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Friday, October 21, 2016

McClatchy Washington Bureau

NEW ORLEANS –Senator Ted Cruz of Texas lambasted unidentified Republicans Saturday, likening them to operatives in the former Soviet Union.

“You know, a lot of Republicans –it’s very odd –a lot of Republicans tend to have top down, Soviet-style campaigns,” Cruz told reporters at a Republican gathering in New Orleans.

Such tactics, he said, are “very odd for a party that believes in the free market.” He called that style “disempowering; it doesn’t inspire.”

The way to win, he said, is inspiring people with principles, motivating ordinary Americans to fight for the conservative cause. He got plenty of cheers and standing ovations by insisting conservatives are making a strong comeback in American political life.

“I am profoundly, I am powerfully optimistic,” Cruz said. He compared the current political climate to that of the late 1970s, when a stagnant economy helped mobilize conservative activists and helped elect Ronald Reagan president in 1980.

“The last two years we have seen something extraordinary,” Cruz said. “We have seen the power of the grassroots.” One example: Curbs on the government’s authority to conduct domestic surveillance, though Democrats were also involved.

Despite the crowd’s enthusiasm, there was skepticism about whether the Texas senator is ready to be president.

Dozens stood in line to meet Cruz. Among them was Debbie McCord, an Augusta, GA, accountant.

While she likes him, she said, “I don’t know he’s quite ready yet to be president.” After all, McCord figured, President Barack Obama was first elected to the Senate four years before winning the White House. Cruz won his Senate seat in 2012.

“We saw what happened when we elected someone with that kind of experience,” she said.

Still, affection for Cruz was apparent. Louisiana Republican Chairman Roger Villere Jr. called him a “true warrior” who battles “with a smile on his face in a pleasant way, not in a mean way.”

Cruz made four stops at the Republican Leadership Conference, a three-day meeting of party activists. He was the featured speaker at a morning prayer breakfast, and then did an autograph signing, a speech to about 500 people at the conference’s general session, and a press conference.

“If ever there has been a time for prayer, now is the time to pray,” he told the prayer group. He went around the world, citing examples of how persecuted people kept their faith.

“In much of the world, religious liberty is not an abstraction,” Cruz said. He blasted the Obama administration for turning away from religious values, citing what he called “that abomination called Obamacare.” Later, he charged the law was “sold under false pretenses.”

The Supreme Court is weighing challenges to the law by firms opposed to regulations requiring them to offer insurance coverage that includes contraception.

In his talk to the general session, Cruz stressed what he called the growing power of the grassroots, insisting he and his allies have helped slow the president’s agenda.

“In Texas and Louisiana we define gun control real simple,” he said. “Hit what you aim at.” He offered a list of conservative favorites: Doing away with the Common Core education standards, defending gun rights, repealing the Affordable Care Act.
He also took on the economy. “For five years we’ve been trapped in a great stagnation,” Cruz said. “Where we are today is eerily, uncannily like the 1970s.”

Remember what happened in 1980, Cruz said, when Ronald Reagan won the presidency. It was a grassroots movement, he said, and the lesson remains the same today: The way to win elections is: “You stand for principle and you empower the individual.”

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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  • Buford2k11

    this guy is so UN-American it hurts…I blame texas…

    • nurse

      He is the Joe McCarthy of the 21st century.

      • Annemb

        Cruz even LOOKS like Joe McCarthy!

    • plc97477

      Yes texas has a lot to answer for.

  • idamag

    Texas should apologize for sending cruz to Washington.

    • neeceoooo

      They should but then they would have for apologize for Bush, Cain, Perry just to name a few.

      • Annemb

        Perhaps apologizing for Cruz could be the beginning…

        • neeceoooo

          True, and we should always start somewhere

          • Annemb

            Excellent idea. This has got to stop and the business of the country continue.

  • Smedrow

    What a bunch of Bull. The typical speech that he flames on every soap box. The entire GOP ( but more so the Tea Party ) is just like Soviets!! They spread rumors, and lies and then they try to instill Fear and intimidation. It’s the Tea Parties everyday play book!!! They are bullies!! This is a guy who was the leader for the sequester. He has caused enough damage to Americans! What a Buffoon! I am glad he was born in Canada! SO he can’t be president! Hillary in 2016!!

  • elw

    Cruz is just plain creepy. There is something fundamentally wrong with him. I would guess he is pretending to be the good guy and rewriting the world around him so it matches his personal script. Every time I watch him speak, I feel like he is going to start ranting and raging any minute. He will never be President – he is just too strange.

    • Independent1

      And the GOP keeps on with their fake morality – including Cruz’s asinine comments like: “In much of the world, religious liberty is not an abstraction,” Cruz said. He blasted the Obama administration for turning away from religious values, citing what he called “that abomination called Obamacare.” Later, he charged the law was “sold under false pretenses.”

      If any party has turned away from “true” religious values, it’s the GOP. Nothing it stands for is remotely true Christian.

      And nothing, absolutely nothing about Obamacare has any negative religious implications – yet Cruz is trying to manufacture something to get his Tea Party base riled up. What can be anti-Christian about legislation that helps people obtain the medical care they need (which millions had been restricted from obtaining) which now allows them to live longer, more productive and possibly more spiritual lives.

