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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

For many Republicans, the pain and confusion of losing the 2012 presidential election has felt like too much to bear. Thankfully, in a web exclusive for FX’s Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, MSNBC pundit Touré has a message for the GOP: It Gets Better.

“I know how you feel: misunderstood, confused, alone, bullied,” Touré, host of The Cycle says. “But I can tell you from my own experience, it gets better.”

“You’ll survive this,” he explains, “just like we survived Bush, and then the second Bush, and then four more years of Bush.”

After all, as Touré points out, “the president is going to implement half of your agenda anyway, so: relax.”

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  • What really highlights the reason Romney and so many Tea Party candidates is a line item in their fiscal cliff counter proposal that calls for a $200B savings by adjusting the Consumer Price Index. This line item may appear benign at first glance, but that only lasts until we understand its implications. The CPI is used, among other things, to determine whether or not seniors trying to make ends meet on a $900 Social Security check should get an annual 3% raise to keep up with inflation. The $200B “savings” means the GOP is willing to sacrifice some of our most vulnerable citizens, by denying them a 3% pay raise, to ensure people like Gates, Buffett, Romney, Bush, trial lawyers, Wall Street brokers and others don’t have to pay an additional 3% in taxes.
    That line item highlights the difference between Democratic and Republican values like no speech could ever do. It also explains why the GOP lost on 11/6 and will lose again in 2014.

    • It’s not 3% this year it is 1.7% about the same as last year. Lets rob seniors so we can protect the super rich.

    • ANN

      It’s sad when you rob the elderly,middle income,the pour. I would dance naked in the streets(not a pretty site)to see them give something back to people which they feel owes them so much.

  • gahoof

    I love this video, and I’m white (last time I looked in the mirror).

    I’m looking forward to the day, though, when a video like this has lost its meaning.

  • geomar

    Dear Democrats,,
    Unfortunately you will be around long enough to try to still blame Bush,, but as a Republican,, the main thing i did not like about Bush was he spent money like a drunken sailor (no offence to the Military).. But Obama makes Bush look like a Fiscal conservative,, At some point , even you have to find that just a bit scarey,,, enjoy your change,,,,

    • This Democrat is enjoy the changes that are taking place very much. Instead of losing 800,000 jobs a month we are adding 200,000. Financial institutions that were on the verge of collapse and large corporations that were planning to file for bankruptcy are once again profitable. Bright students who could not afford college can now negotiate better terms for their student loans. Over 20 million Americans who had no access to preventive medicine will be able to have it starting in 2014. The pre-existing condition and caps clauses are history. Women are now entitled to earn the same wages as their male counterparts. We are finally out of Iraq, and will be out of Afghanistan by 2014. OBL and Qadaffi are dead. The civil servant population has been reduced by almost one million compared to levels in the Reagan era. The cost of crusades is now included in the budget as part of the Obama administration’s focus on transparency.
      If Republican efforts to undermine the economic recovery are prevented, deficit spending, borrowing, and accumulation of debt will be reduced. Equally important, there will not be a need for another TARP or stimulus package to offset the effects of Republican myopia.

    • johninPCFL

      Revenue bills originate in the House, an the House is on-board with every single spending bill. Don’t like the $1T deficits? Ask your teabagger representative why he created them.

    • Jo

      Bush lied about Irak and got a lot of people killed and cost our country both in money and world view. And you think his money spending is the worst thing he did? You are seriously warped my friend.

    • Clearly you have not read the national debt numbers Bush started with 1.3 trillion in debt and left us with 12.5 trillion in debt….today’s debt is 16.3 trillion and 90% of it is interest accruals to the Chinese at a credit card rate of interest. Bush was so smart couldn’t even negotiate a decent interest rate go GOP brilliance. It is important to know your numbers. Obama administration could not spend enough money to even get in the same zip code as Bush. Every time a Republican is in office they spend spend spend.

    • bckrd1

      I have had enough. People say that Bush is always getting the blame. He is not to blame. He is the one to credit. Him and all the Republicans who gave him what he wanted get the credit for all this debt. And don’t forget to credit him for the human destruction because of lies of WMD’s. And to show how much character Bush has, he has never once taken any responsibility for the damage he and Cheney caused to this Country and it’s citizens.

      He is still harming us through his misguided policies that are still in place. Republicans have blocked Obama nominees to replace Bush appointed agency heads so these same idiots are in place. The Republicans have got to stop the obstruction or if and when they ever get the Presidency, they will get the same treatment and that is no way to run a Country.

      • Give the poor guy some credit. When asked to comment about his legacy, our misunderestimated former President said “it was awsome to be famous and powerful”. In Republican negative logic parlance, that is irrefutable evidence of intellectual acumen.

  • commserver

    What half?

  • howa4x

    The future Republican party will be a clusters of older white people spread through out the midwest and south. They lost every urban area where clusters of more liberal people live, and all the blue state which dwarf the red states in population. They also lost every college town. The republican stronghold is the house but only do to gerrymandering, since democrats had over 1 million more votes in that chamber, so their claim that a majority of people voted for them is false. More people will blame them if a compromise isn’t reached, which will peel more away. The younger people are far more liberal than any generation save the late 60’s. Even younger republicans even though fiscally conservative , are socially moderate and a majority support same sex marriage. All these younger groups are concerned about climate change since it will affect them and not the deniers who are in their 50s, 60s and 70s, who happen to be republicans.. The future of the republican party looks dim. Norquist’s threat that there will be tea party 2 in the mid terms is empty since 72% of Americans, including republicans, want the wealthy to pay their fair share, and there has already been a referendum on Obama care, and he won big. As more people really understand the law and stop listening to the out right lies of Fox and friends republicans will loose more support. Since the GOP outsourced its ideological brain power to the likes of Norquist, Beck, Huckabee, Limbaugh, O’Reily, Hannity, Coulter,Kruthammer, and to a lesser extent Palin, they look like a deer in the headlights during this fiscal cliff debate. They know what the right thing to do is but are trapped by the their new masters. They make a statement then apoligize to Norquist, and constantly to Limbaugh. They stepped in social conservatism and can’t get free, so now trapped in a climate denial, pro life and anti, gay, single woman, Latino , afro American and enviornment mantra. They have to mock sience and even a college educated Rubio has to stand in front of a crowd in Iowa , a state with less population than Brooklyn NY, and proclaim his allegence to them by actually saying he believes the world is 6000 yrs old. It went viral on U-tube and all the news cycles. He will be forever trapped by that statement no matter what else he says. This is why the GOP brand will suffer for years to come.

  • What future Republican Party? They just spent two years alienating blacks, hispanics, asians, women, the elderly and the young.
    As Ms. Lindsey said, there aren’t that many angry white men out there.

    • i think you are on to something. the independents will pass the gop in the not too distant future.

  • S-3

    It gets better… Because these scum are on the verge of being exterminated by an awaken and angry populous drawing guns swords and blunt weapons on them. Justice in the US!!

  • arch725

    Give me more Toure’!!!!

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Actually, when you look at it right…The Republicans are focusing on loss they now blame on Romney…What was their excuse for the McCain/Palin loss?

    These goofs need to really start looking at what went wrong with the one recent election they won: George W. Bush…but that administration as devastating as it was to the country is considered by the GOP to be “success”…anyone else see the misguided idea of “success?”