanial, what fairy tale books do you read? Or do you read anything at all? The story of Noah has no relationship to the Big Bang Theory. The latter deals with physics and astronomy—with Noah, the subject if religion, its interpretation, and how so many who take a literalist view are wandering in the paths of delusion, bereft of discernment to understand the meanings and the intent of the Bible.

          Why not try to disprove what I have posted rather than respond like a juvenile just to be cantankerous.

          • Aaron,
            Physics and Astronomy have never proved a “big bang” for the creation of the universe, let alone why all the prerequisites for this perfectly placed planet, with the exact requirements for all life to exist, is here at all.
            However, Geology, Plate tectonics, Hydrology, etc…show that there absolutely was a massive super continent, a worldwide flood, and a breakup of all of it. All listed in the book of Genesis.

          • The Owners Manual in my first car didn’t spell out how gasoline powered the engine, either. So, internal combustion is an absurd myth? What was important was the city/highway mileage printed on page 14?

          • But, you knew that fuel is needed to make the engine work. Even before you got the vehicle. Your manual surely told you what type of fuel? Where the fuel goes in? All the important things you should do to keep your vehicle in a good running condition.

            Well, the Bible contains all the information you need to maintaim a good life. From now until eternity.

          • Um, no, Brian.
            A highly edited, often mis-translated, selective compilation of Stone Age myth (Adam & Eve, Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the Giant Fish, immaculate conception) and contradictory Bronze Age rumor is not “all the information” needed for a “good” life.
            Neither is the Drivers Manual “all the information” needed for safe operation on public roads, where “good” lives are at stake.

          • God’s Word states that no one is good. That we are all as filthy rags. And you need to understand the difference between historical fact and myths and rumors.

          • “God’s Word,” Brian?
            Which ones? Old Testament, or New?
            If we’re “…all as filthy rags,” is the ‘Redeemer’ a cruel lie?
            Or, a myth?
            Maybe a rumor?

          • No one is saying proof has been provided by Physics and astronomy, Brian. Take your time to read and think deeply about what I’ve posted. Then formulate a cogent response.

            Now, it should be obvious by all by now that the purpose of the Bible, the Qur’an, etc., are not intended to teach quantum physics, to be used as mathematics references, or to answer questions pertaining to the universe, nor is it in the purview of a geology book to explain the Biblical accounts, describe the spiritual importance of love, compassion, the rationale for developing Faith, or to even hint at the allegories contained in the Bible.

            However, both science and Religion complement one another—each give numerous indirect references affirmed in either aspects of reality. Reality pertains to what the physical senses perceive, whereas spiritual reality deals with a parallel reality of aspects non-quantifiable. To dismiss altogether one reality in favor of the other leads to either superstition and fairy tale descriptions of physical phenomenon, or on the other hand too much emphasis on the “physical” reality leads to materialism and a loss of humanity, which in turn have caused even people of religion to view humans in terms of skin color, and that mythical notion called “race”. This imbalance in comprehending these parallel realities has led to the childish interpretations of the story of Noah and the flood, and to an even more dangerous ideology of racialism and its pernicious application called racism.

            The harmony of Science and Religion is one of the salient features of Baha’u’llah’s Message, as expatiated in His numerous Tablets which comprise the storehouse of Revelation called The Baha’i Faith.

            Refer to, peruse the contents, and if you have further questions, contact me here, or look up the Baha’is in your locale via the yellow or white pages.

          • That depends on what you define as the truth. I have found over the years of observing the behaviors and attitudes of those “Africans” who migrated into Europe that many of the men there, and many who subsequently migrated to America, have evolved a haughty and arrogant mannerism and the hubris to think that they know what is truth and what isn’t, in a unilateral sense.

            You are demonstrating this observation and premise beautifully.

            I would suggest you get over being infatuated with yourself, learn some humility so that you won’t just blurt out nonsense like “I already have the truth”. Get back to me, and I can help you find the way to free yourself of your burdensome arrogance.

          • I am not being arrogant. I am humbly stating the Truth. And this is that truth, that Christ died for sinners, among whom I am chief. For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God. For there is no other name under heaven, given among men, whereby we might be saved. For EVERY knee shall bow, and EVERY tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

          • Brian, I’m glad you’re confident in your faith. Billions of people find great strength and comfort in every sort of religion, every day. It’s great for you. Salud, senor.
            Unfortunately, you quite arrogantly disparage the valid, sincere, and sustaining faiths of all others in favor of your narrow, poorly informed cheerleading.

          • Sorry, but Baha’u’llah is not a false religion….it’s just as real as Christianity, Catholicism, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, etc. There are MANY religions in this world and to denigrate one because you don’t agree with it shows what a closed mind you have.

          • Yes. There are many religions and cults in the world, but there is ONLY ONE JESUS CHRIST, our creator and sustainer. Without Jesus nothing would exist that now exists. No Earth, no Sun, no stars, no animals, no humans… And that makes all the difference. There are many false, little gods, But ONLY ONE GOD. So I can easily state that Baha ha ha is a false religion as much as Mormonism and Islam.

          • Yes. There are many religions and cults in the world, but there is ONLY ONE SANTA CLAUS, our creator and sustainer. Without Santa nothing would exist that now exists. No Earth, no Sun, no stars, no animals, no humans… And that makes all the difference. There are many false, little gods, But ONLY ONE SANTA… So I can easily state that Christianity is a false religion as much as Mormonism and Islam.

            Your turn, Brian

          • If you want juvenile responses look at your atheist friends who call names and bash anyone who has faith in something else than they have faith in. This is a battle of beginnings, you have faith that it was a big bang, many scientists are now changing their tune on the big bang because the science is becoming more and more discouraging that it was possible. I have faith that the Bible has the true story. No one was there just like no one was there in your version. There are many scientists who look at the grand canyon and Mount St. Helens eruption and see an argument that Noah’s flood was real and the geology points to it.

          • Interesting….I have plenty of friends who are atheists and they don’t denigrate any religion. Just because they don’t believe doesn’t mean that they don’t like people who do. Each to their own. In the meantime, you can believe what you want to believe, but for those of us who don’t agree with you….it’s our choice. There’s no reason to dislike any of us for our own beliefs just as we generally don’t basically dislike anyone else for theirs.

          • You have “faith” in a falsehood—that isn’t the same as having faith in the Bible. The Bible, in its intent, doesn’t allow for an irrational approach to its Message, like the one you’re displaying by your supercilious attitude.

            Your “faith” in an error is no different form that “faith” which Muslim extremists have in the Qur’an, or that racists in America have that leads them to assume that their “faith” says that they should regard themselves as superior to darker-skinned human beings.

            I can tell the provenance of your forebears by the way you post and the words you choose to use.

            If you really want to prove you have a connection with the underlying meanings in the Bible, you must show it by the scope and clarity of your remarks. So far, you’ve only demonstrated a blind obedience to Christianity—and blind obedience isn’t what God wants. He expects you to use that brain He gifted you with, by thinking more deeply and not in a shallow manner.

          • Wow, those are way too big of words for a mere simpleton like myself. I find it funny that my religious beliefs and faith now make me a racist and Muslim extremist. Please don’t try to lecture me about the Bible, if there is anyone who has shown blind obedience it is the atheists on this comment board. You name call, use unrelated comparisons and insult when someone has the gull to have faith and beliefs that goes against your faith and beliefs. Science was never meant to be this way, it has become a religion where dissenters are ostracized. A prime example is global warming where scientific research has been poisoned by government funding and all dissenters are threatened to lose their position and funding.

          • Nate, your blindness and persistence in being stubborn on the subject is counter to the spirit and intent of Jesus. Can you show me in your twisted version of the Bible where your sentiments are justified?

            You say that science was never meant to be that way—that’s a nebulous and nonsensical response if you don’t provide context for your statement about science. What was science meant to be—are you versed in the sciences to say how it should be?

            Scientific research poisoned by government funding in regards to climate change? From what source do you base such a naked assertion? Are you a scientist with data to support evidence counter to what other scientists agree on?

            You talk about your religious beliefs, and so far all you’ve shown are atypical behavior that runs counter to what you contend are Christian values. Little wonder that Christianity no longer has any influence on the hearts of so many who claim to be Christian.

            And if you have trouble with big words, in our country, we sell dictionaries to look words u,p and thereby expand our vocabularies. Try it—you’ll be surprised at how improved the quality of your posts will be.

            Anyone can say they have faith, but with faith there needs to be action and goodly words infused with a kindly spirit. I’ve yet to hear you express such sentiments. And therefore, you can’t lay claim to being versed about the contents and the spirit contained in the Bible.

          • Look up the word “sarcasm” in the dictionary…. I am college educated so I don’t have a problem with big words. As far as your lecture about the Bible and Christian values… please tell me more of your expertise on the subject and what it takes to become a Christian. I have no problem with your beliefs in evolution and the Big Bang. It is a free country, I do take issue with you wanting to infringe on my beliefs and try to stop Christians from building museums and theme parks that explain theirs. Atheists are the ones who spit on their hands and go through the Creation Museum touching everything and call names and insult when someone doesn’t agree with them. People like yourself are the reason they have to have armed security outside because of threats to vandalize the exhibits. Openly dishonest articles like this one bother me… when the Ark and Creation Museum were fully funded with private funds that were not tax exempt. I know it boggles your mind that people would give millions of dollars of their hard earned money to support these ministries but it happened and it is not going away anytime soon. At least as long as we still have freedoms in the USA.

          • Before I expound on my beliefs as a Baha’i, you should know that the information in that regards is available at As for my understanding of the Bible, as a Baha’i who grew up in Mississippi and was raised in a Christian environment, it was natural that I would absorb a basic understanding of the primary themes of Christianity, and of the contents of the Bible.

            As a Baha’i, a few steps beyond Christianity in the succession of Religions sent to humanity by God, I am exhorted by Baha’u’llah to familiarize and immerse myself in the ocean of His Revelation, to better acquaint myself with the life, the Teachings of Jesus and of the deeper import of the numerous themes in both the Old and the New Testament, and to acquaint myself to the best of my abilities with the contents of the Qur’an and be able to converse with anyone regarding the basics of Islam—this I’ve been able to do both here in America, and on frequent trips to Oman. I’ve also had the opportunity to engage with Muslims about their beliefs in Zanzibar, Liberia, and in urban areas in America. That’s the sort of interactions that all Baha’is are engaged in doing wherever they reside in the world.