      Cruz is not only strange, despite how intelligent he may be in some aspects of his thinking, he’s absolutely clueless, or maybe actually just devious, in many other aspects.

      • elw

        Cruz is not clueless, he is more than devious. He has his own agenda and he is a radicalize Christian who has been brainwashed, most likely since early childhood. He is not thinking just saying what he has been taught. Watch his eyes – creepy. No thinking person would say the things he does.

        • Dominick Vila

          I agree. Forgiving a person with a handicap is humane, ignoring the rants and plans of people like Cruz is plain stupid. Cruz is intelligent and articulate, but he is probably one of the most dangerous demagogues in American politics. I guess that’s why the Tea Party loves him…

          • elw

            You and I agree often. I don’t even want to think about why the TP loves Cruz – it hurts my head. I am just happy that he needs more than the TP to become President and that sooner or later he will say something that will be bad enough that he will also lose his job In the Senate.

          • Dominick Vila

            The most bizarre part of Cruz is his presidential ambitions. How can a man born in Canada, whose father was born in Cuba, become President of the United States. He is a naturalized citizen by virtue of the fact that his mother was an American, but he is not a natural born citizen by any stretch of the imagination.
            McCain’s situation was completely different. He was born in the Panama Canal Zone when the PCZ was a U.S. protectorate, and when his father, a U. S. Navy admiral was serving at that location.
            Short of amending the Constitution, his presidential ambitions should be doomed.

          • elw

            Since when do the TP people pay attention to reality. It is almost comical that someone who questions a President’s, who was born in the United States, status as president because he thinks he was born in Kenya would have presidential ambitions since there is ample proof he was born in Canada. But then, God told his father he would be President. They are a crazy bunch of foolish and creepy people.

          • Dominick Vila

            In addition to documented evidence, Ted Cruz doesn’t even deny that he was born in Canada…while claiming the President Obama’s birth certificate is false, and switching his birthplace from Indonesia to Kenya.
            Hopefully the Democratic party will remember this issue and respond in kind, but I doubt they will.

          • elw

            Doubt they will have to, Cruz will not get his party’s nomination. If he actually runs in the primary the other candidates will tear him apart and will make a big deal out of his place of birth.

          • porter

            simple cant

          • Independent1

            Dominick, unfortunately that’s not the way the rules work: Cruz is in fact a “Natural Born” American citizen because his mother was an American citizen when he was born. You don’t have to be “born on American soil” to be a “natural born America”; you just need to be the child of at least one American parent.

            As an example I gave someone else; had Benjamin Franklin married a French woman when he was an ambassador to France and they had a child while he was still in France – his child would have been a Natural Born American. And had that child decided he wanted to run for the presidency,who would have suggested that Ben’s child did not have a right to be president?.

            The only caveat that could have kept Cruz from being able to run for president, was if his mother had not been a resident of America for at least 5 years after her 14th birthday. But looking at some wikipeadia info on Cruz it looks like she more than fulfilled that requirement.

          • DurdyDawg

            … And yet the GOPPERS refuse any indication of what you stated.. They STILL accuse an American of not being an American and all the fools following that faux info believe it as well.. Now your telling us that one American parent will make the child American regardless of where he was born?.. We’ll see how this plays out if Cruz or any other dip wad with ‘iffy’ credentials runs like an elephant in 2016.

          • Independent1

            What I just posted about Cruz being an American citizen, makes the Obama “birther” nonsense even more idiotic. Because unless the birthers could prove that Obama’s mother did not meet the American citizen requirement I just indicated about Cruz’ mother, even if Obama’s birth certificate said he was born in Kenya, he would have still met the requirements to run for president because his mother was an American citizen and therefore he was a “natural born American’ when he was born – wherever that might be in the world.

          • Dominick Vila

            I suspect the GOP is well aware of the dangers of exposing their hypocrisy, and will not nominate Ted Cruz two years from now. In fact, I doubt they will nominate someone like Rand Paul. They got burned twice with Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney, they are not going to make the same mistake again. My guess is that they will nominate a center-right candidate, with solid right wing credentials on social and fiscal issues, and a relatively clean record. I would not be surprised if they nominate Jeb Bush who, with the exception of hanging chads and his role in delivering the 2000 election to his brother, is likely to meet all the conservative requirements expected from a GOP candidate, not to mention name recognition which may be a two edged sword.

      • Sandra Louis


        ✒✒✒ �✒✒✒ ✒✒✒ ✒✒✒� ✒✒✒

      • stcroixcarp

        The latest right wing lie about Obamacare by the right wing is that under Obamacare, the president is going to have microchips installed in the hands or arms of all Americans that can be used to track all their movements and control their thoughts. Maybe Cruz already has one of these devices in place.

        • sigrid28

          Hold on. I can’t hear you. Wait a minute. Let me adjust my microchip. OK. That’s better.

        • plc97477

          I kind of doubt it. I see no control where he is concerned.

