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Monday, December 10, 2018

Even Declared GOP Presidential Candidate Wants Mitch Daniels To Run (Eventually)

Former Congressman and one-term Governor Buddy Roemer, whose campaign for the presidency has gone exactly nowhere, counts himself among those Republicans dissatisfied with the primary field (presumably this excludes himself). So he’s itching for Mitch Daniels to get in the race… in 2016:

Despite his focus on campaign finance (he refuses to accept contributions over $100) and his outsider status, Roemer does have one thing in common with the Republican establishment. He, too, is dissatisfied with the GOP field of candidates. He’s already excited about the possible Republican candidates in 2016, which he thinks is going to be “a fantastic presidential race, unlike this one, with some real solid minds thinking outside the box.” In particular, Roemer excitedly mentioned Jeb Bush, Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie, and Bobby Jindal, whose stewardship of Louisiana can “stack up with anybody else in the country” in Roemer’s opinion. But while this less-exciting presidential campaign continues, Roemer is just hoping that he’ll finally be allowed to participate in a debate so that he can “be on the stage and bring a broom to Washington.”