            How about you—do you engage in such activities and have similar interactions?

            You say you’re college-educated, yet you have failed utterly to understand my posts. I’m discounting the literal interpretations of the story of Noah, or did you notice and decided to be disputatious just for the fun of it? What good is an education if you don’t want to show the ability to comprehend what anyone is posting or writing about. Are you so dense as to believe in the literalist impressions of the story of Noah given your college education? What justification from a scientific perspective can you or anyone else offer to support the thesis that two of a subset of the animal kingdom will insure the diversity of all animal life given such a limited gene pool of 2 of each species?

            Read my posts again, post your specific objections, and I will respond.

          • So you didn’t answer my question but followed up by insulting me and going on a long diatribe about Baha’i. I would be happy to debate with you but obviously you are a few steps beyond me and would never understand… (sarcasm used again since you were so educated and smart you missed it last time).

        • Oh you mean those “fairy tales” supported by millions of man-hours of observation, theorizing, scientific study and peer reviewed research papers over the last 100 years?
          Those “fairy tales”?

          Why don’t you provide me with the scientific proof that “god” exists, moron?
          Religion has been central to mankind’s existence for 1000s of years… there’s bound to be millions of research papers proving his existence… so just quote me some.
          I’ll hold my breath.

          • Please show absolute proof for the big bang theory… last time I checked it is still a theory. I know I have won when you resort to childish name calling. Believing in God requires faith just like evolution, you just don’t want to admit it because it hurts your belief system.

    • I saw a video of a local coffee shop owner saying he’s busy all the time now and gets customers from all over the country. The mayor of Dry Ridge said there are many new hotels and restaurants being built to meet the demand of all the new visitors since the Ark opened. We can’t wait to take our grandkids up there. If you don’t like the Ark then don’t go. Simple.

    • Besides the 510-foor replica of Noah’s Ark, the Ark Encounter project is
      unique in that it has received: “preliminary approval for $18 million
      in state tax incentives to offset the cost of the park’s construction; a
      75 percent property tax break over 30 years from the City of
      Williamstown (a town of about 3,000 near where the park will be
      located); an $11-million road upgrade in a rural area that would almost
      exclusively facilitate traffic going to and from the park; a $200,000
      gift from the Grant County Industrial Development Authority to make sure
      the project stays in that county; 100 acres of reduced-price land and,
      finally $62 million municipal bond issue from Williamstown that Ham
      claims has kept the project from sinking,” Simon Brown reported in the
      October issue of Church & State, a publication of the Washington,
      D.C. –based American United for the Separation of Church and State.

    • Only 7,000? Disneyland or SeaWorld here in California get 3-4X that many people in a single day! 7,000 is barely a drop in the bucket!

  5. Any endeavor based on utter superstition that runs counter to common sense, that ignores the sciences of geology, genomics and molecular biology, animal behavioral disciplines, history, and anthropology, is bound to fail.
    And this foolish attempt to make money, by pushing an utterly ridiculous conflation of the metaphor of Noah and the flood with the real underlying theme of the story, is just one of numerous indicators of the failure of the clerics in Judaeo/Christian traditions, and is Islamic scholars interpretation of the story.

    From numerous examples which highlight the methodology used by Baha’u’llah to elucidate on such accounts as the story of Noah, we see the importance of approaching these stories using logic, the sciences, and recognizing the necessity to explain higher concepts using the vehicle of metaphors, similes, and allegories. Just a look at the episode from a purely scientific view, we immediately would ascertain that animals like herbivores and carnivores can’t be in close contact with each other, nor is their a sufficient gene pool to propagate a species just based on one male and one female; it was impossible to feed such creatures also over such a length of time as indicated; and what manner of flooding would have spared every living creature which by that time had spread out across the entire planet, inhabiting every biome.

    Since all this is impossible, and given that God does not perform magic tricks to amuse humanity, we’re left with the obvious, that the story is an allegory of something transcending a fairy-tale interpretation, recounted in Genesis and not meant to be taken literally—a recounting that took place millions of years after the Cretaceous and Jurassic eras.

      • I believe we must take into account that the Hebrews, the various groups of human societies in Africa, such as the builders of the sites along the upper Nile and in Zimbabwe, and peoples in other parts of the world all had their own Teachers sent to them. Since handing down information was done orally, it’s reasonable that each succeeding generation would add and forget certain aspects of an original conversation or lessons taught by these Teachers, which is why an exact rendering of the story was never a possibility. However, since we are all members of the same human family, and since all the Messengers had the same intent—the guidance of humanity—we must accept that the general message and underlying themes survived intact.

        That all began to change with the advent of Islam, where the early Arabs by that time had developed a culture where speaking and having poetry contests was normal, memories were more prodigious and reliable, writing was common, and transcribing onto a variety of rudimentary surface the sayings and teachings of Muhammad, was a natural exercise.

        • It was a lot like the gave of “Whisper” where you whisper in a person’s ear and ask them to pass it along….by the time it gets to the end, it’s a totally different subject in most cases! Stories change with every generation.

  6. The lack of intelligence that led Ken Ham to build this monument to ignorance in the first place, precludes his ever being able to figure out why this white elephant is on him. Naturally, it has to be the fault of that awful secular media who refuses to parrot back his young earth creationism, and insists on telling the truth about him.

    • Either that or he is an ultimate scam artist playing on the faith of others – just like many of the televangelists from the 70s to today.
      One thing I find absolutely hilarious is how many people accept as orthodox history what the people who wrote the stories consider to be allegory. They are there to teach a lesson, not to tell what actually happened.

      • That could well be true. I consider all big time preachers to be con artists until proven otherwise, and I’ve never seen that happen.

      • Not allegory. In the 24th chapter of Matthew and in Luke 17 Jesus talks about Noah and the flood as fact. II Peter chapter 2 and Hebrews 11 also describe the flood as an historical event. And II Peter 3 talks about the world having been destroyed by a deluge.

        • Spare us.
          Using Bronze Age trivia to elevate borrowed Stone Age trivia is the epitome of a dog chasing his tail.
          Mankind has, as we say, “moved on”.
          Please try a little harder to keep up.

        • You miss the point. Yeheshua bar Miriam was trained in the Rabbinical tradition. Just like the parables were allegory, so to was Noah’s ark.
          By the way, the people who wrote the book in question recognize it as allegory. And before you say, “It is God’s unchanged word”, you do realize that the current collection of books we know as “The Bible” was put together under the direction of a Pagan Roman Emperor trying to eliminate heresy, right? Because his favorite Christian teacher, Eusebius of Nicomedia, practiced “Orthodoxy”, he favored that denomination. He also hand picked that same Church Father to pick and choose the writings that were eventually assembled in the Bible. Approximately 50 “Gospels”, 30 Apostolic “lives”, hundreds of “Epistles” and about a dozen “Apocalypses” were culled to give us the current New Testament that fit the Orthodox belief. As for the Old Testament, they pretty much had to include the Pentatuch, but to this day different Christian denominations argue over which books are Canon and which are Apocryphal.
          So five references in the New Testament, three of which were by trained Rabbis (if you believe Saul of Tarsus was the author of Hebrews – another topic still debated given as how he was trying to separate the Hebrew Faction from his Greek Faction of early Christianity), does not make it “history”.

          • Yes, geologists DO agree with this…from what I understand, there were several seas in the Middle East (can’t remember the whole thing) that overflowed due to severe rain storms. They flooded the area significantly. But, they did NOT flood the entire earth as the Ark story would have you believe.

          • There is absolutely no evidence there was a global flood. None. Where would the water have come from, and where would it have gone? I would very much like to know the name of a geologist who says so.

          • But, there is evidence. There was a recent documentary on Discover and also on the Smithsonian channel….both of which explained what could have been construed as being a flood during the same period of time. And, of course, the earth was one big continent…Pangia.

          • Pangaea existed tens of millions of years before humans appeared. There was no global flood.

          • Okay, you go ahead and believe what you want to believe, I’m not going to argue with you. Maybe you can explain to me why they have NEVER found the ark on Mt. Ararat after many decades of hunting. Just saying……

          • Do some actual research. This isn’t about believing anything. Pangaea began breaking up 175 million years ago. The most primitive humans showed up about 2 million years ago. They never found the ark, because it never existed, and would have rotted away long ago if it had.


          • Who was there to prove that theory? Millions and billions of years… such faith to believe everything happens with TIME

          • Take your questions to the geology department of any good university. They can explain it for you.

          • Oh, I am sure they can come up with a theory based on millions and billions of years. They had a great explanation for petrified trees in Yellow Stone of millions and millions of years until Mt. St. Helens erupted and petrified trees in a short period of time. I believe they had to pull all the signs in Yellow Stone and correct their theories that you like to look at as law. Considering the massive canyons that were created by Mt. St. Helens with water at the bottom, it is quite surprising evolutionists still hold to their faith that the Grand Canyon is millions of years in the making.

          • No trees were instantly petrified. That’s just nonsense. I’m not the one you need to convince. If you actually think you have a case, then you need to write it up and get it peer reviewed by the scientific community. There is, at a bare minimum, a Nobel Prize in it for you. You won’t do this, of course. You will simply accuse them all of lying.

          • Original signs at Yellowstone claimed “the petrified tree stumps still stand upright in the same sites where they grew millions of years ago”. All those signs were removed as Mt. St. Helens and Spirit Lake have shown what a volcano can do to a forest in a relatively short amount of time.

          • St. Helens buried thousands of trees in volcanic ash. They may, in time, petrify. They are most certainly not petrified now.

          • it is clearly not going to take millions of years… and it is now clear how they got petrified standing up. That is called science and the reason they took the signs down in Yellowstone.

          • I don’t know how long it will take, but the trees buried by Mt. St. Helen’s are not petrified. It will take a long time before that happens, if it happens. If you are trying to maintain the earth and universe are only a few thousand years old, then prove what you’re saying. Knock science right off it’s foundations, if you think you can. Again, I’m not the one you need to convince. Write your paper. Get it peer reviewed if you can.