      • Dominick Vila

        What is a clear example of work by disciples of the anti-Christ is opposing making healthcare available to all Americans, proposing the privatization of Social Security, and calling for the dismantling of MEDICARE. Only people without a conscience or a sense of humanity go after our most vulnerable citizens to offset the cost of tax breaks, and the protection of tax loopholes, for billionaires.
        I have to admit that I was starting to think the Cruz and Paul had toned down their incendiary rhetoric because of the midterm election. I guess they just can’t help themselves.

        • Independent1

          What’s most appalling to me is that there are so many supposedly organized religions such as the Catholics, Baptists, Evangelicals, Methodists and many others, that have to realize as clearly as you do that what the GOP constantly pushes for is as anti-Christian as it gets; and yet, even though they profess to be Christians, they continue to help in voting into governments across the nation these totally anti-Christian fake politicians.

        • DurdyDawg

          Oh, they can.. They just prefer not to as the dark side seems powerful and more profitable. To these dim wits, morality can’t be a factor when your focus is on ruling a nation.

        • Independent1

          Dominick, did you see this in the DailyKos? If so, what are you’re thoughts?? It’s hard for me to understand how these traitors can get away with plotting to sabotage the American economy and not be subject to some kind of crime. There’s no way that just because they’re elected politicians that what they plotted to do isn’t treasonous – if not treason itself; if what this article says can be proven.

          UPDATE: Eric Cantor Plotted to Sabotage US Economy in Secret Meeting with Hensarling & Luntz

          In Robert Draper’s book, “Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives” Draper wrote that on inauguration night, 2009, during a four hour, “invitation only” meeting with GOP Hate-Propaganda Minister, Frank Luntz, the below listed Senior GOP Law Writers literally plotted to sabotage, undermine and destroy America’s Economy.

          • Dominick Vila

            I agree with you. An elected official who deliberately sabotages the economy as part of a political strategy should be tried for treason, and if found guilty he/she should serve time. It is hard to believe that people responsible for doing everything they can to guarantee the well being of our country can engage in activities designed to undermine the strength of our economy, cost people their jobs, and impact our ability to compete against other countries.

    • Annemb

      Exactly! Cruz is a narcissist – interested in himself only.

      No, he will never be president. And to compare him with President Obama is like comparing “no” with “yes” or “dark” with “light.” To put it simply there isn’t any comparison. Cruz is a “chip off the old block” – his father Rafael another pseudo-Christian.

      • elw

        I rather refer to Cruz as a type of “Radicalized Christian” which are every bit as dangerous as the Taliban. Calling him pseudo is too kind and does not even touch on how dangerous this man is, and anyone else like him, is for the Country. I also think he is more interested in pleasing his father than himself, I would bet he was badly beaten as a child and is still a scared little boy inside.

        • Annemb

          Hmm. You certainly give me food for thought. Thanks so much.

          I never thought of it as you word it, but wouldn’t be surprised if Ted was abused as a child and is still trying to please his father. His father’s remarks about our President are ugly, to say the least. He always seemed like the type who “demands respect” for himself and condemnation for others or, in other words, the hell with you if you don’t “walk the line” as I draw the line. Narcissist!

          This helps me understand why Rafael’s son, Ted,
          is narcissistic.

          I’m glad you refer to Cruz as a “type” of ‘Radicalized Christian.'” I consider Jesus a radical, as he advocated for social change – that’s why the Romans executed him.


          • elw

            Yes, I agree anyone who calls for social changes is often called a radical. Jesus is definitely example of a good radical. It is too bad so many that call themselves his followers twist what he taught in such negative ways. It is one of the reasons I want nothing to do with organized religion.

          • Annemb

            I applaud your decision to want nothing to do with organized religion. I’m a member of a progressive Christian Community Church in which no two of us specifically agree on some issues. We get along very well. I have been involved with organized religion for a good many years with their rules, regulations and dogmas. Well after these many years and for the first time I am free of the encumbrances of these.

            Thanks for your post. Blessings…

          • elw

            You’re welcome, just expressing my views. Glad you have a way to find peace without feeling the weight of rule too ridged to live with.

          • Annemb

            I am pleased. We are vibrant and active congregation in many areas — in the town, community, area, state and outside the country.

            Our young people have, since Katrina, traveled every year to New Orleans, Staten Island after Sandy, on their spring breaks to help folks, in cleaning, reconstructing homes who were victims.

            We are a vibrant congregation which is truly involved in life and living and always learning about many issues and how to live our faith actively and usefully. We feel truly blessed to be part of life and living.

          • porter

            but you see he never mentions Jesus it always religion never about faith

          • elw

            I am not sure who “he” is?

      • Duckbudder

        Isn’t Ted’s name also Rafael? We should use it when we speak of him.

        • Annemb

          I’d never heard that this is also Ted’s name. I know his father’s name is Rafael.

        • Isn’t the Emperors name actually Barry Soetoro ? At least that was what it was when he attended college on a foreign student visa. When will you people wake up ?

    • ORAXX

      Ted Cruz’s not job, fundamentalist preacher, father, needs to be hung around his neck like a dead albatross.

