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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cynthia Tucker: Why Latinos Are Ditching The GOP

Cynthia Tucker explains how the Republican Party is driving away an important constituency, in her column, “Latino Voters Feel Unwelcome In Today’s Republican Party:”

The Republican Party has a demographic dilemma. Its largest dependable constituency comprises older white people, a group who vote reliably but who are unlikely to be around in large numbers two decades from now. 

You’d think that would prompt Republicans to start courting younger voting blocs with enthusiasm. But one of the fastest-growing blocs — a group gaining electoral influence — happens to be Latinos, a demographic toward whom those older whites have shown significant hostility. Thus, the dilemma.

Republicans’ response to this conundrum has been to take the low road: pandering to the prejudices of its white voters while trying to block ballot access for groups they have alienated with that approach, including Latinos. That’s why, over the last several years, GOP-dominated state legislatures around the country have passed harsh voter ID laws that disproportionately affect voters who tend to support Democrats.

Belatedly, though, the Justice Department is coming to the rescue, attempting to protect the rights of Americans who would likely be harmed by voter suppression tactics. The Civil Rights Division announced last week that it would block implementation of an onerous voter ID law put in place by the GOP-dominated Texas Legislature last year. In December, the Justice Department announced that it would block a similar law in South Carolina.

Thomas Perez, head of the Civil Rights Division, noted that the Texas law would disproportionately affect Latino voters, who are less likely to have a driver’s license or similar state-issued ID than white voters. (The battle isn’t over, since Texas is already seeking approval for the law in federal court.)

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  • This is ridiculous lamentation. Even a simple thing like buying cigarette or wine in stores we have to present ID but, here, in very important issue – voting – we should not ask for ID? I am so sick and sad that the liberals and a lot of bad Democrats have shown they just care about their own benefits, not the country’s one. No other ethnic groups ever scream for their rights; they just simply assimilate into the wonderful new society and sacrifice for their young kids. Within 1 generation, all the Asian children (in particular) and non-hispanic (in general) graduate from college, move on and contribute big time back into the very country that opened wide arms to them. Who are those people? majority of them are the ones who come through legal and civilized way, not sneaking in, not illegal. When they come, they work hard, endure all sort of same discrimination, hardship, but they prevail without blaming, lamenting. Their kids speak fluent English and native languages, no need for extra textbook, paperworks in their own languages.

    What’s going here? why, non-hispanic dealing with same and sometimes harsher situation can, not only survive but thrive beautifully into good citizens who then contribute meaningfully to the society, and the hispanic cannot? One must ponder the will and desire to assimilate or to dedicate to be one with this country. Why US must spend, wastingly, billion of dollars for preparing, printing, distributing, teaching, testing hispanic kids in bilingual textbooks and all sort of paperworks every year? One can see hispanic kids are not dumb nor stupid nor worse than non-hispanic kids. The system and those in charge shamefully devise a system to burden down the national resources – of course, they are the ones who benefits greatly in the process, and to train hispanic people to become dependent, lazy, and irresponsible, not mentioning bolder in breaking the laws.

    Anything logic and common sense things but not politically correct have been, currently are, and will ever be condemned that they suppresse, discriminate, limit the “rights” and benefits of this group or that group. Wake up and be mature! nobody suppresses, nor discriminates, nor limits anybody else. If millions of other people who “legally” can be in this country, then they have nothing to hide, to be afraid, but to be proud to exercise their voting right. If for some reasons _and people know a lots about these reasons already – you cannot have an ID thus can’t vote, or have ID but still can’t vote, ask yourself first why? the answer will be clear and shameful.

    One also must ponder, everytime shameful organizations and political groups like NCAAP or Democrat-linked ones raise an issue, rarely it relates to nonblack or nonhispanic peoples. Why black and hispanic always have troubles but not others? why Europeans, and Asians immigrants can adopt, and adapt to new environment with sense of self-respect, hard work, and strong determination to suceed, are they belong to another class of human being? I don’t think so. They rely on their inner sense of pride, honor, and high ideals to overcome any obtacles on their way of life. Their self fulfillment shows through concrete results and the whole country benefits. Sitting iddly, crying, doing nothing but living by the thought ‘the society owes me” won’t never help. It’s time to grow up and be a responsible man.