          • I know what a theory is in the scientific sense, you evidently do not. For a concept to rise to the status of a theory in science, it has to be supported by overwhelming evidence. The last thing a scientific theory is, is conjecture. Please look that up.

          • Scientific laws, as in Newton’s laws of motion, are things that are always true. Although Einstein discovered they do break down on the cosmic scale.

          • Did your kids go to school yesterday? (Assuming you have kids).

            How do you know? Did you sit with them the entire day? Or did you use evidence like attendance records, a lack of calls from a teacher, etc to decide that on the balance of probabilities it was likely they were at school?

            If we go with your definition, accepting anything at all as true without seeing it with your own eyes is defined as faith.

          • I would like you to give the basic difference between a theory and a law. There are many laws in science that can’t be seen however theories are usually built on many ASSUMPTIONS which require a tremendous amount of faith to declare them as TRUTH. When you tell me that the answer is billions and billions of years and a big bang created the start for the complex world we see today and don’t see anywhere else in the massive universe, it makes an intelligent person wonder if there are other possibilities.

          • Not really, you’re just using argument from ignorance “I find it hard to believe or understand therefore it must be false”.

            As if only intuitive answers were ever correct.

            If you have a specific objection to any specific claim, we can debate it ’til the cows come home (and who knows, you may be right).

            But just rejecting everything out of hand without even bothering to understand what it is you’re rejecting?

            Well, that’s just intellectually sloppy.

          • It was made of wood… good chance like lots of other wood structures from thousands of years ago that it rotted away.

      • Exactly…the Bible is a book of parables on how we should live our lives…most of it is not true while parts of it might be…it’s a learning tool…something these evangelicals don’t understand.

        • Yeah, I just profess the parts I agree with and disregard the parts I don’t agree with. That’s the best way to live. I don’t want old stories interfering with my chosen lifestyle.

          • Well, that’s one way to deal with it…..not all the parables in the Bible work for everyone…you have to work with the ones you can and deal with the ones you can’t.

        • and you claim to be a Christian… please get a Bible. Jesus sure didn’t think they were parables and stories.

          • I think that is what irks me the most about these super-christians. They think only they have the CORRECT interpretation of Christ’s teaching, as if they have a private line to God. That and their selective use of biblical material to justify their hatred of gay people.

          • Well, of course Super-Christians have a Hotline straight to GOD HIMSELF.
            They paid for it.
            It’s a subscription service, like cable TV with all the movies and sports.

          • I agree, but they seem to gloss over the stuff about taking care of the poor and downtrodden, healing the sick, forgiving the guilty, etc. They only believe in what THEY think the Bible says and not what it actually says. Much like the Quran and the differences between what is believed by the Muslims and what is believed by the jihadists. Both are Muslims, but each interprets the Quoran to their own way of thinking.

          • But not, apparently, of eating shellfish which is in the same Leviticus verse.

            Of course, whether the old testament is “the word of God that must be obeyed” or “The cruel bit that Jesus died to change” depends on which point they’re arguing today.

          • Nathanial is an IMBECILE. That BOOK was put together as a unit LONG after Jesus was gone.

          • I think you have confused Jesus talking in parables and when he wasn’t. He was pretty clear that he believed in Adam and Eve and Noah’s flood. I happen to believe he was the Son of God and was a pretty good source. If you don’t want to believe in Him, that is your choice. Believe in your fairy tale about a big bang creating our incredible intelligently designed world over billions and billions and billions of years. Oh wait, the evidence doesn’t line up, add a couple more billion years. That takes tremendous faith, far more than it takes to believe in a historically documented man who did miracles and claimed to be the Son of God.

          • Oh, I forgot, you evangelical Christians don’t believe in science. As a note, it HAS been proven that the Big Bang occurred many billions of years ago. As for my believe in Jesus, I’ve been baptized in a Christian church, and I believe in the Lord. I just don’t choose to believe much of what a book written by several different groups of people was the actual words of God. Sorry…I guess that’s just a big problem with us intellectuals. We can believe in science AND in the Lord.

          • Unfortunately, Nate, I don’t have time to argue with you because it’s a lost cause in your case. Do your homework and research it….you may find that a lot of what I said was correct. My mom always said there were 3 things you didn’t discuss in a group….religion, politics, and sex, and you’ve hit on at least two of them. Let’s just end it by saying that I respect your beliefs even if I don’t agree with them, and hopefully, you’ll respect mine (but I doubt it.)

          • I am glad you classified them as beliefs… that is all I was arguing in the first place.

          • Try you can fly, then jump off a building.
            On the way down you will understand the difference between science and religious “belief”.

          • Sure, I find it amusing that you see your belief in something that can’t be proved like the big bang over billion and billions of years is so much different than me believing in an intelligent Creator. The only difference is I know I have faith, you just won’t admit you need more faith for your beliefs as you hide behind “science” that can’t be proved beyond the shadow of a doubt.

          • You have no idea what he believed since he didn’t write anything down. All you have is hearsay written years after the fact that’s come down through numerous translations influenced by the agendas of the translators and their culture.

            Actually the evidence in support of the Big Bang and human evolution as well has a great deal of evidence to support it. Is it the final word. No, that’s the beauty of science.

            You believe, you’ve committed yourself to that. Fine, that’s your choice but when you accept something with absolutely no evidence to support it you only make yourself look foolish when you then label scientific theories as “fairy tales.

            No historical documentation of Christ’s alleged miracles exist. All we have is somone’s word written years after the fact.

          • The beauty of science is that nothing is a final word, I would think you would know that if you were educated. Last time I checked it is still called the Big Bang Theory, not the Law of the Big Bang.

          • I doubt that pushing science is going to help your ignorant agenda.
            The beauty of science is that it already has explained a ton if things that used to be the province of “god”. Including the age of the universe, the Theory of the Big Bang, evolution, and an immense amount more.

            Follow the curve…. Your “god of the gaps” shortly won’t have any gaps left.

          • I am glad to see you called it a theory… what is the definition of theory again?

          • “Better than a religion.”

            Because a religion is like a theory, just built on no facts or logic.

          • I thought the last time I checked my science book that gravity was a law not a theory. There is a big difference between the two. There are all sorts of PHD scientists from Answers in Genesis and many other independents who have all sorts of observable evidence and scientific reasoning that point towards a young earth and a global flood. However, I would never claim any of that to be absolute because it is the attempt to build on a beginning that can never be absolutely proved. Just like your big bang, creation relies on faith that the beginning theory is correct because no one was there to witness it. One interesting tidbit, if you happen to be a Christian and believe Jesus is who said He is… then He was there at the beginning and confirmed the He believed in 6 day Creation in the New Testament. So it comes down to faith… I believe in Jesus, you believe in the big bang, evolution and billions of years.

          • A Law in science is an analytic statement (Newton’s laws of motion, Second law of thermodynamics, etc…)

            Basically, you plug some numbers in and you can predict what will happen. It doesn’t tell you why.

            A theory is a proposed explanation as to how/why something happened.

            Thus gravity is a theory. Newton’s general relativity is a law that approximates gravity very well for most non-quantum, non-relativistic scenarios.

            All of the following are theories:
            • The Germ theory of disease (how we know to wash our hands before surgery)
            • Oxygen theory of combustion (working out that O2 was required for fire)
            • Plate tectonics
            • Heliocentrism (Sun at the center of the solar system, not Earth)

            Do you find any of those unreliable?

            I should mention that evolution has considerably more evidence than many of the above, from almost every field of science.

            As to the big bang theory… It’s probably not quite right yet. There are still some things we can’t explain. That said, it’s very likely that some of not all of it is correct, and it’s certainly more likely to be correct than something written in the bronze-age by people who thought the stars were hung on the “firmament” of the heavens which had been pushed back like a wall.

          • So now we have an evolutionist questioning the Big Bang which many others on here said is fact and not arguable anymore. They called me stupid and ignorant… and now one of their own is questioning it. This is what I was trying to get to… nothing is “decided” or “fact” about this discussion. You can disagree with my theory for the origins and I disagree with yours. You can even think that my thinking is less than yours, more power to you. There is science behind both, one side just has closed debate and won’t listen and throws a temper tantrum every time someone doesn’t agree with them.

          • Just to correct you there…

            The book that wasn’t compiled until centuries later, by men with a vested political interest, attempting to subdue a religious revolt and which was then translated many times (notably in the case of King James, not even from original manuscripts)

            Well, that “book” claims that Jesus was pretty clear…

            When you describe the situation in full, your claim becomes transparently valueless.

          • Really… sounds like revisionist history. I will take my faith and the most printed book in the history of the world that was passed down through persecution and many empires. My claim is only valueless if you think the Bible is not the word of God. BTW, King James used the correct manuscripts and not the lawyers’ manuscript version of the time.

          • Revisionist History? No, just widely-accepted history. If you genuinely aren’t aware of any of this then please ask questions and I’ll answer as I can / point you at sources.

            The idea of the Holy Trinity was developed at “The Council of Nicea” in the year 325.

            They didn’t decide which parts of Christian Cannon would be in the Bible until the 5th Century.:

            Do you honestly believe something put together today about events in ~1500 would be completely factually accurate in every regard? Now assume no internet, and that letters take months to travel long-distance.

            As to the King James Bible… It was put together from a large number of translations available at the time and not from the original manuscripts…


            If you disagree with any of the above points, please provide some sources to back your argument.


          • I’m curious… Do you now accept my description for the origins of the modern bible? And if not, may I ask why not?

          • Did you read the links I gave you?

            Let me ask you… How do you think the Bible went from the word of God in ~the year 0, into the version you personally believe? (So we can discuss, which version is that by the way, Kingg James?). FYI the printing press didn’t exist until the 1400s.

            What did your (minister/pastor/???) tell you?

            I doubt I can convince you to change your faith, but on this particular point – the origin of the printed bible – there’s very little disagreement, even among Christians.

            Here’s ChristianityToday’s page on the timeline:

            You’ll note that every event I mentioned is listed.

            I’m not trying to attack your beliefs, merely to point out that you’re operating under a misapprehension.

            Ask yourself… Do you care if what you believe is true? Is intellectual honesty of enough value to you that you’ll consider this information with an open mind?

          • have you heard of the monks whose sole purpose was the copying and protecting of the original texts?