      • elw

        I would settle for having his jaw wired shut so he could not grace with his opinions. You are right he does not help his son’s case in anyway. Not that Ted has much of a case for being President in any regard.

        • ORAXX

          I hope you’re right. I’ve lost a lot of faith in this country’s ability to elect good people. In a rational world, Ted Cruz wouldn’t be a U.S. Senator.

          • elw

            Well he is from Texas – what else would expect?

    • FT66

      I stopped watching Cruz saying anything, even prefer not to hear about him anymore, since he caused the government to close down, and later came and said he didn’t. That was the time I realised one has to be extra careful of this guy. He is very talented in playing with people’s mind.

      • elw

        What is clear is he does not have enough talented to play with your mind or mine. The others will catch on sooner or later. In any regard, there are enough people out there like you and me that he will never be President.

  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    Oh, yeah. That’s the way to get the party leadership to take you seriously – compare them to the Soviets! Yep. That’s Ted.

  • Siegfried Heydrich

    I still think he’s deliberately working to divide the GOP with the intent of breaking off the base to form the nucleus of a new party that is intended to supplant the GOP. He and his shadow masters have decided that the republican party has become too moribund and entrenched in Washington ways to be properly conservative any longer. That’s why he’s insulting and belittling the GOP – to build cred with the teahadist base. It’s to his advantage to alienate them,

  • Grannysmovin

    Cruz is an egomaniac.

  • howa4x

    Only true diehard politicians haven’t gotten the memo yet that the ACA is here to stay. Most of the republican mainline candidates are staying away from the issue. The reality is that once you get out of the deep south and mid west people like the ACA, want background checks on gun purchases, and concerned about climate change, want clean drinking water and air, are ok with same sex marriage, and want contraception coverage. Only in the republican bubble are things different. This is why if they may win the Senate and house but will have a short term celebration, because once people really see what they want to do they we wipe them off the electoral map in 2016.
    If cruse really wants to do something for the people of Texas he could start by expanding Medicaid since his state has more uninsured than any other. That would be the Christian thing to do.

    • TZToronto

      Even if the GOP win both the House and Senate, nothing will get done. All of the regressive bills Congress passes will end up on President Obama’s desk, and he’ll veto them. There won’t be enough GOP votes to override the vetoes, so there will be no new laws. The first bill they send to the President will be the scrapping of the ACA. Good luck with that. In 2016, the GOP will blame President Obama for getting nothing passed in the last two years of his second term, but they’ll have to defend the garbage they sent to the White House for signing as well as their stubbornness in voting, for the 250th time, to do away with the ACA. Of course, if there are any appointments made by the President, they’ll have to be recess appointments since the GOP Senate won’t consent to anyone he appoints–even for dog catcher. With any luck, the electorate will see that the GOPTParty have done nothing constructive with their majorities.

      • plc97477

        We have gotten so use to not having new laws that I don’t think anyone will see a difference.

        • TZToronto

          You’re probably right about that. The scary thing, though, is that President Obama will be all that stands between America and the plutocratic dictatorship that the Tea Party and their masters have planned.

          • plc97477

            I hope he up for the challenge.

      • FT66

        Have you given up already that republicans will retake the Senate? I really doubt it. DNC this time is quietly making quite impressive arrangements. It is really promising.

        • TZToronto

          No, I haven’t. I think the Democrats will retain the Senate, but they’ll have a smaller majority. The House, will remain Republican. So the status quo will be, well, the status quo. More selfish obstructionism, more votes to scrap the ACA. More searches for bogus reasons to impeach President Obama. More of nothing getting done–except for maybe raising the salaries of Senators and Reps. After all, they deserve a raise for putting up with the frustration of not being able to get anything done.

  • adp3d

    Cruz is Canadian…not eligible to be POTUS…

    • Paul Bass

      I HATE to say this, but Cruz IS eligible for POTUS because he was an American citizen at birth (since he was born to an American mother). So even though he had Canadian citizenship, he was/is also American, and unfortunately eligible for the Presidency.

      • johninPCFL

        That logic was presented to the GOP on the current president, and yet most base-GOP insist that he’s ineligible.
        I think it would be an absolute hoot to see him get the GOP nomination and then have to deal with all the teabagger birthers.

        • Paul Bass

          Except that Obama was actually born in Hawaii, a US state, to an American mother, so is eligible due to his birth place AND his mother’s citizenship.

      • adp3d

        Thanks Paul, for spoiling the fun…

        • Paul Bass

          Ya, I hated it, especially since I’m a yellow dawg, living here in TX, Cruz really chaps my cowboy-booted A$$!
          I assure you I have never voted for his, any bush, perry, abbott, or any other fascist GOP fool.

          • neeceoooo

            Thank you for the laughter

          • jmprint

            Thanks Paul I’m a Texan as well, and I WON’T vote republican, probably for the rest of my life.

