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Monday, March 25, 2019

If he weren’t so smug, it would almost be possible to feel sorry for Mitt Romney. Beyond the flip-flopping, has any worse actor ever attempted the role of presidential candidate? It’s beyond Romney’s powers to persuade most people of his sincerity about things he does believe, much less the many tenets of contemporary GOP faith he probably doesn’t share—assuming for the sake of argument that anybody, including himself, knows which is which.

There’s little doubt, however, that Romney believes he deserves to be president, in rather the way the fictional Lord Grantham deserves to preside over Downton Abbey. It’s his inability to conceal that sense of entitlement which makes him such an awkward politician.

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9 responses to “Cringing With Mitt”

  1. concernedusa7 says:

    I have never experienced any human being who can have so many different veiws on one subject as Mitten Romney!!!!! He is similar to the camelon in that his veiw changes with the color (what he thinks the audience wants to hear) of the room in which he is addressing the audience. He has so meny veiws, that no matter the audience, he can deliver the veiw he thinks they would like to hear.
    When you have so many varied veiws on any one subject, IT UNDENIABLY PROVES THAT AS A PERSON MITT ROMNEY HAS NO CONVICTIONS!!!!!!!

  2. PatrickHenry says:

    Obama said, “I will have the most transparent government”, “unemployment will be under 8%”, “you will be able to see what’s in my bills 2 days before they are voted on”, I won’t take any Super Pac money, I will get out of Afghanistan right away, and Iraq, blah, blah, blah…….Now we have high unemployment still, unbelievable debt, more spending and taxing, secret deals, still at war, accepting many Millions in campaign funds from wealthy donors, voting against a balanced-budget, etc. And you are worried about Gov. Romney? Come on, open your eyes!

  3. Howz 1 says:

    The ultra conservative Mitt Romney is an alter ego of the one that was governor of Mass. This one was created specifically for this election. The other one was pro-choice, pro-health care reform, concerned about climate change, and as he calls it progressive. This one is exactly the opposite, pro life, not concerned about climate change and anti health care reform. He wants to cut taxes for the rich(no suprise) and not concerned about the poor. His program will knock out the underpinings of the middle class by reducing funds toward education and not moving the economy off the petrol nozzle. The only thing this alter ego is missing is the gun rack on his pick up truck. The real humor here is that if he ran as a socially moderate, slightly right leaning on the ecomomy he could have challanged Obama in the Democtatic primary, and been himself.

  4. Sleipnir says:

    Everything you say is true but in order for President Obama to accomplish all these things he needs the cooperation of congress and from day one the teapublicans stated they would do everything they could to obstruct him. In spite of them unemployment is down, the economy is slowly recovering, we are out of Iraq, and will soon be out of Afghanistan. As for using super pac funds the republican supreme court made that legal and the teapublican candidates are taking tremendous advantage of it. Lest you forget, GWB is the one that got us in two wars without raising taxes to pay for them thus running up the deficit, allowing financial institutions to run amuck thus causing the need for a bailout and the housing crisis. GWB increased the debt 115%, President Obama has raised it 16%.

  5. dakmart says:

    … is that Mitt Romney has no real reason to run for President other than that he wants the job denied to his dad — he has no obvious core principles, he clearly has no affinity for average Americans, and if elected, would probably make the economy worse by reducing discretionary spending to keep the GOP base happy. His gaffes are pretty entertaining — can anyone really be THAT clueless? — but we had eight years of Presidential gaffes recently, and that turned out pretty horribly.

  6. Bassicdave says:

    I don’t know for whom this dork trolls, but if you’re paid they’re wasting their money. Your puerile arguments and misdirection will never ever convert anyone here to your Ron Paul BS. Run along and flick your boogers at the Fox News Channel. At least they can appreciate your efforts.

  7. rustacus21 says:

    … hysterics are ALL Romney is about!!! P.Henry’s experience w/politics reflects such a limited scope of KNOWLEDGE it’s actually embarrassing to read his posts at times!!! Voting Conservative only shows how much an individual DOESN’T know about politics, policy, the personality’s in the field & the REAL purpose of people, in the context of local, state, nat’l & international governance! If I could get “P.Henry”, among others, to agree that Prez Obama walked into the office w/this God awful DISASTER WAITING FOR HIM & his administration, we could agree on a few things – namely, the wars, along w/tax-cuts, theft of national treasure, corruption (by the PREVIOUS admin; this is actually the “cleanest” exec in history!!!) & incompetence of the previous administration, we could then agree that the money unleashed by Citizens United, is whats REALLY responsible for THIS prez seeming perplexitude of the issues & paralysis in dealing w/them!!! Money!!! Ponder that a moment, while U remember where Prez Obama is from (Middle Class & its subsequent socio/econ/political exposures) & Compare it to Mr. Romney (elitist/White entitlemented/criminal conspirator to corp crime waves) & we have a far more in-depth appreciation for what Mr. ‘P.Henry’ is REALLY meaning to say!!! There we secret deals w/the previous administration sir; please clarify what U mean, however, if implying this administration has made ANY aside from the disasterous ‘secret’ (operation ‘gun walk’, funding disinformation campaigns to misinterpret Climate Change data, etc.) policies THIS admin irresponsibly FAILED TO HALT IMMEDIATELY, UPON TAKING OFFICE, THIS admin is far superior in every way, to the Conservative admin YOU & Conservatives like U, allowed in & kept in far longer than was rational or reasonable or even sanely so. So, as Mr. Romney is on his site-seeing tour of America, he should take some time out in Cleveland, Pittsburg, Detroit, Gary, even the heart of N.Y.C., and SEE how REAL Americans live & survive & ask if his ‘8×28’ will do any better than Herman Cain’s ‘Flat-9’ plan & see if he doesn’t get run out of town by Liberals who READ, keep up w/current events & CAN COUNT in real & hypothetical numbers!!! Poor guy… But hey, at least the workers in the national media are making money…

  8. manjan says:

    Mittster says the first thing he is going to do is repeal “Obamacare” which is in part designed after “Romneycare” in MA. The majority of people in MA support their health care system. This has be the top prize when you devise a plan that works and then say you are against it. Boys and girls, can we say FLIP FLOP?

  9. Manchesterian says:


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