          • Yes, of course – they’re mentioned in the articles I linked.

            Which text did they preserve? Which translation? What did they do when the original was damaged or smudged?

            Try reading those articles. Unless you’re worried your faith might be shaken, why wouldn’t you?

          • Actually, just as important… Who do you think wrote the first version those monks were copying from?

          • I am not real sure what your argument is… the New Testament was all written within a 100 year span. The Old Testament had a longer span of time but the Jews were very competent at passing the books down the line. Jesus, himself confirmed that He was ok with the accuracy of the Old Testament as he quoted it throughout his time on earth.

          • Moses, and he got his version straight from God. I will be the first to admit it takes some faith to be a Christian or Jew. My faith is in Jesus and that He is who said He is. Period…

          • basic, I am very comfortable in my beliefs. You are obviously stretching to try and question the Word of God. You can stretch all that you want, God preserved His Word. I don’t care what translation you choose, it is clear about the origins of the universe and mankind, clear about Jesus and who He was… and crystal clear on Jesus being the Son of God and the only way to heaven.

          • I HAVE a Bible, and I’ve read it many times! Have you? The Bible has been rewritten many, many times by various groups of people….it is a book of parables on how we should live our lives….apparently, you haven’t read it!

          • No, it is not that… it is the Word of God… Jesus’ words are put in red for a reason.

          • They’re put in red because that’s the way the many who have rewritten it have tried to put Jesus’ words into the Bible. Anyone can print words in red. And, I’m sure Jesus speaks ONLY to you, so you would know these things, right?

          • Nathanial…….JESUS NEVER SAW THE BOOK…..You stupid MORON!!!!! It was a collection of stories put together as a book LONG after Jesus was GONE….you IDIOT! You are dumb as a post.

          • Please learn your history, Jews in Jesus time memorized the Old Testament. That is why Jesus quoted it many times in the New Testament. Go back to hunting your fur or read up on your history.

          • There is no actual proof that Jesus said anything. It is all hearsay written by other men. There is NO proof that the stories were not embellished of even if they are accurate. That whole BOOK is hearsay. Jesus never wrote the first word in that BOOK. And to my knowledge, there are no other unbiased historical documents, outside that BOOK, indicating that ANY of the stories in it actually happened. So….go try again. You can’t use a document to prove itself. That would be like a known murderer swearing that he was innocent. SORRY!

          • Jesus historically existed and was crucified… or do you also dispute the widely excepted BC & AD dating system. I didn’t think I would have to go there but apparently you are questioning everything even though we have Babylonian, Jewish & Roman history to collaborate many events in the Bible.

        • WOW!!!!…..FINALLY!!!….Someone who GETS IT!!!!! That BOOK is a pile of ignorant stories that have so many mistakes in them, it is laughable. And ANYONE who can stand there and honestly, without a snicker on his face, and say…”This is the Word of God.”….is a total DUMB@$$. If I were God, I would KILL anyone who tried to attach My name to this ridiculous collection. And for those ignorant fundamentalists to use it for a weapon against those they don’t like or disagree with, is a JOKE! How DARE they even open their stupid mouths and try to condemn me to Hell, waving that book in the air. They can take that book and shove it put their @$$es with the rest of the $H!T.

  7. “applicants “must profess, interalia, that homosexuality is a sin on par with bestiality and incest, that the earth is only 6,000 years old, and that the bible is literally true in order”

    The fact that they could find 900 people to sign the pledge is the greatest indicator of why that area is failing economically. Idiots tend to not be successful (At least not if they don’t start with a large fortune as Trump did).

    • Well remember this is in Kentucky out in the sticks somewhere and while I hate to put people down for their absurd religious beliefs, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had the ministers beating the drums, go get a job to profess your faith/ignorance. Keep those gays and beasts penned up!

      • I sympathize with anyone that has to sign a loyalty pledge to get a job. We all have to eat. It’s amazing that for someone, if we can believe the chronicles that have been handed down, who taught only love has had his name used to justify such amazing ignorance, self-righteousness and hatred. Now we get people like the trolls posting here today trying to play the victim and brown nose their way to salvation.

        • Even Trump has his employees sign a “loyalty oath” when they are hired….and he’s obviously done that with this administration based on their smarmy comments during his recent Cabinet meeting! Just listening to them fawn over him made me nauseous!

          • At least if you’re loyal to the church they promise heaven but all you get with Trump is the strong possibility that he will cheat or scapegoat you somewhere along the way. Oh but he does promise hell for those who are disloyal.

          • Yes and none of them can plead poverty as an excuse. The funny thing is that all their loyalty and butt kissing gets them is placement on the list of potential scapegoats for Trump’s incompetence, well that and the chance to steal from taxpayers.

        • So very true….these “evangelical Christians” are FAUX Christians. If they were REAL Christians, they would not be doing what they are doing!

    • Wow, you couldn’t resist showing your complete liberal ignorance. First you call Christians idiots and unsuccessful, then you go after a man more successful in a month than you can hope to be in your whole life. I am sure you were a Bernie supporter and want all that wealth spread around.

      • No, I didn’t call “Christians” idiots, only those who believe the idiocy of a literal interpretation of the Bible they choose to worship. You don’t speak for all Christians no matter how much you cloak yourself in victimhood. Many Christians reject the hate filled message of gay bashers and the absurdity of claims that the earth is only 6000 years old.

        Does Trump have more money than me? No doubt. If that’s how you measure success then you’re right. Let’s see, what has that enabled Trump to do that I can’t. I have no desire to grope women or even to reject my wife for a younger trophy wife. I don’t use my wealth to cheat those who do business with me and have no desire for a platform to foment hatred toward those less white and/or Christian than me. I also have no desire to place my name on shoddy merchandise. I’m an atheist but I live a more Christian life than Trump and I wouldn’t trade places with him.

        Trump successful? If you mean starting out with millions from daddy, being bailed out when poor business acumen led to failure, having to lie about my true monetary worth to bolster ego and having less money now than he would had he just invested his gifts form daddy in indexed funds then yes, otherwise not so much.

        • Lucky One, I have to agree pretty much with what you say. I am Christian but see it from a far different perspective than Ham and his ilk. So many “Christians” are such hypocrites, they only care about themselves and if you were truly Christian than it would be far more about those in need than yourself or our pathetic leader. And as you said, the bible is primarily allegory with most of the writings inherently decent but hardly to be taken literally. And also I know many agnostics or atheists who are far better people and treat their fellow man far better than many “Chistians” I know.

          • Amen. My empathy is with the IMO real Christians who have to see their beliefs tainted by phony Christians like Mr. Poling.

          • Thank you….finally, someone with some astute thinking! There are “evangelical Christians” and there are REAL Christians….a BIG difference is in how they think. You hit the nail on the head!

        • Wow, still going with the Democrat line on Trump. It worked so well last time please go with it again in 3 years… after people get used to WINNING and WINNING some more they will throw even more of the Democrats out of office than they did during Obama’s 8 years in office at every level of government.

          • The American worker is winning, that is why you all got it handed to you. You have lost touch with your base.

      • Your argument is constantly undermined by the fact that you believe adult fairy tales, and that some sort of fictitious being speaks to you in your head.

        You can be a gullible moron and still be successful. Just look at President Orange Dumbf**k.

        • wow, you are pretty mature… maybe you need to learn some manners before you come to debate with the adults.

          • Oh it was worth it to watch you attempt to label yourself an “adult”.

            It’s also fun to watch you say things like:
            “I am sure you were a Bernie supporter and want all that wealth spread around.”

            Let me find my bible and well see what Jesus said about wealth…

          • Please find it… Jesus never was against wealth, He was against the love of wealth… understand the difference?

          • Just took a screen shoot of that, prosperity gospel dude.
            Now giggling my ass off.

            Try this:
            (Mark 10:17-31; Luke 18:18-30)
            16. Just then, a man came up to Jesus and inquired, “Teacher, what good thing must I do to obtain eternal life?”

            17. “Why do you ask Me about what is good?” Jesus replied, “There is only One who is good. If you want to enter life, keep the commandments.”

            18. “Which ones?” the man asked.

            Jesus answered, “‘Do not murder, do not commit adultery, do not steal, do not bear false witness,

            19. honor your father and mother, and love your neighbor as yourself.’”

            20. “All these I have kept,” said the young man. “What do I still lack?”

            21. Jesus told him, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow Me.”

            22. When the young man heard this, he went away in sorrow, because he had great wealth.

            23. Then Jesus said to His disciples, “Truly I tell you, it is difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

            24. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

            Yep… that Jesus guy… he was totally into the gaining of wealth. Especially where he said how wealth is totally fine as long as you think about it the right way and don’t love it… Also notice how he told everyone how important it is to not give anything awa….

  8. This will go down in history as another monument to ignorance – right up there with the Parthenon and other things honoring mythology.

      • so then you can’t get your mind around the fact that God designed evolution in His grand plan for growth and progress? Then your god is very limited.

        • As far as I’m concerned, you can believe in evolution AND creationism at the same time….after all, who do you think is responsible for the Big Bang? It was God’s way of making this planet….at least that’s what I like to believe.

      • You mean as compared to those that teach that the earth was created 6000 years ago, a demonstrably false claim, no hypothesis needed.

      • LOL Stupid troll is stupid.
        Even the Pope accepts evolution.
        So… that makes you too stupid to believe either science or the Pope.

    • Myths are wonderful devices for embracing the mystery of life. It’s only when they become dogma that the trouble starts.

  9. I can see right off what the problem is, besides LIBERALs, I mean: that ark needs to be floating in some YUGE water. Perhaps the entire park can relocate to Florida?

    • What facts have been overlooked, Harley?
      Fringy, splashy, over-the-top theme parks belly-up every day.
      The Southeast is peppered with them.

  10. Ken Ham: “Had to laugh. This false piece of fiction published yesterday when 7,500 visited the Ark Encounter (and over 10,000 at both the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum) — numbers continue to grow as visitors from all over the world come to Northern Kentucky.

    These writers don’t do research and quote nonsense from other secularists and publish fiction in order to malign.