      • Patricia Robertson

        Remember these are the same people that said the president can’t be president and he WAS BORN HERE and his mother was here and an american citizen. Or have you forgotten. Yet people say he was born in Kenya his mother is still an american citizen, now what is the difference besides the color of skin even if it was true, which it isn’t? You can’t have your cake an eat it too. You see what happen when you holler too loud for no reasonwith haterd in your heart it comes back to bite you and this is what happen with the republicans. They didn’t intend for it to go this far, they were just upset that he won, because they really didn’t believe he was going to win. They didn’t have no idea that the american people would go against them and really elect him. It nearly blew their minds when it happen, they really felt like taking their lives so they did the next best thing, try to turn the american people against him just like the slave owners spread rumors so many years ago that have stuck an ruin the white generations to this day. You live on a myth that blacks are no good, stupid, dumb, lazy with the hopes that they would return to be slaves and it haven’t worked yet. Those lies an rumors only made the blacks more stronger and determine to keep on going.

        • plc97477

          Hopefully the lies will make them all get out and vote so we can get rid of a few more repugs.

          • neeceoooo

            If we could shout it from the mountain tops to get out and vote, we would.

        • TZToronto

          You’re being logical, and that doesn’t play with the Tea Party. Logic is something that intellectuals use, and everyone (of the Tea Party faithful) knows that intellectuals are tax and spend liberals who want to take your guns away and install Islam as the national religion of the USA (accompanied by Sharia Law, of course) and put you into a FEMA camp and on the death panel list.

      • Independent1

        There’s still the caveat of whether or not his mother lived in America for at least 5 years after her 14th birthday. If her family had moved to Canada before she was age 19, and she never returned to America (to actually live, not visit) and stayed long enough to reach that 5 year conditional restriction before Cruz was born, he is not eligible to run for president. As far as I know, no one has established that little caveat.

  • Annemb

    Cruz? Never!

  • Fukuppy

    Strict interpretation of the Constitution means Creepy Cruz can’t be elected president anyway. That privilege is only available to those “natural-born” in the USA, a condition clearly stipulated by the Founding Fathers to ensure that no foreign born person, no overseas king, could ever aspire to the supreme political office of the United States.

    Cruz, the son of a Cuban exile father and a US born mother, is a “natural-born” citizen of Canada who never underwent naturalization to become a US citizen. As late as Dec 2013, Cruz still held dual Canadian citizenship, and was “taking steps to resolve the matter.”

    Every president of the United States has been born in the United States.
    Not Canada.
    Cruz is qualified to be president?
    Then so was Sir Winston Churchill

    • adp3d

      Kenya, err…Benghazi!!!

      • Fukuppy


    • Independent1

      “Natural Born” and “on American Soil”, do not mean that someone born to an American citizen while out of the country, cannot become president.

      “Natural Born” relates to the fact that for someone who is born in a foreign country to be eligible for the presidency, one or both of the parents have to have been an American citizen. If an American citizen is out of the country for a visit or a stay, and has a child, that child is automatically a “natural born” American. However, there are stipulations with respect to how long that American citizen (mother and/or father) had lived in America. As best I understand it, the mother and/or the father, had to have lived in the U.S. for at least 5 years beyond their 14th birthday.

      What the “Born on American Soil” means, is that, if two foreign nationals are living in America and have a child, that child is a “natural born” citizen and would be eligible to run for President. Even if that child returns to the homeland of his or her parents.

      See this as an example:

      The decision in Lynch v. Clarke was cited as persuasive or authoritative precedent in numerous subsequent cases, including In re Look Tin Sing,[38] on the issue of whether the child, born in the U.S., to two Chinese parents (who were prevented by federal law from becoming U.S. citizens) was a U.S. citizen, notwithstanding the nationality of his parents or the fact that he had traveled to China with them and not returned to the U.S. for many years. The federal court held in a decision written by U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen J. Field) that he was a citizen by birth, and remained such despite his long stay in China, cited the decision in Lynch v. Clarke and described that case:

      After an exhaustive examination of the law, the Vice-Chancellor said that he entertained no doubt that every person born within the dominions and allegiance of the United States, whatever the situation of his parents, was a natural-born citizen, and added that this was the general understanding of the legal profession, and the universal impression of the public mind.[39]

      The Lynch case was also cited as a leading precedent in the U.S. Supreme Court decision in United States v. Wong Kim Ark (1898),[40] which similarly held that the child born in the United States of two Chinese parents was a birthright US citizen, and that decision also used the phrase “natural born”.[41]

      • Fukuppy

        Thank you much for the extremely informative and interesting response my “long-form dream” that Creepy Cruz is not eligible to be president.
        You’re quite right, but I’m counting on the limited attention span of many voters who, if multiple people shout “birther” long and loud enough, may get it into their heads that fiction is truth. (There is precedent for this.)

        • Independent1

          Well, I certainly think that should Cruz get nominated to run, that progressives should make every bit as much fuss about his eligibility to run, if not more, and for every bit as long, as what so many of the right-wing extremists have made over Obama’s eligibility.

          My main reason for responding was to make the point I made at the end of my 2nd post – to point out the idiocy of the Obama birther nonscandal!! Obama would have been eligible to run for the presidency even if his birth certificate came from Kenya!!! As long as his mother had met the requirements for being a true American citizen with respect to making her children eligible to run for president..

    • Independent1

      And here’s a little more from the Congressional Record to clarify the term “natural born citizen”.

