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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Ted Cruz’s campaign has found a way to connect his lead (non-Trump) rival Marco Rubio to President Obama: Photoshop.

Rubio’s campaign cried foul Thursday morning, at the discovery that a Cruz campaign site set up to attack Rubio, “The REAL Rubio Record,” contained a doctored photo appearing to show a beaming Rubio and Obama shaking hands, with the Capitol Dome in the background. The site calls out Rubio’s vote for authorizing President Obama to negotiate free trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership — dubbing it “The Rubio-Obama Trade Pact.” (A notable example of right-wing fever against Obama is that even free trade can become a diabolical socialist plot, when it’s Barack Obama who is pushing for it.)

“They photoshopped Marco’s face onto somebody else,” Rubio senior strategist Todd Harris told reporters. “This is how phony and deceitful the Cruz campaign has become.”

At first the Cruz campaign denied that any forgery had taken place, reported Teddy Schleifer of CNN:

But then a funny thing happened: Conservative news site The Daily Caller found the original stock photo — a piece of clipart onto which Obama’s and Rubio’s smiling faces had been superimposed:

So what now, after the Cruz campaign has been caught not only forging photos, but having lied when they denied doing it? Well, they sound completely unrepentant.

“If Rubio has a better picture of him shaking hands with Barack Obama I’m happy to swap it out,” Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler responded back to CNN. “Two days before [the] presidential primary in South Carolina, they want to talk about a picture we used.”

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22 responses to “Cruz Campaign Forges Photo Of Rubio And Obama Shaking Hands”

  1. Otto Greif says:

    Ted Cruz is a totally unstable individual. He is the single biggest liar I’ve ever come across, in politics or otherwise, and I have seen some of the best of them. His statements are totally untrue and completely outrageous. It is hard to believe a person who proclaims to be a Christian could be so dishonest and lie so much.

  2. Jinmichigan says:

    Too funny. they even got little Marco’s height right.

  3. atc333 says:

    This photo is just a precursor to Mr. Slime’s approach to politics and governing. By all means jump on the “Cruzin’ to disaster with Ted” train wreck which is coming down the rails.

    • Joan says:

      So God choose Ted Cruz to be our next President and told him that all lies, tricks and other nefarious activities are A OK in the pursuit of Ted’s ordained ascendancy? Ted Cruz is arguably one of the scariest politicians in a long time. Would’nt God have given him a more pleasing appearance and personality given his big plans for Ted?

  4. I of John says:

    Gets lower and lower.

  5. bobnstuff says:

    Eduardo Refael Cruz had nothing to do with this photo. One of his underlings did it and he was clueless about the action. He though his people were trustworthy. This is how he will run the country. Truth is not a value with his people, it’s win at any cost. If this was the first time his people had done something like this he might get a pass on it but It’s not. These are the type of people he will have run the country.

  6. Kathy C. says:

    Dang GOP is getting worse and worse at their lies in their desperation

  7. jmprint says:

    If the truth is a lie, the GOP will make it the truth. They have at least seven years of doing that to President Obama.

  8. Grannysmovin says:

    Cruz Christianity equates to Hate and Fear mongering, racism, bigotry, war mongering, intolerance, cruelty and deceit. God has a new message for you Cruz:

  9. FT66 says:

    Cruz will soon be out of the race. He is a stinking individual. In Chicago, they have filed a lawsuit on his eligibility to run for president. I know this will sunk deeply into the mind of voters. Who is ready to cast their votes for someone whose fate for his eligibility is not known.

  10. dpaano says:

    I’m sure, if the truth were known, several Republicans have shaken President Obama’s hand at one time or another…..what’s the big deal? I just don’t understand why, all of a sudden, Republicans hate Democrats so much that they can’t even shake each other’s hands….they’re like little children in the play yard!!! They all need to grow up and start acting like they adults they purport to be!

  11. Eden Keel says:

    typical crua lie lie oops i got caught well i tell another lie so they might forget the first one cruz is a scumbag he and his buddy walker are first class pieces of sheet damm stupid frick frack

  12. Irishgrammy says:

    Cruz is simply a despicable, creepy lying slime ball, AND I do NOT give a tinkers damn how he attacks Rubio, another child out of his element far too cowardly and immature to ever be president. But Cruz, just as deplorable a creature as I fully expected from the minute he was elected to the Senate and has time and time again taken every opportunity to get attention anyway he can by insulting, undermining, and plotting against members of his own party and attacking Democrats and especially the President with outrageous lies, complete disrespect and distortions on a grand scale!………A true demagogue on steroids so unsuited to the presidency as to be utterly absurd!

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