    And as someone on my Facebook commented today:

    ‘We experienced part of the reason Williamstown, Kentucky is not
    receiving the benefit of all this increased tourism, while other areas
    are benefitting. Williamstown does not have the tourist infrastructure
    of areas north toward Cincinnati, OH (especially those seeing both the
    Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum (which I recommend)). We drove
    through and found nothing open until quite a bit north of Williamstown,
    and our hotel was in Erlanger, Kentucky so they, like Dry Ridge,
    Kentucky, and Florence, Kentucky have more for tourists and therefore
    see more tourist $$$.’ “

    • Ken Hamm can claim 10 million people are visiting daily, but — until he opens his books for public review — no one will believe him.
      Rational people rely on verifiable data, Reverend. We don’t simply “believe”.

        • Why do you equate reliance on verifiable data to “fake news”?
          As for the article, were you present when Ken Hamm made his statements? Did the reporter misquote him? That would be an example of shoddy journalism.

          • Nah, it’s just contrary to what Nat already believes. Facts must be made to fit his beliefs or they will be deemed false. 10 to 1 he’s a Trumpeter though how anyone claiming Christian beliefs could vote for someone whose total life has been a repudiation of Christian teaching is beyond me.

          • These “evangelical Christians” are FAUX Christians….if they were REAL Christians, they’d not be acting like they are! They all need to go back and re-read the New Testament!

          • If I based voting on electing a perfectly moral person, there would be no one to vote for in the past 100 years on either side. But you already know that… Jesus was the only perfect man. As an atheist, I would think Trump would be your ideal President. As a businessman, Trump appealed to me and he continues to.

        • Okay, so you didn’t like the article and that makes it “fake news,” right? You’re just as bad as our current administration!

          • thanks for the compliment… at least Trump is getting stuff done and the economy is booming now.

          • It is? Interesting. The job rates have gone down, but that’s only because of what was done during the previous administration. The economy is fine, but, again, only because of the previous administration’s efforts. Both of these are headed for a downfall very soon, especially if Trump gets his so-called “healthcare plan” approved and his ridiculous budget. Then you can see the economy plummet, jobs being lost, people without insurance, and I could go on and on, but you wouldn’t believe me anyway.

          • I know what the economy did when Trump won… I am in business… business was down for 8 months and mysteriously the gains started in November shortly after the Presidential election. They haven’t stopped either and CEO confidence is at an all-time high. Get out of your delusion and wake up from the Obama trance. I will give Obama credit for one thing, he did a fine job of destroying the Democrat party and losing seats at every level of government to Republicans at historical records. #ThanksObama

          • That’s your belief and you’re welcome to it…..unfortunately, I don’t agree. We’ll see after a year of Trump’s administration how much better (or worse) we’re doing. He’s already going to take healthcare from 23M people, he’s taken away some important EPA regulations so that many people will go back to breathing that wonderful coal ash or drinking that polluted water; he’s working on downsizing several monuments that have been around for decades so that he can use the land for mining, etc. How much more does he have to do before people start realizing that he isn’t the GOD that he’s tried to convince his voters that he is? Not to mention, he’s totally alienated countries overseas with his arrogant ways, given billions of dollars in weapons to a country that has worse human rights than Cuba (but he didn’t seem to understand that); and given these weapons to a country that provided 11 of the 13 (I think that’s the number…can’t remember) terrorists who took down the Twin Towers. He’s also banned travel from countries that have NEVER sent a terrorist to this country or had any of their citizens commit any terrorist acts here!

          • Where does one start with that massive pile of bunk you just wrote. Obama has given weapons and money to many countries including the one you are so worried about. I am sure you forgot already about millions in cash we sent to Iran under Obama’s watch. Do I agree with everything Trump will do, no… but I am sure more in line with him than Hillary or Obama. Trump is a successful businessman and he knows how to manage projects and has proven that over and over while making billions of dollars. Even Obama’s former aids have admitted that Trump is running things like a business unlike his indecisive poll watching predecessor.

          • How about Trump’s serial molestation of women and his bragging about it. Are you in line with that?

          • What evidence do you have of that accusation? He has never been charged or even settled out of court. He was a major promoter of women in his business and had some of the first women leaders in the construction industry in the 1980’s. If you want me to believe the bunch of Democrat women who magically became “victims” once he ran for President and none of which became actual lawsuits or criminal charges. Was Trump a womanizer and poor husband… yes… I have yet to see where anything illegal was ever proved against him.

          • Which part? Okay let’s start with the easy one, bragging about molesting women. He has stated “Women, you have to treat ‘em like $hit.” and he is on tape saying “I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it, you can do anything … grab them by the pu$$y”.

            You state “He has never been charged or even settled out of court.” While the first part of that is correct we have no way of knowing about the second. Virtually every settlement of a case involving a high profile person paying money to a former spouse – or anyone – requires the person receiving the money to agree in writing to ironclad non-disparagement and confidentiality. In plain English: you promise to be quiet and not say anything bad about the party paying you money. He has claimed to never settle but in actuality it is known that he has settled other suits like the Trump “University” scam.

            Donald Trump’s first wife said under oath in a 1989 deposition that he had violently attacked her, ripped out her hair and forcibly penetrated her without her consent. At the time Ms. Trump said she felt “violated” by the alleged “rape.” A few years later, after their divorce was settled and she received her payoff, Ms. Trump claimed that she did not mean the word “rape” in a “literal or criminal” sense.

            A second woman, Jill Harth, accused Donald Trump of sexual assault, in 1997. The lawsuit called the multiple acts “attempted rape.” Shortly thereafter she voluntarily withdrew the case when a parallel suit against Mr. Trump brought by her husband was settled. When The Guardian reached the woman in 2016 to ask whether she stood by her sexual assault allegations, she responded, “yes.”

            The most notorious charges being leveled against Trump are child rape. The suit has been dropped. Why? We don’t know but the accuser also claimed Trump had threatened her life and as noted above payoffs with gag orders are common when the rich and powerful are caught with their pants down.

            Trump admits a close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein who is a notorious “billionaire pedophile” and is now a Level 3 registered sex offender. Mr. Epstein’s own sexual crimes and parties with underage girls are well documented, as is Mr. Trump’s relationship with him two decades ago in New York City. Mr. Trump told a reporter a few years ago: “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it, Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

            None of women who went public during the campaign about Trump’s sexual predation have pressed charges, although Trump has threatened to sue them for defamation, and doing so could expose him to discovery. Thus far he has not followed through on his threat likely due to the fear of discovery motions.

            But hey, I get it. You believe, mistakenly IMO, that Trump is good for your bottom line and that overrides considerations about the immoral character of the man.

          • So how exactly do you know he settled the Trump University case again, if people sign iron clad agreements? Is Epstein the same guy that Bill Clinton hung out with, if Trump hung with him that is awful but I have never seen that story. You would think a smart candidate running against him would have ran commercials about that stuff you just claimed… maybe mentioned them in a debate… pretty strange

          • I agree that it’s strange but maybe not so much because you are also right about Epstein having a relationship with Bill Clinton. The quote I provided by Trump claiming Epstein as a friend and fellow womanizer (Epstein’s taste runs more to children than women.) is easily accessible if you look for it.

            “Despite insisting throughout his presidential campaign that he would take the cases to trial, Donald Trump agreed to settle a number of lawsuits related to his former Trump University real estate seminar business on Friday afternoon.”


            I’m guessing that since this was a class action suit the gag agreement may not be feasible and at any rate doesn’t prevent the court from making the settlement known.

          • “I am in business” What does that mean? What business? I’ll take your word for it that your business is doing better but that says nothing about business in general. Take Carrier for example. Trump bragged about the jobs he “created” there but they just announced 300 some layoffs with another 3-400 coming in Dec. those businesses that depend on raping the environment may have seen an upturn since Trump is gutting the EPA and clearly lacks any understanding of climate science, or any science for that matter.

            I just have one more question for you. How can a self-professed super-Christian like you be a Trump fan given that Trump’s public behavior is the opposite of Christ’s teaching no matter what translation you’re working from? Do you really think someone who has demonstrated such a blatantly non-Christian character is a leader?

          • Ok, buddy… here comes the evidence that you won’t hear about in the mainstream media. I am sure you will figure out some way to say it isn’t real but good luck:



            My company and many others like it are servicing the manufacturing industry and something changed in November and December followed by huge growth in 2017. Even The Hill had to admit the economy has taken an uptick under Trump

            So while the economy and stock market boom, please keep focusing on Russia and whatever other fake news the media feeds you. Your former base is working overtime and will be voting Trump again in 3 years.

          • I’ll take a look and get back to you. Maybe in the meantime you can answer my questions. I’ll repeat them for you.

            How can a self-professed super-Christian like you be a Trump fan given that Trump’s public behavior is the opposite of Christ’s teaching no matter what translation you’re working from? Do you really think someone who has demonstrated such a blatantly non-Christian character is a good leader for Christian citizens?

          • I never claimed to be a “super” Christian. I am a conservative Republican born again Christian. I had reservations about Trump and still do, however I get tired of the media’s unfair treatment as many others feel the same way. CNN has just been shown to be corrupt on this issue and none of the other news organizations are much better. News became a business chasing the advertising dollar and this has led to fake news being promoted on both sides. I think Trump has never been given a fair chance yet so I defend him on what he has done well because I know the economy has taken off after meddling along for 8 years under Obama. Maybe some other areas like tech did well under Obama but manufacturing sure didn’t which is the reason the rust belt went Trump. They were left behind and voted for a person who actually visited them and talked to their issues.

          • The media treats Trump unfairly??? How about all the free publicity they gave him during the election and allowing him to “phone in” during interviews which lacked any serious challenges to his frequent lies.

            “News became a business chasing the advertising dollar and this has led to fake news being promoted on both sides.” There I mostly agree with you though I think the news media’s biggest sins lie in what they don’t investigate and report rather than mistakes or even falsehoods that they publish. One thing though, is that when proof of “fake news” is presented a retraction generally follows. That’s not true of Trump’s lies. He sticks with them no mater how much evidence is presented to show his error.

            There are many reasons the Rust belt has suffered and will continue to do so under Trump. Yes he pretended to listen and spoke to their prejudices and fears. No evidence so far and none in his personal history to indicate that he cares one bit about the plight of the lower economic classes including displaced workers.