      According to an April 2000 report by the CRS, most constitutional scholars interpret the natural born citizen clause as to include citizens born outside the United States to parents who are U.S. citizens. This same CRS report also asserts that citizens born in the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, are legally defined as “natural born” citizens and are, therefore, also eligible to be elected President.[45]

  • Tman000

    Interesting, a foreign native that is so self centered to think his “rant” will spin him into greatness, he will never out preform the U.S. Constitution. God Bless America and all who stand on true principles that made us great.

  • atc333

    Ronald Reagan began the massive redistribution of wealth by the GOP. though lower taxes and deregulation. Our economic history establishes that unfortunate truth. Compare wealth distribution in the late 60s with today. Compare Federal Deficits in the 60s, tax rates with today, and the administrations which created them.
    The GOP is the Party of No!.

    No living minimum wage for workers
    No equal pay for women for equal work
    No new legislation investing in Federal projects rebuilding and investing in new infrastructure, roads, energy distribution, mass transportation, high speed rail, or rebuilding our space program, which would create jobs, create more tax revenues, and cut deficits.
    No reforms to our horrendously expensive college and technical education program.
    No reforms to our outrageously expensive medical care system which generates massive profits
    No investment into clean energy, wind, solar, or water power, yet it continues to subsidize Big Oil, an industry which has been in business for over 100 years. and blocks attempt to clean up the environment.
    The list goes on and on, yet people continue to buy into the very same failed economic theories which created our current economic mess.

    No plan, no answers, no solutions, except massive spending by the very rich to aid it in regaining and retaining political power. to continue the very failed economic theories which created the current massive economic disparity between the 98% and the top 2%.

    • Lola Johnson

      Well said.

    • Independent1

      Unfortunately for America, Ronnie did a lot more damage to America than most may perceive from as you point out, him being the one who started the massive redistribution of wealth in America, not only through lowering taxes and relaxing regulations, but also by beginning the demise of unions along with the destruction of the very fabric of American employment. It was Ronnie’s summarily firing the entire Air Traffic Controllers Union that began the phase out of the long held American employment tradition: If you work hard for me, I’ll do right by you.

      When Ronnie hoodwinked the ATCU members into believing that he was going to negotiate with them in good faith, only to turn around and suddenly fire them all, CEOs and entrepreneurs all over the country said – Wait!! If the president doesn’t have to negotiate with a union in good faith, why are we doing that. It was from that time forward that companies started disregarding the time honored tradition of doing right by those who worked hard for them. It was the early to mid 1980s when companies started letting many of their most loyal and better workers go, just so they could replace them with cheaper help. That’s when companies started focusing on the bottom-line and being more concerned about pleasing their stockholders than honoring their responsibilities to what were their loyal workers. Ronnie destroyed the very fabric of America.

      From the damage that Ronnie’s done to America with his fantasy of “trickle-down economics”, to the destruction of unions and enormous shift in wealth inequality, he is without question the worst president America has ever had. And for a little more edification on that from any posters here who may be interested; here’s an article that outlines even more ways that Ronnie was an utterly corrupt individual. He even had the gall to hoodwink the Screen Actors Guild into electing him president of he Guild, until they discovered just how much he hated unions.

      But for those interest spend a few minutes on some interesting insights into America’s worst president ever (from the DailyKos):

      Obama v. Reagan: Fun Comparison I Did To Piss Off Wingnuts on Reagan’s B-day

  • sigrid28

    Good news! Dr. Cruz has upgraded Obamacare from “that trainwreck that is Obamacare” to an “abomination”!

  • herchato

    Cruz is an excellent politician, he can make a lie sound like the truth and the truth sound like a lie.

    • Sand_Cat

      How can Cruz make the truth sound like a lie when he [almost] never speaks it?

    • plc97477

      How would you know I don’t think he has ever told the truth.

  • ExRadioGuy15

    SOME GOP act like Soviets?!? Since the Soviet Union was more like a Fascist regime than Communist and Russia and the GOP ARE Fascist regimes, it’s much more correct to say that nearly ALL of the GOP are like the old Soviet Union/today’s Russia….
    Senor Cruz has become a master purveyor of Fascist GOP propaganda… Ever notice how nearly everything he says is based on logical fallacies? That’s no accident….that’s how propaganda works. In fact, nearly all of the GOP have become master purveyors of Fascist GOP propaganda.

  • Sand_Cat

    Well, for once, Ted might be close to the truth on something. He, and quite a few others in his party, are totalitarians – so long as they are the ones controlling the others totally – but I think Nazis or at least Fascists, are the better analogue.


    I cannot listen to Ted Cruz speak without feeling the need to go take a shower. More than anything else, the things he says speak volumes about just how stupid he thinks his audience is.

    • plc97477

      Luckily you don’t keep an audience very long when you call them stupid all the time.

      • ORAXX

        You’d hope, but I don’t see the tea baggers running from him.

        • ralphkr

          But, ORAXX & plc, you seem to have forgotten that the TEA Party takes great pride in being uneducated and make no secret of the fact that they consider those with university degrees as all being Communist enemies of the people.