          • btw, coal mines are opening in West Virginia… all that happened the past 8 years were coal mines shutting down. Manufacturers are starting the process of growing and expanding, and one the corporate tax cuts get done you will see growth in the rust belt like you haven’t seen since Reagan.

          • The article from the hill noted that the stock market has been driven up ON THE IDEA that regulatory reform and huge tax cuts are coming. If they fail to materialize, as is likely, it’s possible those gains could roll back.

            “I think a lot of the reactions are BASED ON EXPECTATIONS of a future policy agenda, and the extent to which businesses and investors are optimistic hinges on their perceptions of the likelihood of that policy agenda passing,” said Michael Strain, an economist at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

            “In general, there’s a tendency to overstate the role of the president in shaping the economy,” noted Strain. He could have added that there is a tendency with Trump to over state everything, especially his accomplishments.

            In other words. Trump’s economic growth, such as it is, is based on smoke and mirrors. when the smoke clears reality will set in. Even if we believe Trump this is hardly a “boom” as you described it. If there was some way to hold the money I’d bet you that Trump will not even be president in 4 years and if by some fluke he still is he will beg off due to “health concerns”. He has been steadily gaining weight and looks increasingly haggard. BTW, I’m not a Democrat.

          • Time will tell… I wasn’t a Trump fan in the primary as his social views aren’t completely in line with mine. However, I think his optimism and trying to run government like a business is exactly what America needed after 8 years of Obama apologizing for our greatness. Reagan did the same thing in the 80’s and it is hard to argue that our country didn’t benefit from it.

          • “(Trump’s) social views aren’t completely in line with mine.”

            Well it’s nice that you don’t advocate grabbing women by their privates.

            No it’s not hard to argue that Reagan’s effect on the economy is what led us to our present dysfunctional state. Admittedly the destruction was accelerated by Clinton & Bush II. At least Reagan did bring some intelligent competent people into his cabinet along with the crooks. His one grace, lacking in Trump, was that he didn’t pretend to be the smartest person in the room or know everything. They share theatric talents as a major reason for their election although Reagan, a B move star best, at least knew how to appear presidential, something trump has yet to achieve.

          • The first from inddist talks about only one company and is a promotional piece for that business which highlights and exaggerates the positives of a modest growth. Most of the rosy news is toward future expectations which are anyone’s guess.

          • I work in the same industry… growth in the 2nd quarter has taken off to double digits. We supply manufacturers, when manufacturing is down our sales go down. Something changed in November and has continued to ramp up higher and higher since then.

          • The other one from inddist also looks at just one company. Their growth in sales was mostly related to their acquisition of another company and nothing at all to do with Trump. Even in the worst economic times some companies do well.

            Back in December Trump bragged ad nauseam about jobs “he saved” at Carrier but then reality set in. CNBC reported that the fine print of the agreement indicates that only 730 of the 1,069 jobs that Trump’s deal “saved” are manufacturing jobs. The rest are engineering and technical jobs that were never set to be cut, according to the report.

            In addition, the $16 million that the company promised to invest in the facility as part of Trump’s deal will go toward automation in the factory, which would ultimately result in fewer jobs.

            Union officials told CNBC they’ve heard nothing from the company on potential relocation to other factories for the laid-off workers, only receiving a notice that the first round of cuts, totaling 338 jobs, will occur on July 20, with 290 more jobs being eliminated on Dec. 22.

          • Like I said, you will try to explain it all away. The manufacturing industry took off in 4th quarter and has continued to fly in 1st and 2nd quarters. The only argument you really have is that Trump has nothing to do with it.

          • What has done again?
            Signed some executive orders and lied about saving 1500 jobs and hired Wall Street goons to run the swamp?
            That’s literally about it.
            What are you smoking?

          • The real question is whether you have a job in the real world… if you work for the government, yeah things are uncertain with a real businessman as President. If you have a job out here in the real world, things are booming… stock market is at record highs, CEO confidence is at a record high, USA manufacturing is back… even iPhones are getting ready to be made in Wisconsin. This all mysteriously started the day after the guy you hate became President. Please take off the blinders and stop watching CNN and MSNBC and get out in the real world.

          • Yeah… it was amazing… on Jan 20th all these deals that required years of negotiation suddenly appeared, apropo of nothing, with all those years of work and negotiation done and ready to go, just as Trump was sworn in!
            Wow… he’s SO great.

            You’re either an incredible moron, extremely gullible, or an astroturfer.

            You’re side thinks Fact Checkers have a liberal bias.
            Do you know how dumb that is?

          • You really are clueless… Do you know about the billions of profits trapped overseas by multi-national companies that want to bring it back and invest it here in the USA. Trump campaigned on that and if you think that doesn’t sway decisions quickly by a company like Apple you have spent too much time with wacky tobacco and you might want to take a couple business courses. The entire media is biased and CNN’s outing today is just the start of exposing the media for what it has become…

          • Coming from the guy with the long winded multi-paragraph posts… I love to debate politics especially with all the Trump haters with no facts other than their hate. At least the science debate they are educated and just have a different belief set than myself.

          • Yeah, he’s getting stuff done, like making money at our expense, golfing(a top item on his agenda). Booming? You need to wake up, homey, and smell the Trump—it’s noxious. And he has yet to really wreck your life.

        • And you love this shoddy journalism so much that you’ve rented out space here so that you may read and keep posting how shabby the journalism is. Now, tell me—What’s wrong with that scenario??

        • LOL, the guy who believes in something lacking any evidence whatsoever to support that belief is calling someone else gullible. Too funny.

          • lol there is plenty evidence such as the code in your DNA how did it get there by accident? keep fooling yourself.

          • This is like talking with a child. That is only evidence of a creator if you already believe in a creator. You are clearly not a deep thinker so just hang onto your illusions. It’s easier that way.

          • lol so you admit there is evidence of a creator… can you shed some light on your evidence that there isnt one to make you believe in your religon? There is plenty of evidence. Look into the fine tuning argument. It is a miracle that life can sustain here on earth. You clearly dont think at all so just hang onto your cult im sure it makes you feel better about the life you choose to live without convictions. If you didnt believe you wouldnt be here trying to convince others not to believe.

  11. You say local earnings have stayed the same which means that they haven’t gone down either so business may still be doing alright. If it was the same as before then the ark hasn’t had any negative effect on the economy either now has it?

    • So, the State of Kentucky, Grant County, and local communities gave tax incentives and favorable funding so the economy wouldn’t change?
      In other words, they bought nothing for something?
      The “negative effect” is that they squandered public resources for no measurable economic benefit.

      • I think you need to look into what a tax incentive is… it is a break on taxes on sales that the attraction will generate. Thus, you are screaming about funds that would have never been created without the attraction coming to Kentucky.

        • Never mind, Nate.
          I looked up and down the board here, and see you’re trolling.
          So, fine. You’re blocked.

          • You have far more comments than me, I know it is tough when people challenge your views.

          • I imagine you would know how tough it is when your views are challenged, especially when they are based solely on your beliefs.

  12. Failing? 98% hotel occupancy rate in Dry Ridge, KY…people have to travel 30 miles to find a hotel. Failing?

    Do try harder.

  13. I guess it’s too much to ask reporters to research their articles – all you did was paraphrase another hit piece from NBC News by Bill Nye, who desperately wants this to fail.

  14. Kali Holloway you article spews lies and is the poorest piece of journalism I have ever read. Too funny you only fooling yourself and atheists. Haters gonna hate

    • Go to Breitbart or any of the other right wing sites if you want to see really shoddy journalism. Yes, haters gonna hate, even those who claim to follow the teachings of a man who taught only love.

      • obviously you need to look up the definition of hate. Speaking the truth does not mean you hate someone. It may hurt because you caught out on your lies…

        • You believe in imaginary beings that talk to you in your head.
          I believe the onus is on you to prove you can think straight before your opinions matter.

          • You believe in imaginary things in your head I believe the onus is on you to prove you can think before your opinons matter…

          • LOL
            Your ability to argue clearly outstrips your intelligence.
            Take that any way you like.

          • LOL carry on believing nothing made everything… takes more faith to believe that than in a creator… Good luck with your cult. Denying the truth doesnt make it a lie because you deny it LOL Ask yourself how the code got in your DNA… Some random accident formed complex code LOL fairy-tales of note!

        • Wrong, Thyran. “Speaking the truth” is no excuse to say whatever you want to. Before you “speak the truth”, you better be sure you understand what the truth is on a particular topic. Just because YOU think something is the truth doesn’t automatically make it the truth.

          To illustrate a subtle yet powerful point on when to speak and when not to speak “the truth”, consider this:

          “Even as it hath been said: “Not everything that a man knoweth can be disclosed, nor can everything that he can disclose be regarded as timely, nor can every timely utterance be considered as suited to the capacity of those who hear it.”

          This is from a quote by Baha’u’llah, the Prophet-Founder of The Baha’i Faith. I would have gone on a little further, but decided to stop here, because you may not be ready yet to hear more for now.

          • Wrong Aaron speaking the truth is better than lying. The article is full of lies and that is the truth. The journalist has also paraphrased Bill Nye the Science Guy and pretended that it was her own words.

            Honesty is the best policy. 🙂 Hope you find furfillment in your religon. God bless brother

          • Please explain how you think the article’s author has lied to you.
            Present some verifiable reference for your points, for instance, direct quotes of the individuals you claim are paraphrased.

          • Thanks for the link.
            Unfortunately, the Cincinnati Business Courier tossed up a paywall half-way through, but that’s OK.
            They released enough to learn that the super-fantastic attendance and future traffic forecasts were provided by Kenn Hamm, Answers in Genesis (Ken Hamm’s organization), and America’s Research Group, Ltd.,.
            America’s Research Group, Ltd., is the organizational front of C. Britt Beemer, a far-right political operative since 1966. C. Britt Beemer and Ken Hamm co-authored ‘Already Gone’ in 2009, a scare-tome about how and why young people reject life-long evangelical Christian teaching at a rate of about 90% (Oh! The Horror!), and may even forgive homosexuality (!).
            So. Your yawn is right.
            The link confirms more of the hucksterism Ken Hamm uses to enrich himself at public expense. Rather like Mike Lindell and his MyPillow infomercial empire cooked up the phony National Sleep Foundation to endorse each other.
            P.S. To reiterate: the operative word is “verifiable” reference.

          • Thyran, you keep quoting Ken Hamm and Answers in Genesis income and attendance figures.
            Do you have any independent, audited financials from any other source — like, Kentucky Department of Revenue?

          • lol PreciptiousDrop or whatever your name is. Do you have any independent, audited financials from any source like the Department of Revenue that proves these figures are incorrect? Didnt think so. And where do you think the attendance figures will come from for the park? Are aliens sitting counting the visitors maybe ET can call home and ask them. My goodness you have just proved you are incapable of thinking. Have a good life I got better things to do with my time than to try and teach the willingly ignorant. A wise man does not have the time to answer all the questions of a foolish man.

          • The alternative source is less important than independent, audited attendance and income figures.
            Park officials — who depend on the appearance of popular, successful operations — have obvious conflicts of interest when reporting.

          • ill take that as a no. while the keyboard warrior site here denying the truth thousands of people visit the ark daily lol

          • “…take that as a no,” to what question, Thyran?
            I’ve no doubt hundreds of people visit the park every day. Americans are fascinated by bizarre things — like grabbing a snack in the restaurant located atop a supposedly “sacred”, supposedly biblically “correct” replica of a mythic boat. (Who knows? Maybe a Christ imposter will wander through for selfies and autographs?)
            The only thing we enjoy more than fooling each other, is kidding ourselves. Theme parks are great that way.
            P.S. As usual, visitors to the museum and Ark Experience must exit through the Gift Shop. I wonder if sales tax is part of the state’s discount package?

          • More like thousands daily… and they would have to drive thousands of miles out of their way to to get that random selfie. Lol towns outside the immediate area are benefiting because the local town does not have enough accommodation. You carry on believing the lies fed to you in this article. There are plenty of press releases that contradict it. Just got to look further than your nose and not believe everything you read on the internet. I’ve always thought people need a license to use the internet. You definitely one of those people lol take that whatever way you choose

          • Claiming “thousands” of daily amusement park visits — and using PR firms to generate press releases to that effect — are meaningless without accurate, verifiable independent measurement of attendance.
            5.5 million people live within a 60 mile radius of this amusement park. Who travels “thousands of miles out of their way”?
            There are over 57 motels within a 3 mile radius of this amusement park. Why are these towns complaining? Why are these towns disappointed by the amusement park’s economic performance? Why do these towns now regret granting the financial incentives Ken Hamm conned them out of?
            Take that whatever way you choose.
            P.S. In your bible, Thyran, how many restaurants, snack bars and gift shops did the “genuine” ark contain?

          • your comments are meaningless it doesnt stop you from posting them lol

            A state consultant had predicted the attraction would lure 500,000 visitors, while Answers in Genesis, which created the park, said it expects 1.2 million people to visit in the ark’s first year.

            Outside consultants have estimated the park will attract 1.4 million to 2.2 million visitors a year and have a $4 billion economic impact in the next 10 years. In addition, 20,000 jobs are expected to be created as a result of the Ark Encounter’s opening over the next 10 years.

            If attendance rates continue, the ark could have 600,000 visitors by the end of 2016. The park had 6,900 visitors on Saturday alone.


          • You went down this path over two weeks ago.
            My reply, then and now:
            PrecipitousDrop Thyran John Wright • 17 days ago
            Thanks for the link.
            Unfortunately, the Cincinnati Business Courier tossed up a paywall half-way through, but that’s OK.
            They released enough to learn that the super-fantastic attendance and future traffic forecasts were provided by Ken Hamm, Answers in Genesis (Ken Hamm’s organization), and America’s Research Group, Ltd.,.
            America’s Research Group, Ltd., is the organizational front of C. Britt Beemer, a far-right political operative since 1966. C. Britt Beemer and Ken Hamm co-authored ‘Already Gone’ in 2009, a scare-tome about how and why young people reject life-long evangelical Christian teaching at a rate of about 90% (Oh! The Horror!), and may even forgive homosexuality (!).
            So. Your yawn is right.
            The link confirms more of the hucksterism Ken Hamm uses to enrich himself at public expense. Rather like Mike Lindell and his MyPillow infomercial empire cooked up the phony National Sleep Foundation to endorse each other.
            P.S. To reiterate: the operative word is “verifiable” reference.

          • Let’s see, ~ $100,000,000.00 spent by the state for 400,000 visitors. So that only $250 per visitor out of the state’s pocket. I bet the visitors would rather have the money.

          • Lol they had 400 000 visitors in the first three months. You carry on believing the lies fed to you. While thousands of visitors a day visit the Ark and enjoy it. Must be sad to life such a negative life. God bless hope you find happiness one day

          • can i have some verifiable evidence besides from this article and patheos to back up your claims?

          • C. Britt Beemer and Ken Hamm’s book, ‘Already Gone’ is still available for sale on Amazon.
            C. Britt Beemer’s other works include the autobiographical content.
            America’s Research Group, Ltd., webpage lists C. Britt Beemer’s brief cv, including prior political work and dates.
            What other questions do you have?
            Do you want verification of Ken Hamm’s prior work in Australia before he came to fleece the rubes in Kentucky?

          • Louisville Courier-Journal writer Chris Kenning’s interviews with local business owners and Jamie Baker, Grant County (KY) Chamber of Commerce confirm lackluster economic effect of Ken Hamm’s Ark Encounter.
            Hamm could bring in 20 million people a day, but if they don’t spend in the local area, no one notices a benefit.

          • Somebody is lying here do you think it is? I got a feeling even if you were showed the truth you would still deny it. Lets see which it is.

          • As shown below, you are lying, Thyran.
            But you have been lied to, yourself, by the authors and perpetrators of the greater lie. You are somewhat less culpable because of it.
            Please let the falsehoods end with you.

          • As shown you are lying. Christianity has stood the test of time and it is not going anywhere whether you like it or not. Hope you enjoy life as an evolved ape without a purpose.

          • Thyran, before you post further you should learn to read with comprehension. You know the mechanics of reading, but you have trouble absorbing the themes. No where do I imply that lying is preferred to telling the truth—how did you reach that absurd conclusion from my post?
            If your daughter was sexually abused, that would be a truth, but not one you should just blithely share with everyone you see on the street.
            If you deem someone is ugly and has a big wart on their nose—does that mean you should tell him/her that they’re ugly and have a large wart on their nose?
            If you can’t understand this, then you will never understand the hidden meanings in the Bible. You should consider taking remedial reading classes.

        • It’s true. When I call you a mindless drone programmed by your church betters to carry out a relentless conversion process on the scared, helpless, depressed, and vulnerable, I don’t hate you.
          I’m just speaking the truth.

          Isn’t this fun?

    • Your god is a fairy tale.
      Ask yourself this:
      If you’d been born in India would you still be a Christian?


      • lol nobody is born a christian neither is Christian mentioned once in the bible. If you dont understand theology you shouldnt comment on it. Paedophiles dont only occur with people who are affiliated to a church and are pretending to be Christian. Even your God Richard Dawkins claimed that Peadophilia may become socially accceptable in the near future. Im sure he wishes… No body can escape Gods law. His Law is clearly defined in the Bible. maybe give it a read sometime and see what God thinks of Paedophiles rapists and murders. If you think the Bible is all fairytales you are delusional. Ill pray that your blinkers are removed and you find God before you meet your creator. God bless

        • You avoided answering my question. Fail.

          It’s true nobody is born a Christian. However you have a much higher likelihood of becoming one if born in certain countries such as dumbf**k America… and an almost zero chance of becoming one if not.

          It’s relevant because you label yourself a Christian. Your primary reference book is Jesus’ Big Book of Fairytales. And you seem mighty pleased in your personal grasp of theology and the primacy of Christian mythology.
          My point is that your faith is an accident of birth. Your fairytales are neither relevant nor eternal nor correct… because if you had been born elsewhere you would not even know about them.

          If you don’t understand definitions, perhaps you shouldn’t try to deflect using them.

          Answer the question:
          If you had been born in India would you now be a Christian?

          Answer the other question:
          What do you say to the victims of Christian Church-organised serial abuse?
          You are correct it’s not limited to the Church… But the Christian Church chose, as an organisation, to hide it, lie about it, enable it, and is currently fighting law changes so they and their pedophile priests cannot be prosecuted for it.

          Here’s another question:
          What would you call an organisation that systematically, from the leader on down:
          – Hid and enabled Child sexual abuse among their members
          – Continuously suppressed information
          – Continuously blocked police and legal action
          – Paid people off
          – Swore people to silence
          – Protected the pedophiles after they knew what they had done.
          – Moved and allowed those same pedophiles to keep on offending for decades in multiple cities and parishes.

          There was an article on a rural town in Australia where there had been 6 different priests assigned to the town over 30 years.
          …Was a pedophile and was moved on (to another town to continue offending) after letters (which are on record) were sent to the senior members of the church.
          Do you know how rotten to the core your seminary and your church has to be for, statistically speaking, 6 priests in a row to ALL be pedophiles?

          I’d call the entire organisation an abject study in the systematic application of evil.
          I’m curious as to what you’d call it.

          As an aside: You realize Ratzinger was “retired” as Pope while still alive, for the first time ever in history, because his office collected and suppressed all the child abuse reports from all over the world, right?

          It was far too dangerous to leave him as the “spiritual leader” of the Church with that baggage. Mainly because it would be like putting up a sign supporting Pedophilia on the Vatican wall. Hence: Amazing new tradition!

          • My faith is not an accident of birth? You dont even know me? lol carry on trying to prove that which you dont believe doesnt exist. Troll

          • Err… trying to prove something that doesn’t exist is the province of you moonies, buddy. I wouldn’t dare attempt anything in that fact-free no-man’s land. It’s all yours.

            It’s true, I don’t know you. But I’ve met and argued with literally hundreds of people who sound like you, write like you, believe similar things to you, and fail to reason when it suits them like you. In essence I know you to a certain generalized degree.

            My point… once more for the really really dumb people in the room is this:
            – If you grow up in Rural America, or Australia, or England, or Ireland and (if you have a religion at all) it is highly likely to be a variation of Christiandom.
            – However if you grow up in Tibet, Rural China, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and (if you have a religion at all) it is highly unlikely to possibly zero chance of being a Christian.