  • Jambi

    Cruz actually believes he can promote an agenda based on the support and votes of “ignorant anger” spewed forth by the Tea Party…These people are being “played” by a character who looks a whole lot like R. Crumb’s “Zap comix” character known as the “Checkered Demon”…

  • kingartie1

    Gosh, is he making that Orwellian double-speak sense again? Saying the opposite of what he means? Or is that Alice in Wonderland? He says:

    The way to win elections is: “You stand for principle and you empower the individual.”

    I think he means: The way to steal elections is: “You upend principle and you remove individuals from the equation.”

    Apparently, the only individual, grassroots actions he believes in are gun rights, repealing ACA, and gutting Common Core education. He says it right there in the article. Gee, those are three issues that will enthrall and unite 200 million diverse multi-ethnic adults.

    So his agenda from hell might result in: an assault weapon in every pot, 70 million people without health insurance (and the astronomical hit on national productivity as health care costs grow to a much larger share of GDP then is current), and no physics, evolution or liberal arts taught in school–only creationism, Prayer 101, corporate Christian worship, and ethics are for losers. As he seems to be a product of the latter form of scholarship, you are free to extrapolate or imagine the results of a Cruz administration.

    This strange body-language, self-righteous puppet hidden-agenda blowhard with a peeking streak of megalomania should not be force-feeding advice to his Louisiana peers, let alone running for Commander in Chief.

  • Lynda Groom

    Has General Cruz been looking into the mirror again? What a twit.

  • Jim Myers

    When Reagan took office, the deficit stood at about a Trillion Dollars, which he said was too much debt. He went on and on about reducing the National Debt.

    By the time he left office, he had tripled the National Debt. That was the source of the robust economy. Borrowed money.

    The problem with the economic agenda spewed by the Right is to dramatically cut spending, increase taxes on the lower 90%, cut taxes on the top 1% and dismantle nearly all environmental regulations.

    In other words, take us back to the 19th century.

  • Allan Richardson

    Funny thing, when Bush was running the show and bilked Congress, the press and the public into giving spy agencies that power, the more liberal Democrats complained, and were told that we just “don’t understand how dangerous the terrorists are.” As soon as a Democrat inherited this power, while many members of the public still do not feel “safe” without these intrusive powers, the same GOP Congressmen condemn the actions (rightly) of the NSA, CIA, etc. as “fascist” or “communist” actions of this President alone (not rightly). Yes, in theory he could have dismantled the security state apparatus, but he would have been criticized MORE strongly for doing so than for not doing so, UNTIL the public’s mind changes, which is now beginning to happen (thanks to these Republicans).

  • kingartie1

    Gosh, is he making that
    Orwellian double-speak sense again? Saying the opposite of what he means? Or is
    that Alice in Wonderland? He says:

    The way to win elections
    is: “You stand for principle and you empower the individual.”

    I think he means: The way
    to steal elections is: “You upend principle and you remove individuals
    from the equation.”

    Apparently, the only
    individual, grassroots actions he believes in are gun rights, repealing ACA,
    and gutting Common Core education. He says it right there in the article. Gee,
    those are three issues that will enthrall and unite 200 million diverse
    multi-ethnic adults.

    So his agenda from hell
    might result in: an assault weapon in every pot, 70 million people without
    health insurance (and the astronomical hit on national productivity as health
    care costs grow to a much larger share of GDP then is current), and no physics,
    evolution or liberal arts taught in school–only creationism, Prayer 101, corporate
    Christian worship, and ethics are for losers. As he seems to be a product of
    the latter form of scholarship, you are free to extrapolate or imagine the
    results of a Cruz administration.

    This strange
    body-language, self-righteous puppet hidden-agenda blowhard with a peeking
    streak of megalomania should not be force-feeding advice to his Louisiana
    peers, let alone running for Commander in Chief.

  • Bambi

    Ted Cruz is the alpha and omega of “warped” conservative thought, preying on those who embrace the status quo and skewed reasoning. The conveyor of mis-information.

  • DurdyDawg

    The way to win elections is: “You stand for principle and you empower the individual.”

    Indeed, that’s one way to earn popularity but don’t spoil that philosophy by turning around and throw mud at your opponent(s) by threatening to; “Do away with the Common Core education standards, defending gun rights, repealing the Affordable Care Act and blaming one president for a stagnation that had been occurring years before and that was orchestrated to stifle by his haters.. This only returns to the “Lesser of two evil” choices and elections should never operate in such a manner.

  • Ted Cruz is a fine voice; but remember, he is no more eligible to be president than Barack Obama according to our constitution. It is hard to understand why he is even considered a presidential candidate after our long fight to de-throne President Obama. By endorsing Ten Cruz as a
    candidate for president we lose our ammunition to cancel President Obama’s presidency, policies and appointments.

    Once we determine if we want lifelong glorified slavery that is polluting us to death or God’s image of a Promised Land we will have our candidate. God’s financial system saves the wealth of the rich who turn to Him with all their heart and yet makes all mankind equal. God is not our enemy; we are. We really do need “Change We Can Really Believe In;” it only comes with a land where the written word of God in the Bible is King and it does not change; God has already provided that. Other holy books confirm God’s law given for a Promised Land.