            Because… you know… if you religion is so eternal and amazing… then how come birth location can mean you not only never learn about it… but can also mean you end up being a Hindu and believing that Hinduism is the one true faith …. Oh and that of course damns you to hell… or whatever you people are believing today about non-Christians.

            Allow me to end with a favorite quote that sums up the same point in a different way:

            ““I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” – Attributed to Stephen F. Roberts.

          • Thanks it hasnt stopped you from doing the same to me so perhaps you should eat your own words before pointing fingers at others. I can read and have probably read more books than you ever will I dont need classes on reading but thanks for your opinion. the author lied and paraphrased Bill Nye none of the content is her own and as a journalist that shows poor form. If you cannot understand that then you need to go ask for a refund for your education because its obvious you were cheated from a decent one.

            The life-sized replica based on the biblical description of Noah’s Ark
            has greeted more than 400,000 people in its first four months. About 95
            percent of those visitors are coming from outside the region immediately
            surrounding the attraction.


            Can I get an apology? I thought not

            Carry on trolling posts trying to convince others that which you dont believe exits doesnt exist lol Very smart

          • Yet again… you FAIL TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS.
            You fail to respond to any points.
            You fail to understand that I don’t care about your opinions of me because your posts so far indicate someone who struggles with rational thought.

            Let’s analyse your latest… ahh… thoughts… shall we?

            Yes. I’m pointing fingers at you, moron. You’re arguing stupidly, you’re trying to justify your arguments using religion, and you seem all for a large boat based on a fairytale… This isn’t kindergarten. I’m not here to stroke your ego and give you validation… I’m here to contest your arguments and explain why they are stupid. If you don’t want to feel challenged go back to Bible school.

            You spend the first … well, let’s call it a “paragraph”… ranting about the fact that you “can” read (well, that’s nice I guess) and how many books you’ve read as if that’s some measure of intelligence or reasoning ability… You also know nothing about me… hence I find your assumptions hilarious.

            You go on to burble about some author? I didn’t reference a book in my reply to you… WTH are you talking about? Are you just avoiding my post and talking about the article’s author??

            Then you post copy-paste talking points about your big boat.


            This is not your forte, buddy.
            From a debater’s standpoint, you just got completely rolled largely due to a failure to understand the process of reasoned debate. Try a book on reasoned argument. It will probably help… (but who knows).

  15. Well the way I see it religious people are the true haters they don’t seem to be able to get along with anybody that thinks different than them. It’s their way or the way.

    • Actually, the non-religious people are the issue here… they are ticked that the Christians got some of their tax dollars that should be going towards their religious museums dedicated to atheists and their theories of our origins.

      • Well, it’s a nice attempt to twist the truth but no… Nothing to do with atheists,

        Them problem here is that they got massive grants and tax cuts on the promise of bringing money to the area, which they’ve apparently failed to do.

        I don’t know if that intentional, but I suspect it’s an honest mistake – they thought more people would care about their ark than actually do.

        Doesn’t fill the hold in the budget though, does it?

        • What are you basing your info on again? I visited with my family and it was so packed that it was almost uncomfortable. The parking lot was full of vehicles from every state imaginable. If the local towns don’t build hotels and restaurants for all these people coming in, they are going to stay in Cincy and other nearby towns. But that is common sense… something that is lacking with your crowd. You have an agenda and you will make up fake news to promote it.

          • I’m basing my info on the fact that no nearby businesses have seen increased traffic, as mentioned in this article and as happens elsewhere when local attractions increase tourism significantly.

            Your anecdotal visit is an interesting data point but hardly a compelling way to judge the operation of the business over the course of a year…

          • Ok, so my one random visit on a weekday must be an exception to the rule? The nearby towns did not build up properly to keep up with demand, thus the demand is going down the highway. It is basic capitalism not science.

          • I don’t know if it was a regular day, or an outlier. Unless you’ve been there every day for a season, neither do you.

            I live in a town that has a fairly famous race course. On race day, the town is overrun with tourists. Are you arguing that all of those (numerous) visitors to my town decide to stop locally, but visitors to the Ark encounter head off on a couple of hours drive before stopping?

            If so, why?

            It’s also worth noting that whether it’s a success or not is actually irrelevant… It’s not a success for local businesses and thus hasn’t given anything back to the community for the massive grants and tax breaks it has received.

            One final note… If the demand were “going down the highway” then no doubt motorway services and rest stops will have seen increased business? If so, where’s the evidence?

          • Where is the evidence that they haven’t seen an uptick? The whole problem with this story is the bias and fakeness of it. You have an attraction that is obviously bringing in tons of people so the only thing the angry atheists can do is complain that it got a similar tax abatement that other attractions in Kentucky get when they apply. If you are unhappy about tax abatements please be angry about all of them and get the leadership changed.

  16. Kali Holloway shouldn’t lie. All liars will have their part in the lake of fire. Revelations 21:8 I hope Kali repents.

    • How do you know this? Were you consigned to the Lake of Fire, granted a reprieve, and allowed to return to warn us?
      How presumptuous of you to determine how anyone will be punished, with the arrogant certainty.
      I hope that you’ll repent about exactly what befalls those who make errors in life. Does Trump, members of the GOP, and others you know destined for the Lafe of Fire?
      And where do you suppose this mythical Lake is? In the liquid hot core of the earth? Somewhere beneath the ecliptic plane, pointing towards the southern galactic plane?

      • How do I know? Read God’s Word. All scripture is God breathed. It’s God’s plan, not mine. We have no ability to tell God what he can or can’t do. I’m saved from God’s wrath and I want the same for everyone.

        • Matthew 25:31-46. We will be judged as a nation. I wouldn’t be so sure that you are saved. God makes it quite clear in Mathew 25:31-46.

    • Howdy Chris – perhaps you should tell trump, McConnell Ryan, and the rest of the repubs that thing about lies.

  17. OH!!!!…WOW!!!!…REALLY!….Well, shut my mouth. Blaming the media. No, you STUPID MORONS!!!!…..It’s the LIES. The IGNORANT, INTOLERANT religious fundamentalists are IDIOTS.. The imbecilic exhibit has a cage with 2 dinosaur replicas in it. I have a picture of it. What the Hell is that? IGNORANCE!!!!!!!….And telling people that the earth is only 6000 year old ….What Stupid @$$HOLES! They are total DUMB$H!TS. And that the dinosaurs died in Noah’s flood. How ignorant can you get? Then you see this monstrosity that is over half the length of the Titanic and as the story goes, an old F@RT and his sons with hand saws, axes and hammers…NO POWER TOOLS, NO CRANES to lift beams 5 stories in the air…cut all the trees down and built this THING alone. Believe that and I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you cheap. Oh, and those moron fundamentalists want all this taught is the schools as real science.

  18. It’s amazing the number of comments from supporters of the literalist interpretations of the Bible. This story really touched a sensitive nerve in so many who feel compelled to ram a literal interpretation of the Bible down the throats of any with a different take on the contents of the Bible and meanings therein —much like ISIS and the Taliban have been trying over the past few years with their literal interpretations of the Qur’an and taking the verses out of context to support hidden agendas to gain power.

    • Aaron…..the problem with most ignorant fundamentalist is…..they are stupid as Dog $H!T when it comes to that BOOK. It was written by MEN….NOT GOD…yet they believe that it is HIS word. IMBECILES. There are so many errors and mistakes in it that it is laughable. If God had anything to do with its writing…God is a MORON.

      • Wow, how many juvenile names can you use in your posts. Using all caps when you do it really adds a nice touch of class as well.

        • I usually try to deal with people on the level at which I believe they will understand. With some, regular and moderate conversation is all it takes for an understanding, while with others, a sledge hammer is needed to get the concept through their thick, ignorant. bigoted skulls, using language I know they will understand. I see you had no problem understanding my post. So you now know where I place you in my levels of conversation.

          • I am glad I now know I must go to childlike conversation and name calling to get to your level. I don’t think I am ready to go there but writing insults in all caps may be kind of fun.

          • Damn….you couldn’t even understand my post. Sad. You really are stupid. I actually feel sorry for you and your ignorance.

          • WOW, I thought you only knew how to write in all CAPS… head back to hunting your furs and leave the discussions here to those who can have a civil and intelligent conversation.

        • Not anywhere near as bad as cherry picking your holy book based on whim, century or mental illness.
          How much of Leviticus do you literally obey, dumbass?


          • More name calling from the “intelligent” people. Apparently manners are optional in the atheist households.

          • Thank you…..Nathanial is a trolling @$$HOLE and just likes to ruffle feathers. He is dumb as a post, regarding facts. His is so far up his @$$ he can’t see daylight.

  19. Fundamentalist Christians… The worst aspect of living in a society with freedom of religion.

    They’re hateful, bigoted and determined to force their views on everyone.

  20. PRecip Dip — IF this article was true –why would there be a LOT of revenue for the tax money grubbers to want it — Jealousy is not only irrational –it shows lack of “mental faculties” — WARPED –you people are like bacteria —

  21. First of all if Christianity is being undermined it is not Atheists or Journalists doing it. The culprit is Christianity itself. Science and enlightenment lead people to the real truth while religions are based on hearsay and scriptures. The Bible has many countless contradictions and misconceptions which are evidence of authorship by men and not the work of a perfect omnipotent God. A good book that points out the many Biblical errors is: “The Born Again Skeptic’s Guide to the Bible” by Ruth Hurmence Green -a very good read that disputes the veracity of the Bible in every way. The Koran would suffer the same fate but people are afraid to dispute it due the violent fanatical morons in that religion that kill people like we would kill a fly!
    Ken Hamm is a very dangerous man, dangerous to the country and the reason is the false information he is impressing upon young minds. Information that contradicts the obvious truths that Science and Knowledge impart to us in today’s world. How can our children compete in the world when there minds are poisoned and tricked into believing lies and myths as if they are the truth? How can America remain in first place while the majority of its’ population thinks evolution is false and the earth is less than 6000 years old. China and other countries will forge ahead of us in the future because science is the bedrock of knowledge and progress.
    That is the reason that Ken Hamm is one of the most dangerous men in America-Because of the damage he is doing to children’s minds. Religious fundamentalism is dangerous to the well being of humanity.

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