  • dpaano

    I’m sorry, folks, but this guy is just an absolute babbling IDIOT!!! If he’s EVER elected to any other office, I’d be amazed. It’s hard to believe that someone could be THAT stupid about politics. It’s SCARY!!!

  • Charvi3

    First of all….he is a Hyprocrite….I am an, Ordained Minister, and he is part of the “Right Wing Republican Conservative Movement” that has been ruling the U.S. as if it cannot rule itself, nationally…He has been involved with those “Nasty Politics” that the Republicans have been using against, Obama, to keep. Obama from helping the poor and the needy and the middle class…now, I bet you all would love to know where I got that information….let me tell you, it was, John Boehner, that was being honest with me as to what is going on…I had a head to head talk with, John Boehner,….I explained to him why he cried during those meetings..wanting to do something good…and, Ted Cruz, along with the “Right Wing Republican Conservatives”….have been blocking, Obama’s agenda….when you want to hurt anyone deliberately to have your is against, Jesus Christ and God’s way….and I told him to go to Deutoronomy Chapter 15 verses 7 & 8…where it says that you should open your hand to the poor and the needy and to the downtrodden….and he still blaming, Obama…with all this junk they are doing…even about….religious items…that is a lie…whenever someone is trying to do good and to help the needy and the poor or the middle class those Conservatives will block it…Paul Ryan, calls all of you that are struggling, “TAKERS”….and, Ted Cruz, is backing him…because all Conservatives don’t want the needy and the poor or the middle class to come to the government for help of any kind..believe me..they will say that…you just want to take…believe me…and I also, told him…since he professes to be so Holy…to go to the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 19 verse 24….he is nothing but, being two-faced…I asks him how can you tell me you are, Godly, when you close your hand to the poor and you want to keep hurting someone that is trying so hard to help the middle class and the poor and the needy…he is one of those Republicans that he is calling, Soviets…because they want to trun the USA into a Communist Country to where the people high in government would have all of the money…so, he has a split personality…and he wants to show you a side of him…that is not his true self…Jesus Christ and God are Liberals…and by the way, John Boehner, also, said that this is not the way that Democracy should work…and that he was going to demand to get back to the old-fashioned….good faith, bi-partisan negotiations…and he is a, Liberal….and by the way since he is the Speaker of the House…& when I asks him about Immigration…the very next day…he put it through the Senate and it passed with flying colors..and then he put in front of the House…and they have not done anything…so, it isn’t, John Boehner’s fault…everytime one of those Soviets says to do something to block, Obama, they follow each other… who by the way….Barack means, “BLESSED” and his mother took him to Mass each Sunday although he was not baptized in the Catholic Church…he is an Evangelical…just like, Cruz,…and when he was coming up in the government he got close to many of the Catholic churches to get funds to help the poor & the needy…for real…I have done my homework…I am directed by, God or, Jesus Christ, only and they tell me where to go to find the truths out about these certain government workers…and so, they always use, John Boehner, to have the public to think that it is, John Boehner’s, who is responsible for their actions…believe me…it is ashame…I suggested to, John, just to retire and to have peace with his family….he is getting paid to follow what those people like, Ted Cruz, who I consider one of those so-called, Soviets…he is involved in those “NASTY POLITICS”…believe me to prevent those poor programs for the poor and the needy….or just to help the middle class and by the way it is the “Market People” that are also, Republicans…that are keeping your “Gas Prices” up…like, EXXON, & PHILLIPPS CONOCO…ETC. so, don’t let them fool you….EXXON in 2012 made a profit off of the American People putting gas into their car of 71million dollars…and, Ted Cruz, being a Republican Conservative didn’t mind them make that profit either…and when he shut down the government…he knew he was going to lose that fight…and like, Roy Blunt, stated…”You only fight the fights you are going to win…not the ones you are going to lose….so, Ted Cruz, speaks with a forked tongue…he is going along with those Soviets within the Government…and believe me…that is being a Hyprocrite to the teachings of the Word of God…and Jesus said that if you don’t do what I tell you to do…you cannot be one of my disciples…he better try to keep peace between him and, Obama, the president…because the “PEACEMAKERS” are the true children of God…I am so sick in tired of people like this hanging out in the Churches who are “PRETENDERS”…read Psalm 26…it says, “I will not sit with vain person or dissemblers” which means “PRETENDERS”….so, he better stop riding both sides of the fence…he is only out to please hisself we cannot judge the man himself..but, we can judge the spirit that comes out of the man or the woman…the same as, Paul Ryan, who was raised, Catholic and at Christmas one year was handing out novels written by a Russian born novelist, Ayn Rand, on Atheism…and they are only out to please the self…and when he was teaching…he crammed it down the students throats…just like a Lobbyists would do…so, when you have people like this that are acting like Soviets…but, I do know one thing…the “Two Thank You Letters” that I have received from, Obama, were so humble…and it lifted me up…he never kept mentioning the “I” word…it was the “WE” word…he is into the “WE GENERATION”…a lot different than, Ted Cruz, who is into the “ME GENERATION”….don’t let him fool you…one bit…